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Toward this vice of which we trete Ther ben yit tweie of thilke estrete, Here name is Murmur and Compleignte Ther can noman here chiere peinte, To sette a glad semblant therinne, For thogh fortune make hem wynne, Yit grucchen thei, and if thei lese, Ther is no weie forto chese, 1350 Wherof thei myhten stonde appesed.

To the goddesse Cereres, Which of the corn yaf hire encress 1490 Upon the feith that tho was take, The wombes cure was betake And Venus thurgh the Lecherie, For which that thei hire deifie, Sche kept al 500-260 Vce Software doun the remenant To thilke office appourtenant.

And thanne 500-260 Test Exam I wisshe that I were 6670 Als wys as was Nectanabus Or elles as was Prothe s, That couthen bothe of nigromaunce In what liknesse, in what semblaunce, Riht as hem liste, hemself transforme For if I were of such a forme, I seie thanne I wolde fle Into the chambre forto se If eny grace wolde falle, So that I mihte under the palle 6680 Som thing of love pyke and stele.

Arcennus, which hire fond and kepte, Was thanne glad of that is falle, So that with joie among hem 500-260 Vce Software Aluminium Access Products Ltd alle Thei riden in at Rome gate.

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Til ate laste in every lond Withinne hemself the poeple fond That it was good to make a king, Which mihte appesen al this thing And yive riht to the lignages In partinge of here heritages And ek of al here other good And thus above hem alle stod 2010 The king upon his Regalie, As he which 500-260 New Questions hath to justifie The worldes good fro covoitise.

2090 And so forth thanne upon a day Al openly in good arai To themperour thei hem presente, And tolden it was here entente To duellen under his servise.

Whan he this tale hir herde telle, He was riht glad, and made hire knowen That he a dowhter of his owen Hath, which he wol unto hir yive To serve, whil thei bothe live, 1250 In stede of that which sche hath lost Al only at his oghne cost Sche schal be rendred forth with hire.

And whanne y sigh non othre weie Bot only that y was refusid, Unto the lif which y hadde usid I thoughte nevere torne ayein And in this wise, soth to seyn, Homward a softe pas y wente, Wher that with al myn hol entente Uppon the point that y am schryve I thenke bidde whil y live.

2710 And in this wise thei acorde, The cause was Misericorde The lordes dede here obeissance To Thelaphus, and pourveance Was mad so that he was coroned And thus was merci reguerdoned, Which he to Theucer dede afore.

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For thilke time so it was, Wherof that men yit rede and singe, King Mynos hadde in his kepinge A cruel Monstre, as seith the geste For he was half man and half beste, And Minotaurus he was hote, Which was begete in a riote Upon Pasiphe, his oghne wif, Whil he was oute upon the strif 5280 Of thilke grete Siege at Troie.

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The king was slain, the lond 500-260 Study Guides put under, 1660 God bad the rede See divide, Which C2090-619 Exam Questions With Answers stod upriht on either side And yaf unto his poeple a weie, That thei on fote it passe dreie And gon so forth into desert Wher forto kepe hem in covert, The daies, whan the Sonne brente, A large cloude hem overwente, And forto wissen hem be nyhte, A firy Piler hem alyhte.

He can so wel his cause make And so wel feigne and so wel glose, That ther ne schal noman suppose, Bot that he were an innocent, And thus a mannes yhe he blent 6540 So that this craft I mai remene Withouten help of eny mene.

Mi Sone, if I be order suie The vices, as thei stonde arowe, 000-017 Book Pdf Of Covoitise thou schalt knowe Ther is yit on, which is the laste In whom ther mai no vertu laste, For he with god 500-260 himself debateth, Wherof that al the hevene him hateth.

And also if thou wolt pourchace To be beloved, thou most use Largesce, for if thou refuse To yive for thi loves sake, It is 500-260 Test Questions no reson that thou take Of love that thou woldest crave.

If thou hast such condicion, Mi Sone, tell riht as it is.

350 Bot thanne he scheweth what he was C_TAW12_731 Exam Cram Toward Envie, and in this cas Unto 500-260 Vce Software this Angel thus he seide And for his yifte this he preide, To make him blind of his on yhe, So that his fela nothing syhe.

80 Bot for my wittes ben to smale To tellen every man his tale, This bok, upon amendment To stonde at his commandement, With whom myn herte is of accord, I sende unto myn oghne lord, Which of Lancastre is Henri named The hyhe god him hath proclamed Ful of knyhthode and alle grace.

Thei sein that god is myhti there, And schal ordeine what he wile, Ther make thei non other skile 380 Where is the peril of the feith, Bot every clerk his herte leith To kepe his world in special, And of the cause general, Which unto holy cherche longeth, Is non of hem that underfongeth To schapen eny resistence And thus the riht hath no defence, Bot ther I love, ther I holde.

The king somdiel hadde an Envie, And thoghte he wolde his wittes plie To sette som conclusioun, Which scholde be confusioun Unto this knyht, so that the name And of wisdom the hihe fame Toward himself he wolde winne.

And for it were good to hiere, If that you liste at mi preiere To telle, I wolde you beseche.

And he with that his hond hath leid 2070 Upon his Moder brest anon, And rente out fro the bare bon Hire Pappes bothe and caste aweie Amiddes in the carte weie, And after tok the dede cors And let it drawe awey with hors Unto the hound and to the raven Sche was non other wise graven.

For this avou to god I make, After this day if I thee take, 2810 Thou schalt ben honged and todrawe.

And I sat doun upon the grene 2210 Fulfilt of loves fantasie, And with the teres of myn ije In stede of enke I gan to wryte The wordes whiche I wolde endite Unto Cupide and to Venus, And in mi lettre I seide thus.

2990 Under an hell ther is a Cave, Which of the Sonne mai noght have, So that noman mai knowe ariht The point betwen the dai and nyht Ther is no fyr, ther is no sparke, Ther is no dore, which mai charke, Wherof an yhe scholde unschette, So that inward ther is no lette.

The ferste, which is the conserve And kepere of the remnant, As that which is most sufficant And chief of the Philosophie, If I therof schal specefie So as the Philosophre tolde, Nou herkne, and kep that thou it holde.

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If I that heste schal fulfille 1290 And therto ben obedient, Thanne is my cause fully schent, For specheles may noman spede.

I thonke you, my fader diere, This scole is of a gentil lore And if ther be oght elles more Of Pride, which I schal eschuie, Now axeth forth, and I wol suie What thing that ye me wole enforme.

1480 I mai noght knowen alle tho That writen in the time tho Of this science bot I finde, Of jugement be weie of kinde That in o point thei alle acorden Of sterres whiche thei recorden That men mai sen upon the hevene, Ther ben a thousend sterres evene And tuo and twenty, to the syhte Whiche aren of hemself so bryhte, 1490 That men mai dieme what thei be, The nature and the proprete.

And to conferme his accioun, He hath withholde Malebouche, Whos tunge neither pyl ne crouche 390 Mai hyre, so that he pronounce A plein good word withoute frounce Awher behinde a mannes bak.

Nou tolden thei, nou tolde he Thei spieken plein after the lawe, Bot he the wordes of his sawe Coloureth in an other weie Spekende, and thus betwen the tweie, To trete upon this juggement, Made ech of hem his Argument.

For I behihte thee that yifte Ferst whan thou come under my schrifte, That thogh I toward Venus were, Yit spak I suche wordes there, That for the Presthod which I have, Min ordre and min astat to 500-260 Vce Software save, 2080 I seide I wolde of myn office To vertu more than to vice Encline, and teche thee mi lore.

For as a morsell envenimed, So hath such love his lust mistimed, And grete ensamples manyon A man mai finde therupon.

Bot al to lytel him supposeth, Thogh he mihte al the world pourchace For what thing that 500-260 Vce Download he may embrace Of gold, of catel or of lond, He let it nevere out of his hond, Bot get him more and halt it faste, As thogh the world scholde evere laste.

For this, ma dame, I you consaile, That ye it kepe so prive, That no wiht elles bot we thre Have knowlechinge hou that it is For elles mihte it fare amis, If ye dede oght that scholde him grieve.

Lo, seith the king, nou mai ye se That ther is no defalte in me Forthi miself I wole aquyte, And bereth ye youre oghne wyte Of that fortune hath you refused.

The cherche keye in aventure Of armes and of brygantaille Stod nothing thanne upon bataille To fyhte or for to make cheste It thoghte hem thanne noght honeste Bot of simplesce and pacience Thei maden thanne 500-260 Self Study no defence The Court of worldly regalie To hem was thanne no baillie 220 The vein honour was noght desired, Which hath the proude herte fyred Humilite was tho withholde, And Pride was a vice holde.

Into the chambre and whan sche cam, Hire housebonde anon sche nam In bothe hire Armes and him kiste, And spak unto him what hire liste 1940 And therupon withinne a throwe This goode wif was overthrowe And deide, and he was hool in haste.

And forto se the proprete Of every thyng in his degree, 930 Benethe forth among ous hiere Al stant aliche in this matiere The See now ebbeth, now it floweth, The lond now welketh, now it groweth, Now be the Trees with leves grene, Now thei be bare and nothing sene, Now be the lusti somer floures, Now be the stormy wynter shoures, Now be the daies, now the nyhtes, So stant ther nothing al upryhtes, 940 Now it is lyht, now it is derk And thus stant al the worldes werk After the disposicioun Of man and his condicioun.

400 Bot that I wraththe and fare amis, Al one upon miself it is, That I with bothe love and kinde Am so bestad, that I can finde No weie how I it mai asterte Which stant upon myn oghne herte And toucheth to non other lif, Save only to that swete wif For whom, bot if it be amended, Mi glade daies ben despended, 410 That I miself schal noght forbere The Wraththe which that I now bere, For therof is non other leche.

So wolde I do, if that I cowthe, Of hem, and this, so god me save, Is al the hate that I have, Toward these janglers everydiel I wolde alle othre ferde wel.

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Yee, fader, al this wel mai be, Bot if alle othre dede so, The world of men were sone go 6420 And in the lawe a man mai finde, Hou god to man be weie of kinde Hath set the world to multeplie And who that wol him justefie, It is ynouh to do the lawe.

And thou hast seid thiself er this How that thi will thi maister is Thurgh which thin hertes thoght withinne Is evere of Contek to beginne, 1320 So that it is gretli to drede That it non homicide brede.

Of the Caldeus lo in this wise Stant the believe out of assisse Bot in Egipte worst of alle The feith is fals, hou so it falle 790 For thei diverse bestes there Honoure, as thogh thei goddes were And natheles yit forth withal Thre goddes most in special Thei have, forth with a goddesse, In whom is al here sikernesse.

Non other grace ther ne geth, Bot forto take the juise And that was don in such a wise, 5270 Which stod upon a wonder cas.

And he no lengere wolde duelle, Bot tok his leve and goth withal Unto his lord, and told him al, Hou that his fader hadde do.

So were it good to take kepe 3230 Nou at this nede of mi preiere, And that the like forto stiere Thi fyri Carte, and so ordeigne, That thou thi swifte hors restreigne Lowe under Erthe in Occident, That thei towardes Orient Be Cercle go the longe weie.

Lo, thus was Petres barge stiered Of hem that thilke tyme were, And thus cam ferst to mannes Ere The feith of Crist and alle goode Thurgh hem that thanne weren goode And sobre and chaste and large and wyse.

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Bot he, which stant of him no doute, Awaiteth wel whan that he cam, And him be bothe hornes nam 2120 And al at ones he him caste Unto the ground, and hield him faste, That he ne mihte with no sleighte Out of his hond gete upon heighte, Til he was overcome and yolde, And Hercules hath what he wolde.

Non ita discretus hominum per climata regnat, Quin magis ut sapiat, indiget ipse schole.

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Sone, it is evere good to lere, Wherof thou miht thi word restreigne, Er that thou falle in eny peine.

A Sone was the ferste of alle, And Chain be name thei him calle 60 Abel was after the secounde, And in the geste as it is founde, Nature so the cause ladde, Tuo douhtres ek Dame Eve hadde, The ferste cleped Calmana Was, and that other Delbora.

With Covoitise yit I finde A Servant of the same kinde, Which Stelthe is hote, and Mecherie With him is evere in compainie.

7700 Bot mochel joie ther 500-260 Real Exam Questions betydeth, Wher that largesse an herte guydeth For his mesure is so governed, That he to bothe partz is lerned, To god and to the world also, He doth reson to bothe tuo.

Lo, this I preie and this I crie, Now I may noght miself amende.

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Bot he, which wisdom and prouesse Hadde of the god and the godesse, 430 The Schield of Pallas gan enbrace, With which he covereth sauf his face, Mercuries Swerd and out he drowh, And so he bar him that he slowh These dredful Monstres alle thre.

Mi fader, youre ensamplerie In loves cause of Robberie I have it riht wel understonde.

Wherof the ferste regiment Toward the part of Orient From Antioche and that contre Governed is of Signes thre, That is Cancer, Virgo, Leo And toward Occident also 1250 From Armenie, as I am lerned, Of Capricorn it stant governed, Of Pisces and Aquarius And after hem I finde thus, Southward from Alisandre forth Tho Signes whiche most ben worth In governance of that doaire, Libra thei ben and Sagittaire With Scorpio, which is conjoint With hem to stonde upon that point 1260 Constantinople the Cite, So as the bokes tellen me, The laste of this division Stant untoward Septemtrion, Wher as be weie of pourveance Hath Aries the governance Forth with Taurus and Gemini.

2200 Mi fader, of this aventure Which ye have told, I you assure Min herte is sory forto hiere, Bot only for I wolde lere What is to done, and what to leve.

Bot after this whan it is couth And drawe into the worldes fame, It schal ben hindringe of his name For wel he wot and so wot I, He yaf his trouthe bodily, 5460 That he myn honour scholde kepe.

Fortune hath evere be muable And mai no while stonde stable For now it hiheth, now it loweth, Now stant upriht, now overthroweth, Now full of blisse and now of bale, As in the tellinge of mi tale 590 Hierafterward a man mai 9A0-127 Testing liere, Which is gret routhe forto hiere.

Of tho that sitte upon the hevene Of Signes in the nombre ellevene Aquarius hath take his place, And stant wel in Satornes grace, Which duelleth in his herbergage, Bot to the Sonne he doth oultrage.

Thei were his children bothe tuo, Thurgh hem he tok his name so, 910 Ther was non other cause why And yit a Sterre upon the Sky He hath unto his name applied, In which that he is signified.

Thus was he sauf with his navie, This wise king, thurgh governance.

And so that tirant raviner, Whan that sche was in his pouer, And he therto sawh time and place, As he that lost hath alle grace, 5630 Foryat he was a wedded man, And in a rage on hire he ran, Riht as a wolf which takth his preie.

Mi fader, soth is that ye sein.

For ought I can me yit avise, 1930 Mi goode fader, certes no.

With gret richesse he him behongeth, As it to such a lord belongeth, 7490 He was noght armed natheles, Bot as it were in lond of pes, And thus he goth forth out of Schipe And takth with him his felaschipe In such manere as I you seie Unto the temple he hield his weie.

Constance, as the Cronique seith, Sche hihte, and was so ful of feith, That the greteste of Barbarie, Of hem whiche usen marchandie, 600 Sche hath converted, as thei come To hire upon a time in Rome, To schewen such thing as thei broghte Whiche worthili of hem sche boghte, And over that in such a wise Sche hath hem with hire wordes wise Of Cristes feith so full enformed, That thei therto ben all conformed, So that baptesme thei receiven And alle here false goddes weyven.

Tho was mankinde of litel weyhte Sem, Cham, Japhet, of these thre, That ben the Sones of Noe5, The world of mannes nacion Into multiplicacion Was tho restored newe ayein So ferforth, as the bokes sein, That of hem thre and here issue Ther was so large a retenue, 90 Of naciouns 500-260 Vce Software Aluminium Access Products Ltd seventy and tuo In sondri place ech on of tho The wyde world have enhabited.

Fourtiene yer sche was of Age, Whan C9560-593 Self Study deth hir tok to his viage.

And otherwhile of his falshede He feignede him to conne arede Of thing which after scholde falle Wherof among hise sleyhtes alle 930 He hath the lewed folk deceived, So that the betre he was received.

And in a wraththe upon this thing He smot Michee upon the cheke The king him hath rebuked eke, And every man upon him cride Thus was he schent on every side, 2670 Ayein and into prison lad, For so the king himselve bad.

And thus algate, 200 Mi Sone, thou myht understonde, That if thou wolt in grace stonde With love, thou most leve Envie And as thou wolt for thi partie Toward thi love stonde fre, So most thou soffre an other be, What so befalle upon the chaunce For it is an unwys vengance, Which to non other man is lief, And is unto himselve grief.

The king tho hield 500-260 Certificate him noght wel paied, For he the Grekes sore dredde, In aunter, if Jason ne spedde, He mihte therof bere a blame For tho was al the worldes fame In Grece, as forto speke of Armes.

The pomel of the swerd to grounde Sche sette, and with the point a wounde Thurghout hire herte anon sche made, And forth with that al pale and fade 310 Sche fell doun ded fro ther sche stod.

550 Men sein ther is non evidence, 500-260 Brain Dumps Wherof to knowe a difference Betwen the drunken and the wode, For thei be nevere nouther goode For wher that wyn doth wit aweie, Wisdom hath lost the rihte weie, That he no maner vice dredeth Nomore than a blind man thredeth His nedle be the Sonnes lyht, Nomore is reson thanne of myht, 560 Whan he with drunkeschipe is blent.

Thus was he blind, and sche unwys Bot natheles this cause it is, Why Cupide is the god of love, For 500-260 Brain Dumps he his moder dorste love.

And riht so nowther mor ne lesse It stant of love and of lachesce Som time he slowtheth in a day That he nevere after gete mai.

Unto this king this god appiereth And clepeth, and that other hiereth This god to Mide thonketh faire Of that he was so debonaire Toward his Prest, and bad him seie What thing it were he wolde preie, He scholde it have, of worldes good.

3370 For whanne I schal myn yhen close, Anon min herte he wole oppose And holde his Scole in such a wise, Til it be day that I arise, That selde it is whan that I slepe.

Bot natheles to knowe more Als wel as thou me longeth sore 2430 And for it helpeth to comune, Al ben thei noght to me comune, The scoles of Philosophie, Yit thenke I forto specefie, In boke as it is comprehended, Wherof thou mihtest ben amended.

The ferste of hem it is delit, The tuo ben worschipe and profit.

To sette a lawe and kepe it noght Ther is no comun profit soght Bot above alle natheles The lawe, which is mad for pes, 2830 Is good to kepe for the beste, For that set alle men in reste.

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Ovide wrot of manye thinges, Among the whiche in his wrytinges He tolde a tale in Poesie, Which toucheth unto Jelousie, Upon a certein cas of love.

In havene sauf and whan thei be, The Maister Schipman made him boun, And goth him out into the toun, And profreth Thaise forto selle.

Bot so wel may nothing ben hidd, That it nys ate laste kidd This fame goth aboute Rome So ferforth, that the wordes come To themperour Justinian And he let sende for the man, And axede him hou that it was.

And so me thenketh, lieve Sire, A man of armes mai him reste Somtime in hope for the beste, If he mai finde a weie nerr.

To serve Accidie in his office, Ther is of Slowthe an other vice, 540 Which cleped is Foryetelnesse That noght mai in his herte impresse Of vertu which reson hath sett, So clene his wittes he foryet.

Thre men upon eleccioun Of age and of complexioun Lich to himself be alle weie He tok towardes him to pleie, 1170 And ete and drinke als wel as he.

Wherof touchende unto this sawe There is bot only to poursuie Mi love, and ydelschipe eschuie.

And for he wolde his love glade, Ayein the day of mariage Be mouthe bothe and be message Hise frendes to the feste he preide, With gret worschipe and, as men seide, He hath this yonge ladi spoused.

1810 The kinges question was this Of thinges thre which strengest is, The wyn, the womman or the king And that thei scholde upon this thing Of here ansuere avised be, He yaf hem fulli daies thre, And hath behote hem be his feith That who the beste reson seith, He schal receive a worthi mede.

4330 Bot ther he keste and there he pleide, Thei tawhten him a Las to breide, And weve a Pours, and to enfile A Perle and fell that ilke while, On Barbarus the Prince 500-260 Vce Dumps of Mede Sih hou this king in wommanhede Was falle fro chivalerie, And gat him help and compaignie, And wroghte so, that ate laste This king out of his regne he caste, 4340 Which was undon for everemo And yit men speken of him so, That it is schame forto hiere.

Nou schalt thou hiere a gret mervaile, With what voisdie that he wroghte.

Mi fader, I woll noght foryete Of this that ye have told me hiere, And if that eny such manere Of humble port mai love appaie, Hierafterward I thenke assaie 3430 Bot now forth over I beseche That ye more of my schrifte seche.

An other Amonyte also With love him hath assoted so, Hire god Moloch that with encense He sacreth, and doth reverence 4510 In such a wise as sche him bad.

Til tuelve yeres were agon, 500-260 Vce Software This Emperoures dowhter Custe Forth with the dowhter of Saluste 1220 500-260 Test Pdf Was kept, bot noman redily Knew what sche was, and noght forthi Thei thoghten wel sche hadde be In hire astat of hih degre, And every lif hire loveth wel.

Mi Sone, whyl thou art alyve And hast also thi fulle mynde, Among the vices whiche I finde Ther 500-260 Vce Software Aluminium Access Products Ltd is yit on such of the sevene, Which al this world hath set unevene And causeth manye thinges wronge, Where he the cause hath underfonge 3710 Wherof hierafter thou schalt hiere The forme bothe and the matiere.

930 Thus have I, fader, said mi wille Say ye now forth, for I am stille.

Bot whan sche sih withinne a while The Flees glistrende ayein the Sonne, Sche saide, Ha, lord, now al is wonne, Mi kniht the field hath overcome Nou wolde god he were come Ha lord, that he ne were alonde Bot I dar take this on honde, If that sche hadde wynges tuo, Sche wolde have flowe unto him tho 3750 Strawht ther he was into the Bot.

And ek to thee, Diane, I preie, Which cleped art of thi noblesse The nyhtes Mone and the goddesse, 3240 That thou to me be gracious And in Cancro thin oghne hous Ayein Phebus in opposit Stond al this time, and of delit Behold Venus with a glad yhe.

And fro thilke iles to the londe Fulofte cam the wynd to honde After the name of him forthi The wyndes cleped Eoli Tho were, and he the god of wynd.

Lo, Sone, hier miht thou taken hiede, How ydelnesse is forto drede, Namliche of love, as I have write.