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5700 And natheles that wode hound Hir bodi hent up fro the ground, And sente hir there as be his wille Sche scholde abyde in prison stille For everemo bot nou tak hiede What after fell of this misdede.

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And if a man in thilke throwe Wolde him consaile, he wol noght knowe 3430 The sothe, thogh a man it finde For Tristesce is of such a kinde, That forto meintiene his folie, He hath with him Obstinacie, Which is withinne of such a Slouthe, That he forsaketh alle trouthe, And wole unto no reson bowe And yit ne can he noght avowe His oghne skile bot of hed Thus dwyneth he, til he be ded, 3440 In hindringe of his oghne astat.

And after, whan sche was of Age, Sche tok non hiede of mariage, 1260 Bot out of mannes compaignie Sche tok hire al to venerie In forest and in wildernesse For ther was al hire besinesse Be daie and ek be nyhtes tyde With arwes brode under the side And bowe in honde, of 112-12 Test Software which sche slowh And tok al that hir liste ynowh Of bestes whiche ben chacable Wherof the Cronique of this fable 1270 Seith that the gentils most of alle Worschipen hire and to hire calle, And the goddesse of hihe helles, Of grene trees, of freisshe welles, They clepen hire in that believe, Which that no reson mai achieve.

Thus as he stod and hiede nam, A Mayden fro Medea cam And to hir chambre Jason ledde, Wher that he fond redi to bedde The faireste and the wiseste eke And sche with simple chiere and meke, 3480 Whan sche him sih, wax al aschamed.

And in this hous to loke and warde Was Minotaurus put in warde, That what lif that therinne cam, Or man or beste, he overcam 5300 And slow, and fedde him therupon And in this wise many on Out of Athenys for truage Devoured weren in that rage.

So that of Contek and of strif I am beknowe and have ansuerd, As ye, my fader, now have herd.

Sche sih him large of his despence, And amorous and glad of chiere, So that hir liketh wel to hiere 4840 The goodly wordes whiche he seide And therupon of love he preide, Of love was al that he mente, To love and for sche scholde assente, He yaf hire yiftes evere among.

Riht as myn yhe with his lok Is to myn herte a lusti coc Of loves fode delicat, Riht so myn Ere in his astat, 830 Wher as myn yhe mai noght serve, Can wel myn hertes thonk deserve And fieden him fro day to day With suche deyntes as he may.

Bot wher the pleine trouthe is noted, 2340 Ther may a Prince wel conceive, That he schal 112-12 New Questions Aluminium Access Products Ltd noght himself deceive, Of that he hiereth wordes pleine 112-12 New Questions For him thar noght be reson pleigne, That warned is er him be wo.

Bot if ther be oght elles more Wherof I mihte take lore, 720 I preie you, so as I dar, Now telleth, that I mai be war, Som other tale in this matiere.

The place wher as he hem syh, It was under a banke nyh The grete See, and he above Stod and behield the lusti love Which ech of hem to other made With goodly chiere and wordes glade, That al his herte hath set afyre Of pure Envie and as a fyre 150 Which fleth out of a myhti bowe, Aweie he fledde for a throwe, As he that was for love wod, Whan that he sih how that it stod.

And he wel paid was of that thing 3290 642-964 Answers And schop anon for his passage, And suche as were of his lignage, With othre knihtes whiche he ches, With him he tok, and Hercules, Which full was of chivalerie, With Jason wente in compaignie And that was in the Monthe of Maii, Whan colde stormes were away.

Alle othre bestes that men finde Thei serve unto here oghne kinde, Bot to reson the Soule serveth Wherof the man his thonk deserveth And get him with hise werkes goode The perdurable lyves foode.

Mi fader, as in this degre My conscience is noght accused For I no such brocage have used, Wherof that lust of love is wonne.

2450 Bot hou that metall cam a place Thurgh mannes wit and goddes grace The route of Philosophres wise Controeveden be sondri wise, Ferst forto gete it out of Myne, And after forto trie and fyne.

He hadde a brother natheles, Whos rihte name was Eson, And he the worthi kniht Jason Begat, the which in every lond Alle othre passede of his hond In Armes, so that he the beste Was named and the worthieste, 3260 He soghte worschipe overal.

The myhti god, which unbegunne Stant of himself and hath begunne Alle othre thinges at his wille, The hevene him liste to fulfille Of alle joie, where as he Sit inthronized in his See, And hath hise Angles him to serve, Suche as him liketh to preserve, So that thei mowe noght forsueie Bot Lucifer he putte aweie, 10 With al the route apostazied Of hem that ben to him allied, Whiche out of hevene into the helle From Angles into fendes felle Wher that ther is no joie of lyht, Bot more derk than eny nyht The peine schal ben endeles And yit of fyres natheles Ther is plente, bot thei ben blake, Wherof no syhte mai be take.

For as the point in a compas Stant evene amiddes, riht so was 230 This erthe set and schal abyde, That it may swerve to no side, And hath his centre after the lawe Of kinde, and to that centre drawe Desireth every worldes thing, If ther ne were no lettyng.

Whan the thridde Age was begunne, The nede tho was overrunne, 100 For ther was poeple ynouh in londe Thanne ate ferste it cam to honde, That Sosterhode of mariage Was torned into cousinage, So that after the rihte lyne The Cousin weddeth the cousine.

This worthi Prest, this holy man To me spekende thus began, And seide Benedicite, Mi Sone, of the felicite Of love and ek of all the wo Thou schalt thee schrive of bothe tuo.

And yit he hath noght al fulwonne His lyht, that he nys somdiel derk Bot what the lette is of that werk In Almageste it telleth this The Mones cercle so lowe is, 740 Wherof the Sonne out of his stage Ne seth him noght with full visage, For he is with the ground beschaded, So that the Mone is somdiel faded And may noght fully schyne cler.

Bot after this whan it is couth And drawe into the worldes fame, It schal ben hindringe of his name For wel he wot and so wot I, He yaf his trouthe bodily, 5460 That he myn honour scholde kepe.

Thus ben the Signes propreli Divided, as it is reherced, Wherof the londes ben diversed.

As Soules, that ben spiritiel, Here beinge is perpetuel Bot ther is on above the Sonne, Whos time nevere was begonne, 100 And endeles schal evere be That is the god, whos mageste Alle othre thinges schal governe, And his beinge is sempiterne.

So that al mi devocion And al mi contemplacion With al min herte and mi corage Is only set on hire ymage And evere I waite upon the tyde.

Of thilke ensample which fell tho, Men tellen now fulofte so, The world empeireth comunly And yit wot non the cause why For it acordeth noght to kinde Min oghne harm to seche and finde 370 Of that I schal my brother grieve It myhte nevere wel achieve.

1280 Upon sondri creacion Stant sondri operacion, Som worcheth this, som worcheth that The fyr is hot in his astat And brenneth what he mai atteigne, The water mai the fyr restreigne, The which is cold and moist also.

Him reccheth noght what he beginne, Thurgh thefte so that he mai winne Forthi to maken his pourchas He lith awaitende on the pas, 6090 And what thing that he seth ther passe, He takth his part, or more or lasse, If 112-12 Vce it be worthi to be take.

Ma dame, he seith, let me alone As for the god I undertake That whan it liketh you to take His compaignie at eny throwe, If I a day tofore it knowe, He schal be with you on the nyht And he is wel of such a myht 2120 To kepe you from alle blame.

2240 Bot lest now such a felonie Whan Nessus wiste he scholde die, He tok to Deianyre his scherte, Which with the blod was of his herte Thurghout desteigned overal, And tolde how sche it kepe schal Al prively to this entente, That if hire lord his herte wente To love in eny other place, The scherte, he seith, hath such a grace, 2250 That if sche mai so mochel make That he the scherte upon him take, He schal alle othre lete in vein And torne unto hire love ayein.

And with that word I sawh anon The kyng of love and qweene bothe Bot he that kyng with yhen wrothe 140 His chiere aweiward fro me caste, And forth he passede ate laste.

2700 So wol I noght that eny time Be lost of that thou hast do byme For hou so this fortune falle, Yit stant mi trust aboven alle, For the mercy which I now finde, That thou wolt after this be kinde And for that such is myn espeir, As for my Sone and for myn Eir I thee receive, and al my lond I yive and sese into thin hond.

Thus hath this king al that him liste Of his likinge and his plesance, And laste in such continuance, And such delit he tok therinne, Him thoghte that it was no Sinne And sche dorste him nothing withseie.

Bot I mot pipe nou with lasse, And 112-12 Exam Guide Pdf suffre that it overpasse, Noght with mi will, for thus I wolde Ben averous, if that I scholde.

And some I sih whiche 112-12 Certificate ofte sithe 2540 Compleignen hem in other wise Among the whiche I syh Narcise And Piramus, that sory were.

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Min yhe and as I caste aboutes, 2460 To knowe among hem who was who, I sih wher lusty Youthe tho, As he which was a Capitein, Tofore alle othre upon the plein Stod with his route wel begon, Here hevedes kempt, and therupon Garlandes noght of o colour, Some of the lef, some of the flour, And some of grete Perles were The newe guise of Beawme there, 2470 With sondri thinges wel devised, I sih, wherof thei ben queintised.

1000 Tho was this wofull wif conforted Be alle weies and desported, Til that sche was somdiel amended And thus a day or tuo despended, The thridde day sche goth to pleigne With many a worthi Citezeine, And he with many a Citezein.

Mi Sone, if thou of such a molde Art mad, now tell me plein thi schrifte.

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Forthi, my fader, I you preie, Ne casteth noght that herte aweie, 3160 For I am sche that wolde kepe Youre honour.

Bot what man under his pouer Is bore, he schal his places change And seche manye londes strange And as of this condicion The Mones disposicion 750 Upon the lond of Alemaigne Is set, and ek upon Bretaigne, Which nou is cleped Engelond For thei travaile in every lond.

Whom nedeth help, he mot his helpe crave, Or helpeles he schal his nede spille Pleinly thurghsoght my wittes alle I have, Bot non of hem can helpe after mi wille And als so wel I mihte sitte stille, As preie unto mi lady eny helpe 2250 Thus wot I noght wherof miself to helpe.

The seconde of Mathematique, Which is the science of Musique, That techeth upon Armonie A man to make melodie Be vois and soun of instrument Thurgh notes of acordement, The whiche men pronounce alofte, Nou scharpe notes and nou softe, 170 Nou hihe notes and nou lowe, As be the gamme a man mai knowe, Which techeth the prolacion Of note and the condicion.

1490 This lord hath granted his requeste And whan the dai was of the feste, In worschipe of here Emperour The king and ek the Senatour Forth with here wyves bothe tuo, With many a lord and lady mo, On horse riden him ayein Til it befell, upon a plein Thei sihen wher he was comende.

7590 And ek tak hiede of Achilles, Whan he unto his love ches Polixena, that was also In holi temple of Appollo, Which was the cause why he dyde And al his lust was leyd asyde.

Into the chambre and whan sche cam, Hire housebonde anon sche nam In bothe hire Armes and him kiste, And spak unto him what hire liste 1940 And therupon withinne a throwe This goode wif was overthrowe And deide, and he EC-COUNCIL 112-12 New Questions was hool in haste.

And while he slepte, he mette a swevene Him thoghte he syh a stature evene, Which brihtere than the sonne schon A man it semeth was it non, Bot yit it was as in figure Most lich to mannyssh creature, Bot as of beaute hevenelich It was most to an Angel lich 1530 And thus betwen angel and man Beholden it this king began, And such a lust tok of the sihte, That fain he wolde, if that he mihte, The forme of that figure embrace And goth him forth toward the place, Wher he sih that ymage tho, And takth it in his Armes tuo, And it embraceth him ayein And to the king thus gan it sein 1540 Uluxes, understond wel this, The tokne of oure aqueintance is Hierafterward to mochel tene The love that is ous betuene, Of that we nou such joie make, That on of ous the deth schal take, Whan time comth of destine It may non other wise be.

And with that sche gan hire avise Hou ferst sche mihte unto hire winne Hir Soster, that noman withinne, Bot only thei that were suore, It scholde knowe, and schop therfore 5800 That Tere s nothing it wiste And yit riht as hirselven liste, Hir Soster was delivered sone Out of prison, and be the mone To Progne sche was broght be nyhte.

Explicit iste liber, qui transeat, obsecro liber, Vt sine liuore vigeat lectoris in ore.

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Upon thre pointz stod the matiere Of questions, as thou schalt hiere.

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This Pope tho be alle weie That he mai worche of violence Hath 112-12 New Questions sent the bulle of his sentence With cursinge and with enterdit.

2810 And sche which mai the hertes bynde In loves cause and ek unbinde, Er I out of mi trance aros, Venus, which hield a boiste clos, And wolde noght I scholde deie, Tok out mor cold than eny keie An oignement, and in such point Sche hath my wounded herte enoignt, My temples and my Reins also.

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Of Adamant is that perrie In which he worcheth 112-12 Braindump his maistrie Thilke herbe also which him befalleth, Cicorea the bok it calleth.

And thus fulofte there he sat To muse in his philosophie Solein withoute compaignie 1220 So that upon a morwetyde, As thing which scholde so betyde, Whan he was set ther as him liste To loke upon the Sonne ariste, Wherof the propretes he sih, EX0-101 Guide It fell ther cam ridende nyh King Alisandre with a route And as he caste his yhe aboute, He sih this Tonne, and what it mente He wolde wite, and thider sente 1230 A knyht, be whom he mihte it knowe, And he himself that ilke throwe Abod, and hoveth there stille.

Bot he, which Pite hath parfit Upon the point of his believe, The poeple thoghte to relieve, And ches himselve to be ded.

Bot afterward withinne a while God hath beraft him in his ire His lif and ek his large empire 210 And thus for likinge of a throwe For evere his lust was overthrowe.

In a Cronique I finde thus, Hou that Gayus Fabricius, Which whilom was Consul of Rome, Be whom the lawes yede and come, Whan the Sampnites to him broghte A somme of gold, and him besoghte To don hem favour in the lawe, Toward the gold he gan him drawe, 2790 Wherof in alle mennes lok A part up in his hond he tok, Which to his mouth in alle haste He putte, it forto smelle and taste, And to his yhe and to his Security5 Certification Practice Test 112-12 Ere, Bot he ne fond no confort there And thanne he gan it to despise, And tolde unto hem in this wise I not what is with gold to thryve, Whan non of all my wittes fyve 2800 Fynt savour ne delit therinne.

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Now tell me thanne, I you beseche, Wherof that riche bridel serveth.

Now have ye herd touchende of this, Mi fader, in confessioun And therfor of Detraccioun In love, of that I have mispoke, Tel how ye wole it schal be wroke.

The king his Ere unto this strif Hath leid, and whan that he it herde, Welnyh out of his wit he ferde, 2800 And seide, Ha, caitif most of alle, Wher was it evere er this befalle, That eny cokard in this wise Betok his wif for coveitise Thou hast bothe hire and me beguiled And ek thin oghne astat reviled, Wherof that buxom unto thee Hierafter schal sche nevere be.

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And whan that he the sothe wot, To telle his sorwe is endeles, Bot yit in haste natheles Upon the tale which he herde His Stieward into Perse ferde 2760 With many a worthi Romein eke, His liege tretour forto seke And whan thei thider come were, This kniht him hath confessed there How falsly that he hath him bore, Wherof his worthi lord was lore.

For al the metes and the spices, That eny Lombard couthe make, Ne be so lusti forto take Ne so ferforth restauratif, I seie as for myn oghne lif, 860 As ben the wordes of hire mouth For as the wyndes of the South Ben most of alle debonaire, So whan hir list to speke faire, The vertu of hire goodly speche Is verraily myn hertes leche.

Bot after this unkinde fare Out of the chambre goth the king, And sche lay stille, and of this thing, Withinne hirself such sorghe made, Ther was no wiht that mihte hir glade, For feere of thilke horrible vice.

Bot therof wot nothing the wif At hom, which loveth as hir lif 6120 Hir lord, and sitt alday wisshinge After hir lordes hom comynge Bot whan that he comth hom at eve, Anon he makth his wif beleve, For sche noght elles scholde knowe He telth hire hou his hunte hath blowe, And hou 112-12 Certification Answers his houndes have wel runne, And hou ther schon a merye Sunne, And hou his haukes flowen wel Bot he wol telle her nevere a diel 6130 Hou he to love untrewe was, Of that he robbede in the pas, And tok his lust under the schawe Ayein love and ayein his lawe.

And thus as Habraham hath tawht, Whan Isaa5c was god betawht, 120 His Sone Jacob dede also, And of Laban the dowhtres tuo, Which was his Em, he tok to wyve, And gat upon hem in his lyve, Of hire ferst which hihte Lie, Sex Sones of his Progenie, And of Rachel tuo Sones eke The remenant was forto seke, That is to sein of foure mo, Wherof he gat on Bala tuo, 130 And of Zelpha he hadde ek tweie.

3450 And in the while it was begunne, A liht, as thogh it were a Sunne, Fro hevene into the place com Wher that he tok his cristendom And evere among the holi tales Lich as thei weren fisshes skales Ther fellen from him now and eft, Til that ther was nothing beleft Of al his grete maladie.

Wepende he keste hire ofte sithe, So was his herte al overcome For thogh his Moder were come Fro deth to lyve out of the grave, He mihte nomor wonder have Than he hath whan that he 112-12 Practice Questions hire sih.

Of gold glistrende Spoke and whiel The Sonne his carte hath faire and wiel, In which he sitt, and is coroned With brighte stones environed Of whiche if that I speke schal, Ther be tofore in special 820 Set in the front of his corone Thre Stones, whiche no persone Hath upon Erthe, and the ferste is Be name cleped Licuchis That othre tuo be cleped thus, Astrices and Ceramius.

Whan that the duk Ametus lay Sek in his bedd, that every day Men waiten whan he scholde deie, Alceste his wif goth forto preie, 1920 As sche which wolde thonk deserve, With Sacrifice unto Minerve, To wite ansuere of the goddesse Hou that hir lord of his seknesse, Wherof he was so wo besein, Recovere myhte his hele ayein.

6500 For whan he wot the lord from home, Than wol he stalke aboute and rome And what thing he fint in his weie, Whan that he seth the men aweie, He stelth it and goth forth withal, That therof noman knowe schal.

1410 And Tisbee dorste noght remue, Bot as a bridd which were in Mue Withinne a buissh sche kepte hire clos So stille that sche noght aros Unto hirself and pleigneth ay.

This Tere s be Progne his wif A Sone hath, which as his lif He loveth, and Ithis he hihte His moder wiste wel sche mihte Do Tere s no more grief Than sle this child, which was so lief.

And after, whanne it was recorded Unto the dowhter hou it stod, The yifte of al this worldes good Ne scholde have mad hir half so blythe And forth withal the king als swithe, 930 For he wol have hire good assent, Hath for the queene hir moder sent.

Nou herkne the soutilete.

It nedeth noght to mi sothsawe That I witnesse scholde drawe, Into this dai for nevere yit Ne mihte it sinke into mi wit, That I my conseil scholde seie To eny wiht, or me bewreie 2940 To sechen help in such manere, Bot only of mi ladi diere.

Mi Sone, in alle maner wise Surquiderie is to despise, Wherof I finde write thus.

Now, fader, if that this be Sinne, I am al redy to redresce The gilt of which I me confesse.

And if hir list to riden oute On pelrinage or other stede, I come, thogh I be noght bede, 1200 And take hire in min arm alofte And sette hire in hire sadel softe, And so forth lede hire be the bridel, For that I wolde noght ben ydel.

Whan thou hast taken eny thing Of loves yifte, or Nouche or ring, 2420 Or tok upon thee for the cold Som goodly word that thee was told, Or frendly chiere or tokne or lettre, Wherof thin herte was the bettre, Or that sche sende the grietinge, Hast thou for Pride of thi likinge Mad thin avant wher as the liste I wolde, fader, that ye wiste, Mi conscience lith noght hiere Yit hadde I nevere such matiere, 2430 Wherof min herte myhte amende, Noght of so mochel that sche sende Be mowthe and seide, Griet him wel And thus for that ther is no diel Wherof to make myn avant, It is to reson acordant That I mai nevere, bot I lye, Of love make avanterie.

Bot thilke love which that is Withinne a mannes herte affermed, And stant of charite confermed, Such love is goodly forto have, Such love mai the bodi save, Such love mai the soule amende, The hyhe god such love ous sende Forthwith the remenant of grace So that above in thilke place 3170 Wher resteth love and alle pes, Oure joie mai ben endeles.

Thus have I told a gret partie Bot al the hole progenie RH133 Actual Exam Of goddes in that ilke time To long it were forto rime.

Sche sende for him, and he com, With him his Astellabre he nom, 1890 Which was of fin gold precious With pointz and cercles merveilous And ek the hevenely figures Wroght in a bok ful of peintures He tok this ladi forto EC-COUNCIL 112-12 New Questions schewe, And tolde of ech of hem be rewe The cours and the condicion.

My fader ye, and evere was For as me thenketh trewely That every man doth mor than I 1650 As of this point, and if so is That I have oght so don er this, It is so litel of acompte, As who seith, it mai noght amonte To winne of love his lusti yifte.

And over that he made him wene In swevene, hou that the god Amos, Whan he up fro the queene aros, Tok forth a ring, wherinne a ston Was set, and grave therupon A Sonne, in which, whan he cam nyh, A leoun with a swerd he sih And with that priente, as he tho mette, Upon the queenes wombe he sette 2150 A Seal, and goth him forth his weie.

As leon is the king of bestes, So schal the world obeie his hestes, Which with his swerd schal al be wonne, Als ferr as schyneth eny Sonne.

For whan fortune is therayein, Thogh he coveite, it is in vein The happes be noght alle liche, On is mad povere, an other riche, 2250 The court to some doth profit, And some ben evere in o plit And yit thei bothe aliche sore Coveite, bot fortune is more Unto that o part favorable.

Bot Jupiter, which wolde schylde The Moder and the Sone also, Ordeineth for hem bothe so, That thei for evere were save.

Forthi, my Sone, if thou wolt love, It sit thee wel to leve Pride And take Humblesce upon thi side The more of grace thou schalt gete.

The time of Souper cam anon, Thei wisshen and therto thei gon, Medea was with Jason set Tho was ther many a deynte fet And set tofore hem on the bord, Bot non so likinge as the word 3840 Which was ther spoke among hem tuo, So as thei dorste speke tho.

3430 And thus Silvestre with his sawe The ground of al the newe lawe With gret devocion he precheth, Fro point to point and pleinly techeth Unto this hethen Emperour And seith, the hihe creatour Hath underfonge his charite, Of that he wroghte such pite, Whan he the children hadde on honde.

3540 Nou have I told the peril al I woll you tellen forth withal, Quod Medea to Jason tho, That ye schul knowen er ye go, Ayein the venym and the fyr What schal ben the recoverir.

1730 Bot this I se, on daies nou The blinde god, I wot noght hou, Cupido, which of love is lord, He set the thinges in discord, That thei that lest to love entende Fulofte he wole hem yive and sende Most of his 112-12 Exam Practice Pdf grace and thus I finde That he that scholde go behinde, Goth many a time ferr tofore So wot I noght riht wel therfore, 1740 On whether bord that I schal seile.

Whan Venus hath hir tale told, 2440 And I bethoght was al aboute, Tho wiste I wel withoute doute, That ther was no recoverir And as a man the blase of fyr With water quencheth, so ferd I A cold me cawhte sodeinly, For sorwe that myn herte made Mi dedly face pale and fade Becam, and swoune I fell to grounde.

Ensample that it hath be so In boke I finde write also.

The king, which al this sih and herde, Fro that dai forth, hou so it ferde, His jalousie hath al foryete.

Anon were alle men redy, And that was in the monthe of Maii, This lusti queene in good arrai Was set upon a Mule whyt To sen it was a gret delit The joie that the cite made With freisshe thinges and with glade The noble toun was al behonged, And every wiht was sore alonged 1840 To se this lusti ladi ryde.

And fell, as it befalle scholde, This riche man the same throwe With soudein deth was overthrowe, And forth withouten eny wente Into the helle straght 112-12 Exam Prep he wente 1030 The fend into the fyr him drouh, Wher that he hadde peine ynouh Of flamme which that evere brenneth.

3300 So ferforth he was overcome With charite, that he hath nome His conseil and hise officers, And bad unto hise tresorers That thei his tresour al aboute Departe among the povere route Of wommen and of children bothe, Wherof thei mihte hem fede and clothe And saufli tornen hom ayein Withoute lost of eny grein.

Bot Adrian, which Pope was, And syh the meschief of this cas, Goth in to France forto pleigne, And preith the grete Charlemeine, For Cristes sake and Soule hele That he wol take the querele 750 Of holy cherche in his defence.

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And this I trowe be the skile Towardes me, for sche ne wile 4750 That I have eny cause of hope, Noght also mochel as a drope.

And after that the bokes sein, She was noght there bot a throwe, Whan deth of kinde hath overthrowe Hir worthi fader, which men seide That he betwen hire armes deide.