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Achilles herde his moder telle, And wiste noght the cause why And natheles ful buxomly 3030 He was redy to that sche bad, Wherof his moder was riht glad, To Lichomede and forth thei wente.

This Duc a lusti dowhter hadde, And fame, which the wordes spradde, Hath broght unto this ladi Ere How that hire fader hath do there.

Ther be lovers of that degre, Which al here lust in privete, As who seith, geten al be Stelthe, And ofte atteignen to gret welthe As for the time that it lasteth.

The hovedance and the Carole, 2680 In Communication Server 2100 SE08/SE09 Support Specialist 920-115 such a wise as love hath bede, A softe pas thei dance and trede And with the wommen otherwhile With sobre chier among thei smyle, For laghtre was ther non on hyh.

Sche mai wel wryte, Sanz repos, The wif which is to such on maried.

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For hou so that the body reste, 420 The herte upon the gold travaileth, Whom many a nyhtes 920-115 Study Guide Pdf drede assaileth For thogh he ligge abedde naked, His herte is everemore awaked, And dremeth, as he lith to slepe, How besi that he is to kepe His tresor, that no thief it stele.

So hihe he sette himselve above 2280 Of stature and of beaute bothe, That him thoghte alle wommen lothe So was ther no comparisoun As toward his condicioun.

Of every bienfet the merite The god himself it wol aquite 3030 And ek fulofte it falleth so, The world it wole aquite also, Bot that mai noght ben evene liche The god he yifth the heveneriche, The world yifth only bot a name, Which stant upon the goode fame Of hem that don the goode dede.

This yonge ladi wepte and cride, To whom no confort myhte availe Of childe sche began travaile, 1050 Wher sche lay in a Caban clos Hire woful lord fro hire aros, And that was longe er eny morwe, So that in anguisse and in sorwe Sche was delivered al be nyhte And ded in every mannes syhte Bot natheles for al this wo A maide child was bore tho.

Bot other wise, if a man were Mad al togedre of o matiere Withouten interrupcioun, Ther scholde no corrupcioun Engendre upon that unite Bot for ther is diversite Withinne himself, he may noght laste, That he ne deieth ate laste.

Mi fader, upon covenant I dar wel make this avou, Of all mi lif that into nou, Als fer as I can understonde, Yit tok I nevere Slep on honde, Whan it was time forto wake For thogh myn yhe it wolde take, Min herte is evere therayein.

Of Rome among the gestes olde I finde hou that Valerie tolde 6360 That what man tho was Emperour Of Rome, he scholde don honour To the virgine, and in the weie, Wher he hire mette, he scholde obeie In worschipe of virginite, Which tho was of gret dignite.

The king stod stille as eny ston, And to his tale an Ere he leide, And thoghte more than he seide Bot 920-115 Test Pdf natheles to that he herde Wel cortaisly the king answerde, And tolde it scholde be amended.

I rede how that this proude vice Hath thilke wynd in his office, 2410 Which thurgh the blastes that he bloweth The mannes fame he overthroweth Of vertu, which scholde elles springe Into the worldes knowlechinge Bot he fordoth it alto sore.

And hapneth, whil he sitteth ther, Cam Arisippes be the strete With manye hors and routes grete, And straght unto the bregge he rod.

King Salomon in special Seith, as ther is a time of pes, So is a time natheles Of werre, in which a Prince algate Schal for the comun riht debate Nortel 920-115 Study Guide Pdf And for his oghne worschipe eke.

Bot nou allas this wofull strif That I him thus ayeinward finde The most untrewe and most unkinde That evere in ladi armes lay.

An other god, to whom thei soghte, Mercurie hihte, and him ne roghte What thing he stal, ne whom he slowh.

Lichorida for hire office Was take, which was a Norrice, To wende with this yonge wif, To whom was schape a woful lif.

Bot he his yhe awey ne swerveth Fro hire, which was naked al, And sche was wonder wroth withal, And him, as sche which was godesse, Forschop anon, and the liknesse 370 Sche made him taken of an Hert, Which was tofore hise houndes stert, That ronne besiliche aboute With many an horn and many a route, That maden mochel noise and cry And ate laste unhappely This Hert his oghne houndes slowhe And him for vengance al todrowhe.

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Thus regnen under the the kinges, 2890 And al the poeple unto thee louteth, And al the world thi pouer doubteth, So that with vein honour deceived Thou hast the reverence weyved Fro him which is thi king above, That thou for drede ne for love Wolt nothing knowen of thi godd Which now for thee hath mad a rodd, Thi veine gloire and thi folie With grete peines to chastie.

And forto drawe into memoire Here names bothe and here histoire, 2360 Upon the vertu of her dede In sondri bokes thou miht rede.

If I schal drawe in to my mynde The tyme passed, thanne I fynde The world stod thanne in al his welthe Tho was the lif of man in helthe, Tho was plente, tho was richesse, Tho was the fortune of prouesse, 920-115 Study Guide Tho was knyhthode in pris be name, Wherof the wyde worldes fame 100 Write in Cronique is yit withholde Justice of lawe tho was holde, The privilege of regalie Was sauf, 920-115 Certification Answers and al the baronie Worschiped was in his astat The citees knewen no debat, The poeple stod in obeissance Under the reule of governance, And pes, which ryhtwisnesse keste, With charite tho stod in reste 110 Of mannes herte the corage Was schewed thanne in the visage The word 920-115 Practice Exam was lich to the conceite Withoute semblant of deceite Tho was ther unenvied love, Tho was the vertu sett above And vice was put under fote.

Thei sein that god is myhti there, And schal ordeine what he wile, Ther make thei non other skile 380 Where is the peril of the feith, Bot every clerk his herte leith To kepe his world in special, And of the cause general, Which unto holy cherche longeth, Is non of hem that underfongeth To schapen eny resistence And thus the riht hath no defence, Bot ther I love, ther I holde.

Bot for al this yit natheles I seie noght I am gylteles, That I somdel am delicat For elles were I fulli mat, 730 Bot if that I som lusti stounde Of confort and of ese founde, To take of love som repast For thogh I with the fulle tast The lust of love mai noght fiele, Min hunger otherwise I kiele Of smale lustes whiche I pike, And for a time yit thei like If that ye wisten what I mene.

His propre Monthe wel I wot Assigned is the lusti Maii, Whanne every brid upon his lay Among the griene leves singeth, And love of his pointure stingeth After the lawes of nature The youthe of every creature.

The king, which wolde his honour save, Seith sche 920-115 Self Study is siek, and of that speche Tho was no time to beseche Bot ech of hem do make a bille He bad, and wryte his oghne wille, His name, his fader and his good And whan sche wiste hou that it stod, And hadde here billes oversein, Thei scholden have ansuere ayein.

Now stant the crop under the rote, The world is changed overal, And therof most in special 120 That love is falle into discord.

The nerr this hell was upon chance To taken his deliverance, The more unbuxomliche he cride And every man was fledd aside, 3570 For drede and lefte his oghne hous And ate laste it was a Mous, The which was bore and to norrice Betake and tho thei hield hem nyce, For thei withoute cause dradde.

Thei made hem naked as thei scholde, For so that ilke game wolde, As it was tho custume and us, Amonges hem was no refus The flour of al the toun was there And of the court also ther were, And that was in a large place Riht evene afore the kinges face, 690 Which Artestrathes thanne 920-115 Cert Guide hihte.

Whan Arrons herde him telle so, 4690 Anon he wiste what it mente, And therto sette al his entente, Til he thurgh fraude and tricherie The Princes hefdes of Gabie Hath smiten of, and al was wonne His fader cam tofore the Sonne Into the toun with the Romeins, And tok and slowh the citezeins Withoute reson or pite, That he ne spareth no degre.

Now, Sone, tell me thanne so, What hast thou don of besischipe To love and to the ladischipe 1120 Of hire which thi ladi is Mi fader, evere yit er this In every place, in every stede, What so mi lady hath me bede, With al myn herte obedient I have therto be diligent.

In Cristes cause alday thei slepe, 310 Bot of the world is noght foryete For wel is him that now may gete Office in Court to ben honoured.

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And thilke time so it stod, This mihti Soldan be his wif A Dowhter hath, that in this lif Men seiden ther was non so fair.

And forto telle it more plein, These olde philosphres sein That Orbis, which I spak of err, Is that which we fro therthe a ferr Beholde, and firmament it calle, In which the sterres stonden alle, 690 Among the whiche in special Planetes sefne principal Ther ben, that mannes sihte demeth, Bot thorizonte, as to ous semeth.

Bot thei that worchen be supplaunt, Yit wolden thei a man supplaunte, And take a part of thilke plaunte 2370 Which he hath for himselve set And so fulofte is al unknet, That som man weneth be riht fast.

With him ther riden manion, To Knaresburgh and forth thei wente, And lich the fyr which tunder hente, In such a rage, as seith the bok, His Moder sodeinliche he tok And seide unto hir in this wise O beste of helle, in what juise Hast thou deserved forto deie, That hast so falsly put aweie 1280 With tresoun of thi bacbitinge The treweste at my knowlechinge Of wyves and the most honeste Bot I wol make this beheste, I schal be venged er I go.

And he, which understod his tale, Betwen him and his Asse al softe Hath drawe and set him up alofte Withouten harm al esely.

Bot Arisippe his bok aside Hath leid, and to the court he wente, Wher many a wyle and many a wente 2250 With flaterie and wordes softe He caste, and hath compassed ofte Hou he his Prince myhte plese And in this wise he gat him ese Of vein honour and worldes good.

For in his time, as thou myht hiere, What point that was for lawe set It scholde for no gold be let, 2840 To what persone that it were.

And fell so, as the bokes sein, Hellen the yonge Mayden tho, Which of the See was wo bego, For pure drede hire herte hath lore, That fro the Schep, which hath hire bore, 4350 As sche that was swounende feint, Sche fell, and hath hirselve dreint With Frixus and this Schep forth swam, Til he to thyle of Colchos cam, Where Juno the goddesse he fond, Which tok the Schep unto the lond, And sette it there in such a wise As thou tofore hast herd devise, Wherof cam after al the wo, Why Jason was forswore so 4360 Unto Medee, as it is spoke.

Such is the lettre of his Cronique Proclamed in the Court of Rome, Wherof the wise ensample nome.

Bot he hath cast hir lettre aside, As he which tho no maner hiede Tok of hire wommannysshe drede And forth he goth, as noght ne were, To Troie, and was the ferste there Which londeth, and tok arryvaile For him was levere in the bataille, He seith, to deien as a knyht, Than forto lyve in al his myht 1930 And be reproeved of his name.

And in avisioun Me thoghte that I sih also Ector forth with his brethren tuo Himself stod with Pantaselee, And next to him I myhte se, Wher Paris stod with faire Eleine, Which was his joie sovereine 2530 And Troilus stod with Criseide, Bot evere among, althogh he pleide, Be semblant he was hevy chiered, For Diomede, as him was liered, Cleymeth to ben his parconner.

To Perse and al that infortune Thei wyte, so that the comune Of al the lond his heir exile And he despeired for the while Desguised in a povere wede To Rome goth, and ther for nede The craft which thilke time was, To worche in latoun and in bras, 920-115 Material Pdf 1850 He lerneth for his sustienance.

Mi Sone, yit in other forme 2670 Ther is a vice of Prides lore, Which lich an hauk whan he wol sore, Fleith upon heihte in his delices After the likynge of his vices, And wol no mannes resoun knowe, Till he doun falle and overthrowe.

Bot if he faile in eny wise Of that ye hiere me devise, Ther mai be set non other weie, That he ne moste algates deie.

Bot nou to mi matiere forth, 2690 As forto speken overmore After the Philosophres lore, The thridde point of Policie I thenke forto specifie.

Mars the Planete bataillous Next to the Sonne glorious 890 Above stant, and doth mervailes Upon the fortune of batailes.

That other saide nothing so, Bot, He is riche and wel bego, 2400 To whom that god wole sende wele.

The Modres wepe in here degre, And manye of hem aswoune falle, The yonge babes criden alle This noyse aros, the lord it herde, And loked out, and how it ferde 3240 He sih, and as who seith abreide Out of his slep, and thus he seide O thou divine pourveance, Which every man in the balance Of kinde hast formed to be liche, The povere is bore as is the riche And deieth in the same wise, Upon the fol, upon the wise Siknesse and hele entrecomune Mai non eschuie that fortune 3250 Which kinde hath in hire lawe set Hire strengthe and beaute ben beset To every man aliche fre, That sche preferreth no degre As in the disposicioun Of bodili complexioun And ek of Soule resonable The povere child is bore als able To vertu as the kinges Sone For every man his oghne wone 3260 After the lust of his assay The vice or vertu chese may.

Bot this I telle thee therfore, Thou miht upon my beneicoun Wel haten the condicioun 940 Of tho janglers, as thou me toldest, Bot furthermor, of that thou woldest Hem hindre in eny other wise, Such Hate is evere to despise.

Min holi fader, grant mercy, Quod I to him, and to the queene I fell on knes upon the grene, 2900 And tok my leve forto wende.

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The ferste of hem his rihte name Was Diogenes thanne hote, In whom was founde no riote 2230 His 070-642 Material Pdf felaw Arisippus hyhte, Which mochel couthe and mochel myhte.

Bot of o thing I am beknowe, The which mi will is that ye knowe 2960 The lawe which I tok on honde, Was altogedre of goddes sonde And nothing of myn oghne wit So mot it nede endure yit, And schal do lengere, if ye wile.

Bot he that wot what schal betide, The hihe god, which wolde him kepe, Whan that this king was faste aslepe, 1790 Be nyhtes time he hath him bede To seile into an other stede To Ephesim he bad him drawe, And as it was that time lawe, He schal do there his sacrifise And ek he bad in alle wise That in the temple amonges alle His fortune, as it is befalle, Touchende his doghter and his wif He schal beknowe upon his lif.

Bot if my conseil mai be lieved, Thou schalt ben esed er thou go Of thilke unsely jolif wo, 2360 Wherof thou seist thin herte is fyred Bot as of that thou hast desired After the sentence of thi bille, Thou most therof don at my wille, And I therof me wole avise.

I wot thou wolt nothing forbere Of that thou wenest be thi beste, And if thou myht so finde reste, Wel is, for thanne is ther nomore.

The ferst of hem is Falswitnesse, Which evere is redi to witnesse What thing his maister wol him hote Perjurie is the secounde hote, Which spareth noght ACSO-IPG-CTT-2011-01 Exam Questions to swere an oth, Thogh it be fals and god be wroth.

Elda, which thoghte his king to plese, As he that thanne unwedded was, Of Constance al the pleine cas Als goodliche as he cowthe tolde.

370 I finde hou whilom ther was on, Whos name was Pymaleon, Which was a lusti man of yowthe The werkes of entaile he cowthe Above alle othre men as tho And thurgh fortune it fell him so, As he whom love schal travaile, He made an ymage of entaile Lich to a womman in semblance Of feture and of contienance, 380 So fair yit nevere was figure.

And also, thogh a man at ones Of al the world withinne his wones 210 The tresor myhte have everydel, Yit hadde he bot o mannes del Toward himself, so as I thinke, Of clothinge and of mete and drinke, For more, outake vanite, Ther hath no lord in his degre.

And for that such is myn entente, That is the cause of myn aspie, Why that I feigne compaignie 2030 And make felawe overal For gladly wolde I knowen al And holde me covert alway, That I fulofte ye or nay Ne liste ansuere in eny wise, Bot feigne semblant as the wise And herkne tales, til I knowe Mi ladi lovers al arowe.

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Bot er this thing befalle in dede, Amende thee, this wolde I rede Yif and departe thin almesse, Do mercy forth with rihtwisnesse, Besech and prei the hihe grace, For so thou myht thi pes pourchace With godd, and stonde in good acord.

It is ansuerd in such a wise, That betre it is that thei be wise Be whom that the conseil schal gon, For thei be manye, and he is on 4160 And rathere schal an one man With fals conseil, for oght he can, From his wisdom be mad to falle, Thanne he al one scholde hem alle Fro vices into vertu change, For that is wel the more strange.

And if thou wolt be such a weie Do my plesance and holde it stille, For evere I schal ben at thi wille, Bothe I and al myn heritage.

Mi Sone, and sithen that thou wilt That I schal axe, gabbe noght, Bot tell if evere was thi thoght With Falssemblant and coverture To wite of eny creature 1940 How that he was with love lad So were he sori, were he glad, Whan that thou wistest how it were, Al that he rounede in thin Ere Thou toldest forth in other place, To setten him fro loves grace Of what womman that thee beste liste, Ther as noman his conseil wiste Bot thou, be whom he was deceived Of love, and from his pourpos weyved 1950 And thoghtest that his destourbance Thin oghne cause scholde avance, As who saith, I am so celee, Ther mai no mannes privete Be heled half so wel as myn.

Upon his brest ek eyhtetiene He hath, and ek, as it is sene, Upon his tail stonde othre tuo.

Bot wo the while, he was a thief For Venus, which was enemie Of thilke loves micherie, Discovereth al the pleine cas To Clymene, which thanne was Toward Phebus his concubine.

For as a sek man lest his lust, And whan he may no savour gete, He hateth thanne his oughne mete, Riht so this fieverous maladie, Which caused is of fantasie, 590 Makth the Jelous in fieble plit To lese of love his appetit Thurgh feigned MORF Test Prep 920-115 Study Guide Pdf Aluminium Access Products Ltd enformacion Of his ymaginacion.

It helpeth noght althogh sche wepe, For thei that scholde hir bodi kepe Of wommen were absent as thanne And thus this maiden goth to manne, The wylde fader thus devoureth His oghne fleissh, which non socoureth, 310 And that was cause of mochel care.

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Nai, god wot, fader I am non, Ne nevere was for as men seith, Whan that a man schal make his feith, His herte and tunge moste acorde For if so be that thei discorde, Thanne is he fals and elles noght And I dar seie, as of my thoght, In love it is noght descordable Unto mi word, bot acordable.

For thogh he preise, he fint som lak, Which of his tale is ay the laste, That al the pris schal overcaste And thogh ther 920-115 Cert Guide be no cause why, Yit wole he jangle noght forthi, As he which hath the heraldie Of hem that usen forto lye.

Of Parlement the dai was come, Ther ben the lordes alle and some 7320 Tho was pronounced and pourposed, And al the cause hem was desclosed, Hou Anthenor in Grece ferde.


1800 Bot Nestor, which was old and hor, The salve sih tofore the sor, As he that was of conseil wys So that anon be his avis Ther was a prive conseil nome.

And for he wolde his love glade, Ayein the day of mariage Be mouthe bothe and be message Hise frendes to the feste he preide, With gret worschipe and, as men seide, He hath this yonge ladi spoused.

Wherof he dradde and was esmaied, Of treson that he deie scholde, For he the king his sothe tolde And sodeinly the nyhtes tyde, That more wolde he noght abide, 450 Al prively his barge he hente And hom ayein to Tyr he wente And in his oghne wit he seide For drede, if he the king bewreide, He knew so wel the kinges herte, That deth ne scholde he noght asterte, The king him wolde so poursuie.

The ferste, as it is specefied, Was, whan he cam at thilke tyde, The Charr in which he scholde ryde 2370 Foure whyte Stiedes scholden drawe Of Jupiter be thilke lawe The Cote he scholde were also Hise prisoners ek scholden go Endlong the Charr on eyther hond, And alle the nobles of the lond Tofore and 920-115 Practice Exam Questions after with him come Ridende and broghten him to Rome, In thonk of his chivalerie And for non other flaterie.

Bot natheles for certein skile I mot algate and nedes wile Noght only make my spekynges Of love, bot of othre thinges, 240 That touchen to the cause of vice.

That was to him an angri jape Bot for that he with Angre wroghte, 920-115 Study Guide Hise Angres angreliche he boghte.

And in this wise The king hath with hise wordes wise His brother tawht and al foryive.

This Prisoner tofor the king Was broght, and there upon this thing In audience he was accused And he his dede hath noght excused, Bot preith the king to don him riht, And seith, Sire, if I were of miht, 2380 I have an herte lich to thin For if the pouer were myn, Mi will is most in special To rifle and geten overal The large worldes good aboute.

For god the lawes hath assissed Als wel to reson as to kinde, Bot he the bestes wolde binde Only to lawes of nature, Bot to the mannes creature God yaf him reson forth withal, Wherof that he nature schal Upon the causes modefie, That he schal do no lecherie, 5380 And yit he schal 920-115 Study Guide Pdf hise lustes have.

Of holy cherche the largesse Yaf thanne and dede gret almesse To povere men that hadden nede Thei were ek chaste in word and dede, Wherof the poeple ensample tok Her lust was al upon the bok, 230 Or forto preche or forto preie, To wisse men the ryhte weie Of suche as stode of trowthe unliered.

For alle thing which god hath wroght In Erthe, werre it bringth to noght The cherche is brent, the priest is slain, The wif, the maide is ek forlain, The 920-115 Study Guides lawe is lore and god unserved I not what mede he hath deserved That suche werres ledeth inne.

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Whi hast thou drede of so good on, Whom alle vertu hath begon, That in hire is no violence Bot goodlihiede and innocence Withouten spot of eny blame Ha, nyce herte, fy for schame 610 Ha, couard herte of love unlered, Wherof art thou so sore afered, That thou thi tunge soffrest frese, And wolt thi goode wordes lese, Whan thou hast founde time and space How scholdest thou deserve grace, Whan thou thiself darst axe non, Bot al thou hast foryete anon And thus despute I loves lore, Bot help ne finde I noght the more, 620 Bot stomble upon myn oghne treine And make an ekinge of my peine.

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In helle, thou schalt understonde, Ther is a flod of thilke office, Which serveth al for Avarice 370 What man that stonde schal therinne, He stant up evene unto the chinne Above his hed also ther hongeth A fruyt, which to that peine longeth, And that fruit toucheth evere in on His overlippe and therupon Swich thurst and hunger him assaileth, That nevere his appetit ne faileth.

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Largesce mai noght ben unknowe For what lond that he regneth inne, It mai noght faile forto winne Thurgh his decerte love and grace, Wher it schal faile in other place.

4640 And with that word sche was forschape, Ther may no vois hire mouth ascape, What man that in the wodes crieth, Withoute faile Eccho replieth, And what word that him list to 920-115 Preparation Materials sein, The same word sche seith ayein.

I not if it be ye or nay, Bot as the comun vois it telleth Bot wher that flaterie duelleth 2330 In eny lond under the Sonne, Ther is ful many a thing begonne Which were betre to be left That hath be schewed nou and eft.

If that thei finde here Nortel Other Certification 920-115 love there, Thei stonde and tellen in hire Ere, 7040 And axe of god non other grace, Whyl thei ben in that holi place Bot er thei gon som avantage Ther wol thei have, and som pilage Of goodli word or of beheste, Or elles thei take ate leste Out of hir hand or ring or glove, So nyh the weder thei wol love, As who seith 1Z0-593 Self Study sche schal noght foryete, Nou I this tokne of hire have gete 7050 Thus halwe thei the hihe feste.

And wel I wot that he ne may Amende his wrong, it is so Nortel 920-115 gret For he to lytel of me let, 5840 Whan he myn oughne Soster tok, And me that am his wif forsok.

Of hem that we Lombars now calle Albinus was the ferste of alle 2460 Which bar corone of Lombardie, And was of gret chivalerie In werre ayein diverse kinges.

Of this merveile which thei sihe So apparant tofore here yhe, Of that the king him hath misbore, Here othes thei have alle swore 5280 That thei wol stonde be the riht.

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2090 The king was noght so sone come, That whanne he hadde his chambre nome, His brother ne was redi there, And broghte a tale unto his Ere Of that he dede such a schame In hindringe of his oghne 920-115 Test name, Whan he himself so wolde drecche, That to so vil a povere wrecche Him deigneth schewe such simplesce Ayein thastat of his noblesce 2100 And seith he schal it nomor use, And that he mot himself excuse Toward hise lordes everychon.

And natheles I wol noght say, 2750 That I nam glad on other side For fame, that can nothing hide, Alday wol bringe unto myn Ere Of that men speken hier and there, How that my ladi berth the pris, How sche is fair, how sche is wis, How sche is wommanlich of chiere Of al this thing whanne I mai hiere, What wonder is thogh I be fain And ek whanne I may hiere sain 2760 Tidinges of my ladi hele, Althogh I may noght with hir dele, Yit am I wonder glad of that For whanne I wot hire good astat, As for that time I dar wel swere, Non other sorwe mai me dere, Thus am I gladed in this wise.

Lo, what it is to ben encressed Of love which is evele wonne.

My Sone, and if thou have be so, Yit is it time to withdrawe, And set thin herte under that lawe, The which of reson is governed And noght of will.

1200 And after, for sche was so wys That sche fond ferst in hire avis The cloth makinge of wolle and lyn, Men seiden that sche was divin, And the goddesse of Sapience Thei clepen hire in that 920-115 Study Guide Pdf Aluminium Access Products Ltd credence.

Faire Eolen, whan sche was come With Hercules into the Cave, Sche seide him that sche wolde have Hise clothes of and hires bothe, That ech of hem scholde other clothe.

Betre is to winne be fair speche, He seith, than such vengance seche For whanne a man is most above, Him nedeth most to gete him love.

Non other grace ther ne geth, Bot forto take the juise And that was don in such a wise, 5270 Which stod upon a wonder cas.