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And thus the Sone schal abie The lustes and the lecherie Of him which nou his fader is.

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And natheles gret diligence Thei setten upon thilke dede, And spille more than thei spede For allewey thei finde a lette, Which bringeth in poverte and dette To hem that riche were afore The lost is had, the lucre is lore, 2590 To gete a pound thei spenden fyve I not hou such a craft schal thryve In the manere as it is used It were betre be refused Than forto worchen upon weene In thing which stant noght as thei weene.

Lo, thus togedre of felaschipe Delicacie and drunkeschipe, Wherof reson stant out of herre, Have mad full many a wisman erre In loves cause most of alle For thanne hou so that evere it falle, 1240 Wit can no reson understonde, Bot let the governance stonde To Will, which thanne wext so wylde, That he can noght himselve schylde Fro no peril, bot out of feere The weie he secheth hiere and there, Him recheth noght upon what syde For oftetime he goth beside, And doth such thing withoute drede, Wherof him oghte wel to drede.

Forthi Gregoire in his Moral Seith that a man in special The lasse world is properly And that he proeveth redely For man of Soule resonable Is to an Angel resemblable, 950 And lich to beste he hath fielinge, And lich to Trees he hath growinge The Stones ben and so is he Thus of his propre qualite The man, as telleth the clergie, Is as a world in his partie, And whan this litel world mistorneth, The grete world al overtorneth.

Ther was Tristram, which was believed 2500 With bele Ysolde, and Lancelot Stod with Gunnore, and Galahot With his ladi, and as me thoghte, I syh wher Jason with him broghte His love, which that Creusa hihte, And Hercules, which mochel myhte, Was ther berende his grete Mace, And most of alle in thilke place He peyneth him to make chiere With Eolen, which was him diere.

Here bodies weren long and smal, 1320 The beaute faye upon her face Non erthly thing it may desface Corones 350-030 on here hed thei beere, As ech of hem a qweene weere, That al the gold of Cresus halle The leste coronal of alle Ne mihte have boght after the worth Thus come thei ridende forth.

Eneas ek withinne Ytaile, Ne hadde he wonne the bataille And Cisco 350-030 Vce Download don his miht so besily Ayein king Turne his enemy, He hadde noght Lavine wonne Bot for he hath him overronne And gete his pris, he gat hire love.

He hath with love trewes take, That wake who so wake wile, If he mai couche a doun his bile, 2710 He hath al wowed what him list That ofte he goth to bedde unkist, And seith that for no Druerie He wol noght leve his sluggardie.

3600 This Maiden, whan that sche it herde, And sih this thing hou it misferde, Anon sche wiste what it mente, And al the cause hou it wente To al the world sche tolde it oute, And preith to hem that were aboute To take of hire the vengance, For sche was cause of thilke chaunce, Why that this kinges Sone is split.

Tho goddes be yit cleped thus, Orus, Typhon and Isirus Thei were brethren alle thre, And the goddesse in hir degre 800 Here Soster was and Ysis hyhte, Whom 350-030 Vce Isirus forlai be nyhte And hield hire after as his wif.

7750 Therwhile he hath his fulle packe, Thei seie, A good felawe is Jacke Bot whanne it faileth ate laste, Anon his pris thei overcaste, For thanne is ther non other lawe Bot, Jacke was a good felawe.

Thus dar I make a foreward, That nevere unto my ladiward Yit spak I word in such a wise, Wherof that Cheste scholde arise.

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Bot Adrian, which Pope was, And syh the meschief of this cas, Goth in to France forto pleigne, And preith the grete Charlemeine, For Cristes sake and Soule hele That he wol take the querele 750 Of holy cherche in his defence.

That was to him an angri jape Bot for that he with Angre wroghte, Hise Angres angreliche he boghte.

And thogh a thousend men it wiste, That I hire love, and thanne hem liste With me to swere and to witnesse, Yit were that no falswitnesse For I dar on this trouthe duelle, I love hire mor than I can telle.

And thus was al the game schent She soffreth him, 350-030 Test Answers as sche mot nede, Bot the brocour of his misdede, Sche which hir conseil yaf therto, On hire is the vengance do For Juno with hire wordes hote, This Maiden, which Eccho was hote, Reproveth and seith in this wise O traiteresse, of which servise 4620 Hast thou thin oghne ladi served Thou hast gret peine wel deserved, That thou canst maken it so queinte, Thi slyhe wordes forto peinte Towardes me, that am thi queene, Wherof thou madest me to wene That myn housbonde trewe were, Whan that he loveth elleswhere, Al be it so him nedeth noght.

Wherof, to take mi witnesse, The king of Bragmans Dindimus Wrot unto Alisandre thus In blaminge of the Grekes feith And of the misbelieve, he seith How thei for every membre hadden A sondri god, to whom thei spradden Here armes, and of help besoghten.

And so schal I do for thi sake, This qweene seide, wel I wot.

5420 Forthi, my goode fader diere, Lef al and speke 350-030 Exam of my matiere Touchende of love, as we begonne If that ther be oght overronne Or oght foryete or left behinde Which falleth unto loves kinde, Wherof it nedeth to be schrive, Nou axeth, so that whil I live I myhte amende that is mys.

1490 This lord hath granted his requeste And whan the dai was of the feste, In worschipe of 70-290 Vce Download here Emperour The king and ek the Senatour Forth with here wyves bothe tuo, With many a lord and lady mo, On 350-030 Exam Practice Pdf horse riden him ayein Til it befell, upon a plein Thei sihen wher he was comende.

And fell a time, as he was oute, Fortune, which may every thred Tobreke and knette of mannes sped, 1420 Schop, as this knyht rod in a pas, That he be strengthe take was, And to a Castell thei him ladde, Wher that he fewe frendes hadde For so it fell that ilke stounde That he hath with a dedly wounde Feihtende his oghne hondes slain Branchus, which to the Capitain Was Sone and Heir, wherof ben wrothe The fader and the moder bothe.

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The king made him gret joie and feste, To alle his men he yaf an heste, So as thei wolde his thonk deserve, That thei scholde alle Jason serve, Whil that he wolde there duelle.

And thus sche, which was al honeste To godward after hire entente, At nyht 350-030 Dumps Pdf unto the temple wente, 870 Wher that the false Cisco 350-030 Vce Download Prestes were And thei receiven hire there With such a tokne of holinesse, As thogh thei syhen a godesse, And al withinne in prive place A softe bedd of large space Thei hadde mad and encourtined, Wher sche was afterward engined.

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For thou miht understonde and wite, 1450 Among the gentil nacion Love is an occupacion, Which forto kepe hise lustes save Scholde every gentil herte have For as the ladi was chastised, Riht so the knyht mai ben avised, Which ydel is and wol noght serve To love, he mai per cas deserve A grettere peine than sche hadde, Whan sche aboute with hire ladde 1460 The horse haltres and forthi Good is to be wel war therbi.

And forth withal the same tide 2410 He hath him terme of lif withholde, The mor and for he schal ben holde, He made him kniht and yaf him lond, Which afterward was of his hond And orped kniht in many a stede, And gret prouesce of armes dede, As the Croniqes it recorden.

Hate is a wraththe noght schewende, Bot of long time gaderende, And duelleth in the herte loken, Til he se time to be wroken 860 And thanne he scheweth his tempeste Mor sodein than the wilde beste, Which wot nothing what merci is.

And in this wise it is befalle, Of labour which that thei begunne We be now tawht of that we kunne 2390 Here besinesse is yit so seene, That it stant evere alyche greene Al be it so the bodi deie, The name of hem schal nevere aweie.

And thus togedre in felaschipe Forth gon this Diomede and he In hope til thei mihten se The place where Achilles is.

Forthi, if evere it so befalle, That thou, mi Sone, amonges alle Be wedded man, hold that thou hast, For thanne al other love is wast.

Upon knyhthode I rede thus, How whilom whan the king Nauplus, The fader of Palamades, Cam forto preien Ulixes With othre Gregois ek also, That he with hem to Troie go, 1820 Wher that the Siege scholde be, Anon upon Penolope His wif, whom that he loveth hote, Thenkende, wolde hem noght behote.

Forthi, mi Sone, if that thou fiele That love wringe thee to sore, Behold Ovide and take his lore.

Hire Ere unto his word sche leide, 1190 Bot forther made sche no chiere.

And furthermor with good corage He seith, be so he mai hire have, That Crist, which cam this world to save, He woll believe and this recorded, Thei ben on either side acorded, 630 And therupon to make an ende The Souldan hise hostages sende To Rome, of Princes Sones tuelve Wherof the fader in himselve Was glad, and with the Pope avised Tuo Cardinals he hath assissed With othre lordes many mo, That with his doghter scholden go, To se the Souldan be converted.

Bot lest nou wel to what entente 3000 Of rihtwisnesse he dede so For after that he was ago, He schop him nevere to be founde So that Athenis, which was bounde, Nevere after scholde be relessed, Ne thilke goode lawe cessed, Which was for comun profit set.

And thus thei lefte it out of honde For lacke of grace, and it forsoke, That Alemans upon hem toke 810 And to confermen here astat, Of that thei founden in debat Thei token the possessioun After the composicioun Among hemself, and therupon Thei made an Emperour anon, Whos name as the Cronique telleth Was Othes and so forth it duelleth, Fro thilke day yit unto this Thempire of Rome hath ben and is 820 To thalemans.

And thanne he thoghte him in what wise He myhte his tirannie schewe And to his conseil 350-030 Book tok a schrewe, 4660 Whom to his fader forth he sente In his message, and he tho wente, And preide his fader forto seie Be his avis, and finde a weie, Hou they the cite myhten winne, Whil that he stod so wel therinne.

And sche began to pleie and rage, As who seith, I am wel ynowh Bot he therof nothing ne lowh, For sche tok thanne chiere on honde And clepeth him hire housebonde, And seith, My lord, go we to bedde, For I to that entente wedde, 1770 That thou schalt be my worldes blisse And profreth him with that to kisse, As sche a lusti Lady were.

This lettre is forth upon hire sonde, Wherof somdiel confort on honde 800 Sche tok, as she that wolde abide And waite upon that ilke tyde Which sche hath in hire lettre write.

Avise him, if he wolde flitte The lawe for the coveitise, Ther sih he redi his juise.

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Into the ground, wher alle gon, This dede lady was begrave Elda, which thoghte his honour save, Al that he mai restreigneth sorwe.

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And forto speke in other weie, Fulofte time I have herd seie, That he which hath no love achieved, Him thenkth that he is noght relieved, Thogh that his ladi make him chiere, So as sche mai in good manere 680 Hir honour and hir name save, Bot he the surplus mihte have.

Bot tak this lore into thi wit, That alle thing hath time and stede, The cherche serveth for the bede, The chambre is of an other speche.

1010 This tale after the king it hadde Pentapolim al overspradde, Ther was no joie forto seche For every man it hadde in speche And seiden alle of on acord, A worthi king schal ben oure lord That thoghte ous ferst an hevinesse Is schape ous now to gret gladnesse.

Thus toucheth he, whil he mai laste To go, bot hunger ate laste 280 Him tok, so that he moste nede Be weie of kinde his hunger fede.

And hapneth thilke time so, The lordes bothe and the comune The hihe festes of Neptune Upon the stronde at the rivage, As it was custumme and usage, Sollempneliche thei besihe.

1310 Thilke art which Spatula is hote, And used is of comun rote Among Paiens, with that craft ek Of which is Auctor Thosz the Grek, He worcheth on and on be rowe Razel is noght to him unknowe, Ne Salomones Candarie, His Ydeac, his Eutonye The figure and the bok withal Of Balamuz, CCIE 350-030 Vce Download and of Ghenbal 1320 The Seal, and therupon thymage Of Thebith, for his avantage He takth, and somwhat of Gibiere, Which helplich is to this matiere.

He sih also the grete mone, Of that the Modres were unglade, And of the wo the children made, Wherof that al his herte tendreth, And such pite withinne engendreth, 3290 That him was levere forto chese His oghne bodi forto lese, Than se so gret a moerdre wroght Upon the blod which gulteth noght.

For lacke of vertu lacketh grace, Wherof richesse in many place, Whan men best wene forto stonde, Al sodeinly goth out of honde 2260 Bot vertu set in the corage, Ther mai no world be so salvage, Which mihte it take and don aweie, Til whanne that the bodi deie CCIE 350-030 Vce Download And thanne he schal be riched so, That it mai faile neveremo So mai that wel be gentilesse, Which yifth so gret a sikernesse.

Practique hath yit the thridde aprise, Which techeth hou and in what wise 1680 Thurgh hih pourveied M9510-664 Exam Topics ordinance A king schal sette in governance His Realme, and that is Policie, Which longeth unto Regalie In time of werre, in time of pes, To worschipe and to good encress Of clerk, of kniht and of Marchant, And so forth of the remenant Of al the comun poeple aboute, Withinne Burgh and ek withoute, 1690 Of hem that ben Artificiers, Whiche usen craftes and 350-030 Study Guide Book mestiers, Whos Art is cleped Mechanique.

For wher the lawe mai comune The lordes forth with 350-030 Vce Files the commune, 2710 Ech hath his propre duete And ek the kinges realte Of bothe his worschipe underfongeth, To his astat as it belongeth, Which of his hihe worthinesse Hath to governe rihtwisnesse, As he which schal the lawe guide.

This briddes name was as tho Corvus, the which was thanne also Welmore whyt than eny Swan, And he that schrewe al that he can Of his ladi to Phebus seide And he for wraththe his swerd outbreide, 800 With which Cornide anon he slowh.

Thus was he tempted ofte sore Bot for he wolde be nomore Among the wommen so coveited, The beaute of his face streited 6380 He hath, and threste out bothe hise yhen, That alle wommen whiche him syhen Thanne afterward, of him ne roghte And thus his maidehiede he boghte.

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Anon it was at Rome knowe, The pompe which that Perse ladde And the Romeins that time hadde A Consul, which was cleped thus Be name, Paul Emilius, A noble, a worthi kniht withalle And he, which chief was of hem alle, This werre on honde hath undertake.

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What nature hath set in hir lawe Ther mai no mannes miht withdrawe, And who that worcheth therayein, Fulofte time it hath be sein, Ther hath befalle gret vengance, Wherof I finde a remembrance.

Mi fader, yis I am beknowe unto you this.

This lord, which herde of this tempeste That he tofore his gate blew, Tho wiste he be the lawe and knew That he was sikerliche ded And as of help he wot no red, Bot sende for hise frendes alle And tolde hem how it is befalle.

And sche, that wolde his hertes reste, Preith that he scholde chese algate, Til ate laste longe and late 1820 He seide O ye, my lyves hele, Sey what you list in my querele, I not what ansuere I schal yive Bot evere whil that I may live, I wol that ye be my maistresse, For I can noght miselve gesse 070-347 Certification Exam Which is the beste unto my chois.

And as it telleth in the tale, The ferst into a nyhtingale Was schape, and that was Philomene, Which in the wynter is noght sene, For thanne ben the leves falle And naked ben the buisshes alle.

The cheles bothe and ek the hetes, The chances of the world also, That we fortune clepen so, 640 Among the mennes nacion Al is thurgh constellacion, Wherof that som man hath the wele, And som man hath deseses fele In love als wel as othre thinges The stat of realmes and of kinges In time of pes, in time of werre It is conceived of the Sterre And thus seith the naturien Which is an Astronomien.

And with that word he tok a Corde, With which upon the gate tre He hyng himself, that was pite.

And he lay stille as eny ston, Bot evere in on sche spak and preide, And bad him thenke on that he seide, Whan that he tok hire be the hond.

Sey forth, quod sche, and tell me how Schew me thi seknesse everydiel.

The kinges dowhter, which this syh, For pure abaissht drowh hire adryh 1330 And hield hire clos under the bowh, And let hem passen stille ynowh For as hire thoghte in hire avis, To hem that were of such CCIE Voice Written 350-030 Vce Download a pris Sche was noght worthi axen there, Fro when they come or what thei were Bot levere than this worldes good Sche wolde have wist hou that it stod, And putte hire hed alitel oute And as sche lokede hire aboute, 1340 Sche syh comende under the Cisco 350-030 linde A womman up an hors behinde.

7590 And ek tak hiede of Achilles, Whan he unto his love ches Polixena, that was also In holi temple of Appollo, Which was the cause why he dyde And al his lust was leyd asyde.

Thus for the pite which he tok Alle othre leches he forsok, And put him out of aventure Al only into goddes cure And seith, Who that woll maister be, He mot be servant to pite.

What scholde I thanne go so ferr In strange londes many a mile To ryde, and lese at hom therwhile Mi love It were a schort beyete To winne chaf and lese whete.

Lo thus, mi Sone, as I have write, Thou miht of Jelousie wite His fievere and his condicion, Which is full of suspecion.

And to the kniht sche seide Yee, Now that I wot my fadres wille, That I schal in this wise spille, I wole obeie me therto, 350-030 Vce Download Aluminium Access Products Ltd And as he wole it schal be do.

A vois unto Saturne tolde Hou that his oghne Sone him scholde Out of his regne putte aweie And he be cause of thilke weie, That him was schape such a fate, Sibele his wif began to hate 1160 And ek hire progenie bothe.

Whan Salomon his bone hath taxed, The god of that which he hath axed Was riht wel paid, and granteth sone Noght al only that he his bone Schal have of that, bot of richesse, Of hele, of pes, of hih noblesse, 3910 Forth with wisdom at his axinges, Which stant above alle othre thinges.

Bot for als moche as I suppose It sit a prest to be 350-030 Test Pdf wel thewed, And schame it is if he be lewed, Of my Presthode after the forme I wol thi schrifte so enforme, That ate leste thou schalt hiere The vices, and to thi matiere Of love I schal hem so remene, That thou schalt knowe what thei mene.

Bot I am overcome so, And torned fro miself so clene, That ofte I wot noght what I mene 120 So that excusen I ne mai Min herte, fro the ferste day That I cam to mi ladi kiththe, I was yit sobre nevere siththe.

Phisique is after the secounde, Thurgh which the Philosophre hath founde To techen sondri knowlechinges Upon the bodiliche thinges.

This knyht behield hir redely, And as he wolde have passed by, Sche cleped him and bad abide And he his horse heved aside Tho torneth, and to hire he rod, And there he hoveth and abod, To wite what sche wolde mene.

Merveiles tuelve in his degre, As it was couth in sondri londes, He dede with hise oghne hondes 1090 Ayein geantz and Monstres bothe, The whiche horrible were and lothe, Bot he with strengthe hem overcam Wherof so gret a pris he nam, That thei him clepe amonges alle The god of strengthe, and to him calle.

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And CCIE 350-030 thilke time at Rome also Was Tullius with Cithero, That writen upon Rethorike, Hou that men schal the wordes pike 2650 After the forme of eloquence, Which is, men sein, a gret prudence And after that out of Hebreu Jerom, which the langage kneu, The Bible, in which the lawe is closed, Into Latin he hath transposed And many an other writere ek Out of Caldee, Arabe and Grek With gret labour the bokes wise Translateden.

650 Bot the divin seith otherwise, That if men weren goode and wise And plesant unto the godhede, Thei scholden noght the sterres drede For o man, if him wel befalle, Is more worth than ben thei alle Towardes him that weldeth al.

And so it fell, riht as thei sein, The Sacrilege which he wroghte Was cause why the Gregois soughte 7580 Unto the toun and it beleie, And wolden nevere parte aweie, Til what be sleihte and what be strengthe Thei hadde it wonne in brede and lengthe, And brent and slayn that was withinne.

And whanne he syh that be no mede Toward hir love he myhte spede, Be sleyhte feigned thanne he wroghte And therupon he him bethoghte How that ther was in the Cite A temple of such auctorite, 800 To which with gret Devocioun The noble wommen of the toun Most comunliche a pelrinage Gon forto preie thilke ymage Which the godesse of childinge is, And cleped was be name Ysis And in hire temple thanne were, To reule and to ministre there After the lawe which was tho, Above alle othre Prestes tuo.

And thus Phebus in love brenneth, And in his haste aboute renneth, To loke if that he mihte winne Bot he was evere to beginne, 1710 For evere awei fro him sche fledde, So that he nevere his love spedde.

3930 Eson, whan that he wiste of this, Hou that his Sone comen is, And hath achieved that he soughte And hom with him Medea broughte, In al the wyde world was non So glad a man as he was on.

Forthi if thou amonges alle Hast used this condicioun, Mi Sone, in thi Confessioun Now tell me pleinly what thou art.

For Bachus was a glotoun eke, Him for the throte thei beseke, 1470 That he it wolde waisshen ofte With swote drinkes and with softe.

Among the goddes alle above 640 It fell at thilke time thus The god of fyr, which Vulcanus Is hote, and hath a craft forthwith Assigned, forto be the Smith Of Jupiter, and his figure Bothe of visage and of stature Is lothly and malgracious, Bot yit he hath withinne his hous As for the likynge of his lif The faire Venus to his wif.

440 After the kinde of thelement, Thus stant a mannes kinde went, As touchende his complexion, Upon sondri division Of dreie, of moiste, of chele, of hete, And ech of hem his oghne sete Appropred hath withinne a man.

Mi Sone, of that thou woldest so, I am noght wroth, bot over this I wol thee tellen hou it is.

Mi goode Sone, and for thi sake, So as it fell be daies olde, And so as the Poete it tolde, Upon the nyhtes micherie Nou herkne a tale of Poesie.

Bot natheles to knowe more Als wel as thou me longeth sore 2430 And for it helpeth to comune, Al ben thei noght to me comune, The scoles of Philosophie, Yit thenke I forto specefie, In boke as it is comprehended, Wherof thou mihtest ben amended.

And whan thei schulle both passe, I not of hem which hath the lasse 2240 Of worldes good, bot as of charge The lord is more forto charge, Whan god schal his accompte hiere, For he CCIE Voice Written 350-030 Vce Download hath had hise lustes hiere.

For ferst unto the mannes heste 910 Was every creature ordeined, Bot afterward it was restreigned Whan that he fell, thei fellen eke, Whan he wax sek, thei woxen seke For as the man hath passioun Of seknesse, in comparisoun So soffren othre creatures.

Forth in message goth this kniht Unto this wofull yonge wiht, This scharpe swerd to hire he tok Wherof that al hire bodi qwok, For wel sche wiste what it mente, And that it was to thilke entente 260 That sche hireselven scholde slee.

And if sche of hire goode leve 4470 Rewarde wol me noght again, I wot the laste of my bargain Schal stonde upon so gret a lost, That I mai neveremor the cost Recovere in this world til I die.

Whan al his Pride is cast to grounde, The rote schal be faste bounde, 2840 And schal no mannes herte bere, Bot every lust he schal forbere Of man, and lich an Oxe his mete Of gras he schal pourchace and ete, Til that the water of the hevene Have waisshen him be times sevene, So that he be thurghknowe ariht What is the heveneliche myht, And be mad humble to the wille Of him which al mai save and spille.

I not what helpeth that clergie Which makth a man to do folie, And nameliche of nigromance, Which stant upon the mescreance.

The king him granteth 70-217 Exam Dumps to fulfille His axinge at his oghne wille, And sche for whom he hadde served, Hire thoghte he hath hire wel CCIE 350-030 deserved.

Thei take logginge in the toun After the disposicion Wher as him thoghte best to duelle He axeth thanne and herde telle 1820 Hou that the king was oute go.

Mi name is Couste, sche him seide Bot forthermor for noght he preide Of hire astat to knowe plein, Sche wolde him nothing elles sein Bot of hir name, which sche feigneth Alle othre thinges sche restreigneth, That a word more sche ne tolde.

In thelementz and ek also Thei hadden a believe tho 760 And al was that unresonable For thelementz ben servicable To man, and ofte 350-030 Vce Download of Accidence, As men mai se thexperience, Thei ben corrupt be sondri weie So mai no mannes reson seie That thei ben god in eny wise.

The king seith, Nay, sche schal noght go.

950 And over this, so as I dar, I rede that thou be riht war Of othre mennes hate aboute, Which every wysman scholde doute For Hate is evere upon await, And as the fisshere on his bait Sleth, whan he seth the fisshes faste, So, whan he seth time ate laste, That he mai worche an other wo, Schal noman tornen him therfro, 960 That Hate nyle his felonie Fulfille and feigne compaignie Yit natheles, for fals Semblant Is toward him of covenant Withholde, so that under bothe The prive wraththe can him clothe, That he schal seme of gret believe.

Who loveth wel, it mai noght misse, And namely whan ther be tuo Of on acord, how so it go, Bot if that thei som weie finde For love is evere of such a kinde And hath his folk so wel affaited, That howso that it be awaited, Ther mai noman the pourpos lette And thus betwen hem tuo thei sette 1370 And hole upon a wall to make, Thurgh which thei have her conseil take At alle times, whan thei myhte.

He hath hire fro the bordel take, Bot that was noght 350-030 Exam Practice Pdf for goddes sake, Bot for the lucre, as sche him tolde.

Whan that the king was comen 350-030 Self Study hom, And hath left in the salte fom His wif, which he mai noght foryete, For he som confort wolde gete, 1550 He let somoune a parlement, To which the lordes were asent And of the time he hath ben oute, He seth the thinges al aboute, And told hem ek hou he hath fare, Whil he was out of londe fare And preide hem alle to abyde, For he wolde at the same tyde Do schape for his wyves mynde, As he that wol noght ben unkinde.

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Circes toswolle bothe sides He lefte, and waiteth on the tydes, And straght thurghout the salte fom He takth his cours and comth him hom, 1470 Where as he fond Penolope A betre wif ther mai non be, And yit ther ben ynowhe of goode.