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Mi fader, nay, bot ye me lere.

He slepte and ros whan it was time, And whanne it fell towardes prime, 3880 He tok to him suche as he triste In secre, that non other wiste, And told hem of his conseil there, And seide that his wille were That thei to Schipe hadde alle thinge So priveliche in thevenynge, That noman mihte here dede aspie Bot tho that were of compaignie For he woll go withoute leve, And lengere woll he noght beleve 3890 Bot he ne wolde at thilke throwe The king or queene scholde it knowe.

And forthi, so as I began To speke upon Astronomie, As it is write in the clergie, To telle hou the planetes fare, Som part I thenke to declare, Mi Sone, unto thin Audience.

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Bot thogh my besinesse laste, Al is bot ydel ate laste, For whan theffect is ydelnesse, I not what thing is besinesse.

For al such time of love is lore, 190 And lich unto the bitterswete For thogh it thenke a man ferst swete, He schal wel fielen ate laste That it is sour and may noght laste.

Bot Julius with wordes wise His tale tolde al otherwise, As he which wolde her deth respite, And fondeth hou he mihte excite The jugges thurgh his eloquence Fro deth to torne the sentence 1620 And sette here hertes to pite.

990 Ther mai men hiere Schipmen crie, That stode in aunter forto die He that behinde sat to stiere Mai noght the forestempne hiere The Schip aros ayein the wawes, The lodesman hath lost his lawes, The See bet in on every 1T6-207 Exam Prep side Thei nysten what fortune abide, Bot sette hem al in goddes wille, Wher he hem wolde save or spille.

50 Bot, Sire, as of my ladi selve, Thogh sche have wowers ten or twelve, For no mistrust I have of hire Me grieveth noght, for certes, Sire, I trowe, in al this world to seche, Nis womman that in dede and speche Woll betre avise hire what sche doth, Ne betre, forto seie a soth, Kepe hire honour ate alle tide, And yit get hire a thank beside.

Forthi, my Sone, if that thou spare To speke, lost is al thi fare, 440 For Slowthe bringth in alle wo.

Lo, thus, mi Sone, as I thee tolde, The Greks whilom be daies olde Here goddes hadde in sondri wise, And thurgh the lore of here aprise The Romeins hielden ek the same.

Now tell, my Sone.

The ferste point of alle thre Was this What thing in his degre 3100 Of al this world hath nede lest, And yet men helpe it althermest The secounde is What most is worth, And of costage is lest put forth The thridde is Which is of most cost, And lest is worth and goth to lost The king thes thre demandes axeth, And to the knyht this lawe he taxeth, That he schal gon and come ayein The thridde weke, and telle him plein 3110 To every point, what it amonteth.

So hard me was that ilke throwe, That ofte sithes overthrowe To grounde I was withoute breth And evere I wisshide after deth, 120 Whanne I out of my peine awok, And caste up many a pitous lok Unto the hevene, and seide thus O thou Cupide, O thou Venus, Thou god of love and thou goddesse, Wher is pite wher is meknesse Now doth me pleinly live or dye, For certes such a maladie As I now have and longe have hadd, It myhte make a wisman madd, 130 If that it scholde longe endure.

Forthi, mi Sone, in thi persone This vice above all othre fle.

The king, whan it was nyht, anon This man asente and bad him gon To trompen at his brother gate And he, which mot so don algate, 2140 Goth forth and doth the kynges heste.

And over this good is to wite, In the Cronique as it is write, This noble king of whom I tolde Of Spaine be tho daies olde 3390 The kingdom hadde in governance, And as the bok makth remembrance, Alphonse was his propre name The knyht also, if I schal name, Danz Petro hihte, and as men telle, His dowhter wyse Peronelle Was cleped, which was full of grace And that was sene in thilke place, Wher sche hir fader out of teene Hath broght and mad hirself a qweene, 3400 Of that sche hath so wel desclosed The pointz wherof sche was opposed.

And sche, which hath hire sorwes grene, 5040 Hire wo to telle thanne assaieth, Bot tendre schame hire word delaieth, That sondri times as sche minte To speke, upon the point sche stinte.

Thus was he tempted ofte sore Bot for he wolde be nomore Among the wommen so coveited, The beaute of his face streited 6380 He hath, and threste out bothe hise yhen, That alle wommen whiche him syhen Thanne afterward, of him ne roghte And thus his maidehiede he boghte.

Mi Sone, who that wole it seche, In bokes he mai finde it write And natheles, if thou wolt wite, 4240 In the manere as thou hast preid I schal the telle hou it is seid.

And whan the messager was come To Rome, and hath in conseil nome The king, it fell per chance so That thei were in a gardin tho, 4670 This messager forth with the king.

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For certes thogh I scholde feigne, And telle that was nevere thoght, For al this world I myhte noght 510 To soffre an othre fully winne, Ther as I am yit to beginne.

Thei axen when the ship is come Fro Tyr, anon ansuerde some, 990 And over this thei seiden more The cause why thei comen fore Was forto seche and forto finde Appolinus, which was of kinde Her liege lord and he appiereth, And of the tale which he hiereth He was riht glad for thei him tolde, That for vengance, as god it wolde, Antiochus, as men mai wite, With thondre and lyhthnynge is forsmite 1000 His doghter hath the same chaunce, So be thei bothe in o balance.

Bot if mi wisshes myhte availe, I wolde it were a groundles pet, Be so the Siege were unknet, And I myn housebonde sihe.

Thus stant the comun poeple in doute, Which can do non amendement For whanne him faileth paiement, 5520 Ravine makth non other skile, Bot takth be strengthe what he wile.

Ha lord, what swevene schalt thou mete, What dremes hast thou nou on honde Thou slepest there, and I hier stonde.

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And natheles ful manye wise Befoled have hemself er this, As nou adaies yit it is Among the men and evere was, The stronge is fieblest in this cas.

3450 And in the while it was begunne, A liht, as thogh it were a Sunne, Fro hevene into the place com Wher that he tok his cristendom And evere among the holi tales Lich as thei weren fisshes skales Ther fellen from him now and eft, Til that ther was nothing beleft Of al his grete maladie.

Lo thus, my Sone, 1T6-207 Exam Practice Pdf to socoure 2230 The lawe and comun 1T6-207 Dumps riht to winne, A man mai sle withoute Sinne, And do therof a gret almesse, So forto kepe rihtwisnesse.

Bot god forbiede that it were In oure daies that he seith For if the Clerc beware his feith In chapmanhod at such a feire, The remenant mot nede empeire Of al that to the world belongeth For whan that holi cherche wrongeth, 3070 I not what other thing schal rihte.

And thei unto the goddes crie Begunne with so loude a stevene, That thei were herd unto the hevene And in a twinclinge of an yhe The goddes, that the meschief syhe, Here formes changen alle thre.

Cesar ansuerde and seide, O blinde, 2470 Thou art a fol, it is wel sene Upon thiself for if thou wene I be a god, thou dost amys To sitte wher thou sest god is And if I be a man, also Thou hast a gret folie do, Whan thou to such on as schal deie The worschipe of thi god aweie Hast yoven so unworthely.

Thus be thei fulle bothe tuo, So that erliche upon a day He bad withinne, ther he lay, Ther scholde be tofore his bed A bord upset and faire spred And thanne he let the cofres fette, Upon the bord and dede hem sette.

Thus hield the lawe his rihte weie, Which fond no let of covoitise The world stod than upon the wise, 2780 As be ensample thou myht rede And hold it in thi mynde, I rede.

I thoghte thanne how love is swete, 2720 Which hath so wise men reclamed, And was miself the lasse aschamed, Or forto lese or forto winne In the meschief that I was inne And thus I lay in hope of grace.

And thus, schort tale forto telle, So as this Maide him hadde tawht, These s with this Monstre fawht, 5360 Smot of his hed, the which he nam, And be the thred, so as he cam, He goth ayein, til he were oute.

And thogh the clerk and the clergesse 980 In latin tunge it rede and singe, Yit for the more knoulechinge Of trouthe, which is good to wite, I schal declare as it is write In Engleissh, for thus it began.

And thus this worthi capitein 5210 Appiereth redi at 650-177 Questions And Answers his day, Wher al that evere reson may Be lawe in audience he doth, So that his dowhter upon soth Of that Marchus hire hadde accused He hath tofore the court excused.

And he thanne as a wilde man Unto the hihe wode he ran, And as the Clerk Ovide telleth, The grete tres to grounde he felleth With strengthe al of his oghne myght, And made an huge fyr upriht, 2300 And lepte himself therinne at ones And brende him bothe fleissh and bones.

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And ek to take remembrance 1060 Of that Ypocrisie hath wroght On other half, men scholde noght To lihtly lieve al that thei hiere, Bot thanne scholde a wisman stiere The Schip, whan suche wyndes blowe For ferst thogh thei beginne lowe, At ende thei be noght menable, Bot al tobreken Mast and Cable, So that the Schip with sodein blast, Whan men lest wene, is overcast 1070 As now fulofte a man mai se And 1T6-207 Test Answers of old time how it hath be I finde a gret experience, Wherof to take an evidence Good is, and to be war also Of the peril, er him be wo.

Bot yit to loke in othre wise, Ther is a stat, as ye schul hiere, Above alle othre on erthe hiere, Which hath the lond in his balance To him belongith the leiance Of Clerk, of knyght, of man of lawe Undir his hond al is forth drawe 3060 The marchant and the laborer So stant it al in his power Or forto spille or forto save.

400 For as the Netle which up renneth The freisshe rede 1T6-207 Exam Test Roses brenneth And makth hem fade and pale of hewe, Riht so this fals Envious hewe, In every place wher he duelleth, With false wordes whiche he telleth He torneth preisinge into blame And worschipe into worldes 1T6-207 schame.

The kyng his yhe caste aboute, Til he was ate laste war And syh comende ayein his char 2040 Two pilegrins of so gret age, That lich unto a dreie ymage Thei WAN Network Analysis and Troubleshooting 1T6-207 Test Questions weren pale and fade hewed, And as a bussh which is besnewed, Here berdes weren hore and whyte Ther was of kinde bot a lite, That thei ne semen fulli dede.

And thus the Sone schal abie The lustes and the lecherie Of him which nou his fader 1T6-207 Certification Dumps is.

He was a worthi kniht withalle And whan he sih this chance falle, He ferde 1T6-207 Exam Demo as thogh he tok non hiede, Bot al that evere he mihte spiede, With him and with his felaschipe Forth into Crete he goth be Schipe 5320 Wher that the king Mynos he soghte, And profreth all that he him oghte Upon the point of here acord.

Nectanabus cam to the grene Amonges othre and drouh him nyh.

Bot er the time that men siewe, And that the labour forth it broghte, Ther was no corn, thogh men it soghte, In non of al the fieldes oute And er the wisdom cam aboute Of hem that ferst the bokes write, This mai wel every wys man wite, 2380 Ther was gret labour ek also.

For who that resoun understonde, Upon richesse it mai noght stonde, For that is thing which faileth ofte For he that stant to day alofte And al the world hath in hise wones, Tomorwe he falleth al at ones Out of richesse into poverte, So that Network General 1T6-207 Test Questions therof is no decerte, 2220 Which gentilesce makth abide.

With that this worthi wif awok, Which thurgh tendresce of wommanhiede Hire vois hath lost 1T6-207 Training for pure drede, That o word speke sche ne dar And ek he bad hir to be war, For if sche made noise or cry, He seide, his swerd lay faste by 4980 To slen hire and hire folk aboute.

Lo now, my Sone, what it is A man to caste his yhe amis, 380 Which Acteon hath dere aboght Be war forthi and do it noght.

Venus behield me than and lowh, 2870 And axeth, as it were in game, What love was.

Mi Sone, if thou of such a molde Art mad, now tell me plein thi schrifte.

Forthi, mi Sone, I wol thee rede, That thou drawe in be frendlihede That thou ne miht noght do be hate So miht thou gete love algate And sette thee, my Sone, in reste, For thou schalt finde it for the beste.

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And yit he kepte forth withal Pite, so as a Prince schal, That he no tirannie wroghte He fond the wisdom which he soghte, And was so rihtful natheles, That al his lif he stod in pes, That he no dedly werres hadde, For every man his wisdom dradde.

1840 The kinges dowhter of Cizile I am, and fell bot siththe awhile, As I was with my fader late, That my Stepmoder for an hate, Which toward me sche hath begonne, Forschop me, til I hadde wonne The love and sovereinete Of what knyht that in his degre Alle othre passeth of good name And, as men sein, ye ben the same, 1850 The dede proeveth it is so Thus am I youres evermo.

5550 Ther was a real noble king, And riche of alle worldes thing, Which of his propre enheritance Athenes hadde in governance, And who so thenke therupon, His name was king Pandion.

And thus benethe and ek above Al was of armes and of love, Wherof abouten ate bordes Men hadde manye sondri wordes, 2530 That of the merthe which thei made The king himself began to glade Withinne his herte and tok a pride, And sih the Cuppe stonde aside, Which mad was of Gurmoundes hed, As ye have herd, whan he was ded, And was with gold and riche Stones Beset and bounde for the nones, And stod upon a fot on heihte Of burned gold, and with gret sleihte 2540 Of werkmanschipe it was begrave Of such werk as it scholde have, And was policed ek so clene That no signe of the Skulle is sene, Bot as it were a Gripes Ey.

And in this wise it is befalle, Of labour which that thei begunne We be now tawht of that we kunne 2390 Here besinesse is yit so seene, That it stant evere alyche greene Al be it so the bodi deie, The name of hem schal nevere aweie.

A Philosophre, as thou schalt hiere, Spak to a king of this matiere, And seide him wel hou that flatours Coupable were of thre errours.

And thus togedre in felaschipe Forth gon this Diomede and he In hope til thei mihten se The 1T6-207 Test Questions place where Achilles is.

This tale nedeth noght be glosed, For it is openliche schewed That god to hem that ben wel thewed Hath yove and granted the victoire So that thensample of this histoire 3790 Is good for every king to holde Ferst in himself that he beholde If he be good of his livinge, And that the folk which he schal bringe Be good also, for thanne he may Be glad of many a merie day, In what as evere he hath to done.

Fare wel, for I mai noght be let Ma Dame, I go to mi servise, So moste I haste in alle wise 1380 Forthi, ma Dame, yif me leve, I mai noght longe with you leve.

For I so loude it schal reherce, That my vois schal the hevene perce, That it schal soune in goddes Ere.

Bot what schal fallen ate laste, The sothe can no wisdom caste, 40 Bot as it falleth upon chance For if ther evere was balance Which of fortune stant governed, I may wel lieve as I am lerned That love hath that balance on honde, Which wol no reson understonde.

com txt81.

The treson and the time is schape, So fell it that this cherles knape Hath lad this maiden ther he wolde Upon the Stronde, and what sche scholde Sche was adrad and he out breide A rusti swerd and to hir seide, Thou schalt be ded.

And over this I sih also The noble peple of Irahel Dispers as Schep upon an hell, Withoute a kepere unarraied And as thei wente aboute astraied, 2660 I herde a vois unto hem sein, Goth hom into your hous ayein, Til I for you have betre ordeigned.

Unto this king this god appiereth And clepeth, and that other hiereth This god to Mide thonketh faire Of that he was so debonaire Toward his Prest, and bad him seie What thing it were he wolde preie, He scholde it have, of worldes good.

The king bethoghte himselve tho How he his brother mai chastie, That he thurgh his Surquiderie Tok upon honde to despreise Humilite, which is to preise, 2120 And therupon yaf such conseil Toward his king that was noght heil Wherof to be the betre lered, He thenkth to maken him afered.

And lest it costeth to maintiene, In al the world as it is sene For who that hath humblesce on honde, He bringth no werres into londe, For he desireth for the beste To setten every man in reste.

60 And forto proven it is so, I am miselven on of tho, Which to this Scole am underfonge.

Thus myht thou se the sothe plein, That of tomoche and of tolyte Upon the Princes stant the wyte.

And to sustienen hem and fede In time of recreacion, Nature hath in creacion The Stomach for a comun Coc Ordeined, so as seith the boc.

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Bot that is al my moste fere 2040 I not what ye fortune acompte, Bot what thing danger mai 1T6-207 Dumps Pdf amonte I M2050-238 Test Dump wot wel, for I have assaied For whan myn herte is best arraied And I have al my wit thurghsoght Of love to beseche hire oght, For al that evere I skile may, I am concluded with a nay That o sillable hath overthrowe A thousend wordes on a rowe 2050 Of suche as I best speke can Thus am I bot a lewed man.

Lo now, my Sone, as thou myht hiere, Of al this thing to my matiere Bot on I take, and that is Pride, To whom no grace mai betide In hevene he fell out of his stede, And Paradis him was forbede, The goode men in Erthe him hate, So that to helle he mot algate, 3410 Where every vertu schal be weyved And every vice be received.

The Mirour scheweth in his kinde As he hadde al the world withinne, And is in soth nothing therinne And so farth Hate for a throwe Til he a man hath overthrowe, 1080 Schal noman knowe be his chere Which is avant, ne which arere.

Agamenon hath be this qweene A Sone, and that was after sene Bot yit as thanne he was of yowthe, A babe, which no reson cowthe, And as godd wolde, it fell him thus.

The king, which sih his pourpos faile, And that no sleihte mihte availe, Encombred of his lustes blinde The lawe torneth out of kinde, 5220 And half in wraththe as thogh it were, In presence of hem alle there Deceived of concupiscence Yaf for his brother the sentence, And bad him that he scholde sese This Maide and make him wel at ese Bot al withinne his oghne entente He wiste hou that the cause wente, Of that his brother hath Network Genueral Certification 1T6-207 Test Questions the wyte He was himselven forto wyte.

60 Of Theorique principal The Philosophre in special The propretees hath determined, As thilke which is enlumined Of wisdom and of hih prudence Above alle othre in his science And stant departed upon thre, The ferste of which in his degre Is cleped in Philosophie The science of Theologie, 70 That other named is Phisique, The thridde is seid Mathematique.

580 Bot yit ther ben of londes fele In 1T6-207 Certification Braindumps occident as for the chele, In orient as for the hete, Which of the poeple be forlete As lond desert that is unable, For it mai noght ben habitable.

3600 This Maiden, whan that sche it herde, And sih this thing hou it misferde, Anon sche wiste what it mente, And al the cause hou it wente To al the world sche tolde it oute, And preith to hem that were aboute To take of hire the vengance, For sche was cause of thilke chaunce, Why that this kinges Sone is split.

Of rihtwisnesse it was conceived, So moste it nedes be received Of him that alle riht is inne, The hihe 1T6-207 Cert Guide god, which wolde winne A poeple unto his oghne feith.

This knyht, which worthi was and wys, This lady preith that he may wite, And have it under Seales write, What questioun it scholde be For which he schal in that degree Stonde of his lif in jeupartie.

The moder wepte, The fader as a wod man lepte, And gan the time forto warie, And swor his oth he wol noght tarie, That with Caliphe and with galeie The same cours, the same weie, Which Jason tok, he wolde take, If that he mihte him overtake.

Forthi, my Sone, tak good hiede So forto lede thi manhiede, That thou ne be noght lich a beste.

And thus this blinde Boteler Yifth of the trouble in stede of cler 360 And ek the cler in stede of trouble Lo, hou he can the hertes trouble, And makth men drunke al upon chaunce Withoute lawe of governance.

Of Selver that was overforth Schal ben a world of lasse worth And after that the wombe of Bras Tokne of a werse world it was.

Crist with his oghne deth hath boght Alle othre men, and made hem fre, In tokne of parfit charite And after that he tawhte himselve, Whan he was ded, these 1Z1-026 Vce Download othre tuelve Of hise Apostles wente aboute The holi feith to prechen oute, 2500 Wherof the deth in sondri place Thei soffre, and so god of his grace The feith of Crist hath mad aryse Bot if thei wolde in other wise Be werre have broght in the creance, It hadde yit stonde in balance.

Mi Sone, and riht in such manere Ther be lovers of hevy chiere, That sorwen mor than it is ned, Whan thei be taried of here sped 3450 And conne noght hemselven rede, Bot lesen hope forto spede And stinten love to poursewe And thus thei faden hyde and hewe, And lustles in here hertes waxe.

For god wot, thogh I nevere scholde Sen hir with yhe after this day, Yit stant it so that I ne may Hir love out of my brest remue.

Bot natheles hire herte aflihte Of that sche sih hire deth comende And thanne unto the ground knelende Tofore hir fader sche is falle, And seith, so as it is befalle 1560 Upon this point that sche schal 1T6-207 Exam Guide Pdf deie, Of o thing ferst sche wolde him preie, That fourty daies of respit He wolde hir grante upon this plit, That sche the whyle mai bewepe Hir maidenhod, which sche to kepe So longe hath had and noght beset Wherof her lusti youthe is let, That sche no children hath forthdrawe In Mariage after the lawe, 1570 So that the poeple is noght encressed.

So sit it wel to taken hiede And forto loke on every side, Er that thou falle in homicide, Which Senne is now so general, That it welnyh stant overal, In holi cherche and elles where.

Wherof to kepe hireself in pes, With suche as Amadriades Were cleped, wodemaydes, tho, And with the Nimphes ek also Upon the spring of freisshe welles Sche schop to duelle and nagher elles.

And forto finde ensample of this, A tale I rede, and soth it is.

That was to him an angri jape Bot for that he with Angre wroghte, Hise Angres angreliche he boghte.

And he, that be hire body wolde Take avantage, let do crye, That what man wolde his lecherie Attempte upon hire maidenhede, Lei doun the gold and he schal spede.

Pluto these othes overal Swor of his commun custummance, Til it befell upon a chance, That he for Jupiteres sake Unto the goddes let do make 1120 A sacrifice, and for that dede On of the pettes for his mede In helle, of which I spak of er, Was granted him and thus he ther Upon the fortune of this thing The name tok of helle king.

It sit wel every king to have Discrecion, whan men him crave, So that he mai his yifte wite Wherof I finde a tale write, Hou Cinichus a povere kniht A Somme which was over myht 2120 Preide of his king Antigonus.

Bot certes 1T6-207 Study Guide he hath gret matiere 3270 To ben of good condicioun, Which hath in his subjeccioun The men that ben of his semblance.

With Network Genueral Certification 1T6-207 that he pulleth up his hed And made riht a glad visage, And seide how that was a presage 1790 Touchende unto that other Perse, Of that fortune him scholde adverse, He seith, for such a prenostik Most of an hound was to him lik For as it is an houndes kinde To berke upon a man behinde, Riht so behinde his brother bak With false wordes whiche he spak He hath do slain, and that is rowthe.

Mercurie, which was in his dawes A gret spekere of false lawes, On him the kepinge of the tunge Thei leide, whan thei spieke or sunge.

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1420 And sche, which thoghte hire lustes fonde, Diverse loves tok in honde, Wel mo thanne I the tolde hiere And for sche wolde hirselve skiere, Sche made comun that desport, And sette a lawe of such a port, That every womman mihte take What man hire liste, and noght forsake To ben als comun as sche wolde.