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Lo, there a nyce housebonde, Which thus hath lost his wif for evere Bot natheles sche hadde a levere 2820 The king hire weddeth and honoureth, Wherof hire name sche socoureth, Which erst was lost thurgh coveitise Of him, that ladde hire other wise, And hath himself also forlore.

Of man, of beste, of herbe, of ston, Of fissch, of foughl, of everychon 140 That ben of bodely substance, The nature and the circumstance Thurgh this science it is ful soght, Which vaileth and which vaileth noght.

It fell thei foghten bothe afote, Ther was no ston, ther was no rote, Which mihte letten hem the weie, But al was voide and take aweie.

And natheles good is to hiere Such thing wherof a man may lere That to vertu is acordant, And toward al the remenant Good is to torne his Ere fro For elles, bot a man do so, Him may fulofte mysbefalle.

For thilke tyme I understonde The Lumbard made non eschange The bisschopriches forto change, Ne yet Implementing andSupporting Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 600-460 Test Questions a lettre for to sende For dignite ne for Provende, 210 Or cured or withoute cure.

2070 The kinges brother in presence Was thilke 600-460 Exam Engines time, and gret offence He tok therof, and was the same Above alle othre which most blame Upon his liege lord hath leid, And hath unto the lordes seid, Anon as he mai time finde, Ther schal nothing be left behinde, That he wol speke unto the king.

Mi Sone, certes thou seist soth, Bot only that it helpeth kinde Somtyme, in Phisique as I finde, Whan it is take be mesure Bot he which can no Slep mesure Upon the reule as it belongeth, Fulofte of sodein chance he fongeth Such infortune that him grieveth.

Whil that a man hath good to yive, With grete routes he mai live And hath his frendes overal, And everich of him telle schal.

Forthi, my fader, what is more Touchende to this ilke lore I you beseche, after the forme That ye pleinly me wolde enforme, 1340 So that I may myn herte reule In loves cause after the reule.

And thei upon him thanne leide 1080 His name, and god of medicine He hatte after that ilke line.

And so schal I do for thi sake, This qweene seide, wel I wot.

And sche ansuerde and bad him go, And seide how that abedde al warm Hir lief lay naked in hir arm Sche wende that it were soth.

And al this dede he for a wonder, That whanne a man for peine cride, The Bole of bras, which gapeth wyde, 3320 It scholde seme as thogh it were A belwinge in a mannes Ere, And noght the criinge of a man.

580 Bot yit ther ben of londes fele In occident as for the chele, In orient as for the hete, Which of the poeple be forlete As lond desert that is unable, For it mai noght ben habitable.

He made him naked thanne, and softe Into the bedd unwar he crepte, Wher Hercules that time slepte, 6920 And wende wel it were sche And thus in stede of Eole Anon he profreth him to love.

1590 And afterward the yer suiende The god hath mad of hire an ende, And fro this worldes faierie Hath take hire into compaignie.

He is of kinde moiste and hot, And he that of the sterres wot Seith that he hath of sterres tuo Upon his heved, and ben of tho That Capricorn hath on his ende And as the bokes maken mende, 1200 That Tholome s made himselve, He hath ek on his wombe tuelve, And tweie upon his ende stonde.

Bot if a Prince wolde him reule Of the Romeins after the reule, In thilke time as it was used, This vice scholde be refused, Wherof the Princes ben assoted.

7820 So that I not as yit therfore If thou, mi Sone, hast wonne or lore For ofte time, as Implementing andSupporting Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 600-460 it is sene, Whan Somer hath lost al his grene And is with Wynter wast and bare, That him is left nothing to spare, Al is recovered in a throwe The colde wyndes overblowe, And still be the scharpe schoures, And soudeinliche ayein his floures 7830 The Somer hapneth and is riche And so per cas thi graces liche, Mi Sone, thogh thou be nou povere Of love, yit thou miht recovere.

Tho was he glad in his corage, For he hir kertell fond also And ek hir mantell bothe tuo Bespred upon the bed alofte.

For thus it stant of my grevance Now at this time, as thou schalt wite, With teres and with enke write This lettre I have in Implementing andSupporting Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 600-460 cares colde In my riht hond my Penne I holde, 300 And in my left the swerd I kepe, And in my barm ther lith to wepe Thi child and myn, which sobbeth faste.

An other god of Hercules Thei made, which was natheles A man, bot that he was so strong, In al this world that brod and long So myhti was noman as he.

1720 Be suche ensamples, as thei stonde, Mi Sone, thou miht understonde, To hasten love is thing in vein, Whan that fortune is therayein.

With that sche swouneth now and eft, And evere wissheth after deth, So that welnyh hire lacketh breth.

For thogh noman it wole allowe, To slepe levere than to wowe Is his manere, and thus on nyhtes, Whan that he seth the lusti knyhtes Revelen, wher these wommen are, Awey he skulketh as an hare, Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Specialist 600-460 2720 And goth to bedde and leith him softe, And of his Slouthe he dremeth ofte Hou that he stiketh in the Myr, And hou he sitteth be the fyr And claweth on his bare schanckes, And hou he clymbeth up the banckes And falleth into Slades depe.

Of Selver that was overforth Schal ben a world of lasse worth And after that the wombe of Bras Tokne of a werse world it was.

Est amor egra salus, vexata quies, pius error, Bellica pax, vulnus dulce, suaue malum.

Whan thei him povere and nedy se, Thei lete him passe and farwel he Al that he wende of compainie Is thanne torned to folie.

In many a sondry wise he fondeth He makth ymage, he makth sculpture, He makth writinge, he makth figure, He makth his calculacions, He makth his demonstracions His houres of Astronomie He kepeth as for that partie Which longeth to thinspeccion Of love and his affeccion 1350 He wolde into the helle seche The 600-460 Exam Preparation devel himselve to beseche, If that he wiste 600-460 Practice Exam Pdf 600-460 Practise Questions forto spede, To gete of love his lusti mede Wher that he hath his herte set, He bede nevere fare bet Ne wite of other hevene more.

What is a lond wher men ben none What ben the men whiche are al one Withoute a kinges governance What is a king in his ligance, Wher that ther is no lawe in londe What is to take lawe on honde, 2700 Bot if the jugges weren trewe These olde worldes with the newe Who that wol take in evidence, Ther mai he se thexperience, What thing it is to kepe lawe, Thurgh which the wronges ben withdrawe And rihtwisnesse stant commended, Wherof the regnes ben amended.

950 Mi Sone, I understonde wel That thou hast told hier everydel, And as me thenketh be thi tale, It ben delices wonder smale, Wherof thou takst thi loves fode.

Such was the Sones pourveance, And of his fader it is seid, In strong prisoun that he was leid In Albe, wher that he was ded For hunger and defalte of bred.

What schal befalle hierafterward God wot, for now upon this tyde Men se the world on every syde In sondry wyse so diversed, That it welnyh stant al reversed, 30 As forto speke of tyme ago.

Medea wepte and sigheth ofte, And stod upon a Tour alofte Al prively withinne hirselve, Ther herde it nouther ten ne tuelve, Sche preide, and seide, O, god him spede, The kniht which hath mi maidenhiede 3740 And ay sche loketh toward thyle.

Ther wol noman drinke of tho welles Whiche as he wot is puyson inne And ofte swich as men beginne Towardes othre, swich thei finde, That set hem ofte fer behinde, Whan that thei wene be before.

For in Cronique a tale I finde, Which spekth somdiel of this matiere, Hierafterward as thou schalt hiere.

Ne haste noght thin oghne sorwe, Mi Sone, and tak this in thi witt, He hath noght lost that wel abitt.

With that hir lok on me Cisco 600-460 Test Questions sche caste, And seide In aunter if thou live, Mi will is ferst that thou be schrive 190 And natheles how that it is I wot miself, bot for al this Unto my prest, which comth anon, I woll thou telle it on and on, Bothe all thi thoght and al thi werk.

And thus we fellen in distance, 2200 Mi Prest and I, bot I spak faire, And thurgh mi wordes debonaire Thanne ate laste we acorden, So that he seith he wol recorden To speke and stonde upon mi syde To Venus bothe and to Cupide And bad me wryte what I wolde, And seith me trewly that he scholde Mi lettre bere unto the queene.

Bot er the time that men siewe, And that the labour forth it broghte, Ther 600-460 Study Guide was no corn, thogh men it soghte, In non of al the fieldes oute And er the wisdom cam aboute Of hem that ferst the bokes write, Implementing andSupporting Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 600-460 Test Questions This mai wel every wys man wite, 2380 Ther was gret labour ek also.

The cause why I have it laft Mai be for 920-115 Study Guide Pdf I unto that craft Am nothing able so to stele, Thogh ther be wommen noght so fele.

And in such wise as sche him saide, 3010 Achilles, which that ilke while Was yong, upon himself to smyle Began, whan he was so besein.

God schilde that I be noght dreint Of such a superfluite For wel I fiele in mi degre That al mi wit is overcast, Wherof I am the more agast, 270 That in defaulte of 050-892 Exam Questions With Answers ladischipe Per chance in such a drunkeschipe I mai be ded er I be war.

And if thou wolt the sothe wite, Behold a 600-460 Cert Guide tale which is write, Hou that the King Agamenon, Whan he 600-460 the Cite of Lesbon Hath wonne, a Maiden ther he fond, Which was the faireste of the Lond In thilke time that men wiste.

Bot god forbiede that it were In oure daies that he seith For if the Clerc beware his feith In chapmanhod at such a feire, The remenant mot nede empeire Of al that to the world belongeth For whan that holi cherche wrongeth, 3070 I not what other thing schal rihte.

Of this point such was the juise, Bot of the Duck was other wise For he with love was bestad, His dom was noght so harde lad 1050 For Love put reson aweie And can noght se the rihte weie.

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Thus was he blind, and sche unwys Bot natheles this cause it is, Why Cupide is the god of love, For he his moder dorste love.

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Bot yit wol I noght seie this, Whan I am ther mi ladi is, In whom lith holly mi querele, And sche to cherche or to chapele 7110 Wol go to matins or to messe, That time I waite wel and gesse, 156-215.65 Vce And Pdf To cherche I come and there I stonde, And thogh I take a bok on honde, Mi contienance is on the bok, Bot toward hire is al my lok And if so falle that I preie Unto mi god, and somwhat seie Of Paternoster or of Crede, Al is for that I wolde spede, 7120 So that mi bede in holi cherche Ther mihte som miracle werche Mi ladi herte forto chaunge, Which evere hath be to me so strange.

And forto speke of that withoute, Ther stant no gret Tree nyh aboute 3000 Wher on ther myhte crowe or pie Alihte, forto clepe or crie Ther is no cok to crowe day, Ne beste non which noise may The hell, bot al aboute round Ther is growende upon the ground Popi, which berth the sed of slep, With othre herbes suche an hep.

Forthi Gregoire in his Moral Seith that a man in special The lasse world is properly And that he proeveth redely For man of Soule resonable Is to an Angel resemblable, 950 And lich to beste he hath fielinge, And lich to Trees he hath growinge The Stones ben and so is he Thus of his propre qualite The man, as telleth the clergie, Is as a world in his partie, And whan this litel world mistorneth, The grete world al overtorneth.

1750 The gold betokneth excellence, That men schull don him reverence As to here liege soverein.

Wher he pourposeth him to fare Upon his lucre and his beyete, The smale path, the large Strete, 1990 The furlong and the longe Mile, Al is bot on for thilke while And for that he is such on holde, Dame Avarice him hath withholde, As he which is the principal Outward, for he is overal A pourveour and an aspie.

This man aros fro thilke stede, And forth with al the same tyde He goth him up and be his side 2460 He set him doun as pier and pier, And seide, If thou that sittest hier Art god, which alle thinges myht, Thanne have I do worshipe ariht As to the god and other wise, If thou be noght of thilke assisse, Bot art a man such as am I, Than mai I sitte faste 600-460 Test Questions Aluminium Access Products Ltd by, For we be bothen of o kinde.

Bot whan Medea sawh it brenne, Anon sche gan to sterte and renne The fyri aulters al aboute Ther was no beste which goth oute 4080 More wylde than sche semeth ther Aboute hir schuldres hyng hir her, As thogh sche were oute of hir mynde And torned in an other kynde.

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Mi Sone, yit ther 000-222 Cert Exam is the fifte 2320 Which is conceived of Envie, And cleped is Supplantarie, Thurgh whos compassement and guile Ful many a man hath lost his while In love als wel as otherwise, Hierafter as I schal devise.

Bot Thoas at the same throwe, 1840 Whan Anthenor this Juel tok, Wynkende caste awei his lok For a deceipte and for a wyle As he that scholde himself beguile, He hidde his yhen fro the sihte, And wende wel that he so mihte Excuse his false conscience.

And Samuel him seide anon, The ferste day of the bataille Thou schalt be slain withoute faile And Jonathas thi Sone also.

Ira malencolicos animos perturbat, vt equo Iure sui pondus nulla statera tenet.

And whan the presse of poeple is weived, He takth his hoste unto him tho, And seith, Mi frend Strangulio, 1290 Lo, thus and thus it is befalle, And thou thiself art on of alle, Forth with thi wif, whiche I most triste.

So thenke I to don bothe 600-460 Book tuo, Ferst that myn ordre longeth to, The vices forto telle arewe, Bot next above alle othre schewe Of love I wol the propretes, How that thei stonde be degrees After the disposicioun Of Venus, whos condicioun 260 I moste folwe, as I am holde.

For tho tuo vices in discord Stonde evere, as I finde of record 7650 So that betwen here tuo debat Largesse reuleth his astat.

1280 Upon sondri creacion Stant sondri operacion, Som worcheth this, som worcheth that The fyr is hot in his astat And brenneth what he mai atteigne, The water mai the fyr restreigne, The which is cold and moist also.

Lo now, thurgh what creacion He hath deificacion, And cleped is the god of wit To suche as be the foles yit.

1420 And thus whan he hath crid it oute In syhte of al the poeple aboute, He ladde hire to the bordel tho.

And overthis yet I thee rede That thou be war of thin heringe, Which to the Herte the tidinge 450 Of many a vanite hath broght, To tarie with a mannes thoght.

420 What man that takth his kinde of thair, He schal be lyht, he schal be fair, For his complexion is blood.

The Schip which on the wawes renneth, And is forstormed and forblowe, Is noght more peined for a throwe Than I am thanne, whanne I se An other which that passeth me In that fortune of loves yifte.

And thus in hope and good believe Of that the corps schal wel aryve, Thei caste it over bord als blyve.

O lord, that yifst the lives fode To every wyht, I prei thee hiere Thes wofull Sostres that ben 600-460 Test Questions hiere, And let ous noght to the ben lothe We ben thin oghne wommen bothe.

And whanne he syh that be no mede Toward hir love he myhte spede, Be sleyhte feigned thanne he wroghte And therupon he him bethoghte How that ther was in the Cite A temple of such auctorite, 800 To which with gret Devocioun The noble wommen of the toun Most comunliche a pelrinage Gon forto preie thilke ymage Which the godesse of childinge is, And cleped was be name Ysis And in hire temple thanne were, To reule and to ministre there After the lawe which was tho, Above alle othre Prestes tuo.

I sette noght of other good 90 For mihte I gete such a thing, I hadde a tresor for a king And thogh I wolde it faste holde, I were thanne wel beholde.

At hom if that a man wol wone, This Fievere is thanne of comun wone Most grevous in a mannes yhe For thanne he makth him tote and pryhe, 470 Wher so as evere his love go Sche schal noght with hir litel too Misteppe, bot he se it al.

2000 Thus have I feigned compaignie Fulofte, for I wolde aspie What thing it is that eny man Telle of mi worthi lady can And for tuo causes I do this, The ferste cause wherof is, If that I myhte ofherkne and seke That eny man of hire Cisco 600-460 Test Questions mispeke, I wolde excuse hire so fully, That whan sche wist in inderly, 2010 Min hope scholde be the more To have hir thank for everemore.

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Thus toucheth he, whil he mai laste To go, bot hunger ate laste 280 Him tok, so that he moste nede Be weie of kinde his hunger fede.

4360 To mochel ese is nothing worth, For that set every vice forth And every vertu put abak, Wherof priss torneth into lak, As in Cronique I mai reherse Which telleth hou the king of Perse, That Cirus hihte, a werre hadde Ayein a poeple which he dradde, Of a contre which Liddos hihte Bot yit for oght that he do mihte 4370 As in bataille upon the werre, He hadde of hem alwey the werre.

And sche the king with wordes wise Knelende thonketh in this wise Mi liege lord, god mot you quite Mi fader hier hath bot a lite Of warison, and that he wende Hadde al be lost bot now amende 3350 He mai wel thurgh your noble grace.

This king hath leisir at his wille With strengthe, and whanne he time sih, This yonge maiden he forlih 300 And sche was tendre and full of drede, Sche couthe noght hir Maidenhede Defende, and thus sche hath forlore The flour which she hath longe bore.

I wol me noght therof excuse, That I with such colour ne steyne, Whan I my beste Semblant feigne To my felawh, til that I wot Al his conseil bothe cold and hot For be that cause I make him chiere, Til I his love knowe and hiere And if so be myn herte soucheth That oght unto my ladi toucheth 1970 Of love that he wol me telle, Anon I renne unto the welle And caste water in the fyr, So that his carte amidd the Myr, Be that I have his conseil knowe, Fulofte sithe I overthrowe, Whan that he weneth best to stonde.

And thei hire bidden evere in on To telle forth, and therupon, Whan that sche sih sche moste nede, Hire tale betwen schame and drede Sche tolde, noght withoute peine.

Mi Sone, wite in special, It schal noght comunliche faile, Al thogh it for a time availe That Falswitnesse his cause spede, Upon the point of his falshiede It schal wel afterward be kid Wherof, so as it is betid, Ensample of suche thinges blinde In a Cronique write I finde.

And thus nature his pourveance 490 Hath mad for man to liven hiere Bot god, which hath the Soule diere, Hath formed it in other wise.

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Now comen tho that comen wolde 1480 Of wommen in her lusty youthe, To hiere and se what thing sche couthe Sche can the wisdom of a clerk, Sche can of every lusti werk Which to a gentil womman longeth, And some of hem sche underfongeth To the Citole and to the Harpe, And whom it liketh forto carpe Proverbes and demandes slyhe, An other such thei nevere syhe, 1490 Which that science so wel tawhte Wherof sche grete yiftes cawhte, That sche to Leonin hath wonne And thus hire name is so begonne Of sondri thinges that sche techeth, 600-460 Labs That al the lond unto hir secheth Of yonge wommen forto liere.

His herbe is Aristologie, Which folweth his Astronomie The Ston which that this sterre alloweth, Is Sardis, which unto him boweth.

Men sein that every love hath drede So folweth it that I hire drede, 6060 For I hire love, and who so dredeth, To plese his love and serve him nedeth.

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And whan the Souldan of Constance 620 Upon the point that thei ansuerde The beaute and the grace herde, As he which thanne was to wedde, In alle haste his cause spedde To sende for the mariage.

Min holi fader, be youre leve 1360 Of al that ye have spoken hiere Which toucheth unto this matiere, To telle soth riht as I wene, I wot noght o word what ye mene.

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Thogh I be nevere man so povere, 6580 I bere an herte and hire it is, So that me faileth wit in this, Hou that I scholde of myn acord The servant lede ayein the lord For if mi fot wolde awher go, Or that min hand wolde elles do, Whan that myn herte is therayein, The remenant is al in vein.

For it sit every man to have Reward to love and to his miht, Ayein whos strengthe mai no wiht And siththe an herte is so constreigned, The reddour oghte be restreigned To him that mai no bet aweie, Whan he mot to nature obeie.

Of Armenye, I rede thus, Ther was a king, which Herupus Was hote, and he a lusti Maide To dowhter hadde, and as men saide Hire name was Rosiphelee Which tho was of gret renomee, 1250 For sche was bothe wys and fair And scholde ben hire fader hair.

To Daniel his drem he tolde, And preide him faire that he wolde 600 Arede what it tokne may And seide Abedde wher I lay, Me thoghte I syh upon a Stage Wher stod a wonder strange ymage.

Omnibus in causis sapiens doctrina salutem Consequitur, nec 600-460 Certificate habet quis nisi doctus opem.

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Sche sih him large of his despence, And amorous and glad of chiere, So that hir liketh wel to hiere 4840 The goodly wordes whiche he seide And therupon of love he preide, Of love was al that he mente, To love and for sche scholde assente, He yaf hire yiftes evere among.

And he anon the teth outdrouh, And sette his Oxen in a plouh, 3720 With which he brak a piece of lond And sieu hem with his oghne hond.

For this I telle you in schrifte, That me were levere hir love winne Than Kaire and al that is ther inne And forto slen the hethen alle, I not what good ther mihte falle, 1660 So mochel blod thogh ther be schad.

1820 And in the wise that he thoghte, Upon the morwe so he wroghte His doghter and his Sone he nom, And Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Specialist 600-460 forth unto the temple he com With a gret route in compaignie, Hise yiftes forto sacrifie.

Ther was ynowh to wepe and crie Among the Modres, whan thei herde Hou wofully this cause ferde, Bot natheles thei moten bowe And thus wommen ther come ynowhe With children soukende on the Tete.

He hadde a brother natheles, Whos rihte name was Eson, And he the worthi kniht Jason Begat, the which in every lond Alle othre passede of his hond In Armes, so that he the beste Was named and the worthieste, 3260 He soghte worschipe overal.

It makth mulptiplicacioun Of gold, and the fixacioun It causeth, and of his habit He doth the werk to be parfit Of thilke Elixer which men calle Alconomie, as is befalle To hem that whilom weren wise.

A gret mervaile it is forthi, 1480 How that a Maiden wolde lette, That sche hir time ne besette To haste unto that ilke feste, Wherof the love is al honeste.

Bot now is pite forto wite, As he dede erst, so he foryat His time eftsone and oversat.

Of gold the ferste regne of alle 670 Was in that kinges time tho, And laste manye daies so, Therwhiles that the Monarchie Of al the world in that partie To Babiloyne 600-460 Exam Cram was soubgit And hield him stille in such a plit, Til that the world began diverse And that was whan the king of Perse, Which Cirus hyhte, ayein the pes Forth with his Sone Cambises 680 Of Babiloine al that Empire, Ryht as thei wolde hemself desire, Put under in subjeccioun And tok it in possessioun, And slayn was Baltazar the king, Which loste his regne and al his thing.

And in the bokes as I finde, This vice, which so out of rule Hath sette ous alle, is cleped Gule 10 Of which the branches ben so grete, That of hem alle I wol noght trete, Bot only as touchende of tuo I thenke speke and of no mo Wherof the ferste is Dronkeschipe, Which berth the cuppe felaschipe.

Whan this was seid, the hertes lif Of this Soldan departeth sone And therupon, as was to done, The dede body wel and faire Thei carie til thei come at Kaire, Wher he was worthily begrave.

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At goddes wille and thus sche lai, Unknowe what hire schal betide And fell so that be nyhtes tide This knyht withoute felaschipe Hath take a bot and cam to Schipe, And thoghte of hire his lust to take, And swor, if sche him daunger make, 1110 That certeinly sche scholde deie.

Mi Sone, as I thee schal enforme, Ther ben yet of an other forme Of dedly vices sevene applied, Wherof the herte is ofte plied To thing which after schal him grieve.

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