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To that statut and to that red Acorden alle it schal be so, For certein cause which was tho Nou lest what fell therafter sone.

So that under the clerkes lawe Men sen the Merel al mysdrawe, 430 I wol noght seie in general, For ther ben somme in special In whom that alle vertu duelleth, And tho ben, as thapostel telleth, That god of his eleccioun Hath cleped to perfeccioun In the manere as Aaron was Thei ben nothing in thilke cas Of Simon, which the foldes gate Hath lete, and goth in othergate, 440 Bot thei gon in the rihte weie.

And natheles a man mai se, How now adayes that ther be Ful manye of suche hertes slowe, That wol noght besien hem to Supporting Cisco routing and Switching Network Devices 640-692 knowe 1230 What thing love is, til ate laste, That he with strengthe hem overcaste, That malgre hem thei mote obeie And don al ydelschipe aweie, To serve wel and besiliche.

Now am I come unto my laste Fare wel, for I schal sone deie, And thenk how I thi love abeie.

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1150 Bot now to mi matiere ayein, To telle as olde bokes sein, This dede corps of which ye knowe With wynd and water was forthrowe Now hier, now 640-692 Test Dump ther, til ate laste At Ephesim the See upcaste The cofre and al that was therinne.

This Air in Periferies thre Divided is of such degre, Benethe is on and on amidde, To whiche above is set the thridde And upon the divisions There ben diverse impressions 270 Of moist and ek of drye also, Whiche of the Sonne bothe tuo Ben drawe and haled upon hy, And maken cloudes in the Sky, As schewed is at mannes sihte Wherof be day and ek be nyhte After the times of the yer Among ous upon Erthe her In sondri wise thinges falle.

5210 For it mai be that thi desir, Thogh it brenne evere as doth the fyr, Per cas to hire honour missit, Or elles time com noght yit, Which standt upon thi destine Forthi, mi Sone, I rede thee, Thenk wel, what evere the befalle For noman hath his lustes alle.

I wol noght seie, if that I couthe, That I nolde in mi lusti youthe Benethe in helle and ek above To winne with mi ladi love Don al that evere that I mihte For therof have I non insihte 1370 Wher afterward that I become, To that I wonne and overcome Hire love, which I most coveite.

Bot that which nevere was wel herted, 640 Envie, tho began travaile In destourbance of this spousaile So prively that non was war.

Achilles upon him alyhte, And wolde anon, as he wel mihte, 2660 Have slain him fullich in the place Bot Thelaphus his fader grace For him besoghte, and for pite Preith that he wolde lete him be, And caste his Schield betwen hem tuo.

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For every lif which reson can Oghth wel to knowe that a man Ne scholde thurgh no tirannie Lich to these othre bestes die, Til kinde wolde for him sende.

And natheles it is gret feere Bothe of the strok and of the fyr, Of which is no recoverir In place wher that thei descende, Bot if god wolde his grace sende.

Wherof ensample concordable Lich to this point of which I meene, Was upon Alisandre sene, 2440 Which hadde set al his entente, So as fortune with Cisco 640-692 him wente, That reson mihte him non governe, Bot of his will he was so sterne, That al the world he overran And what him list he tok and wan.

For to the reson if we se, 2230 Of mannes berthe the mesure, It is so comun to nature, That it yifth every man aliche, Als wel to povere as to the riche For naked thei ben bore bothe, The lord nomore hath forto clothe As of himself that ilke throwe, Than hath the povereste of the rowe.

2770 For certes, fader Genius, Yit into nou it hath be thus, At alle time if it befelle So that I mihte come and duelle In place ther my ladi were, I was noght slow ne slepi there For thanne I dar wel undertake, That whanne hir list on nyhtes wake In chambre as to carole and daunce, Me thenkth I mai me more avaunce, 2780 If I mai gon upon hir hond, Thanne if I wonne a kinges lond.

Bot seie unto the poeple plat, That whil thou livest in thi lond, The leste finger of thin hond It schal be strengere overal Than was thi fadres bodi al.

1430 The Calcedoine unto him longeth, Which for his Ston he underfongeth Of Majorane his herbe is grounded.

Whan that the bordes were aweie And thei have souped in the halle, He seith that slep is on him falle, And preith he moste go to bedde And sche with alle haste spedde, 4950 So as hire thoghte it was to done, That every thing was redi sone.

Bot this is noght to mi matiere Of schrifte, why we sitten hiere For we ben sett to schryve of love, As we begunne ferst above And natheles I am beknowe That as touchende of loves throwe, 1130 Whan I my wittes overwende, Min hertes contek hath non ende, Bot evere it stant upon debat To gret desese of myn astat As for the time that it lasteth.

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Withdrawgh the Banere of thin Armes, 3220 And let thi lyhtes ben unborn, And in 640-692 Test Dump the Signe of Capricorn, The hous appropred to Satorne, I preie that thou wolt sojorne, Wher ben the nihtes derke and longe For I mi love have underfonge, Which lith hier be mi syde naked, As sche which wolde ben awaked, And me lest nothing forto slepe.

For thei that cunnen plese and glose, Ben, as men tellen, the norrices Unto the fostringe of the vices, Wherof fulofte natheles A king is blamed gulteles.

For who that can no conseil hyde, He mai noght faile of wo beside, Which schal befalle er he it wite, As I finde in the bokes write.

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7700 Bot mochel joie ther betydeth, Wher that largesse an herte guydeth For his mesure is so governed, That he to bothe partz is lerned, To god and to the world also, He doth reson to bothe tuo.

And he with al his hole entente, Whan sche was fro hir frendes go, Assoteth of hire love so, His yhe myhte he noght withholde, That he 640-692 Practice ne moste on hir beholde 5620 And with the sihte he gan desire, And sette his oghne herte on fyre And fyr, whan it to tow aprocheth, To him anon the strengthe acrocheth, Til with his hete it be devoured, The tow ne mai noght be socoured.

Mi Sone, it is thus overal With hem that stonden misbelieved, That suche goddes ben believed 740 In sondri place sondri wise Amonges hem whiche are unwise Ther is betaken of credence Wherof that I the difference In the manere as it is write Schal do the pleinly forto wite.

Ha lord, what swevene schalt thou mete, What dremes hast thou nou on honde Thou slepest there, and I hier stonde.

Thei of Caldee as in this cas 750 Hadde a Cisco 640-692 Test Dump believe be hemselve, Which stod upon the signes tuelve, Forth ek with the Planetes sevene, Whiche as thei 000-236 Practice sihe upon the hevene.

Bot in proverbe natheles Men sein, ful selden is that welthe Can soffre his oghne astat in helthe And that was on the Lombardz sene, Such comun strif was hem betwene 790 Thurgh coveitise and thurgh Envie, That every man drowh his partie, Which myhte leden eny route, Withinne Burgh and ek withoute The comun ryht hath no felawe, So that the governance of lawe Was lost, and for necessite, Of that thei stode 640-692 Exam Questions And Answers in such degre Al only thurgh divisioun, Hem nedeth in conclusioun 800 Of strange londes help beside.

Metodre seith to this matiere, As he be revelacion It hadde upon avision, 50 Hou that Adam and Eve also Virgines comen bothe tuo Into the world and were aschamed, Til that nature hem hath reclamed To love, and tauht hem thilke lore, That ferst thei keste, and overmore Thei don that is to kinde due, Wherof thei hadden fair issue.

Of him whom al this Erthe dradde, Whan he the world so overladde Thurgh werre, as it fortuned is, King Alisandre, I rede this How in a Marche, where he lay, It fell per chance upon a day A Rovere of the See was nome, Which many a man hadde overcome 2370 And slain and take here good aweie This Pilour, as the bokes seie, A famous man in sondri stede Was of the werkes whiche he dede.

And he began to sorwe tho, In many a wise and caste his thoght, Bot for al that yit cowthe he noght Devise himself which M2010-668 Cert Exam was the beste.

Forthi, mi fader, as of this I wot noght I have don amis 6070 Bot furthermore I you beseche, Som other point that ye me teche, And axeth forth, if ther be auht, That I mai be the betre tauht.

For whanne I mai hire hand beclippe, With such gladnesse I daunce and skippe, Me thenkth I touche noght the flor The Ro, which renneth on the Mor, Is thanne noght so lyht as I So mow ye witen wel forthi, That for the time slep I hate.

And sche began to loure tho, And seide, Ther is manye of yow Faitours, and so may be that thow Art riht such on, and be feintise Seist that thou hast me do servise.

The lordes, whiche as wolden save 2650 The Regne which was desolat, To bringe it into good astat A parlement thei sette anon.

Tho tok this kniht a yerde on honde, And goth there as the cofres stonde, And with assent of everichon He leith his yerde upon that on, And seith the king hou thilke same Thei chese in reguerdoun be name, And preith him that thei mote it have.

Bot thurgh an hate natheles Of some of hem his deth was cast And he be tresoun overcast.

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Bot sche, which mai noght longe abide The hote peine 640-692 Vce Download of loves throwe, Anon withinne a litel throwe A lettre unto hir kniht hath write, And dede him pleinly forto wite, 100 If he made eny tariinge, To drecche of his ayeincomynge, That sche ne mihte him fiele and se, Sche scholde stonde in 640-692 Latest Dumps such degre As whilom stod a Swan tofore, Of that sche hadde hire make lore For sorwe a fethere into hire brain Sche schof and hath hireselve slain As king Menander in a lay The sothe hath founde, wher sche lay 110 Sprantlende with hire wynges tweie, As sche which scholde thanne deie For love of him which was hire make.

And every man began to sein, Ha lord, what mai this signefie And therupon thei preie and crie To Phebus, that thei mihten knowe The cause and he the same throwe 4720 With gastly vois, that alle it herde, The Romeins in this wise ansuerde, And seide hou for the wikkidnesse Of Pride and of unrihtwisnesse, That Tarquin and his Sone hath do, The Sacrifice is wasted so, Which myhte noght ben acceptable Upon such Senne abhominable.

The king seith, Nay, sche schal noght go.

Forthi, my fader, what is more Touchende to this ilke lore I you beseche, after the forme That ye pleinly me wolde enforme, 1340 So that I may myn herte reule In loves cause after the reule.

Mi goode Sone, soth to seie, If ther be siker eny weie To love, thou hast seid the beste For who that wolde have al his reste 2690 And do no travail at the nede, It is no resoun that he spede In loves cause forto winne For he which dar nothing beginne, I not what thing he scholde achieve.

1630 640-692 Certification Exam Forth with his conseil cam the lord, The thinges stoden of record, He sende up for the lady sone, And forth sche cam, that olde Mone.

For if thou wolt the bokes rede Of Lancelot and othre mo, Ther miht thou sen hou it was tho Of armes, for thei wolde atteigne To love, which withoute peine Mai noght be gete Advanced Routing and Switching 640-692 of ydelnesse.

Mi Sone, I have of thee no wonder, Thogh thou to serve be put under With love, which to kinde acordeth Bot, so as every bok recordeth, 120 It is to kinde no plesance That man above his sustienance Unto the gold schal serve and 640-692 Dump Test bowe, For that mai no reson avowe.

Upon his word This Skulle is fet and wyn therinne, Wherof he bad his wif beginne 2550 Drink with thi fader, Dame, he seide.

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Ther myhte be no worse thing Aboute a kinges regalie, Thanne is the vice of flaterie.

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The king behield his hevynesse, And of his grete gentillesse 730 His doghter, which was fair and good And ate bord before him stod, As it was thilke time usage, He bad to gon on his message And fonde forto make him glad.

For as it semeth that a belle Lik to the wordes that men telle 1950 Answerth, riht so ne mor ne lesse, To yow, my fader, I confesse, Such will my wit hath overset, That what so hope me behet, Ful many 251-251 Guide a time I wene it soth, Bot finali no spied it doth.

Mi Sone, yit in other forme 2670 Ther is a vice of Prides lore, Which lich an hauk whan he wol sore, Fleith upon heihte in his delices After the likynge of his vices, And wol no mannes resoun knowe, Till he doun falle and overthrowe.

1940 Mi goode Sone, tell me how.

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Whan Sedechie upon this plit 2580 Hath told this tale to his lord, Anon ther were of his acord Prophetes false manye mo To bere up oil, and alle tho Affermen that which he hath told, Wherof the king Achab was bold And yaf hem yiftes al aboute.

Bot yit he set an essamplaire, His bodi so to guide and reule, That he ne passe noght the reule, Wherof that he himself beguile.

So goth the wrecche loveles, Bejaped for his Skarcete, And he that large was and fre And sette his herte to despende, This Croceus, the bowe bende, 4860 Which Venus tok him forto holde, And schotte als ofte as evere he wolde.

Mi Sone, if that thou wistest al, What Cheste doth in special To love and to his welwillinge, Thou woldest flen his knowlechinge 600 And lerne to be debonaire.

Bot wolde god that now were on An other such as Arion, Which hadde an harpe of such temprure, And therto of so good mesure He song, that he the bestes wilde Made of his note tame and milde, The Hinde in pes with the Leoun, The Wolf in pes with the Moltoun, 1060 The Hare in pees stod with the Hound And every man upon this ground Which Arion that time herde, Als wel the lord as the schepherde, He broghte hem alle in good acord So that the comun with the lord, And lord with the comun also, He sette in love bothe tuo And putte awey malencolie.

And thus the fader for worschipe Forth with his Sone of felaschipe Thurgh lust of armes weren dede, As men mai in the bible rede 1960 The whos knyhthode is yit in mende, And schal be to the worldes ende.

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Forthi, my Sone, if that thou spare To speke, lost is al thi fare, 440 For Slowthe bringth in alle wo.

And forto proeven it is so Ensamples ther ben manyon, Of whiche if thou wolt knowen on, It is behovely forto hiere What whilom fell in this matiere.

Bot sche which hath his deth forbore, Fortune, thogh sche wol noght yelpe, Al sodeinly hath sent him helpe, Whanne him thoghte alle grace aweie Ther cam a Fisshere in the weie, And sih a man ther naked stonde, And whan that he hath understonde The cause, he hath of him gret routhe, And onliche of his povere trouthe 650 Of suche clothes as he hadde With gret Pite this lord he cladde.

Of that the king his god misserveth, The poeple takth that he descerveth Hier in this world, bot elleswhere I not hou it schal stonde there.

Lo hier tuo cofres on the bord Ches which you list of bothe tuo And witeth wel that on of tho Is with tresor so full begon, That if ye happe therupon, Ye schull be riche men for evere.

Mi goode Sone, it schal be do Now herkne and ley an Ere to For as touchende of Prides fare, Als ferforth as I can declare In cause of vice, in cause of love, That hast thou pleinly herd above, So that ther is nomor to seie Touchende of that bot other weie 3440 Touchende Envie I thenke telle, Which hath the propre kinde of helle, Withoute cause to misdo Toward himself and othre also, Hierafterward as understonde Thou schalt the spieces, as thei stonde.

The tempeste of the blake cloude, The wode See, the wyndes loude, Al this sche mette, and sih him dyen Wherof that sche began to crien, Slepende abedde ther sche lay, And with that noise of hire affray Hir wommen sterten up aboute, Whiche of here ladi were in doute, 3070 And axen hire hou that sche ferde And sche, riht as sche syh and herde, Hir swevene hath told hem everydel.

Bot al withoute such repast Of lust, as ye me tolde above, Of wif, or yit of other love, 700 I faste, and mai no fode gete So that for lacke of deinte mete, Of which an herte mai be fedd, I go fastende to my bedd.

And thus, as I have seid aforn, I licke hony on the thorn, And as who seith, upon the bridel I chiewe, so that al is ydel 930 As in effect the fode I have.

His fader seide he scholde abide, And wolde granten him no leve Bot he, which wolde noght beleve, A kniht of his to whom he triste, So that his fader nothing wiste, He tok and tolde him his corage, That he pourposeth a viage.

And happeth that the kinges fol Sat be the fyr upon a stol, As he that with his babil pleide, Bot yit he herde al that thei seide, And therof token thei non hiede.

And thus thou miht wel understonde, Mi Sone, if thou art such in love, Thou miht noght come at thin above Of that thou woldest wel achieve.

The cheles bothe and ek the hetes, The chances of the world also, That we fortune clepen so, 640 Among the mennes nacion Al is thurgh constellacion, Wherof that som man hath the wele, And som man hath deseses fele In love als wel as othre thinges The stat of realmes and of kinges In time of pes, in time of werre It is conceived of the Sterre And thus seith the naturien Which is an Astronomien.

And he him thonketh as he scholde, And seith him that it schal be yolde, If evere he gete his stat ayein, And preide that he wolde him sein If nyh were eny toun for him.

Forthi the Stile of my writinges Fro this day forth I thenke change And speke of thing is noght so strange, 10 Which every kinde hath upon honde, And wherupon the world mot stonde, And hath don sithen it began, And schal whil ther is any man And that is love, of which I mene To trete, as after schal be sene.

Wherof he dradde and was esmaied, Of treson that he deie scholde, For he the king his sothe tolde And sodeinly the nyhtes tyde, That more wolde he noght 640-692 Test Dump abide, 450 Al prively his barge he hente And hom ayein to Tyr he wente And in his oghne wit he seide For drede, if he the king bewreide, He knew so wel the kinges herte, That deth ne scholde he noght asterte, The king him wolde so poursuie.

For as he seith, in thilke stede He schal me suche thinges telle, That evere, whyl the world schal duelle, 2980 Athenis schal the betre fare.

And as me thoghte, in this manere Al freissh I syh hem springe and dance, And do to love her entendance After the lust of youthes heste.

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And whan he cam tofore the tonne, He hath his tale thus begonne 1260 Alheil, he seith, what man art thou Quod he, Such on as thou sest now.

Thus medleth sche with joie wo And with hir sorwe merthe also, 5990 So that of loves maladie Sche makth diverse melodie, And seith love is a wofull blisse, A wisdom which can noman wisse, A lusti fievere, a wounde softe This note sche reherceth ofte To hem whiche understonde hir tale.

The word is tokne of that withinne, Ther schal a worthi king beginne To kepe his tunge and to be trewe, So schal his pris ben evere newe.

Bot finaly to speke oght more Unto this lord he dradde him sore, So that a word ne dorste he sein And thus upon the morwe ayein, In the manere as I recorde, Forth with his Asse and with his corde 640-692 To gadre wode, as he dede er, He goth and whan 070-443 Exam Collection that he cam ner 5050 Unto the place where he wolde, He hath his Ape anon beholde, Which hadde gadred al aboute Of stickes hiere and there a route, And leide hem redy to his hond, Wherof he made his trosse and bond Fro dai to dai and in this wise This Ape profreth his servise, So that he hadde of wode ynouh.

860 Wherof the goddes were amoeved, And Demephon was so reproeved, That of the goddes providence Was schape such an evidence Evere afterward ayein the slowe, That Phillis in the same throwe Was schape into a Notetre, That alle men it mihte se, And after Phillis Philliberd This tre was cleped in the yerd, 870 And yit for Demephon to schame Into this dai it berth the name.

Philippe of Macedoyne kyng Two Sones hadde be his wif, Whos fame is yit in Grece rif Demetrius the ferste brother Was hote, and Perse s that other.

Forthi, my Sone, as I thee mene, 1210 It sit the wel to taken hiede That thou eschuie of thi manhiede Ipocrisie and his semblant, That thou ne be noght deceivant, To make a womman to believe Thing which is noght in thi bilieve For in such feint Ipocrisie Of love is al the tricherie, Thurgh which love is deceived ofte For feigned semblant is so softe, 1220 Unethes love may be war.

Now lest, my Sone, and thou schalt here.

As yit for oght that ye me tolde, Mi fader, I not what it is.

Min holi fader, grant mercy, Quod I to him, and to the queene I fell on knes upon the grene, 2900 And tok my leve forto wende.

Tho he, which sory was ynowh, Out of the dich his fader drouh, And tolde his moder hou it ferde In conseil and whan sche it herde And kneu the toknes whiche he tolde, Sche nyste what sche seie scholde, Bot stod abayssht as for the while Of his magique and al the guile.

Of man, of beste, of herbe, of ston, Of fissch, of foughl, of everychon 140 That ben of bodely substance, The nature and the circumstance Thurgh this science it is ful soght, Which vaileth and which 640-692 Exam Test vaileth noght.

To slen it is a dedly vice, Bot if a man the deth deserve And if a king the lif preserve Of him which oghte forto dye, He suieth noght thensamplerie Which in the bible is evident Hou David in his testament, 3860 Whan he no lengere myhte Advanced Routing and Switching 640-692 live, Unto his Sone in charge hath yive That he Joab schal slen algate And whan David was gon his gate, The yonge wise Salomon His fader heste dede anon, And slouh Joab in such a wise, That thei that herden the juise Evere after dradden him the more, And god was ek wel paid therfore, 3870 That he so wolde his herte plye The lawes forto justefie.

And as the bok makth remembrance, It telleth of Medee also Of that sche slowh her Sones tuo, 2560 Ege s in the same plit Hath mad hire of hire Senne quit.

Of this ansuere Alceste hath yive Unto Minerve gret thonkinge, So that hir deth and his livinge Sche ches with al hire hole entente, And thus acorded hom sche wente.

Moris hir Sone was Cisco 640-692 Test Dump corouned, Which so ferforth was abandouned To Cristes feith, that men him calle Moris the cristeneste of alle.

Now lest, and I wol telle yow, Mi goode fader, how it is.

It were betre dike and delve And stonde upon the ryhte feith, Than knowe al that the bible seith And 640-692 Exam Engines erre as somme clerkes do.

2390 To conne moche thing it helpeth, Bot of to mochel noman yelpeth So forto loke on every side, Magique mai noght wel betyde.

And god, which wolde he were war That he schal spede upon his riht, Hath bede him go the same nyht 3690 And take a man with him, to hiere What schal be spoke in his matere Among the hethen enemis So mai he be the more wys, What afterward him schal befalle.

This tirant, thogh he lyhe softe, Out of his bed aros fulofte, 4960 And goth aboute, and leide his Ere To herkne, til that alle were To bedde gon and slepten faste.

Bot in Egipte of his offices He regneth most in special For ther be lustes overal Of al that to this lif befalleth For ther no stormy weder falleth, Which myhte grieve man or beste, And ek the lond is so honeste 930 That it is plentevous and plein, Ther is non ydel ground in vein And upon such felicite Stant Jupiter in his degre.

350 For it is seid thus overal, That nedes mot that nede schal Of that a lif doth after kinde, Wherof he mai no bote finde.

For he riht in semblable cas Of Belus, which his fader was Fro Nembroth in the rihte line, Let make of gold and Stones fine A precious ymage riche After his fader evene liche 1550 And therupon a lawe he sette, That every man of pure dette With sacrifice and with truage Honoure scholde thilke ymage So that withinne time it fell, Of Belus cam the name of Bel, Of Bel cam Belzebub, and so The misbelieve wente 640-692 Certification Dumps tho.

That thou hast do to me be strengthe, If I among the poeple duelle, Unto the poeple I schal it telle And if I be withinne wall Of Stones closed, thanne I schal Unto the Stones clepe and crie, And tellen hem thi felonie And if I to the wodes wende, Ther schal I tellen tale and ende, 640-692 Exam Demo 5670 And crie it to the briddes oute, That thei schul hiere it al aboute.

The Soldan sih how that it wente, And that he scholde algate die And to this knyht of Romanie, As unto him whom he most triste, His Dowhter Ring, that non it wiste, 2640 He tok, and tolde him al the cas, Upon hire oth what tokne it was Of that sche scholde ben his wif.

So wolde I do, if that I cowthe, Of hem, and this, so god me save, Is al the hate that I have, Toward these janglers everydiel I wolde alle othre ferde wel.

This Maiden tho for feere schryhte, And for the love of god almyhte Sche preith that for a litel stounde Sche myhte knele upon the grounde, Toward the hevene forto crave, Hire wofull Soule if sche mai save And with this noise and with this cry, Out of a barge faste by, 1390 Which hidd was ther on Scomerfare, Men sterten out and weren ware Of this feloun,and he to go, And sche began to crie tho, Ha, mercy, help for goddes sake Into the barge thei hire take, As thieves scholde, and forth thei wente.