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Lo, which a misbelieve is hier That sche goddesse is of the Sky I wot non other cause why.

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So that it nedeth no demande, To axe of me if I be scars To love, for as to tho pars I wole ansuere and seie no.

What man hath that complexion, Full of ymaginacion 410 Of dredes and of wrathful thoghtes, He fret himselven al to noghtes.

Of Rome tho was Check Point Security 156-215.65 Vce And Pdf Emperour Crassus, which was so coveitous, That he was evere desirous 2070 Of gold to gete the pilage Wherof that Puile and ek Cartage With Philosophres wise and grete Begunne of this matiere trete, And ate laste in this degre Ther weren Philosophres thre, To do this thing whiche undertoke, And therupon thei with hem toke A gret tresor of gold in cophres, To Rome and thus these philisophres 2080 Togedre in compainie wente, Bot noman wiste what thei mente.

In a Cronique it telleth thus The king of Rome Lucius Withinne his chambre upon a nyht The Steward of his hous, a knyht, Forth with his Chamberlein also, To conseil hadde bothe tuo, 3950 And stoden be the Chiminee Togedre spekende alle thre.

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Ther is an other fyr also, Which semeth to a mannes yhe Be nyhtes time as thogh ther flyhe A dragon brennende in the Sky, And that is cleped proprely 360 Daaly, wherof men sein fulofte, Lo, wher the fyri drake alofte Fleth up in thair and so thei demen.

And forto preche therupon Crist bad to hise Apostles alle, The whos pouer as nou is falle On ous that ben of holi cherche, If we the goode dedes werche 1800 For feith only sufficeth noght, Bot if good dede also be wroght.

Thei made hem stronge on every side, And whan it drowh toward the tide That the bataille scholde be, The Soldan in gret privete A goldring of his dowhter tok, And made hire swere upon a bok And ek upon the goddes alle, That if fortune so befalle 2610 In the bataille that he deie, That sche schal thilke man obeie And take him to hire housebonde, Which thilke same Ring to honde Hire scholde bringe after his deth.

Tho was ther manye teres lete, Bot were hem lieve or were hem lothe, The wommen and the children bothe 3230 Into the Paleis forth be broght With many a sory hertes thoght Of hem whiche of here bodi bore The children hadde, and so forlore Withinne a while scholden se.

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The conseil in this wise take, The Prestes fro this lady gon And sche, that wiste of guile non, 890 In the manere as it was seid 351-001 Vce And Pdf To slepe upon the bedd is leid, In hope that sche scholde achieve Thing which stod thanne upon bilieve, Fulfild of alle holinesse.

Thus ofte he is to bedde broght, Bot where he lith yit wot he noght, Til he arise upon the morwe And thanne he seith, O, which 156-215.65 Questions And Answers a sorwe It is a man be drinkeles So that halfdrunke in such a res With dreie mouth he sterte him uppe, And seith, Nou baillez a the cuppe.

Mi fader, so as I have herd Your tale, bot it were ansuerd, 2150 I were mochel forto blame.

This Consul hadde forto done, And was into the feldes ride And thei him hadden longe abide, 2860 That lordes of the conseil were, And for him sende, and he cam there With swerd begert, JN0-350 Dumps and hath foryete, Til he was in the conseil sete.

And forto lokyn ovyrmore, Wher of the poeple pleigneth sore, 3030 Toward the lawis of oure lond, Men sein that trouthe hath broke his bond And with brocage is goon aweie, So that no man can se the weie Wher forto fynde rightwisnesse.

Ther was whilom a lordes Sone, Which of his Pride a nyce wone Hath cawht, that worthi to his liche, To sechen al the worldes riche, Ther was no womman forto love.

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His herbe is Aristologie, Which folweth his Astronomie The Ston which that this sterre alloweth, Is Sardis, which unto him boweth.

Word hath beguiled many a man With word the wilde beste is daunted, With word the Serpent is enchaunted, Of word among the men of Armes Ben woundes heeled with the charmes, Wher lacketh other medicine Word hath under his discipline 1570 Of Sorcerie the karectes.

His yhe is walkende overal Wher that sche singe or that sche 156-215.65 Study Guide Book dance, He seth the leste contienance, If sche loke on a man aside Or with him roune at eny tyde, Or that sche lawghe, or that sche loure, His yhe is ther at every houre.

Bot evere it was a kinges riht To do the dedes of a knyht 3850 For in the handes of a king The deth and lif is al o thing After the lawes of justice.

Who that here wordes understode, 460 It thenkth thei wolden do the same Bot yet betwen ernest and game Ful ofte 156-215.65 Vce And Pdf it torneth other wise.

Sche seide, Helpeth at this nede, And as ye maden me to spede, Whan Jason cam the Flees to seche, So help me nou, I you beseche.

200 Machaire goth, Canace abit, The which was noght delivered yit, Bot riht sone after that sche was.

3290 Thus with your hihe reverence Me thenketh that this evidence As to this point is sufficant.

Bot thogh thei hadden litel space, Yit thei acorden in that place Hou Jason scholde come at nyht, Whan every torche and every liht Were oute, and thanne of other thinges Thei spieke aloud for supposinges Of hem that stoden there aboute For love is everemore in doute, 3850 If that it be wisly governed Of hem that ben of love lerned.

600 That oon wolde have his bagges stille, And noght departen with his wille, And dar noght for the thieves slepe, So fain he wolde his tresor kepe That other mai noght wel be glad, For he is evere more adrad Of these lovers that gon aboute, In aunter if thei putte him oute.

Of that ther is I thee acquite, Mi sone, he seide, and for thi goode I wolde that thou understode For I thenke upon this matiere To telle a tale, as thou schalt hiere, How that ayein this proude vice The hihe god of his justice Is wroth and gret vengance doth.

2430 What bargain scholde a man assaie, Whan that him lacketh forto paie Mi Sone, if thou be wel bethoght, This toucheth thee foryet it noght The thing is torned into was That which was whilom grene gras, Is welked hey at time now.

For thei ben slyhe in such a wise, That thei be sleihte and be queintise Of Falswitnesse bringen inne That doth hem ofte forto winne, Wher thei ben noght worthi therto.

2960 The Goddesse of the See Thetis, Sche hadde a Sone, and his name is Achilles, whom to kepe and warde, Whil he was yong, as into warde Sche thoghte him salfly to betake, As sche which dradde for his sake Of that was seid in prophecie, That he at Troie scholde die, Whan that the Cite was belein.

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So wiste I nought wher of to yelpe, Bot only that y hadde lore My time, and was sori ther fore.

He hath anon hise men arraied, And whan that he was embatailled, He goth and hath the feld assailed, And slowh and tok al that he fond Wherof the Macedoyne lond, 1840 Which thurgh king Alisandre honoured Long time stod, was tho devoured.

Thus am I, fader, gulteles, As ye have herd, and natheles 2950 In youre dom I put it al.

So that, my lord, touchende of this I have ansuerd hou that it is.

These elementz ben creatures, So ben these hevenly figures, Wherof mai wel be justefied That thei mai noght be deified And who that takth awey thonour Which due is to the creatour, And yifth it to the creature, He doth to gret a forsfaiture.

On Leonin it herde telle, 1410 Which Maister of the bordel was, And bad him gon a redy pas To fetten hire, and forth he wente, And Thaise out of his barge he hente, And to this bordeller hir solde.

Art thou, mi Sone, of such engin Tell on.

This god, which herde of his grevance, Tok rowthe upon his repentance, And bad him go forth redily Unto a flod was faste by, Which Paceole thanne hyhte, In which as 070-466 Preparation Materials clene as evere he myhte 300 He scholde him waisshen overal, And seide him thanne that he schal Recovere his ferste astat ayein.

Dame Ylia this ladi name Men clepe, and ek sche CheckPoint 156-215.65 Vce And Pdf was also The kinges dowhter that was tho, Which Mynitor be name hihte.

This Polipheme a Geant was And whan he sih the sothe cas, How Galathee him hath forsake And Acis to hire love take, His herte mai it noght forbere That he ne roreth lich a Bere 160 And as it were a wilde beste, The whom no reson mihte areste, He ran Ethna the hell aboute, Wher nevere yit the fyr was oute, Fulfild of sorghe and gret desese, That he syh Acis wel at ese.

Bot for al that it is noght spared Yit nou aday, that men ne pile, And maken argument and skile To Sacrilegge as it belongeth, For what man that ther after longeth, 7030 He takth non hiede what he doth.

Thus am I ofte al overcome, Ther as I wende best to stonde Bot after, whanne I understonde, And am in other place al one, I make 156-215.65 Practice many a wofull mone Unto miself, and speke so Ha fol, wher was thin herte tho, Whan thou thi worthi ladi syhe Were thou afered of hire yhe 600 For of hire hand ther is no drede So wel I knowe hir wommanhede, That in hire is nomore oultrage Than VCA410-DT Vce And Pdf in 156-215.65 Study Guide Book a child of thre yeer age.

O mihti lord, toward my vice Thi merci medle with justice And I woll make a covenant, That of my lif the remenant I schal it be thi grace amende, And in thi lawe so despende That veine gloire I schal eschuie, And bowe unto thin heste and suie 3020 Humilite, and that I vowe.

This yonge king him hath conformed To don as he was last enformed, Which was to him his undoinge For whan it cam to the spekinge, 4100 He hath the yonge conseil holde, That he the same wordes tolde Of al the poeple in audience And whan thei herden the sentence Of his malice and the manace, Anon tofore his oghne face Thei have him oultreli refused And with ful gret reproef accused.

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Venus behield me than and lowh, 2870 And axeth, as it were in game, What love was.

I not if that it now so stonde, Bot this a man mai understonde, Who that these olde bokes redeth, That coveitise is on which ledeth, And broghte ferst the werres inne.

Tho was gret wonder al aboute Mynos the tribut hath relessed, And so was al the werre cessed Betwen Athene and hem of Crete.

The fader, whanne he understod, That thei his dowhter thus besoghte, With al his wit he caste and thoghte Hou that he myhte finde a lette And such a Statut thanne he sette, 360 And in this wise his lawe he taxeth, That what man that his doghter axeth, Bot if he couthe his question Assoile upon suggestion Of certein thinges that befelle, The whiche he wolde unto him telle, He scholde in certein lese his hed.

Now mai men se moerdre and manslawhte Lich as it was be daies olde, Whan men the Sennes boghte and solde.

What helpeth it a man have mete, Wher drinke lacketh on the bord What helpeth eny mannes word 1720 To seie hou I travaile faste, Wher as me faileth ate laste That thing which I travaile fore O in good time were he bore, That mihte atteigne such a mede.

Ther was Tristram, which was believed 2500 With bele Ysolde, and Lancelot Stod with Gunnore, and Galahot With his ladi, and as me thoghte, I syh wher Jason with him broghte His love, which that Creusa hihte, And Hercules, which mochel myhte, Was ther berende his grete 156-215.65 Certificate Mace, And most of alle in thilke place He peyneth him to make chiere With Eolen, which was him diere.

Bot sche hadde o defalte of Slowthe Towardes love, and that was rowthe For so wel cowde noman seie, Which mihte sette hire in the weie Of loves occupacion Thurgh non CheckPoint 156-215.65 Vce And Pdf ymaginacion That scole wolde sche noght knowe.

Tho was ther 156-215.65 Practise Questions joie ynowh begunne, For Troie in gret devocioun Cam also with processioun 1140 Ayein this noble Sacrifise With gret honour, and in this wise Unto the gates thei it broghte.

And thus, whan he hath knowlechinge, Anon he feigneth departinge, 320 And seide he mot algate wende.

His Ston is seid Crisolitus, His herbe is cleped Satureie, So as these olde bokes seie.

And ferst the wise knyhtes olde, To whom that he his tale tolde, Conseilen him in this manere That he with love and with glad chiere 4070 Foryive and grante al that is axed Of that his fader hadde taxed For so he mai his regne achieve With thing which schal him litel grieve.

Medea wepte and sigheth ofte, And stod upon a 156-215.65 Questions And Answers Tour alofte Al prively withinne hirselve, Ther herde it nouther ten ne tuelve, Sche preide, and seide, O, god him spede, The kniht which hath mi maidenhiede 3740 And ay sche loketh toward thyle.

770 Thus was he for the time in joie, Til that he 9L0-409 Test Exam scholde go to Troie Bot tho sche made mochel sorwe, And he his trowthe leith to borwe To come, if that he live may, Ayein withinne a Monthe day, And therupon thei kisten bothe Bot were hem lieve or were hem lothe, To Schipe he goth and forth he wente To Troie, as was his ferste entente.

3280 Tiberius the pouer hadde, And Rome after his will he ladde, And for Leonce in such a wise Ordeigneth, that he tok juise Of nase and lippes bothe tuo, For that he dede an other so, Which more worthi was than he.

Among the Greks, out of the weie As thei that reson putte aweie, Ther was, as the Cronique seith, Of misbelieve an other feith, That thei here goddes and goddesses, As who seith, token al to gesses 840 Of suche as weren full of vice, To whom thei made here sacrifice.

And thus therfore The Philosophre upon this thing Writ and conseileth to a king, 4560 That he the surfet of luxure Schal tempre and reule of such mesure, Which be to kinde sufficant And ek to reson acordant, So that the lustes ignorance Be cause of 156-215.65 Vce And Pdf Aluminium Access Products Ltd no misgovernance, Thurgh which that he be overthrowe, As he that wol no reson knowe.

Of Parlement the dai was come, Ther ben the lordes alle and some 7320 Tho was pronounced and pourposed, And al the cause hem was desclosed, Hou Anthenor in Grece ferde.

For every man mai understonde, Hou for a time that it stonde, 4460 It is a sori lust to lyke, Whos ende makth a man 156-215.65 Questions And Answers Pdf to syke And torneth joies into sorwe.

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And Brutus with a manlich herte Hire housebonde hath mad up sterte Forth with hire fader ek also In alle haste, and seide hem tho That thei anon withoute lette A Beere for the body fette Lucrece and therupon bledende He leide, and so forth out criende 5100 He goth into the Market place Of Rome and in a litel space Thurgh cry the cite was assembled, And every mannes herte is trembled, Whan thei the sothe herde of the cas.

And upon this matiere also A question betwen the tuo Thus writen in a bok I fond Wher it be betre for the lond 4150 A king himselve to be wys, And so to bere his oghne pris, And that his consail be noght good, Or other wise if it so stod, A king if he be vicious And his conseil be vertuous.

650 Bot Mars, which of batailles is The god, an yhe hadde unto this As he which was chivalerous, It fell him to ben amerous, And thoghte it was a gret pite To se so lusti on as sche Be coupled with so lourde a wiht So 156-215.65 Exam Engines that his peine day and nyht He dede, if he hire winne myhte And sche, which hadde a good insihte Check Point Security 156-215.65 660 Toward so noble a knyhtli lord, In love fell of his acord.

And al was this on him along, Which was to love unkinde so, Wherof the wrong schal everemo 5470 Stonde in Cronique of remembrance.

And al this speke I bot of on, For whom I lete alle othre gon 2400 Bot hire I mai noght overpasse, That I ne mot alwey compasse, Me roghte noght be what queintise, So that I mihte in eny wise Fro suche that mi ladi serve Hire herte make forto swerve Withouten eny part of love.

1360 His Ston and herbe, as seith the Scole, Ben Achates and Primerole.

2650 In armes lith non avantance To him which thenkth his name avance And be renomed of his dede And also who that thenkth to spede Of love, he mai him noght avaunte For what man thilke vice haunte, His pourpos schal fulofte faile.

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And he seide, Amos of Lubie.

And over that hir oignement, Hir Ring and hir enchantement Ayein the Serpent scholde him were, Til he him sle with swerd or spere And thanne he may saufliche ynowh His Oxen yoke into the plowh And the teth sowe in such a wise, Til he the knyhtes se arise, 3620 And ech of other doun be leid In such manere as I have seid.

That other, whil that CheckPoint Certification 156-215.65 Vce And Pdf he was oute, He leide upon his bedd to slepe The thridde, which he wolde kepe Withinne his chambre, faire and softe He goth now doun 156-215.65 Dumps Pass4sure nou up fulofte, Walkende a pass, that he ne slepte, Til he which on the courser lepte Was come fro the field ayein.

For as a man that sodeinli A gost behelde, so fare I So that for feere I can noght gete Mi witt, bot I miself foryete, That I wot nevere what I am, Ne whider I schal, ne whenne I cam, Bot muse as he that were amased.

And be this skile a man mai knowe, The more that thei stonden lowe, The more ben the cercles lasse That causeth why that some passe Here due cours tofore an other.

And cawhte hire in hise armes folde, As he which liste forto pleie, And bad his Steward gon his weie, And so he dede ayein his wille.

2530 These olde Philosophres wyse Be weie of kinde in sondri wise Thre Stones maden thurgh clergie.

The wynd was good, the Schip was yare, Thei tok here leve, and forth thei fare 3300 Toward Colchos 156-215.65 Vce And Pdf bot on the weie What hem befell is long to seie Hou Lamedon the king of Troie, Which oghte wel have mad hem joie.

Mi Sone, art thou coupable of Slowthe In eny point which to him longeth My fader, of tho pointz me longeth 2760 To wite pleinly what thei meene, So that I mai me schrive cleene.

And he, that be hire body wolde Take avantage, let do crye, That what man wolde his lecherie Attempte upon hire maidenhede, Lei doun the gold and he schal spede.

And he, that couthe of guile ynouh, Whan he this herde, of joie 156-215.65 Exam Practice Pdf he louh, And seith, Ma dame, it schal be do.

Lo now, hou it stod 1030 With him that was so necgligent, That fro the hyhe firmament, For that he wolde go to lowe, He was anon doun overthrowe.

Medea wok and nothing slepte, Bot natheles sche was abedde, And he with alle haste him spedde And made him naked and al warm.

Bot this I telle thee therfore, Thou miht upon my beneicoun Wel haten the condicioun 940 Of tho janglers, as thou me toldest, Bot furthermor, of that thou woldest Hem hindre in eny other wise, Such Hate is evere to despise.

And thanne his moder to him tolde, That sche him hadde so begon Be cause that sche thoghte gon To Lichomede at thilke tyde, Wher that sche seide he scholde abyde Among hise dowhtres forto duelle.

For king hath pouer over man, And man is he which reson can, As he which is of his nature The moste noble creature 1830 Of alle tho that god hath wroght And be that skile it semeth noght, He seith, that eny erthly thing Mai be so myhty as a king.

Bot yet al only he ne streccheth His reule upon religioun, Bot next to that condicioun In suche as clepe hem holy cherche It scheweth ek how he can werche Among tho wyde furred hodes, To geten hem the worldes goodes.

If this be wast to youre wit Of love, and Prodegalite, Nou, goode fader, demeth ye Bot of o thing I wol me schryve, That I schal for no love thryve, Bot if hirself me wol relieve.

And ek in alle maner wise Avantarie is to despise, As be ensample thou myht wite, Which I finde in the bokes write.

Bot hou a king schal gete him love Toward the hihe god above, And ek among the men in erthe, This nexte point, which is the ferthe Of Aristotles lore, it techeth Wherof who that the Scole secheth, 3100 What Policie that it is The bok reherceth after this.

This grete Schip on Anker rod The Lord cam forth, and whan he sih That other ligge abord so nyh, He wondreth what it myhte be, And bad men to gon in and se.

5300 And thus thunchaste was chastised, Wherof thei myhte ben avised That scholden afterward governe, And be this evidence lerne, Hou it is good a king eschuie The lust of vice and vertu suie.

Forthi, mi Sone, it is no wonder 100 If thou be drunke of love among, Which is above alle othre strong And if so is that thou so be, Tell me thi Schrifte in privite It is no schame of such a thew A yong man to be dronkelew.

Mi Sone, be thou war withal To seche suche mecheries, Bot if thou have the betre aspies, In aunter if the so betyde As Faunus dede thilke tyde, 6940 Wherof thou miht be schamed so.

Lo, thus blindly the world sche diemeth In loves cause, as tome siemeth I not what othre men wol sein, Bot I algate am so besein, And stonde as on amonges alle Which am out of hir grace falle 2390 It nedeth take no witnesse, For sche which seid is the goddesse, To whether part of love it wende, Hath sett me for a final ende The point wherto that I schal holde.

710 At Soupertime natheles The king amiddes al the pres Let clepe him up among hem alle, And bad his Mareschall of halle To setten him in such degre That he upon him myhte se.

It thoghte hir fair, and seide, Here I wole abide under the schawe And bad hire wommen to withdrawe, And ther sche stod al one stille, To thenke what was in hir wille.

To thenke upon the daies olde, The lif of clerkes to beholde, Men sein how that thei weren tho Ensample and reule of alle tho Whiche of wisdom the vertu soughten.

2930 So upon this condicioun Thi swevene hath exposicioun.

But now men tellen natheles That love is fro the world departed, So stant the pes unevene parted 170 With hem that liven now adaies.

This hath sche swore, and forth he geth With al the pouer of his lond Unto the Marche, where he fond His enemy full embatailled.

So that be daie ne be nyhte Sche not what thing is for the beste, Bot liveth out of alle reste For what as evere him liste sein, Sche dar noght speke a word ayein, Bot wepth and holt hire lippes clos.