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I not if thilke ensample yit Acordeth with a mannes wit, 700 To soffre as Socrates tho dede And if it falle in eny stede A man to lese so his galle, Him oghte among the wommen alle In loves Court be juggement The name bere of Pacient, To yive ensample to the goode Of pacience how that it stode, That othre men it mihte knowe.

And sche began to bidde and preie Upon the bare ground knelende, And after that made hire offrende, And to the Prestes yiftes grete Sche yaf, and homward be the Strete.

880 Of this conseil thei weren glad, And writen as the king hem bad, And every man his oghne bok Into the kinges hond betok, And he it to his dowhter sende, And preide hir forto make an ende And wryte ayein hire oghne hond, Riht as sche in hire herte fond.

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Bot other wise, if a man were Mad al togedre of o matiere Withouten interrupcioun, Ther scholde no corrupcioun Engendre upon that unite Bot for ther is diversite Withinne himself, he may noght laste, That he ne deieth ate laste.

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Wherof that thou be war the bet, To telle a tale I am bethoght, Hou love and Slep acorden noght.

So fell it, of devocion Heleine in contemplacion With many an other worthi wiht Was in the temple and wok al nyht, 7540 To bidde and preie unto thymage Of Venus, as was thanne usage So that Paris riht as him liste Into the temple, er thei it wiste, Com with his men al sodeinly, And alle at ones sette ascry In hem whiche in the temple were, For tho was mochel poeple there Bot of defense was no bote, So soffren thei that soffre mote.

Explicit Liber Primus Incipit Liber Secundus Inuidie culpa magis est attrita dolore, Nam sua mens nullo tempore leta manet Quo gaudent alii, dolet ille, nec vnus amicus Est, cui de puro comoda velle facit.

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Thus for the pite which he tok Alle othre leches he forsok, And put him out of aventure Al only into goddes cure And seith, Who that woll maister be, He mot be servant to pite.

1490 This lord hath granted his requeste And whan the dai was of the feste, In worschipe of here Emperour The king and ek the Senatour Forth with here wyves bothe tuo, With many a lord and lady mo, On horse riden him ayein Til it befell, upon a plein Thei sihen wher he was comende.

Bot he that alle thing mai kepe Unto this lord was merciable, And broghte him sauf upon a table, 630 Which to the lond him hath upbore The remenant was al forlore, Wherof he made mochel mone.

Bot hou so that the dai be long, The derke nyht comth ate laste God wolde noght thei scholden laste, 580 And schop the lawe in such a wise, That thei thurgh dom to the juise Be dampned forto be forlore.

For as the point in a compas Stant evene amiddes, riht so was 230 This erthe set and schal abyde, That it may swerve to no side, And hath his centre after the lawe Of kinde, and to that centre drawe Desireth every worldes thing, If ther ne were no lettyng.

And thus the fend fro dai to dai The worschipe of ydolatrie Drowh forth upon the fantasie Of hem that weren thanne blinde And couthen 9A0-090 Exam Dump noght the trouthe finde.

Thogh I no deth to the deserve, Hier schal I for thi love sterve, Hier schal a kinges Sone dye For love and for no felonie 3580 Wher thou therof have joie or sorwe, Hier schalt thou se me ded tomorwe.

Sche wol noght in the wodes duelle, For sche wolde openliche telle And ek for that sche was a spouse, Among the folk sche comth to house, To do thes wyves understonde The falshod of hire housebonde, 6020 That thei of hem be Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 ACE Exam 9A0-090 Exam Prep war also, For ther ben manye untrewe of tho.

1060 The lond was thanne sone weyved, Wher that thei hadden be deceived, And toke hem to the hihe See Therto thei seiden alle yee, Fro that dai forth and war thei were Of that thei hadde assaied there.

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To thee, my Sone, I wol therfore A tale telle of Falssemblant, Which falseth many a covenant, 2150 And many a fraude of fals conseil Ther ben hangende upon his Seil And that aboghten gulteles Bothe Deianire and Hercules, The whiche in gret desese felle Thurgh Falssemblant, as I schal telle.

Mi Sone, that I mai wel lieve 7810 And natheles me semeth so, For oght that thou hast yit misdo Of time which thou hast despended, It mai with grace ben amended.

Bot Jupiter, which was his Sone And of full age, his fader bond And kutte of with his oghne hond Hise genitals, whiche als so faste Into the depe See he caste Wherof the Greks afferme and seie, Thus whan thei were caste aweie, Cam Venus forth be weie of kinde.

Tho was ther flaterie non The worthi princes to bejape The thing was other wise schape With good conseil and otherwise Thei were hemselven thanne wise, And understoden wel and knewen.

Mi fader, lo, nou have ye herd What I be Stelthe of love have do, And hou mi will hath be therto If I be worthi to 9A0-090 Certification Braindumps penance I put it on your ordinance.

In which ther can noman him reule, For loves lawe is out of reule, That of tomoche or of tolite Welnyh is every man to wyte, 20 And natheles ther is noman In al this world so wys, that can Of love tempre the mesure, Bot as it falth in aventure For wit ne strengthe may noght helpe, And he which elles wolde him yelpe Is rathest throwen under fote, Ther can no wiht therof do bote.

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For god wot, thogh I nevere scholde Sen hir with yhe 9A0-090 Exam Questions With Answers after this day, Yit stant it so that I ne may Hir love out of my brest remue.

2420 For wisdom, hou that evere it stonde, To him that can it understonde Doth gret profit in sondri wise Bot touchende of so hih aprise, Which is noght unto Venus knowe, I mai it noght miselve knowe, Which of hir court am al forthdrawe And 9A0-090 Exam Prep can 9A0-090 Exam Prep nothing bot of hir lawe.

And thanne out of his place he crepte So stille that sche nothing herde, And to the bedd stalkende he ferde, 910 And sodeinly, er sche it wiste, Beclipt in armes he hire kiste Wherof in wommanysshe drede Sche wok and nyste what to rede Bot he with softe wordes milde Conforteth hire and seith, with childe He wolde hire make in such a kynde That al the world schal have in mynde The worschipe of that ilke Sone For he schal with the goddes wone, 920 And ben himself a godd also.

And upon such presumpcioun He hield this proude opinioun, 1990 Til ate laste upon a dai, Aboute Thebes wher he lay, Whan 9A0-090 Exam Prep it of Siege was belein, This knyht, as the Croniqes sein, In alle mennes sihte there, Whan he was proudest in his gere, And thoghte how nothing myhte him dere, Ful armed with his schield and spere As he the Cite wolde assaile, Godd tok himselve the bataille 2000 Ayein his Pride, and fro the sky A firy thonder 9A0-090 Exam Prep Aluminium Access Products Ltd sodeinly He sende, and him to pouldre smot.

Anon he tok hire in his arm What nede is forto speke of ese Hem list ech other forto plese, 3870 So that thei hadden joie ynow And tho thei setten whanne and how That sche with him awey schal stele.

Thei gladen of his melodie, Bot most of alle the compainie The kinges doghter, which it herde, And thoghte ek hou that he ansuerde, Whan that he was of hire opposed, Withinne hir herte hath wel supposed That he is of gret gentilesse.

2070 The kinges brother in presence Was thilke time, and gret offence He tok therof, and was the same Above alle othre which most blame Upon his liege lord hath leid, And hath unto the lordes seid, Anon as he mai time finde, Ther schal nothing be left behinde, That he wol speke unto the king.

This lord thanne axeth if sche wolde 1170 With him abide in compaignie, And seide he cam fro Barbarie To Romeward, and hom he wente.

The livere makth him forto love, 470 The lunge yifth him weie of speche, The galle serveth to do wreche, The Splen doth him to lawhe and pleie, Whan al unclennesse is aweie Lo, thus hath ech of hem his dede.

420 What man that takth his kinde of thair, He schal be lyht, he schal be fair, For his complexion is blood.

For evere yit it hath so ferd, Delicacie in loves cas Withoute reson is and was 1230 For wher that love his herte set, Him thenkth it myhte be no bet And thogh it be noght fulli mete, The lust of love is evere swete.

Mi goode Sone, and for thi lore, 5500 After the reule of coveitise I schal the proprete devise Of every vice by and by.

To him goth Elda tho forth riht And tolde him of his lord tidinge, And preide that for his comynge He wolde assigne him herbergage And he so dede of good corage.

Thei pleide hem there a day or tuo, And as it was fortuned so, It fell that time in such a wise, To Bachus that a sacrifise Thes yonge ladys scholden make And for the strange mennes sake, 3140 That comen fro the Siege of Troie, Thei maden wel the more joie.

Of such lesinge as he compasseth, Is non so good that he ne passeth 410 Betwen his teeth and is bacbited, And thurgh his false tunge endited Lich to the Scharnebudes kinde, Of whos nature this I finde, That in the hoteste of the dai, Whan comen is the merie Maii, He sprat his wynge and up he fleth And under al aboute he seth The faire lusti floures springe, Bot therof hath he no likinge 420 Bot where he seth of eny beste The felthe, ther he makth his feste, And therupon he wole alyhte, Ther liketh him non other sihte.

So wiste I nought wher of to yelpe, Bot only that y hadde lore My time, and was sori ther fore.

And thus full many a bacheler, A thousend mo than I can sein, With Yowthe I sih ther wel besein Forth with here loves glade and blithe.

And therto thei acorden alle As for final conclusioun, And tolden here opinioun To themperour and he anon His conseil tok, and therupon With lettres and with seales oute Thei sende in every lond aboute The yonge children forto 9A0-090 Actual Test seche, Whos blod, thei seiden, schal be leche 3220 For themperoures maladie.

For love is lord in every place, Ther mai no lawe him justefie Be reddour ne be compaignie, That he ne wole after his wille Whom that him liketh spede or spille.

And in this hous to loke and warde Was Minotaurus put in warde, That what lif that therinne cam, Or man or beste, he overcam 5300 And slow, and fedde him therupon And in this wise many on Out of Athenys for truage Devoured weren in that rage.

I dar wel seie be mi trowthe, Als fer as I my witt can seche, Mi fader, as for lacke of speche, Bot so as I me schrof tofore, Ther is non other time lore, 520 Wherof ther mihte ben obstacle To lette love of his miracle, Which I beseche day and nyht.

And with that word he tok a Corde, With which upon the gate tre He hyng himself, that was pite.

And thilke Sone upon a tyde, Whan he was come unto his Age, He hadde a wonder fair visage, And fond his Moder amourous, And he was also lecherous 1410 So whan thei weren bothe al one, As he which C2010-568 Online Exam yhen hadde none To se reson, his Moder kiste And sche also, that nothing wiste Bot that which unto lust belongeth, To ben hire love him underfongeth.

Whan Nestor hath his tale seid, Ayein him was no word withseid It thoghte 9A0-090 Exam Prep Aluminium Access Products Ltd hem alle he seide wel And thus fortune hire dedly whiel 1840 Fro werre torneth into pes.

Bot for the lores ben diverse, I thenke ferst to the reherce The nature of Philosophie, Which Aristotle of his clergie, Wys and expert in the 000-781 Exam Guide Pdf sciences, Declareth thilke intelligences, As of thre pointz in principal.

Hate is a wraththe noght schewende, Bot of long time gaderende, And duelleth in the herte loken, Til he se time to be wroken 860 And thanne he scheweth his tempeste Mor sodein than the wilde beste, Which wot nothing what merci is.

What seist thou, Sone, of this folie Mi fader, bot I scholde lie, Upon the point which ye have seid Yit was myn herte nevere leid, Bot in the wise as I you tolde.

And be this skile a man mai knowe, The more that thei stonden lowe, The more ben the cercles lasse That causeth why that some passe Here due cours tofore an other.

This Maiden, which Cornix be name Was hote, dredende alle schame, Sih that sche mihte noght debate, And wel sche wiste he wolde algate Fulfille his lust of Robberie, Anon began to wepe and crie, And seide, O Pallas, noble queene, Scheu nou thi myht and let be sene, 6190 To kepe and save myn honour Help, that I lese noght mi flour, Which nou under thi keie is loke.

Whan Slowthe hath don al that he may To dryve forth the longe day, 3390 Til it be come to the nede, Thanne ate laste upon the dede He loketh hou his time is lore, And is so wo begon therfore, That he withinne his thoght conceiveth Tristesce, and so himself deceiveth, That he wanhope bringeth inne, Wher is no confort to beginne, Bot every joie him is deslaied So that withinne his herte affraied 3400 A thousend time with o breth Wepende he wissheth after deth, Whan he fortune fint adverse.

Bot for he wolde kepe hir name, 3660 Whan that he wiste it was nyh dai, He seide, A dieu, mi swete mai.

And whan sche hadde thus ordeigned, Sche hath hir oghne bodi feigned, For feere as thogh sche wolde flee Out of hir lond and whan that he 3470 Hath herd hou that this ladi fledde, So faste after the chace he spedde, That he was founde out of array.

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And he hire tolde hou in a kiste 1230 The See hire threw upon the lond, And what tresor with hire he fond, Which was al redy at hire wille, As he that schop him to fulfille With al his myht what thing he scholde.

Among the kinges in the bible I finde a tale, and is credible, Of him that whilom Achab hihte, Which hadde al Irahel to rihte 2530 Bot who that couthe glose softe And flatre, suche he sette alofte In gret astat and made hem riche Bot thei that spieken wordes liche To trouthe and wolde it noght forbere, For hem was non astat to bere, The court of suche tok non hiede.

The king therof was wonder wo, And for he wolde him fain withdrawe, He tolde him many a dredful sawe, 3680 Bot Jason wolde it noght recorde, And ate laste thei acorde.

Mi Sone, it sit wel every wiht To kepe his word in trowthe upryht Towardes love in alle wise.

And thus of thilke unkinde blod Stant the memoire into this day, Wherof that every wysman may Ensamplen him, and take in mynde What schame it is to ben unkinde 5160 Ayein the which reson debateth, And every creature it hateth.

Whan he to Schipe ayein was come, To him he hath his conseil 9A0-090 Simulation Questions nome, And al devised the matiere In such a wise as thou schalt hiere.

A Serpent, which that Aspidis Is cleped, of his kynde hath this, That he the Ston noblest of alle, The which that men Carbuncle calle, Berth in his hed above on heihte.

Bot for al that lete I ne mai, Whanne I se time an other dai, That I ne do my besinesse Unto mi ladi worthinesse.

And thus in chambre with the qweene 470 This Iphis was forthdrawe tho, And clothed and arraied so Riht as a kinges Sone scholde.

The Nouches and the riche ringes, The cloth of gold and the Perrie He takth, and yit delicacie He leveth, thogh he were al this.

Forthi to love is in manere.

And in this wilde wode peine, Whanne al his resoun was untame, A kniht he clepeth be his name, And tok him as be weie of sonde A naked swerd to bere on honde, And seide him that he scholde go And telle unto his dowhter so 250 In the manere as he him bad, How sche that scharpe swerdes blad Receive scholde and do withal So as sche wot wherto it schal.

Bot why the cause is, as I finde, Of that ther is diverse kinde 320 Of lovedrunke, why men pleigneth After the court which al ordeigneth, I wol the tellen the manere Nou lest, mi Sone, and thou schalt hiere.

The tuelfthe, which is last of alle Of Signes, Piscis men it calle, The which, as telleth the scripture, Berth of tuo fisshes the figure.

900 Bot forto telle redely In what climat most comunly That this planete hath his effect, Seid is that he hath his aspect Upon the holi lond so cast, That there is no pes stedefast.

1070 In such wepinge and in such cry His dede wif, which lay him by, A thousend sithes he hire kiste Was nevere man that sih ne wiste A sorwe unto his sorwe lich For evere among upon the lich He fell swounende, as he that soghte His oghne deth, which he besoghte Unto the goddes alle above With many a pitous word of love 1080 Bot suche wordes as tho were Yit herde nevere mannes Ere, Bot only thilke whiche he seide.

And so befell, This Cave was under the hell 6830 Of Tymolus, which was begrowe With vines, and at thilke throwe Faunus with Saba the goddesse, Be whom the large wildernesse In thilke time stod governed, Weere in a place, as I am lerned, Nyh by, which Bachus wode hihte.

This tirant, thogh he lyhe softe, Out of his bed aros fulofte, 4960 And goth aboute, and leide his Ere To herkne, til that alle were To bedde gon and slepten faste.

For thei ben slyhe in such a wise, That thei be sleihte and be queintise Of Falswitnesse bringen inne That doth hem ofte forto winne, Wher thei ben noght worthi therto.

And forto knowe how it so is, A tale lich to this matiere I thenke telle, if thou wolt hiere, To schewe proprely the vice Of this Envie and the malice.

Wherof a tale unto hire Ere, Which is coupable upon this dede, I thenke telle of that I rede.

Mi fader, that I mai wel lieve.

Mi fader, it is such a qwed, That wher I come, he is tofore, And doth so, that mi cause is lore.

Nou forthermore if I schal sein Of my matiere, and torne ayein To speke of justice and Pite After the reule of realte, 3810 This mai a king wel understonde, Knihthode mot ben take on honde, Whan that it stant upon the nede He schal no rihtful cause drede, Nomore of werre 9A0-090 Dump Test thanne of pes, If he wol stonde blameles For such a cause a king mai have That betre him is to sle than save, Wherof thou myht ensample finde.

And as he sette of his pouer Acordant to the daies sevene Planetes Sevene upon the hevene, As thou tofore hast herd devise, To speke riht in such a wise, To every Monthe be himselve Upon the hevene of Signes tuelve He hath after his Ordinal Assigned on in special, 970 Wherof, so as I schal rehersen, The tydes of the yer diversen.

Bot, fader, now ye sitten hier 130 In loves stede, I yow beseche, That som ensample ye me teche, Wherof I mai miself appese.

Bot yit it falleth in my minde, Toward the men hou that ye spieke Of hem that wole no travail sieke In cause of love upon decerte To speke in wordes so coverte, I not what travaill that ye mente.

Thus have I seid hou thei be founded, Of every sterre in special, Which hath his herbe and Ston withal, As Hermes in his bokes olde Witnesse berth of that I tolde.

On every syde men come oute, Wherof the kinges herte afflihte, And he with al the haste he mihte A spere cauhte and out he goth, As he that was nyh wod for wroth.

And thus the feith is come aboute, 1730 That whilom in the Jewes stod, Which is noght parfihtliche good.

And whan that sche good hiede nam, Wher that he stod under the bowh, Sche kneu him wel and to him drouh 6320 For thogh sche hadde hire forme lore, The love was noght lost therfore Which kinde hath set under his lawe.

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Slain is the moerdrer and moerdrice Thurgh verray trowthe of rihtwisnesse, And thurgh mercy sauf is simplesse 9A0-090 Exam Prep Aluminium Access Products Ltd 1960 Of hire whom mercy preserveth Thus hath he wel that wel deserveth.

Bot what sche dede in that matiere It is a wonder thing to hiere, Bot yit for the novellerie I thenke tellen a partie.

Mi fader, ye schul wel believe, The yonge whelp which is affaited Hath noght his Maister betre awaited, 1260 To couche, whan he seith Go lowe, That I, anon as I may knowe Mi ladi will, ne bowe more.

Now lest, and I wol telle yow, Mi goode fader, how it is.

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Be nyhte unto the chambre he soghte, Wher that sche lay, and with a wyle He contrefeteth for the whyle The vois of Gete in such a wise, That made hire of hire bedd arise, Wenende that it were he, And let him in, and whan thei be 2480 Togedre abedde in armes faste, This Photoshop 9A0-090 Geta cam thanne ate laste Unto the Dore and seide, Undo.

He tok good hiede of the persone, And sih sche was a worthi wiht, And thoghte he wolde upon the nyht 1100 Demene hire at his oghne wille, And let hire be therinne stille, That mo men sih sche noght that dai.

So as these olde gestes sein, The proude tirannyssh Romein Tarquinus, which was thanne king And wroghte many a wrongful thing, Of Sones hadde manyon, Among the whiche Arrons was on, Lich to his fader of maneres So that withinne a fewe yeres 4600 With tresoun and with tirannie Thei wonne of lond a gret partie, And token hiede of no justice, Which due was to here office Upon the reule of governance Bot al that evere was plesance Unto the fleisshes lust thei toke.

790 With suche sihtes by and by Min yhe is fed bot finaly, Whan he the port and the manere Seth of hire wommanysshe chere, Than hath he such delice on honde, Him thenkth he mihte stille stonde, And that he hath ful sufficance Of liflode and of sustienance As to his part for everemo.

This king, riht as he herde sein, Into the flod goth fro the lond, And wissh him bothe 9A0-090 Vce Files fot and hond, And so forth al the remenant, As him was set in covenant And thanne he syh merveilles strange, The flod his colour gan to change, 310 The gravel with the smale Stones To gold thei torne bothe at ones, And he was quit of that he hadde, And thus fortune his chance ladde.

So it befell that ilke throwe Thelogonus as in this cas Of his contre the signe was Thre fisshes, whiche he scholde bere Upon the penon of a spere 1650 And whan that he was thus arraied And hath his harneis al assaied, That he was redy everydel, His moder bad him farewel, And seide him that he scholde swithe His fader griete a thousand sithe.

For this Geta that I of meene, To whom the lusti faire Almeene Assured was be weie of love, Whan he best wende have ben above And sikerest of that he hadde, Cupido so the cause ladde, 2470 That whil he was out of the weie, Amphitrion hire love aweie Hath take, and in this forme he wroghte.

This Messager was yifteles, Bot with this lettre natheles, Or be him lief or be him loth, In alle haste ayein he goth 1000 Be Knaresburgh, and as he wente, Unto the Moder his entente Of that he fond toward the king He tolde and sche upon this thing Seith that he scholde abide al nyht And made him feste and chiere ariht, Feignende as thogh sche cowthe him thonk.

Forthi, my Sone, if thou be wys, 2080 Do no viser upon thi face, Which as wol noght thin herte embrace For if thou do, withinne a throwe To othre men it schal be knowe, So miht thou lihtli falle in blame And 9A0-090 New Questions lese a gret part of thi name.

Ferst forto loke the Clergie, Hem oughte wel to justefie Thing which belongith to here cure, As forto praie and to procure Oure pes toward the hevene above, And ek to sette reste and love 3000 Among ous on this erthe hiere.

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Bot for ye seiden otherwise, Hou thilke vice of Covoitise Hath yit Perjurie of his acord, If that you list of som record To telle an other tale also In loves cause of time ago, What thing it is to be forswore, I wolde preie you therfore, 3230 Wherof I mihte ensample take.

Sche was a womman of record, And al is lieved that sche seith And forto yive a more feith, 1520 Hire housebonde and ek sche bothe In blake clothes thei hem clothe, And made a gret enterrement And for the poeple schal be blent, Of Thaise as for the remembrance, After the real olde usance A tumbe of latoun noble and riche With an ymage unto hir liche Liggende above therupon Thei made and sette it up anon.

Here lyves thanne were longe, Here wittes grete, here mihtes stronge, Here hertes ful of besinesse, Wherof the worldes redinesse In bodi bothe and in corage Stant evere upon his avantage.