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Yee, fader, al this wel mai be, Bot if alle othre dede 1Z0-144 Questions And Answers Pdf so, The world of men were sone go 6420 And in the lawe a man mai finde, Hou god to man be weie of kinde Hath set the world to multeplie And who that wol him justefie, It is ynouh to do the lawe.

Bot thogh he were a potestat Of worldes good, he was soubgit To love, and put in such a plit, That he excedeth the mesure Of reson, that himself assure He can noght for the more he preide, The lass love on him sche leide.

290 Bot of o thing I schal thee preie, If that my litel Sone deie, Let him be beried in my grave Beside me, so schalt thou have 1Z0-144 Training Guide Upon ous bothe remembrance.

And thus whan that her tale is ended, 2110 Al redy was the bord and cloth, The king unto his 1Z0-144 Certification Answers Souper goth Among the lordes to the halle And whan thei hadden souped alle, Thei token leve and forth thei go.

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So schalt thou fiele no rancour, 2730 Wherof thin herte schal debate With homicide ne with hate For Cheste or for Malencolie Thou schalt be soft in compaignie Withoute Contek or Folhaste For elles miht thou longe waste Thi time, er that thou have thi wille Of love for the weder stille Men preise, and blame the tempestes.

Bot seie unto the poeple plat, That whil thou livest in thi lond, The leste finger of thin hond It schal be strengere overal Than was thi fadres bodi al.

Bot of hem tuo a man mai liere What is to be so sibb of blod Non wiste of other hou it stod, And yit the fader ate laste His herte upon this maide caste, That he hire loveth kindely, And yit he wiste nevere why.

So forto speke unto this ende, Thei gon the dounes and the dales With wepinge and with wofull tales, And every wyht hire maidenhiede Compleigneth upon thilke nede, That sche no children hadde bore, Wherof sche hath hir youthe lore, Which nevere sche recovere mai For so fell that hir laste dai 1590 Was come, in which sche scholde take Hir deth, which sche may noght forsake.

Ther was a knyht which Brutus hihte, And he with al the haste he myhte To grounde fell and therthe kiste, Bot non of hem the cause wiste, Bot wenden that he hadde sporned Per chance, and so was overtorned.

6240 And thus cam this Calistona Into the wode of Tegea, Wher sche virginite behihte Unto Diane, and therto plihte Her trouthe upon the bowes grene, To kepe hir maidenhode clene.

And thus was al the game schent She soffreth him, as sche mot nede, Bot the brocour of his misdede, Sche which hir conseil yaf therto, On hire is the vengance do For Juno with hire wordes hote, This Maiden, which Eccho was hote, Reproveth and seith in this wise O traiteresse, of which servise 4620 Hast thou thin oghne ladi served Thou hast gret peine wel deserved, That thou canst maken it so queinte, Thi slyhe wordes forto peinte Towardes me, that am thi queene, Wherof thou madest me to wene That myn housbonde trewe were, Whan that he loveth elleswhere, Al be it so him nedeth noght.

And thanne out of his sepulture Ther sprong anon par aventure 2350 Of floures such a wonder syhte, That men ensample take myhte Upon the dedes whiche he dede, As tho was sene in thilke stede For in the wynter freysshe and faire The floures ben, which is contraire To kynde, and so was the folie Which fell of his Surquiderie.

And fell ther was a kniht, Sire Guilliam de Langharet, Which was upon this cause set And therupon he tok a route Of men of Armes and rod oute, So longe and in a wayt he lay, That he aspide upon a day 3000 The Pope was at Avinoun, And scholde ryde out of the toun Unto 1Z0-144 Pdf Download Pontsorge, the which is A Castell in Provence of his.

So it befell upon a dai, Cupide, which hath every chance Of love under his governance, Syh Phebus hasten him so sore And for he scholde him haste more, And yit noght speden ate laste, A dart thurghout his herte he caste, 1700 Which was of gold and al afyre, That made him manyfold desire Of love more thanne he dede.

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So mai ther be no kinde plesed For ay the mor that he envieth, The more ayein himself he plieth.

The Souldan granteth hire axinge, And sche therof was glad ynowh For under that anon sche drowh With false wordes that sche spak Covine of deth behinde his bak.

The place wher as he hem syh, It was under a banke nyh The grete See, and he above Stod and behield the lusti love Which ech of hem to other made With goodly chiere and wordes glade, That al his herte hath set afyre Of pure Envie and as a fyre 150 Which fleth out of a myhti bowe, Aweie he fledde for a throwe, As he that was for love wod, Whan that he sih how that it stod.

I rede hou whilom was a Maide, The faireste, as Ovide saide, Which was in hire time tho And sche was of the chambre also Of Pallas, which is the goddesse And wif to Marte, of whom prouesse 6150 Is yove to these worthi knihtes.

Ha, thou ungoodlich ypocrite, Hou thou art gretly forto wyte Bot nou thou schalt ful sore abie That ilke stelthe and micherie, Which thou hast bothe take and Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL 1Z0-144 do Wherof thi fader Lichao Schal noght be glad, whan he it wot, Of that his dowhter was so hot, 6300 That sche hath broke hire chaste avou.

Appolinus, whan that he herde The meschief, hou the cite ferde, Al freliche of his oghne yifte His whete, among hem forto schifte, The which be Schipe he hadde broght, He yaf, and tok of hem riht noght.

Therof were alle men wel paied, And seide hou it was forto done The Schipes weren redi sone, And strong pouer with him he tok Up to the Sky he caste his lok, And syh the wynd was covenable.

This child, whan he was bore thus, 1620 Aboute his moder to ful age, That he can reson and langage, In good astat was drawe forth And whan he was so mochel worth To stonden in a mannes stede, Circes his moder hath him bede That he schal to his fader go, And tolde him al togedre tho What man he was that him begat.

Sey forth, quod sche, and tell me how Schew me thi seknesse everydiel.

Bot forto speken in what cost Of al this erthe he regneth most As for wisdom, it is in Grece, Wher is apropred thilke spiece.

Mi fader, so I wole ywiss And if ther more of Wraththe be, Now axeth forth per charite, As ye be youre bokes knowe, And I the sothe schal beknowe.

Ryd thanne forth thi wey, quod sche, And if thou go withoute red, Thou schalt be sekerliche ded.

This Acteon, as he wel myhte, 340 Above alle othre caste his chiere, And used it fro yer to yere, With Houndes and with grete Hornes Among the wodes and the thornes To 1Z0-144 Exam Demo make his hunting and his chace Where him best thoghte in every place To finde gamen in his weie, Ther rod he forto hunte and pleie.

This wofull chance how that it ferde Anon as Demephon it herde, And OCA 1Z0-144 every man it hadde in speche, His sorwe was noght tho to seche He gan his Slowthe forto banne, Bot it was al to late thanne.

He seith ek, if the pourpos holde To sle the poeple, as thei tuo wolde, Whan thei it mihte noght restore, Al Grece it scholde abegge sore, To se the wilde beste wone Wher whilom duelte a mannes Sone 1830 And for that cause he bad hem trete, And stinte of the manaces grete.

The thing so open is at ije, It nedeth noght to specefie Or speke oght more in this matiere Bot in this wise a man mai lere Hou that the world is gon aboute, The which welnyh is wered oute, 870 After the forme of that figure Which Daniel in his scripture Expondeth, as tofore is told.

And if so is that I mai hente Somtime among a good leisir, So as I dar of mi desir 2800 I telle a part bot whanne I preie, Anon sche bidt me go mi weie And seith it is ferr in the nyht And I swere it is even liht.

And ryht of such a maner kinde 1360 Ther be lovers, that thogh thei have Of love al that thei wolde crave, Yit wol thei grucche be som weie, That thei wol noght to love obeie Upon the trowthe, as thei do scholde And if hem lacketh that thei wolde, Anon thei falle in such a peine, That evere unbuxomly thei pleigne Upon fortune, and curse and crie, That thei wol noght here hertes plie 1370 To soffre til it 1Z0-110 Test Prep betre falle.

His yhe nawher wole abyde, Bot loke and prie on every syde On hire and hire, as him best lyketh And otherwhile among he syketh 7080 Thenkth on of hem, That was for me, And so ther thenken tuo or thre, And yit he loveth non of alle, Bot wher as evere his chance falle.

For who that most can speke faire Is most acordende unto love Fair speche hath ofte brought above Ful many a man, as it is knowe, Which elles scholde have be riht lowe And 1Z0-144 Pdf Download Aluminium Access Products Ltd failed mochel of his wille.

Of gret merveile now beginne Mai hiere who that sitteth stille That god wol save mai noght spille.

And sche began to bidde and preie Upon the bare ground knelende, And after that made hire offrende, And to the Prestes yiftes grete Sche yaf, and homward be the Strete.

Bot yit thurgh him this craft is used, And he thurgh al the world accused, For it schal nevere wel achieve That stant noght riht with the believe 2380 Bot lich to wolle is evele sponne, Who lest himself hath litel wonne, An ende proveth every thing.

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And this, he seith, stant of record, Bot noman wot who hath this Ring.

2430 Thus spak this begger his entente, And povere he cam and povere he wente Of that he hath richesse soght, His infortune it wolde noght.

And sche began to pleie and rage, As who seith, I am wel ynowh Bot he therof nothing ne lowh, For sche tok thanne chiere on honde And clepeth him hire housebonde, And seith, My lord, go we to bedde, For I to that entente wedde, 1770 That thou schalt be my worldes blisse And profreth him with that to kisse, As sche a lusti Lady were.

This vice veine gloire is hote, Wherof, my Sone, I thee behote To trete and speke in such a wise, That thou thee myht the betre avise.

Of hem that we Lombars now calle Albinus was the ferste of alle 2460 Which bar corone of Lombardie, And was of gret chivalerie In werre ayein diverse kinges.

A worthi kniht Taltabius This yonge child hath in kepinge, And whan he herde of this tidinge, 1930 Of this treson, of this misdede, He gan withinne himself to drede, In aunter if this false Egiste Upon him come, er he it wiste, To take 1Z0-144 Exam Dump and moerdre of his malice This child, which he hath to norrice And for that cause in alle haste Out of the lond he gan him haste And to the king of Crete he strawhte And him this yonge lord betawhte, 1940 And preide him for his fader sake That he this child wolde undertake And kepe him til he be of Age, So as he was of his lignage And tolde him over al the cas, How that his fadre moerdred was, And hou Egistus, as men seide, Was king, to whom the lond obeide.

And be this skile Manachas Ansuered hath upon this cas, And seith that wyn be weie of kinde Is thing which mai the hertes binde 1870 Wel more than the regalie.

Bot yit he hath no word assaied 4940 To speke of love in no degre Bot with covert subtilite His frendly speches he affaiteth, And as the Tigre his time awaiteth In hope forto cacche his preie.

Ther duelleth A2010-040 Test Prep he to take his reste, So as it thoghte him for the beste, To studie in his Philosophie, As he which wolde so defie The worldes pompe on every syde.

For in his time, as thou myht hiere, What point that was for lawe set It scholde for no gold be let, 2840 To what persone that it were.

Of Policie and overmore To speke in this matiere more, 2150 So as the Philosophre tolde, A king after the reule is holde To modifie and to adresce Hise yiftes upon such largesce That he mesure noght excede For if a king falle into nede, It causeth ofte sondri thinges Whiche are ungoodly to the kinges.

These Gabiens be conseil tho Upon the goddes made him swere, That he to hem schal trouthe bere And strengthen hem with al his myht And thei also him have behiht 4650 To helpen him in his querele.

The Sone ek of Amphioras, Whos rihte name Alme s was, His Moder slowh, Eriphile Bot Achilo the Priest and he, So as the bokes it recorden, For certein Somme of gold acorden That thilke horrible sinfull dede Assoiled was.

And in this wise thei acorden, The whiche of o condicioun Be set upon destruccioun 2420 Such Capitein such retenue.

And thus sche, which was al honeste To godward after hire entente, At nyht unto the temple wente, 870 Wher that the false Prestes were And thei receiven hire there With such a tokne of holinesse, As thogh thei syhen a godesse, And al withinne in prive place A softe bedd of large space Thei hadde mad and encourtined, Wher sche was afterward engined.

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Bot for ye tolden hier above Of Covoitise and his pilage, If ther be more of that lignage, 6950 Which toucheth to mi schrifte, I preie That ye therof me wolde seie, So that I mai the vice eschuie.

Quod Sedechie, Thou hast feigned This tale in angringe of the king.

And thus be cause of my scarsnesse 4740 Ye mai wel understonde and lieve That I schal noght the worse achieve The pourpos which is in my thoght.

Thus mai no reson wel forsake That thilke Senne original Ne was the cause in special Of mannes worschipe ate laste, Which schal withouten ende laste.

And now nomore, As forto speke of this matiere, Which non bot only god may stiere.

For thus stant every mannes lif In jeupartie for his wif Or for 1Z0-144 Exam Demo his dowhter, if thei be Passende an other of beaute.

Therfore attempre thi corage Folhaste doth non avantage, 1680 Bot ofte it set a man behinde In cause of love, and that I finde Be olde ensample, as thou schalt hiere, Touchende of love in this matiere.

Bot therof sche was al deceived For whan sche cam a litel nyh, And that Diane hire wombe syh, Sche seide, Awey, thou foule beste, For thin astat is noght honeste This chaste water forto touche For thou hast take such a touche, Which nevere mai ben hol ayein.

So nedeth noght that I schal crave 3290 The Sonnes Carte forto tarie, Ne yit the Mone, that sche carie Hire cours along upon the hevene, For I am noght the more in evene Towardes love in no degree Bot in mi slep yit thanne I se Somwhat in swevene of that me liketh, Which afterward min herte entriketh, Whan that I finde it otherwise.

Thus was he tempted ofte sore Bot for he wolde be nomore Among the wommen so coveited, The beaute of his face streited 6380 He hath, and threste out bothe hise yhen, That alle wommen whiche him syhen Thanne afterward, of him ne roghte And thus his maidehiede he boghte.

For Jupiter aboven alle, 330 Which is of goddes soverein, Hath in his celier, as men sein, Tuo tonnes fulle of love drinke, That maken many an herte sinke And many an herte also to flete, Or of the soure or of the swete.

Of this king Apis seith the bok That Serapis his name tok, In whom thurgh long continuance Of misbelieve a gret creance Thei hadden, and the reverence Of Sacrifice and of encence To him thei made and as thei telle, Among the wondres that befelle, 1570 Whan Alisandre fro Candace Cam ridende, in a wilde place Undur an hull a Cave he fond And Candalus, which in that lond Was bore, and was Candaces Sone, Him tolde hou Oracle 1Z0-144 that of commun wone The goddes were in thilke cave.

The scharpe pricke in stede of salve Thei usen now, wherof the hele Thei hurte of that thei scholden hele And what Schep that is full of wulle Upon his back, thei toose and pulle, 400 Whil ther is eny thing to pile And thogh ther be non other skile Bot only for thei wolden wynne, Thei leve noght, whan thei begynne, Upon her acte to procede, Which is no good schepherdes dede.

Of man, of beste, of herbe, of ston, Of fissch, of foughl, of everychon 140 That ben of bodely substance, The nature and the circumstance Thurgh this science it is ful soght, Which vaileth and which vaileth noght.

The Monthe of Juin unto this Signe Thou schalt after the reule 1Z0-144 Practice Exam Questions assigne.

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Art thou, mi Sone, of such engin Tell on.

70 He drinkth the wyn, bot ate laste The wyn drynkth him and bint him faste, And leith him drunke be the wal, As him which is his bonde thral And al in his subjeccion.

What man wol noght himself mesure, Men sen fulofte that mesure 2160 Him hath forsake and so doth he That useth Prodegalite, Which is the moder of poverte, Wherof the londes ben deserte And namely whan thilke vice Aboute a king stant in office And hath withholde of his partie The covoitouse flaterie, Which many a worthi king deceiveth, Er he the fallas aperceiveth 2170 Of hem that serven to the glose.

I thonke you, my fader diere, This scole is of a gentil lore And if ther be oght elles more Of Pride, which I schal eschuie, Now axeth forth, and I wol suie What thing that ye me wole enforme.

2690 I trowe, if that he myhte make His body newe, he wolde take A newe forme and leve his olde For what thing that he mai beholde, The which to comun us is strange, Anon his olde guise change He wole and falle therupon, Lich unto the Camelion, Which upon every sondri hewe That he beholt he moste newe 2700 His colour, and thus unavised Fulofte time he stant desguised.

Bot if thei weren gostli wise, 1Z0-144 Self Study And that the Prelatz weren goode, As thei be olde daies stode, It were thanne litel nede Among the men to taken hiede Of that thei hieren Pseudo telle, Which nou is come forto duelle, 1880 To sowe cokkel with the corn, So that the tilthe is nyh forlorn, Which Crist sew ferst his oghne hond.

The billes weren wel received, Bot sche hath alle here loves weyved, 890 And thoghte tho was time and space To put hire in hir fader grace, And wrot ayein and thus sche saide The schame which is in a Maide With speche dar noght ben unloke, Bot in writinge it mai be spoke So wryte I to you, fader, thus Bot if I have Appolinus, Of al this world, what so betyde, I wol non other man abide.

270 Of a Cronique in daies gon, The which is cleped Pantheon, In loves cause I rede thus, Hou that the grete Antiochus, Of whom that Antioche tok His ferste name, as seith the bok, Was coupled to a noble queene, And hadde a dowhter hem betwene Bot such fortune cam to honde, That deth, which no king mai withstonde, 280 Bot every lif it mote obeie, This worthi queene tok aweie.

Bot whanne he stod on dreie ground And Hercules was fer behinde, He sette his trowthe al out of mynde, Who so therof be lief or loth, With Deianyre and forth he goth, As he that thoghte to dissevere The compaignie of hem for evere.

Bot upon thee it schal be boght, 4630 Which art prive to tho doinges, And me fulofte of thi lesinges Deceived hast nou is the day That I thi while aquite may And for thou hast to me conceled That my lord hath with othre deled, I schal thee sette in such a kende, That evere unto the worldes ende Al that thou hierest thou schalt telle, And clappe it out as doth a belle.

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And also, thogh a man at ones Of al the world withinne his wones 210 The tresor myhte have everydel, Yit hadde he bot o mannes del Toward himself, so as I thinke, Of clothinge and of mete and drinke, For more, outake vanite, Ther hath no lord in his degre.

Whan this pourpos was wist and knowe Among here host, tho was ther blowe 1790 Of wordes many a speche aboute Of yonge men the lusti route Were of this tale glad ynowh, Ther was no care for the plowh As thei that weren Folhastif, Thei ben acorded to the strif, And sein it mai noght be to gret To vengen hem of such forfet Oracle 1Z0-144 Pdf Download Thus seith the wilde unwise tonge Of hem that there weren yonge.

Of these lovers that loven streyte, And for that point which thei coveite Ben poursuiantz fro yeer to yere In loves Court, whan I may hiere 240 How that thei clymbe upon the whel, And whan thei wene al schal be wel, Thei ben doun throwen ate laste, Thanne am I fedd of that thei faste, And lawhe of that I se hem loure And thus of that thei brewe soure I drinke 1Z0-144 Questions And Answers swete, and am wel esed Of that I wot thei ben desesed.

Forthi, mi Sone, after this chance 440 It sit thee wel to taken hiede So forto preie upon thi nede, As Bachus preide for the welle And thenk, as thou hast herd me telle, Hou grace he gradde and grace he hadde.

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Forthi, ma dame, taketh hiede And kep conseil, hou so it stonde.

Thus whan sche hath the hulles sought, The flodes ther foryat sche nought, Eridian and Amphrisos, Peneie and ek Sperchei5dos, To hem sche wente and ther sche nom Bothe of the water and the fom, The sond and ek the smale stones, Whiche as sche ches out for the nones, 4010 And of the rede See a part, That was behovelich to hire art, Sche tok, and after that aboute Sche soughte sondri sedes oute In feldes and in many greves, And ek a part sche tok of leves Bot thing which mihte hire most availe Sche fond in Crete and in Thessaile.

For whan a thing is do for doute, Fulofte it comth the worse aboute Bot wher a king is Pietous, He is the more gracious, 3160 That mochel thrift him schal betyde, Which elles scholde torne aside.

370 I finde hou whilom ther was on, Whos name was Pymaleon, Which was a lusti man of yowthe The werkes of entaile he cowthe Above alle othre men as tho And thurgh fortune it fell him so, As he whom love schal travaile, He made an ymage of entaile Lich to a womman in semblance Of feture and of contienance, 380 So fair yit nevere was figure.

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Riht so ther be, who that hem knewe, Of thes lovers ful many untrewe Nou mai a womman finde ynowe, That ech of hem, whan he schal wowe, Anon he wole his hand doun lein Upon a bok, and swere and sein 2890 That he wole feith and trouthe bere And thus he profreth him to swere To serven evere til he die, And al is verai tricherie.

Of Lombardz unto this covine, Whiche alle londes conne engine, Mai Falssemblant in special Be likned, for thei overal, Wher as they thenken forto duelle, Among hemself, so as thei telle, 2120 Ferst ben enformed forto lere A craft which cleped is Fa crere For if Fa crere come aboute, Thanne afterward hem stant no doute To voide with a soubtil hond The beste goodes of the lond And bringe chaf and take corn.

Theges of thing which schal befalle, He was the ferste Augurre of alle And Philemon be the visage Fond to descrive the corage.

Hou so it stonde of the decerte, Hier is noght every 1Z0-144 Pdf Download Aluminium Access Products Ltd thing aquit, For ofte a man mai se this yit, That who best doth, lest thonk schal have It helpeth noght the world to crave, Which out of reule and of mesure Hath evere stonde in aventure Als wel in Court as elles where And hou in olde daies there 2270 It stod, so as the thinges felle, I thenke a tale forto telle.

This lettre cam, and ther was press Tofore the king, ther as he stod And 700-801 Test Questions And Answers Pdf whan that he it understod, He yaf hem ansuer by and by, Bot that was do so prively, That non of othres conseil wiste.

He wepth, he crith, he axeth grace, There as he mihte gete non So that ayein a Roche of Ston, 2340 As he that knew non other red, He smot himself til he was ded.

Medea wok and nothing slepte, Bot natheles sche was abedde, And he with alle haste him spedde And made him naked and al warm.

2450 Ensample I finde therupon, At Troie how 1Z0-144 Certificate that Agamenon Supplantede the worthi knyht Achilles of that swete wiht, Which named was Brexei5da And also of Crisei5da, Whom Troilus to love ches, Supplanted hath Diomedes.

With that sche swouneth now and eft, And evere wissheth after deth, So that welnyh hire A2040-986 Book Pdf lacketh breth.

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And as it telleth in the tale, The ferst into a nyhtingale Was schape, and that was Philomene, Which in the wynter is noght sene, For thanne ben the leves falle And naked ben the buisshes alle.

Now axeth forth, what so ther is Of that belongeth to my schrifte.

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And in such wise as sche him saide, 3010 Achilles, which that ilke while Was yong, upon himself to smyle Began, whan Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL 1Z0-144 Pdf Download he was so besein.

And whanne he hadde it thries rad, To opne a buiste sche him bad, Which sche ther tok him in present, And was full of such oignement, That ther was fyr ne venym non That scholde fastnen him upon, Whan that he were enoynt withal.

Bot over this nou wolde I hiere, Wherof I schal me schryve more.

And that mai proven in the dede For what man the Croniqes rede, Fro ferst that holi cherche hath weyved To preche, and hath the swerd received, 2510 Wherof the werres ben begonne, A gret partie of that was wonne To Cristes feith stant now miswent Godd do therof amendement, So as he wot what is the beste.

He made him naked thanne, and softe Into the bedd unwar he crepte, Wher Hercules that time slepte, 6920 And wende wel it were sche And thus in stede of Eole Anon he profreth him to love.

He seide nowther nay ne ye, Bot hield him stille and let hire chyde And sche, which mai hirself noght hyde, 670 Began withinne forto swelle, And that sche broghte in fro the welle, The waterpot sche hente alofte And bad him speke, and he al softe Sat stille and noght a word ansuerde And sche was wroth that he so ferde, And axeth him if he be ded And al the water on his hed Sche pourede oute and bad awake.