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Bot, fader, I you herde seie Hou thaverous hath yit som weie, 100 Wherof he mai be glad for he Mai whanne him list his tresor se, And grope and fiele it al aboute, Bot I fulofte am schet theroute, Ther as my worthi tresor is.

Mi fader, ye schul wel believe, The yonge whelp which is affaited Hath noght his Maister betre awaited, 1260 To couche, whan he seith Go lowe, That I, anon as I may knowe Mi ladi will, ne bowe more.

And natheles in remembrance I wol declare what vengance The goddes hadden him ordeined, Of that the Sostres hadden pleigned For anon after he was changed And from his oghne kinde stranged, 6040 A lappewincke mad he was, And thus he hoppeth on the gras, And on his hed ther stant upriht A creste in tokne he was a kniht And yit unto Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers 642-383 Vce Software this dai men seith, A lappewincke hath lore his feith And is the brid falseste of alle.

Til ate laste in every lond Withinne hemself the poeple fond That it was good to make a king, Which mihte appesen al this thing And yive riht to the lignages In partinge of here 642-383 Vce Software heritages And ek of al here other good And thus above hem alle stod 2010 The king upon his Regalie, As he which hath to justifie The worldes good fro covoitise.

Al Irahel with comun vois A king upon here oghne chois Among hemself anon thei make, And have here yonge lord forsake A povere knyht Jeroboas Thei toke, and lefte Roboas, Which rihtfull heir was be descente.

He thoghte ferst upon his lif, And after that upon his wif, 70-541 Exam Paper Pdf 3130 Upon his children ek also, Of whiche he hadde dowhtres tuo The yongest of hem hadde of age Fourtiene yer, and of visage Sche was riht fair, and of stature Lich to an hevenely figure, And of manere and goodli speche, Thogh men wolde alle Londes seche, Thei scholden noght have founde hir like.

Bot yit natheles At thilke time he hield his pes, That he no contienance made, Bot openly with wordes glade, 4860 So as he couthe in his manere, He spak and made frendly chiere, Til it was time forto go.

With that the swevene wente aweie, And tho began the king awake And sigheth for his wyves sake, Wher as he lay withinne his tente, And hath gret wonder what it mente.

And natheles he grieveth non, Bot goth toward the deyss on hih And whan he cam the queene nyh, He stinte his noise, and in his wise To hire he profreth his servise, 2190 And leith his hed upon hire barm And sche with goodly chiere hire arm Aboute his necke ayeinward leide, And thus the queene with him pleide In sihte of alle men aboute.

So forto taken hiede of this, It sit a king wel to be chaste, For elles he mai lihtly waste Himself and ek Others 642-383 Vce Software his regne bothe, And that oghte every king to lothe.

I may noght strecche up to the hevene Min hand, ne setten al in evene This world, which evere is in balance It stant noght in my sufficance So grete thinges to compasse, Bot I mot lete it overpasse And treten upon othre thinges.

But now uppon my laste tide That y this book have maad and write, My muse doth me forto wite, 3140 And seith it schal be for my beste Fro this day forth to take reste, That y nomore of love make, Which many an herte hath overtake, And ovyrturnyd as the blynde Fro reson in to lawe of kynde Wher as the wisdom goth aweie And can nought se the ryhte weie How to governe his oghne estat, Bot everydai stant in debat 3150 Withinne him self, and can nought leve.

Ovide ek seith that love to parforne Stant in the hond of Venus the goddesse, Bot whan sche takth hir conseil with Satorne, Ther is no grace, and in that time, I gesse, Began mi love, of which myn hevynesse Is now and evere schal, bot if I spede So wot I noght miself what is to HP0-Y31 Exam Demo rede.

Thurgh al the world the fame aros, The grete clerkes ben asent And come at his comandement 3200 To trete upon this lordes hele.

Upon miself is thilke tale come, Hou whilom HP2-H01 Exam Engines Pan, which is the god of kinde, With love wrastlede and was overcome 2240 For evere I wrastle and evere I am behinde, That I no strengthe in al min herte finde, Wherof that I mai stonden eny throwe So fer mi wit with love is overthrowe.

Lo, hou Egipte al out of syhte Fro resoun stant in misbelieve For lacke of lore, as I believe.

Venus, which stant withoute lawe 642-383 Cert Guide In noncertein, bot as men drawe Of Rageman upon the chance, Sche leith no peis in the balance, 2380 Bot as hir lyketh forto weie The trewe man fulofte aweie Sche put, which hath hir grace bede, And set an untrewe in his stede.

And tho this Prest was sone unbounde, And up a couche fro the grounde 160 To slepe he was leid softe ynowh And whanne he wok, the king him drowh To his presence and dede him chiere, So that this Prest in such manere, Whil that him liketh, there he duelleth And al this he to Bachus telleth, Whan that he cam to him ayein.

Of hem that ben so derk withinne, At Troie also if we beginne, Ipocrisie it hath betraied For whan the Greks hadde al assaied, 1080 And founde that be no bataille Ne be no Siege it myhte availe The toun to winne thurgh prouesse, This vice feigned of simplesce Thurgh sleyhte of Calcas and of Crise It wan be such a maner wise.

And hapneth thilke time so, The lordes bothe and the comune The hihe festes of Neptune Upon the stronde at the rivage, As it was custumme and usage, Sollempneliche thei besihe.

Wher 642-383 Vce Software Rome thanne wolde assaille, Ther myhte nothing contrevaille, Bot every contre moste obeie Tho goth the Regne of Bras aweie, 730 And comen is the world of Stiel, And stod above upon the whiel.

Bot, fader, for ye ben a clerk Of love, and this matiere is derk, And I can evere leng the lasse, Bot yit I mai noght let it passe, Youre hole conseil I beseche, That ye me be som weie teche What is my beste, as for an ende.

This cherles herte is in a traunce, As he which drad him of vengance Whan time comth an other day Bot yit dorste he noght seie nay, 1370 Bot swor and seide he schal fulfille Hire hestes at hire oghne wille.

With wordes suche and othre fele Whan al was treted to an ende, Jason tok leve and gan forth wende Unto his oughne chambre in pes Ther wiste it non bot Hercules.

Whan I beclippe hire on the wast, Yit ate leste I stele a tast, And otherwhile grant mercy Sche seith, and so winne I therby A lusti touch, a good word eke, 050-V70 Exam Materials Bot al the remenant to seke Is fro mi pourpos wonder ferr.

Sche seide, whil he wolde it were, Ther myhte no peril him dere, In water mai it noght be dreynt, Wher as it comth the fyr is queynt, It daunteth ek the cruel beste, Ther may no qued that man areste, Wher so he be on See or lond, Which hath that ring upon his hond 3570 And over that sche gan to sein, That if a man wol ben unsein, Withinne his hond hold clos the Ston, And he mai invisible gon.

Withdrawgh the Banere of thin Armes, 3220 And let thi lyhtes ben unborn, And in the Signe of Capricorn, The hous appropred to 642-383 Exam Questions And Answers Satorne, I preie that thou wolt sojorne, Wher ben the nihtes derke and longe For I mi love have underfonge, Which lith hier be mi syde naked, As sche which wolde ben awaked, And me lest nothing Others 642-383 Vce Software forto slepe.

And whan that he the sothe herde, Wher that the king Uluxes was, Al one upon his hors gret pas He rod him forth, and in his hond He bar the signal of his lond With fisshes thre, as I have told And thus he wente unto that hold, 1670 Wher that his oghne fader duelleth.

And whan this noble rihtful king Sih hou it ferde of al this thing, Wherof the poeple stod in ese, He, which for evere wolde plese 2940 The hihe god, whos thonk he soghte, A wonder thing thanne him bethoghte, And schop if that it myhte be, Hou that his lawe in the cite Mihte afterward for evere laste.

A king whilom was yong and wys, The which sette of his wit gret pris.

Practique hath yit the thridde aprise, Which techeth hou and in what wise 1680 Thurgh hih pourveied ordinance A king schal sette in governance His Realme, and that is Policie, Which 642-383 Vce Software Aluminium Access Products Ltd longeth unto Regalie In time of werre, in time of pes, To worschipe and to good encress Of clerk, of kniht and of Marchant, And so forth of the remenant Of al the comun poeple aboute, Withinne Burgh and ek withoute, 1690 Of hem that ben Artificiers, Whiche usen craftes and mestiers, Whos Art is cleped Mechanique.

Appolinus, which war and wys Of every game couthe an ende, He thoghte assaie, hou so it wende, And fell among hem into game And there he wan him such a name, 700 So as the king himself acompteth That he alle othre men surmonteth, And bar the pris above hem alle.

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Til it befell upon a dai, 1310 Whan he hise werres hadde achieved, And thoghte he wolde be relieved Of Soule hele upon the feith Which he hath take, thanne he seith That he to Rome in pelrinage Wol go, wher Pope was Pelage, To take his absolucioun.

Qui sedet in scannis celi det vt ista lohannis Perpetuis annis stet pagina grata Britannis, Derbeie Comiti, recolunt quem laude periti, Vade liber purus, sub eo requiesce futurus.

210 Mi fader, this ensample is good Bot how so evere that it stod With Poliphemes love as tho, It schal noght stonde with me so, To worchen 220-303 Test Prep eny felonie In love for no such Envie.

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The word under the coupe of hevene Set every thing or odde or evene 1580 With word the hihe god is plesed, With word the wordes ben appesed, The softe word the loude stilleth Wher lacketh good, the word fulfilleth, To make amendes for the wrong Whan wordes medlen with the song, It doth plesance wel the more.

Bot certes if I mihte spede With eny maner besinesse Of worldes travail, thanne I gesse, Ther scholde me non ydelschipe Departen fro hir ladischipe.

This Signe hath of his proprete A Monthe, which of duete 1160 After the sesoun that befalleth The Plowed Oxe in wynter stalleth And fyr into the halle he bringeth, And thilke drinke of which men singeth, He torneth must into the wyn Thanne is the larder of the swyn That is Novembre which I meene, Whan that the lef hath lost his greene.

Bot overmore hou that it is, 7840 Toward mi schrifte as it belongeth, To wite of othre pointz me longeth Wherof that ye me wolden teche With al myn herte I you beseche.

And whanne it was amorwe lyht, 820 Unto this yonge man of Tyr Of clothes and of good atir With gold and Selver to despende This worthi yonge lady sende And thus sche made him wel at ese, And he with al that he can plese Hire serveth wel and faire ayein.

400 For as the Netle which up renneth The freisshe rede Roses brenneth And makth hem fade and pale of hewe, Riht so this fals Envious hewe, In every place wher he duelleth, 642-383 Vce Software With false wordes whiche he telleth He torneth preisinge into blame And worschipe into worldes schame.

Whan this was do, thanne he him thoghte Upon his doghter, and besoghte Suche of his lordes as he wolde, That thei with him to Tharse scholde, 1570 To fette his doghter Taise there And thei anon al redy were, To schip they gon and forth thei wente, Til thei the havene of Tharse hente.

And thus forth he geth Conforted of this evidence, With the Romeins in his defence Ayein the Greks that ben comende.

And thus whan he the feld hath wonne, The lond anon was overronne And sesed in his oghne hond, Wher he Gurmondes dowhter fond, 2480 Which Maide Rosemounde hihte, And was in every mannes sihte A fair, a freissh, a lusti on.

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Noght as a man bot as a beste, 1240 Which goth upon his lustes wilde, So goth this proude vice unmylde, That he desdeigneth alle lawe He not what is to be felawe, And serve may he noght for pride So is he badde on every side, And is that selve of whom men speke, Which wol noght bowe er that he breke.

In swoune tho sche gan doun falle, And efte aros and gan to stonde, And eft sche takth the cloth 642-383 Vce Software on honde, 5790 Behield the lettres and thymages Bot ate laste, Of suche oultrages, Sche seith, wepinge is noght the bote And swerth, if that sche live mote, It schal be venged otherwise.

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Be war forthi hierafterward Ye men and wommen bothe tuo, Ensampleth you of that was tho Lo thus, mi Sone, as I thee seie, It grieveth be diverse weie In desepeir a man to falle, Which is the laste branche of alle Of Slouthe, as thou hast herd devise.

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3170 So that with wepinge ate laste His chiere upon his child he caste, And sorwfulli to that sche preide He tolde his tale and thus he seide The sorwe, dowhter, which I make Is noght al only for my sake, Bot for thee bothe and for you alle For such a chance is me befalle, That I schal er this thridde day Lese al that evere I lese may, 3180 Mi lif and al my good therto Therfore it is I sorwe so.

To knowe what it mene may, Til it be come thei abide Than sen thei stonde on every side, Endlong the schipes bord to schewe, Of Penonceals a riche rewe.

And that endureth bot a throwe, 890 Riht as it were a cherie feste Bot forto compten ate leste, As for the while yit it eseth And somdel of myn herte appeseth For what thing to myn Ere spreedeth, Which is plesant, somdel it feedeth With wordes suche as he mai gete 642-383 Vce Files Mi lust, in stede of other mete.

Whan Nestor hath his tale seid, Ayein him was no word withseid It thoghte hem alle he seide wel And thus fortune hire dedly whiel 1840 Fro werre torneth into pes.

Mi Sone, now thou hast conceived Somwhat of that I wolde mene Hierafterward it schal be sene If that thou lieve upon mi lore For I can do to thee nomore Bot teche thee the rihte weie Now ches if thou wolt live or deie.

This hath befalle in many place And if it like unto you alle, I wolde assaie, hou so it falle, Oure enemis if I mai grieve For I have cawht a gret believe Upon a point I wol declare.

380 Lo thus, my Sone, Ovide hath write, Wherof thou miht be reson wite, More is a man than such a beste So mihte it nevere ben honeste A man to wraththen him to sore Of that an other doth the lore Of kinde, in which is no malice, Bot only that it is a vice And thogh a man be resonable, Yit after kinde he is menable 390 To love, wher he wole or non.

And fell, he scholde go to fyhte Ayein Amon the cruel king And forto speke upon this thing, 1510 Withinne his herte he made avou To god and seide, Ha lord, if thou Wolt grante unto thi man victoire, I schal in tokne of thi memoire The ferste lif that I mai se, Of man or womman wher it be, Anon as I come hom ayein, To thee, which art god sovereign, Slen in thi name and sacrifie.

The billes weren wel received, Bot sche hath alle here loves weyved, 890 And thoghte tho was time and space To put hire in hir fader grace, And wrot ayein and thus sche saide The schame which is in a Maide With speche dar noght ben unloke, Bot in writinge it mai be spoke So wryte I to you, fader, thus Bot if I have Appolinus, Of al this world, what so betyde, I wol non other man abide.

Bot Jupiter the glorious, 3360 Which was commoeved of this thing, Vengance upon this cruel king So tok, that he fro mannes forme Into a wolf him let transforme And thus the crualte was kidd, Which of long time he hadde hidd A wolf he was thanne openly, The whos nature prively He hadde in his condicion.

Sche thonketh him that he so wolde, And al hire herte sche discloseth, And seith him wel that sche supposeth Hire lord be dreint, hir child also So sih sche noght bot alle wo.

2070 Bot for he wolde hire more assure, Yit eft he changeth his figure, And of a wether the liknesse He tok, in signe of his noblesse With large hornes for the nones Of fin gold and of riche stones A corone on his hed he bar, And soudeinly, er sche was war, As he which alle guile can, His forme he torneth into man, 2080 And cam to bedde, and sche lai stille, Wher as sche soffreth al his wille, As sche which wende noght misdo.

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Tho fame with hire swifte wynges Aboute flyh and bar tidinges, And made it cowth in alle londes How that Horestes with hise hondes 2110 Climestre his oghne Moder slowh.

So as these olde bokes sein, I finde write hou a Romein, Which Consul was of the Pretoire, Whos name Others 642-383 was Carmidotoire, He sette a lawe for the pes, That non, bot he be wepneles, 2850 Schal come into the conseil hous, And elles as malicious He schal ben of the lawe ded.

Bot somwhat of his aventures, Which schal to mi matiere acorde, To thee, mi Sone, I wol recorde.

The king him granteth to fulfille His axinge at his oghne wille, And sche for whom he hadde served, Hire thoghte he hath hire wel deserved.

Bot now this thing mai be non other, I wole a lettre unto mi brother, So as my fieble hand may wryte, With al my wofull herte endite.

And thanne, as I behield, Me thoghte I sih upon the field, Where Elde cam a softe pas Toward Venus, ther as sche was.

This goddesse upon his ansuere Was wroth and wolde noght forbere, Bot tok awey for everemo The liht fro bothe hise yhen tuo.

This Polipheme a Geant was And whan he sih the sothe cas, How Galathee him hath forsake And Acis to hire love take, His herte mai it noght forbere That he ne roreth lich a Bere 160 And as it were a wilde beste, The whom no reson mihte areste, He ran Ethna the hell aboute, Wher nevere yit the fyr was oute, Fulfild of sorghe and gret desese, That he syh Acis wel at ese.

Uluxes, thogh that he be wys, With al his wit in his avis, The mor that he his swevene acompteth, The lasse he wot what it amonteth For al his calculacion, He seth no demonstracion 1580 Al pleinly forto knowe an ende Bot natheles hou so it wende, He dradde him of his oghne Sone.

Upon his fortune and his grace Comth Hadde I Cisco 642-383 Vce Software wist fulofte aplace For he doth al his thing be gesse, And voideth alle sikernesse.

Above alle erthli creatures The hihe makere of natures The word to man hath yove alone, So that the speche of his persone, 642-383 Braindump Pdf 1510 Or forto lese or forto winne, The hertes thoght which is withinne Mai schewe, what it wolde mene And that is noghwhere elles sene Of kinde with non other beste.

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Thei wepte and made mochel mone, 2180 Here Her hangende aboute here Eres With sobbinge and with sory teres This lord goth thanne an humble pas, That whilom proud and noble was Wherof the Cite sore afflyhte, Of hem that sihen thilke syhte And natheless al openly With such wepinge and with such cri Forth with hise children and his wif He goth to preie for his lif.

Thus am I, fader, gulteles, As ye have herd, and natheles 2950 In youre dom I put it al.

Til after, whanne it so befell That sche out of hire traunce awok, With many a wofull pitous lok Hire yhe alwei among sche caste Upon hir love, and ate laste 1460 Sche cawhte breth and seide thus O thou which cleped art Venus, Goddesse of love, and thou, Cupide, Which loves cause hast forto guide, I wot now wel that ye be blinde, Of thilke unhapp which I now finde Only betwen my love and me.

2090 The king was noght so sone come, That whanne he hadde his chambre nome, His brother ne was redi there, And broghte a tale unto his Ere Of that he dede such a schame In hindringe of his oghne name, Whan he himself so wolde drecche, That to so vil a povere wrecche Him deigneth schewe such simplesce Ayein thastat of his noblesce 2100 And seith he schal it nomor use, And that he mot himself excuse Toward hise lordes everychon.

Bot, fader, of youre lores wise, Of whiche ye be fully tawht, Now tell me if yow thenketh awht 2770 That I 642-383 Practice Test Pdf therof am forto wyte.

1670 And whan that thei for hunger pleigne, The myhti 642-383 Answers god began to reyne Manna fro 642-383 Certification Dumps hevene doun to grounde, Wherof that ech of hem hath founde His fode, such riht as him liste And for thei scholde upon him triste, Riht as who sette a tonne abroche, He percede the harde roche, And sprong out water al at wille, That man and beste hath drunke his fille 1680 And afterward he yaf the lawe To Moi5ses, that hem withdrawe Thei scholden noght fro that he bad.

And of this constellacioun The verray operacioun Availeth, if a man therinne The pourpos of his werk beginne 1000 For thanne he hath of proprete Good sped and gret felicite.

The pourpos was full take and spoke Er eny man may take kepe, Whil that the Cite was aslepe, 1180 Thei slowen al that was withinne, And token what thei myhten wynne Of such good as was sufficant, And brenden up the remenant.

So thogh I wolde stalke and crepe, And wayte on eve and ek on morwe, Of Danger schal I nothing borwe, 6640 And stele I wot wel may I 642-383 Braindump Pdf noght And thus I am riht wel bethoght, Whil Danger stant in his office, Of Stelthe, which ye clepe a vice, I schal be gultif neveremo.

Lo, thus, my Sone, thou miht knowe That the corage of hardiesce Is of knyhthode the prouesce, Which is to love sufficant Aboven al the remenant That unto loves court poursuie.

Bot Thoas at the same throwe, 1840 Whan Anthenor this Juel tok, Wynkende caste awei his lok For a deceipte and for a wyle As he that scholde himself beguile, He hidde his yhen fro the sihte, And wende wel that he so mihte Excuse his false conscience.

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6700 Mi Sone, of Stelthe I the behiete, Thogh it be for a time swete, At ende it doth bot litel good, As be ensample hou that it stod Whilom, I mai thee telle nou.

Bot herkne now what fell at ende For thanne he made hem understonde That he was there of goddes sonde, And seide hem, for the kindeschipe That thei have don him felaschipe, He wole hem do som grace ayein, And bad that on of hem schal sein What thing him is lievest to crave, And he it schal of yifte have 330 And over that ek forth withal He seith that other Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers 642-383 Vce Software have schal The double of that his felaw axeth And thus to hem his grace he taxeth.

For who that wolde ensample take, 2580 The lawe which is naturel Be weie of kinde scheweth wel That homicide in no degree, Which werreth ayein charite, Among the men ne scholde duelle.

And schortly for to speke it so, Of Orient in general Withinne his bounde Asie hath al.

In hevene is pes and al acord, Bot helle is full of such descord That ther may be no loveday Forthi good is, whil a man may, Echon to sette pes with other And loven as his oghne brother 1050 So may he winne worldes welthe And afterward his soule helthe.

Explicit Liber Primus Incipit Liber Secundus Inuidie culpa magis est attrita dolore, Nam sua mens nullo tempore leta manet Quo gaudent alii, dolet ille, nec vnus amicus Est, cui de puro comoda velle facit.

The fader herde his douhter sein, And therupon of on assent The Maidens were anon asent, 1580 That scholden with this Maiden wende.

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And thus stalkende forth a pas This noble Duk, whan time was, 3760 His pot tobrak and loude ascride, And tho thei breke on every side.

Proximitatis honor sua corda veretur, et omnis Est sibi leticia sic aliena dolor.

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Anon he tok hire in his arm What nede is forto speke of ese Hem list ech other forto plese, 3870 So that thei hadden joie ynow And tho thei setten whanne and how That sche with him awey schal stele.

Thus goth he sterred in his kende, 1060 And of himself is moiste and cold, And is the propre hous and hold Which appartieneth to the Mone, And doth what longeth him to done.

And thi will is thi principal, And hath the lordschipe of thi witt, So that thou cowthest nevere yit Take o dai reste of thi labour Bot forto ben a conquerour Of worldes good, which mai noght laste, Thou hiest evere aliche faste, Wher thou no reson hast to winne And thus thi will is cause of Sinne, 1290 And is thi lord, to whom thou servest, Wherof thou litel thonk deservest.

As the Cronique it doth reherce, A Soldan whilom was of Perce, Which Daires hihte, and Ytaspis His fader was and soth it is That thurgh wisdom and hih prudence Mor than for eny reverence Of his lignage as be descente The regne of thilke empire he hente 1790 And as he was himselve wys, The wisemen he hield in pris And soghte hem oute on every side, That toward him thei scholde abide.

Mi fader, lo, nou have ye herd What I be Stelthe of love have do, And hou mi will hath be therto If I be worthi to penance I put it on your ordinance.

Bot I me wole natheles Touchende usure of love aquite And if mi ladi be to wyte, 4530 I preie to god such grace hir sende That sche be time it mot amende.

Thus mai no reson wel 642-383 Cert Guide forsake That thilke Senne original Ne was the cause in special Of mannes worschipe ate laste, Which schal withouten ende laste.

What seist thou, Sone, of this folie Mi fader, bot I scholde lie, Upon the point which ye have seid Yit was myn herte nevere leid, Bot in the wise as I you tolde.

Hoc etenim vicium quam sepe repugnat amanti, Non sibi, set reliquis, dum fauet ipsa Venus.

2440 Explicit Liber Sextus Incipit Liber Septimus.

Bot he, which stant of him no doute, Awaiteth wel whan that he cam, And him be bothe hornes nam 2120 And al at ones he him caste Unto the ground, and hield him faste, That he ne mihte with no sleighte Out of his hond gete upon heighte, Til he was overcome and yolde, And Hercules hath what he wolde.

Mi ladi Venus, whom I serve, What womman wole hire thonk deserve, Sche mai noght thilke love eschuie Of paramours, bot sche mot suie 1470 Cupides lawe and natheles Men sen such love sielde in pes, That it nys evere upon aspie Of janglinge and of fals Envie, Fulofte medlid with disese Bot thilke love is wel at ese, Which set is upon mariage For that dar schewen the visage In alle places openly.

2320 Office in court and gold in cofre Is nou, men sein, the philosophre Which hath the worschipe in the halle Bot flaterie passeth alle In chambre, whom the court avanceth For upon thilke lot it chanceth To be beloved nou aday.