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Now stant the crop under the rote, The world is changed overal, And therof most in special 120 That love is falle into discord.

I wot noght, fader, what ye mene Bot this I wolde you beseche, That ye me be som weie teche 590 What is to ben an ypocrite And thanne if I be forto wyte, I wol beknowen, as it is.

1430 That knyht Branchus was of his hond The worthieste of al his lond, And fain thei wolden CCIE 400-051 Exam Questions And Answers do vengance Upon Florent, bot remembrance That thei toke of his worthinesse Of knyhthod and of gentilesse, And how he stod of cousinage To themperour, made hem assuage, And dorsten noght slen him for fere In gret desputeisoun thei were 1440 Among hemself, what was the beste.

I wolde here happ were such as myn For how so that I be now schrive, To hem ne mai I noght foryive, Til that I se hem at debat With love, and thanne myn astat 900 Thei mihten be here oghne deme, And loke how wel Cisco 400-051 Exam Questions And Answers it scholde hem qweme To hindre a man CCIE Collaboration 400-051 Exam Questions And Answers that loveth sore.

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He which natureth every kinde, The myhti 70-552-CSHARP Book god, so as I finde, Of man, which is his creature, Hath so devided the nature, That non til other wel acordeth And be the cause it so discordeth, The lif which fieleth the seknesse Mai stonde upon no sekernesse.

That holde I riht 400-051 Exam Questions And Answers a sori feste, Whan he that reson understod So soudeinliche is woxe wod, 50 Or elles lich the dede man, Which nouther go ne speke can.

1530 Hire Epitaffe of good assisse Was write aboute, and in this wise It spak O yee that this beholde, Lo, hier lith sche, the which was holde The faireste and the flour of alle, Whos name Thai5sis men calle.

And as thou hast tofore herd telle Hou he was cleped god of helle, 1300 So is sche cleped the goddesse Be cause of him, ne mor ne lesse.

And in such wise as sche him saide, 3010 Achilles, which that ilke while Was yong, upon himself to smyle Began, whan he was so besein.

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And in the meene while he caste 5330 What thing him were best to do And fell that Adriagne tho, Which was the dowhter of Mynos, And hadde herd the worthi los Of These s and of his myht, And syh he was a lusti kniht, Hire hole herte on him sche leide, And he also of love hir preide, So ferforth that thei were al on.

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Of this sotie 400-051 Exam Prep also I finde, Amon his Soster ayein kinde, Which hihte Thamar, he forlay Bot he that lust an other day Aboghte, whan that Absolon His oghne brother therupon, Of that he hadde his Soster schent, Tok of that Senne vengement 220 And slowh him with his oghne hond And thus thunkinde unkinde fond.

Ma dame, if ye wolde have rowthe, Quod I, than wolde I telle yow.

Sone after the destruccioun, Whan Troie was al bete doun And slain was Priamus the king, The Gregois, whiche of al this thing Ben cause, tornen hom ayein.

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Now were it good that thou forthi, Which thurgh baptesme proprely Art unto Cristes feith professed, Be war that thou be noght oppressed With Anticristes lollardie.

And in this wise double mede Resceiven thei that don wel hiere Wherof if that thee list to hiere 3040 After the fame as it is blowe, Ther myht thou wel the sothe knowe, Hou thilke honeste besinesse Of hem that ferst for rihtwisnesse Among the men the lawes made, Mai nevere upon this erthe fade.

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Whan suche softe wyndes blewen Of flaterie into here Ere, Thei setten noght here hertes there 2440 Bot whan thei herden wordes feigned, The pleine trouthe it hath desdeigned Of hem that weren so discrete.

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And of miself I telle this For it so longe passed is, Sithe ferst than ye fro home wente, That welnyh every man his wente To there I am, whil ye ben oute, Hath mad, and ech of hem aboute, 170 Which love can, my love secheth, With gret preiere and me besecheth And some maken gret manace, That if thei mihten come in place, Wher that thei mihte here wille have, Ther is nothing me scholde save, That thei ne wolde werche thinges And some tellen me tidynges That ye ben ded, and some sein That certeinly ye ben besein 180 To love a newe and leve me.

Bot natheles in such degre, So as sche mihte hire honour save, Sche schop the body was begrave.

Now tell me thanne, I you beseche, Wherof that riche bridel serveth.

I rede hou whilom was a Maide, The faireste, as Ovide saide, Which was in hire time tho And sche was of the chambre also Of Pallas, which is the goddesse And wif to Marte, of whom prouesse 6150 Is yove to these worthi knihtes.

And for that trouthe, hou so it falle, Is the vertu soverein of alle, That longeth unto regiment, A tale, which is evident Of trouthe in comendacioun, Toward thin enformacion, 1780 Mi Sone, hierafter thou schalt hiere Of a Cronique in this matiere.

Bot thei that worchen be supplaunt, Yit wolden thei a man supplaunte, And take a part of thilke plaunte 2370 Which he hath for himselve set And so fulofte is al unknet, That som man weneth be riht fast.

Sche sih hire fader sorwe and sike, 3140 And wiste noght the cause why So cam sche to him prively, And that was where he made his mone Withinne a Gardin al him one Upon hire knes sche gan doun falle With humble herte and to him calle, And seide O goode fader diere, Why make ye thus hevy chiere, And I wot nothing how it is And wel ye knowen, fader, this, 3150 What aventure that you felle Ye myhte it saufly to me telle, For I have ofte herd you seid, That ye such trust have on me leid, That to my soster ne my brother, In al this world ne to non other, Ye dorste telle a privite So wel, my fader, as to me.

Bot as for me this seie I noght 7360 For while that mi lif wol stonde, If that ye taken werre on honde, Falle it to beste or to the werste, I schal miselven be the ferste To grieven hem, what evere I may.

Mi Sone, my conseil is this Hou so it stonde of time go, Do forth thi besinesse so, That no Lachesce in the be founde For Slowthe is mihti to confounde 300 The spied of every mannes werk.

Whan that the thurst of love him cawhte, Wher that him list he tok a drauhte, He spareth nouther wif ne maide, That such an other, as men saide, 1220 In al this world was nevere yit.

Als fer as evere a man may knowe, Ther lasteth nothing bot a throwe The world stant evere upon debat, So may be seker non astat, Now hier now ther, now to now 350-018 Sample Questions fro, Now up now down, this world goth so, 570 And evere hath don and evere schal Wherof I finde in 400-051 Questions And Answers special A tale writen in the Bible, Which moste nedes be credible And that as in conclusioun Seith that upon divisioun Stant, why no worldes thing mai laste, Til it be drive to the laste.

Bot 400-051 Practice Exam Questions forto loke of time go, Hou lust of love excedeth lawe, It oghte forto be withdrawe For every man it scholde drede, And nameliche in his Sibrede, Which torneth ofte to vengance Wherof a tale in remembrance, Which is a long process to hiere, I thenke forto tellen hiere.

Senec witnesseth openly How that Envie proprely Is of the Court the comun wenche, And halt taverne forto schenche That drink which makth the herte brenne, And doth the wit aboute renne, 3100 Be every weie to compasse How that he mihte alle othre passe, As he which thurgh unkindeschipe Envieth every felaschipe So that thou miht wel knowe and se, Ther is no vice such as he, Ferst toward godd abhominable, And to mankinde unprofitable And that be wordes bot a fewe I schal be reson prove and schewe.

Forthi, my Sone, if thou er this Hast ben of such professioun, Discovere thi confessioun Hast thou supplanted eny man For oght that I you telle can, Min holi fader, as of the dede I am withouten eny drede Al gulteles bot of my thoght Mi conscience excuse I noght.

And sche ordeigneth thanne anon 5340 In what manere he scholde him save, And schop so that sche dede him have A clue of thred, of which withinne Ferst ate dore he schal beginne With him to take that on ende, That whan he wolde ayeinward wende, He mihte go the same weie.

And natheles, so as I may Make unto thi memoire knowe, The pointz of Slowthe thou schalt knowe.

1480 And of the galle the goddesse, For sche was full of hastifesse Of wraththe and liht to grieve also, Thei made and seide it was Juno.

And whan he sih his touche aweie, He goth him hom the rihte weie And liveth forth as he dede er, And putte al Avarice afer, And the richesse of gold despiseth, And seith that mete and cloth sufficeth.

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And al withinne his oghne entente, That noman CCIE Collaboration 400-051 Exam Questions And Answers wiste what it mente, Anon he let tuo cofres make Of o semblance and of o make, So lich that no lif thilke throwe That on mai fro that other knowe Thei were into his chambre broght, Bot noman wot why thei be wroght, 2300 And natheles the king hath bede That thei be set in prive stede.

Paulus the worthi kniht Romein Be his aspie it herde sein, 1830 And hasteth him al that he may, So that upon that other day He cam wher he this host beheld, And that was in a large feld, Wher the Baneres ben desplaied.

This Priamus hadde in his yhte A wif, and Hecuba sche hyhte, 400-051 Pdf Exam Be whom that time ek hadde he Of Sones fyve, and douhtres thre 7310 Besiden hem, and thritty mo, And weren knyhtes alle tho, Bot noght upon his wif begete, Bot elles where he myhte hem gete Of wommen whiche he hadde knowe Such was the world at thilke throwe So that he was of children riche, As therof was noman his liche.

That we fortune clepe so Out of the man himself it groweth And who that other wise troweth, 550 Behold the poeple of Irael For evere whil thei deden wel, Fortune was hem debonaire, And whan thei deden the contraire, Fortune was contrariende.

For ought I can me yit avise, 1930 Mi goode fader, certes no.

Bot al to lytel him supposeth, Thogh he mihte al the world pourchace For what thing that he may embrace Of gold, of catel or of lond, He let it nevere out of his hond, Bot get him more and halt it faste, As thogh the world scholde evere laste.

And thus I ryde forth mi weie, And am riht besi overal With herte and with mi body al, 1220 As I have said you hier tofore.

Bot yit a sterre CCIE Collaboration 400-051 Exam Questions And Answers upon the hevene He hath of the planetes sevene.

Fare wel, for I mai noght be let Ma Dame, I go to mi servise, So moste I haste in alle wise 1380 Forthi, ma Dame, yif me leve, I mai noght longe with you leve.

So mai I prove wel forthi, Above alle othre under the Sky, Who that the vertus wolde peise, Virginite is forto preise, Which, as thapocalips recordeth, To Crist in hevene best acordeth.

He seith noght ones grant merci, Bot strauhte him forth to the cite, And let this povere Bardus be.

It hath and schal ben everemor That love is maister wher he wile, Ther can no lif make other skile For wher as evere him lest to sette, Ther is no myht which him may lette.

Thei comen to the kyng and bede Som of his good par charite And he with gret humilite 2050 Out of his Char to grounde lepte, And hem in bothe hise armes kepte And keste hem bothe fot and hond Before the lordes of his lond, And yaf hem of his good therto And whanne he hath this dede do, He goth into his char ayein.

Hierof I am inquisitif 410 And who that can mi tale save, Al quyt he schal my doghter have Of his ansuere and if he faile, He schal be ded withoute faile.

Upon a time as it befell, Ayein Judee and Irahel Whan sondri kinges come were In pourpos to destruie there 3630 The poeple which god kepte tho, And stod in thilke daies so, That Gedeon, which scholde lede The goddes folk, tok him to rede, And sende in al the lond aboute, Til he assembled hath a route With thritti thousend of defence, To fihte and make resistence Ayein the whiche hem wolde assaille And natheles that o bataille 3640 Of thre that weren enemys Was double mor than was al his Wherof that Gedeon him dradde, That he so litel poeple hadde.

But now men tellen natheles That love is fro the world departed, So stant the pes unevene parted 170 With hem that liven now adaies.

Into the ground, wher alle gon, This dede lady was begrave Elda, which thoghte his honour save, Al that he mai restreigneth sorwe.

Whan he to Schipe ayein was come, To him he hath his conseil nome, And al devised the matiere In such a wise as thou schalt hiere.

This thing is knowen overal, Bot yit I thenke in special To my matiere therupon Telle in what wise Agamenon, Thurgh chance which mai noght be weived, Of love untrewe was deceived.

Thus in defalte of other jugge The king mot otherwhile jugge, To holden up the rihte lawe.

On seith hire fader was Pallant, Which in his time was geant, 1210 A cruel man, a bataillous An other seith hou in his hous Sche was the cause why he deide.

Bot yit a kinges hihe astat, Which of his 400-051 Exam Vce ordre as a prelat Schal ben enoignt and seintefied, He mot be more magnefied For dignete of his corone, Than scholde an other low persone, 4250 Which is noght of so hih emprise.

Bot Adrian, which Pope was, And syh the meschief of this cas, Goth in to France forto pleigne, And preith the grete Charlemeine, For Cristes sake and Soule hele That he wol take the querele 750 Of holy cherche in his defence.

Mi Sone, in sondri wise ye.

Ma dame, certes wel, he seide, Bot if ye the mesure pleide Which, if you list, I schal you liere, It were a glad thing forto hiere.

And thanne he gan to sighe sore 3670 And sodeinliche abreide of slep And thei that token of him kep, His chamberleins, be sone there, And maden redi al his gere, And he aros and to the king He wente, and 400-051 Exam Guide Pdf seide hou to that thing For which he cam he wolde go.

And if it falle him so per chance, As he which is a fowhl of preie, That he a man finde in his weie, He wol him slen, if that he mai Bot afterward the same dai, Whan he 400-051 Exam Paper hath eten al his felle, And that schal be beside a welle, 2610 In which whan he wol drinke take, Of his visage and seth the make That he hath slain, anon he thenketh Of his misdede, and it forthenketh So gretly, that for pure sorwe He liveth noght til on the morwe.

This yonge lord Narcizus hihte No strengthe of love bowe mihte His herte, which is unaffiled Bot ate laste he was beguiled For of the goddes pourveance It fell him on a dai par chance, 2290 That he in all his proude fare Unto the forest gan to fare, Amonges othre that ther were To hunte and to desporte him there.

And so it fell, riht as thei sein, The Sacrilege which he wroghte Was cause why the Gregois soughte 7580 Unto the toun and it beleie, And wolden nevere parte aweie, Til what be sleihte and what be strengthe Thei hadde it wonne in brede and lengthe, And brent and slayn that was withinne.

Bot if you liste to comune Of the seconde Glotonie, Which cleped is Delicacie, Wherof ye spieken hier tofore, Beseche I wolde you therfore.

Bot therof was sche noght the ner, As no fortune may be weyved With Falssemblant sche was deceived, That whan sche wende best have wonne, Sche lost al that sche hath begonne.

40 And thus fulofte a day for noght Save onlich of myn oghne thoght I am so with miselven wroth, That how so that the game goth With othre men, I am noght glad Bot I am wel the more unglad, For that is othre mennes game It torneth me to pure grame.

The sothe, which mai noght ben hid, Was ate laste knowe and kid Unto the king, how that it stod.

And thus this double Ypocrisie With his devolte apparantie A viser set upon his face, Wherof toward this worldes grace He semeth to be 400-051 Exam Questions And Answers riht wel thewed, And yit his herte is al beschrewed.

420 What man that takth his kinde of thair, He schal be lyht, he schal be fair, For his complexion is blood.

In many a wise ther was spoke, Hou that 400-051 Real Exam Questions thei mihten ben awroke, Bot ate laste natheles Thei seiden alle, Acord and pes.

1010 His fader, whan he herde it telle, He swor, if evere his time felle, He wolde him venge, if that he mihte, And therto his 400-051 Online Exam avou behihte And thus this king thurgh prive hate Abod upon await algate, For he was noght of such emprise To vengen him in open wise.

Of the Caldeus lo in this wise Stant the believe out of assisse Bot in Egipte worst of alle The feith is fals, hou so it falle 790 For thei diverse bestes there Honoure, as thogh thei goddes were And natheles yit forth withal Thre goddes most in special Thei have, forth with a goddesse, In whom is al here sikernesse.

Bot what the hihe god wol spare It mai for no peril misfare This worthi Maiden which was there Stod thanne, as who seith, ded for feere, To se the feste how that it stod, 400-051 Exam Test Which al was torned into blod The Dissh forthwith the Coppe and al Bebled thei weren overal 700 Sche sih hem deie on every side No wonder thogh sche wepte and cride Makende many a wofull mone.

Forthi this king to Bachus preieth To grante him gold, bot he excedeth Mesure more than him nedeth.

And thus bewhapid in my thought, Whan al was turnyd in to nought, I stod amasid for a while, And in my self y gan to smyle Thenkende uppon the bedis blake, And how they weren me betake, 2960 For that y schulde bidde and preie.

And so befell, This Cave was under the hell 6830 Of Tymolus, which was begrowe With vines, and at thilke throwe Faunus with Saba the CCIE Collaboration 400-051 Exam Questions And Answers goddesse, Be whom the large wildernesse In thilke time stod governed, Weere in a place, as I am lerned, Nyh by, which Bachus wode hihte.

7640 Betwen the tuo extremites Of vice stant the propretes Of vertu, and to prove it so Tak Avarice and tak also The vice of Prodegalite Betwen hem Liberalite, Which is the vertu of Largesse, Stant and governeth his noblesse.

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Ensample it was to manye mo, That mochel Slep doth ofte wo, Whan it is time forto wake For if a man this vice take, In Sompnolence and him delite, Men scholde upon his Dore wryte His epitaphe, as on his grave For he to spille and noght to save 3360 Is schape, as thogh he were ded.

Bewar, mi Sone, er thee so falle For if thou be of such covine, To gete of love be Ravine 6050 Thi lust, it mai thee falle thus, As it befell of Tere s.

The ferste of whiche is Arsmetique, And the secounde is seid Musique, 150 The thridde is ek Geometrie, Also the ferthe Astronomie.

Forthi, mi Sone, hold up thin hed, And let no Slep thin yhe englue, Bot whanne it is to resoun due.

Bot se we now what is befalle Upon the ferste tale plein, And torne we therto ayein.

4070 The blake wether tho sche tok, And hiewh the fleissh, as doth a cok On either alter part sche leide, And with the charmes that sche seide A fyr doun fro the Sky alyhte And made it forto brenne lyhte.

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Bot for he wolde it were seie What good thei have, as thei suppose, He bad anon the cofre unclose, Which was fulfild with straw and stones Thus be thei served al at ones.

3380 He myhte noght the maide asterte, That sche nis ladi of his herte So that he tok hire to his wif, To holde whyl that he hath lif And thus the king toward his knyht Acordeth him, as it is riht.

The bisshop, as it was to done, Yaf him baptesme and Moris calleth And therupon, as it befalleth, With lettres writen of record Thei sende unto here liege lord, 940 That kepers weren of the qweene And he that scholde go betwene, The Messager, to Knaresburgh, Which toun he scholde passe thurgh, Ridende cam the ferste day.

Lo, thus I tempre mi diete, And take a drauhte of such reles, That al mi wit is herteles, And al myn herte, ther it sit, Is, as who seith, withoute wit So that to prove it be reson In makinge of comparison Ther mai no difference be Betwen a drunke man CCIE Collaboration 400-051 Exam Questions And Answers and me.

770 Next to Mercurie, as wol befalle, Stant that Planete which men calle Venus, whos constellacion Governeth al the nacion Of lovers, wher thei spiede or non, Of whiche I trowe thou be on Bot whiderward thin happes wende, Schal this planete schewe at ende, As it hath do to many mo, To some wel, to some wo.

Thou dost, my Sone, ayein the riht Bot love is of so gret a miht, His lawe mai noman refuse, So miht thou thee the betre excuse.

Of Ylem, as I am enformed, These elementz ben mad and formed, Of Ylem elementz they hote After the Scole of Aristote, 220 Of whiche if more I schal reherce, Foure elementz ther ben diverse.

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Unto this king this god appiereth And clepeth, and that other hiereth This god to Mide thonketh faire Of that he was so debonaire Toward his Prest, and bad him seie What thing it were he wolde preie, He scholde it have, of worldes good.

Thus cleymeth he the bot to stiere, 2380 Of which an other maister is.

The king was moeved in his thoght Of that he seth, and knoweth it noght 1380 This child he loveth kindely, And yit he wot no cause why.

Forthi, my goode diere Sone, If thou wolt finde a siker weie To love, put Envie aweie.

It sit wel every liege drede His king and to his heste obeie, And riht so be the same weie It sit a king to be pitous Toward his poeple and gracious Upon the reule of governance, So that he worche no vengance, Which mai be cleped crualte.

That scholde be the worldes hele Is now, men CCIE 400-051 Exam Questions And Answers sein, the pestilence Which hath exiled pacience 280 Fro the clergie in special And that is schewed overal, In eny thing whan thei ben grieved.

Cillenus ferst his tale tolde, To trouthe and as he was beholde, The comun profit forto save, He seide hou tresoun scholde have 1610 A cruel deth and thus thei spieke, The Consul bothe and Catoun eke, And seiden that for such a wrong Ther mai no peine be to strong.

Bot Jelousie of his untrist Makth that full many an harm arist, Which elles scholde noght arise And if a man him wolde avise 720 Of that befell to Vulcanus, Him oghte of reson thenke thus, That sithe a god therof was schamed, Wel scholde an erthli man be blamed To take upon him such a vice.

I not if that it now so stonde, Bot this a man mai understonde, Who that these olde bokes redeth, That coveitise is on which ledeth, And broghte ferst the werres inne.

With that hir lok on me sche caste, And seide In aunter if thou live, Mi will is ferst that thou be schrive 190 And natheles how that it is I wot miself, bot for al this Unto my prest, which comth anon, I woll thou telle it on and on, Bothe all thi thoght and al thi werk.

This wyht upon a spere tho A pensel which was 400-051 Exam Questions And Answers wel begon, Embrouded, scheweth him anon Thre fisshes alle of o colour In manere as it were a tour Upon the pensel were wroght.

Bot yit to loke in othre wise, Ther is a stat, as ye schul hiere, Above alle othre on erthe hiere, Which hath the lond in his balance To him belongith the leiance Of Clerk, of knyght, of man of lawe Undir his hond al is forth drawe MSC-112 Ebook Pdf 3060 The marchant and the laborer So stant it al in his power Or forto spille or forto save.

And thus fulofte aboute the hals Love is of false men embraced Bot love which 400-051 Sample Questions is so pourchaced Comth afterward to litel pris.