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Forthi unto thi myhtes hyhe, As thou which art the daies yhe, Of love and myht no conseil hyde, Upon this derke nyhtes tyde With al myn herte I thee beseche That I plesance myhte seche With hire which lith in min armes.

Of Ylem, as I am enformed, These elementz ben mad and formed, Of Ylem elementz they hote After the Scole of Aristote, 220 Of whiche if more I schal reherce, Foure elementz ther ben diverse.

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4160 And tho sche tok unto his us Of herbes al the beste jus, And poured it into his wounde That made his veynes fulle and sounde And tho sche made his wounde clos, And tok his hond, and up he ros And tho sche yaf him drinke a drauhte, Of which his youthe ayein he cauhte, His hed, his herte and his visage Lich unto twenty wynter Age 4170 Hise hore heres were away, And lich unto the freisshe Maii, Whan passed ben the colde shoures, Riht so recovereth he his floures.

Bot er this thing befalle in dede, Amende thee, this wolde I rede Yif and departe thin almesse, Do mercy forth with rihtwisnesse, Besech and prei the hihe grace, For so thou myht thi pes pourchace With godd, and stonde in good acord.

Mi Sone, be wel war forthi, And kep that thou be noght forswore For this, which I have told tofore, Ovide telleth everydel.

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Bot al withoute such repast Of lust, as ye me tolde above, Of wif, or yit of other love, 700 I 000-203 Test Prep faste, and mai no fode gete So that for lacke of deinte mete, Of which an herte mai be fedd, I go fastende to my bedd.

And he with that an Arwe hath hent 6330 And gan to teise it in his bowe, As he that can non other knowe, Bot that it was a beste wylde.

And thanne upon himself he caste 70-332 Test Answers A mantell, and his swerd al naked He tok in honde and sche unwaked Abedde lay, but what sche mette, God wot for he the Dore unschette So prively that non it herde, The softe pas and forth he ferde 4970 Unto the bed wher that sche slepte, Al 000-152 Test Software sodeinliche and in he crepte, And hire in bothe his Armes tok.

Sche sih him large of his despence, And amorous and glad of chiere, So that hir liketh wel to hiere 4840 The goodly wordes whiche he seide And therupon of love he preide, Of love was al that he mente, To love and for sche scholde assente, He yaf hire yiftes evere among.

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Ovide telleth in his bok Ensample touchende of Microsoft 70-332 mislok, And seith hou whilom ther was on, A worthi lord, which Acteon Was hote, and he was cousin nyh To him that Thebes ferst on hyh Up sette, which king Cadme hyhte.

For as a man that sodeinli A gost behelde, so fare I So that for feere I can noght gete Mi witt, bot I miself foryete, That I wot nevere what I 70-332 Test Prep am, Ne whider I schal, ne whenne I cam, Bot muse as he that were amased.

Thi will, mi Sone, is forto blame, The remenant is bot a game, That I have herd the telle as yit.

And whan Nessus the privete 2190 Knew of here herte what it mente, As he that was of double entente, He made hem riht a glad visage And whanne he herde of the passage Of him and hire, he thoghte guile, And feigneth Semblant for a while To don hem plesance and servise, Bot he thoghte al an other wise.

380 Lo thus, my Sone, Ovide hath write, Wherof thou miht be reson wite, More is a man than such a beste So mihte it nevere ben honeste A man to wraththen him to sore Of that an other doth the lore Of kinde, in which is no malice, Bot only that it is a vice And thogh a man be resonable, Yit after kinde he is menable 390 To love, wher he wole or non.

Ma Dame, whilom I was on That to mi fader hadde a king Bot I was slow, and for no thing Me liste noght to love obeie, And that I now ful sore abeie.

But Vulcanus, of whom I spak, He hadde a courbe upon the bak, And therto he was hepehalt Of whom thou understonde schalt, He was a schrewe in al his youthe, And he non other vertu couthe 960 Of craft to helpe himselve with, Bot only that he was a Smith With Jupiter, which in his forge Diverse thinges made him forge So wot I noght for what desir Thei clepen him the god of fyr.

1960 The proverbe is, who that is trewe, Him schal his while nevere rewe For hou so that the cause wende, The trouthe is schameles ate ende, Bot what thing that is troutheles, It mai noght wel be schameles, And schame hindreth every wyht So proveth it, ther is no myht Withoute trouthe in no degre.

Thus was it seid, thus was it sworn Of all the Prestes that ther are And sche which causeth al this fare Seid ek therto what that sche wolde, And every man thanne after tolde 4310 So as the queene hem hadde preid.

5570 This Tere s his wif hom ladde, A lusti lif with hire he hadde Til it befell upon a tyde, This Progne, as sche lay him besyde, Bethoughte hir hou it mihte be That sche hir Soster myhte se, And to hir lord hir will sche seide, With goodly wordes and him preide That sche to hire mihte go And if it liked him noght so, 5580 That thanne he wolde himselve wende, Or elles be som other sende, Which mihte hire diere Soster griete, And schape hou that thei mihten miete.

600 That oon wolde have his bagges stille, And noght departen with his wille, And dar noght for the thieves slepe, So fain he wolde his tresor kepe That other mai noght wel be glad, For he is evere more adrad Of these lovers that gon aboute, In aunter if thei putte him oute.

640 Bot natheles he stant believed, And hath his pourpos ofte achieved Of worschipe and of worldes welthe, And takth it, as who seith, be stelthe Thurgh coverture of his fallas.

These Prestes hadden wel conceived 830 That sche was of gret holinesse And with a contrefet simplesse, Which hid was in a fals corage, Feignende an hevenely message Thei come and seide unto hir thus Pauline, the god Anubus Hath sent ous bothe Prestes hiere, And seith he 70-332 Real Exam Questions woll to thee appiere Be nyhtes time himself alone, For love he hath to thi persone 840 And therupon he hath ous bede, That we in Ysis temple a stede Honestely for thee pourveie, Wher thou be nyhte, as we thee seie, Of him schalt take avisioun.

Bot that thou hast me told and said, Of o thing I am riht wel paid, That thou be sleyhte ne be guile Of no brocour hast otherwhile 4570 Engined love, for such dede Is sore venged, as I rede.

1880 Thus for the time he tok his leve.

For it fell thilke time so 2160 Pirrus the Sone of Achilles This worthi queene among the press With dedli swerd soghte out and fond, And slowh hire with his oghne hond Wherof 70-332 Study Material this king of Pafagoine Pantasilee of Amazoine, Wher sche was queene, with him ladde, With suche Maidens as sche hadde Of hem that were left alyve, Microsoft 70-332 Test Answers Forth in his Schip, til thei aryve 2170 Wher that the body was begrave With worschipe, and the wommen save.

And if so is sche bidde noght, What thing that thanne into my thoght Comth ferst of that I mai suffise, I bowe and profre my servise, 1130 Somtime in chambre, somtime in halle, Riht as I se the times falle.

Lo, thus this MB5-538 Practice Test lusti Cephalus Preide unto Phebe and to Phebus The nyht in lengthe forto drawe, So that he mihte 70-332 Real Exam do the lawe In thilke point of loves heste, Which cleped is the nyhtes feste, Withoute Slep of sluggardie 70-332 New Questions Which Venus out of compaignie 3260 Hath put awey, as thilke same, Which lustles ferr from alle game In chambre doth fulofte wo Abedde, whanne it falleth so That love scholde ben awaited.

This ladi herde al that he seide, And hou he swor and hou he preide, Which was as an enchantement To hire, that was innocent As thogh it were trowthe and feith, Sche lieveth al that evere he seith, And as hire infortune scholde, Sche granteth him al that he wolde.

Mi Sone, in alle maner wise Surquiderie is to despise, Wherof I finde write thus.

Forthi good is a king to triste Ferst to himself, as he ne wiste Non other help bot god alone So schal the reule of his persone 3940 Withinne himself thurgh providence Ben of the betre conscience.

And forto speke of that withoute, Ther stant no gret Tree nyh aboute 70-332 Test Answers 3000 Wher on ther myhte crowe or pie Alihte, forto clepe or crie Ther is no cok to crowe day, Ne beste non which noise may The hell, bot al aboute round Ther is growende upon the ground Popi, which berth the sed of slep, With othre herbes suche an hep.

And lest it costeth to maintiene, In al the world as it is sene For who that hath humblesce on honde, He bringth no werres into londe, For he desireth for the MCSM 70-332 beste To setten every man in reste.

The dede proeveth it is so, And hath do many day er this, Thurgh venym which that medled is In holy cherche of erthly thing For Crist himself makth knowleching 860 That noman may togedre serve God and the world, bot if he swerve Froward that on and stonde 70-332 Test Answers unstable And Cristes word may noght be fable.

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If I that 70-624-CSHARP Actual Exam heste schal fulfille 1290 And therto ben obedient, Thanne is my cause fully schent, For specheles may noman spede.

I wot noght what I scholde have do, If that I hadde encheson so, 2440 As ye have seid hier manyon Bot I fond cause nevere non Bot daunger, which welnyh me slowh, Therof I cowthe telle ynowh, And of non other Avantance Thus nedeth me no repentance.

And natheles yit ate laste He fell upon the coveitise Of gold and thanne in sondri wise He thoghte, as I have seid tofore, Hou tresor mai be sone lore, And hadde an inly gret desir Touchende of such recoverir, Hou that he mihte his cause availe To gete him gold withoute faile.

His Bacheler, which hadde tome, 2680 Whan that his lord be nihte slepte, This Ring, the which his maister kepte, Out of his Pours awey he dede, And putte an other in the stede.

Bot as it falleth ate laste, Ther mai no worldes joie laste, So mot I nedes fro hire wende And of my wachche make an ende And if sche thanne hiede toke, Hou pitousliche on hire I loke, 2810 Whan that I schal my leve take, Hire oghte of mercy forto slake Hire daunger, which seith evere nay.

And thus Skarsnesse in every place Be reson mai no thonk porchace, And natheles in his degree Above all othre most 70-332 Questions And Answers Pdf prive With Avarice stant he this.

Thus mai ye knowen be this skile That no Ravine don I wile Ayein hir will be such a weie Bot while I live, I wol obeie Abidinge on hire courtesie, If eny merci wolde hir plie.

Bot overthis thou schalt believe, So as it sit thee wel to knowe, That ther ben othre vices slowe, Whiche unto love don gret lette, If thou thin herte upon hem sette.

Appolinus, which war and wys Of every game couthe an ende, He thoghte assaie, hou so it wende, And fell among hem into game And there he wan him such a name, 700 So as the king himself acompteth That he alle othre men surmonteth, And bar the pris above hem alle.

3030 Anon as he was humble and tame, He fond toward his god the same, And in a twinklinge of a lok His mannes forme ayein he tok, And was reformed to the regne In which that he was wont to regne So that the Pride of veine gloire Evere afterward out of memoire He let it passe.

The laste science of the thre 40 It is Practique, whos office The vertu tryeth fro the vice, And techeth upon goode thewes To fle the compaignie of schrewes, Which stant in disposicion Of mannes free eleccion.

It is riht esi to comaunde The hert which fre goth on the launde 2160 Not of an Oxe what him eileth It falleth ofte a man merveileth Of that he seth an other fare, Bot if he knewe himself the fare, And felt it as it is in soth, He scholde don riht as he doth, Or elles werse in his degre For wel I wot, and so do ye, That love hath evere yit ben used, So mot I nedes ben excused.

To sette a lawe and kepe it noght Ther is no comun profit soght Bot above alle natheles The lawe, which is mad for pes, 2830 Is good to kepe for the beste, For that set alle men in reste.

And that I take to witnesse 2040 An old Cronique in special, The which into memorial Is write, for his loves sake Hou that a kniht schal undertake.

Helas quod sche, Why schal I so Lo thus, quod he, 1380 Mi ladi Dionise hath bede, Thou schalt be moerdred in this stede.

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Achilles upon him alyhte, And wolde anon, as he wel mihte, 2660 Have slain him fullich in the place Bot Thelaphus his fader grace For him besoghte, and for pite Preith that he wolde lete him be, And caste his Schield betwen hem tuo.

2480 Forthi, mi Sone, in alle weie Be wel avised, I thee preie, Of slawhte er that thou be coupable Withoute cause resonable.

Ther founden thei at hom sittinge Lucrece his wif, al environed With wommen, whiche are abandoned 4810 To werche, and sche wroghte ek withal, And bad hem haste, and seith, It schal Be for mi housebondes were, Which with his swerd and with his spere Lith at the Siege in gret desese.

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Bot that Art couthe thei noght finde, Of which Uluxes was deceived, That he ne hath hem alle weyved, And broght hem into such a rote, That upon him thei bothe assote And thurgh the science of his art He tok of hem so wel his part, 1460 That he begat Circes with childe.

1620 The lord which of the cite was, Whos name is Athenagoras, Was there, and seide he wolde se What Schip it is, and who thei be That ben therinne and after sone, Whan that he sih it was to done, His barge was for him arraied, And he goth forth and hath assaied.

Whan time cam he tok his leve, That lengere wolde he noght beleve, And preith his Em he be noght wroth, For that is a point of his oth, He seith, that noman schal him wreke, Thogh afterward men hiere speke 1520 That he par aventure deie.

For I with love am al withholde, So that the lasse I am to wyte, Thogh I ne conne bot a lyte Of othre thinges that ben wise I am noght tawht in such a wise For it is noght my comun us To speke of vices and vertus, Bot al of love and of his lore, For Venus bokes of nomore 270 Me techen nowther text ne glose.

That every worthi Prince is holde Withinne himself himself beholde, 4470 To se the stat of his persone, And thenke hou ther be joies none Upon this Erthe mad to laste, And hou the fleissh schal ate laste The lustes of this lif forsake, Him oghte a gret ensample take Of Salomon, whos appetit Was holy set upon delit, To take of wommen the plesance So that upon his ignorance 4480 The wyde world merveileth yit, That he, which alle mennes wit In thilke time hath overpassed, With fleisshly lustes was so tassed, That he which ladde under the lawe The poeple of god, himself withdrawe He hath fro god in such a wise, That he worschipe and sacrifise For sondri love in sondri stede Unto the false goddes dede.

Bot al this wo is cause of man, The which that wit and reson can, And that in tokne and in witnesse That ilke ymage bar liknesse Of man and of non other beste.

But Nauplus, which the cause kniew, Ayein the sleihte which he feigneth An other sleihte anon ordeigneth.

Bot natheles this I believe, To helpe with his oghne lond Behoveth every man his hond 2140 To sette upon necessite And ek his kinges realte Mot every liege man conforte, With good and bodi to supporte, Whan thei se cause resonable For who that is noght entendable To holde upriht his kinges name, Him oghte forto be to blame.

Bot if Gregoire be believed, As it is in the bokes write, He doth ous somdel forto wite The cause of thilke prelacie, Wher god is noght of compaignie For every werk as it is founded Schal stonde or elles be confounded 290 Who that only for Cristes sake Desireth cure forto take, And noght for pride of thilke astat, To bere a name of a prelat, He schal be resoun do profit In holy cherche upon the plit That he hath set his conscience Bot in the worldes reverence Ther ben of suche manie glade, Whan thei to thilke astat ben made, 300 Noght for the merite of the charge, Bot for thei wolde hemself descharge Of poverte and become grete And thus for Pompe and for beyete The Scribe and ek the Pharisee Of Moises upon the See In the chaiere on hyh ben set Wherof the feith is ofte let, Which is betaken hem to kepe.

And forto take in remembrance, 970 A tale acordant unto this, Which of gret understondinge is To mannes soule resonable, I thenke telle, and is no fable.

620 Bot overthis nou tak good hiede, Mi Sone, for I wol procede To speke upon Mathematique, Which grounded is on Theorique.

And was that time bounded so 560 Wher as the flod which men Nil calleth Departeth fro his cours and falleth Into the See Alexandrine, Ther takth Asie ferst seisine Toward the West, and over this Of Canahim wher the flod is Into the grete See rennende, Fro that into the worldes ende Estward, Asie it is algates, Til that men come unto the gates 570 Of Paradis, and there ho.

The king upon this wrongful plyt, 2980 To kepe his regne fro servage, Conseiled was of his Barnage That miht with miht schal be withstonde.

A vois was herd, whan that they felle, Which seide, O dampned man to helle, 880 Lo, thus hath god the sclaundre wroke That thou ayein Constance hast spoke Beknow the sothe er that thou dye.

Sche was a womman of record, And al is lieved that sche seith And forto yive a more feith, 1520 Hire housebonde and ek sche bothe In blake clothes thei 70-332 Test Answers Aluminium Access Products Ltd hem clothe, And made a gret enterrement And for the poeple schal be blent, Of Thaise as for the remembrance, After the real olde usance A tumbe of latoun noble and riche With an ymage unto hir liche Liggende above therupon Thei made and sette it up anon.

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Whanne al this meschief was befalle, This Tere s, that foule him falle, Unto his contre hom he tyh And whan he com his paleis nyh, 5710 His wif al redi there him kepte.

Bot forto se to what issue The thing 70-332 befalleth ate laste, It is gret wonder that men caste Here herte upon such wrong to winne, Wher no beyete mai ben inne, And doth desese on every side Bot whan reson is put aside And will governeth the corage, The faucon which that fleth ramage 2430 And soeffreth nothing in the weie, Wherof that he mai take his preie, Is noght mor set upon ravine, Than thilke man which his covine Hath set in such a maner wise For al the world ne mai suffise To will which is noght resonable.

Bot I mot pipe nou with lasse, And suffre that it overpasse, Noght with mi will, for thus I 70-332 Exam Sample Questions wolde Ben averous, if that I scholde.

Riht so wenyng hath ferd be me For whanne I wende next have be, As I be my wenynge caste, Thanne was I furthest ate laste, And as a foll my bowe unbende, Whan al was failed that I wende.

Tho was ther spoke in many wise Amonges hem that weren wise, 1650 Now this, now that, bot ate laste The wisdom of the toun this caste, That yonge Taise were asent.

And, Sone, if thou at eny throwe 710 Be tempted ayein Pacience, Tak hiede upon this evidence It schal per Microsoft 70-332 cas the lasse grieve.

Lo now, my Sone, what it is A man to caste his yhe amis, 380 Which Acteon hath dere aboght Be war forthi and do it noght.

And thus he makth hire to believe, And feigneth under guile feith Bot natheles al that he seith 2050 Sche troweth and ayein the nyht Sche hath withinne hire chambre dyht, Wher as this guilour faste by Upon this god schal prively Awaite, as he makth hire to wene And thus this noble gentil queene, Whan sche most trusteth, was deceived.

2390 For were it wrong or were it riht, Me lakketh nothing bote myht, That I ne wolde longe er this 70-332 Exam Questions Of other mannes love ywiss Be weie of Supplantacioun Have mad apropriacioun And holde that I nevere boghte, Thogh it an other man forthoghte.

And with this tale a Duc aros, Which was a worthi kniht of los, His name was Meneste s, And seide unto the lordes thus The wreeche which Horeste dede, It was thing of the goddes bede, And nothing of his crualte And if ther were of mi degree 2150 In al this place such a kniht That wolde sein it was no riht, I wole it with my bodi prove.

And fell so, that thei undertoke A werre, which was noght achieved, Bot ofte time it hadde hem grieved, 4610 Ayein 70-332 Exam a folk which thanne hihte The Gabiens and al be nyhte This Arrons, whan he was at hom In Rome, a prive place he nom Withinne a chambre, and bet himselve And made him woundes ten or tuelve Upon the bak, as it was sene And so forth with hise hurtes grene In al the haste that he may He rod, and cam that other day 4620 Unto Gabie the Cite, And in he wente and whan that he Was knowe, anon the gates schette, The lordes alle upon him sette With drawe swerdes upon honde.

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Lo, thus sche seide, John Gower, Now thou art ate laste cast, This have I for thin ese cast, 2910 That thou nomore of love sieche.

And in this wise thus The worldes good of sufficance Was had, bot likinge and plesance, 4820 Of that belongeth to richesse Of love, stod in gret destresse So that this yonge lusty wyht Of thing which fell to loves riht Was evele served overal, That sche was wo bego withal, Til that Cupide and Venus eke A medicine for the seke Ordeigne wolden in this cas.

This Angel with hise wordes wise Opposeth hem in sondri wise, Now lowde wordes and now softe, That mad hem to desputen ofte, 310 And ech of hem his reson hadde.

And thus whan love is evele wonne, Fulofte it comth to repentaile.

And tho, whan time and leisir was, The queene tolde him al the cas, As sche that guile non supposeth And of tuo pointz sche him opposeth.

And riht thus in the same wise 1910 This vice upon the cause of love So proudly set the herte above, And doth him pleinly forto wene That he to loven eny qwene Hath worthinesse 70-332 Test Questions And Answers Pdf and sufficance And so withoute pourveance Fulofte he heweth up so hihe, That chippes fallen in his yhe And ek ful ofte he weneth this, Ther as he noght beloved is, 1920 To be beloved alther best.

And in such wise as sche him saide, 3010 Achilles, which that ilke while Was yong, upon himself to smyle Began, whan he was so besein.

Mi goode fader, nay As for the more part I say Bot of somdiel I am beknowe, That I mai stonde in thilke rowe 1960 Amonges hem that Saundres use.

And so sche soghte out al the line Of hem that longen to that craft, Behinde was no name laft, And preide hem alle, as sche wel couthe, To grante Eson his ferste youthe.

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And natheles he that is riche This dai, tomorwe he mai be povere And in contraire also recovere 2400 A povere man to gret richesse Men sen forthi let rihtwisnesse Be peised evene in the balance.

So forto speke unto this ende, Thei gon the dounes and the dales With wepinge and with wofull tales, And every wyht hire maidenhiede Compleigneth upon thilke nede, That sche no children hadde bore, Wherof sche hath hir youthe lore, Which nevere sche recovere mai For so fell that hir laste dai 1590 Was come, in which sche scholde take Hir deth, which sche may noght forsake.

Be war forthi thou be noght sik Of thilke fievere as I have spoke, For it wol in himself be wroke.

The Steward thanne wher sche lay Cam to the bedd, and in his wise Hath bede that sche scholde arise.

Thus was he sauf with his navie, This wise king, thurgh governance.

And thanne ferst he hath enoignted With sondri herbes that figure, And therupon he gan conjure, So that thurgh his enchantement This ladi, which was innocent And wiste nothing of this guile, Mette, as sche slepte thilke while, 1980 Hou fro the hevene cam a lyht, Which al hir chambre made lyht And as sche loketh to and fro, Sche sih, hir thoghte, a dragoun tho, Whos scherdes schynen as the Sonne, And hath his softe pas begonne With al the chiere that he may Toward the bedd ther as sche lay, Til he cam to the beddes side.

To wisse thee, my Sone, and rede, Among the tales whiche I rede, An old ensample therupon Now herkne, and I wol tellen on.

Also whan he is falle in Sinne, Him thenkth he is so ferr coupable, That god wol Microsoft 70-332 noght be merciable So gret a Sinne to foryive And thus he leeveth to be schrive.

And as me thoghte, in this manere Al freissh I syh hem springe and dance, And do to love her entendance After the lust of youthes heste.

What is a lond wher men ben none What ben the men whiche are al one Withoute a kinges governance What is a king in his ligance, Wher that ther is no lawe in londe What is to take lawe on honde, 2700 Bot if the jugges weren trewe These olde worldes with the newe Who that wol take in evidence, Ther mai he se thexperience, What thing it is to kepe lawe, Thurgh which the wronges ben withdrawe And rihtwisnesse stant commended, Wherof the regnes ben amended.

1540 And of Ninus king of Assire I rede hou that in his empire He was next after the secounde Of hem that ferst ymages founde.

Thus wol thei noght the love werne Of him and hire in none wise, Bot ther acorded thei divise 950 The day and time of Mariage.

190 Mathematique above therthe Of hyh science hath yit the ferthe, Which spekth upon Astronomie And techeth of the sterres hihe, Beginnynge upward fro the mone.

For who that hath no tender love In savinge of a mannes lif, He schal be founde so gultif, That whanne he wolde mercy crave In time of nede, he schal non have.

Lo, thus departeth love his lawe, That what man wol noght be felawe To yive and spende, as I thee telle, He is noght worthi forto duelle In loves court to be relieved.