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For if he may have his desir, How so falle of 070-323 Exam the remenant, He halt no word of covenant Bot er the time that he spede, Ther is no sleihte at thilke nede, Which eny loves faitour mai, That he ne put it in assai, 690 As him belongeth forto done.

Bot as it falleth ate laste, Ther mai no worldes joie laste, So mot I nedes fro hire wende And of my wachche make an ende And if sche thanne hiede toke, 070-323 Dumps Pass4sure Hou 070-323 Dumps Pass4sure pitousliche on hire I loke, 2810 Whan that I schal my leve take, Hire oghte of mercy forto slake Hire daunger, which seith evere nay.

And thanne he sette him nerr the fer, And as he mihte hise clothes dreide, That he nomore o word ne seide Wherof he gat him somdel reste, For that him thoghte was the beste.

Moris this child is hote, he seide, 1400 His Moder hatte Couste, and this I not what maner name it is.

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Bot natheles er he forth wente A firy Dart me thoghte he hente And threw it thurgh myn herte rote In him fond I non other bote, For lenger list him noght to duelle.

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3960 Whan al was spoke of that thei mente, The king with al his hole entente Thanne ate laste hem axeth this, What king men tellen that he is Among the folk touchende his name, Or be it pris, or be it blame, Riht after that thei herden sein, He bad hem forto telle it plein, That thei no point of soth forbere, Be thilke feith that thei him bere.

Ha, goode fader, it is so, Outake a point, I am beknowe For elles I am overthrowe 3460 In al that evere ye have seid.

Echon tauhte other, This is he, Which hath in his pouer withinne That al the world ne mihte winne 3830 Lo, hier the beste of alle goode.

So wofull yit was nevere lif 1450 As Tisbee was, whan sche him sih Sche mihte noght o word on hih Speke oute, for hire herte schette, That of hir lif no pris sche sette, Bot ded swounende doun sche fell.

3300 Ther was Pride of to gret a cost, Whan he for Pride hath hevene lost And after that in Paradis Adam for Pride loste his pris In Midelerthe and ek also Pride is the cause of alle wo, That al the world ne may suffise To stanche of Pride the reprise Pride is the heved of alle Sinne, Which wasteth al and mai 070-323 Exam Dump noght winne 3310 Pride is of every mis the pricke, Pride is the werste of alle wicke, And costneth most and lest is worth In place where he hath his forth.

Benethe upon this Erthe hiere Of alle thinges the matiere, As tellen ous thei that ben lerned, Of thing above it stant governed, That is to sein of the Planetes.

Thus have I seid that I wol seie Of myn answere, and to you preie, Mi liege lord, of youre office That ye such grace and such justice Ordeigne for mi fader hiere, That after this, whan men it hiere, 3320 The world therof mai speke good.

The king stod stille as eny ston, And to his tale an Ere he leide, And thoghte more than he seide Bot natheles to that he herde Wel cortaisly the king answerde, And tolde it scholde be amended.

For yit par chaunce I may pourchace With som good word the kinges grace, Your lif and ek your good to save For ofte schal a womman have Thing which a man mai noght areche.

The thridde wif was hote Alceste, 2640 Which whanne Ametus scholde dye Upon his grete maladye, Sche preide unto the goddes so, That sche receyveth al the wo And deide hirself to yive him lif Lo, if this were a noble wif.

Forthi Gregoire in his Moral Seith that a man in special The lasse world is properly And that he proeveth redely For man of Soule resonable Is to an Angel resemblable, 950 And lich to beste he hath fielinge, And lich to Trees he hath growinge The Stones ben and so is he Thus of his propre qualite The man, as telleth the clergie, Is as a world in his partie, And whan this litel world mistorneth, The grete world al overtorneth.

And thus the Pride which was hot, Whan he most in his strengthe wende, Was brent and lost withouten ende So that it proeveth wel therfore, The strengthe of man is sone lore, Bot if that he it wel governe.

The Schip was blowe fro the londe, Wherin that thei seilende were This Adriagne hath mochel fere Of that the wynd so loude bleu, As sche which of the See ne kneu, 5410 And preide forto reste a whyle.

650 Which Ring bar of Oblivion The name, and that was be resoun That where it on a finger sat, Anon his love he so foryat, As thogh he hadde it nevere knowe And so it fell that ilke throwe, Whan Tharbis hadde it on hire hond, No knowlechinge of him sche fond, Bot al was clene out of memoire, As men mai rede in his histoire 660 And thus he wente quit away, That nevere after that ilke day Sche thoghte that ther was such on Al was foryete and overgon.

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1240 Wherof as to the world nomore Ne wol sche torne, and preith therfore That in som temple of the Cite, To kepe and holde hir chastete, Sche mihte among the wommen duelle.

Nou have ye herd that I wol sein Sey ye what stant in youre avis.

And thus togedre as thei tuo speeke, The teres runne be his cheeke.

2090 And so forth thanne upon a day Al openly in good arai To themperour thei hem presente, And tolden it was here entente To duellen under his servise.

Bot whan that he cam elleswhere, In presence of his wif at hom, Out of his Purs and that he nom His gold, he fond his Ston withal And thus it fell him overal, 5120 Where he it solde in sondri place, Such was the fortune and the grace.

Non other grace ther ne geth, Bot forto take the juise And that was don in such a wise, 5270 Which stod upon a wonder cas.

So is he povere, and everemore 40 Him lacketh that he hath ynowh An Oxe draweth in the plowh, Of that himself hath no profit A Schep riht in the same plit His wolle berth, bot on a day An other takth Administering Office 365 070-323 Guide the flees away Thus hath he, that he noght ne hath, For he therof his part ne tath.

2080 And Julius with that anon Assigned him a worthi on, Bot he himself no word ne spak.

Mi Sone, if thou thi conscience Entamed hast in such a wise, In schrifte thou thee myht avise 710 And telle it me, if it be so.

And why the worschipe is aweie, If that a man the sothe seie, 850 The cause hath ben divisioun, Which moder of confusioun Is wher sche cometh overal, Noght only of the temporal Bot of the spirital also.

Lo, there a nyce housebonde, Which thus hath lost his wif for evere Bot natheles sche hadde a levere 2820 The king hire weddeth and 070-323 Vce Dumps honoureth, Wherof hire name sche socoureth, Which erst was lost thurgh coveitise Of him, that ladde hire other wise, And hath himself also forlore.

This Faunus, which his Stelthe caste, Was thanne come to the Cave, And fond thei weren alle save Withoute noise, and in he wente.

Mi fader, lo, nou have ye herd What I be Stelthe of love have do, And hou mi will hath be therto If I be worthi to penance I put it on your ordinance.

For yet was nevere such covine, That couthe ordeine a medicine 30 To thing which god in lawe of kinde Hath set, for ther may noman finde The rihte salve of such a Sor.

Be daie bothe and ek be nyhte, Whil thei be yonge, of comun wone In chambre thei togedre wone, 150 And as thei scholden pleide hem ofte, Til thei be growen up alofte Into the 070-323 youthe of lusti age, Whan kinde assaileth the corage With love and doth him forto bowe, That he no reson can allowe, Bot halt the lawes of nature For whom that love hath under cure, As he is blind himself, riht so He makth his client blind also.

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And forto se more evidence, Zorastes, which thexperience Of Art magique ferst forth drouh, Anon as he was bore, he louh, 2370 Which tokne was of wo suinge For of his oghne controvinge He fond magique and tauhte it forth Bot al that was him litel worth, For of Surrie a worthi king Him slou, and that was his endyng.

Explicit Liber Quintus.

And so ferforth here lustes soghten, 520 That thei the whiche named were Centauri, ate feste there Of on assent, of an acord This yonge wif malgre hire lord In such a rage awei forth ladden, As thei whiche non insihte hadden Bot only to her drunke fare, Which many a man hath mad misfare In love als wel as other weie.

Thus whan this Ston was boght and sold, Homward with joie manyfold 5090 This Bardus goth and whan he cam Hom to his hous and that he nam His gold out of his Purs, withinne He fond his Ston also therinne, Wherof 070-323 Real Exam Questions for joie his herte pleide, Unto his wif and thus he seide, Lo, hier my gold, lo, hier mi Ston His wif hath wonder therupon, And axeth him hou that mai be.

Wher kinde wole himselve rihte, After the Philosophres sein, Ther mai no wiht be therayein 3060 And that was thilke time seene.

Mi Sone, what seist thou therto Tell if thou dedest evere so.

Lo, thus he wan a lusti wif, Which obeissant was at his wille And if he wolde have holde him stille And nothing spoke, he scholde have failed Bot for he hath his word travailed And dorste speke, his love he spedde, And hadde al that he wolde abedde.

And whan that sche good hiede nam, Wher that he stod under the bowh, Sche kneu him wel and to him drouh 6320 For thogh sche hadde hire forme lore, The love was noght lost therfore Which kinde hath set under his lawe.

Wherof, as olde bokes telle, The Philosophre in his resoun Wrot upon this conclusioun, And of his wrytinge in a clause He clepeth god the ferste cause, Which of himself is thilke good, Withoute whom nothing is good, Of which that every creature Hath his beinge and his nature.

And whan that he the sothe wot, To telle his sorwe is endeles, Bot yit in haste natheles Upon the tale which he herde His Stieward into Perse ferde 2760 With many a worthi Romein eke, His liege tretour forto seke And whan thei thider come were, This kniht him hath confessed there How falsly that he hath him bore, Wherof his worthi lord was lore.

For who that wolde ensample take, 2580 The lawe which is naturel Be weie of kinde scheweth wel That homicide in no degree, Which werreth ayein charite, Among the men ne scholde duelle.

That on of hem began to seie, Ha lord, wel mai the man be riche Whom that a king list forto riche.

And whan the bordes were aside And every man was rise aboute, The king hath weyved al the route, And with the Senatour al MCITP 070-323 one He spak and preide him of a bone, 1430 To se this Couste, wher sche duelleth At hom with him, so as he telleth.

5570 This Tere s his wif hom ladde, A lusti lif with hire he hadde Til it befell upon a tyde, This Progne, as sche lay him besyde, Bethoughte hir hou it mihte be That sche hir Soster myhte se, And to hir lord hir will sche seide, With goodly wordes and him preide That sche to hire mihte go And if it liked him noght so, 5580 That thanne he wolde himselve wende, Or elles be som other sende, Which mihte hire diere Soster griete, And schape hou that thei mihten miete.

That ferst was wel is thanne mis, That was thankworth is thanne blame, And thus the worschipe of his name Thurgh pride of his avantarie He torneth into vilenie.

6960 The hihe god, which alle goode Pourveied hath for mannes fode Of clothes and of mete and drinke, 070-323 Guide Bad Adam that he scholde swinke To geten him his sustienance And ek he sette an ordinance Upon the lawe of Moi5ses, That though a man be haveles, Yit schal he noght be thefte stele.

And 070-323 Online Exam tho sche was to dethe broght And brent tofore hire Sones yhe Wherof these othre, whiche it sihe And herden how the cause stod, Sein that the juggement is good, Of that hir Sone hire hath so served For sche it hadde wel deserved Thurgh tresoun of hire false tunge, Which thurgh the lond was after sunge, 1300 Constance and every wiht compleigneth.

Thus he, which love hadde in desdeign, Worste of all othre was besein, 2360 And as he sette his pris most hyhe, He was lest worth in loves yhe And most bejaped in his wit Wherof the remembrance is yit, So that thou MCITP 070-323 myht ensample take, And ek alle 070-323 Pdf othre for his sake.

1770 For be that cause the godhede Assembled was to the manhede In the virgine, where he nom Oure fleissh and verai man becom Of bodely fraternite Wherof the man in his degre Stant more worth, as I have told, Than he stod erst be manyfold, Thurgh baptesme of the newe lawe, Of which Crist lord is and felawe.

Crist 070-323 Real Exam Questions seith Ther was a riche man, A mihti lord of gret astat, And he was ek so delicat Of his clothing, that everyday Of pourpre and bisse he made him gay, 990 And eet and drank therto his fille After the lustes of his wille, As he which al stod in delice And tok non hiede of thilke vice.

Appolinus for his partie, Whan he this question hath herd, Unto the king he hath ansuerd 420 And hath rehersed on and on The pointz, and seide therupon The question which thou hast spoke, If thou wolt that it be unloke, It toucheth al the privete Betwen thin oghne child and thee, And stant al hol upon you tuo.

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And tho me thoghte that I sih A gret ston from an hull on hyh Fel doun of sodein aventure Upon the feet of this figure, 620 With which Ston al tobroke was Gold, Selver, Erthe, Stiel and Bras, That al was in to pouldre broght, And so forth torned into noght.

And thus, thogh I that lawe obeie Of which the kinges ben put under, It oghte ben wel lasse wonder Than thou, which art withoute nede For lawe of londe in such a drede, 2240 Which for tacompte is bot a jape, As thing which thou miht overscape.

Astronomie is the science 670 Of wisdom and of hih connynge, Which makth a man have knowlechinge Of Sterres in the firmament, Figure, cercle and moevement Of ech of hem in sondri place, And what betwen hem is of space, Hou so thei moeve or stonde faste, Al this it telleth to the laste.

Ovide wrot of manye thinges, Among the whiche in his wrytinges He tolde a tale in Poesie, Which toucheth unto Jelousie, Upon a certein cas of love.

Dame Ylia this ladi name Men clepe, and ek sche was also The kinges dowhter that was tho, Which Mynitor be name hihte.

The Stiel which he syh afterward A world betokneth more hard 640 Bot yet the werste of everydel Is last, whan that 070-323 Braindump Pdf of Erthe and Stiel He syh the feet departed so, For that betokneth mochel wo.

Bot sche, which al honour supposeth, The false Prestes thanne opposeth, 880 And axeth be what observance Sche myhte most to the plesance Of godd that nyhtes reule kepe And thei hire bidden forto slepe Liggende upon the bedd alofte, For so, thei seide, al stille and softe God Anubus hire wolde awake.

Bot over this 3100 Exam Materials nou wolde I hiere, Wherof I schal me schryve more.

The king cam with his knihtes alle And maden MCITP 070-323 Guide him glad welcominge And he hem tolde the tidinge Of this and that, hou it befell, Whan that he wan the schepes fell.

And thei answerde, there he bad, And have him thilke lettre rad, Which he hem sende for warant, 070-323 Guide And tolde him pleinli as it stant, And sein, it thoghte hem gret pite To se so worthi on as sche, 1240 With such a child as ther was bore, So sodeinly to be forlore.

Bot noght forthi, who that it knewe, The science 070-323 Exam Vce of himself is trewe Upon the forme as it was founded, Wherof the names yit ben grounded 2600 Of hem that ferste it founden oute And thus the fame goth aboute To suche as soghten besinesse Of vertu and of worthinesse.

Non ita discretus hominum per climata regnat, Quin magis ut sapiat, indiget ipse schole.

Crist with his oghne deth hath boght Alle othre men, and made hem fre, In tokne of parfit charite And after that he tawhte himselve, Whan he was ded, these othre tuelve Of hise Apostles wente aboute The holi feith to prechen oute, 2500 Wherof the deth in sondri place Thei soffre, and so god of his grace The feith of Crist hath mad aryse Bot if thei wolde in other wise Be werre have 070-323 Guide Aluminium Access Products Ltd broght in the creance, It hadde yit stonde in balance.

2680 And anon after this victoire The king, which hadde good memoire, Upon the grete merci thoghte, Which Telaphus toward him wroghte, And in presence of al the lond He tok him faire be the hond, And in this wise he gan to seie Mi Sone, I mot be double weie Love and desire thin encress Ferst for thi fader Achilles 2690 Whilom ful many dai er this, Whan that I scholde have fare amis, Rescousse dede in mi querele And kepte al myn astat in hele How so ther falle now distance Amonges ous, yit remembrance I have of merci which he dede As thanne and thou now in this stede Of gentilesce and of franchise Hast do mercy the same wise.

This Priamus hadde in his yhte A wif, and Hecuba sche hyhte, Be whom that time ek hadde he Of Sones fyve, and douhtres thre 7310 Besiden hem, and thritty mo, And weren knyhtes alle tho, Bot noght upon his wif begete, Bot elles where he myhte hem gete Of wommen whiche he hadde knowe Such was the world at thilke throwe So that he was of children riche, As therof was noman his liche.

And hadde thilke time a brother, Which Marchus Claudius was hote, And was a man of such riote Riht as the king himselve was Thei tuo togedre upon this cas 5170 In conseil founden out this weie, That Marchus Claudius schal seie Hou sche be weie of covenant To his service appourtenant Was hol, and to non other man And therupon he seith he can In every point witnesse take, So that sche schal it noght forsake.

The king, whan he this tale herde, Bad that thei scholden alle abyde, For he himself wol thider ryde.

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And if I schal more over this Declare what this vertu is, I finde write upon this thing Of Valentinian the king And Emperour be thilke daies, A worthi knyht at alle assaies, 6400 Hou he withoute Mariage Was of an hundred wynter 070-323 Guide Age, And hadde ben a worthi kniht Bothe of his lawe and of his myht.

And sche, which is the goode spouse, Lucrece, whan that sche him sih, With goodli chiere drowh him nyh, As sche which al honour supposeth, And him, so as sche dar, opposeth Hou it stod of hire housebonde.

1490 The fame, which mai noght ben hidd, Thurghout the lond is sone kidd, Here king is come hom ayein Ther mai noman the fulle sein, Hou that thei weren alle glade, So mochel joie of him thei made.

And so, mi fader, in this wise The slepi nyhtes 070-323 Guide I despise, 2870 And evere amiddes of mi tale I thenke upon the nyhtingale, Which slepeth noght be weie of kinde For love, in bokes as I finde.

Forthi, my Sone, of such entaile If that thin herte be disposed, Tell out and let it noght be glosed For if that thou unbuxom be To love, 510-007 Exam Paper I not in what degree Thou schalt thi goode world achieve.

2420 Of otherwise I wol noght seie That if I founde a seker weie, I wolde as for conclusioun Worche after Supplantacioun, So hihe a love forto winne.

Bot ate laste natheles 5150 For the partie which hath pleigned The lawe hath diemed and ordeigned Be hem that were avised wel, That he schal have the halvendel Thurghout of Adrianes good.

Who wroth but Dionise thanne Hire thoghte a thousend yer til whanne Sche myhte ben of Thaise wreke Of that sche herde folk so speke.

And whan Silvestre hath herd the king, He was riht joiful of this thing, And him began with al his wit To techen upon holi writ Ferst how mankinde was forlore, And how the hihe god therfore His Sone sende from above, Which bore was for mannes love, 3390 And after of his oghne chois He tok his deth upon the crois And how in grave he was beloke, And how that he hath helle broke, And tok hem out that were him lieve And forto make ous full believe That he was verrai goddes Sone, Ayein the kinde of mannes wone Fro Microsoft 070-323 Guide dethe he ros the thridde day, And whanne he wolde, as he wel may, 3400 He styh up to his fader evene With fleissh and blod into the hevene And riht so in the same forme In fleissh and blod he schal reforme, Whan time comth, the qwike and dede At thilke woful dai of drede, Where every man schal take his dom, Als wel the Maister as the grom.

And every man began to sein, Ha lord, what mai this signefie And therupon thei preie and crie To Phebus, that thei mihten knowe The cause and he the same throwe 4720 With gastly vois, that alle it herde, The Romeins in this wise ansuerde, And seide hou for the wikkidnesse Of Pride and of unrihtwisnesse, That Tarquin and his Sone hath do, The Sacrifice is wasted so, Which myhte noght ben acceptable Upon such Senne abhominable.

The king bethoghte himselve tho How he his brother mai chastie, That he thurgh his Surquiderie Tok upon honde to despreise Humilite, which is to preise, 2120 And therupon yaf such conseil Toward his king that was noght heil Wherof to be the betre lered, He thenkth to maken him afered.

2550 The thridde Ston in special Be name is cleped Minerall, Which the metalls of every Mine Attempreth, til that thei ben fyne, And pureth hem be such a weie, That al the vice goth aweie Of rust, of stink and of hardnesse And whan thei ben of such clennesse, This Mineral, so as I finde, Transformeth al the ferste kynde 2560 And makth hem able to conceive Thurgh his vertu, and to receive Bothe in substance and in figure Of gold and selver the nature.

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If thou hast such condicion, Mi Sone, tell riht as it is.

For as it semeth that a belle Lik to the wordes that men telle 1950 Answerth, riht so ne mor ne lesse, To yow, my fader, I confesse, Such will my wit hath overset, That what so hope me behet, Ful many a time I wene it soth, Bot finali no spied it doth.

Of this Castell was Chastellein Elda the kinges Chamberlein, A knyhtly man after his lawe And whan he sih upon the wawe The Schip drivende al one so, He bad anon men scholden go 730 To se what it betokne mai.

Faire Eole hath set the Mace Beside hire beddes hed above, And with the clothes of hire love Sche helede al hire bed aboute And he, which hadde of nothing doute, Hire wympel wond aboute his cheke, Hire kertell and hire mantel eke 6890 Abrod upon his bed he spredde.

Of Lichaon also I finde Hou he ayein the lawe of kinde Hise hostes slouh, and into mete He made her bodies to ben ete With othre men withinne his hous.

And tho Juno, which was the wif Of Jupiter, wroth and hastif, In pourpos forto do vengance Cam forth upon this ilke chance, And to Calistona sche spak, And sette upon hir many a lak, 6290 And seide, Ha, nou thou art atake, That thou thi werk myht noght forsake.

Bot Cephalus dede otherwise, As thou, my Sone, hast herd above.

This god, which herde of his grevance, Tok rowthe upon his repentance, And bad him go forth redily Unto a flod was faste by, Which Paceole thanne hyhte, In which as clene as evere he myhte 300 He scholde him waisshen overal, And seide him thanne that he schal Recovere his ferste astat ayein.

In Cristes cause alday thei slepe, 310 Bot of the world is noght foryete For wel is him that now may gete Office in Court to ben honoured.

Thus was the cause take on honde, And seiden that the Papacie Thei wolde honoure and magnefie In al that evere is spirital Bot thilke Pride temporal Of Boneface in his persone, Ayein that ilke wrong al one 2990 Thei wolde stonden in debat And thus the man and noght the stat The Frensche schopen be her miht To grieve.

Mi goode Sone, thou seist wel.

1820 And in the wise that he thoghte, Upon the morwe so he wroghte His doghter and his Sone he nom, And forth unto the temple he com With a gret route in compaignie, Hise yiftes forto sacrifie.

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What man that scars is of his good And wol noght yive, he schal noght take With yifte a man mai undertake 4790 The hihe god to plese and queme, With yifte a man the world mai deme For every creature bore, If thou him yive, is glad therfore, And every gladschipe, as I finde, Is confort unto loves kinde And causeth ofte a man to spede.

The king, which made mochel mone, Tho stod, as who seith, al him one Withoute wif, bot natheles His doghter, which was piereles Of beaute, duelte aboute him stille.

And to conferme his accioun, He hath withholde Malebouche, Whos tunge neither Administering Office 365 070-323 pyl ne crouche 390 Mai hyre, so that he pronounce A plein good word withoute frounce Awher behinde a mannes bak.

Thus mai I prove redely, 2480 Thou art noght wys.