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Bot natheles for certein skile I mot algate and nedes wile Noght only make my spekynges Of love, bot of othre thinges, 240 That touchen to the cause of vice.

And he hire in hise armes faste Uphield, and ofte swor his oth That he with hire is nothing wroth, For wel he wot sche may ther noght Bot natheles withinne his thoght His herte stod in sori plit, And seide he wolde of that despit 990 Be venged, how so evere it falle, And sende unto hise frendes alle.

And overthis I understod, So as myn Ere it myhte areche, The moste matiere of her speche Was al of knyhthod and of Armes, And what it is to ligge in armes With love, whanne it is achieved.

The Nouches and the riche ringes, The cloth of gold and the Perrie He takth, and yit delicacie He leveth, thogh he were al this.

Forthi tak into remembrance 1870 To love in such a maner wise That thou deserve no juise For wel I wot, thou miht noght lette, That thou ne schalt thin herte sette To love, wher thou wolt or non Bot if thi wit be overgon, So that it torne into malice, Ther wot noman of thilke vice, What peril that ther mai befalle Wherof a tale amonges alle, 1880 Which is gret pite forto hiere, I thenke forto tellen hiere, That thou such moerdre miht withstonde, Whan thou the tale hast understonde.

1440 This man goth in, bot so it ferde, Whan he hire wofull pleintes herde And he therof hath take kepe, Him liste betre forto wepe Than don oght elles to the game.

Bot how it were, of his penance He made such continuance Fro dai to nyht, 400-101 Test Prep and preith so longe, That his preiere is underfonge, Which Venus of hire grace herde Be nyhte and whan that he worst ferde, 420 And it lay in his nakede arm, The colde ymage he fieleth warm Of fleissh and bon and full of lif.

Betre is to winne be fair speche, He seith, than such vengance seche For whanne a man is most above, Him nedeth most to gete him love.

And so it fell, riht as thei sein, The Sacrilege which he wroghte Was cause why the Gregois soughte 7580 Unto the toun and it beleie, And wolden nevere parte aweie, Til what be sleihte and what be strengthe Thei hadde it wonne in brede and lengthe, And brent and slayn that was withinne.

Bot ofte time love hath pleid And stole many a prive game, Which nevere yit cam into blame, Whan that the thinges weren hidde.

Forthi tomorwe in other place I wole it fonde forto selle, And if it wol noght with him duelle, Bot crepe into mi purs ayein, Than dar I saufly swere and sein, 5110 It is the vertu of the Ston.

And he hir thonketh tho, And tok his leve and forth he wente.

Ensample it was to manye mo, That mochel Slep doth ofte wo, Whan it is time forto wake For if a man this vice take, In Sompnolence and him delite, Men scholde upon his Dore wryte His epitaphe, as on his grave For he to spille and noght to save 3360 Is schape, as thogh he were ded.

What is a lond wher men ben none What ben the men whiche are al one Withoute a kinges governance What is a king in his ligance, Wher that ther is no lawe in londe What is to take lawe on honde, 2700 CCIE Routing and Switching Written v5.0 400-101 Questions And Answers Bot if the jugges weren trewe These olde worldes with the newe Who that wol take in evidence, Ther mai he se thexperience, What thing it is to kepe lawe, Thurgh which the wronges ben withdrawe And rihtwisnesse stant commended, Wherof the regnes ben amended.

And yit for mannes CCIE Routing and Switching Written v5.0 400-101 sustenance, To kepe and holde in governance, 400-101 Questions And Answers 650 To him that wole his hele gete Is non so good as comun mete For who that loketh on the bokes, It seith, confeccion of cokes, A man him scholde wel avise Hou he it toke and in what wise.

Mi Sone, what seist thou therto Tell if thou dedest evere so.

Explicit Liber Primus Incipit Liber Secundus Inuidie culpa magis est attrita dolore, Nam sua mens nullo tempore leta manet Quo gaudent alii, dolet ille, nec vnus amicus Est, cui de puro comoda velle facit.

The pourpos was full take and spoke 9A0-082 Exam Cram Er eny man may take kepe, Whil that the Cite was aslepe, 1180 Thei slowen al that was withinne, And token what thei myhten wynne Of such good as was sufficant, And brenden up the remenant.

And every man is othres lore Of that befell in time er this The present time which now is May ben enformed hou it stod, And take that him thenketh good, 260 And leve that which is noght so.

And whan he sih this wonder thing, 990 He makth the Messager no chiere, Bot natheles in wys manere He wrote ayein, and yaf hem charge That thei ne soffre noght at large His wif to go, bot kepe hire stille, Til thei have herd mor of his wille.

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Full wel, mi Sone, nou I see Thi word stant evere upon o place, Bot yit therof thou hast a grace, That thou thee myht so wel excuse Of love such as som men use, So as I spak of now tofore.

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For if ther be amendement To glade with this woful king, Sche can so moche of every thing, That sche schal gladen him anon.

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Bot if it touche on eny side Mi ladi, as I have er spoken, Myn Eres ben noght thanne loken For certes, whanne that betitt, My will, myn herte and al my witt Ben fully set to herkne and spire What eny man wol speke of hire.

For of tho pointz ye tolden hiere I wol you be CCIE Routing and Switching Written v5.0 400-101 mi trouthe assure, Mi weyhte of love and mi mesure Hath be mor large and mor certein Than evere I tok of love ayein 4440 For Cisco 400-101 Questions And Answers so yit couthe I nevere of sleyhte, To take ayein be double weyhte Of love mor than I have yive.

Now thanne upon that other side To telle my desobeissance, Ful sore it stant to my grevance And may noght sinke into my wit For ofte time sche me bit 1310 To leven hire and chese a newe, And seith, if I the sothe knewe How ferr I stonde from hir grace, I scholde love in other place.

For who that hath no tender love In savinge of a mannes lif, He schal be founde so gultif, That whanne he wolde mercy crave In time of nede, he schal non have.

Agamenon was thanne in weie To Troieward, and tok aweie 6450 This Maiden, which he with him ladde, So grete a lust in hire he hadde.

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And whan he cam tofore the tonne, He hath his tale thus begonne 1260 Alheil, he seith, what man art thou Quod he, Such on as thou sest now.

And whanne it falleth othergate, 2790 So that hire like noght to daunce, Bot on the Dees to caste chaunce Or axe of love som demande, Or elles that hir list comaunde To rede and here of Troilus, Riht as sche wole or so or thus, I am al redi to consente.

Of sihte is al mi ferste fode, Thurgh which myn yhe of alle goode Hath that to him is acordant, A lusti fode sufficant.

Whan al was slain bot sche al one, This olde fend, this Sarazine, Let take anon this Constantine With al the good sche thider broghte, And hath ordeined, as sche thoghte, A nakid Schip withoute stiere, In which the good and hire in fiere, 710 Vitailed full for yeres fyve, Wher that the wynd it wolde dryve, Sche putte upon the wawes wilde.

2020 I finde upon Surquiderie, How that whilom of Hungarie Be olde daies was a King Wys and honeste in alle thing And so befell upon a dai, And that was in the Monthe of Maii, As thilke time it was usance, This kyng with noble pourveance Hath for himself his Charr araied, Wher inne he wolde ride amaied 2030 Out of the Cite forto pleie, With lordes and with gret nobleie Of lusti folk that were yonge Wher some pleide and some songe, And some gon and some ryde, And some prike here hors aside And bridlen hem now in now oute.

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And as me thoghte, an Ere I leide, And herde hou that these othre seide, Lo, these ben the foure wyves, Whos feith was proeved in her lyves For in essample of alle goode With Mariage so thei stode, That fame, which no gret thing hydeth, Yit in Cronique of hem abydeth.

Of that he mihte do now hier He tarieth al the longe yer, And everemore he seith, Tomorwe And so he wol his time borwe, 10 And wissheth after God me sende, That whan he weneth have an ende, Thanne is he ferthest to beginne.

The tidinge of this violence Whan it cam to the moder Ere, Sche sende anon ay wydewhere To suche frendes as sche hadde, A gret pouer til that sche ladde.

Whan he this tale hir herde telle, He was riht glad, and made hire knowen That he a dowhter of his owen Hath, 400-101 Certification which he wol unto hir yive To serve, whil thei bothe live, 1250 In stede of that which sche hath lost Al only at his oghne cost Sche schal be rendred forth with hire.

The king knowende his hih lignage, And dradde also hise mihtes sterne, To him ne dorste his dowhter werne And natheles this he him seide, How Achelons er he ferst preide To wedden hire, and in accord Thei stode, as it was of record 2070 Bot for al that this he him granteth, That which of hem that other daunteth In armes, him sche scholde take, And that the king hath undertake.

Arraied in hire beste wise This Maiden with hire wordes wise Hire fader ladde be the hond Into the place, wher he fond The king with othre whiche he wolde, And to 400-101 Test Engine the king knelende he tolde As he enformed was tofore, And preith the king that he therfore 3230 His dowhtres wordes wolde take, And seith that he wol undertake Upon hire wordes forto stonde.

The god, to whom that al honour Belongeth, he is creatour, And othre ben hise creatures The god commandeth the natures That thei to him obeien alle Withouten him, what so befalle, 110 Her myht is non, and he mai al The god was evere and evere schal, And thei begonne of his assent The times alle be present To god, to hem and alle unknowe, Bot what him liketh that thei knowe Thus bothe an angel and a man, The whiche of al that god began Be chief, obeien goddes myht, And he stant endeles upriht.

And if thou wolt the sothe wite, Behold a tale which is write, Hou that the King Agamenon, Whan he the Cite of Lesbon Hath wonne, a Maiden ther he fond, 400-101 Certificate Which was the faireste of the Lond In thilke time that men wiste.

Thurgh Sorcerie his lust he wan, Thurgh Sorcerie his wo began, 1770 Thurgh Sorcerie his love he ches, Thurgh Sorcerie his lif he les The child was gete in Sorcerie, The which dede al this felonie Thing which was ayein kynde wroght Unkindeliche it was aboght The child his oghne fader slowh, That was unkindeschipe ynowh.

And forto kepe in remembrance, This faire ymage mayden liche With 400-101 Questions And Answers compaignie noble and riche 3650 With torche and gret sollempnite.

And he seide, Amos of Lubie.

And thus this tirannysshe knyht Was soupled, bot noght half ariht, 4890 For he non other hiede tok, Bot that he myhte be som crok, Althogh it were ayein hire wille, The lustes of his fleissh fulfille Which love was noght resonable, For where honour is remuable, It oghte wel to ben avised.

And this broghte in the comun fere, Why every man the lawe dradde, For ther was non which favour hadde.

This proude king in his corage Humilite hath so forlore, That for no swevene he sih tofore, Ne yit for al that Daniel Him hath conseiled everydel, 2950 He let it passe out of his mynde, Thurgh veine gloire, and as the blinde, He seth no weie, er him be wo.

1770 Mi Sone, I have herd thi matiere, Of that thou hast thee schriven hiere And forto speke of ydel fare, Me semeth that thou tharst noght care, Bot only that thou miht noght spede.

This king thanne in the same stede Anon that other cofre undede, 2380 Where as thei sihen gret richesse, Wel more than thei couthen gesse.

Ther be nou fewe of suche, I gesse For it was thilke times used, That every jugge was refused 2820 Which was noght frend to comun riht Bot thei that wolden stonde upriht For trouthe only to do justice Preferred were in thilke office To deme and jugge commun lawe Which nou, men sein, is al withdrawe.

990 Bot in a man yit over this Full gret divisioun ther is, Thurgh which that he is evere in strif, Whil that him lasteth eny lif The bodi and the Soule also Among hem ben divided so, That what thing that the body hateth The soule loveth and debateth Bot natheles fulofte is sene Of werre which is hem betwene 1000 The fieble hath wonne the victoire.

And thus what thing unto his pay CCIE Routing and Switching Written v5.0 400-101 Was most plesant, he lefte non With every lust he was begon, 1210 Wherof the bodi myhte glade, For he non abstinence made Bot most above alle erthli thinges Of wommen unto the likinges Nero sette al his hole herte, For that lust scholde 400-101 Test Software him noght asterte.

Mi Sone, er we departe atwinne, 2750 I schal behinde nothing leve.

For in the womman is no guile Of that a man himself bewhapeth Whan he his oghne wit bejapeth, I can the wommen wel excuse Bot what man wole upon hem muse 4270 After the fool impression Of his ymaginacioun, Withinne himself the fyr he bloweth, Wherof the womman nothing knoweth, So mai sche nothing be to wyte.

Crist seith Ther was a riche man, A mihti lord of gret astat, And he was ek so delicat Of his clothing, that everyday Of pourpre and bisse he made him gay, 990 And eet and drank therto his fille After the lustes of his wille, As he which al stod in delice And tok non hiede of thilke vice.

Thi fader, whil he was alyve And myhte bothe grante and pryve, 4040 Upon the werkes whiche he hadde The comun poeple streite ladde Whan he the temple made newe, Thing which men nevere afore knewe He broghte up thanne of his taillage, And al was under the visage Of werkes whiche he made tho.

Wherof this lusti vice is hote Of Gule the Delicacie, Which al the hole progenie 630 Of lusti folk hath undertake To feede, whil that he mai take Richesses wherof to be founde Of Abstinence he wot no bounde, To what profit it scholde serve.

For he which sit above the Mone And alle thing mai spille and spede, In every cause, in every nede 3800 His goode king so wel adresceth, That alle his fomen he represseth, So that ther mai noman him dere And als so wel he can forbere, And soffre a wickid king to falle In hondes of his fomen alle.

And tho tuo bringen in the thridde, The which hath in myn herte amidde His place take, to arraie The lusti fode, which assaie I mot and nameliche on nyhtes, Whan that me lacketh alle sihtes, And that myn heringe is aweie, Thanne is he redy in the weie 910 Mi reresouper forto make, Of which myn hertes fode I take.

Forthi, mi Sone, aboven alle Thenk wel, hou so it the befalle, And kep thi wittes that thou hast, And let hem noght be drunke in wast Bot natheles ther is no wyht That mai withstonde loves miht.

1370 Bot yit of that which thou hast herd, Of misbelieve hou it hath ferd, Ther is a gret diversite.

Bot Daniel was wonder loth, And seide Upon thi fomen alle, Sire king, thi swevene mote falle And natheles touchende of this I wol the tellen how it is, 2880 And what desese is to thee schape God wot if thou it schalt ascape.

Tho Josaphat began somdel To gladen him in hope of trouthe, And bad withouten eny slouthe That men him scholden fette anon.

Tuo douhtres hadde he be his wif, The whiche he lovede as his lif The ferste douhter Progne hihte, And the secounde, as sche wel mihte, 5560 Was cleped 400-101 Vce Software faire Philomene, To whom fell after mochel tene.

Bot natheles it falleth so Fulofte, that I fro hire go 190 Ne mai, bot as it were a stake, I stonde avisement to 312-49V8 Exam Guide take And loke upon 400-101 Questions And Answers hire faire face That for the while out of the place For al the world ne myhte I wende.

So as it falleth upon lot, The ferthe sterre is Alhaiot, Which in the wise as I seide er Of Satorne and of Jupiter 1340 Hath take his kinde and therupon The Saphir is his propre Ston, Marrubium his herbe also, The whiche acorden bothe tuo.

Bot I dar take god to borwe, 960 As after min entendement, Non other wise necgligent Thanne I yow seie have I noght be Forthi per seinte charite Tell me, mi fader, what you semeth.

Whan I the Court se of Cupide Aproche unto my ladi side 40 Of hem that lusti ben and freisshe, Thogh it availe hem noght a reisshe, Bot only that thei ben in speche, My sorwe is thanne noght to seche Bot whan thei rounen in hire Ere, Than groweth al my moste fere, And namly whan thei talen longe My sorwes thanne be so stronge Of that I se hem wel at ese, I can noght telle my desese.

Ha, herte, why ne wolt thou berste, That forth with hire I myhte passe Mi peines weren wel the lasse.

The king therof merveille hadde, Whan that a fol so wisly spak, And of himself fond out the lack 4000 Withinne his oghne conscience And thus the foles evidence, Which was of goddes grace enspired, Makth that good conseil was desired.

Mi fader, nay, god wot the sothe, Mi feire is noght of such a bothe, 170 So wylde a man yit was I nevere, That of mi ken or lief or levere Me liste love in such a wise And ek I not for what emprise I scholde assote upon a Nonne, For thogh I hadde hir love wonne, It myhte into no pris amonte, So therof sette I non acompte.

3170 So that with wepinge ate laste 400-101 His chiere upon his child he caste, And sorwfulli to that sche preide He tolde his tale and thus he seide The sorwe, dowhter, which I make Is noght al only for my sake, Bot for thee bothe and for you alle For such a chance is me befalle, That I schal er this thridde day Lese al that evere I lese may, 3180 Mi lif and al my good therto Therfore it is I sorwe so.

Thus for I se no medicine To make an ende of mi querele, My deth schal be in stede of 400-101 Test Dump hele.

In thilke time it so befell, 1760 This newe king of newe Pride With strengthe schop him forto ride, And seide he wolde Rome waste, Wherof he made a besi haste, And hath assembled him an host In al that evere he mihte most What man that mihte wepne bere Of alle he wolde non forbere So that it mihte noght be nombred, The folk which after was encombred 1770 Thurgh him, that god wolde overthrowe.

I wol noght seie, if that I couthe, That I nolde in mi lusti youthe Benethe in helle and ek above To winne with mi ladi love Don al that evere that I mihte For therof have I non insihte 1370 Wher afterward that I become, To that I wonne and overcome Hire love, which I most coveite.

1220 Saturnus after his exil Fro Crete cam in gret peril Into the londes of Ytaile, And ther he dede gret mervaile, Wherof his name duelleth yit.

If this be wast to youre wit Of love, and Prodegalite, Nou, goode fader, demeth ye Bot of o thing I wol me schryve, That I schal for no love thryve, Bot if hirself me wol relieve.

For noman mai his time lore Recovere, and thus I am therfore So overwroth in al my thoght, That I myself chide al to noght 580 Thus for to moche or for to lite Fulofte I am miself to wyte.

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Nectanabus upon a nyht, Whan it was fair and sterre lyht, 2290 This yonge lord ladde up on hih Above a tour, wher as he sih Thee sterres such as he acompteth, And seith what ech of hem amonteth, As thogh he knewe of alle thing Bot yit hath he no knowleching What schal unto himself befalle.

Togedre ben these lovers tho, Til that thei hadden sones tuo, Wherof thei weren bothe glade, And olde Eson gret joie made 3940 To sen thencress of his lignage For he was of so gret an Age, That men awaiten every day, Whan that he scholde gon away.

Bot Phebus, for the reverence Of that sche hadde be his love, Hath wroght thurgh his pouer above, That sche sprong up out of the molde Into a flour was named golde, 6780 Which stant governed of HP0-J37 Practice Exam the Sonne.

And forto speke of tholde dawe, To take ensample of that was tho, I finde a tale write also, 2910 Hou that a worthi prince is holde The lawes of his lond to holde, Ferst for the hihe goddes sake, And ek for that him is betake The poeple forto guide and lede, Which is the charge of his kinghede.

And therupon was schape a weie, That he his oghne wif be nyhte Hath out of alle mennes sihte So prively that non it wiste Broght to the king, which as him liste Mai do with hire what he wolde.

For in such wise he thoghte assaie, Hou it Ulixes scholde paie, If that he were wod or non.

His propre Monthe is, as men tellen, Octobre, which bringth the kalende Of wynter, that comth next suiende.

600 Of Elementz the propretes Hou that they stonden be degres, As I have told, nou myht thou hiere, Mi goode Sone, al the matiere Of Erthe, of water, Air and fyr.

CCIE Cisco 400-101 Questions And Answers Aluminium Access Products Ltd, Download Latest CCIE 400-101 Study Guide Pdf Exam Collection.

And thus me thoghte, in sondri place 2780 Of hem that walken up and doun Ther was diverse opinioun And for a while so it laste, Til that Cupide to the laste, Forth with his moder full avised, Hath determined and devised Unto what point he wol descende.

And tho began he to devise 1390 How he the childes Moder fond Upon the See from every lond Withinne a Schip was stiereles, And how this ladi helpeles Forth with hir child he hath forthdrawe.

And thus the trouthe was deceived With slih tresoun, which was received To hire which mente alle goode For as the festes thanne stode, His Souper was ryht wel arraied.

And thus for mede 2570 Of worldes good it falleth ofte That homicide is set alofte Hiere in this lif bot after this Ther schal be knowe how that it is Of hem that suche thinges werche, And hou also that holi cherche Let suche Sennes passe quyte, And how thei wole hemself aquite Of dedly werres that thei make.

Upon a werre he hadde tho But in that Cite thanne was The queene, which Olimpias Was hote, and with sollempnete The feste of hir nativite, As it befell, was thanne holde And for hire list to be beholde And preised of the poeple aboute, Sche schop hir forto riden oute 1830 At after mete al openly.

I rede hou whilom that Pompeie, To whom that Rome moste obeie, A werre hadde in jeupartie Ayein the king of Ermenie, Which of long time him hadde grieved.

For which whan that a man be 000-715 Exam Demo sleyhte, The Ston to winne and him to daunte, With his carecte him wolde enchaunte, 470 Anon as he perceiveth that, He leith doun his on Ere al plat Unto the ground, and halt it faste, And ek that other Ere als faste He stoppeth with his tail so sore, That he the wordes lasse or more Of his enchantement ne hiereth And in this wise himself he skiereth, So that he hath the wordes weyved And thurgh his Ere is noght deceived.

And thus nature his pourveance 490 Hath mad for man to liven hiere Bot god, which hath the Soule diere, Hath formed it in other wise.

His Ston is seid Crisolitus, His herbe is cleped Satureie, So as these olde bokes seie.

1670 The king upon this tale ansuerde And seide, if this thing which he herde Be soth and mai be broght to prove, It schal noght be to his behove, Which so hath schapen ous the werste, For he himself schal be the ferste That schal be ded, if that I mai.

1590 Thus hast thou CCIE 400-101 Questions And Answers herd in what degre Of Grece, Egipte and of Caldee The misbelieves whilom stode And hou so that thei be noght goode Ne trewe, yit thei sprungen oute, Wherof the wyde world aboute His part of misbelieve tok.

And for thou saist that thi desir Is forto witen overmore The forme of Aristotles lore, He seith in his entendement, That yit ther is an Element 610 Above the foure, and is the fifte, Set of the hihe goddes yifte, The which that Orbis cleped is.

Whan that the bordes were aweie And thei have souped in the halle, He seith that slep is on him falle, And preith he moste go to bedde And sche with alle haste spedde, 4950 So as hire thoghte it was to done, That every thing was redi sone.

For after that sche was a brid, Hir will was evere to ben hid, 5950 And forto duelle in prive place, That noman scholde sen hir face For schame, which mai noght be lassed, Of thing that was tofore passed, Whan that sche loste hir maidenhiede For evere upon hir wommanhiede, Thogh that the goddes wolde hire change, Sche thenkth, and is the more strange, And halt hir clos the wyntres day.

Now have I seid, my fader, al As of this point in special, Als ferforthli as I have wist.