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Mi fader, understonde it is, That ye have seid bot over this I prei you tell me nay or yee, To passe over the grete See To werre and sle the Sarazin, Is that the lawe Sone myn, 2490 To preche and soffre for the feith, That have I herd the gospell seith Bot forto slee, that hiere I noght.

So hard me was that ilke throwe, That ofte sithes overthrowe To grounde I was withoute breth And evere I wisshide after deth, 120 Whanne I out of my peine awok, And caste up many a pitous lok Unto the hevene, and seide thus O thou Cupide, O thou Venus, Thou god of love and thou goddesse, Wher is pite wher is meknesse Now doth me pleinly live or dye, For certes such a maladie As I now have and longe have hadd, It myhte make a wisman madd, 130 If that it scholde longe endure.

Tho fame with hire swifte wynges Aboute flyh and bar tidinges, And made it cowth in alle londes How that Horestes with hise hondes 2110 Climestre his oghne Moder slowh.

3530 Explicit Liber Secundus Incipit Liber Tercius Ira suis paribus est par furiis Acherontis, Quo furor ad tempus nil pietatis habet.

Mi fader, who that hath tobroke His trouthe, as ye have told above, He is noght worthi forto love Ne be beloved, as me semeth Bot every newe love quemeth To him which newefongel is.

The Sonne schon tho wonder hote, As it was in the Somer tyde This Hercules, which be his syde 6820 Hath Eolen his love there, Whan thei at thilke cave were, He seide it thoghte him for the beste That sche hire for the hete reste Al thilke day and thilke nyht And sche, that was a lusti wyht, It liketh hire al that he seide And thus thei duelle there and pleide The longe dai.

Now herkne, I schal the pointz devise And understond wel myn aprise For schrifte stant of no value To him that wol him noght vertue To leve of vice the folie For word is wynd, bot the maistrie Is that a man himself defende Of thing which is noght to comende, 2770 Wherof ben fewe now aday.

Now, Sone, kep that thou hast swore For this that thou hast herd before Is seid the ferste point of Pride And next upon that other side, 1230 To schryve and speken overthis Touchende of Pride, yit ther is The point seconde, I thee behote, Which Inobedience is hote.

This thing is knowen overal, Bot yit I thenke in special To my matiere therupon Telle in what wise Agamenon, Thurgh 102-400 Study Material Aluminium Access Products Ltd chance which mai noght be weived, Of love untrewe was deceived.

And thanne he caste his avantage, That sche was of so gret an age, That sche mai live bot a while, And thoghte put hire in an Ile, Wher that noman hire scholde knowe, Til sche with deth were overthrowe.

Bot of o thing I wolde preie What schal I telle unto Silvestre Or of youre name or of youre estre 3370 And thei him tolden what thei hihte, And forth withal out of his sihte Thei passen up into the hevene.

And thus onliche of goddes wille, He which that wolde himselve strange To 102-400 Testing Pite, fond mercy so strange, That he withoute grace is lore.

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And thus to telle of him in soth, Ful many a wonder thing he doth, That were betre to be laft, Among the whiche is wicchecraft, That som men clepen Sorcerie, Which forto winne his druerie 1290 With many a circumstance he useth, Ther is no point which he refuseth.

Til ate laste upon a nede, That Benedab king of Surie Of Irahel a gret partie, 2540 Which Ramoth Galaath was hote, Hath sesed and of that riote He tok conseil in sondri wise, Bot noght of hem that weren wise.

And thus sche was on of the slowe 1260 As of such hertes besinesse, Til whanne Venus the goddesse, Which loves court hath forto reule, Hath broght 102-400 Dumps hire into betre reule, Forth with Cupide and with his miht For thei merveille how such a wiht, Which tho was in hir lusti age, Desireth nother Mariage Ne yit the love of paramours, Which evere hath be the comun cours 1270 Amonges hem that lusti were.

Whan al was 102-400 Study Material slain bot sche al one, This olde fend, this 102-400 Exam Test Sarazine, Let take anon this Constantine With al the good sche thider broghte, And hath ordeined, as sche thoghte, A nakid Schip withoute stiere, In which the good and hire in fiere, 710 Vitailed full for yeres fyve, Wher that the wynd it wolde dryve, Sche putte upon the wawes wilde.

Bot his horrible crualte Ther mihte attempre no pite Out of hire chambre forth he wente Al full of wraththe in his entente, And tok the conseil in his herte That sche schal noght the deth asterte, 240 As he which Malencolien Of pacience hath no lien, Wherof the wraththe he mai restreigne.

1810 Thre yomen of his chambre there Al only forto serve him were, The whiche he trusteth wonder wel, For thei were trewe as eny stiel And hapneth that thei with him ladde Part of the beste good he hadde.

That on is full of such piment, Which passeth all entendement Of mannes witt, if he it taste, And makth a jolif herte in haste 340 That other biter as the galle, Which makth a mannes herte palle, Whos drunkeschipe is a sieknesse Thurgh fielinge of the biternesse.

A king mai spille, a king mai save, A king mai make of lord a knave And of a knave a lord also The pouer of a king stant so, That he the lawes overpasseth What he wol make lasse, he lasseth, 1840 What he wol make more, he moreth LPIC-1 102-400 And as the gentil faucon soreth, He fleth, that noman him reclameth Bot he al one alle othre tameth, And stant himself of lawe fre.

So that, my lord, touchende of this I have ansuerd hou that it is.

Forthi, my Sone, if I be lieved, Thou schalt be large of thi despence.

And ek riht in the selve kinde In grete Cites men mai finde This lusti folk, that make it gay, And waite upon the haliday In cherches and in Menstres eke Thei gon the wommen forto seke, 7060 And wher that such on goth aboute, Tofore the faireste of the route, Wher as thei sitten alle arewe, Ther wol he most his bodi schewe, His croket kembd and theron set A Nouche with a chapelet, Or elles on of grene leves, Which late com out of the greves, Al for he scholde seme freissh.

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This false knyht in his degree Arested was and put in hold For openly whan it was told Of the tresoun which is befalle, Thurghout the lond thei seiden alle, If it be soth that men suppose, His oghne untrowthe him schal depose.

Whan thou hast taken eny thing Of loves yifte, or Nouche or ring, 2420 Or tok upon thee for the cold Som goodly word that thee was told, Or frendly chiere or tokne or lettre, Wherof thin herte was the bettre, Or that sche sende the grietinge, Hast thou for Pride of thi likinge Mad thin avant wher as 102-400 Practice the liste I wolde, fader, that ye wiste, Mi conscience lith noght hiere Yit hadde I nevere such matiere, 2430 Wherof min herte myhte amende, Noght of so mochel that sche sende Be mowthe and seide, Griet him wel And thus for that ther is no diel Wherof to make myn avant, It is to reson acordant That I mai nevere, bot I lye, Of love make avanterie.

Mi Sone, and for thi diligence, Which every mannes conscience Be resoun scholde reule and kepe, If that thee list to taken kepe, I wol thee telle, aboven alle In whom no vertu mai befalle, 1080 Which yifth unto the vices reste And is of slowe the sloweste.

Thei sein that god is myhti there, And schal ordeine what he wile, Ther make thei non other skile 380 Where is the peril of the feith, Bot every clerk his herte leith To kepe his world in special, And of the cause general, Which unto holy cherche longeth, Is non of hem that underfongeth To schapen eny resistence And thus the riht hath no defence, Bot ther I love, LPIC-1 102-400 Study Material ther I holde.

What scholde I thanne of joies yelpe, 3410 Whan ther no bote is of mi care DP-021W Exam Guide So overcast is my welfare, That I am schapen al to strif.

But now men tellen natheles That love is fro the world departed, So stant the pes unevene parted 170 With hem that liven now adaies.

The Maiden, whan sche wiste of this, 1550 And sih the sorwe hir fader made, So as sche mai with wordes glade Conforteth him, and bad him holde The covenant which he is holde Towardes god, as he behihte.

And forto speke of this matiere Touchende love and his Supplant, A tale which is acordant Unto thin Ere I thenke enforme.

O which an open evidence Of this ensample a man mai se, That whan likinge in the degre Of Mariage mai forsueie, Wel oghte him thanne in other weie 5370 Of lust to be the betre avised.

After the disposicioun Of naturel complexioun To som womman it is plesance, That to an other is grevance 1500 Bot such a thing in special, Which to hem alle in general Is most plesant, and most desired Above alle othre and most conspired, Such o thing conne thei noght finde Be Constellacion ne kinde And thus Florent withoute cure Mot stonde upon his aventure, And is al schape unto the lere, As in defalte of his answere.

320 Thus hath this king experience Hou foles don the reverence To gold, which of his oghne kinde Is lasse worth than is the rinde To sustienance of mannes fode And thanne he made lawes goode And al his thing sette upon skile He bad his poeple forto tile Here lond, and live under the lawe, And that thei scholde also forthdrawe 330 Bestaile, and seche non encress Of gold, which is the breche of pes.

Bot whan that thei have hiede take, And rad that writen is withinne, So gret a sorwe thei beginne, As thei here oghne Moder sihen Brent in a fyr before here yhen Ther was wepinge and ther was wo, Bot finaly the thing is do.

And forto speke of tholde dawe, To take ensample of that was tho, I finde a tale write also, 2910 Hou that a worthi prince is holde The lawes of his lond to holde, Ferst for the hihe goddes sake, And ek for that him is betake The poeple forto guide and lede, Which is the charge of Lpi 102-400 Study Material his kinghede.

Bot nou ho ther, I seie nomore.

Bot what sche dede in that matiere It is a wonder thing to hiere, Bot yit for the novellerie I thenke tellen a partie.

Thus can I noght miself conseile, Bot al I sette on aventure, And am, as who seith, out of cure For ought that I can seie or do For everemore I finde it so, The more besinesse I leie, The more that I knele and preie With goode wordes and with softe, The more I am refused ofte, 1750 With besinesse and mai noght winne.

Bot Arisippe his bok aside Hath leid, and to the court he wente, Wher many a wyle and many a wente 2250 With flaterie and wordes softe He caste, and hath compassed ofte Hou he his Prince myhte plese And in this wise he gat him ese Of vein honour and worldes good.

And thus it stant of every dede, Wher Senne takth the cause on honde, It may upriht noght longe stonde For Senne of his condicioun Is moder of divisioun 1030 And tokne whan the world schal faile.

2770 And thus desputen some of tho, And some seiden nothing so, Bot that the wylde loves rage In mannes lif forberth non Age Whil ther is oyle forto fyre, The lampe is lyhtly set afyre, And is fulhard er it be queynt, Bot only if it be som seint, Which god preserveth of his grace.

Bot if he faile in eny wise Of that ye hiere me devise, Ther mai be set non other weie, That he ne moste algates deie.

Bot of conclusion final Conclude I wol in special 250 For love, whos servant I am, And why the cause is that I cam.

Bot hou as evere it felle so, This worthi kniht of his corage Hath undertake the viage, And wol noght his knyhthode lette For no peril he couthe sette 1950 Wherof that bothe his Sone and he Upon the Montz of Gelboe5 Assemblen with here enemys For thei knyhthode of such a pris Be olde daies thanne hielden, That thei non other thing behielden.

Mi Sone, yit in other forme 2670 Ther is a vice of Prides lore, Which lich an hauk whan he wol sore, Fleith upon heihte in his delices After the likynge of his vices, And wol no mannes resoun knowe, Till he doun falle and overthrowe.

Bot whan thei leften the Cite And comen hom to Rome ayein, Thanne every man which was Romein And moder hath, to hire he bende And keste, and ech of hem thus wende 4750 To be the ferste upon the chance, Of Tarquin forto do vengance, So as thei herden Phebus sein.

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These Gabiens be conseil tho Upon the goddes made him swere, That he to hem schal trouthe bere And strengthen hem with al his myht And thei also him have behiht 4650 To helpen him in his querele.

In to the swerd the cherche keie Is torned, and the holy bede Into 102-400 Exam Guide Pdf cursinge, and every stede Which scholde stonde upon the feith And to this cause an Ere leyth, Astoned is of the querele.

440 How so his mouth be comely, His word sit evermore awry And seith the worste that he may.

And upon such presumpcioun He hield this proude opinioun, 1990 Til ate laste upon a dai, Aboute Thebes wher he lay, Whan it of Siege was belein, This knyht, as the Croniqes sein, In alle mennes sihte there, Whan he was proudest in his gere, And thoghte how nothing myhte him dere, Ful armed with his schield and spere As he the Cite wolde assaile, Godd tok himselve the bataille 2000 Ayein his Pride, and fro the sky A firy thonder sodeinly He sende, and him to pouldre smot.

Bot that I have ayein hir heste 520 Fulofte spoke, I am beknowe And how my will is, that ye knowe For whan my time comth aboute, That I dar speke and seie al oute Mi longe love, of which sche wot That evere in on aliche hot Me grieveth, thanne al my desese I telle, and though it hir desplese, I speke it forth and noght ne leve And thogh it be beside hire leve, 530 I hope and trowe natheles That I do noght ayein the pes For thogh I telle hire al my thoght, Sche wot wel that I chyde noght.

Ossibus ergo carens que conterit ossa loquelis Absit, et interpres stet procul oro malus.

Nectanabus, which causeth al Of this metrede the substance, Whan he sih time, his nigromance He stinte and nothing more seide Of his carecte, and sche abreide Out of hir slep, and lieveth wel That it is soth thanne everydel Of that this clerk hire hadde told, And was the gladdere manyfold 2010 In hope of such a glad metrede, Which after schal befalle in dede.

With that he hasteth him to ryse Anon, and sende after the wise, Among the whiche ther was on, A clerc, his name is Amphion 2160 Whan he the kinges swevene herde, What it betokneth he ansuerde, And seith, So siker as the lif, A god hath leie be thi wif, And gete a Sone, which schal winne The world and al that is withinne.

Bot natheles in such degre, So as sche mihte hire honour save, Sche schop the body was begrave.

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Thus tok he leve and forth goth he, And tho began he forto muse Hou he the queene mihte excuse Toward the king of that is falle And fond LPI Level 1 Exam 102, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 2 of 2 102-400 a craft amonges alle, Thurgh which he hath a See foul daunted, With his magique and so enchaunted, 2130 That he flyh forth, whan it was nyht, Unto the kinges tente riht, Wher that he lay amidde his host And whanne he was aslepe most, With that the See foul to him broghte And othre charmes, whiche he wroghte At hom withinne his chambre stille, The king he torneth at his wille, And makth him forto dreme and se The dragoun and the HC-411-ENU Exam Test privete 2140 Which was betuen him and the queene.

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Whan that the thurst of love him cawhte, Wher that him list he tok a drauhte, He spareth nouther wif ne maide, That such an other, as men saide, 1220 In al this world was nevere yit.

For whan the chances so befellen That eny Emperour as tho Victoire hadde upon his fo, And so forth cam to Rome ayein, Of treble honour he was certein, Wherof that he was magnefied.

I have herd seid that thoght is fre, And natheles in privete To you, mi fader, that ben hiere Min hole schrifte forto hiere, I dar min herte wel desclose.

Bot hou so that the dai be long, The derke nyht comth ate laste God wolde noght thei scholden laste, 580 And schop the lawe in such a wise, That thei thurgh dom to the juise Be 102-400 Study Material Aluminium Access Products Ltd dampned forto be forlore.

Bot he which is al merciable, The hihe god, ordeigneth so, That he withinne a time also, Whan he was strengest in his ire, Was schoven out of his empire.

5420 Forthi, my goode fader diere, Lef al and speke of my matiere Touchende of love, as we begonne If that ther be oght overronne Or oght foryete or left behinde Which falleth unto loves kinde, Wherof it nedeth to be schrive, Nou axeth, so that whil I live I myhte amende that is mys.

Ferst was, that he his hors to sore Ne prike, and over that he tolde That he the renes faste holde And also that he be riht war In what manere he lede his charr, 1000 That he mistake noght his gate, Bot up avisement algate He scholde bere a siker yhe, That he to lowe ne to hyhe His carte dryve at eny throwe, Wherof that he mihte overthrowe.

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Upon thre pointz stod the matiere Of questions, as thou schalt hiere.

And as it scholde so betyde, A povere lazre upon a tyde Cam to the gate and axed mete Bot there mihte he nothing gete His dedly hunger forto stanche For he, which hadde his fulle panche 1000 Of alle lustes ate bord, Ne deigneth noght to speke a word, Onliche a Crumme forto yive, Wherof the povere myhte live Upon the yifte of his almesse.

To Daniel his drem he tolde, And preide him faire that he wolde 600 Arede what it tokne may And seide Abedde wher I lay, Me thoghte I syh upon a Stage Wher stod a wonder strange ymage.

1510 This knyht hath levere forto dye Than breke his trowthe and forto lye In place ther as he was swore, And schapth him gon ayein therfore.

And sche with feigned joie it herde And yaf him yiftes largely, Bot in the nyht al prively Sche tok the lettres whiche he hadde, Fro point to point and overradde, As sche that was thurghout untrewe, And let do wryten othre newe In stede of hem, and thus thei spieke Oure liege lord, we thee beseke 960 That thou with ous ne be noght wroth, Though we such thing as is thee loth Upon oure trowthe certefie.

And as it fell him forto tarie That ilke time nyh the pet, And hath the trusse faste knet, He herde a vois, which cride dimme, And he his Ere to the brimme Hath leid, and herde it was a man, Which seide, Ha, help hier Adrian, 4970 And I wol yiven half mi good.

4950 And thus al one ther he lay Clepende and criende al the day For socour and deliverance, Til ayein Eve it fell per chance, A while er it began to nyhte, A povere man, which Bardus hihte, Cam forth walkende with his asse, And hadde gadred him a tasse Of grene stickes and of dreie To selle, who that wolde hem beie, 4960 As he which hadde no liflode, Bot whanne he myhte such a lode To toune with his Asse carie.

For joie his herte was affliht Of that sche tolde in remembrance And whanne he wiste it was Constance, 1520 Was nevere fader half so blithe.

Bot he which alle thing mai schilde, Thre yer, til that sche cam to londe, Hire Schip to stiere hath take in honde, And in Northumberlond aryveth And happeth thanne that sche dryveth Under a Castel with the flod, Which upon Humber banke stod 720 And was the kynges oghne also, The which Allee was cleped tho, A Saxon and a worthi knyht, Bot he believed noght ariht.

Mi Sone, I have it left for schame, Be cause I am here oghne Prest Bot for thei stonden nyh thi brest Upon the schrifte of thi matiere, Thou schalt of hem the sothe hiere And understond nou wel the cas.

His herte fell to hire anon, And such a love on hire he caste, That he hire weddeth ate laste And after that long time in reste With hire he duelte, and to the beste Thei love ech other wonder wel.

6980 Of his condicion to telle, Which rifleth bothe bok and belle, So forth with al the remenant To goddes hous appourtenant, Wher that he scholde bidde his bede, He doth his thefte in holi stede, And takth what thing he fint therinne For whan he seth that he mai winne, He wondeth for no cursednesse, That he ne brekth the holinesse 6990 And doth to god no reverence For he hath lost his conscience, That though the Prest therfore curse, He seith he fareth noght the wurse.

To thenke upon the daies olde, The lif of clerkes to beholde, Men sein how that thei weren tho Ensample and reule of alle tho Whiche of wisdom the vertu soughten.

Anon this 102-400 Study Material Cite was withoute Belein and sieged al aboute, And evere among thei it assaile, Fro day to nyht and so travaile, Til ate laste thei it wonne Tho was ther sorwe ynowh begonne.

The cause whi it changeth so It needeth nought to specifie, The thing so open is at ije That every man it mai beholde And natheles be daies olde, Whan that the bokes weren levere, Wrytinge was beloved evere Of hem that weren vertuous For hier in erthe amonges ous, 40 If noman write hou that it stode, The pris of hem that weren goode Scholde, as who seith, a gret partie Be lost so for to magnifie The worthi princes that tho were, The bokes schewen hiere and there, Wherof the world ensampled is And tho that deden thanne amis Thurgh tirannie and crualte, Right as thei stoden in degre, 50 So was the wrytinge of here werk.

And thus with leve and time assised 440 This yonge Prince forth he wente, And understod wel what it mente, Withinne his herte as he was lered, That forto maken him afered The king his time hath so deslaied.

For this I do thee wel to wite, If thou thin hele wolt pourchace, Thou miht noght make suite and chace, 2930 Wher that the game is nought pernable It were a thing unresonable, A man to be so overseie.

Sche sih hire fader sorwe and sike, 3140 And wiste noght the cause why So cam sche to him prively, And that was where he made his mone Withinne a Gardin al him one Upon hire knes sche gan doun falle With humble herte and to him calle, And seide O goode fader diere, Why make ye thus hevy chiere, And I wot nothing how it is And wel ye knowen, fader, this, 3150 What aventure that you felle Ye myhte it saufly to me telle, For I have ofte herd you seid, That ye such trust have on me leid, That to my soster ne my brother, In al this world ne to non other, Ye dorste telle a privite So wel, my fader, as to me.

A yeer or tuo sche let do sowe 4280 The lond with sode whete aboute, Wherof no corn mai springen oute And thus be sleyhte and be covine Aros the derthe and the famine Thurghout the lond in such a wise, So that the king a sacrifise Upon the point of this destresse To Ceres, which is the goddesse Of corn, hath schape him forto yive, To loke if it mai be foryive, 4290 The meschief which was in his lond.

This swevene can I wel arede, Quod thother Sarazin anon The barli cake is Gedeon, 3720 Which fro the hell doun sodeinly Schal come and sette such ascry Upon the kinges and ous bothe, That it schal to ous alle lothe For in such drede he schal ous bringe, That if we hadden flyht of wynge, The weie on fote in desespeir We scholden leve and flen in their, For ther schal nothing him withstonde.

And natheles full wel I syh That thei the more queinte it made For love, in whom thei weren glade.

As he that was in herte wroth, His ferste pleinte to bemene, Unto the Cite of Athene He goth him forth and was received, So there was he noght deceived.

It makth a king also to lerne Hou he his bodi schal governe, 1660 Hou he schal wake, hou he schal slepe, Hou that he schal his hele kepe In mete, in drinke, in clothinge eke Ther is no wisdom forto seke As for the reule of his persone, The which that this science al one Ne techeth as be weie of kinde, That ther is nothing left behinde.

3970 The Steward ferst upon this thing Yaf his ansuere unto the king And thoghte glose in this matiere, And seide, als fer as he can hiere, His name is good and honourable Thus was the Stieward favorable, That he the trouthe plein ne tolde.

120 This Galathee, seith the Poete, Above alle othre was unmete Of beaute, that men thanne knewe, And hadde a lusti love and trewe, A Bacheler in his degree, Riht such an other as was sche, On whom sche hath hire herte set, So that it myhte noght be let For yifte ne for no beheste, That sche ne was al at his heste.

1500 Bot nou to speke of the secounde, Which Aristotle hath also founde, And techeth hou to speke faire, Which is a thing full necessaire To contrepeise the balance, Wher lacketh other sufficance.

Ther is noman so wys that knoweth Of thilke flod which is the tyde, Ne how he scholde himselven guide To take sauf passage there.

Thus dar I make a foreward, That nevere unto my ladiward Yit spak I word in such a wise, Wherof that Cheste scholde arise.

Mi Sone, thou schalt understonde, That such delit is forto blame.

Of whom if I the names calle, Hermes was on the ferste of alle, To whom this art is most applied Geber therof was magnefied, And Ortolan and Morien, Among the whiche is Avicen, 2610 Which fond and wrot a gret partie The practique of Alconomie Whos bokes, pleinli as thei stonde Upon this craft, fewe understonde Bot yit to put hem in assai Ther ben full manye now aday, That knowen litel what thei meene.

Now, Sone, tell what so thee lest Of this that I have told thee hier.

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Of Rome and thus was abandoned Thempire, which cam nevere ayein Into the hond of no Romein Bot a long time it stod so stille Under the Frensche kynges wille, 770 Til that fortune hir whiel so ladde, That afterward Lombardz it hadde, Noght be the swerd, bot be soffrance Of him that tho was kyng of France, Which Karle Calvus cleped was And he resigneth in this cas Thempire of Rome unto Lowis His Cousin, which a Lombard is.

Bot lest nou wel to what entente 3000 Of rihtwisnesse he dede so For after that he was ago, He schop him nevere to be founde So that Athenis, which was bounde, Nevere after scholde be relessed, Ne thilke goode lawe cessed, Which was for comun profit set.

What is his name It is Daunger, Which is mi ladi consailer For I was nevere yit so slyh, To come in eny place nyh 1540 Wher as sche was be nyht or day, That Danger ne was redy ay, With whom for speche ne for mede Yit mihte I nevere of love spede For evere this I finde soth, Al that my ladi seith or doth To me, Daunger schal make an ende, And that makth al mi world miswende And evere I axe his help, bot he Mai wel be cleped sanz pite 1550 For ay the more I to him bowe, The lasse he wol my tale alowe.

Jason to Grece with his preie Goth thurgh the See the rihte weie Whan he ther com and men it tolde, Thei maden joie yonge and olde.

The billes weren wel received, Bot sche hath alle here loves weyved, 890 And thoghte tho was time and space To put hire in hir fader grace, And wrot ayein and thus sche saide The schame which is in a Maide With speche dar noght ben unloke, Bot 102-400 Certificate in writinge it mai be spoke So wryte I to you, fader, thus Bot if I have Appolinus, Of al this world, what so betyde, I wol non other man abide.

Lo, these foure were tho Whiche I sih, as me thoghte tho, Among the grete compaignie Which Love hadde forto guye 2660 Bot Youthe, which in special Of Loves Court was Mareschal, So besy was upon his lay, That he non hiede where I lay LPIC-1 102-400 Hath take.

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1190 This Signe is verraily resembled Lich to a man which halt assembled In eyther hand a water spoute, Wherof the stremes rennen oute.

For love hath evere hise lustes grene In gentil folk, as it is sene, 2310 Which thing ther mai no kinde areste I trowe that ther is no beste, If he with love scholde aqueinte, That he ne wolde make it queinte As for the while that it laste.

Nou herk hierafter hou it stod Of wofull auntres that befelle Thes Sostres, that ben bothe felle, 5880 And that was noght on hem along, Bot onliche on the grete wrong Which Tere s hem hadde do, Thei schopen forto venge hem tho.

Forthi with al thin hole miht, Mi Sone, eschuie thilke vice.

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