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1240 Wherof as to the world nomore Ne wol sche torne, and preith therfore That in som temple of the Cite, To kepe and holde hir chastete, Sche mihte among the wommen duelle.

Fro merci thei ben al unmeete, 1100 And thus ben thei the worste of alle Of hem whiche unto wraththe falle, In dede bothe and ek in thoght For thei acompte here wraththe at noght, Bot if ther be schedinge of blod And thus lich to a beste wod Thei knowe noght the god of lif.

Of Armenye, I rede thus, Ther was a king, which Herupus Was hote, and he a lusti Maide To dowhter hadde, and as men saide Hire name was Rosiphelee Which tho was of gret renomee, 1250 For sche was bothe wys and 700-037 Simulation Questions fair And scholde ben hire fader hair.

It sit wel every king to have Discrecion, whan men him crave, So that 700-037 Test Software MSC-235 Vce And Pdf he mai his yifte wite Wherof I finde a tale write, Hou Cinichus a povere kniht A Somme which was over myht 2120 Preide of his king Antigonus.

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And suche adaies be now fele In loves Court, as it is seid, That lete here tunges gon unteid.

com txt81.

And thus the Marches thei assaile, Bot Theucer yaf to hem bataille 2650 Thei foghte on bothe sides faste, Bot so it hapneth ate laste, This worthi Grek, this Achilles, The king among alle othre ches As he that was cruel and fell, With swerd in honde on him he fell, And smot him with a dethes wounde, That he unhorsed fell to grounde.

1190 This Signe is verraily resembled Lich to a man which halt assembled In eyther hand a water spoute, Wherof the stremes rennen oute.

Forthi, mi Sone, in thin office I rede fle that ilke vice.

And every man began to seie To Paris and his felaschipe Al that thei couthen of worschipe Was non so litel man in Troie, That he ne made merthe and joie Of that Paris hath wonne Heleine.

Thus hath Ligurgius his wille, And tok his leve and forth he wente.

The kinges Sone, which was nyh, And of this lady herde and syh The thinges as thei ben befalle, The resoun of hise wittes alle 4850 Hath lost for love upon his part Cam thanne, and of his fyri dart With such a wounde him hath thurghsmite, That he mot nedes fiele and wite Of thilke blinde maladie, To which no cure of Surgerie Can helpe.

So was that name bore forth, And yit the cause is litel worth.

And whan the messager was come To Rome, and hath in conseil nome The king, it fell per chance so That thei were in a gardin tho, 4670 This messager forth with the king.

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2080 The day was merie and fair ynowh, Echon with othre pleide and lowh, And fellen into tales newe, How that the freisshe floures grewe, And how the grene leves spronge, And how that love among the yonge Began the hertes thanne awake, And every bridd hath chose hire make And thus the Maies day to thende Thei lede, and hom ayein thei wende.

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Bot as men sein, wher herte is failed, Ther schal no castell ben assailed Bot thogh I hadde hertes ten, And were als strong as alle men, If I be noght myn oghne man And dar noght usen that I can, I mai miselve noght recovere.

And thus fro Sompnolence I kepe Min yhe and forthi if ther be Oght elles more in this degre, Now axeth forth.

And thus fulofte men beginne, That if thei wisten what it mente, Thei wolde change al here entente.

Tubal in Iren and in Stel Fond 700-037 Braindump ferst the forge and wroghte it wel And Jadahel, as seith the bok, Ferst made Net and fisshes tok Of huntynge ek he fond the chace, Which now is knowe in many place 2430 A tente of cloth with corde and stake He sette up ferst and dede it make.

Bot yit for al that evere he pleigneth, Elda no full credence tok And happeth that ther lay a bok, Upon the which, whan he it sih, This knyht hath swore and seid on hih, 870 That alle men it mihte wite, Now be this bok, which hier is write, Constance is gultif, wel I wot.

And tho sche gan to gaspe and gone, And made signes manyon, And seide hir wordes therupon So that with spellinge of hir charmes Sche tok Eson in bothe hire armes, And made him forto slepe faste, And him upon hire herbes caste.

For love who that list to wake Be nyhte, he mai ensample take Of Cephalus, whan that he lay With Aurora that swete may 3190 In armes all the longe nyht.

As he rod with his compainie Nyh to the strondes of Lubie, 410 Ther myhte thei no drinke finde Of water nor of other kinde, So that himself and al his host Were of defalte of drinke almost Destruid, and thanne Bachus preide To Jupiter, and thus he seide O hihe fader, that sest al, To whom is reson that I schal Beseche and preie in every nede, Behold, mi fader, and tak hiede 420 This wofull thurst that we ben inne To staunche, and grante ous forto winne, And sauf unto the contre fare, Wher that oure lusti loves are Waitende upon oure hom cominge.

The king, which wolde his honour save, Seith sche is siek, and of that speche Tho was no time to beseche Bot ech of hem do make a bille He bad, and wryte his oghne wille, His name, his fader and his good And whan sche wiste hou that it stod, And hadde here billes oversein, Thei scholden have ansuere ayein.

Thus hath Uluxes what he wolde, His wif was such as sche be scholde, His poeple was to him sougit, Him lacketh nothing of delit.

Bot non of hem it myhte bere Upon his word to yeve answere, Outaken on, which was a knyht To him was every thing so liht, That also sone as he hem herde, The kinges wordes he answerde 3080 What thing the king him axe wolde, Therof anon the trowthe he tolde.

Cupido, which may hurte and hele In loves cause, as for myn hele Upon the point which him was preid Cam with Venus, wher I was leid Swounende upon the grene gras.

Grant mercy, fader, I am war So fer that I nomore dar Of Falssemblant take aqueintance Bot rathere I wol do penance That I have feigned chiere er this.

And forto proven it is so, Ovide the Poete also A tale which to this matiere Acordeth seith, as thou schalt hiere.

Sche, that of alle sorwe can, Tho spak unto hire bondeman, Which cleped was Theophilus, And made him 700-037 Actual Test swere in conseil thus, 1360 That he such time as sche him sette Schal come Thaise forto fette, And lede hire oute of alle sihte, Wher as noman hire helpe myhte, Upon the Stronde nyh the See, And there he schal this maiden sle.

3530 Of hem is noght to taken hiede, For ech of hem in hastihiede Schal other slen with dethes wounde And thus whan thei ben leid to grounde, Than mot he to the goddes preie, And go so forth and take his preie.

Bot al was knowe er that thei wente For god, which wot here hol entente, 1710 Here hertes bothe anon descloseth.

And thus Phebus in love brenneth, And in his haste aboute renneth, To loke if that he mihte winne Bot he was evere to beginne, 1710 For evere awei fro him sche fledde, So that he nevere his love spedde.

So as Saturne is soverein Of false goddes, as thei sein, So is Sibeles of goddesses The Moder, whom withoute gesses The folk Payene honoure and serve, As thei the whiche hire lawe observe.

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Lo, thus the foure pointz tofore, In governance as thei ben bore, Of trouthe ferst and of largesse, Of Pite forth with rihtwisnesse, I have hem told and over this The fifte point, so as it is Set of the reule of Policie, Wherof a king schal modefie 4210 The fleisschly lustes of nature, Nou thenk I telle of such mesure, That bothe kinde schal Additional Online Exams for Validating Knowledge 700-037 Test Software be served And ek the lawe of god observed.

For thogh reson ayein my will debate, I mai noght fle, that I ne love algate.

2620 Penolope that on was hote, Whom many a knyht hath loved hote, Whil that hire lord Ulixes lay Full many a yer and many a day Upon the grete Siege of Troie Bot sche, which hath no worldes joie Bot only of hire housebonde, Whil that hir lord was out of londe, So wel hath kept hir wommanhiede, That al the world therof tok hiede, 2630 And nameliche of hem in Grece.

1170 Of hope also thei tellen this, That overal, wher that he is, He set the herte in jeupartie With wihssinge and with fantasie, 700-037 Test Software Aluminium Access Products Ltd And is noght trewe of that he seith, So that in him ther is no feith Thus with reson and wit avised Is Additional Online Exams for Validating Knowledge 700-037 Test Software will and hope aldai despised.

Bot what sche dede in that matiere It is a wonder thing to hiere, Bot yit for the novellerie I thenke tellen a partie.

For sche wot nevere what it is, Bot evere among sche fieleth this Thenkende upon this man of Tyr, Hire herte is hot as eny fyr, And otherwhile it is acale Now is sche red, nou is sche pale Riht after the condicion Of hire ymaginacion 850 Bot evere among hire thoghtes alle, Sche thoghte, what so mai befalle, Or that sche lawhe, or that sche wepe, Sche wolde hire goode name kepe For feere of wommanysshe schame.

1540 And 700-037 Exam Vce of Ninus king of Assire I rede hou that in his empire He was next after the secounde Of Additional Online Exams for Validating Knowledge 700-037 Test Software hem that ferst ymages founde.

For thus it is and evere was, Whanne I on suche thoghtes muse, The lust and merthe that men use, Whan I se noght mi ladi byme, Al is foryete for the time So ferforth that mi wittes changen And alle lustes fro me strangen, That thei seie alle trewely, And swere, that it am noght I.

And thus the feith is come aboute, 1730 That whilom in the Jewes stod, Which is noght parfihtliche good.

140 And if it nedes to betyde, That I in compainie abyde, Wher as I moste daunce and singe The hovedance and carolinge, Or forto go the newefot, I mai noght wel heve up mi fot, If that sche be noght in the weie For thanne is al mi merthe aweie, And waxe anon of thoght so full, Wherof mi limes ben so dull, 150 I mai unethes gon the pas.

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Forth comth Paris with glad visage Into the temple on pelrinage, Wher unto Venus the goddesse He yifth and offreth gret richesse, And preith hir that he preie wolde.

These elementz ben creatures, So ben these hevenly figures, Wherof mai wel be justefied That thei mai noght be deified And who that takth awey thonour Which due is to the creatour, And yifth it to the creature, He doth to gret a forsfaiture.

Bot ferst, as it was forto done, This Aristotle in other thing Unto this worthi yonge king The kinde of every element Which stant under the firmament, 200 Hou it is mad and in what wise, Fro point to point he gan devise.

This worthi Prest, this holy man To me spekende thus began, And seide Benedicite, Mi Sone, of the felicite Of love and ek of all the wo Thou schalt thee schrive of bothe tuo.

Bot now hierafter thou schalt hiere What god hath wroght in this matiere, As he which doth al equite.

And he hem axeth in what wise And thei him tolde in such a plit, That ech of hem hadde a spirit, The which slepende a nyht appiereth And hem be sondri dremes lereth 2100 After the world that hath betid.

For hou so that the body reste, 420 The herte upon the gold travaileth, Whom many a nyhtes drede assaileth For thogh he ligge abedde naked, His herte is everemore awaked, And dremeth, as he lith to slepe, How besi that he is to kepe His tresor, that no thief it stele.

For in Cronique a tale I finde, Which spekth somdiel of this matiere, Hierafterward as thou schalt hiere.

Lo, thus the Supplantour was served For thei him ladden into France And setten him to his penance 700-037 Exam Cram Withinne a tour in harde bondes, Wher he for hunger bothe hise hondes Eet of and deide, god wot how Of whom the wrytinge is yit now 3030 Registred, as a man mai hiere, Which spekth and seith in this manere Thin entre Advanced Collaboration Architecture Sales Specialist 700-037 Test Software lich the fox was slyh, Thi regne also with pride on hih Was lich the Leon in his rage Bot ate laste of thi passage Thi deth was to the houndes like.

If he drawe of the swete tonne, Thanne is the sorwe al overronne Of lovedrunke, and schalt noght greven So to be drunken every even, For al is thanne bot a game.

Bot seie unto the poeple plat, That whil thou livest in thi lond, The leste finger of thin hond It schal be strengere overal Than was thi fadres bodi al.

So thogh I wolde stalke and crepe, And wayte on eve and ek on morwe, Of Danger schal I nothing borwe, 6640 And stele I wot wel may I noght And thus I am riht wel bethoght, Whil Danger stant in his office, Of Stelthe, which ye clepe a vice, I schal be gultif neveremo.

Bot overmore hou that it is, 7840 Toward mi schrifte as it belongeth, To wite of othre pointz me longeth Wherof that ye me wolden teche With al myn herte I you beseche.

Forthi to you, Cupide and Venus bothe, 2280 With al myn hertes obeissance I preie, If ye were ate ferste time wrothe, Whan I began to love, as I you seie, Nou stynt, and do thilke infortune aweie, So that Danger, which stant of retenue With my ladi, his place mai remue.

For as the point in a compas Stant evene amiddes, riht so was 230 This erthe set and schal abyde, That it may swerve to no side, And hath 700-037 Vce Download his centre after the lawe Of kinde, and to 700-037 Exam Preparation that centre drawe Desireth every worldes thing, If ther ne were no lettyng.

And in a wraththe upon this thing He smot Michee upon the cheke The king him hath rebuked eke, And every man upon him cride Thus was he schent on every side, 2670 Ayein and into prison lad, For so the king himselve bad.

He sat and caste aboute his yhe And sih the lordes in astat, And with himself wax in debat Thenkende what he hadde lore, And such a sorwe he tok therfore, That he sat evere stille and thoghte, As he which of no mete roghte.

The lordes ben togedre come This Demephon and Athemas Here pourpos tolden, as it was Thei sieten alle stille and herde, Was non bot Nestor hem ansuerde.

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And in this wise he hath it knet He, which the comun profit soghte, The king, his oghne astat ne roghte 3010 To do profit to the comune, He tok of exil the fortune, And lefte of Prince thilke office Only for love and for justice, Thurgh which he thoghte, if that he myhte, For evere after his deth to rihte The cite which was him betake.

For if men 700-037 Exam Sample Questions takyn remembrance What is to live in unite, Ther ys no staat in his degree 2990 That noughte to desire pes, With outen which, it is no les, To seche and loke in to the laste, Ther may no worldes joye laste.

And whan that thei were alle housed, And set and served ate mete, Ther HP0-764 Book Pdf was no wyn which mai be gete, 500 That ther ne was plente ynouh Bot Bachus thilke tonne drouh, Wherof be weie of drunkeschipe The greteste of the felaschipe Were oute of reson overtake And Venus, which hath also take The cause most in special, Hath yove hem drinke forth withal Of thilke cuppe which exciteth The lust wherinne a man deliteth 510 And thus be double weie drunke, Of lust that ilke fyri funke Hath mad hem, as who seith, halfwode, That thei no reson understode, Ne to non other thing thei syhen, Bot hire, which tofore here yhen Was wedded thilke same day, That freisshe wif, that lusti May, On hire it was al that thei thoghten.

For Thetis with gret diligence Him hath so tawht and so afaited, That, hou so that it were awaited, With sobre and goodli contenance He scholde his wommanhiede avance, That non the sothe knowe myhte, Bot that in every mannes syhte He scholde seme a pure Maide.

5890 Thus sche, that was, as who seith, mad Of wo, which hath hir overlad, Withoute insihte of moderhede Foryat pite and loste drede, And in hir chambre prively This child withouten noise or cry Sche slou, and hieu him al to pieces And after with diverse spieces The fleissh, whan it was so toheewe, Sche takth, and makth therof a sewe, 5900 With which the fader at his mete Was served, til he hadde him ete That he ne wiste hou that it stod, Bot thus his oughne fleissh and blod Himself 700-037 Dump Test devoureth ayein kinde, As he that was tofore unkinde.

The king cam with his knihtes alle And maden him glad welcominge And he hem tolde the tidinge Of this and that, hou it befell, Whan that he wan the schepes fell.

So was he wys that ferst yaf mede, For mede kepeth love in house Bot wher the men ben coveitouse 4800 And sparen forto yive a part, Thei knowe noght Cupides art For his fortune and his aprise Desdeigneth alle coveitise And hateth alle nygardie.

The king bad that into his 700-037 Test Prep halle At Souper time he schal be broght And he cam thanne and lefte it noght, Withoute compaignie al one Was non so semlich of persone, Of visage and of limes bothe, If that he hadde what to clothe.

Whan thou art come into the place, Wher now thei maken gret manace And upon thi comynge abyde, Thei wole anon the same tide 1600 Oppose thee of thin answere.

And therupon this hyhe queene Betok hire Argus forto kepe, For he was selden wont Cisco 700-037 Test Software to slepe, And yit he hadde an hundred yhen, And alle alyche wel thei syhen.

To that statut and to that 700-037 Questions red Acorden alle it schal be so, For certein cause which was tho Nou lest what fell therafter sone.

1480 And of the galle the goddesse, For sche was full of hastifesse Of wraththe and liht to grieve also, Thei made and seide it was Juno.

And forthi, so as I began To speke upon Astronomie, As it is write in the clergie, To telle hou the planetes fare, Som part I thenke to declare, Mi Sone, unto thin Audience.

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To this thei seiden alle yee Anon thei weren ate See, 3920 And alle, as who seith, at a word Thei gon withinne schipes bord, The Sail goth up, and forth thei strauhte.

Betwen the lif and deth I herde This Prestes tale er I answerde, 290 And thanne I preide him forto seie His will, and I it wolde obeie After the forme of his apprise.

Wherof a tale unto hire Ere, Which is coupable upon this dede, I thenke telle of that I rede.

Ther was ynowh of joie and feste, 2490 For evere among thei laghe and pleie, And putten care out of the weie, That he with hem ne sat ne stod.

He hadde of conseil manyon, Among the whiche ther was on, Be name which Berillus hihte And he bethoghte him hou he myhte 3310 Unto the tirant do likinge, And of his oghne ymaginynge Let forge and make a Bole of bras, And on the side cast ther was A Dore, wher a man mai inne, Whan he his peine schal beginne Thurgh fyr, which that men putten under.

Bot yit the world hath ofte accused Ful grete Princes of this dede, Hou thei for love hemself mislede, 4310 Wherof manhode stod behinde, Of olde ensamples as I finde.

Some sein he dede wel ynowh, And som men sein he dede amis, Diverse opinion ther is That sche is ded thei speken alle, Bot pleinli hou it is befalle, The matiere in so litel throwe In soth ther mihte noman knowe Bot thei that weren ate dede And comunliche in every nede 2120 The worste speche is rathest herd And lieved, til it be ansuerd.

And he wel paid was of that thing 3290 And schop anon for his passage, And suche as were of his lignage, With othre knihtes whiche he ches, With him he tok, and Hercules, Which full was of chivalerie, With Jason wente in compaignie And that was in the Monthe of Maii, Whan colde stormes were away.

This Patriarch to his lignage Additional Online Exams for Validating Knowledge 700-037 Test Software Forbad, that thei to non ymage Encline scholde in none wise, Bot here offrende and sacrifise With al the hole hertes love Unto the mihti god above 1640 Thei scholden yive and to no mo And thus in thilke time tho Began the Secte upon this Erthe, Which of believes was the ferthe.

And that was in a strange lond, Which marcheth upon Chymerie For ther, as seith the Poesie, The god of Slep hath mad his hous, Which of entaille is merveilous.

And evere upon the hull thei blewe, Til that thei sihe time, and knewe That thei be fled upon the rage And whan thei wiste here avantage, 3780 Thei felle anon unto the chace.

Bot, fader, upon myn acompte, Which ye be sett to examine Of Schrifte after the discipline, Sey what your beste conseil is.

The Duck hire mette and seide thus The myhti godd which Anubus 940 Is hote, he save the, Pauline, For thou art of his discipline So holy, that no mannes myht Mai do that he hath do to nyht Of thing which thou hast evere eschuied.

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Crist wroghte ferst and after tawhte, So that the dede his word arawhte He yaf ensample in his persone, And we the wordes have al one, Lich to the Tree with leves grene, Upon the which no fruit is sene.

Mi fader, I am amorous, Wherof I wolde you beseche That ye me som ensample teche, 2260 Which mihte in loves cause stonde.

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What seist thou, Sone, to this cas Mi fader, I wol seie Helas, That evere Advanced Collaboration Architecture Sales Specialist 700-037 such a man was bore, Which whan he hath his trouthe suore And hath of love what he wolde, That he at eny time scholde 5180 Evere after in his herte finde To falsen and to ben unkinde.

He seith, Or fortune is aweie And every sterre hath lost his wone, Or elles of myn oghne Sone I schal be slain, I mai noght fle.

Bot tho sche ran so up and doun, Sche made many a wonder 700-037 Test Software soun, Somtime lich unto the cock, Somtime unto the Laverock, 4100 Somtime kacleth as a Hen, Somtime spekth as don the men And riht so as hir jargoun strangeth, In sondri wise hir forme changeth, Sche semeth faie and no womman For with the craftes that sche can Sche was, as who seith, a 70-573-CSHARP Certification Dumps goddesse, And what hir liste, more or lesse, Sche dede, in bokes as we finde, That passeth over manneskinde.

Men wiste in thilke time non So fair a wiht as sche was on 2050 And as sche was a lusti wiht, Riht so was thanne a noble kniht, To whom Mercurie fader was.

Frixus the ferste was of tho, A knave child, riht fair withalle A dowhter ek, the which Additional Online Exams for Validating Knowledge 700-037 Test Software men calle Hellen, he hadde be this wif.

And in such wise as sche him saide, 3010 Achilles, which that ilke while Was yong, upon himself to smyle Began, whan he was so besein.

Bot nou adaies ther ben fele, 6970 That wol no labour undertake, Bot what thei mai be Stelthe take Thei holde it sikerliche wonne.

120 This Galathee, seith the Poete, Above alle othre was unmete Of beaute, that men thanne knewe, And hadde a lusti love and trewe, A Bacheler in his degree, Riht such an other as was sche, On whom sche hath hire herte set, So that it myhte noght be let For yifte ne for no beheste, That sche ne was al at his heste.

3550 Thei weren bothe loth to rise, Bot for thei weren bothe wise, Up thei arisen ate laste Jason his clothes on him caste And made him redi riht anon, And sche hir scherte dede upon And caste on hire a mantel clos, Withoute more and thanne aros.

Bot now to speke of thilke suete, Whos beaute was withoute wane, This faire Maiden Adriane, 5370 Whan that sche sih These s sound, Was nevere yit upon the ground A gladder wyht that sche was tho.

In havene sauf and whan thei be, The Maister Schipman made him boun, And goth him out into the toun, And profreth Thaise forto selle.

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