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That other saide nothing so, Bot, He is riche and wel bego, 2400 To whom that god wole sende wele.

The king hath understonde his sawe, The childes name and axeth tho, And what the Moder hihte also That he him wolde telle he preide.

Mi fader, upon loves side Mi conscience I woll noght hyde, How that for love of pure wo I have ben ofte moeved so, That with my wisshes if I myhte, A thousand times, I yow plyhte, I hadde storven in a day And therof I me schryve may, 1510 Though love fully me ne slowh, Mi will to deie was ynowh, So am I of my will coupable And yit is sche noght merciable, Which mai me yive lif and hele.

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2990 Under an hell ther is ACMA_6.1 Vce a Cave, Which of the Sonne mai noght have, So that noman mai knowe ariht The point betwen the dai and nyht Ther is no fyr, ther is no sparke, Ther is no dore, which mai charke, Wherof an yhe scholde unschette, So that inward ther is no lette.

Amorwe, whan the Court is set, The yonge ladi was forth Oracle 1Z0-061 fet, To whom the lordes don homage, And after that of Mariage Thei trete and axen of hir wille.

That ferst was wel is thanne mis, That was thankworth is thanne blame, And thus the worschipe of his name Thurgh pride of his avantarie He torneth into vilenie.

Forthi, my Sone, if that thou spare To speke, lost is al thi fare, 440 For Slowthe bringth in alle wo.

Bot yit wol I noght seie this, Whan I am ther mi ladi is, In whom lith holly mi querele, And sche to cherche or to chapele 7110 Wol go to matins or to messe, That time I waite wel and gesse, To cherche I come and there I stonde, And thogh I take a bok on honde, Mi contienance is on the 1Z0-061 Practise Questions Aluminium Access Products Ltd bok, Bot toward hire is al my lok And if so falle that I preie Unto mi god, and somwhat seie Of Paternoster or of Crede, Al is for that I wolde spede, 7120 So that mi bede in holi cherche Ther mihte som miracle werche Mi ladi herte forto chaunge, Which evere hath be to me so strange.

3040 And yit, als ferforth as I dar, I rede alle othre men be war, And that thei loke wel algate That non his oghne astat translate Of holi cherche in no degree Be fraude ne soubtilite For thilke honour which Aaron tok Schal non receive, as seith the bok, Bot he be cleped as he was.

For lieveth wel, I love hire so, That evene with min oghne lif, If I that swete lusti wif Mihte ones welden at my wille, For evere I wolde hire holde stille And in this wise, taketh kepe, If I hire hadde, I wolde hire kepe, 80 And yit no friday wolde I faste, Thogh I hire kepte and hielde faste.

And thus thenkende I stonde stille Withoute blenchinge of myn yhe, Riht as me thoghte that I syhe Of Paradis the moste joie And so therwhile I me rejoie, Into myn herte a gret desir, The which is hotere than the fyr, 210 Al soudeinliche upon me renneth, That al mi thoght withinne brenneth, And am so ferforth overcome, That I not where I am become So that among the hetes stronge In stede of drinke I underfonge A thoght so swete in mi corage, That nevere Pyment ne vernage Was half so swete forto drinke.

Ful many a wonder doth this vice, He can make of a wisman nyce, And of a fool, that him schal seme That he can al the lawe deme, 20 And yiven every juggement Which longeth to the firmament Bothe of the sterre and of the mone And thus he makth a gret clerk sone Of him that is a lewed man.

And sche, that hiereth how it is, 3190 Hire conseil yaf and seide tho Mi fader, sithen it is so, That ye can se non other weie, Bot that ye moste nedes deie, I wolde preie of you a thing Let me go with you to the king, And ye schull make him understonde How ye, my wittes forto fonde, Have leid your ansuere upon me And telleth him, in such degre 3200 Upon my word ye wole abide To lif or deth, what so betide.

I hadde levere be mi trowthe, Er I were set on such a slouthe And beere such a slepi snoute, Bothe yhen of myn hed were oute.

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And this men sen, thurgh lacke of love Where as the lond divided is, It mot algate fare amis And now to loke on every side, A man may se the world divide, The werres ben so general Among the cristene overal, That every man now secheth wreche, And yet these clerkes alday preche 900 And sein, good dede may non be Which stant noght upon charite I not hou charite may stonde, Wher dedly werre is take on honde.

For his corage is tempred so, That thogh he mihte himself relieve, Yit wolde he noght an other grieve, 3180 Bot rather forto do plesance He berth himselven the grevance, So fain he wolde an other ese.

This tirant, thogh he lyhe softe, Out of his bed aros fulofte, 4960 And goth aboute, and leide his Ere To herkne, til that alle were To bedde gon and slepten faste.

The fyr of his condicion Appropreth the complexion 430 Which in a man is Colre hote, Whos propretes ben dreie and hote It makth a man ben enginous And swift of fote and ek irous Of contek and folhastifnesse He hath a riht gret besinesse, To thenke of love and litel may Though he behote wel a day, On nyht whan that he wole assaie, He may ful evele his dette paie.

Mi Sone, herkne now forthi A tale, to be war therby 330 Thin yhe forto kepe and warde, So that it passe noght his warde.

That can noman pleinli devise Bot as the clerkes ous enforme, That lich to god it hath a forme, Thurgh which figure and which liknesse The Soule hath many an hyh noblesse Appropred to his oghne kinde.

For ofte time I have herd sein Amonges hem that werres hadden, That thei som while here cause ladden Be merci, whan thei mihte have slain, Wherof that thei were after fain And, Sone, if that thou wolt recorde The vertu of Misericorde, Thou sihe nevere thilke place, Where it was used, lacke grace.

Bot for men sein that mede is strong, It was wel seene at thilke tyde For as it scholde of ryht betyde, This Viola largesce hath take And the nygard sche hath forsake 4850 Of Babio sche wol no more, For he was grucchende everemore, Ther was with him non other fare Bot forto prinche and forto spare, Of worldes muk to gete encress.

And in this wise thou schalt seie, That he do thilke astat aweie 2880 Of Pope, in which he stant honoured, So schal his Soule be socoured Of thilke worschipe ate laste In hevene which schal evere laste.

Tho thoghte him colde grases goode, That whilom eet the hote spices, Thus was he torned fro delices The wyn which he was wont to drinke He tok thanne of the welles brinke 2980 Or of the pet or of the slowh, It thoghte him thanne good ynowh In stede of chambres wel arraied He was thanne of a buissh wel paied, The harde 1Z0-061 Practise Questions Aluminium Access Products Ltd ground he lay upon, For othre pilwes hath he non The stormes and the Reines falle, The wyndes blowe upon him alle, He was tormented day and nyht, Such was 1Z0-061 Practise Questions the hihe goddes myht, 2990 Til sevene yer an ende toke.

Of Wraththe the secounde is Cheste, Which hath the wyndes of tempeste To kepe, and many a sodein blast He bloweth, wherof ben agast 420 Thei that desiren pes and reste.

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Nou tak good hiede hou love afaiteth Him which withal is overcome.

The conseil in this wise take, The Prestes fro this lady gon And sche, that wiste of guile non, 890 In the manere as it was seid To slepe upon the bedd is leid, In hope that sche scholde achieve Thing which stod thanne upon bilieve, Fulfild of alle holinesse.

For bot a mannes wit be swerved, Whan kinde is dueliche served, 4570 It oghte of reson to suffise For if it falle him otherwise, He mai tho lustes sore drede.

Among the whiche fell this cas To Demephon and Athemas, That weren kinges bothe tuo, And bothe weren served so Here lieges wolde hem noght receive, So that thei mote algates weyve To seche lond in other place, For there founde thei no grace.

Cesar upon his real throne Wher that he sat in his persone 2450 And was hyest in al his pris, A man, which wolde make him wys, Fell doun knelende in his presence, And dede him such a 1Z0-061 Exam Cram reverence, As thogh the hihe god it were Men hadden gret mervaille there Of the worschipe which he dede.

Bot whan sche sih withinne a while The Flees glistrende ayein the Sonne, Sche saide, Ha, lord, now al is wonne, Mi kniht the field hath overcome Nou wolde god he were come Ha lord, that he ne were alonde Bot I dar take this on honde, If that sche hadde wynges tuo, Sche wolde have flowe unto him tho 3750 Strawht ther he was into the Bot.

Forthi touchende of this Envie Which longeth unto bacbitinge, Be war thou make no lesinge In hindringe of an other wiht And if thou wolt be tawht ariht What meschief bakbitinge doth Be other weie, a tale soth 1610 Now miht thou hiere next suiende, Which to this vice is acordende.

7760 Bot nou to speke in other kinde Of love, a man mai suche finde, That wher thei come in every route Thei caste and waste her love aboute, Til al here time is overgon, And 1Z0-061 Exam Engines thanne have thei love non For who that loveth overal, It is no reson that he schal Of love have eny proprete.

Ovide telleth in his sawes, How Jupiter 1Z0-061 Exam Test be olde dawes Lay be a Mayde, which Yo Was cleped, wherof that Juno 3320 His wif was wroth, and the goddesse Of Yo torneth the liknesse Into a cow, to gon theroute The large fieldes al aboute And gete hire mete upon the griene.

Whan he 1Z0-061 Dump to Schipe ayein was come, To him he hath his conseil nome, And al devised the matiere In such a wise as thou schalt hiere.

Now tell me thanne, I you beseche, Wherof that riche bridel serveth.

And so fell upon aventure, Whan thilke yer hath mad his ende, Hire Schip, so as it moste wende Thurgh strengthe of wynd which god hath yive, Estward was into Spaigne drive Riht faste under a Castell wall, Wher that an hethen Amirall 1090 Was lord, and he a Stieward hadde, Oon Thelo s, which al was badde, A fals knyht and a renegat.

1520 The gold of nyne kinges londes Ne scholde him save fro myn hondes, In my pouer if that he were Bot yit him stant of me no fere For noght that evere I can manace.

1940 Mi goode Sone, tell me how.

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Bot for he wolde awhile abide 2810 To loke if he him wolde amende, To him a foretokne he sende, And that was in his slep be nyhte.

Mi fader eke I not wher that I scholde him seke He was a king, men tolde me Mi Moder dreint was in the See.

The fader herde his dowhter speche, And thoghte ther was resoun inne, And sih his oghne lif to winne 3210 He cowthe don himself no cure So betre him thoghte in aventure To put his lif and al his good, Than in the maner as it stod His lif in certein forto lese.

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Of this king Apis seith the bok That Serapis his name tok, In whom thurgh long continuance Of misbelieve a gret creance Thei hadden, and the reverence Of Sacrifice and of encence To him thei made and as thei telle, Among the wondres that befelle, 1570 Whan Alisandre fro Candace Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals 1Z0-061 Cam ridende, in a wilde place Undur an hull a Cave he fond And Candalus, which in that lond Was bore, and was Candaces Sone, Him tolde hou that of commun wone The goddes were in thilke cave.

That other point which to Practique Belongeth is Iconomique, 1670 Which techeth thilke honestete Thurgh which a king in his degre His wif and child schal reule and guie, So forth with al the companie Which in his houshold schal abyde, And his astat on every syde In such manere forto lede, That he his houshold ne mislede.

The king hem axeth what to rede Of such matiere as cam to mouthe, And thei him tolden as thei couthe.

Riht so wenyng hath ferd be me For whanne I wende next have be, As I be my wenynge caste, Thanne was I furthest ate laste, And as a foll my bowe unbende, Whan al was failed that I wende.

Ther ben also somme, as men seie, That folwen Simon ate hieles, Whos carte goth upon the whieles Of coveitise and worldes Pride, 1Z0-061 Exam Materials And holy cherche goth beside, Which scheweth outward a visage Of that is noght in the corage.

If thou, mi Sone, canst descryve 1110 This tale, as Crist himself it tolde, Thou schalt have cause to beholde, To se so gret an evidence, Wherof the sothe experience Hath schewed openliche at ije, That bodili delicacie Of him which yeveth non almesse Schal after falle in gret destresse.

And if so is that I mai hente Somtime among a good leisir, So as I dar of mi desir 2800 I telle a part bot whanne I preie, Anon sche bidt me go mi weie And seith it is ferr in the nyht And I swere it is even liht.

Mi Sone, in sondri wise ye.

Bot whan that he this ladi sih And of hir beaute hiede tok, He couthe noght withdrawe his lok To se noght elles in the field, Bot stod and only hire behield.

For that a man scholde al unthryve Ther oghte no wisman coveite, The lawe was noght set so 1Z0-061 Testing streite 2510 Forthi miself withal 1Z0-061 Exam Test Questions to save, Such on ther is I wolde have, And non of al these othre mo.

And for men schal the sothe wite, Thei have here epitaphe write, 3670 As thing which scholde abide stable The lettres graven in a table Of marbre were and seiden this Hier lith, which slowh himself, Iphis, For love of Araxarathen And in ensample of tho wommen, That soffren men to deie so, Hire forme a man mai sen also, Hou it is torned fleissh and bon Into the figure of a Ston 3680 1Z0-061 Practise Questions He was to neysshe and sche to hard.

And ek he tok a remembrance How he that made lawe of kinde Wolde every man to lawe binde, And bad a man, such as he wolde Toward himself, riht such he scholde Toward an other don also.

Of Adamant is that perrie In which he worcheth his maistrie Thilke herbe also which him befalleth, Cicorea the bok it calleth.

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For thei ben the slyeste of 1Z0-061 Test Questions alle, So as men sein in toune aboute, To feigne and schewe thing withoute Which is revers to that withinne Wherof that thei fulofte winne, Whan thei be reson scholden lese Thei ben the laste and yit thei chese, And we the ferste, and yit behinde We gon, there as we scholden finde 2110 The profit of oure oghne lond Thus gon thei fre withoute bond To don her profit al at large, And othre men bere al the charge.

And if men sechin sikernesse Uppon the lucre of marchandie, Compassement and tricherie Of singuler profit to wynne, Men seyn, is cause of mochil synne, 3040 And namely of divisioun, Which many a noble worthi toun Fro welthe and fro prosperite Hath brought to gret adversite.

And forto finde ensample of this, A tale I rede, and soth it is.

Bot Phebus, for the reverence Of that sche hadde be his love, Hath wroght thurgh his pouer above, That sche sprong up out of the molde Into a flour was named golde, 6780 Which stant governed of the Sonne.

40 Thus have I lete time slyde For Slowthe, and kepte noght my tide, So that lachesce with his vice Fulofte hath mad my wit so nyce, That what I thoghte speke or do With tariinge he hield me so, Til whanne I wolde and mihte noght.

This Leoun in his wilde rage A beste, which that he fond oute, Hath slain, and with his blodi snoute, 1400 Whan he hath eten what he wolde, To drynke of thilke stremes colde Cam to the welle, where he fond The wympel, which out of hire hond Was falle, and he it hath todrawe, Bebled aboute and al forgnawe And thanne he strawhte him forto drinke Upon the freisshe welles brinke, And after that out of the plein He torneth to the wode ayein.

Mi Sone, an ypocrite is this, A man which feigneth conscience, As thogh it were al innocence, Withoute, and is noght so withinne And doth so for he wolde winne Of his desir the vein astat.

Noght as a man bot as a beste, 1240 Which goth upon his lustes wilde, So goth this proude vice unmylde, That he desdeigneth alle lawe He not what is to be felawe, And serve may he noght for pride So is he badde on every side, And is that selve of whom men speke, Which wol noght bowe er that he breke.

So thei begunne forto rave, That he was fain himself to save 4110 For as the wilde wode rage Of wyndes makth the See salvage, And that was calm bringth into wawe, So for defalte of grace and lawe This poeple is stered al at ones And forth thei gon out of hise wones So that of the lignages tuelve Tuo tribes only be hemselve With him abiden and nomo So were thei for everemo 4120 Of no retorn withoute espeir Departed fro the rihtfull heir.

And whan the worschipe of this thing Was falle, and he was king of Perse, If that thei weren ferst diverse, The tirannies whiche he wroghte, A thousendfold welmore he soghte Thanne afterward to do malice.

Nou herkne, and I thee telle schal An aventure that he soghte, Which afterward ful dere he boghte.

Pite is thilke vertu blessed 3260 Which nevere let his Maister falle Bot crualte, thogh it so falle That it mai regne for a throwe, God wole it schal ben overthrowe Wherof ensamples ben ynowhe Of hem that thilke merel drowhe.

The Soldan hath the feld assailed 2620 Thei that ben hardy sone assemblen, Wherof the dredfull hertes tremblen That on sleth, and that other sterveth, Bot above all his pris deserveth This knihtly Romein where he rod, His dedly swerd noman abod, Ayein the which was no defence Egipte fledde in his presence, And thei of Perse upon the Oracle 1Z0-061 Practise Questions chace Poursuien bot I not what grace 2630 Befell, an Arwe out of a bowe Al sodeinly that ilke throwe The Soldan smot, and ther he lay The chace is left for thilke day, And he was bore into a tente.

So thogh I wolde stalke and crepe, And wayte on eve and ek on morwe, Of Danger schal I nothing borwe, 6640 And stele I wot wel may I noght And thus I am riht wel bethoght, Whil Danger stant in his office, Of Stelthe, which ye clepe a vice, I schal be gultif neveremo.

Practique enformeth ek the reule, Hou that a worthi king schal reule His Realme bothe in werre and pes.

In Ston and gras vertu ther is, Bot yit the bokes tellen this, That word above alle erthli thinges Is vertuous in his doinges, Wher so it be to evele or goode.

Til it befell upon a dai, 1310 Whan he hise werres hadde achieved, And thoghte he wolde be relieved Of Soule hele upon the feith Which he hath take, thanne he seith That he to Rome in pelrinage Wol go, wher Pope was Pelage, To take his absolucioun.

Merveiles tuelve in his degre, As it was couth in sondri londes, He dede with hise oghne hondes 1090 Ayein geantz and Monstres bothe, The whiche horrible were and lothe, Bot he with strengthe hem overcam Wherof so gret a pris he nam, That thei him clepe amonges alle The god of strengthe, 1Z0-061 Guide and to him calle.

These elementz ben creatures, So ben these hevenly figures, Wherof mai wel be justefied That thei mai noght be deified And who that takth awey thonour Which due is to the creatour, And yifth it to the creature, He doth to gret a forsfaiture.

Thus who that evere scholde it winne, The fyr to stoppe he mot beginne, Which that the fierce bestes caste, And daunte he mot hem ate laste, So that he mai hem yoke and dryve And therupon he mot as blyve 3520 The Serpent with such strengthe assaile, That he mai slen him be bataile Of which he mot the teth outdrawe, As it belongeth to that lawe, And thanne he mot tho Oxen yoke, Til thei have with a plowh tobroke A furgh of lond, in which arowe The teth of thaddre he moste sowe, And therof schule arise knihtes Wel armed up at alle rihtes.

Bot that ne myhte I natheles 1280 For al this world obeie ywiss For whanne I am ther as sche is, Though sche my tales noght alowe, Ayein hir will yit mot I bowe, To seche if that I myhte have grace Bot that thing may I noght enbrace For ought that I can speke or do And yit fulofte I speke so, That sche is wroth and seith, Be stille.

I wot noght if thilke evidence Nou at this time in here estatz Excuse mihte the Prelatz, 1850 Knowende hou that the feith discresceth And alle moral vertu cesseth, Wherof that thei the keies bere, Bot yit hem liketh noght to stere Here gostliche yhe forto se The world in his adversite Thei wol no labour undertake To kepe that hem is betake.

This Air in Periferies thre Divided is of such degre, Benethe is on and on amidde, To whiche above is set the thridde And upon the divisions There ben diverse impressions 270 Of moist and ek of drye also, Whiche of the Sonne bothe tuo Ben drawe and haled upon hy, And maken cloudes in the Sky, As schewed is at mannes sihte Wherof be day and ek be nyhte After the times of the yer Among ous upon Erthe her In sondri wise thinges falle.

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And he tho dede hire understonde With tales feigned in his wise, Riht as he wolde himself devise, 4930 Wherof he myhte hire herte glade, That sche the betre chiere made, Whan sche the glade wordes herde, Hou that hire housebonde ferde.

And thus cam out the tricherie, Which under fals Ypocrisie Was hid, and thei that wende pees Tho myhten finde no reles Of thilke swerd which al devoureth.

Bot certes he hath gret matiere 3270 To ben of good condicioun, Which hath in his subjeccioun The men that ben of his semblance.

Now loke, hou they be forto blame.

For conseil passeth alle thing To him which thenkth to ben a king 2110 And every man for his partie A kingdom hath to justefie, That is to sein his oghne dom.

And thus the Pride which was hot, Whan he most in his strengthe wende, Was brent and lost withouten ende So that it proeveth wel therfore, The strengthe of man is sone lore, Bot if that he it wel governe.

900 Bot forto telle redely In what climat most comunly That this planete hath his effect, Seid is that he hath his aspect Upon the holi lond so cast, That there is no pes stedefast.

So mai I prove wel forthi, Above alle othre under the Sky, Who that the vertus wolde peise, Virginite is forto preise, Which, as thapocalips recordeth, To Crist in hevene best acordeth.

Bot ofte time love hath pleid And stole many a prive game, Which nevere yit cam into blame, Whan that the thinges weren hidde.

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This briddes name was as tho Corvus, the which was thanne also Welmore whyt than eny Swan, And he that schrewe al that he can Of his ladi to Phebus seide And he for wraththe his swerd outbreide, 800 With which Cornide anon he slowh.

And thus acorded ful and plein, The qwike body with the dede With leve take forth thei lede, 2780 Wher that Supplant hath his juise.

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As forto feigne such sieknesse It nedeth noght, for this witnesse I take of god, that my corage Hath ben mor siek than my visage.

He was forwept, he was forwakid, He keste hire colde lippes ofte, And wissheth that thei weren softe, And ofte he rouneth in hire Ere, And ofte his arm now hier now there He leide, as he hir wolde embrace, And evere among 1Z0-061 Practise Questions he axeth grace, 410 As thogh sche wiste what he mente And thus himself he gan tormente With such desese of loves peine, That noman mihte him more peine.

And therupon hire ordinance She made so, that whan Constance Was come forth with the Romeins, Of clerkes and of Citezeins, 680 A riche feste sche hem made And most whan that thei weren glade, With fals covine which sche hadde Hire clos Envie tho sche spradde, And alle tho that hadden be Or in apert or in prive Of conseil to the mariage, Sche slowh hem in a 1Z0-061 Practise Questions sodein rage Endlong the bord as thei be set, So that it myhte noght be let 690 Hire oghne Sone was noght quit, Bot deide upon the same plit.

Lo, thus a kinges myht, seith he, So as his reson can argue, Is strengest and of most value.

1940 If this be soth, tho quod the queene, This nyht, thou seist, it schal be sene.

Bot what the hihe god wol spare It mai for no peril misfare This worthi Maiden which was there Stod thanne, as who seith, ded for feere, To se the feste how that it stod, Which al was torned into blod The Dissh forthwith the Coppe and al Bebled thei weren overal 700 Sche sih hem deie on every side No wonder thogh sche wepte and cride Makende many a wofull mone.

Mi Sone, of him which goth be daie Be weie of Stelthe to assaie, In loves cause and takth his preie, Ovide seide as I schal seie, 6710 And in his Methamor he tolde A tale, which is good to holde.

Was non of hem that made speche, Til he himself it wolde seche, And fond out the defalte himselve And thanne he seide unto the tuelve, Whiche of the Senat weren wise, I have deserved the juise, 2870 In haste that it were do.

The dede proeveth it is so, And hath do many day er this, Thurgh venym which that medled is In holy cherche of erthly thing For Crist himself makth knowleching 860 That noman may togedre serve God and the world, bot if he swerve Froward that on and stonde unstable And Cristes word may noght be fable.

The hihe makere of nature Hire hath visited in a throwe, That it was openliche knowe Sche was with childe be the king, Wherof above al other thing 920 He thonketh god and was riht glad.

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A Philosophre, as thou schalt hiere, Spak to a king of this matiere, And seide him wel hou that flatours Coupable were of thre errours.

Mi Sone, art thou coupable of Slowthe In eny point which to him longeth My fader, of tho pointz me longeth 2760 To wite pleinly what thei meene, So that I mai me schrive cleene.

In good feith, Sone, I trowe yis.

Bot yit ne fond I noght the haft, Which mihte unto that bladd acorde For nevere herde I man recorde What thing it is that myhte availe To winne love withoute faile.

220 Mi goode Sone, yit ther is A vice revers unto this, Which envious takth his gladnesse Of that he seth the hevinesse Of othre men for his welfare Is whanne he wot an other care Of that an other hath a fall, He thenkth himself arist withal.

Bot therof wot nothing the wif At hom, which loveth as hir lif 6120 Hir lord, and sitt alday wisshinge After hir lordes hom comynge Bot whan that he comth hom at eve, Anon he makth his wif beleve, For sche noght elles scholde knowe He telth hire hou his hunte hath blowe, And hou his houndes have wel runne, And hou ther schon a merye Sunne, And hou his haukes flowen wel Bot he wol telle her nevere a diel 6130 Hou he to love untrewe was, Of that he robbede in the pas, And tok his lust under the schawe Ayein love and ayein his lawe.