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And the semblance of his ymage 1070 Is a leoun, which in baillie Of sterres hath his pourpartie The foure, which as Cancer hath Upon his ende, Leo tath Upon his heved, and thanne nest He hath ek foure upon his brest, And on upon his tail behinde, In olde bokes as we finde.

Upon the hond to were a Schoo And sette upon the fot a Glove Acordeth noght to the behove Of resonable mannes us If men behielden the vertus 360 That Crist in Erthe taghte here, Thei scholden noght in such manere, Among hem that ben holden wise, The Papacie so desguise Upon diverse eleccioun, Which stant after thaffeccioun Of sondry londes al aboute Bot whan god wole, it schal were oute, For trowthe mot stonde ate laste.

Lo thus, my Sone, to socoure 2230 The lawe and comun riht to winne, A man mai sle withoute Sinne, And do therof a gret almesse, So forto kepe rihtwisnesse.

Bot Manachaz seide otherwise, That wyn is of the more emprise 1850 And that he scheweth be this weie.

Among the whiche forth withal Nectanabus in special, Which was an Astronomien And ek a gret Magicien, And undertake hath thilke emprise To Alisandre in his aprise 1300 As of Magique naturel To knowe, enformeth him somdel Of certein sterres what thei mene Of whiche, he seith, ther ben fiftene, And sondrily to everich on A gras belongeth and a Ston, Wherof men worchen many a wonder To sette thing bothe up and under.

3630 And with this word sche fell to grounde Aswoune, and ther sche lay a stounde.

And in this wyse I thenke trete Towardes hem that now be grete, Betwen the vertu and the vice Which longeth unto this office.

Tho goddes be yit cleped thus, Orus, Typhon and Isirus Thei were brethren alle thre, And the goddesse in hir degre 800 Here Soster was and Ysis hyhte, Whom Isirus forlai be nyhte And hield hire after as his wif.

The king of Tyr Appolinus Hire fader was now lith sche thus.

Ther ben of suche mo than twelve, That ben noght able as of hemselve To gete 70-480 Online Exam love, and for Envie Upon alle othre thei aspie 100 And for hem lacketh that thei wolde, Thei kepte that non other scholde Touchende of love his cause spede Wherof a gret ensample I rede, Which unto this matiere acordeth, As Ovide in his bok recordeth, How Poliphemus whilom wroghte, Whan that he Galathee besoghte Of love, which he mai noght lacche.

Thelogonus Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 70-480 in sorghe and wo So as he mihte tolde tho Unto Uluxes al the cas, Hou that Circes his moder was, 1740 And so forth seide him everydel, Hou that his moder gret him wel, And in what wise sche him sente.

Forthi, my Sone, how so it stonde, Be this cas thou miht understonde That if thou evere in cause of love Schalt deme, and thou be so above 340 That thou miht lede it at thi wille, Let nevere thurgh thi Wraththe spille Which every kinde scholde 70-480 Dumps save.

This lord upon this covenant Was glad, and axeth where it was.

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Among the Jewes, as men tolde, Ther was whilom be daies olde A noble Duck, which Jepte hihte.

Hir Sadel ek was wonder badde, 1350 In which the wofull womman sat, And natheles ther was with that A riche bridel for the nones Of gold and preciouse Stones.

Bot toward othre, as I mai se, Sche takth and yifth in such degre, That as be weie of frendlihiede Sche can so kepe hir wommanhiede, That every man spekth of hir wel.

The science of Astronomie, Which principal is of clergie 1440 To dieme betwen wo and wel In thinges that be naturel, Thei hadde a gret travail on honde That made it ferst ben understonde And thei also which overmore Here studie sette upon this lore, Thei weren gracious and wys And worthi forto bere a pris.

For it befell that ilke throwe 3070 At Troie, wher the Siege lay Upon the cause of Menelay And of his queene dame Heleine, The Gregois hadden mochel peine Alday to fihte and to assaile.

Ha fol, how thou art forto wyte, The king unto his brother seith, That thou art of so litel feith, That only for a trompes soun Hast gon despuiled thurgh the toun, Thou and thi wif in such manere Forth with thi children that ben here, 2220 In sihte of alle men aboute, For that thou seist thou art in doute Of deth, which stant under the lawe Of man, and man it mai withdrawe, So that it mai par chance faile.

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And sche, to make him 70-480 Exam Test more assote, Hire love granteth, and be nyhte Thei schape how thei togedre myhte Abedde meete and don it was This same nyht and in this cas 2600 The qwene hirself the nyht secounde Wente in hire stede, and there hath founde A chambre derk withoute liht, And goth to bedde to this knyht.

20 Thus whan the thinges ben befalle, That Luciferes court was falle Wher dedly Pride hem hath conveied, Anon forthwith it was pourveied Thurgh him which alle thinges may He made Adam the sexte day In Paradis, and to his make Him liketh Eve also to make, And bad hem cresce and multiplie.

Whan Covoitise in povere astat Stant with himself upon debat Thurgh lacke of his misgovernance, That he unto his sustienance Ne can non other weie finde To gete him good, thanne as the blinde, 6080 Which seth noght what schal after falle, That ilke vice which men calle Of Robberie, he takth on honde Wherof be water and be londe Of thing which othre men beswinke He get him cloth and mete and drinke.

Wherof touchende this partie, Is Rethorique the science Appropred to the reverence Of wordes that ben resonable And for this art schal be vailable With goodli wordes forto like, It hath Gramaire, it hath Logiqe, That serven bothe unto the speche.

And in avisioun Me thoghte that I sih also Ector forth with his brethren tuo Himself stod with Pantaselee, And next to him I myhte se, Wher Paris stod with faire Eleine, Which was his joie sovereine 2530 And Troilus stod with Criseide, Bot evere among, althogh he pleide, Be semblant he was hevy chiered, For Diomede, as him was liered, Cleymeth to ben his parconner.

Whan Hector hath seid his avis, Next after him tho spak Paris, Which was his brother, and alleide What him best thoghte, and thus he seide Strong thing it is to soffre wrong, And suffre schame is more strong, Bot we have suffred bothe tuo And for al that yit have we do 7380 What so we mihte to reforme The pes, whan we in such a forme Sente Anthenor, as ye wel knowe.

And in this wise, as seith the bok, Thei knowen thanne which he was For he goth forth the grete pas Into the chambre where he lay Anon, and made no 70-480 Vce delay, 3180 He armeth him in knyhtli wise, That bettre can noman devise, And as fortune scholde falle, He cam so forth tofore hem alle, As he which tho was glad ynowh.

Bot wolde god that grace sende, That toward me my lady wende As I towardes hire wene Mi love scholde so be sene, Ther scholde go no pride a place.

Thogh such an happ of love asterte, Yit scholde he noght apointe his herte With Jelousie of that is wroght, Bot feigne, as thogh he wiste it noght 710 For if he lete it overpasse, The sclaundre schal be wel the lasse, And he the more in ese stonde.

2540 The Ston seconde I thee behote Is lapis animalis hote, The whos vertu is propre and cowth For Ere and yhe and nase and mouth, Wherof a man mai hiere and se And smelle and taste in his degre, And forto fiele and forto go It helpeth man of bothe tuo The wittes fyve he underfongeth To kepe, as it to him belongeth.

Bot I am ferr fro thilke grace, As forto speke of tyme now So mot I soffre, and preie yow 2380 That ye wole axe on other side If ther be eny point of Pride, Wherof it nedeth to be schrive.

Mi Sone, if I be order suie The vices, as thei stonde arowe, Of Covoitise thou schalt knowe Ther is yit on, which is the laste In whom Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 70-480 Exam Paper Pdf ther mai no vertu laste, For he with god himself debateth, Wherof that al the hevene him hateth.

Yee, fader, al this wel mai P2170-015 Test Dump be, Bot if alle othre dede so, The world of men were sone go 6420 And in the lawe a man mai finde, Hou god to man be weie of kinde Hath set the world to multeplie And who that wol him justefie, It is ynouh to do the lawe.

Wherof I finde, as thou schalt wite, To this pourpos a tale write.

Ther be nou fewe of suche, I gesse For it was thilke times used, That every jugge was refused 2820 Which was noght frend to comun riht Bot thei that wolden stonde upriht For trouthe only to do justice Preferred were in thilke office To deme and jugge commun lawe Which nou, men sein, is al withdrawe.

And he with that an Arwe hath hent 6330 And gan to teise it in his bowe, As he that can non other knowe, Bot that it was a beste wylde.

Wherof he dradde and was esmaied, Of treson that he deie scholde, For he the king his sothe tolde And sodeinly the nyhtes tyde, That more wolde he noght abide, 450 Al prively his barge he hente And hom ayein to Tyr he wente And in his oghne wit he seide For drede, if he the king bewreide, He knew so wel the kinges herte, That deth ne scholde he noght asterte, The king him wolde so poursuie.

Thoghte Alisandre in privete, Hierof this olde dotard lieth And er that other oght aspieth, Al sodeinliche his olde bones He schof over the wal at ones, 2310 And seith him, Ly doun there apart Wherof nou serveth al thin art Thou knewe alle othre mennes chance And of thiself hast ignorance That thou hast seid amonges alle Of thi persone, is noght befalle.

2960 Envie, which is loveles, And Pride, which is laweles, With such tempeste made him erre, That charite goth out of herre So that upon misgovernance Ayein Lowyz the king of France He tok querelle of his oultrage, And seide he scholde don hommage Unto the cherche bodily.

Whilom be olde daies fer Of Mese was the king Theucer, Which hadde a kniht to Sone, Iphis 70-480 Exam Paper Pdf Aluminium Access Products Ltd Of love and he so maistred is, That he hath set al his corage, As to reguard of his lignage, 3520 Upon a Maide of lou astat.

Word hath beguiled many a man With word the wilde beste is daunted, With word the Serpent is enchaunted, Of word among the men of Armes Ben woundes heeled with the charmes, Wher lacketh other medicine Word hath under his discipline 1570 Of Sorcerie the karectes.

Of thilke ensample which fell tho, Men tellen now fulofte so, The world empeireth comunly And yit wot non the cause why For it acordeth noght to kinde Min oghne harm to seche and finde 370 Of that I schal my brother grieve It myhte nevere wel achieve.

To seie hou such a man hath good, Who so that reson understod, 50 It is impropreliche seid, For good hath him and halt him teid, That he ne gladeth noght 70-480 Exam Engines withal, Bot is unto his good a thral, And as soubgit thus serveth he, Wher that he scholde maister be Such is the kinde of thaverous.

Now ches and tak which you is levere Bot be wel war, er that ye take For of that on I undertake 2340 Ther is no maner good therinne, Wherof ye mihten profit winne.

Bot wel he sih and understod That he toward Arcenne stod, And axeth him anon riht there, If that this child his Sone were.

Sire king, quod he, and that I can, If that thou wolt.

Forthi to speken overmore Of love, which thee mai availe, Tak love where it mai noght faile For as of this which thou art inne, Be that thou seist it is a Sinne, And Sinne mai no pris deserve, Withoute pris and who schal serve, 2090 I not what profit myhte availe.

Lo now, my Sone, what it is A man to caste his yhe amis, 380 Which Acteon hath dere aboght Be war forthi and do it noght.

Therfore attempre thi corage Folhaste doth non avantage, 1680 Bot ofte it set a man behinde In cause of love, and that I finde Be olde ensample, as thou schalt hiere, Touchende of love in this matiere.

And evere among he gan to loute, And preith that sche to him come 70-480 Sample Questions oute And otherwhile he goth a ferr, And otherwhile he draweth nerr, And evere he fond hire in o place.

Wherof, if I schal more seie 530 Upon the nature of the vice, Of custume and of exercice The mannes grace hou it fordoth, A tale, which was whilom soth, Of fooles that so drunken were, I schal reherce unto thine Ere.

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If this be wast to youre wit Of love, and Prodegalite, Nou, goode fader, demeth ye Bot of o thing I wol me schryve, That I schal for no love thryve, Bot if hirself me wol relieve.

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This knyht behield hir redely, And as he wolde CAT-221 Exam Demo have passed by, Sche cleped him and bad abide And he his horse heved aside Tho torneth, and to hire he rod, And there he hoveth and abod, To wite what sche wolde mene.

Upon knyhthode I rede thus, How whilom whan the king Nauplus, The fader of Palamades, Cam forto preien Ulixes With othre Gregois ek also, That he with hem to Troie go, 1820 Wher that the Siege scholde be, Anon upon Penolope His wif, whom that he loveth hote, Thenkende, wolde hem noght behote.

1620 The lord which of the cite was, Whos name is Athenagoras, Was there, and seide he wolde se What Schip it is, and who thei be That ben therinne and after sone, Whan that he sih it was to done, His 70-480 Exam Paper Pdf barge was for him arraied, And he goth forth and hath assaied.

Bot overmore hou that it is, 7840 Toward mi schrifte as it belongeth, To wite of othre pointz me longeth Wherof that ye me wolden teche With al myn herte I you beseche.

And he with that began to crie, 290 And preide Bachus to foryive His gilt, and soffre him forto live And be such as he was tofore, So that he were not forlore.

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Forthi, mi Sone, if thou be wis, Nou thou hast herd this evidence, Thou miht Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 70-480 thin oghne conscience 2920 Oppose, if thou hast ben such on.

I not if it be ye or nay, Bot as the comun vois it telleth Bot wher that flaterie duelleth 2330 In eny lond under the Sonne, Ther is ful many a thing begonne Which were betre to be left That hath be schewed nou and eft.

The bodies whiche I speke of hiere Of the Planetes ben begonne The gold is titled to the Sonne, The mone of Selver hath his part, And Iren that stant upon Mart, 2470 The 70-480 Labs Led after Satorne groweth, And Jupiter the Bras bestoweth, The Coper set is to Venus, And to his part Mercurius Hath the quikselver, as it falleth, The which, after the bok it calleth, Is ferst of thilke fowre named Of Spiritz, whiche ben proclamed And the spirit which is secounde In Sal Armoniak is founde 2480 The thridde spirit Sulphur is The ferthe suiende after this Arcennicum be name is hote.

And evere among this ladi wepte, And thoghte that sche nevere kepte To ben a worldes womman more, And that sche wissheth everemore.

Mi fader, grant merci of this Bot while I se mi ladi is 1730 No tre, but halt hire oghne forme, Ther mai me noman so enforme, To whether part fortune wende, That I unto mi lyves ende Ne wol hire serven everemo.

And thus he auntreth him to winne, And 70-480 berth an horn and noght ne bloweth, For noman of his conseil knoweth What he mai gete of his Michinge, It is al bile under the winge.

And for this ilke grete grace Bachus upon the same place A riche temple let arere, Which evere scholde stonde there To thursti men in remembrance.

Mi fader, in mi conscience 4870 If ther be eny thing amis, I wol amende it after this, Toward mi love namely.

Bot if thee list to taken hiede And of the ferste ymage wite, Petornius therof hath write 1520 And ek Nigargorus also And thei afferme and write so, That Promothe s was tofore And fond the ferste craft therfore, And Cirophanes, as thei telle, Thurgh conseil which was take in helle, In remembrance of his lignage Let setten up the ferste ymage.

That other thoghte and hield him stille, 580 And thonked him of his warnynge, And bad him telle no tidinge, Whan he to Tyr cam hom ayein, That he in Tharse him hadde sein.

60 And forto proven it is so, I am miselven on of tho, SZ0-240 Exam Paper Which to this Scole am underfonge.

Be war forthi thou be noght sik Of thilke fievere as I have spoke, For it wol in himself be wroke.

Of Aristotle I have wel rad, Hou he to Alisandre bad, That forto gladen his corage He schal beholde the visage 4260 Of wommen, whan that thei ben faire.

Ther was a king in thilke whyle Towardes Grece, and Athemas The Cronique of his name was 4250 And hadde a wif, which Philen hihte, Be whom, so as fortune it dihte, He hadde of children yonge tuo.

With that sche frounceth up the browe This covenant I wol allowe, 1590 Sche seith if eny other thing Bot that thou hast of my techyng Fro deth thi body mai respite, I woll thee of thi trowthe acquite, And elles be non other weie.

The grete king which Cambises Was hote, a jugge laweles He fond, and into remembrance He dede upon him such vengance Out of his skyn he was beflain Al quyk, and in that wise slain, So that his skyn was schape al meete, And 70-480 Test Exam nayled on the same seete 2900 Wher that his Sone scholde sitte.

Mars the Planete bataillous Next to the Sonne glorious 890 Above stant, and doth mervailes Upon the fortune of batailes.

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The litel poeple which he broghte, 3740 Was non of hem that he ne hath A pot of erthe, in which he tath A lyht brennende in a kressette, And ech of hem ek a trompette Bar in his other hond beside And thus upon the nyhtes tyde Duk Gedeon, whan it was derk, Ordeineth him unto his werk, And parteth thanne his folk in thre, And chargeth hem that thei ne fle, 3750 And tawhte hem hou they scholde ascrie Alle in o vois per compaignie, And what word ek thei scholden speke, And hou thei scholde here pottes breke Echon with other, whan thei herde That he himselve ferst so ferde For whan thei come into the stede, He bad hem do riht as he dede.

Min herte is wonderly begon With conseil, wherof witt is on, Which hath resoun in compaignie Ayein the whiche stant partie 1160 Will, which hath hope of his acord, And thus thei bringen up descord.

For bot a mannes wit be swerved, Whan kinde is dueliche served, 4570 It oghte of reson to suffise For if it falle him 70-480 Test Answers otherwise, He mai tho lustes sore drede.

Whanne he the thing mai noght amende, Thanne is he war, and seith at ende, Ha, wolde god I hadde knowe Wherof bejaped with a mowe 900 He goth, for whan the grete Stiede Is stole, thanne he taketh hiede, And makth the stable dore fast Thus evere he pleith an aftercast Of al that he schal seie or do.

980 This lettre, as thou hast herd devise, Was contrefet in such a wise That noman scholde it aperceive And sche, 70-480 Test Questions which thoghte to deceive, It leith wher sche that other tok.

Thou dost, my Sone, ayein the riht Bot love is of so gret a miht, His lawe mai noman refuse, So miht thou thee 70-480 Exam Paper Pdf the betre excuse.

For I with love am al withholde, So that the lasse I am to wyte, Thogh I ne conne bot a lyte Of othre thinges that ben wise I am noght tawht in such a wise For it is noght my comun us To speke of vices and vertus, Bot al of love and of his lore, For Venus bokes of nomore 270 Me techen nowther text ne glose.

Mi Sone, who that wole it seche, In bokes he mai finde it write And natheles, if thou wolt wite, 4240 In the manere as thou hast preid I schal the telle hou it is seid.

And thus cam into Samarie Microsoft 70-480 Exam Paper Pdf King Josaphat, and he fond there The king Achab and whan thei were Togedre spekende of this thing, This Josaphat seith to the king, Hou that he wolde gladly hiere Som trew prophete in this matiere, 2560 That he his conseil myhte yive To what point that it schal be drive.

Wherof, my Sone, in remembrance 530 Thou myht ensample taken hiere, As I have told, and what thou hiere Be wel war, and yif no credence, Bot if thou se more evidence.

Whan al was do riht as thei wolde, The king unto his Sone tolde Of Tharse thilke traiterie, And seide hou in his compaignie 1780 His doghter and himselven eke Schull go vengance forto seke.

Bot thogh thei hadden litel space, Yit thei acorden in that place Hou Jason scholde come at nyht, Whan every torche and every liht Were oute, and thanne of other thinges Thei spieke aloud for supposinges Of hem that stoden there aboute For love is everemore in doute, 3850 If that it be wisly governed Of hem that ben of love lerned.

For whan I of here loves rede, Min Ere with the tale I fede And with the lust of here histoire Somtime I drawe into memoire Hou sorwe mai noght evere laste And so comth hope in ate laste, Whan I non other fode knowe.

He hath with love trewes take, That wake who so wake wile, If he mai couche a doun his bile, 2710 He hath al wowed what him list That ofte he goth to bedde unkist, And seith that for no Druerie He wol noght leve his sluggardie.

Forthi, my Sone, I wolde rede That thou of these ensamples drede, That for no lust of erthli love Thou seche so to come above, Wherof as in the worldes wonder Thou schalt for evere be put under.

Thus, for I stonde in such a wer, I am, as who seith, out of herre And thus upon miself the werre 1150 I bringe, and putte out alle pes, That I fulofte in such a res Am wery of myn oghne lif.

And so fell upon aventure, Whan thilke yer hath mad his ende, Hire Schip, so as it moste wende Thurgh strengthe of wynd which god hath yive, Estward was into Spaigne drive Riht faste under a Castell wall, Wher that an hethen Amirall 1090 Was lord, and he a Stieward hadde, Oon Thelo s, which al was badde, A fals knyht and a renegat.

3020 For of knyghthode thordre wolde That thei defende and kepe scholde The comun right and the fraunchise 70-480 Exam Test Of holy cherche in alle wise, So that no wikke man it dere, And ther fore servith scheld and spere Bot for it goth now other weie, Oure grace goth the more aweie.

And thus his pourpos he achieveth, So that assured of his trouthe With him sche wente, and that was routhe.

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And hapneth thilke time so, The lordes bothe and the comune The hihe festes of Neptune Upon the stronde at the rivage, As it was custumme and usage, Sollempneliche thei besihe.

Among the Greks, out of the weie As thei that reson putte aweie, Ther was, as 70-480 Exam Paper Pdf the Cronique seith, Of misbelieve an other feith, That thei here goddes and goddesses, As who seith, token al to gesses 840 Of suche as weren full of vice, To whom thei made here sacrifice.

140 And if it nedes to betyde, That I in compainie abyde, Wher as I moste daunce and singe The hovedance and carolinge, Or forto go the newefot, I mai noght wel heve up mi fot, If that sche be noght in the weie For thanne is al mi merthe aweie, And waxe anon of thoght so full, Wherof mi limes ben so dull, 150 I mai unethes gon the pas.

Lo, which a fall hath crualte, And Pite was set up ayein For after that the bokes sein, 3290 Therbellis king of Bulgarie With helpe of his chivalerie Justinian hath unprisoned And to thempire ayein coroned.

King Lichaon upon his wif A dowhter hadde, a goodly lif, A clene Maide of worthi fame, Calistona whos rihte name Was cleped, and of many a lord Sche was besoght, bot hire acord 6230 To love 70-480 Online Exam myhte noman winne, As sche which hath no lust therinne Bot swor withinne hir herte and saide That sche wolde evere ben a Maide.

Dame Ylia this ladi name Men clepe, and ek 000-196 Test Pdf sche was also The kinges dowhter that was tho, Which Mynitor be name hihte.

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Bot who these olde bokes lieveth, 3310 Of Sompnolence hou it is write, Ther may a man the sothe wite, If that he wolde ensample take, That otherwhile is good to wake Wherof a tale in Poesie I thenke forto specefie.

And this he lernede, as I rede, Of Cipio, which hadde be Consul of Rome.

Of man, of beste, of herbe, of ston, Of fissch, of foughl, of everychon 140 That ben of bodely substance, The nature and the circumstance Thurgh this science it is ful soght, Which vaileth and which vaileth noght.