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Asie, which lay to the Sonne Upon the Marche of orient, Was graunted be comun assent To Sem, which was the Sone eldeste For that partie was the beste And double as moche as othre tuo.

Bot Jelousie of his untrist Makth that full many an harm arist, Which elles scholde noght arise And if a man him wolde avise 720 Of that befell to Vulcanus, Him oghte of reson thenke thus, That sithe a god therof was schamed, Wel scholde an erthli man be blamed To take upon him such a vice.

Ossibus ergo carens que conterit ossa loquelis Absit, et interpres stet procul oro malus.

1800 The king of this Avisioun Hath gret ymaginacioun, What thing it signefie may And natheles, whan it was day, He bad caste Ancher and abod And whil that he on Ancher rod, The wynd, which was tofore strange, Upon the point began to change, And torneth thider as it scholde.

Bot therof wot nothing the wif At hom, which loveth as hir lif 6120 Hir lord, and sitt alday wisshinge 000-089 Certification Dumps After hir lordes hom comynge Bot whan that he comth hom at eve, Anon he makth his wif beleve, For sche noght elles scholde knowe He telth hire hou his hunte hath blowe, And hou his houndes have wel runne, And hou ther schon a merye Sunne, And hou his haukes flowen wel Bot he wol telle her nevere a diel 6130 Hou he to love untrewe was, Of that he robbede in the pas, And tok his lust under the schawe Ayein love and ayein his lawe.

Forthi hold thou thi tunge stille And let thi witt thi wille areste, So that thou falle noght in Cheste, 610 Which is the source of gret destance And tak into thi remembrance If thou miht gete pacience, Which is the leche of alle offence, As tellen ous these olde wise For whan noght elles mai suffise Be strengthe ne be mannes wit, Than pacience it oversit And overcomth it ate laste Bot he mai nevere longe laste, 620 Which wol noght IBM 000-089 Certification Dumps bowe er that he breke.

The dai made ende and lost his lyht, And comen was the derke nyht, Which al the daies yhe blente.

And fell, as it befalle scholde, This riche man the same throwe With soudein deth was overthrowe, And forth withouten eny wente Into the helle straght he wente 1030 The fend into the fyr him drouh, Wher that he hadde peine ynouh Of flamme which that evere brenneth.

Wher sche comende a Leoun syh Into the feld to take his preie, In haste and sche tho fledde aweie, So as fortune scholde falle, For feere and let hire wympel falle Nyh to the welle upon therbage.

And if it falle him so per chance, As he which is a fowhl of preie, That he a man finde in his weie, He wol him slen, if that he mai Bot afterward the same dai, Whan he hath eten al his 000-089 Certification Dumps felle, And that schal be beside a welle, 2610 In which whan he wol drinke take, Of his visage and seth the make That he hath slain, anon he thenketh Of his misdede, and it forthenketh So gretly, that for pure sorwe He liveth noght til on the morwe.

Forthi tak hiede hou that it is, So forto winne love amis, 1780 Which endeth al his joie in wo For of this Art I finde also, That hath be do for loves sake, Wherof thou miht ensample take, A gret Cronique imperial, Which evere into memorial Among the men, hou so it wende, Schal duelle to the worldes ende.

Bot thogh he were a potestat Of worldes good, he was soubgit To love, and put in such a plit, That he excedeth the mesure Of reson, that himself assure He can noght for the more he preide, The lass love on him sche leide.

1940 It were a travail forto preche The feith of Crist, as forto teche The folk Paiene, it wol noght be Bot every Prelat holde his See With al such ese as he mai gete Of lusti drinke and lusti mete, Wherof the bodi fat and full Is unto gostli labour dull And slowh to handle thilke plowh.

And thus be Schipe forth sailende 1210 Hire and hir child to Rome he broghte, And to his wif tho he besoghte To take hire into compaignie And sche, which cowthe of courtesie Al that a good wif scholde konne, Was inly glad that sche hath wonne The felaschip of so good on.

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Forthi, my fader, I you preie, Ne casteth noght that herte aweie, 3160 For I am sche that wolde kepe Youre honour.

1180 Decembre after the yeeres forme, So as the bokes ous enforme, With daies schorte and nyhtes longe This ilke Signe hath underfonge.

7440 Cassandra, whan sche herde of this, The which to Paris Soster is, Anon sche gan to wepe and weile, And seide, Allas, what mai 000-089 Exam Paper ous eile Fortune with hire blinde whiel Ne wol noght lete ous stonde wel For this I dar wel undertake, That if Paris his weie take, As it is seid that he schal do, We ben for evere thanne undo.

So is he povere, and everemore 40 Him lacketh that he hath ynowh An Oxe draweth in the plowh, Of that himself hath no profit A Schep riht in the same plit His wolle berth, bot on a day An other takth the flees away Thus hath he, that he noght ne hath, For he therof his part ne tath.

What helpeth it a man have mete, Wher drinke lacketh on the bord What helpeth eny mannes word 1720 To seie hou I travaile faste, Wher as me faileth ate laste That thing which I travaile fore O in good time were he bore, That mihte atteigne such a mede.

With him gret compaignie he ladde, Bot noght so manye as Youthe hadde 2670 The moste part were of gret Age, And that was sene in the visage, And noght forthi, so as thei myhte, Thei made hem yongly to the sihte Bot yit herde I no pipe there To make noise in mannes Ere, Bot the Musette I myhte knowe, For olde men which souneth lowe, With Harpe and Lute and with Citole.

He hadde of conseil manyon, Among the whiche ther was on, Be name which Berillus hihte And he bethoghte him hou he myhte 3310 Unto the tirant do likinge, And of his oghne ymaginynge 000-089 Cert Exam Let forge and make a Bole of bras, And on the side cast ther was A Dore, wher a man mai inne, Whan he his peine schal beginne Thurgh fyr, which that men putten under.

880 Thapostel writ unto ous alle And seith that upon ous is falle Thende of the world so may we knowe, This ymage is nyh overthrowe, Be which this world was signified, 000-089 Certification Dumps That whilom was so magnefied, And now is old and fieble and vil, Full of meschief and of peril, And stant divided ek also Lich to the feet that were so, 890 As I 000-089 Testing tolde of the Statue above.

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And if thou wolt the names wite Of thilke Ston with othre tuo, 000-089 Certification Dumps Whiche as the clerkes maden tho, So as the bokes it recorden, The kinde of hem I schal recorden.

The heyeste and aboven alle Stant that planete which men calle Saturnus, whos complexion Is cold, and his condicion Causeth malice and crualte To him the whos nativite 940 Is set under his governance.

This Circes, which I spak of late, On whom Uluxes hath begete A child, thogh he it have foryete, Whan time com, as it was wone, Sche was delivered of a Sone, Which cleped is Thelogonus.

If I schal drawe in to my mynde The tyme passed, thanne I fynde The world stod thanne in al his welthe Tho was the lif of man in helthe, Tho was plente, tho was richesse, Tho was the fortune of prouesse, Tho was knyhthode in pris be name, Wherof the wyde worldes fame 100 Write in Cronique is yit withholde Justice of lawe tho was holde, The privilege of regalie Was sauf, and al the baronie Worschiped was in his astat The citees knewen no debat, The poeple stod in obeissance Under the reule of governance, And pes, which ryhtwisnesse keste, With charite tho stod in reste 110 Of mannes herte the corage Was schewed thanne in the visage The word was lich to the conceite Withoute semblant of deceite Tho was ther unenvied love, Tho was the vertu sett above And vice was put under fote.

The Madle is mad for the the femele, Bot where as on desireth fele, That System x Technical Fundamentals V11 000-089 Certification Dumps nedeth noght be weie of kinde For whan a man mai redy finde His oghne wif, what scholde he seche In strange places to beseche 4220 To borwe an other mannes plouh, Whan he hath geere good ynouh Affaited at his oghne heste, And is to him wel more honeste Than other thing which is unknowe Forthi scholde every good man knowe And thenke, hou that in mariage His trouthe pliht lith 000-089 Exam Dump in morgage, Which if he breke, it is falshode, And that descordeth to manhode, 4230 And namely toward the grete, Wherof the bokes alle trete So as the Philosophre techeth To Alisandre, and him betecheth The lore hou that he schal mesure His bodi, so that no mesure Of fleisshly lust he scholde excede.

Thus with his tales to and fro Mi time in tariinge he drowh Whan ther was time good ynowh, He seide, An other time is bettre Thou schalt mowe senden hire a lettre, And per cas wryte more plein Than thou be Mowthe durstest sein.

The lond, which herde of that tidinge, Was wonder glad of his cominge He resteth him a day or tuo And tok his conseil to him tho, And sette a time of Parlement, Wher al the lond of on assent 1990 Forth with his wif hath him corouned, Wher alle goode him was fuisouned.

Be this ensample it mai well suie That man schal homicide eschuie, For evere is merci good to take, Bot 000-089 Dump Test if the lawe it hath forsake 2620 And that justice is therayein.

This Emperour al that he tolde 5140 Hath 000-089 Exam Sample Questions herd, and thilke unkindenesse He seide he wolde himself redresse.

And thus this double Ypocrisie With his devolte apparantie A viser set upon his face, Wherof toward this worldes grace He semeth to be riht wel thewed, And yit his herte is al beschrewed.

I not if that it now so stonde, Bot this a man mai understonde, Who that these olde bokes redeth, That coveitise is on which ledeth, And broghte ferst the werres inne.

Among the bokes of latin I finde write of Constantin The worthi Emperour of Rome, Suche infortunes to him come, 3190 Whan he was in his lusti age, The lepre cawhte in his visage And so forth overal aboute, That he ne mihte ryden oute So lefte he bothe Schield and spere, As he that mihte him noght bestere, And hield him in his chambre clos.

And fro the ferste regne of alle Into this day, hou so befalle, 580 Of that the regnes be muable The man himself hath be coupable, Which of his propre governance Fortuneth al the worldes chance.

480 And whanne it draweth to the nyht, If sche thanne is withoute lyht, Anon is al the game schent For thanne he set his parlement To speke it whan he comth to bedde, And seith, If I were now to wedde, I wolde neveremore have wif.

Whan that I go toward the place Wher I schal se my ladi face, Min yhe, which is loth to faste, Beginth to hungre anon so faste, 760 That him thenkth of on houre thre, Til I ther come and he hire se And thanne after his appetit He takth a fode of such 000-089 Vce delit, That him non other deynte nedeth.

And thus algate, 200 Mi Sone, thou myht understonde, That if thou wolt in grace stonde With love, thou most leve Envie And as thou wolt for thi partie Toward thi love stonde fre, So most thou soffre an other be, What so befalle upon the chaunce For it is an unwys vengance, Which to non other man is lief, And is unto himselve grief.

Bot Daniel was wonder loth, And seide Upon thi fomen alle, Sire king, thi swevene mote falle And natheles touchende of this I wol the tellen how it is, 2880 And what desese is to thee schape God wot if thou it schalt ascape.

And whanne he cam unto the stede Where as he scholde londe, he londeth With al the haste he may, and fondeth To schapen him be such a wise, That he may be the morwe arise And don after the mandement Of him which hath him thider sent.

God wot wel there I lye noght, Mi chiere hath be such as my thoght For in good feith, this lieveth wel, Mi will was betre a thousendel Than eny chiere that I cowthe.

Ferst to Nature if that I me compleigne, Ther finde I hou that every creature Som time ayer hath love in his demeine, So that the litel wrenne in his mesure Hath yit of kinde a love under his cure And I bot on desire, 000-089 Dumps Pdf of which I misse And thus, bot I, hath every kinde his blisse.

Thogh I be nevere man so povere, 6580 I bere an herte and hire it is, So that me faileth wit in this, Hou that I scholde of myn acord The servant lede ayein the lord For if mi fot wolde awher go, Or that min hand wolde elles do, Whan that myn herte is therayein, The remenant is al in vein.

Mi Sone, of that thin herte siketh With sorwe, miht thou noght amende, Til love his grace wol thee sende, For thou thin oghne cause empeirest What time as thou thiself despeirest.

Yit in the bible his name is bore, For al the world in Orient Was hol at his comandement 2790 As thanne of kinges to his liche Was non so myhty ne so riche To his Empire and to his lawes, As who seith, alle in thilke dawes Were obeissant and tribut bere, As thogh he godd of Erthe were.

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Bot if thou wistest 000-089 Exam Questions of the wreche, 7190 Hou Sacrilege it hath aboght, Thou woldest betre ben bethoght And for thou schalt the more amende, A tale I wole on the despende.

Bot er the cause fully spedde, Hire fader, which in Romanie The ledinge of chivalerie In governance hath undertake, Upon a werre which was take Goth out with al the strengthe he hadde Of men of Armes whiche he ladde 5160 So was the mariage left, And stod upon acord til eft.

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And in this point thei weren schent, This Galba bothe and ek Vitelle, Upon the cause as I schal telle, Wherof good is to taken hiede.

Lo, thus Zorobabel hath told 1950 The tale of his opinion Bot for final conclusion What strengest is of erthli thinges, The wyn, the wommen or the kinges, He seith that trouthe above hem alle Is myhtiest, hou evere it falle.

The queene is come, and whan sche herde Of this matiere hou that it ferde, Sche syh debat, sche syh desese, Bot if sche wolde hir dowhter plese, And is therto assented full.

Largesce mai noght ben unknowe For what lond that he regneth inne, It mai noght faile forto winne Thurgh his decerte love and grace, Wher it schal faile in other place.

Of Demephon riht wel hire qwemeth, Whan he System x Technical Fundamentals V11 000-089 was come, and made him chiere And he, that was of his manere A lusti knyht, ne myhte asterte That he ne sette on hire his herte 750 So that withinne a day or tuo He thoghte, how evere that it go, He wolde assaie the fortune, And gan his herte to commune With goodly wordes in hire Ere And forto put hire out of fere, He swor and hath his trowthe pliht To be for evere hire oghne knyht.

And thus he auntreth him to winne, And berth an horn and noght ne bloweth, For noman of his conseil knoweth What he IBM Certified Specialist 000-089 Certification Dumps mai gete of his Michinge, It is al bile under the winge.

God wot mi wille natheles, Thogh I mot nedes kepe pes And malgre myn so let it passe, Mi will therto is noght the lasse, If I mihte other wise aweie.

2960 And whan that he him most avaunteth, That lord which veine gloire daunteth, Al sodeinliche, as who seith treis, Wher that he stod in his Paleis, He tok him fro the mennes sihte Was non of hem so war that mihte Sette yhe wher that he becom.

He was so scherded al aboute, It hield all eggetol withoute, He 070-680 Exam Dumps was so ruide and hard of skin, Ther mihte nothing go therin 3710 Venym and fyr togedre he caste, That he Jason so sore ablaste, That if ne were his oignement, His Ring and his enchantement, Which Medea tok him tofore, He hadde with that worm be lore Bot of vertu which therof cam Jason the Dragon overcam.

Bot he, which stant of him no doute, Awaiteth wel whan that he cam, And him be bothe hornes nam 2120 And al at ones he him caste Unto the ground, and hield him faste, That he ne mihte with no sleighte Out of his hond gete upon heighte, Til he was overcome and yolde, And Hercules hath what he wolde.

And thus me thoghte I lay and herde.

Moris tofore the kinges yhe 1370 Upon the morwe, wher he sat, Fulofte stod, and upon that The king his chiere upon him caste, And in his face him thoghte als faste He sih his oghne wif Constance For nature as in resemblance Of face hem liketh so to clothe, That thei were of a suite bothe.

Bot yet thei argumenten faste 370 Upon the Pope and his astat, Wherof thei falle in gret debat This clerk seith yee, that other nay, And thus thei dryve forth the day, And ech of hem himself amendeth Of worldes good, bot non entendeth To that which comun profit were.

Men wiste in thilke time non So fair a wiht as sche was on 2050 And as sche was a lusti wiht, Riht so was thanne a noble kniht, To whom Mercurie fader was.

The walles of the toun aboute, Hem stod of al the world no doute, And after the proporcion Sex gates weren of the toun Of such a forme, of such entaile, That hem to se was gret mervaile The diches weren brode and depe, A fewe men it mihte kepe 7250 From al the world, as semeth tho, Bot if the goddes weren fo.

Wherof the Nimphes of the welles, And othre that ther weren elles Unto the wodes belongende, The body, which was ded ligende, For pure pite that thei have Under the grene thei begrave.

Bot nou allas this wofull strif That I him thus ayeinward finde The most untrewe and most unkinde That evere in ladi armes lay.

And as me thoghte, an Ere I leide, And herde hou that these othre seide, Lo, these ben the foure wyves, Whos feith was proeved in her lyves For in essample of alle goode With Mariage so thei stode, That fame, which no gret thing hydeth, Yit in Cronique of hem abydeth.

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And as an hound that goth to folde And hath ther taken what he wolde, His mouth upon the gras he wypeth, And so with feigned chiere him slypeth, 6530 That what as evere of schep he strangle, Ther is noman therof schal jangle, As forto knowen who it dede Riht so doth Stelthe in every stede, Where as him list his preie take.

Anon he tok hire in his arm What nede is forto speke of ese Hem list ech other forto plese, 3870 So that thei hadden joie ynow And tho thei setten whanne and how That sche with him awey schal stele.

Upon the bench sittende on hih With Avarice Usure I sih, Full clothed of his oghne suite, Which after gold makth chace and suite With his brocours, that renne 000-089 aboute Lich unto racches in a route.

The ferste Periferie of alle 280 Engendreth Myst and overmore The dewes and the Frostes hore, After thilke intersticion In which thei take impression.

And sche began to loure tho, And seide, Ther is manye of yow Faitours, and so may be that thow Art riht such on, and be feintise Seist that thou hast me do servise.

Of hire it was that Mars beyat A child, which cleped was Armene Of hire also cam Andragene, To whom Mercurie fader was Anchises begat Eneas 1400 Of hire also, and Ericon Biten begat, and therupon, Whan that sche sih ther was non other, Be Jupiter hire oghne brother Sche lay, and he begat Cupide.

Bot sche, which hath ben overlad Of that sche myhte noght be wreke, For schame couthe unethes speke And natheles mercy sche preide With wepende yhe and thus sche seide Helas, mi Soster, waileway, That evere I sih this ilke day Thing which mi bodi ferst begat Into this world, onliche that 330 Mi worldes worschipe hath bereft.

And thou hast seid thiself er this How that thi will thi maister is Thurgh which thin hertes thoght withinne Is evere of Contek to beginne, 1320 So that it is gretli to drede That it non homicide brede.

Bot, fader, of youre lores wise, Of whiche ye be fully tawht, Now tell me if yow thenketh awht 2770 That I therof am forto wyte.

Ne haste noght thin oghne 000-089 Certification Dumps sorwe, Mi Sone, and tak this in thi witt, He hath noght lost that wel abitt.

And so hit laste into the yeer Of Albert and of Berenger 780 Bot thanne upon dissencioun Thei felle, and in divisioun Among hemself that were grete, So that thei loste the beyete Of worschipe and of worldes pes.

The fame, which goth wyde where, Makth knowe how that the Gregois were 1020 Homward with al the felaschipe Fro Troie upon the See be C_TPLM30_65 Guide Schipe.

Bot al the whiles that I hove In noncertein betwen the tuo, And not if I to wel or wo 2180 Schal torne, that is al my drede, So that I not what is to rede.

And ek he tok a remembrance How he that made lawe of kinde Wolde every man to lawe System x Technical Fundamentals V11 000-089 binde, And bad a man, such as he wolde Toward himself, riht such he scholde Toward an other don also.

Wherof ensample if thou wolt seche, Tak hiede and red whilom the speche Of Julius and Cithero, Which consul was of Rome tho, Of Catoun eke and of Cillene, Behold the wordes hem betwene, 1600 Whan the tresoun System x Technical Fundamentals V11 000-089 Certification Dumps of Cateline Descoevered was, and the covine Of hem that were of his assent Was knowe and spoke in parlement, And axed hou and in what wise Men scholde don hem to juise.

5210 For it mai be that thi desir, Thogh it brenne evere as doth the fyr, Per cas to hire honour missit, Or elles time com noght yit, Which standt upon thi destine Forthi, mi Sone, I rede thee, Thenk wel, what evere the befalle For noman hath his lustes alle.

And thanne of leisir sche him tolde, 3500 And gan fro point to point enforme Of his bataile and al the forme, Which as he scholde finde there, Whan he to thyle come were.

And thogh a thousend men it wiste, That I hire love, and thanne hem liste With me to swere and to witnesse, Yit were that no falswitnesse For I dar on this trouthe duelle, I love hire mor than I can telle.

But Slowthe, which is evele affaited, With Slep hath mad his retenue, That what thing is to love due, Of all his dette he paieth non He wot noght how the nyht is gon 3270 Ne hou the day is come aboute, Bot onli forto slepe and route Til hyh midday, that he arise.

For with a goodly lok sche smyleth, So that thurgh pure impression Of his ymaginacion 390 With al the herte of his corage His love upon this faire ymage He sette, and hire of love preide Bot sche no word ayeinward seide.

Bot, Sone, thou art non of swiche, For love schal the wel excuse Bot otherwise, if thou refuse To love, thou miht so per cas Ben ydel, as somtime was 1240 A kinges dowhter unavised, Til that Cupide hire hath chastised Wherof thou schalt a tale hiere Acordant unto this matiere.

Bot slep, I not wherof it serveth, Of which noman his thonk deserveth To gete him love in eny place, Bot is an hindrere of his grace And makth him ded as for a throwe, Riht as a Stok were overthrowe.

And al this time I was liggende Upon the ground tofore his yhen, And thei that my desese syhen 2790 Supposen noght I scholde live Bot he, which wolde thanne yive His grace, so as it mai be, This blinde god which mai noght se, Hath groped til that he me fond And as he pitte forth his hond Upon my body, wher I lay, Me thoghte a fyri Lancegay, Which whilom thurgh myn herte he caste, He pulleth oute, and also faste 2800 As this was do, Cupide nam His weie, I not where he becam, And so dede al the remenant Which unto him was entendant, Of hem that in Avision I hadde a revelacion, So as I tolde now tofore.

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The king knowende his hih lignage, And dradde also hise mihtes sterne, To him ne dorste his dowhter werne And natheles this he him seide, How Achelons er he ferst preide To wedden hire, and in accord Thei stode, as it was of record 2070 Bot for al that this he him granteth, That which of hem that other daunteth In armes, him sche scholde take, And that the king hath undertake.

The king, which wolde his honour save, Seith sche is siek, and of that speche Tho was no time to beseche Bot ech of hem do make a bille He bad, and wryte his oghne wille, His name, his fader and his good And whan sche wiste hou that it stod, And hadde here billes oversein, Thei scholden have ansuere ayein.

For thus it is, that overal, Wher as I come in special, I mai hiere of mi ladi pris I hiere on seith that sche is wys, An other seith that sche is good, And som men sein, of worthi blod 840 That sche is come, and is also So fair, that nawher is non so And som men preise hire goodli chiere Thus every thing that I mai hiere, Which souneth to mi ladi goode, Is to myn Ere a lusti foode.

Mi Sone, it sit wel every wiht To kepe his word in trowthe upryht Towardes love in alle wise.

And now this matiere is broght inne, Mi Sone, I thenke ferst beginne To wite how that thin yhe hath stonde, The which is, as I understonde, The moste principal of alle, Thurgh whom that peril mai befalle.

And why thei comen theder tho, The cause stod in such a wise, For worschipe and for sacrifise That thei to Venus wolden make, As thei tofore hadde undertake, 7480 Some of good will, some of beheste, For thanne was hire hihe feste Withinne a temple which was there.

Jason to Grece with his preie Goth thurgh the See the rihte weie Whan he ther com and men it tolde, Thei maden joie yonge and olde.

Omnibus in causis sapiens doctrina salutem Consequitur, nec habet quis nisi doctus opem.

This olde Eson broght forth was tho, Awei sche bad alle othre go 4060 Upon peril that mihte falle And with that word thei wenten alle, And leften there hem tuo al one.

I may noght strecche up to the hevene Min hand, ne setten al in evene This world, which evere is in balance It stant noght in my sufficance So grete thinges to compasse, Bot I mot lete it overpasse And treten upon othre thinges.

And thus myn herte is al totore Of such a Contek as thei make Bot yit I mai noght will forsake, 1190 That he nys Maister of my thoght, Or that I spede, or spede noght.

Til he cam home he hieth faste, And doth his ladi tunderstonde The Message of hire housebonde And therupon the longe dai Thei setten thinges in arrai, That al was as it scholde be Of every thing in his degree 820 And whan it cam into the nyht, This wif hire hath to bedde dyht, Wher that this Maiden with hire lay.

Sche wepth, sche crith, sche swouneth ofte, 350-060 Cert Exam Sche caste hire yhen up alofte 3620 And seide among ful pitously A godd, thou wost wel it am I, For whom Iphis is thus besein Ordeine so, that 000-089 Exam Paper men mai sein A thousend wynter after this, Hou such a Maiden dede amis, And as I dede, do to me For I ne dede no pite To him, which for mi love is lore, Do no pite to me therfore.

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860 The Prestes tho gon hom ayein, And sche goth to hire sovereign, Of goddes wille and as it was Sche tolde him al the pleine cas, Wherof he was deceived eke, And bad that sche hire scholde meke Al hol unto the goddes heste.