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And thus to telle of him in soth, Ful many a wonder thing he doth, That were betre to be laft, Among the whiche is wicchecraft, That som men clepen Sorcerie, Which forto winne his druerie 1290 With many a circumstance he useth, Ther is no point which he refuseth.

Thei tuo to him slepende appiere Fro god, and seide in this manere O Constantin, for thou hast served Pite, thou hast pite deserved 3340 Forthi thou schalt such pite have That god thurgh pite woll thee save.

Thus was he sauf with his navie, This wise king, thurgh governance.

He crith, he wepth, he seith therfore, Helas, that evere was I bore, 1720 That this unhappi destine So wofulli comth in be me This king, which yit hath lif ynouh, His herte ayein to him he drouh, And to that vois an Ere he leide And understod al that he seide, And gan to speke, and seide on hih, Bring me this man.

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An other goddesse is Minerve, To whom the Greks obeie and serve 1190 And sche was nyh the grete lay Of Triton founde, wher sche lay A child forcast, bot what sche was Ther knew noman the sothe cas.

And thus I rede thou assobre 460 Thin herte in hope of such a grace For drunkeschipe in every place, To whether side that it torne, Doth harm and makth a man to sporne And ofte falle in such a wise, Wher he per cas mai noght arise.

An Hors of Bras thei let do forge Of such entaile, of such a forge, That in this world was nevere man That such an other werk began.

So mai ther be no kinde plesed For ay the mor that he envieth, The more ayein himself he plieth.

So A00-202 Exam Practice Pdf were it reson forto schewe The peril, er we falle thrinne Betre is to leve, than beginne Thing which as mai noght ben achieved He is noght wys that fint him grieved, And doth so that his grief be more For who that loketh al tofore 7350 And wol noght se what is behinde, He mai fulofte hise harmes finde Wicke is to stryve and have the worse.

King Jupiter, which his likinge Whilom fulfelde in alle thinge, So priveliche aboute he ladde His lust, that he his wille hadde Of Latona, and Novell 50-683 on hire that Diane his dowhter he begat 1250 Unknowen of his wif Juno.

King of Cizile Ypolitus A Sone hadde, and Eolus He hihte, and of his fader grant He hield be weie of covenant 970 The governance of every yle Which was longende unto Cizile, Of hem that fro the lond forein Leie open to the wynd al plein.

Thei axen when the ship is come Fro Tyr, anon ansuerde some, 990 And over this thei E20-021 Pdf Exam seiden more The cause why thei comen fore Was forto seche and forto finde Appolinus, which was of kinde Her liege lord and he appiereth, And of the tale which he hiereth He was riht glad for thei him tolde, That for vengance, as god it wolde, Antiochus, as men mai wite, With thondre and lyhthnynge is forsmite 1000 His doghter hath the same chaunce, So be thei bothe in o balance.

The king, which herde this requeste, Seith that he wole ben avised, And hath therof a time assised And in the while as he him thoghte Upon this thing, conseil he soghte.

Bot if ther be oght elles more Wherof I mihte take lore, 720 I preie you, so as I dar, Now telleth, that I mai be war, Som other tale in this matiere.

Such was the Sones pourveance, And of his fader it is seid, In strong prisoun that he was leid In Albe, wher that he was ded For hunger and defalte of bred.

And in this wise thou schalt seie, That he do thilke astat aweie 2880 Of Pope, in which he stant honoured, So schal his Soule be socoured Of thilke worschipe ate laste In hevene which schal evere laste.

Sche wepth, sche crith, sche swouneth ofte, Sche caste hire yhen up alofte 3620 And seide among ful pitously A 50-683 Training Guide godd, thou wost wel it am I, For whom Iphis is thus besein Ordeine so, that men mai sein A thousend wynter after this, Hou such a Maiden dede amis, And as I dede, do to me For I ne dede no pite To him, which for mi 50-683 Testing love is lore, Do no pite to me therfore.

Bot fro this peril natheles With his wisdom king Uluxes Ascapeth and it overpasseth For he tofor the hond compasseth That noman of his compaignie Hath pouer unto that folie 520 His Ere for no lust to caste For he hem stoppede alle faste, That non of hem mai hiere hem singe.

Til it befell upon a day Appolinus the Prince of Tyr, Which hath to love a gret desir, As he which in his hihe mod Was likende of his hote blod, A yong, a freissh, a lusti knyht, As he lai musende on a nyht 380 Of the tidinges whiche he herde, He thoghte assaie hou that it ferde.

With him ther riden manion, To Knaresburgh and forth thei wente, And lich the fyr which tunder hente, In such a rage, as seith the bok, His Moder sodeinliche he tok And seide unto hir in this wise O beste of helle, in what juise Hast thou deserved forto deie, That hast so falsly put aweie 1280 With tresoun of thi bacbitinge The 50-683 Self Study treweste at my knowlechinge Of wyves and the most honeste Bot I wol make this beheste, I schal be venged er I go.

Mi Sone, upon thi question The trowthe of myn opinion, Als ferforth as my wit arecheth And as the pleine lawe techeth, I woll thee telle in evidence, To rewle with thi conscience.

Bot whan the Monthes were ago, 2960 The whiche he sette of his comynge, And that sche herde no tydinge, Ther was no care forto seche Wherof the goddes to beseche Tho sche began in many wise, And to Juno hire sacrifise Above alle othre most sche dede, And for hir lord sche hath so bede To wite and knowe hou that he ferde, That Juno the goddesse hire herde, 2970 Anon and upon this matiere Sche bad Yris hir Messagere 50-683 Practice Exam Pdf To Slepes hous that sche schal wende, And bidde him that he make an ende Be swevene and schewen al the cas Unto this 070-291 Testing ladi, hou 50-683 Exam Materials it was.

1130 Thus whan the lettre was full spoke, Thei haue anon the cofre stoke, And bounden it with yren faste, That it may with the wawes laste, And stoppen it be such a weie, That it schal be withinne dreie, So that no water myhte it grieve.

The sothe, which mai noght ben hid, Was ate laste knowe and kid Unto the 50-683 Testing king, how that it stod.

And sche tho made a contienance, Hire dedlich yhe and ate laste In thonkinge as it were up caste, 5090 And so behield him in the wise, Whil sche to loke mai suffise.

Tofore the creacion Of eny worldes stacion, Of hevene, of erthe, or eke of helle, So as these olde bokes telle, As soun tofore the song is set And yit thei ben togedre knet, Riht so the hihe pourveance Tho hadde under his ordinance 210 A gret substance, a gret matiere, Of which he wolde in his manere These othre thinges make and forme.

Bot ofte is sen that mochel slowthe, Whan men ben drunken of the cuppe, Doth mochel harm, whan fyr is uppe, Bot if somwho the flamme stanche And so to speke upon this branche, Which proud Envie hath mad to springe, Of Scisme, causeth forto bringe This newe Secte of Lollardie, And also many an heresie 350 Among the clerkes in hemselve.

2320 Ma dame, I seide, John Gower.

And so fell upon aventure, Whan thilke yer hath mad his ende, Hire Schip, so as it moste wende Thurgh strengthe of wynd which god hath yive, Estward was into Spaigne drive Riht faste under a Castell wall, Wher that an hethen Amirall 1090 Was lord, and he a Stieward hadde, Oon Thelo s, which al was badde, A fals knyht and a renegat.

Whan al was slain bot sche al one, This olde P2170-015 Practice Test Pdf fend, this Sarazine, Let take anon this Constantine With al the good sche thider broghte, And hath ordeined, as sche thoghte, A nakid Schip withoute stiere, In which the good and hire in fiere, 710 Vitailed full for yeres fyve, Wher that the wynd it wolde dryve, Sche putte upon the wawes wilde.

Fulofte it hath befalle or this Thurgh hope that was noght certein, Mi wenynge hath be set in vein To triste in thing that halp me noght, Bot onliche of myn oughne thoght.

Bot Diogenes duelte stille A home and loked on his bok He soghte noght the worldes crok For vein honour ne for richesse, Bot all his hertes besinesse 2270 He sette to be vertuous And thus withinne his oghne hous He liveth to the sufficance Of his havinge.

3360 Forthi to thi salvacion Thou schalt have enformacioun, Such as Silvestre schal the teche The nedeth of non other leche.

And that hath schewed overal For it sit wel in alle wise A kniht to ben of hih emprise And puten alle drede aweie For in this wise, I have herd seie, 1900 The worthi king Protheselai On his passage wher he lai Towardes Troie thilke Siege, Sche which was al his oghne liege, Laodomie his lusti wif, Which for his love was pensif, As he which al 50-683 Testing hire herte hadde, Upon a thing wherof sche dradde A lettre, forto make him duelle Fro Troie, sende him, thus to telle, 1910 Hou sche hath axed of the wyse Touchende of him in such a wise, That thei have don hire understonde, Towardes othre hou so it stonde, The destine it hath so schape That he schal noght the deth ascape In cas that he arryve at Troie.

The fader and the moder bothe To leve here douhter weren lothe, Bot if thei weren in presence And natheles at reverence Of him, that wolde himself travaile, Thei wolden noght he scholde faile 5610 Of that he preide, and yive hire leve And sche, that wolde noght beleve, In alle haste made hire yare Toward hir Soster forto fare, With Tere s and forth sche wente.

Bot whan it mai no betre be, Doth thanne thus upon my word, Let make a cofre strong of bord, That it be ferm with led and pich.

Fulfild of Slowthes essamplaire Ther is yit 50-683 Exam Collection on, his Secretaire, And he is cleped Negligence Which wol noght loke his evidence, 890 Wherof he mai be war tofore Bot whanne he hath his cause lore, Thanne is he wys after the hond Whanne helpe may no maner bond, Thanne ate ferste wolde he binde Thus everemore he stant behinde.

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Thus it befell upon a nyht, Whan ther was noght bot sterreliht, Sche was vanyssht riht as hir liste, That no wyht bot hirself it wiste, 3960 And that was ate mydnyht tyde.

Bot certes it is forto rewe To se love ayein kinde falle, For that makth sore a man 50-683 Practice to falle, As thou myht of tofore rede.

Among the whiche fell this cas To Demephon and Athemas, That weren kinges bothe tuo, And bothe weren served so Here lieges wolde hem noght receive, So that thei mote algates weyve To seche lond in other place, For there founde thei no grace.

And he with that an Arwe hath hent 6330 And gan to teise it in his bowe, As he that can non other knowe, Bot that it was a beste wylde.

Cillenus ferst his tale tolde, To trouthe and as he was beholde, The comun profit forto save, He seide hou tresoun scholde have 1610 A cruel deth and thus thei spieke, The Consul bothe and Catoun eke, And seiden that for such a wrong Ther mai no peine be to strong.

What is thi name tho quod he.

Forthi thi goodes forth withal, Mi Sone, loke thou despende, Wherof thou myht thiself amende 400 Bothe hier and ek in other place.

He was a worthi knyht and king And clerk knowende of every thing He was a gret rethorien, He was 50-683 Testing Aluminium Access Products Ltd a gret magicien 1400 Of Tullius the rethorique, Of king Zorastes the magique, Of Tholome thastronomie, Of Plato the Philosophie, Of Daniel the slepi dremes, Of Neptune ek the water stremes, Of Salomon and the proverbes, Of Macer al the strengthe of herbes, And the Phisique of Ypocras, And lich unto Pictagoras 1410 Of Surgerie he knew the cures.

And thus, who that it understode, It stant of love in many place Who that is out of loves grace 90 And mai himselven noght availe, He wolde an other scholde faile And if he may put eny lette, He doth al that he mai to lette.

120 This Galathee, seith the Poete, Above alle othre was unmete Of beaute, that men thanne knewe, And hadde a lusti love and trewe, A Bacheler in his degree, Riht such an other as was sche, On whom sche hath hire herte set, So that it myhte noght be let For yifte ne for no beheste, That sche ne was al at his heste.

Whan themperour it herde sein, And knew the falshed of the vice, He seide he wolde do justice 1010 And ferst he let the Prestes take, And for thei scholde it noght forsake, He put hem into questioun Bot thei of the suggestioun Ne couthen noght a word refuse, Bot for 50-683 Answers thei wolde hemself excuse, The blame upon the Duck thei leide.

So it befell upon this cas, Whan sche delivered scholde be, Isis be nyhte in privete, 460 Which of childinge is the goddesse, Cam forto helpe in that destresse, Til that this lady was al smal, And hadde a dowhter forth withal Which the goddesse in alle weie Bad kepe, and that thei scholden seie It were a Sone and thus Iphis Thei namede him, and upon this The fader was mad so to wene.

Bot nede he mot, that nede schal 1020 Appolinus his leve tok, To god and al the lond betok With al the poeple long and brod, That he no lenger there abod.

And thus what thing unto his pay Was most plesant, he lefte non With every lust he was begon, 1210 Wherof the bodi myhte glade, For he non abstinence made Bot most above alle erthli thinges Of wommen unto the likinges Nero sette al his hole herte, For that lust scholde him noght asterte.

2940 And with that word al sodeinly, Enclosid in a sterred sky, Venus, which is the qweene of love, Was take in to hire place above, More wiste y nought wher sche becam.

And that was proved whilom thus, Whan that the king Nectanabus, Which hadde Egipte forto lede, Bot for he sih tofor the dede Thurgh magique of his Sorcerie, Wherof he couthe a gret partie, 1800 Hise enemys to him comende, Fro whom he mihte him noght defende, Out of P2060-001 Exam Guide Pdf his oghne lond he fledde And in the wise as he him dredde It fell, for al his wicchecraft, So that Egipte him was beraft, And he desguised fledde aweie Be schipe, and hield the rihte weie To Macedoine, wher that he Aryveth ate chief Cite.

2430 Thus spak this begger his entente, And povere he cam and povere he wente Of that he hath richesse soght, His infortune it wolde noght.

That I misdede yowthe it made, And in the flodes bad me wade, Wher that I sih no peril tho Bot now it is befalle so, 230 Merci, my fader, do no wreche And with that word sche loste speche And fell doun swounende at his fot, As sche for sorwe nedes mot.

The cause why he comth he telleth Unto the kepers of the gate, And wolde have comen in therate, Bot schortli thei him seide nay And he als faire as evere he may Besoghte and tolde hem ofte this, Hou that the king his fader is Bot they with proude wordes grete Begunne to manace and threte, 1680 Bot he go fro the gate faste, Thei wolde him take and sette faste.

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The king him granteth to fulfille His axinge at his oghne wille, And sche for whom he hadde served, Hire thoghte he hath hire wel deserved.

For he that wolde him purefie, 3460 The hihe god hath mad him clene, So that ther lefte nothing sene He hath him clensed bothe tuo, The bodi and the Soule also.

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And tak good hiede also therfore 7610 Upon what forme, of Avarice Mor than of eny other vice, I have divided in parties The branches, whiche of compainies Thurghout 50-683 Test Dump the world in general Ben nou the leders overal, Of Covoitise and of Perjure, Of Desktop Management with ZENworks for 50-683 fals brocage and of Usure, Of Skarsnesse and Unkindeschipe, Which nevere drouh to felaschipe, 7620 Of Robberie and privi Stelthe, Which don is for the worldes welthe, Of Ravine and of Sacrilegge, Which makth the conscience agregge Althogh it mai richesse atteigne, It floureth, bot it schal noght greine Unto the fruit of rihtwisnesse.

Sche thonketh him that he so wolde, And al hire herte sche discloseth, And seith him wel that sche supposeth Hire lord be dreint, hir child also So sih sche noght bot alle wo.

Bot Arrons was so wo besein With thoghtes whiche upon him runne, That he al be the brode Sunne 4870 To bedde goth, noght forto reste, Bot forto thenke upon the beste And the faireste forth withal, That evere he syh 50-683 Brain Dumps or evere schal, So as him thoghte in his corage, Where he pourtreieth hire ymage Ferst the fetures of hir face, In which nature hadde alle grace Of wommanly beaute beset, So that it myhte noght be bet 4880 And hou hir yelwe her was tresced And hire atir so wel adresced, And hou sche spak, and hou sche wroghte, And hou sche wepte, al this he thoghte, That he foryeten hath no del, Bot al it liketh him so wel, That in the word nor in the dede Hire lacketh noght of wommanhiede.

990 Bot in a man yit over this Full gret divisioun ther is, Thurgh which that he is evere in strif, Whil that him lasteth eny lif The bodi and the Soule also Among hem ben divided so, That what thing that the body hateth The soule loveth and debateth Bot natheles fulofte is sene Of werre which is hem betwene 1000 The fieble hath wonne the victoire.

Til ate laste in every lond Withinne hemself the poeple fond That it was 50-683 Exam Engines 50-683 Dump good to make a king, Which mihte appesen al this thing And yive riht to the lignages In partinge of here heritages And ek of al here other good And thus above hem alle stod 2010 The king upon his Regalie, As he which hath to justifie The worldes good fro covoitise.

Mi Sone, herkne now forthi A tale, to be war therby 330 Thin yhe forto kepe and warde, So that it passe noght his warde.

And wel I wot that he ne may Amende his wrong, it is so gret For he to lytel of me let, 5840 Whan he myn oughne Soster tok, And me that am his wif forsok.

Bot yet al only he ne streccheth His reule upon religioun, Bot next to that condicioun In suche as clepe hem holy cherche It scheweth ek how he can werche Among tho wyde furred hodes, To geten hem the worldes goodes.

Upon miself is thilke tale come, Hou whilom Pan, which is the god of kinde, With love wrastlede and was overcome 2240 For evere I wrastle and evere I am behinde, That I no strengthe in al min herte finde, Wherof that I mai stonden eny throwe So fer mi wit with love is overthrowe.

Bot he schop thanne a wonder wyle, How that he scholde hem best beguile, So that he mihte duelle stille At home and welde his love at wille Wherof erli the morwe day Out of his bedd, wher that he lay, 1830 Whan he was uppe, he gan to fare Into the field and loke and stare, As he which feigneth to be wod He tok a plowh, wher that it stod, Wherinne anon in stede of Oxes He let do yoken grete foxes, And with gret salt the lond he siew.

Sche longeth sore after the dai, That sche hir swevene telle mai To this guilour in privete, Which kneu it als so wel as sche And natheles on morwe sone Sche lefte alle other thing to done, And for him sende, and al the cas Sche tolde him pleinly as it was, 2020 And seide hou thanne wel sche wiste That sche his wordes mihte triste, For sche fond hire Avisioun Riht after the condicion Which he hire hadde told tofore And preide him hertely therfore That he hire holde covenant So forth of al the remenant, That sche may thurgh his ordinance Toward the god do such plesance, 2030 That sche wakende myhte him kepe In such wise as sche mette aslepe.

Forthi, mi Sone, in thi persone This vice above all othre fle.

He bad hem of the Stremes depe That thei be war and take kepe, So as thei knowe noght the pas Bot forto helpe in such a cas, He seith himself that for here ese He wolde, if that it mihte hem plese, The passage of the water take, And for this ladi undertake 2210 To bere unto that other stronde And sauf to sette hire up alonde, And Hercules may thanne also The weie knowe how he schal go And herto thei acorden alle.

For most above all erthli good, Wher that a king himself is good It helpeth, for in other weie If so be that a king forsueie, Fulofte er this it hath be sein, The comun poeple is overlein 3930 And hath the kinges Senne aboght, Al thogh the poeple agulte noght.

Bot al that mai me noght availe, With cheste thogh I me travaile Bot Oule on Stock and Stock on Oule The more that a man defoule, Men witen wel which hath the werse And so to me nys worth a kerse, Bot torneth on myn oghne hed, Thogh I, til that I were ded, 590 Wolde evere chyde in such a wise Of love Desktop Management with ZENworks for 50-683 as I to you devise.

This vice of Inobedience Ayein the reule of conscience Al that is humble he desalloweth, That he toward his god ne boweth After the lawes of his heste.

Cupido, which may hurte and hele In loves cause, as for myn hele Upon the point which him was preid Cam with Venus, wher I was leid Swounende upon the grene gras.

Mi fader, as toward the Love Of Maidens forto telle trowthe, Ye have thilke vice of Slowthe, Me thenkth, riht wonder wel declared, That ye the wommen have noght spared 1600 Of hem that tarien so behinde.

He thonketh hire of that tidinge, For of that grace him is begonne Him thenkth alle othre thinges wonne.

Bot non of hem it myhte bere Upon his word to yeve answere, Outaken on, which was a knyht To him was every thing so liht, That 6 CNA 50-683 Testing 50-683 Testing also sone as he hem herde, The kinges wordes he answerde 3080 What thing the king him axe wolde, Therof anon the trowthe he tolde.

And in this wise spedde he, Which the fortune of armes soghte, With his travail his ese he 6 CNA 50-683 boghte 2180 For otherwise he scholde have failed, If that he hadde noght travailed.

To serve Accidie in his office, Ther is of Slowthe an other vice, 540 Which cleped is Foryetelnesse That noght mai in his herte impresse Of vertu which reson hath sett, So clene his wittes he foryet.

And yit the cause is noght decided Bot it is seid and evere schal, Betwen tuo Stoles lyth the fal, Whan that men wenen best to sitte In holy cherche of such a slitte Is for to rewe un to ous alle God grante it mote wel befalle 340 Towardes him which hath the trowthe.

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The vice cleped Avantance With Pride hath take his aqueintance, Novell 50-683 Testing 2400 So that his oghne pris he lasseth, When he such mesure overpasseth That he his oghne Herald is.

With strengthe he putte kinges under, And wroghte of Pride many a wonder He was so full of veine gloire, That he ne hadde no memoire 2800 That ther was eny good bot he, For pride of his prosperite Til that the hihe king of kinges, Which seth and knoweth alle thinges, Whos yhe mai nothing asterte, The privetes of mannes herte Thei speke and sounen in his Ere As thogh thei lowde wyndes were, He tok vengance upon this pride.

2650 In armes lith non avantance To him which thenkth his name avance And be renomed of his dede And also who that thenkth to spede Of love, he mai him noght avaunte For what man thilke vice haunte, His pourpos schal fulofte faile.

And al was this the cause why That whil he stod in that noblesse, He scholde his vanite represse 2410 With suche wordes as he herde.

And fell so, as it scholde be, This faire dowhter nyh this Sone As thei togedre thanne wone, 1350 Cupide hath so the thinges schape, That thei ne mihte his hand ascape, That he his fyr on hem ne caste Wherof her herte he overcaste To folwe thilke lore and suie Which nevere man yit miht eschuie And that was love, 50-683 Dump as it is happed, Which hath here hertes so betrapped, That thei be alle weies seche How that thei mihten winne a speche, 1360 Here wofull peine forto lisse.

Forthi good is a king to triste Ferst to himself, as he ne wiste Non other help bot god alone So schal the reule of his persone 3940 Withinne himself thurgh providence Ben of the betre conscience.

Venus, which stant withoute lawe In noncertein, bot as men drawe Of Rageman upon the chance, Sche leith no peis in the balance, 2380 Bot as hir lyketh forto weie The trewe man fulofte aweie Sche put, which hath hir grace bede, And set an untrewe in his stede.

720 Benethe alle othre stant the Mone, The which hath with the See to done Of flodes hihe and ebbes lowe Upon his change it schal be knowe And every fissh which hath a schelle Mot in his governance duelle, To wexe and wane in his degre, As be the Mone a man mai se And al that stant upon the grounde Of his moisture it mot be founde.

Bot war hem wel in other place, Where every man behoveth grace, Bot ther I trowe it schal hem faile, To whom no merci mihte availe, Bot wroghten upon tiraundie, That no pite ne mihte hem plie.

So is the man noght resonable Ne kinde, and that is noght honeste, Whan he is worse than a beste.

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50 Bot, Sire, as of my ladi selve, Thogh sche have wowers ten or twelve, For no mistrust I have of hire Me grieveth noght, for certes, Sire, I trowe, in al this world to seche, Nis womman that in dede and speche Woll betre avise hire what sche doth, Ne betre, forto seie a soth, Kepe hire honour ate alle tide, And yit get hire a thank beside.

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For thus stant every mannes lif In jeupartie for his wif Or for his dowhter, if thei be Passende an other of beaute.

And he which alle thing achieveth Bad him go forth and don riht so.

In other place also I rede, Wher that a jugge his oghne dede 2890 Ne wol noght venge of lawe broke, The king it hath himselven wroke.

140 And if it nedes to betyde, That I in compainie abyde, Wher as I moste daunce and singe The hovedance and carolinge, Or forto go the newefot, I mai noght wel heve up mi fot, If that sche be noght in the weie For thanne is al mi merthe aweie, And waxe anon of thoght so full, Wherof mi limes ben so dull, 150 I mai unethes gon the pas.

And thus, whan he hath knowlechinge, Anon he feigneth departinge, 320 And seide he mot algate wende.

To him that wroghte charite He was ayeinward charitous, And to pite he was pitous 3330 For it was nevere knowe Desktop Management with ZENworks for 50-683 yit That charite goth unaquit.

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Ege s, which was there king, His conseil tok upon this thing, For he was thanne in the Cite So that of pes into tretee Betwen Mynos and Ege s Thei felle, and ben acorded thus 5260 That king Mynos fro 50-683 Vce And Pdf yer to yeere Receive schal, as thou schalt here, Out of Athenys for truage Of men that were of myhti Age Persones nyne, of whiche he schal His wille don in special For vengance of his Sones deth.

Whan noble Troie was belein And overcome, and hom ayein The Gregois torned fro the siege, The kinges founde here oghne liege 1760 In manye places, as men seide, That hem forsoke and desobeide.

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