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Mi fader, I beknowe a part, So as ye tolden hier above Of Murmur and Compleignte of love, That for I se no sped comende, Ayein fortune compleignende 1380 I am, as who seith, everemo And ek fulofte tyme also, Whan so is that I se and hiere Or hevy word or hevy chiere Of my lady, I grucche anon Bot wordes dar I speke non, Wherof sche myhte be desplesed, Bot in myn herte I am desesed With many a Murmur, god it wot, Thus drinke I in myn oghne swot, 1390 And thogh I make no semblant, Min herte is al desobeissant And in this wise I me confesse Of that ye clepe unbuxomnesse.

And natheles gret diligence Thei setten upon thilke dede, And spille more than thei spede For allewey thei finde a lette, Which bringeth in poverte and dette To hem that riche were afore The lost is had, the lucre is lore, 2590 To gete a pound thei spenden fyve I not hou such a craft schal thryve In the manere as it is used It were betre be refused Than forto worchen upon weene In thing which stant noght as thei weene.

The ferthe wif which I ther sih, I herde of hem that were nyh Hou sche was cleped Alcione, Which to Seyix hir lord al one 2650 And to nomo hire body kepte And whan sche sih him dreynt, sche lepte Into the wawes where he swam, And there a Sefoul sche becam, And with hire wenges him bespradde For love which to him sche 250-323 Exam Guide hadde.

He which natureth every kinde, The myhti god, so as I finde, Of man, which is his creature, Hath so devided the nature, That non til other wel acordeth And be the cause it so discordeth, The lif which fieleth the seknesse Mai stonde upon no sekernesse.

The Duck hire mette and seide thus The myhti godd which Anubus 940 Is hote, he save the, Pauline, For thou art of his discipline So holy, that no mannes myht Mai do that he hath do to nyht Of thing which thou hast evere eschuied.

Thus whan sche cam the ladi nyh, Than tok sche betre hiede and syh 1360 This womman fair was of visage, Freyssh, lusti, yong and of tendre age And so this ladi, ther sche stod, Bethoghte hire wel and understod That this, which com ridende tho, Tidinges couthe telle of tho, Which as sche sih tofore ryde, And putte hir forth and preide abide, And seide, Ha, Suster, let me hiere, What ben thei, that now riden hiere, Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional - Storage Delivery 599-01 1370 And ben so richeliche arraied This womman, which com so esmaied, Ansuerde with ful softe speche, And seith, Ma Dame, I schal you teche.

410 A wonder thing yet more amis Ther was, wherof I telle al this What man on hem his chiere caste And hem behield, he was als faste Out of a man 599-01 into a Ston Forschape, and thus ful manyon Deceived were, of that thei wolde Misloke, wher that thei ne scholde.

Bot whan that he this ladi sih And of hir beaute hiede tok, He couthe noght withdrawe his lok To se noght elles in the field, Bot stod and only hire behield.

Constance, as the Cronique seith, Sche hihte, and was so ful of feith, That the greteste of Barbarie, Of hem whiche usen marchandie, 600 Sche hath converted, as thei come To hire upon a time in Rome, To schewen such thing as thei broghte Whiche worthili of hem sche boghte, And over that in such a wise Sche hath hem with hire wordes wise Of Cristes feith so full enformed, That thei therto ben all conformed, So that baptesme thei receiven And alle here false goddes weyven.

Whan thei to reste a while him preide, Out of his lond he hem congeide And so fell the dissencion, Which after was destruccion Of that Cite, as men mai hiere Bot that is noght to mi matiere.

In armes he that wol travaile Or elles loves grace atteigne, His lose tunge he mot restreigne, 2660 Which berth of his honour the keie.

Unto the god ferst thei besoughten As to the substaunce of her Scole, That thei ne scholden noght befole 200 Her wit upon none erthly werkes, Which were ayein thestat of clerkes, And that thei myhten fle the vice Which Simon hath in his office, Wherof he takth the gold in honde.

Mi Sone, an ypocrite 599-01 Exam Test Questions is this, A man which feigneth conscience, As thogh it were al innocence, Withoute, and is noght so withinne And doth so for he wolde winne Of his desir the vein astat.

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Bot of conclusion final Conclude I wol in special 250 For love, whos servant I am, And why the cause is that I cam.

King Jupiter, which his likinge Whilom fulfelde in alle thinge, So priveliche aboute he ladde His lust, that he his wille hadde Of Latona, and on hire that Diane his dowhter he begat 1250 Unknowen of his wif Juno.

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Of crualte the felonie Engendred 599-01 Exam Dumps Pdf is of tirannie, 3250 Ayein the whos condicion God is himself the champion, Whos strengthe mai noman withstonde.

Forthi sche tauhte him hou he schal 3600 Enoignte his armes al aboute, And for he scholde nothing doute, Sche tok him thanne a maner glu, The which was of so gret vertu, That where a man it wolde caste, It scholde binde anon so faste That noman mihte it don aweie.

And ek, if men hem wel avise, The Sonne and Mone eclipse bothe, That be hem lieve or be hem lothe, 770 Thei soffre and what thing is passible To ben a god is impossible.

And thanne he thoghte him in what wise He myhte his tirannie schewe And to his conseil tok a schrewe, 4660 Whom to his fader forth he sente In his message, and he tho wente, And preide his fader forto seie Be his avis, and finde a weie, Hou they the cite myhten winne, Whil that he stod so wel therinne.

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1500 Bot nou to speke of the secounde, Which Aristotle hath also founde, And techeth hou to speke faire, Which is a thing full necessaire To contrepeise the balance, Wher lacketh other sufficance.

Therof me schal no Slowthe lette, Til deth out of this world me fette, Althogh I hadde on such a Ring, As Moises thurgh his enchanting Som time in Ethiope made, Whan that he Tharbis weddid hade.

Of Aristotle I have wel rad, Hou he to Alisandre bad, That forto gladen his corage He schal beholde the visage 4260 Of wommen, whan that thei ben faire.

Forth comth Paris with glad visage Into the temple on pelrinage, Wher unto Venus the goddesse He yifth and offreth gret richesse, And preith hir that he preie wolde.

Bot he ne dorste natheles Ayein this worthi Hercules Falle in debat as forto feihte Bot feigneth Semblant al be sleihte Of frendschipe and of alle goode, And comth where as thei bothe stode, 2180 And makth hem al the chiere he can, And seith that as here oghne man He is al redy forto do What thing he mai and it fell so That thei upon his Semblant triste, And axen him if that he wiste What thing hem were best to done, So that thei mihten sauf and sone The water passe, he and sche.

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This Bardus seide he wolde wel And with this word his Asse anon He let untrusse, and therupon Doun goth the corde into the pet, To which he hath at ende knet 4990 A staf, wherby, he seide, he wolde That Adrian him scholde holde.

For most above all erthli good, Wher that a king himself is good It helpeth, for in other weie If so be that a king forsueie, Fulofte er this it hath be sein, The comun poeple is overlein 3930 And hath the kinges Senne aboght, Al thogh the poeple agulte noght.

And thus he made hem to believe, And seide, if that he myhte achieve His pourpos, it schal wel be yolde, Be so that thei him helpe wolde.

I have herd seid that thoght is fre, And natheles in privete To you, mi fader, that ben hiere Min hole schrifte forto hiere, I dar min herte wel desclose.

Whan al this thing is don and ended, This king, which loved was and frended, A lettre hath, which cam to him Be Schipe fro Pentapolim, Be which the lond hath to him write, That he wolde understonde and wite Hou in good mynde and in good pes Ded is the king Artestrates, 1970 Wherof thei alle of on acord Him preiden, as here liege lord, That he the lettre wel conceive And come his regne to receive, Which god hath yove him and fortune And thus besoghte the commune Forth with the grete lordes alle.

1620 The lord which of the cite was, Whos name is Athenagoras, Was there, and seide he wolde se What Schip it is, and who thei be That ben therinne and after sone, Whan that he sih it was to done, His barge was for him arraied, And he goth forth and hath assaied.

Of Arsmetique the matiere Is that of which a man mai liere What Algorisme in nombre amonteth, Whan that the wise man acompteth After the formel proprete Of Algorismes Abece Be which multiplicacioun Is mad and diminucioun 160 Of sommes be thexperience Of this Art and of this science.

For certes, fader, this I dar Beknowe and in mi schrifte telle Bot I a drauhte have of that welle, In which mi deth is and mi lif, Mi joie is torned into strif, That sobre schal I nevere worthe, Bot as a drunke man forworthe 280 So that in londe where I fare The lust is lore of mi welfare, Riverbed 599-01 Braindump Pdf As he that mai no bote finde.

And thus, schort tale forto telle, So as this Maide him hadde tawht, These s with this Monstre fawht, 5360 Smot of his hed, the which he nam, And be the thred, so as he cam, He goth ayein, til he were oute.

1530 Mi Sone, tell me now forthi, Which is that mortiel enemy That thou manacest to be ded.

If this be wast to youre wit Of love, and Prodegalite, Nou, goode fader, demeth ye Bot of o thing I wol me schryve, That I schal for no love thryve, Bot if hirself me wol 599-01 Braindump Pdf relieve.

Forthi, er that it worse falle, Thurgh comun conseil of hem alle Thei have here wrongfull king deposed, And hem in whom it was supposed The conseil stod of his ledinge Be lawe 599-01 Braindump Pdf unto the dom thei bringe, Wher thei receiven the penance That longeth to such governance.

Bot as men in that time seide, This Emperour fro thilke day That ferst his dowhter wente away He was thanne after nevere glad Bot what that eny man him bad Of grace for his dowhter sake, That grace wolde he noght forsake 1470 And thus ful gret almesse he dede, Wherof sche hadde many a bede.

And whanne it falleth othergate, 2790 So that hire like noght to daunce, Bot on the Dees to caste chaunce Or axe of love som demande, Or elles that hir list comaunde To rede and here of Troilus, Riht as sche wole or so or thus, I am al redi to consente.

This faire Maiden cleped is Criseide, douhter of Crisis, Which was that time in special Of thilke temple principal, Wher Phebus hadde JN0-201 Brain Dumps his sacrifice, So was it wel the more vice.

And he, that be hire body wolde Take avantage, let do crye, That what man wolde his lecherie Attempte upon hire maidenhede, Lei doun the gold and he schal spede.

Now goode fader, I you preie, If ther be more in the matiere Of Slowthe, that I mihte it hiere.

This yonge wif was sory tho, Which wiste nothing what it mente And natheles yit thus it wente Noght only of this ferste man, Bot after, riht as he began, Sexe othre of hire housebondes Asmod hath take into hise bondes, So that thei alle abedde deiden, Whan thei her hand toward hir leiden, 5350 Noght for the lawe of Mariage, Bot for that ilke fyri rage In which that thei the lawe excede For who that wolde taken hiede What after fell in this matiere, Ther mihte he wel the sothe hiere.

Thus longe he preide, and ate laste Sche granteth, and behihte him this, That whan nyht comth and it time is, Sche wolde him sende certeinly Such on that scholde him prively 3460 Al one into hire chambre bringe.

Bot er the cause fully spedde, Hire fader, which in Romanie The ledinge of chivalerie In governance hath undertake, Upon a werre which was take Goth out with al the strengthe he hadde Of men of Armes whiche he ladde 5160 So was the mariage left, And stod upon acord til eft.

Bot now ayeinward forto telle In what plit that hire lord stod inne He seileth, til that he may winne The havene of Tharse, as I seide er And whanne he was aryved ther, And it was thurgh the Cite knowe, Men myhte se withinne a throwe, As who seith, al the toun at ones, That come ayein him for the nones, 1280 To yiven him the reverence, So glad thei were of his presence And thogh he were in his corage Desesed, yit with glad visage He made hem chiere, and to his In, Wher he whilom sojourned in, He goth him straght and was resceived.

Withinne a time and therupon Befell that with a bowe on honde, To hunte and gamen forto fonde, Into that wode goth to pleie Hir Sone Archas, and in his weie It hapneth that this bere cam.

Here herte, here 599-01 Testing yhe is overal, And wenen every man be thief, To stele awey that hem is lief 440 Thus thurgh here oghne fantasie Thei fallen into Jelousie.

O mihti lord, toward my vice Thi merci medle with justice And I woll make a covenant, That of my lif the remenant I schal it be thi grace amende, And in thi lawe so despende That veine gloire I schal eschuie, And bowe unto thin heste and suie 3020 Humilite, and that I vowe.

Forthi, my Sone, do noght so.

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And riht thus in the same wise 1910 This vice upon the cause of love So proudly set the herte above, And doth him pleinly forto wene That he to loven eny qwene Hath worthinesse and sufficance And so withoute pourveance Fulofte he heweth up so hihe, That chippes fallen in his yhe And ek ful ofte he weneth this, Ther as he noght beloved is, 1920 To be beloved alther best.

And over this yit natheles Upon the sydes of the werk, After the wrytinge of the clerk, Ther sitten fyve Stones mo The smaragdine is on of tho, 840 Jaspis and Elitropius And Dendides and Jacinctus.

Now spek, if thou art on of alle, 850 That with this vice hast ben withholde.

This Geant with his ruide myht Part of the banke he schof doun riht, The which evene upon Acis fell, So that with fallinge of this hell This Poliphemus Acis slowh, Wherof sche made sorwe ynowh.

And thus this worthi lord as tho 3280 Sette in balance his oghne astat And with himself stod in debat, And thoghte hou that it was noght good To se so mochel mannes blod Be spilt for cause of him alone.

If I that heste schal fulfille 1290 And therto ben obedient, Thanne is my cause fully schent, For specheles may noman spede.

1150 What man that wolde him wel avise, Delicacie is to despise, Whan kinde acordeth noght withal Wherof ensample in special Of Nero whilom mai be told, Which ayein kinde manyfold Hise lustes tok, til ate laste That god him wolde al overcaste Of whom the Cronique is so plein, Me list nomore of him to sein.

Bot this me thenkth a wonder kinde, As I am drunke of that I drinke, So am I ek for falte of drinke Of which I finde no reles Bot if I myhte natheles Of such a drinke as I coveite, So as me liste, have o receite, 290 I scholde assobre and fare wel.

So nedeth noght that I schal crave 3290 The Sonnes Carte forto tarie, Ne yit the Mone, that sche carie Hire cours along upon the hevene, For I am noght the more in evene Towardes love in no degree Bot in mi PH0-180 Ebook slep yit thanne I se Somwhat in swevene of that me liketh, Which afterward min herte entriketh, Whan that I finde it otherwise.

In which ther can noman him reule, For loves lawe is out of reule, That of tomoche or of tolite Welnyh is every man to wyte, 20 And natheles ther is noman In al this world so wys, that can Of love tempre the mesure, Bot as it falth in aventure For wit ne strengthe may noght helpe, And he which elles wolde him HP0-M37 Exam Engines yelpe Is rathest throwen under fote, Ther can no wiht therof do bote.

Bot if thou cowthest sette in reule Tho tuo, the thre were eth to reule Forthi as of thi wittes five I wole as now nomore schryve, Bot only of these ilke tuo.

Bot fell a time, as he out wente To walke, of Princes Sones thre Ther come and felle to his kne And ech of hem in sondri wise Besoghte and profreth his servise, 870 So that he myhte his doghter have.

Bot whan the Schip com in seilinge, And thei perceiven it is he, Was nevere yit in no cite Such joie mad as thei tho made His herte also began to glade Of that he sih the poeple 599-01 Study Guide Pdf glad.

Bot in youre tale, as it betidde, 6790 Venus discoverede al the cas, And ek also brod dai it was, Whan Phebus such a Stelthe wroghte, Wherof the Maide in blame he broghte, That afterward sche was so lore.

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With that hire chere awei sche swerveth, And gan to wepe, and thus sche tolde This bridel, which ye nou beholde 1410 So riche upon myn horse hed, Ma Dame, afore, er I was ded, Whan I was in mi lusti lif, Ther fel into myn herte a strif Of love, which me overcom, So that therafter hiede I nom And thoghte I wolde love a kniht That laste wel a fourtenyht, For it no lengere mihte laste, So nyh my lif was ate laste.

And thus Phebus in love brenneth, And in his haste aboute renneth, To loke if that he mihte winne Bot he was evere to beginne, 1710 For evere awei fro him sche fledde, So that he nevere his love spedde.

And ek it asketh a vengance To ben unkinde in loves cas, So as These s thanne was, Al thogh he were a noble kniht For he the lawe of loves riht Forfeted hath in alle weie, That Adriagne he putte aweie, Which was a gret unkinde dede And after this, so as I rede, 5480 Fedra, the which hir Soster is, He tok in stede of hire, and this Fel afterward to mochel teene.

6390 So mai it schewe wel therfore, As I have told it hier tofore, In hevene and ek in Erthe also It is accept to bothe tuo.

Ther was ynowh withinne wones Of wepinge and of sorghe tho This yonge king makth mochel wo So forto se the Schip travaile Bot al that myhte him noght availe The mast tobrak, the Seil torof, The Schip upon the 599-01 Exam Topics wawes drof, Til that thei sihe a londes cooste.

Bot for thei mihten noght availe So noble a Cite forto winne, A prive conseil thei beginne, In sondri wise wher thei trete And ate laste among the grete 3080 Thei fellen unto this acord, That Prothe s, of his record Which was an Astronomien And ek a gret Magicien, Scholde of his calculacion Seche after constellacion, Hou thei the Cite mihten gete And he, which hadde noght foryete Of that belongeth to a clerk, His studie sette upon this werk.

1010 This tale after the king it hadde Pentapolim al overspradde, Ther was no joie forto seche For every man it hadde in speche And seiden alle of on acord, A worthi king schal ben oure lord That thoghte ous ferst an hevinesse Is schape ous now to gret gladnesse.

This false knyht upon delay Hath taried til thei were aslepe, As he that wolde his time kepe His dedly werkes to fulfille And to the bed he stalketh stille, Wher that he wiste was the wif, And in his hond a rasour knif 830 He bar, with which hire throte he cutte, And prively the knif he putte Under that other beddes side, Wher that Constance lai beside.

The leste lokinge of hire yhe Mai noght be stole, if he it syhe And who so gruccheth for so lyte, He wolde sone sette a wyte On him that wolde stele more.

1860 Folhaste is cause of mochel wo Forthi, mi Sone, do noght so.

Bot he, that wiste nothing why 2970 He scholde do so gret servise After the world in such a wise, Withstod the wrong of that demande For noght the Pope mai comande The king wol noght the Pope obeie.

Thus grante I yow myn hole vois, Ches for ous bothen, I you preie And what as evere that ye seie, 1830 Riht as ye wole so wol I.

What nature hath set in hir lawe Ther mai no mannes miht withdrawe, And who that worcheth therayein, Fulofte time it hath be sein, Ther hath befalle gret 599-01 Exam Demo vengance, Wherof I finde a remembrance.

Min yhe and as I caste aboutes, 2460 To knowe among hem who was who, I sih wher lusty Youthe tho, As he which was a Capitein, Tofore alle othre upon the plein Stod with his route wel begon, Here hevedes kempt, and therupon Garlandes noght of o colour, Some of the lef, some of the flour, And some of grete Perles were The newe guise of Beawme there, 2470 With sondri thinges wel devised, I sih, wherof thei ben queintised.

And to the kniht sche seide Yee, Now that I wot my fadres wille, That I schal in this wise spille, I wole obeie me therto, And as he wole it schal be do.

Lo, Sone, hier miht thou taken hiede, How ydelnesse is forto drede, Namliche of love, as I have write.

And fell that time he was bestad Upon a werre and moste ride And whil he scholde there abide, He lefte at hom to kepe his wif Suche as he knew of holi lif, Elda forth with the Bisschop eke And he with pouer goth to seke Ayein the Scottes forto fonde The werre which he tok 599-01 Dumps on honde.

The king cam with his knihtes alle And maden him glad welcominge And he hem tolde the tidinge Of this and that, hou it befell, Whan that he wan the schepes fell.

Bot as nature hem hath excited, Thei token thanne litel hiede, The brother of the Sosterhiede To wedde wyves, til it cam Into the time of Habraham.

For this thou myht wel understonde, That where a man schal nedes lese, The leste harm is forto chese.

For if Pite mesure excede, Kinghode may noght wel procede 3530 To do justice upon the riht For it belongeth to a knyht Als gladly forto fihte as reste, To sette his liege poeple in reste, Whan that the werre upon hem falleth For thanne he mote, as it befalleth, Of his knyhthode as a Leon Be to the poeple a champioun Withouten eny Pite feigned.

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And thus my leve of hire y nam, And forth with al the same tide Hire prest, which wolde nought abide, Or be me lief or be me loth, Out of my sighte forth he goth, 2950 And y was left with outen helpe.

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And yit ther is no reson inne, For he a man was full of sinne, Which proved was upon his ende, For in a rage himself he brende 1100 And such a cruel mannes dede Acordeth nothing with godhede.

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That other saide nothing so, Bot, He is 599-01 Braindump Pdf riche and wel bego, 2400 To whom that god wole sende wele.

Mi Sone, er I axe eny more, I thenke somdiel for thi lore 80 Telle an ensample of this matiere Touchende Envie, as thou schalt hiere.

And fell that ilke time so, That Rome hadde werres stronge Ayein Cartage, and stoden longe The tuo Cites upon debat.

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3110 Envie if that I schal descrive, He is noght schaply forto wyve In Erthe among the wommen hiere For ther is in him no matiere Wherof he mihte do plesance.

Elda, which thoghte his king to plese, As he that thanne unwedded was, Of Constance al the pleine cas Als goodliche as he cowthe tolde.

Thei seten alle stille and herde, Was non which to the point ansuerde, For to what pourpos that it mente Ther was noman knew his entente, Bot only he which schop the guile.

Lo, thus was Petres barge stiered Of hem that thilke tyme were, And thus cam ferst to mannes Ere The 599-01 Exam Guide feith of Crist and alle goode Thurgh hem that thanne weren goode And sobre and chaste and large and wyse.

Wherof he dradde and was esmaied, Of treson that he deie scholde, For he the king his sothe tolde And sodeinly the nyhtes tyde, That more wolde he noght abide, 450 Al prively his barge he hente And hom ayein to Tyr he wente And in his oghne wit he seide For drede, if he the king bewreide, He knew so wel the kinges herte, That deth ne scholde he noght asterte, The king him wolde so poursuie.

And thus was leid the grete bost Of him and of his tirannie It halp no mercy forto crie To him which whilom dede non For he unto the queene anon Was broght, and whan that sche him sih, This word sche spak and seide on hih O man, which out of mannes kinde Reson of man hast left behinde 3490 And lived worse than a beste, Whom Pite myhte noght areste, The mannes blod to schede and spille Thou haddest nevere yit thi fille.

The thridde errour is harm comune, With which the poeple mot commune 2200 Of wronges that thei bringen inne And thus thei worchen treble sinne, That ben flatours aboute a king.

Non decet vt soli seruabitur es, set amori Debet homo solam solus habere suam.

And Hanybal was thilke while The Prince and ledere of Cartage, Which hadde set al his corage Upon knihthod in such a wise, That he be worthi and be wise And be non othre was conseiled, Wherof the world is yit merveiled 2060 Of the maistries that he wroghte Upon the marches whiche he soghte.

4670 Blinde Avarice of his lignage For conseil and for cousinage, To be withholde ayein largesse, Hath on, whos name is seid Skarsnesse, The which is kepere of 599-01 Braindump Pdf his hous, And is so thurghout averous, That he no good let out of honde Thogh god himself it wolde fonde, Of yifte scholde he nothing have And if a man it wolde crave, 4680 He moste thanne faile nede, Wher god himselve mai noght spede.

For I wol telle you the skile The god Mercurius and no man He hath me tawht al that I can Of suche lawes as I made, Wherof that ye ben alle glade 2970 It was the god and nothing I, Which dede al this, and nou forthi He hath comanded of his grace That I schal come into a place Which is forein out in an yle, Wher I mot tarie for a while, With him to speke, as he hath bede.