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Wherof full many a gret debat Reformed is to good astat, And pes 70-488 Questions And Answers sustiened up alofte With esy wordes and with softe, 1540 Wher strengthe scholde lete it falle.

Forthi conforte you, ma dame, Ther schal non other cause be.

Which is a dede wonderfull, For noman knew the sothe cas Bot he himself, what man he was 940 And natheles, so as hem thoghte, Hise dedes to the sothe wroghte That he was come of gentil blod Him lacketh noght bot worldes good, And as therof is no despeir, For sche schal ben hire fader heir, And he was able to governe.

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For he governeth that ther is In ech astat of his office After the reule of thilke vice 4690 He takth, he kepth, he halt, he bint, That lihtere is to fle the flint Than gete of him in hard or neisshe Only the value of a reysshe Of good in helpinge of an other, Noght thogh it were his oghne brother.

Bot thing which yifth ous mete and drinke And doth the labourer to swinke 2440 To tile lond and sette vines, Wherof the cornes and the wynes Ben sustenance to mankinde, In olde bokes as I finde, Saturnus of his oghne wit Hath founde ferst, and more yit Of Chapmanhode he fond the weie, And ek to coigne the moneie Of sondri metall, as it is, He was the ferste man of this.

Where as Fa crere goth toforn, In all his weie he fynt no lette That Dore can non huissher schette 2130 In which him list to take entre And thus the conseil most secre Of every thing Fa crere knoweth, Which into strange place he bloweth, Where as 70-488 Test he wot it mai most grieve.

Ther was ynowh withinne wones Of wepinge and of sorghe tho This yonge king makth mochel wo So forto se the Schip travaile Bot al that myhte him noght availe The mast tobrak, the Seil torof, The Schip upon the wawes drof, Til that thei sihe a londes cooste.

And that a man may sen at ije, For wher the hulles ben most hyhe, 250 Ther mai men welle stremes finde So proveth it be weie of kinde The water heyher than the lond.

This lusti peine hath overtake The herte of this Romein so sore, That to knihthode more and more Prouesce avanceth his corage.

650 The Ston, which fro the hully Stage He syh doun falle on that ymage, And hath it into pouldre broke, That swevene hath Daniel unloke, And seide how that is goddes myht, Which whan men wene most upryht To stonde, schal hem overcaste.

Mi fader, soth is that ye sein.

Mi Sone, as guile under the hat With sleyhtes of a tregetour Is hidd, Envie of such colour Hath yit the ferthe deceivant, The which is cleped Falssemblant, Wherof the matiere and the forme Now herkne and I thee schal enforme.

Sche was anon with water laved, Til sche cam to hirself ayein, And thanne sche began to sein Ha, blessed be the hihe sonde, That I mai se myn housebonde, 1860 That whilom he and I were on The king with that knew hire anon, And tok hire in his Arm and kiste And al the toun thus sone it wiste.

Bot sche which al the chance ladde, Fortune, schop the Marches so, That be thassent of bothe tuo, The Soldan and the Caliphe eke, Bataille upon a 70-488 dai thei seke, 2600 Which was in such a wise set That lengere scholde it noght be let.

Bot forto stinten al this strif, Thus whan sche sih non other bote, Riht evene unto hire herte rote A naked swerd anon sche threste, And thus sche gat hireselve reste In remembrance of alle slowe.

1050 Cancer after the reule and space Of Signes halt the ferthe place.

Whan I the Court se of Cupide Aproche unto my ladi side 40 Of hem that lusti ben and freisshe, Thogh it availe hem noght a reisshe, Bot only that thei ben in speche, My sorwe is thanne noght to seche Bot whan thei rounen in hire Ere, Than groweth al my moste fere, And namly whan thei talen longe My sorwes thanne be so stronge Of that I se hem wel at ese, I can noght telle my desese.

And he can tho non other red, But on his asse ayein he caste His trusse, and hieth homward faste 5040 And whan that he cam hom to bedde, He tolde his wif hou that he spedde.

Thus if a king his herte ladde With every thing that he schal hiere, Fulofte he scholde change his chiere And upon fantasie drede, Whan that ther is no cause of drede.

And as I sih in my spirit, 2590 Me thoghte amonges othre thus The doghter of king Priamus, Polixena, whom Pirrus slowh, Was there and made sorwe ynowh, As sche which deide gulteles For love, and yit was loveles.

And in the meene while he caste 5330 What thing him were best to do And fell that Adriagne tho, Which was the dowhter of Mynos, And hadde herd the worthi los Of These s and of his myht, And syh he was a lusti kniht, Hire hole herte on him sche leide, And he also of love hir preide, So ferforth that thei were al on.

For this I telle you in schrifte, That me were levere hir love winne Than Kaire and al that is ther inne And forto slen the hethen alle, I not what good ther mihte falle, 1660 So mochel blod thogh ther be schad.

4180 Of 70-488 Questions And Answers themperour Anthonius I finde hou that he seide thus, That levere him were forto save Oon of his lieges than to have Of enemis a thousend dede.

And thus I 70-488 Certification Braindumps thenke thoghtes fele, And thogh therof nothing be soth, Yit ese as for a time it doth Bot ate laste whanne I finde That I am falle into my mynde, And se that I have stonde longe And have no profit underfonge, Than stalke I to mi bedd withinne.

Bot therayein the conseil seide That thei be Microsoft 70-488 noght excused so, For he is on and thei ben tuo, 1020 And tuo han more wit then on, So thilke excusement was non.

410 A wonder thing yet more amis Ther was, wherof I telle al this What man on hem his chiere caste And hem behield, he was als faste Out of a man into a Ston Forschape, and thus ful manyon Deceived were, of that thei wolde 70-488 Certification Answers Misloke, wher that thei ne scholde.

He was with love unwys constreigned, And sche with resoun was restreigned 3530 The lustes of his herte he suieth, And sche for dred schame eschuieth, And as sche scholde, tok good hiede To save and kepe hir wommanhiede.

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Be nyhte unto the chambre he soghte, Wher that sche lay, and with a wyle He contrefeteth for the whyle The vois of Gete in such a wise, That made hire of hire bedd arise, Wenende that it were he, And let him in, and whan thei be 2480 Togedre abedde in armes faste, This Geta cam thanne ate laste Unto the Dore and seide, Undo.

1960 The proverbe is, who that is trewe, Him schal his while nevere rewe For hou so that the cause wende, The trouthe is schameles ate ende, Bot what thing that is troutheles, It mai noght wel be schameles, And schame hindreth every wyht So proveth it, ther is no myht Withoute trouthe in no degre.

And tho withinne a whyle als tyt Sche waf a cloth of Selk al whyt 5770 With lettres and ymagerie, In which was al the felonie, Which Tere s to hire hath do And lappede it togedre tho And sette hir signet therupon And sende it unto Progne anon.

And Jason, which good hiede nam, 3370 Whan he hire sih, ayein hire goth And sche, which was him nothing loth, Welcomede him into that lond, And softe tok him be the hond, And doun thei seten bothe same.

This Steward, forto telle soth, Amonges al the men alyve A lusti ladi hath to wyve, Which natheles for gold he tok And noght for love, as seith the bok.

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Thus miht thou se what sorwe it doth To swere an oth which is noght soth, In loves cause namely.

After his other Sone in haste He sende, and he began him haste 1750 And cam unto his fader tyt.

Thus regnen under the the kinges, 2890 And al the poeple unto thee louteth, And al the world thi pouer doubteth, So that with vein honour deceived Thou hast the reverence weyved Fro him which is thi king above, That thou for drede ne for love Wolt nothing knowen of thi godd Which now for thee hath mad a rodd, Thi veine gloire and thi folie With grete peines to chastie.

Fulofte also be lyhte of day Yit wole he stele and make assay Under the cote his hond he Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions 70-488 put, Til he the mannes Purs have cut, 6520 And rifleth that he fint therinne.

As he that was in herte wroth, His ferste pleinte to bemene, Unto the Cite of Athene He goth him forth and was received, So there was he noght deceived.

His herbe is Aristologie, Which folweth his Astronomie The Ston which that this sterre alloweth, Is Sardis, which unto him boweth.

Bot he which hateth alle untrowthe, 1800 The hihe god, it schal redresse For so my dowhter prophetesse Forth with hir litel houndes deth Betokneth.

And sche ayein to him thus seide 1550 Florent, if I for the so schape, That thou thurgh me thi deth ascape And take worschipe of thi dede, What schal I have to my mede What thing, quod he, that thou wolt axe.

Whan thei him povere and nedy se, Thei lete him passe and farwel he Al that he wende of compainie Is thanne torned to folie.

3890 In Salomon a man mai Microsoft 70-488 Questions And Answers see What thing of most necessite Unto a worthi king belongeth.

Hir Sadel ek was wonder badde, 1350 In which the wofull womman sat, And natheles ther was with that A riche bridel for the nones Of gold and preciouse Stones.

And he him thonketh as he scholde, And seith him that it schal be yolde, If evere he gete his stat ayein, And preide that he wolde him sein If nyh were eny toun for him.

Sone, yis.

For as he seith, in thilke stede He schal me suche thinges telle, That evere, whyl the world schal duelle, 2980 Athenis schal the betre fare.

And, as me thoghte , anon ther was 2750 On every side so gret presse, That every lif began to presse, I wot noght wel hou many score, Suche as I spak of now tofore, Lovers, that comen to beholde, Bot most of hem that weren olde Thei stoden there at thilke tyde, To se what ende schal betyde Upon the cure of my sotie.

Wherof, to take mi witnesse, The king of Bragmans Dindimus Wrot unto Alisandre thus In blaminge of the Grekes feith And of the misbelieve, he seith How thei for every membre hadden A sondri god, to whom thei spradden Here armes, and of help besoghten.

And as sche myhte speke tho, Aschamed with a pitous onde Sche tolde unto hir housebonde 980 The sothe of al the hole tale, And in hire speche ded and pale Sche swouneth welnyh to the laste.

And fro the ferste regne of alle Into this day, hou so befalle, 580 Of that the regnes be muable The man himself hath be coupable, Which of his propre governance Fortuneth al the worldes chance.

Whan Lothes wif was overgon And schape into the salte Ston, As it is spoke into this day, Be bothe hise dowhtres thanne he lay, 230 With childe and made hem bothe grete, Til that nature hem wolde lete, And so the cause aboute ladde That ech of hem a Sone hadde, Moab the ferste, and the seconde MCSD 70-488 Questions And Answers Amon, of whiche, as it is founde, Cam afterward 70-488 to gret encres Tuo nacions and natheles, For that the stockes were ungoode, The branches mihten noght be goode 240 For of the false Moabites Forth with the strengthe of Amonites, Of that thei weren ferst misgete, The poeple of god was ofte upsete In Irahel and in Judee, As in the bible a man mai se.

Forthi, my Sone, if thou er this Hast ben of such professioun, Discovere thi confessioun Hast thou supplanted eny man For oght that I you telle can, Min holi fader, C-TB1200-07 Questions as of the dede I am withouten eny drede Al gulteles bot of my thoght Mi conscience excuse I noght.

This Anthenor ayein goth hom Unto his king, and whan he com, 7290 He tolde in Grece of that he herde, And hou that Thelamon ansuerde, And hou thei were at here 70-488 Testing above, That thei wol nouther pes ne love, Bot every man schal don his beste.

2930 So upon this condicioun Thi swevene hath exposicioun.

730 King Demephon, whan he be Schipe To Troieward with felaschipe Sailende goth, upon his weie It hapneth him at Rodopeie, As Eolus him hadde blowe, To londe, and rested for a throwe.

Tell on therfore, hast thou be oon Of hem that Slowthe hath so begon Ye, fader, ofte it hath be so, That whanne I am mi ladi fro And thenke untoward hire drawe, Than cast I many a newe lawe 560 And al the world torne up so doun, And so recorde I mi lecoun And wryte in my memorial What I to hire telle schal, Riht al the matiere of mi tale Bot al nys worth a note schale For whanne I come ther sche is, I have it al foryete ywiss Of that I thoghte forto telle I can noght thanne unethes spelle 570 That I wende altherbest have rad, So sore I am of hire adrad.

So ben the lawes bothe save And every thing put out of sclandre As whilom to king Alisandre The wise Philosophre tawhte, Whan he his ferste lore cawhte, Noght only upon chastete, Bot upon alle honestete Wherof a king himself mai taste, Hou trewe, hou large, hou joust, hou chaste 5390 Him oghte of reson forto be, Forth with the vertu of Pite, Thurgh which he mai gret thonk deserve Toward his godd, that he preserve Him and his poeple in alle welthe Of pes, richesse, honour and helthe Hier 70-488 Practice Exam in this world and elles eke.

If I that heste schal fulfille 1290 And therto ben 70-488 Vce Files obedient, Thanne is my cause fully schent, For specheles may noman spede.

Wherof among a thousend tho, Withinne his hous that slepi were, In special he ches out there Thre, whiche scholden do this dede The ferste of hem, so as I rede, Was Morphe s, the whos nature Is forto take the figure 3040 Of what persone that him liketh, Wherof that he fulofte entriketh The lif which slepe schal be nyhte And Ithecus that other hihte, Which hath the vois of every soun, The chiere and the condicioun Of every lif, what so it is The thridde suiende after this Is Panthasas, which may transforme Of every thing the rihte forme, 3050 And change it in an other kinde.

And thus miselven I tormente, Til that the dede slep me hente 2890 Bot thanne be a thousand score Welmore than I was tofore I am tormented in mi slep, Bot that I dreme is noght of schep For I ne thenke noght on wulle, Bot I am drecched to the fulle Of love, that I have to kepe, That nou I lawhe and nou I wepe, And nou I lese and nou I winne, And nou I ende and nou beginne.

Here bodies weren long and smal, 1320 The beaute faye 70-488 Pdf Exam upon her face Non erthly thing it may desface Corones on here hed thei beere, As ech of hem a qweene weere, That al the gold of Cresus halle The leste coronal of alle Ne mihte have boght after the worth Thus come thei ridende forth.

The cheles bothe and ek the hetes, The chances of the world also, That we fortune clepen so, 640 Among the mennes nacion Al is thurgh constellacion, Wherof that som man hath the wele, And som man hath deseses fele In love als wel 70-488 Questions And Answers as othre thinges The stat of realmes and of kinges In time of pes, in time of werre It is conceived of the Sterre And thus seith the naturien Which is an Astronomien.

He sih also the grete mone, Of that the Modres were unglade, And of the wo the children made, Wherof that al his herte tendreth, And such pite withinne engendreth, 3290 That him was levere forto chese His oghne bodi forto lese, Than se so gret a moerdre wroght Upon the blod which gulteth noght.

Ther was a 70-488 Questions And Answers king in thilke whyle Towardes Grece, and Athemas The Cronique of his name was 4250 And hadde a wif, which Philen hihte, Be whom, so as fortune it dihte, He hadde of children yonge tuo.

Mi Sone, my conseil is this Hou so it stonde of time go, Do forth thi besinesse so, That no Lachesce in the be founde For Slowthe is mihti to confounde 300 The spied of every mannes werk.

Bot overthis, hou so it stonde, 70-488 Questions And Answers 6490 Yit wolde I wite of youre aprise What thing is more of Covoitise.

And in 070-565-CPLUSPLUS Dumps Pass4sure this hous to loke and warde Was Minotaurus put in warde, That what lif that therinne cam, Or man or beste, he overcam 5300 And slow, and fedde him therupon And in this wise many on Out of Athenys for truage Devoured weren in that rage.

490 And if it scholde so betide That I algates moste chide, It myhte noght be to my love For so yit was I nevere above, For al this wyde world to winne That I dorste eny word beginne, Be which sche mihte have ben amoeved And I of Cheste also reproeved.

And that I take to witnesse 2040 An old Cronique in special, The which into memorial Is write, for his loves sake Hou that a kniht schal undertake.

Asie, which lay to the Sonne Upon the Marche of orient, Was graunted be comun assent To Sem, which was the Sone eldeste For that partie was the beste And double as moche as othre tuo.

Thus fell the thing which falle scholde, Nectanabus hath that he wolde With guile he hath his love sped, With guile he cam into the bed, With guile he goth him out ayein He was a schrewed chamberlein, So to beguile a worthi queene, And that on him was after seene.

With that sche bothe his Sones slouh Before his yhe, and he outdrouh His swerd and wold have slayn hir tho, Bot farewel, sche was ago Unto Pallas the Court above, Wher as sche pleigneth upon love, 4220 As sche that was with that goddesse, And he was left in gret destresse.

Min holi fader, certes no.

What seist thou, Sone, as of thin Ere Mi fader, I am gultyf there For whanne I may my lady hiere, Mi wit with that hath lost his Stiere 560 I do noght as Uluxes dede, Bot falle anon upon the stede, Wher as I se my lady stonde And there, I do yow understonde, I am topulled in my thoght, So that of reson leveth noght, Wherof that I me mai defende.

Men tellen that the maladie Which cleped is ydropesie 250 Resembled is unto this vice Be weie of kinde of Avarice The more ydropesie drinketh, The more him thursteth, 000-N19 Dumps Pass4sure for him thinketh That he mai nevere drinke his fille So that ther mai nothing fulfille The lustes of his appetit And riht S90-18A Answers in such a maner plit Stant Avarice and evere stod The more he hath of worldes good, 260 The more he wolde it kepe streyte, And evere mor and mor coveite.

Bot what schal fallen ate laste, The sothe can no wisdom caste, 70-488 Exam Test 40 Bot as it falleth upon chance For if ther evere was balance Which of fortune stant governed, I may wel lieve as I am lerned That love hath that balance on honde, Which wol no reson understonde.

3290 Thus with your hihe reverence Me thenketh that this evidence As to this point is sufficant.

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Lo now, hou it stod 1030 With him that was so necgligent, That fro the hyhe firmament, For that he wolde go to lowe, He was anon doun overthrowe.

Now se, mi Sone, which a sinne Is Sacrilege in holy stede Be war therfore and bidd thi bede, And do nothing in holy cherche, Bot that thou miht be reson werche.

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What scholde I thanne of joies yelpe, 3410 Whan ther no bote is of mi care So overcast is my welfare, That I am schapen al to strif.

The sefnthe sterre in special Of this science is Arial, Which sondri nature underfongeth.

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The time of yeres overgeth, That he was man of brede and lengthe, Of wit, of manhod and of strengthe, A fair persone amonges alle.

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He seide, Al at youre oghne wille, Ma dame, I schal treuly fulfille Youre heste, whil mi lif mai laste.

Bot that it mihte be relessed, That sche hir time hath lore so, Sche wolde be his leve go With othre Maidens to compleigne, And afterward unto the peine Of deth sche wolde come ayein.

To the goddesse Cereres, Which of the corn yaf hire encress 1490 Upon the feith that tho was take, The wombes cure was betake And Venus thurgh the Lecherie, For which that thei hire deifie, Sche kept al doun the remenant To thilke office appourtenant.

This Signe hath of his proprete A Monthe, which of duete 1160 After the sesoun that befalleth The Plowed Oxe in wynter stalleth And fyr into the halle he bringeth, And thilke drinke of which men singeth, He torneth must into the wyn Thanne is the larder of the swyn That is Novembre which I meene, Whan that the lef hath lost his greene.

For who that wolde ensample take, 2580 The lawe which is naturel Be weie of kinde scheweth wel 70-488 Dump That homicide in no degree, Which werreth ayein charite, Among Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions 70-488 the men ne scholde duelle.

And after, whanne it was recorded Unto the dowhter hou it stod, The yifte of al this worldes good Ne scholde have mad hir half so blythe And forth withal the king als swithe, 930 For he wol have hire good assent, Hath for 70-488 Training the queene hir moder sent.

And natheles in remembrance I wol declare what vengance The goddes hadden him ordeined, Of that the Sostres hadden pleigned For anon after he was changed And from his oghne kinde stranged, 6040 A lappewincke mad he was, And thus he hoppeth on the gras, And on his hed ther stant upriht A creste in tokne he was a kniht And yit unto this dai men seith, A lappewincke hath lore his feith And is the brid falseste of alle.

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Ma dame, he seith, let me alone As for the god I undertake That whan it liketh you to take His compaignie at eny throwe, If I a day tofore it knowe, He schal be with you on the nyht And he is wel of such a myht 2120 To kepe you from alle blame.

What man hath hors men yive him hors, And who non hath of him no fors, 7720 For he mai thanne on fote go The world hath evere stonde so.

And whan that sche good hiede nam, Wher that he stod under the bowh, Sche kneu him wel and to him drouh 6320 For thogh sche hadde hire forme lore, The love was noght lost therfore Which kinde hath set under his lawe.

Lo, wherof Sorcerie serveth.

2960 The Goddesse of the See Thetis, Sche hadde a Sone, and his name is Achilles, whom to kepe and warde, Whil he was yong, as into warde Sche thoghte him salfly to betake, As sche which dradde for his sake Of that was seid in prophecie, That he at Troie scholde die, Whan that the Cite was belein.

A stille water for the nones Rennende upon the smale stones, 3010 Which hihte of Lethes the rivere, Under that hell in such manere Ther is, which yifth gret appetit To slepe.

And thogh the clerk and the clergesse 980 In latin tunge it rede and singe, Yit for the more knoulechinge Of trouthe, which is good to wite, I schal declare as it is write In Engleissh, for thus it began.

It was ne nevere schal be founde, Betwen foryetelnesse and drede That man scholde any cause spede.

Bot if so be that ther oght faile, Of that thou slowthest to travaile In armes forto ben absent, And for thou makst an argument Of that thou seidest hiere above, Hou Achilles thurgh strengthe of love 1800 Hise armes lefte for a throwe, Thou schalt an other tale knowe, Which is contraire, as thou schalt wite.

The king, which sih his pourpos faile, And that no sleihte mihte availe, Encombred of his lustes blinde The lawe torneth out of kinde, 5220 And half in wraththe as thogh it were, In presence of hem alle there Deceived of concupiscence Yaf for his brother the sentence, And bad him that he scholde sese This Maide and make him wel at ese Bot al withinne his oghne entente He wiste hou that the cause wente, Of that his brother hath the wyte He was himselven forto wyte.

Incipit Liber Quintus Obstat auaricia nature legibus, et que Largus amor poscit, striccius illa vetat.

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For this thou myht wel understonde, That where a man schal nedes lese, The leste harm is forto chese.

My Sone, and if thou have be so, Yit is it time to withdrawe, And set thin herte under that lawe, The which of reson is governed And noght of will.