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And forto strengthe him in that cas, Of al his lond the sekereste Of servantz and the worthieste, 1600 To kepen him withinne warde, He sette his bodi forto warde And made such an ordinance, For love ne for aqueintance, That were it erly, were it late, Thei scholde lete in ate gate No maner man, what so betydde, Bot if so were himself it bidde.

So wot I nothing after kinde Where I mai gentilesse finde.

Nou demeth in youre oghne thoght, If this be Avarice or noght.

In Semblant, as men sein, is guile, And that was proved thilke while The Schip, which wende his helpe acroche, Drof al to pieces on the roche, And so ther deden ten or twelve Ther mihte noman helpe himselve, 1050 For ther thei wenden deth ascape, Withouten help here deth was schape.

Whan this pourpos was wist and knowe Among here host, tho was ther blowe 1790 Of wordes many 70-533 Pdf Exam a speche aboute Of 70-533 New Questions yonge men the lusti route Were of this tale glad ynowh, Ther was no care for the plowh As thei that weren Folhastif, Thei ben acorded to the strif, And sein it mai noght be to gret To vengen hem of such forfet Thus seith the wilde unwise tonge Of hem that there weren yonge.

Bot he which alle thing mai schilde, Thre yer, til that sche cam to londe, Hire Schip to stiere hath take in honde, And in Northumberlond aryveth And happeth thanne that sche dryveth Under a Castel with the flod, Which upon Humber banke stod 720 And was the kynges oghne also, The which Allee was cleped tho, A Saxon and a worthi knyht, Bot he believed noght ariht.

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An other goddesse is Minerve, To whom the Greks obeie and serve 1190 And sche was nyh the grete lay Of Triton founde, wher sche lay A child forcast, bot what sche was Ther 70-533 Certification Exam knew noman the sothe cas.

Bot for men sein that mede is strong, It was wel seene at thilke tyde For as it scholde of ryht betyde, This Viola largesce hath take And the nygard sche hath forsake 4850 Of Babio sche wol no more, For he was grucchende everemore, Ther was with him non other fare Bot forto prinche and forto spare, Of worldes muk to gete encress.

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Bot how it were, of his penance He made such continuance Fro dai to nyht, and preith so longe, That his preiere is underfonge, Which Venus of hire grace herde Be nyhte and whan that he worst ferde, 420 And it lay in his nakede arm, The colde ymage he fieleth warm Of fleissh and bon and full of lif.

On Leonin it herde telle, 1410 Which Maister of the bordel was, 090-075 Vce Download And 70-533 Exam Preparation bad him gon a redy pas To fetten hire, and forth he wente, And Thaise out of his barge he hente, And to this bordeller hir solde.

And ate laste I make abreid, Caste up myn hed and loke aboute, Riht as a man that were in doute 590 And wot noght wher he schal become.

The king somdiel hadde an Envie, And thoghte he wolde his wittes plie To sette som conclusioun, Which scholde be confusioun Unto this knyht, so that the name And of wisdom the hihe fame Toward himself he wolde winne.

That other thoghte and hield him stille, 580 And thonked him Microsoft 70-533 of his warnynge, And bad him telle no tidinge, Whan he to Tyr cam hom ayein, That he in Tharse him hadde sein.

6980 Of his condicion to telle, Which rifleth bothe bok and belle, So forth with al the remenant To goddes hous appourtenant, Wher that he scholde bidde his bede, He doth his thefte in holi stede, And takth what thing he fint therinne For whan he seth that he mai winne, He wondeth for no cursednesse, That he ne brekth the holinesse 6990 And doth to god no reverence For he hath lost his conscience, That though the Prest therfore curse, He seith he fareth noght the wurse.

Pite is thilke vertu blessed 3260 Which nevere let his Maister falle Bot crualte, thogh it so falle That it mai regne for a throwe, God wole it schal ben overthrowe Wherof ensamples ben ynowhe Of hem that thilke merel drowhe.

510 This seie I noght, that I fulofte Ne have, whanne I spak most softe, Per cas seid more thanne ynowh Bot so wel halt noman the plowh That he ne balketh otherwhile, Ne so wel can noman affile His tunge, that som time in rape Him mai som liht word overscape, And yit ne meneth he no Cheste.

Bot forto speke of the mervailes Whiche afterward to hem befelle, It is a wonder forto telle.

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Upon himself tho gan he loke In stede of mete gras and stres, In stede of handes longe cles, In stede of man a bestes lyke He syh and thanne he gan to syke For cloth of gold and for perrie, Which him was wont to magnefie.

Min holy fader, certes no.

Mi fader, it hath stonde thus, That if the tresor of Cresus 4730 And al the gold Octovien, Forth with the richesse Yndien Of Perles and of riche stones, Were al togedre myn at ones, I sette it at nomore acompte Than wolde a bare straw amonte, To yive it hire al in a day, Be so that to that suete may I myhte like or more or lesse.

Bot tak this lore into thi wit, That alle thing hath time and stede, The cherche serveth for the bede, The chambre is of an other speche.

Wherof ensample concordable Lich to this point of which I meene, Was upon Alisandre sene, 2440 Which hadde set al his Microsoft 70-533 Exam Questions With Answers entente, So as fortune with him wente, That reson mihte 70-533 Certification Dumps him non governe, Bot of his will he was so sterne, That al the world he overran And what him list he tok and wan.

And sche ordeigneth thanne anon 5340 In what manere he scholde him save, And schop so that sche dede him have A clue of thred, of which withinne Ferst ate dore he schal beginne With him to take that on ende, That whan he wolde ayeinward wende, He mihte go the same weie.

For Jupiter was the secounde, 870 Which Juno hadde unto his wif And yit a lechour al his lif He was, and in avouterie He wroghte many a tricherie And for he was so full of vices, Thei cleped him god of delices Of whom, if thou wolt more wite, Ovide the Poete hath write.

And out he cam al openly, Wher Athenagoras he fond, The which was lord of al the lond 1750 He preith the king to come and se His castell bothe 70-533 Dump and his cite, And thus thei gon forth alle in fiere, This king, this lord, this maiden diere.

Toward this Signe into his hous Comth Jupiter the glorious, 1230 And Venus ek with him acordeth To duellen, as Microsoft 70-533 Exam Questions With Answers the bok recordeth.

Thei axen when the ship is come Fro Tyr, anon ansuerde some, 990 And over this thei seiden more The cause why thei comen fore Was forto seche EX336 Guide and forto finde Appolinus, which was of kinde Her liege lord and he appiereth, And of the tale which he hiereth He was riht glad for thei him tolde, That for vengance, as god it wolde, Antiochus, as men mai wite, With thondre and lyhthnynge is forsmite 1000 His doghter hath the same chaunce, So be thei bothe in o balance.

To thenke upon the daies olde, The lif of clerkes to beholde, Men sein how that thei weren tho Ensample and reule of alle tho Whiche of wisdom the vertu 70-533 Certification Dumps soughten.

Jason to Grece with his preie Goth thurgh the See the rihte weie Whan he ther com and men it tolde, Thei maden joie yonge and olde.

Bot as it falleth ate laste, Ther mai no worldes joie laste, So mot I nedes fro hire wende And of my wachche make an ende And if sche thanne hiede toke, Hou pitousliche on hire I loke, 2810 Whan that I schal my leve take, Hire oghte of mercy forto slake Hire daunger, which seith evere nay.

Wherof to kepe thi worschipe, So as these olde bokes tale, I schal thee telle a redi tale Nou herkne and be wel war therby, For I wol telle it openly.

1840 The kinges dowhter of Cizile I am, and fell bot siththe awhile, As I was with my fader late, That my Stepmoder for an hate, Which toward me sche hath begonne, Forschop me, til I hadde wonne The love and sovereinete Of what knyht that in his degre Alle othre passeth of good name And, as men sein, ye ben the same, 1850 The dede proeveth it is so Thus am I youres evermo.

Whan Salomon his bone hath taxed, The god of that which he hath axed Was riht wel paid, and granteth sone Noght al only that he his bone Schal have of that, bot of richesse, Of hele, of pes, of hih noblesse, 3910 Forth with wisdom at his axinges, Which stant above alle othre thinges.

Bot, Sone, if thou wolt love serve, I rede that thou do noght so.

Bot godd wot how that sche him pleseth Of suche wordes as sche spekth Him thenkth welnyh his herte brekth 1700 For sorwe that he may noght fle, Bot if he wolde untrewe be.

For of the grete Clerc Grossteste I rede how besy that he was Upon clergie an Hed of bras To forge, and make it forto telle Of suche thinges as befelle.

Of Troie at thilke noble toun, Whos fame stant yit of renoun And evere schal to mannes Ere, The Siege laste longe there, Er that the Greks it mihten winne, Whil Priamus was king therinne 1890 Bot of the Greks that lyhe aboute Agamenon ladde al the route.

The riche ayeinward cride tho O Habraham, sithe it so is, That Lazar mai noght do me this Which I have axed in this place, I wolde preie an other grace.

Upon a time and as he drouh 5060 Toward the wode, he sih besyde The grete gastli Serpent glyde, Til that sche cam in his presence, And in hir kinde a reverence Sche hath him do, and forth withal A Ston mor briht than a cristall Out of hir mouth tofore his weie Sche let doun falle, and wente aweie, For that he schal noght ben adrad.

For who that hath no tender love In savinge of a mannes lif, He schal be founde so gultif, That whanne he wolde mercy crave In time of nede, he schal non have.

The king, whan it was nyht, anon This man asente and bad him gon To trompen at his brother gate And he, which mot so don algate, 2140 Goth forth and doth the kynges heste.

With that the swevene wente aweie, And tho began the king awake And sigheth for his wyves sake, Wher as he lay withinne his tente, And hath gret wonder what it mente.

And ek he tok a remembrance How he that made lawe of kinde Wolde every man to lawe binde, And bad a man, such as he wolde Toward himself, riht such he scholde Toward an other don also.

And with the vois of his preiynge, Which herd was to the goddes hihe, He syh anon tofore his yhe A wether, which the ground hath sporned And wher he hath it overtorned, 430 Ther sprang a welle freissh and cler, Wherof his oghne boteler After the lustes of his wille Was every man to drinke his fille.

160 For as the man which Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-533 Exam Questions With Answers ofte drinketh, With win that in his stomac sinketh Wext drunke and witles for a throwe, Riht so mi lust is overthrowe, And of myn oghne thoght so mat I wexe, that to myn astat Ther is no lime wol me serve, Bot as a drunke man I swerve, And suffre such a Passion, That men have gret compassion, 170 And everich be himself merveilleth What thing it is that me so eilleth.

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For who the times wel recordeth, And thanne at Marche if he beginne, Whan that the lusti yeer comth inne, Til Augst be passed and Septembre, The myhty youthe he may remembre In which the yeer hath his deduit Of gras, of lef, of flour, of fruit, Of corn and of the wyny grape.

Minerve for the hed thei soghten, 1460 For sche was wys, and of a man The wit NS0-101 Certificate and reson which he can Is in the celles of the brayn, Wherof thei made hire soverain.

Mi Sone, of that thin herte siketh With sorwe, miht thou noght amende, Til love his grace wol thee sende, For thou thin oghne cause empeirest What time as thou thiself despeirest.

He takth what eny man wol yive, Bot whil he hath o day to live, He wol nothing rewarde ayein He gruccheth forto yive o grein, Wher he hath take a berne full.

2170 Bot, fader, if ye wolde thus Unto Cupide and to Venus Be frendlich toward mi querele, So that myn herte were in hele Of love which is in mi briest, I wot wel thanne a betre Prest Was nevere mad to my behove.

The walles of the toun aboute, Hem stod of al the world no doute, And after the proporcion Sex gates weren of the toun Of such a forme, of such entaile, That hem to se was gret mervaile The diches weren brode and depe, A fewe men it mihte kepe 7250 From al the world, as semeth tho, Bot if the goddes weren fo.

It hath and schal ben everemo, To moerdre who that wole assente, He mai noght faille to repente This false Egiona was on, Which forto moerdre Agamenon Yaf hire acord and hire assent, So that be goddes juggement, Thogh that non other man it wolde, Sche tok hire juise as sche scholde 2190 And as sche to an other wroghte, Vengance upon hireself sche soghte, And hath of hire unhappi 70-533 Exam Questions With Answers wit A moerdre with a moerdre quit.

The Monthe unto this Signe ordeined Is Februer, which is bereined, And with londflodes in his rage At Fordes letteth the passage.

This Elda triste in special Upon a knyht, whom fro childhode He hadde updrawe into manhode To him he tolde al that he thoghte, Wherof that after him forthoghte And natheles at thilke tide Unto his wif he bad him ride To make redi alle thing Ayein SZ0-381 Test Pdf the cominge of the king, 800 And seith that he himself tofore Thenkth forto come, and bad therfore That he him kepe, and told him whanne.

Circes toswolle bothe sides He lefte, and waiteth on the tydes, And straght thurghout the salte fom He takth his cours and comth him hom, 1470 Where as he fond Penolope A betre wif ther mai non be, And yit ther ben ynowhe of goode.

And in this wise spedde he, Which the fortune of armes soghte, With his travail his ese he boghte 2180 For otherwise he scholde have failed, If that he hadde noght travailed.

1010 This tale after the king it hadde Pentapolim al overspradde, Ther was no joie forto seche For every man it hadde in speche And seiden alle of on acord, A worthi king schal ben oure lord That thoghte ous ferst an hevinesse Is schape ous now to gret gladnesse.

So thei begunne forto rave, That he was fain himself to save 4110 For as the wilde wode rage Of wyndes makth the See salvage, And that was calm 70-533 Vce And Pdf bringth into wawe, So for defalte of grace and lawe This poeple is stered al at ones And forth thei gon out of hise wones So that of the lignages tuelve Tuo tribes only be hemselve With him abiden and nomo So were thei for everemo 4120 Of no retorn withoute espeir MCP, Microsoft Specialist 70-533 Departed fro the rihtfull heir.

Now comen tho that comen wolde 1480 Of wommen in her lusty youthe, To hiere and se what thing sche couthe Sche can the wisdom of a clerk, Sche can of every lusti werk Which to a gentil womman longeth, And some of hem sche underfongeth To the Citole and to the Harpe, And whom it liketh forto carpe Proverbes and demandes slyhe, An other such thei nevere syhe, 1490 Which that science so wel tawhte Wherof sche grete yiftes cawhte, That sche to Leonin hath wonne And thus hire name is so begonne Of sondri thinges that sche techeth, That al the lond unto hir secheth Of yonge wommen forto liere.

Of Cirophanes seith the bok, That he for sorwe, which he tok 1530 Of that he sih his Sone ded, Of confort knew non other red, Bot let do make in remembrance A faire ymage of his semblance And sette it in the market place, Which openly tofore his face Stod every dai to don him ese.

Bot overthis thou schalt believe, So as it sit thee wel to knowe, That ther ben othre vices slowe, Whiche unto love don gret lette, If thou thin herte upon hem sette.

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And al was this on him along, Which was to love unkinde so, Wherof the wrong schal everemo 5470 Stonde in Cronique of remembrance.

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It is gret wonder hou he mihte Towardes me nou ben unkinde, And so to lete out of his mynde Thing which he seide his oghne mouth.

Bot if thee list to taken hiede And of the ferste ymage wite, Petornius therof hath write 1520 And ek Nigargorus also And thei afferme and write so, That Promothe s was tofore And fond the ferste craft therfore, And Cirophanes, as thei telle, Thurgh conseil which was take in helle, In remembrance of his lignage Let setten up the ferste ymage.

Forthi if that it be thi wille To stonde upon amendement, A tale of gret entendement I thenke telle for thi sake, Wherof thou miht ensample take.

Senec conseileth in this wise, And seith, Bot, if thi good suffise Unto the liking of thi wille, Withdrawh thi lust and hold the stille, And be to thi good sufficant.

Thei hadden wynd at wille tho, With topseilcole and forth they go, 1890 And striken nevere, til thei come To Tyr, where as thei havene nome, And londen hem with mochel blisse.

So schalt thou fiele no rancour, 2730 Wherof thin herte schal debate With homicide ne with hate For Cheste or for Malencolie Thou schalt be soft in compaignie Withoute Contek or Folhaste For elles miht thou longe waste Thi time, er that thou have thi wille Of love for the weder stille Men preise, and blame the tempestes.

And for him lacketh of despence, Ther was with him non advocat To make ple for his astat.

1970 Dame Avarice is noght soleine, Which is of gold the Capiteine Bot of hir Court in sondri wise After the Scole of hire aprise Sche hath of Servantz manyon, Wherof that Covoitise is on Which goth the large world aboute, To seche thavantages oute, Wher that he mai the profit winne To Avarice, and bringth it inne.

My fader ye, and evere was For as me thenketh trewely That every man doth mor than I 1650 As of this point, and if so is That I have oght so don er this, It is so litel of acompte, As who seith, it mai noght amonte To winne of love his lusti yifte.

Ha, false man, where is thi fere O mor cruel than eny beste, Hou hast thou holden thi beheste Which thou unto my Soster madest O thou, which alle love ungladest, 5680 And art ensample of alle untrewe, Nou wolde god mi Soster knewe, Of thin untrouthe, hou that it stod And he than as a Lyon wod With hise unhappi handes stronge Hire cauhte be the tresses longe, With whiche he bond ther bothe hire armes, That was a fieble dede of armes, And to the grounde anon hire caste, And out he clippeth also faste 5690 Hire tunge with a peire scheres.

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And thanne, er that he were arise, For that he scholde ben agrise, To schewen him the child was ded, This Philomene tok the hed 5910 Betwen tuo disshes, and al wrothe Tho comen forth the Sostres bothe, And setten it upon the bord.

Ha, herte, why ne wolt thou berste, That forth with hire I myhte passe Mi peines weren wel the lasse.

And tho sche gan to gaspe and gone, And made signes manyon, And seide hir wordes therupon So that with spellinge of hir charmes Sche tok Eson in bothe hire armes, And made him forto slepe faste, And him upon hire herbes caste.

The kinges dowhter, which this syh, For pure abaissht drowh hire adryh 1330 And hield hire clos under the bowh, And let hem passen stille ynowh For as hire thoghte in hire avis, To hem that were of such a pris Sche was noght worthi axen there, Fro when they come or what thei were Bot levere than this worldes good Sche wolde have wist hou that it stod, And putte hire hed alitel oute And as sche lokede hire aboute, 1340 Sche syh comende under the linde A womman up an hors behinde.

And otherwise 2660 The Latins of hemself also Here studie at thilke time so With gret travaile of Scole toke In sondri forme forto boke, That we mai take here evidences Upon the lore of the Sciences, Of craftes bothe and of clergie Among the whiche in Poesie To the lovers Ovide wrot And tawhte, if love be to hot, 2670 In what manere it scholde akiele.

Whan this was do, thanne he him thoghte Upon his doghter, and besoghte Suche of his lordes as he wolde, That thei with him to Tharse scholde, 1570 To fette his doghter Taise there And thei anon al redy were, To schip they gon and forth thei wente, Til thei the havene of Tharse hente.

3270 That other point I understod, Which most is worth and most is good, And costeth lest a man to kepe Mi lord, if ye woll take kepe, I seie it is Humilite, Thurgh which the hihe trinite As for decerte of pure love Unto Marie from above, Of that he knew hire humble entente, His oghne Sone adoun he sente, 3280 Above alle othre and hire he ches For that vertu which bodeth pes So that I may be resoun calle Humilite most worth of alle.

Forthi, mi Sone, avise thee 7770 If thou of love hast be to large, For such a man is noght to charge And if it so be that thou hast Despended al thi time in wast And set thi love in sondri place, Though thou the substance of thi grace Lese ate laste, it is no wonder For he that put himselven under, As who seith, comun overal, He lest the love special 7780 Of eny on, if sche be wys For love schal noght bere his pris Be reson, whanne it passeth on.

1260 Who dar do thing which love ne dar To love is every lawe unwar, Bot to the lawes of his heste The fissch, the foul, the man, the beste Of al the worldes kinde louteth.

The king Allee forth with thassent Of Couste his wif hath thider sent 1480 Moris his Sone, as he was taght, To themperour and he goth straght, And in his fader half besoghte, As he which his lordschipe soghte, That of his hihe worthinesse He wolde do so gret meknesse, His oghne toun to come and se, And yive a time in the cite, So that his fader mihte him gete That he wolde ones with him ete.

Mi fader, for that ye nou telle, I have herd ofte time telle Of Jelousie, bot what it is Yit understod I nevere er this Wherfore I wolde you beseche, That ye me wolde enforme and teche 450 What maner thing it mihte be.

Now ley thi conscience in weyhte, Mi goode Sone, and schrif the hier, If thou were evere Custummer To Falssemblant in eny wise.

And forthwith in the same stede 4630 He preide hem that thei wolde se, And schewede hem in what degre His fader and hise brethren bothe, Whiche, as he seide, weren wrothe, Him hadde beten and reviled, For evere and out of Rome exiled.

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2060 In Rome, to poursuie his riht, Ther was a worthi povere kniht, Which cam al one forto sein His cause, when the court was plein, Wher Julius was in presence.

3630 And with this word sche fell to grounde 70-533 Actual Questions Aswoune, and ther sche lay a stounde.

Tho was this Lord of Rome glad And drowh toward his Pours anon, Bot al for noght, it was agon His Bacheler it hath forthdrawe, And axeth ther upon the lawe That sche him holde covenant.

Thus sche, which whilom hadde leve To duelle in chambre, mot beleve In wodes and on helles bothe, For such brocage as wyves lothe, 4650 Which doth here lordes hertes change And love in other place strange.

A king is holden overal To Pite, bot in special To hem wher he is most beholde Thei scholde his Pite most beholde That ben the Lieges of his lond, For thei ben evere under his hond After the goddes ordinaunce To stonde upon his governance.

And thus the wel meninge of love Was ate laste set above 1600 And so as thou hast herd tofore, The false tunges weren lore, Whiche upon love wolden lie.

And elles this schal be my lore, That thou schalt seie, upon this Molde That alle wommen lievest wolde Be soverein of mannes love For what womman is so above, 1610 Sche hath, as who seith, al hire wille And elles may Microsoft 70-533 sche noght fulfille What ACHCE Dumps Pass4sure thing hir were lievest have.

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As he that was in herte wroth, His ferste pleinte to bemene, Unto the Cite of Athene He goth him forth and was received, So there was he noght deceived.

Now lest, my Sone, and I schal seie For yit ther is Surquiderie, Which stant with Pride of compaignie Wherof that thou schalt hiere anon, To knowe if thou have gult or non 1880 Upon the forme as thou schalt hiere Now understond wel the matiere.

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He reccheth noght, be so he winne, Though that ther lese ten or tuelve His love is al toward himselve And to non other, bot he se That he mai winne suche thre For wher he schal oght yive or lene, He wol ayeinward take a bene, Ther he hath lent the smale pese.

His body myhte wel be there, Bot as of thoght and of memoire His herte was 70-533 Latest Dumps in purgatoire.

1220 Saturnus after his exil Fro Crete cam in gret peril Into the londes of Ytaile, And ther he dede gret mervaile, Wherof his name duelleth yit.

Tho preith the king, tho preith the queene, Forth with the lordes alle arewe, That he som merthe wolde schewe He takth the Harpe and in his wise He tempreth, and of such assise Singende he harpeth forth withal, That as a vois celestial 780 Hem thoghte it souneth in here Ere, As thogh that he an Angel were.

Forthi hold thou thi tunge stille And let thi witt thi wille areste, So that thou falle noght in Cheste, 610 Which is the source of gret destance And tak into thi remembrance If thou miht gete pacience, Which is the leche of alle offence, As tellen ous these olde wise For whan noght elles mai suffise Be strengthe ne be 70-533 Exam Book mannes wit, Than pacience it oversit And overcomth it ate laste Bot he mai nevere longe laste, 620 Which wol noght bowe er that he breke.

So wot I noght of what servise 3300 That Slep to mannes ese doth.

Forthi to speken overmore Of love, which thee mai availe, Tak love where it mai noght faile For as of this which thou art inne, Be that thou seist it is a Sinne, And Sinne mai no pris deserve, Withoute pris and who schal serve, 2090 I not what profit myhte availe.

The wyn makth ek the goode blod, In which the Soule which is good Hath chosen hire a resting place, Whil that the lif hir wole embrace.

And whan him thoghte for the beste, That every man was faste aslepe, Jason, that wolde his time kepe, 3860 Goth forth stalkende al prively Unto the chambre, and redely Ther was a Maide, which him kepte.