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480 Touchende of this, how evere it stonde, I here and wol noght understonde, For therof have I noght to done Bot he that made ferst the Mone, The hyhe god, of his goodnesse, If ther be cause, he it redresce.

The proude knyht Capane s 1980 He was of such Surquiderie, That he thurgh his chivalerie Upon himself so mochel triste, That to the goddes him ne liste In no querele to beseche, Bot seide it was an ydel speche, Which caused was of pure drede, For lack of herte and for no nede.

Lo, thus departeth love his lawe, That what man wol noght be felawe To CX-310-230 Exam Book yive and spende, as I thee telle, He is noght worthi forto duelle In loves court to be relieved.

Among the Jewes, as men tolde, Ther was whilom be daies olde A noble Duck, which Jepte hihte.

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Ma dame, I seide, be your leve, Ye witen wel, and so wot I, That I am unbehovely Your Court fro this day forth to serve And for I may no thonk deserve, And also for I am refused, I preie you to ben excused.

That toward love, as be mi wit, Al ydel was I nevere yit, Ne nevere schal, whil I mai go.

Of AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate AWS-SYSOPS Exam Dump whom if I schal telle soth, He stalketh as a Pocok doth, And takth his preie so covert, That noman wot it in apert.

Whan al was don, that dissh and cuppe And cloth and bord and al was uppe, Thei waken whil hem lest to wake, And after that thei leve take And gon to bedde forto reste.

O thou Cupide, god of loves lawe, That with thi Dart brennende hast set afyre Min herte, do that wounde be withdrawe, Or yif me Salve such as I desire 2290 For Service in thi Court withouten hyre To me, which evere yit have kept thin heste, Mai nevere be to AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate AWS-SYSOPS Exam Dump loves lawe honeste.

Tho lay ther certein wode cleft, Of which the pieces nou and eft Sche made hem in the pettes wete, And put hem in the fyri hete, And tok the brond with al the blase, And thries sche began to rase 4090 Aboute Eson, ther as he slepte And eft with water, which sche kepte, Sche made a cercle aboute him thries, And eft with fyr of sulphre twyes Ful many an other thing sche dede, Which is noght writen in this stede.

Bot ofte is sen that mochel slowthe, Whan men ben drunken of the cuppe, Doth mochel harm, whan fyr is uppe, AWS-SYSOPS Exam Dump Bot if somwho the flamme stanche And so to speke upon this branche, Which proud Envie AWS-SYSOPS Exam Dump hath mad to springe, Of Scisme, causeth forto bringe This newe Secte of Lollardie, And also many an heresie 350 Among the clerkes in hemselve.

And thanne he sette him nerr the fer, And as he mihte hise clothes dreide, That he nomore o word ne seide Wherof he gat him somdel reste, For that him thoghte was the beste.

And ek so lowde his belle is runge, That of the noise and of the soun Men feeren hem in al the toun Welmore than thei don of thonder.

So have thei bothe litel joye As wel of love as of monoie.

Forthi, mi Sone, tell me soth And sei the trouthe, if thou hast be Unto thy love or skars or fre.

So mai it proven be this cas That yong conseil, which is to warm, Er men be war doth ofte harm.

For what kyng sett hym uppon pride And takth his lust on every side 3090 And wil nought go the righte weie, Though god his grace caste aweie No wondir is, for ate laste He schal wel wite it mai nought laste, The pompe which he secheth here.

Bot, Sire, of that ye wolden mene, That I scholde otherwise wene To be beloved thanne I was, I am beknowe as in that cas.

820 And whan thegipcienes syhe The fieldes fulle afore here yhe, And that the lond began to greine, Which whilom hadde be bareigne, For therthe bar after the kinde His due charge, this I finde, That sche of berthe the goddesse Is cleped, so that in destresse The wommen there upon childinge To hire clepe, and here offringe 830 Thei beren, whan that thei ben lyhte.

The king, which al this wonder syh, 2210 Whan he cam to his chambre alone, Unto the queene he made his mone And of foryivenesse hir preide For thanne he knew wel, as he seide, Sche was with childe with a godd.

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1010 This tale after the king it hadde Pentapolim al overspradde, Ther was no joie forto seche For every man it hadde in speche And seiden alle of on acord, A worthi king schal ben oure lord That thoghte ous ferst an hevinesse Is schape ous now to gret gladnesse.

I finde his ansuere ay so badde, That werse mihte it nevere be And thus betwen Danger and me Is evere werre til he dye.

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And over that he hadde affaited Hise lusti tales, and awaited His time and thus into the field He cam, where Argus he behield 3340 With Yo, which beside him wente.

For thogh I be miselve strange, Envie makth myn herte change, That I am sorghfully bestad Of that I se an other glad 70 With hire bot of other alle, Of love what so mai befalle, Or AWS-SYSOPS Simulation Questions that he faile or that he spede, Therof take I bot litel heede.

Theges of thing which schal befalle, He was the ferste Augurre of alle And Philemon be the visage Fond to descrive the corage.

640 Bot natheles he stant believed, And hath his pourpos ofte achieved Of worschipe and of worldes welthe, And takth it, as who seith, be stelthe Thurgh coverture of his fallas.

Bot for als moche as I suppose It sit a prest to be wel thewed, And schame it is if he be lewed, Of my Presthode after the forme I wol thi schrifte so enforme, That ate leste thou schalt hiere The vices, and to thi matiere Of love I schal hem so remene, That thou schalt knowe what thei mene.

Er Crist was bore among ous hiere, Of the believes that tho were In foure formes AWS-SYSOPS Test Questions And Answers Pdf thus it was.

And be this skile Manachas Ansuered hath upon this cas, And seith that wyn be weie of kinde Is thing which mai the hertes binde 1870 Wel more than the regalie.

Non ita discretus hominum per climata regnat, Quin magis ut sapiat, indiget ipse schole.

And thei that herde Hou wysly that the king ansuerde, It was to hem a newe lore Wherof thei dradden him the more, And broghten nothing to his Ere, Bot if it trouthe and reson were.

The king behield his hevynesse, And of his grete gentillesse 730 His doghter, which was fair and good And ate bord before him stod, As it was thilke time usage, He bad to gon on his message And fonde forto make him AWS-SYSOPS Study Guide Pdf glad.

Of Wraththe the secounde is Cheste, Which hath the wyndes of tempeste To kepe, and many a sodein blast He bloweth, wherof ben agast 420 Thei that desiren pes and reste.

Wherof these erthli housebondes For evere myhte ensample take, If such a chaunce hem overtake 700 For Vulcanus his wif bewreide, The blame upon himself he leide, Wherof his schame was the more Which oghte forto ben a lore For every man that liveth hiere, To reulen him in this matiere.

Forthi, mi fader, as of this I wot noght I have don amis 6070 Bot furthermore I you beseche, Som other point that ye me teche, And axeth forth, if ther be auht, That I mai be the betre tauht.

2900 And otherwhile I dreme and mete That I al one with hire mete And that Danger is left behinde And thanne in slep such joie I finde, That I ne bede nevere awake.

800 Next unto this Planete of love The brighte Sonne stant above, Which is the hindrere of the nyht And forthrere of the daies lyht, As he which is the worldes ije, Thurgh whom the lusti compaignie Of foules be the morwe singe, The freisshe floures sprede and springe, The hihe tre the ground beschadeth, And every mannes herte gladeth.

So sit it wel in alle wise A king betwen the more and lesse To sette his herte upon largesse Toward himself and ek also Toward his poeple and if noght so, That is to sein, if that he be Toward himselven large and fre 2020 And of his poeple take and pile, Largesse be no weie of skile It mai be seid, bot Avarice, Which in a king is a gret vice.

Forthi tak into remembrance 1870 To love in such a maner wise That thou deserve no juise For wel I wot, thou miht noght lette, That thou ne schalt thin herte sette To love, wher thou wolt or non Bot if thi wit be overgon, So that it torne into malice, Ther wot noman of thilke vice, What peril that ther mai befalle Wherof a tale amonges alle, 1880 Which is gret pite forto hiere, I thenke forto tellen hiere, That thou such moerdre miht withstonde, Whan thou the tale hast understonde.

For of the mannes Progenie, 30 Which of the womman schal be bore, The nombre of Angles which was lore, Whan thei out fro the blisse felle, He thoghte to restore, and felle In hevene thilke holy place Which stod tho voide upon his grace.

Bot thogh my besinesse laste, Al is bot ydel ate laste, For whan theffect is ydelnesse, I not what thing is besinesse.

Whan thei this strange vessel syhe Come in, and hath his Seil avaled, The toun therof hath AWS-SYSOPS Practise Questions spoke and taled.

If thou wolt take into thi mod 2310 Reson, thou myht be reson deeme That so thi prince forto queeme Is noght to reson acordant, Bot it is gretly descordant Unto the Scoles of Athene.

That ferst was wel is thanne mis, That was thankworth is thanne blame, And thus the worschipe of his AWS Certified SysOps Administrator AWS-SYSOPS name Thurgh pride of his avantarie He torneth into vilenie.

Now lest what fell upon this thing.

And natheles it is gret feere Bothe of the strok and of the fyr, Of which is no recoverir In place wher that thei descende, Bot if god wolde his grace sende.

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Min herte wolde and I ne may Is noght beloved nou adayes Er thou make eny suche assaies To love, and faile upon the fet, Betre is to make a beau retret For thogh thou myhtest love atteigne, Yit were it bot an ydel peine, Whan that thou art noght sufficant To holde love his covenant.

And in his constellacion Who that is bore in special, Of good will and of liberal He schal be founde in alle place, And also stonde in mochel grace Toward the lordes forto serve And gret profit and thonk deserve.

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1770 Wherof they token hem to rede, And soghten frendes ate nede, And ech of hem asseureth other To helpe as to his oghne brother, To vengen hem of thilke oultrage And winne ayein here heritage.

Tho he, which sory was ynowh, Out AWS-SYSOPS Certification Braindumps of the dich his fader drouh, And tolde his moder hou it ferde In conseil and whan sche it herde And kneu the toknes whiche he tolde, Sche nyste what sche seie scholde, Bot stod abayssht as for the while Of his magique and al the guile.

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2820 Thus was he Pope canonized, With gret honour and intronized, And upon chance as it is falle, His name Celestin men calle Which notefied was be bulle To holi cherche and to the fulle In alle londes magnified.

1150 What man that wolde him wel avise, Delicacie is to despise, Whan kinde acordeth noght withal Wherof ensample in special Of Nero whilom mai be told, Which ayein kinde manyfold Hise lustes tok, til ate laste That god him wolde al overcaste Of whom the Cronique is so plein, Me list nomore of him to sein.

Lo now, if this believe halte Bot of the Nimphes as thei telle, In every place wher thei duelle 1350 Thei ben al redi obeissant As damoiselles entendant To the goddesses, whos servise Thei mote obeie in alle wise Wherof the Greks to hem beseke With tho that ben goddesses eke, And have in hem a gret credence.

He which departeth dai fro nyht, That on derk and that other lyht, Of sevene daies made a weke, A Monthe of foure wekes eke He hath ordeigned in his lawe, Of Monthes tuelve and ek AWS-SYSOPS Exam Dump forthdrawe 960 He hath also the longe yeer.

Thus thei, that weren longe wrothe, 3240 Acorden hem to final pes And yit justice natheles Was kept and in nothing offended Wherof Pompeie was comended.

And understond that al this peine, Which thou schalt soffre thilke tide, Is schape al only for thi pride Of veine gloire, and of the sinne Which thou hast longe stonden inne.

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The time of yeres overgeth, That he was man of brede and lengthe, Of wit, of manhod and of strengthe, A fair persone amonges alle.

And as an hound that goth to folde And hath ther taken what he wolde, His mouth upon the gras he wypeth, And so with feigned chiere him slypeth, 6530 That what as evere of schep he strangle, Ther is noman therof schal jangle, As forto knowen who it dede Riht so doth Stelthe in every stede, Where as him list his preie take.

2090 And so forth thanne upon a day Al openly in good arai To themperour thei hem presente, And tolden it was here entente To duellen under his servise.

If I schal drawe in to my mynde The tyme passed, thanne I fynde The world stod thanne in al his welthe Tho was the lif of man in helthe, Tho was plente, tho was richesse, Tho was the fortune of prouesse, Tho was knyhthode in pris be name, Wherof the wyde worldes fame 100 Write in Cronique is yit withholde Justice of lawe tho was holde, The privilege of regalie Was sauf, and al the baronie Worschiped was in his astat The citees knewen no debat, The poeple stod in obeissance Under the reule of governance, And pes, which ryhtwisnesse keste, With charite tho stod in reste 110 Of mannes herte the corage Was schewed thanne in the visage The word was lich to the conceite Withoute semblant of deceite Tho was ther unenvied love, Tho was the vertu sett above And vice was put under fote.

I hadde levere be mi trowthe, Er I were set on such a slouthe And beere such a slepi snoute, Bothe yhen of myn hed were oute.

Sche, that of alle sorwe can, Tho spak unto hire bondeman, Which cleped was Theophilus, And made him swere in conseil thus, 1360 That he such time as sche him sette Schal come Thaise forto fette, And lede hire oute of alle sihte, Wher as noman hire helpe myhte, Upon the Stronde nyh the See, And there he schal this maiden sle.

Extorcioun, contekt, ravine Withholde ben of that covyne, Aldai men hierin gret compleignte Of the desease, of the constreignte, Wher of the poeple is sore oppressid God graunte it mote be redressid.

4780 Skarsnesse and love acorden nevere, For every thing is wel the levere, Whan that a man hath boght it diere And forto speke in this matiere, For sparinge of a litel cost Fulofte time a man hath lost The large cote for the hod.

Bot I am ferr fro thilke grace, As AWS-SYSOPS Exam Demo forto speke of tyme now So mot I soffre, and preie yow 2380 That ye wole axe on other side If ther be eny point of Pride, Wherof it nedeth to be schrive.

So duelle thei togedre stille, These brethren, and the fader sterveth.

Anon was mad a cofre sich, 1110 Al redy broght unto his hond And whanne he sih and redy fond This cofre mad and wel enclowed, The dede bodi was besowed In cloth of gold and leid therinne.

6500 For whan he wot the lord from home, Than wol he stalke aboute and rome And what thing he fint in his weie, Whan that he seth the men aweie, He stelth it and Amazon AWS-SYSOPS Exam Dump goth forth withal, That therof noman knowe schal.

This faire Maiden Tisbee hihte, ICGB Exam Guide And he whom that sche loveth hote Was Piramus be name hote.

840 Now tell me forth if ther be more As touchende unto Wraththes lore.

The king was moeved in his thoght Of that he seth, and knoweth it noght 1380 This child he loveth kindely, And yit he wot no cause why.

Elda cam hom the same nyht, And stille with a prive lyht, As he that wolde noght awake His wif, he hath his weie take Into the chambre, and ther liggende He fond his dede AWS Certified SysOps Administrator AWS-SYSOPS wif bledende, 840 Wher that Constance faste by Was falle aslepe and sodeinly He cride alowd, and sche awok, And forth withal sche caste a lok And sih this ladi blede there, Wherof swoundende ded for fere Sche was, and stille as eny Ston She lay, and Elda therupon Into the Castell clepeth oute, And up sterte every man aboute, 850 Into the chambre and forth thei wente.

The Duc and tho that weren wise Thei profren hem to his servise And he hem thonketh of here profre And seith himself he wol gon offre 1990 Unto the goddes for his sped, As alle men him yeven red.

What helpeth it a man AWS-SYSOPS Test Questions have mete, Wher drinke lacketh on the bord What helpeth eny mannes word 1720 To seie hou I travaile faste, Wher as me faileth ate laste That thing which I travaile fore O in good time were he bore, That mihte atteigne such a mede.

Thei seten alle stille and herde, Bot therto was noman ansuerde, It thoghte hem alle he seide skile, Ther is noman withseie it wile Whan thei upon the reson musen, Horestes alle thei excusen So that with gret solempnete He was unto his dignete 2170 Received, and coroned king.

Ovide telleth in his bok Ensample touchende of mislok, And seith hou whilom ther was on, A worthi lord, which Acteon Was hote, and he was cousin nyh To him that Thebes ferst on hyh Up sette, which king Cadme hyhte.

Mai noman lette C2010-569 Vce Files that schal falle.

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The Steward thanne wher sche lay Cam to the bedd, and in his wise Hath bede that sche scholde arise.

This Geant with his ruide myht Part of the banke he schof doun riht, The which evene upon Acis fell, So that with fallinge of this hell This Poliphemus Acis slowh, Wherof sche made sorwe ynowh.

Mi fader, hou so that it stonde, Now have I pleinly understonde Of Slouthes court the proprete, Wherof touchende in my degre For evere I thenke to be war.

In wodes and in feldes eke Thus Robberie goth to seke, 6100 Wher as he mai his pourpos finde.

Touchende usure, as I suppose, 4490 Which as ye telle in love is used, Mi ladi mai noght ben excused That for o lokinge of hire ye5 Min hole herte til I dye With al that evere I may and can Sche hath me wonne to hire man Wherof, me thenkth, good reson wolde That sche somdel rewarde scholde, And yive a part, ther sche hath al.

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Nou lete we this maiden hiere, And speke of Dionise ayein And of Theophile the vilein, 1500 Of whiche I spak of nou tofore.

1810 Wherof, so as it comth to honde, A tale thou schalt understonde, Hou that a kniht schal armes suie, And for the while his ese eschuie.

Bot al the sleyhte of his tresoun Horestes wiste it be aspie, And of his men a gret partie He made in buisshement abide, To waite on him in such a tide 2090 That he ne mihte here hond ascape And in this wise as he hath schape The thing befell, so that Egiste Was take, er he himself it wiste, And was forth broght hise hondes bounde, As whan men han a tretour founde.

And as it scholde so betyde, A povere lazre upon a tyde Cam to the gate and axed mete Bot there mihte he nothing gete His dedly hunger forto stanche For he, which hadde his fulle panche 1000 Of alle lustes ate bord, Ne deigneth noght to speke a word, Onliche a Crumme forto yive, Wherof the povere myhte live Upon the yifte of his almesse.

The goddes, whiche hir pleigntes herde And syhe hou wofully sche ferde, Hire lif thei toke awey anon, And schopen hire into a Ston After the forme of hire ymage Of bodi bothe and of visage.

Bot he, which Pite hath parfit Upon the point of his believe, The poeple thoghte to relieve, And ches himselve to be ded.

For tho tuo vices in discord Stonde evere, as I finde of record AWS-SYSOPS Test Exam 7650 So that betwen here tuo debat Largesse reuleth his astat.

And whan this tale was full rouned, The Steward tok the gold and wente, Withinne his herte and many a wente Of coveitise thanne he caste, Wherof a pourpos ate laste Ayein love and ayein his riht He tok, and seide hou thilke nyht 2730 His wif schal ligge be the king And goth thenkende upon this thing Toward his In, til he cam hom Into the chambre, and thanne he nom His wif, and tolde hire al the cas.

Thei seten alle stille and herde, And tho spak every man aboute Ther was AWS-SYSOPS Simulation Questions alegged many a doute, And many a proud word spoke also Bot for the moste part as tho Thei wisten noght what was the beste, Or forto werre or forto reste.

Art thou, mi Sone, of such engin 77-605 Labs Tell on.

Sche waiteth upon his cominge With dansinge and with carolinge, 1530 As sche that wolde be tofore Al othre, and so sche was therfore In Masphat at hir fader gate The ferste and whan he com therate, And sih his douhter, he tobreide Hise clothes and wepende he seide O mihti god among ous hiere, Nou wot I that in no manere This worldes joie mai be plein.

The hihe almyhti majeste, Of rihtwisnesse and of pite, The Sinne which that Adam wroghte, Whan he sih time, ayein he boghte, 1740 And sende his Sone fro the hevene To sette mannes Soule in AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate AWS-SYSOPS Exam Dump evene, Which thanne was so sore falle Upon the point which was befalle, That he ne mihte himself arise.

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Forthi, mi Sone, if thou wolt live In vertu, thou most vice eschuie, And with low herte humblesce suie, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator AWS-SYSOPS So that thou be noght surquidous.

Bot every time hath his certein, So moste it nedes thanne abide, Til afterward upon a tyde Tarquinus made unskilfully A werre, which was fasteby Ayein a toun with walles stronge Which Ardea was cleped longe, 4760 And caste a Siege theraboute, That ther mai noman passen oute.

So schalt thou fiele no rancour, 2730 Wherof thin herte schal debate With homicide ne with hate For Cheste or for Malencolie Thou schalt be soft in compaignie Withoute Contek or Folhaste For elles miht thou longe waste Thi time, er that thou have thi wille Of love for the weder stille Men preise, and blame the tempestes.

For this, ma dame, I you consaile, That ye it kepe so prive, That no wiht elles bot we thre Have knowlechinge hou that it is For elles mihte it fare amis, If ye dede oght that scholde him grieve.

The dai was come and forth thei gon, Unto the Court thei come anon, 3220 Wher as the king in juggement Was set and hath this knyht assent.

So be ther manye, in such a wise That feignen wordes to be wise, And al is verray flaterie To him which can it wel aspie.

Tho thoghte him colde grases goode, That whilom CX-310-065 Certification Material eet the hote spices, Thus was he torned fro delices The wyn which he was wont to drinke He tok thanne of the welles brinke 2980 Or of the pet or of the slowh, It thoghte him thanne good ynowh In stede of chambres wel arraied He was thanne of a buissh wel paied, The harde ground he lay upon, For othre pilwes hath he non The stormes and the Reines falle, The wyndes blowe upon him alle, He was tormented day and nyht, Such was the hihe goddes myht, 2990 Til sevene yer an ende toke.

His Ston is seid Crisolitus, His herbe is cleped Satureie, So as these olde bokes seie.