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Theologie is that science Which unto man yifth evidence Of thing which is noght bodely, Wherof men knowe redely The hihe almyhti Trinite, Which is o god in unite Withouten ende and beginnynge And creatour of alle thinge, 80 Of hevene, of erthe and ek of helle.

And forto se more of this thing, The bible makth a knowleching, Wherof thou miht take evidence Upon the sothe experience.

Forthi, my Sone, if thou er this Hast ben of such professioun, Discovere thi confessioun Hast thou supplanted eny man For oght that I you telle can, Min holi fader, as of the dede I am withouten eny drede Al gulteles bot of my thoght Mi conscience excuse I noght.

40 Thus have I lete time slyde For Slowthe, and kepte noght my tide, So that lachesce with his vice Fulofte hath mad my wit so nyce, That what I thoghte speke or do With tariinge he hield me so, Til whanne I wolde and mihte noght.

Thus for I se no medicine To make an ende of mi querele, My deth schal be in stede of hele.

Yit in the bible his name is bore, For al the world in Orient Was hol at his comandement 2790 As thanne of kinges to his liche Was non so myhty ne so riche To his Empire and to his lawes, As who seith, alle in thilke dawes Were obeissant and tribut bere, As thogh he godd of Erthe were.

I have wel herd and understonde, Mi 642-072 Preparation Materials Sone, al that thou hast me seid, And ek of that thou hast me preid, Nou at this time that I schal As for conclusioun final 2070 Conseile upon thi nede sette So thenke I finaly to knette This cause, where it is tobroke, And make an ende of that is spoke.

Bot forto clare mi matiere, To Tyr I thenke torne ayein, And telle as the Croniqes sein.

Mi Sone, thou schalt understonde That yit towardes Wraththe stonde 1090 Of dedly vices othre tuo And forto telle here names so, It is Contek and Homicide, That ben to drede on every side.

Be these ensamples here above, 2190 Lo, now, mi Sone, as I have told, Thou miht wel se, who that is bold And dar travaile and undertake The cause of love, he schal be take The rathere unto loves grace For comunliche in worthi place The wommen loven worthinesse Of manhode and of gentilesse, 642-072 Exam Test For the gentils ben most desired.

I sih ther ek among the press Compleignende upon Hercules 2560 His ferste love Deyanire, Which sette him afterward afyre Medea was there ek and pleigneth Upon Jason, for that he feigneth, Withoute cause and tok a newe Sche seide, Fy on alle untrewe I sih there ek Deijdamie, Which hadde lost the compaignie Of Achilles, whan Diomede To Troie him fette upon the nede.

6240 And thus cam this Calistona Into the wode of Tegea, Wher sche virginite behihte Unto Diane, and therto plihte Her trouthe upon the bowes grene, To kepe hir maidenhode clene.

And thus thei ryde aboute faste To gete hem help, 642-072 Exam Guide and ate laste Thei hadden pouer sufficant, And maden thanne a covenant, 1780 That thei ne scholden no 642-072 Cert Exam lif save, Ne prest, ne clerc, ne lord, ne knave, Ne wif, ne child, of 642-072 Exam Collection that thei finde, Which berth visage of mannes kinde, So that no lif schal be socoured, Bot with the dedly swerd devoured In such Folhaste here ordinance Thei schapen forto do vengance.

Now mai men se moerdre and manslawhte Lich as it was be daies olde, Whan men the Sennes boghte and solde.

And for it were good to hiere, If that you liste at 642-072 Vce And Pdf mi preiere To telle, I wolde you beseche.

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Explicit Liber Septimus.

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For love who that list to wake Be nyhte, he mai ensample take Of Cephalus, whan that he lay With Aurora that swete may 3190 In armes all the longe nyht.

At Rome, as it hath ofte falle, The vicair general of alle Of hem that lieven Cristes feith His laste day, which non withseith, Hath schet as to the worldes ije, Whos name if I schal specefie, He hihte Pope Nicolas.

And thus lurkende upon his stelthe In his await so longe he lai, Til it befell upon a dai, That he thurghout hir chambre wall Cam in al sodeinliche, and stall 6750 That thing which was to him so lief.

Bot he which hath the child begete, 2250 Nectanabus, in privete The time 642-072 Practice Test Pdf of his nativite Upon the constellacioun Awaiteth, and relacion Makth to the queene hou sche schal do, And every houre apointeth so, That no mynut therof was lore.

And forto telle hou it is so, Of bodies sevene in special With foure spiritz joynt withal Stant the substance of this matiere.

Mi Sone, bot thou telle wilt Oght elles than I mai now hiere, Thou schalt have no penance hiere.

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2240 Now, fader, thanne I you beseche Of hem that dedly werres seche In worldes cause and scheden blod, If such an homicide is good.

And thus whan love is evele wonne, Fulofte it comth to repentaile.

The conquerours be daies olde Were unto this planete holde Bot who that his nativite Hath take upon the proprete Of Martes disposicioun Be weie of constellacioun, He schal be fiers and folhastif And desirous of werre and strif.

Bot ate laste natheles 5150 For the partie which hath pleigned The lawe hath diemed and ordeigned Be hem that were avised wel, That he schal have the halvendel Thurghout of Adrianes good.

Non other office I ne have, 1400 Hem thenkth I am worthi nomore, For I was slow in loves lore, Whan I was able forto lere, And wolde noght the tales hiere Of hem that couthen love teche.

For tho be proprely the gates, Thurgh whiche as to the herte algates 300 Comth alle thing unto the feire, Which may the mannes Soule empeire.

For riht as the Cronique seith Of Adrian, hou he his 642-072 Vce Download feith Foryat for worldes covoitise, Fulofte in such a maner wise Of lovers nou a man mai se Full manye that unkinde be 5170 For wel behote and evele laste That is here lif for ate laste, Whan that thei have here wille do, Here love is after sone ago.

Upon the bench sittende on hih With Avarice Usure I sih, Full clothed of his oghne suite, Which after gold makth chace and suite With his brocours, that renne aboute Lich unto racches in a route.

And he, to kepe his observance, To love doth his obeissance, And weneth it be Glodeside And sche thanne after lay aside, And axeth him what he hath do, And who sche was sche tolde him tho, 2610 And seide Helmege, I am thi qwene, Now schal thi love wel be sene Of that thou hast thi wille wroght Or it schal sore ben aboght, Or thou schalt worche as I thee seie.

Forth comth Paris with glad visage Into the temple on pelrinage, Wher unto Venus the goddesse He yifth and offreth gret richesse, And preith hir that he preie wolde.

His propre Monthe is seid Septembre, Which yifth men cause to remembre, If eny Sor be left behinde Of thing which grieve mai to kinde.

The thridde wif was hote Alceste, 2640 Which whanne Ametus scholde dye Upon his grete maladye, Sche preide unto the goddes so, That sche receyveth al the wo And deide hirself to yive him lif Lo, if this were a noble wif.

And that sche bad be alle weie He scholde into the mouthes throwen Of tho tweie Oxen that fyr blowen, 3610 Therof to stoppen the malice The glu schal serve of that office.

410 A wonder thing yet more amis Ther was, wherof I telle al this What man on hem his chiere caste And hem behield, he was als faste Out of a man into a Ston Forschape, and thus ful manyon Deceived were, of that thei wolde Misloke, wher that thei ne scholde.

Mi Sone, whyl thou art alyve And hast also thi fulle mynde, Among the vices whiche I finde Ther is yit on such of the sevene, Which al this world hath set unevene And causeth manye thinges wronge, Where he the cause hath underfonge 3710 Wherof hierafter thou schalt hiere The forme bothe and the matiere.

And whan thei schulle both passe, I not of hem which hath the lasse 2240 Of worldes good, bot as of charge The lord is more forto charge, Whan god schal his accompte hiere, For he hath had hise lustes hiere.

I not what helpeth that clergie Which makth a man to do folie, And nameliche of nigromance, Which stant upon the mescreance.

Bot therof was sche noght the ner, As no fortune may be weyved With Falssemblant sche was deceived, That whan sche wende best have wonne, Sche lost al that sche hath begonne.

Bot that was after sone aboght Medea with hire art hath wroght 4200 Of cloth of gold a mantel riche, Which semeth worth a kingesriche, And that was unto Creusa sent In name of yifte and of present, For Sosterhode hem was betuene And whan that yonge freisshe queene That mantel lappeth hire aboute, Anon therof the fyr sprong oute And brente hir bothe fleissh and bon.

And sche, that myhte noght forsake 2730 So gret a clamour as was there, Let Pite come into hire Ere And forth withal unto Cupide Sche preith that he upon his side Me wolde thurgh his grace sende Som confort, that I myhte amende, Upon the cas which is befalle.

Of Geta and Amphitrion, That whilom weren bothe as on 2460 Of frendschipe and of compaignie, I rede how that Supplantarie In love, as it betidde tho, Beguiled hath on of hem tuo.

Al that he bad was don in dede Ha, who herde evere singe or rede 330 Of such a thing as that was do Bot he which ladde his wraththe so Hath knowe of love bot a lite Bot for al that he was to wyte, Thurgh his sodein Malencolie To do so gret a felonie.

And he seide, Amos of Lubie.

Upon a time as it befell, Ayein Judee and Irahel Whan sondri kinges come were In pourpos to destruie there 3630 The poeple which god kepte tho, And stod in thilke daies so, That Gedeon, which scholde lede The goddes folk, tok him to rede, And sende in al the 642-072 Vce Software lond aboute, Til he assembled hath a route With thritti thousend of defence, To fihte and make resistence Ayein the whiche hem wolde assaille And natheles that o bataille 3640 Of thre that weren enemys Was double mor than was al his Wherof that Gedeon him dradde, That he so litel poeple hadde.

Bot al the while it stant so there, 2530 The world mot nede fare amis For whan the welle of pite is Thurgh coveitise of worldes good 642-072 Exam Practice Pdf Defouled with schedinge of blod, The remenant of folk aboute Unethe stonden eny doute To werre ech other and to slee.

1760 Sei, what availeth al the dede, Which nothing helpeth ate nede For the fortune of every fame Schal of his ende bere a name.

3030 Anon as he was humble and tame, He fond toward his god the same, Others 642-072 And in a twinklinge of a lok His mannes forme ayein he tok, And was reformed to the regne In which that he was wont to regne So that the Pride of veine gloire Evere afterward out of memoire He let it passe.

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And otherwhile sielde whanne That he mai dreme a lusti swevene, Him thenkth as thogh he were in hevene And as the world were holi his And thanne he spekth of that and this, And makth his exposicion After the disposicion 2740 Of that he wolde, and in such wise He doth to love all his service I not what thonk he schal deserve.

For alle thing which god hath wroght In Erthe, werre it bringth to noght The cherche is brent, the priest is slain, The wif, the maide is ek forlain, The lawe 642-072 Test Prep is lore and god Cisco 642-072 Exam Practice Pdf unserved I not what mede he hath deserved That suche werres ledeth inne.

For al his trust is on his good, So that al one he falleth ofte, Whan he best weneth stonde alofte, Als wel in love as other wise For love is evere of som reprise To him that wole his love holde.

This Faunus tok a gret insihte Of Eolen, that was so nyh For whan that he hire beaute syh, 6840 Out of his wit he was assoted, And in his herte it hath so noted, That he forsok the Nimphes alle, And seide he wolde, hou so it falle, Assaie an other forto winne So that his hertes thoght withinne He sette and caste hou that he myhte Of love pyke awey be nyhte That he be daie in other wise To stele mihte noght suffise 6850 And therupon his time he waiteth.

And thanne aside he gan beholde, 7510 And sih wher that this ladi stod And he forth in his freisshe mod Goth ther sche was and made her chiere, As he wel couthe in his manere, That of his wordes such plesance Sche tok, that al hire aqueintance, Als ferforth as the herte lay, He stal er that he wente away.

For in Cronique is write yit Thing which schal nevere be foryete, Hou that Achilles hath begete Pirrus upon Dei5damie, Wherof cam out the tricherie Of Falswitnesse, whan thei saide Hou that Achilles was a Maide.

Mi Sone, I have wel herd how thou 710 Hast seid, and that thou most amende For love his grace wol noght sende To that man which dar axe non.

Thogh I be nevere man so povere, 6580 I bere an herte and hire it is, So that me faileth wit in this, Hou that I scholde of myn acord The servant lede ayein the lord For if mi fot wolde awher go, Or that min hand wolde elles do, Whan that myn herte is therayein, The remenant is al in vein.

For whan I se hir goodli face 680 And thenke upon hire hihe pris, As thogh I were in Paradis, I am so ravisht of the syhte, That speke unto hire I ne myhte As for the time, thogh I wolde For I ne mai my wit unfolde To finde o word of that I mene, Bot al it is foryete clene And thogh I stonde there a myle, Al is foryete for the while, 690 A tunge I have and wordes none.

1340 This Senatour, whan that he com, To Couste and to his wif at hom Hath told how such a king Allee Of gret array to the Citee Was come, and Couste upon his tale With herte clos and colour pale Aswoune fell, and he merveileth So sodeinly what thing hire eyleth, And cawhte hire up, and whan sche wok, Sche syketh with a pitous lok 1350 And feigneth seknesse of the See Bot it was for the king Allee, For joie which fell in hire thoght That god him hath to toune broght.

This yonge ladi wepte and cride, To whom no confort myhte availe Of childe sche began travaile, 1050 Wher sche lay in a Caban clos Hire woful lord fro hire aros, And that was longe er eny morwe, So that in anguisse and in sorwe Sche was delivered al be nyhte And ded in every mannes syhte Bot natheles for al this wo A maide child was bore tho.

For reson may noght with hem duelle, Whan thei tho grete lustes hiere Thei conne noght here Schipes stiere, So besiliche upon the note Thei herkne, and in such wise assote, That thei here rihte cours and weie Foryete, and to here Ere obeie, 510 And seilen til it so befalle That thei into the peril falle, Where as the Schipes be todrawe, And thei ben with the Monstres slawe.

For the fortune of every chance After the goddes pourveance To man it groweth from above, So that the sped of every love Is schape there, er it befalle.

Whan al is do that was to done, The king himself cam A2010-655 Preparation Materials after sone.

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Who was tho glad bot Deianyre Hire thoghte hire herte was afyre Til it was 000-330 Brain Dumps in hire cofre loke, So that no word therof was spoke.

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The colour of the reyni Mone With medicine upon his face He set, and thanne he axeth grace, As he which hath sieknesse feigned.

Thilke ende may I noght asterte, And yit with al myn hole herte, Whil that me lasteth eny breth, I wol the love into my deth.

For the seconde day a morwe 890 The king cam, as thei were acorded And whan it was to him recorded What god hath wroght upon this chaunce, He tok it into remembrance And thoghte more than he seide.

And riht thus in the same wise 1910 This vice upon the cause of love So proudly set the herte above, And doth him pleinly forto wene That he to loven eny qwene Hath worthinesse and sufficance And so withoute pourveance Fulofte he heweth up so hihe, That chippes fallen in his yhe And ek ful ofte he weneth this, Ther as he noght beloved is, 1920 To be beloved alther best.

And thus, thogh I that lawe obeie Of which the kinges ben put under, It oghte ben wel lasse wonder Than thou, which art withoute nede For lawe of londe in such a drede, 2240 Which for tacompte is bot a jape, As thing which thou miht overscape.

Bot why the fyres suche semen Of sondri formes to beholde, The wise Philosophre tolde, So as tofore it hath ben herd.

For I so loude it schal reherce, That my vois schal the hevene perce, That it schal soune in goddes Ere.

Bot yit for that I wol noght lete, What so befalle of mi beyete, That I ne schal hire yive and lene Mi love and al mi thoght so clene, That toward me schal noght beleve.

And thus it stant of every dede, Wher Senne takth the cause on honde, It may upriht noght longe stonde For Senne of his condicioun Is moder of divisioun 1030 And tokne whan the world schal faile.

And that is of this world the laste, And thanne a newe schal beginne, Fro which 642-072 Exam Practice Pdf a man schal nevere twinne 660 Or al to peine or al to pes That world schal lasten endeles.

For if thou se mi tale wel Of that was tho, thou miht somdiel 6350 Of old ensample taken hiede, Hou that the flour of maidenhiede Was thilke time holde in pris.

Mars the Planete bataillous Next to the Sonne glorious 890 Above stant, and doth mervailes Upon the fortune of batailes.

Bot yit is noght the love lassed, Which I unto mi ladi have For thogh my tunge 642-072 is slowh to crave At alle Cisco 642-072 Exam Practice Pdf time, as I have bede, Min herte stant evere in o stede And axeth besiliche grace, The which I mai noght yit embrace.

Hierof it is that I wolde axe, If thou, mi Sone, art on of tho.

The sothe furthere he ne knew, Til that fortune him overthreu 1590 Bot natheles for sikernesse, Wher that he mihte wite and gesse A place strengest in his lond, Ther let he make of lym and sond A strengthe where he wolde duelle Was nevere man yit herde telle Of such an other as it was.

This Bonefas, which can noght hyde 2950 The tricherie of his Supplant, Hath openly mad his avant How he the Papacie hath wonne.

Thei toke her leve, and wher hem liste 910 Thei wente forth upon here weie.

That on 642-072 Certification Braindumps can and that other mai, Be so the king hem bothe reule, For elles al goth out of reule.

Japhet Europe tho tok he, Thus parten thei the world on thre.

And he hem axeth in what wise And thei him tolde in such a plit, That ech of hem hadde a spirit, The which slepende a nyht appiereth And hem be sondri dremes lereth 2100 After the world that hath betid.

Ensample that it hath be so In boke I finde write 642-072 Exam Practice Pdf also.

Bot thing which yifth ous mete and drinke And doth the labourer to swinke 2440 To tile lond and sette vines, 000-112 Certification Exam Wherof the cornes and the wynes Ben sustenance to mankinde, In olde bokes as I finde, Saturnus of his oghne wit Hath founde ferst, and more yit Of Chapmanhode he fond the weie, And ek to coigne the moneie Of sondri metall, as it is, He was the ferste man of this.

His herte fell to hire anon, And such a love on hire he caste, That he hire weddeth ate laste And after that long time in reste With hire he duelte, and to the beste Thei love ech other wonder wel.

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I rede ensample amonges alle, 460 Wherof to kepe wel an Ere It oghte pute a man in fere.

So that ayein the lawes ryhte Mars thilke time upon hire that Remus and Romulus begat, 900 Whiche after, whan thei come in Age, Of knihthode and of vassellage Ytaile al hol thei overcome And foundeden the grete Rome In Armes and of such emprise Thei weren, that in thilke wise Here fader Mars for the mervaile The god was cleped of bataille.

Of rihtwisnesse it was conceived, So moste it nedes be received Of him that alle riht is inne, The hihe god, which wolde winne A poeple unto his oghne feith.

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Cupido, which may hurte and hele In loves cause, as for myn hele Upon the point which him was preid Cam with Venus, wher I was leid Swounende upon the grene gras.

3800 The bathes weren thanne araied, With herbes tempred and assaied, And Jason was unarmed sone And dede as it befell to done Into his bath he wente anon And wyssh him clene as eny bon He tok a sopp, and oute he cam, And on his beste aray he nam, And kempde his hed, whan he was clad, And goth him forth al merie and glad 3810 Riht strawht into the kinges halle.

And with this tale a Duc aros, Which was a worthi kniht of los, His name was Meneste s, And seide unto the lordes thus The wreeche which Horeste dede, It was thing of the goddes bede, And nothing of his 642-072 Exam Practice Pdf crualte And if ther were of mi degree 2150 In al this place such a kniht That wolde sein it was no riht, I wole it with my bodi prove.

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Tho was this povere Bardus glad, 5070 Thonkende god, and to the Ston He goth an takth it up anon, And hath gret wonder in his wit Hou that the beste him hath aquit, Wher that the mannes Sone hath failed, For whom he hadde most travailed.

Ensample that it falleth thus, Thou miht wel take of Piramus, 1660 Whan he in haste his swerd outdrowh And on the point himselve slowh For love of Tisbee pitously, For he hire wympel fond blody And wende a beste hire hadde slain Wher as him oghte have be riht fain, For sche was there al sauf beside Bot for he wolde noght abide, This meschief fell.

Forthi, mi Sone, as thou art holde, 4710 Touchende of this tell me thi schrifte Hast thou be scars or large of yifte Unto thi love, whom thou servest For after that thou wel deservest Of yifte, thou miht be the bet For that good holde I wel beset, For why thou miht the betre fare Thanne is no wisdom forto spare.

And fell, he scholde go to fyhte Ayein Amon the cruel king And forto speke upon this thing, 1510 Withinne his herte he made avou To god and seide, Ha lord, if thou Wolt grante unto thi man victoire, I schal in tokne of thi memoire The ferste lif that I mai se, Of man or womman wher it be, Anon as I come hom ayein, To thee, which art god sovereign, Slen in thi name and sacrifie.

Thei gladen of his melodie, Bot most of alle the compainie The kinges doghter, which it herde, And thoghte ek hou that he ansuerde, Whan that he was of hire opposed, Withinne hir herte hath wel supposed That he is of gret gentilesse.

This lord upon this covenant Was glad, and axeth where it was.