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And he with that began to crie, 290 IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional C2010-569 Vce Files And preide Bachus to foryive His gilt, and soffre him forto live And be such as he was tofore, So that he were not forlore.

Verconius of cokerie Ferst made the delicacie.

This Cardinal the same while Al openly with wordes pleine Seith, if the Pope wolde ordeigne 2920 That ther be such a lawe wroght, Than mihte he cesse, and elles noght.

Nothing withstondende hire astat, Of love more delicat He set hire chiere at no delit, Bot he have al his appetit.

Bot sche hadde o defalte of Slowthe Towardes love, and that was rowthe For so wel cowde noman seie, Which mihte sette hire in the weie Of loves occupacion Thurgh non ymaginacion That scole wolde sche noght knowe.

In a Cronique this I rede.

To telle of him is endeles, Bot this I seie natheles, Wher as this vice comth to londe, Ther takth noman his thonk on honde 4900 Thogh he with alle his myhtes serve, He schal of him no thonk deserve.

For I with love am al withholde, So that the lasse I am to wyte, Thogh I ne conne bot a lyte Of othre thinges that ben wise I am noght tawht in such a wise For it is noght my comun us To speke of vices and vertus, Bot al of love and of his lore, For Venus bokes of nomore 270 Me techen nowther text ne glose.

Word hath beguiled many a man With word the wilde beste is daunted, With word the Serpent is enchaunted, Of word among the men of Armes Ben woundes heeled with the charmes, Wher lacketh other medicine Word hath under his discipline 1570 Of Sorcerie the karectes.

For of the mannes Progenie, 30 Which of the womman schal be bore, The nombre of Angles which was lore, Whan thei out fro the blisse felle, He thoghte to restore, and felle In hevene thilke holy place Which stod tho voide upon his grace.

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Thus sche began to sette red And torne aboute hir wittes alle, To loke hou that it mihte falle That sche with him hadde a leisir To speke and telle of hir desir.

And al the toun began to crie, Awey, awey the tirannie Of lecherie and covoitise And ate laste in such a wise 5120 The fader in the same while Forth with his Sone thei exile, And taken betre governance.

Wher I miself mai noght availe To sen an other man travaile, I am riht glad if he be let And thogh I fare noght the bet, His sorwe is to myn herte a game Whan that I knowe it is the same 270 Which to mi ladi stant enclined, And hath his love noght termined, I am riht joifull in my thoght.

790 He is so ferforth Amourous, He not what thing is vicious Touchende love, for that lawe Ther mai no maner man withdrawe, The which venerien is bore Be weie of kinde, and therefore Venus of love the goddesse Is cleped bot of wantounesse The climat of hir lecherie Is most commun in Lombardie.

3170 So that with wepinge ate laste His chiere upon his child he caste, And sorwfulli to that sche preide He tolde his tale and thus he seide C2010-569 Exam Collection The sorwe, dowhter, which I make Is noght al only for my sake, Bot for thee bothe and for you alle For such a chance is me befalle, That I schal er C2010-569 Material Pdf this thridde day Lese al that evere I lese may, 3180 Mi lif and al my good therto Therfore it is I sorwe so.

And in the bible I finde also A tale lich unto this thing, Hou Amalech the paien king, Whan that he myhte be no weie Defende his lond and putte aweie 4410 The worthi poeple of Irael, This Sarazin, as it befell, Thurgh the conseil of Balaam A route of faire wommen nam, That lusti were and yonge of C2010-569 Certification Answers Age, And bad hem gon to the lignage Of these Hebreus and forth thei wente With yhen greye and browes bente And wel arraied everych on And whan thei come were anon 4420 Among thebreus, was non insihte, Bot cacche who that cacche myhte, And ech of hem hise lustes soghte, Whiche after thei full diere boghte.

Thei seiden alle that thei wolde, And therupon thei swore here oth, That fro the time that he goth, Til he to C2010-569 Sample Questions hem be come C2010-569 Study Guide Book ayein, Thei scholde hise lawes wel and plein In every point kepe and fulfille.

Men mai recovere lost of good, Bot so wys man yit nevere stod, Which mai recovere time lore So mai a Maiden wel therfore Ensample take, of that sche strangeth Hir love, and longe er that sche changeth 1490 Hir herte upon hir lustes greene To mariage, as it is seene.

So is he lych unto the helle For as these olde bokes telle, 30 What comth therinne, lasse or more, It schal departe neveremore Thus whanne he hath his cofre loken, It schal noght after ben unstoken, Bot whanne him list to have a syhte Of gold, hou that it schyneth brihte, That he ther on mai loke and muse For otherwise he dar noght use To take his part, or lasse or more.

Tho was C2010-569 Vce Files Aluminium Access Products Ltd ther gret merveile on honde, That he, which was so wys a knyht, His lif upon so yong a wyht Besette wolde in jeupartie, And manye it hielden for folie Bot ate laste natheles The king IBM C2010-569 Vce Files comandeth ben in pes, 3240 And to this Maide he caste his chiere, And seide he wolde hire tale hiere, He bad hire speke, and sche began Mi liege lord, so as I can, Quod sche, the pointz of whiche I herde, Thei schul of reson ben ansuerde.

He hath so manye sondri spieces Of vice, that I mai noght wel Descrive hem be a thousendel Bot whan that he to Cheste falleth, Ful many a wonder thing befalleth, 470 For he ne can nothing forbere.

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Thus grante I yow myn hole vois, Ches for ous bothen, I you preie And what as evere that ye seie, 1830 Riht as ye wole so wol I.

As he rod with his compainie Nyh to the strondes of Lubie, 410 Ther myhte thei no drinke finde Of water nor of other kinde, So that himself and al his host Were of defalte of drinke almost Destruid, and thanne Bachus preide To Jupiter, and thus he seide O hihe fader, that sest al, To whom is reson that I schal Beseche and preie in every nede, Behold, mi fader, and tak hiede 420 This wofull thurst that we ben inne To staunche, and grante ous forto winne, And sauf unto the contre fare, Wher that oure lusti loves are Waitende upon oure hom cominge.

Medea, which foryat him naght, Was redy there, and seide anon, Welcome, O worthi kniht Jason.

Cecus amor dudum nondum sua lumina cepit, Quo Venus impositum devia fallit iter.

2570 Among these othre upon the grene I syh also the wofull queene Cleopatras, which in a Cave With Serpentz hath hirself begrave Alquik, and so sche was totore, For sorwe of that sche hadde lore Antonye, which hir love hath be And forth with hire I sih Tisbee, Which on the C2010-569 Dump Test scharpe swerdes point For love deide in sory point 2580 And as myn Ere it myhte knowe, Sche seide, Wo worthe alle slowe The pleignte of Progne and Philomene Ther herde I what it wolde mene, How Tere s of his untrouthe Undede hem bothe, and that was routhe And next to hem I sih Canace, Which for Machaire hir fader grace Hath lost, and deide in wofull plit.

It hath and schal ben everemor That love is maister wher he wile, Ther can no lif make other skile For wher as evere him lest to sette, Ther is no myht which him may lette.

And sche began him to bemene, 1540 And seide Florent be thi name, Thou hast on honde such a game, That bot thou be the betre avised, Thi deth is schapen and devised, That al the world ne mai the save, Bot if that thou my conseil have.

And as he sette of his pouer Acordant to the daies sevene Planetes Sevene upon the hevene, As thou tofore hast herd devise, To speke riht in such a wise, To every Monthe be himselve Upon the hevene of Signes tuelve He hath after his Ordinal Assigned on in special, 970 Wherof, so as I schal rehersen, The tydes of the yer diversen.

The hyhe almyhti pourveance, In whos eterne remembrance Fro ferst was every thing present, He hath his prophecie sent, In such a wise as thou schalt hiere, To Daniel of this matiere, 590 Hou that this world schal torne and wende, Till it be falle to his ende Wherof the tale telle I schal, In which it is betokned al.

Him thenkth that to his covoitise Hou al the world ne mai suffise, For be his wille he wolde have alle, If that it mihte so befalle Thus is he commun as the Strete, I sette noght of his beyete.

2210 What man that is of traiterie, Of moerdre or elles robberie Atteint, the jugge schal noght lette, Bot he schal slen of pure dette, And doth gret Senne, if that he wonde.

Bot Julius with wordes wise His tale tolde al otherwise, As he which wolde her deth respite, And fondeth hou he mihte excite The IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional C2010-569 Vce Files jugges thurgh his eloquence Fro deth to torne the sentence 1620 And sette here hertes to pite.

Of this chapitre in which we trete There is yit on of such diete, To which no povere mai atteigne For al is Past of paindemeine 620 And sondri wyn and sondri drinke, Wherof that he wole ete and drinke Hise cokes ben for him MB3-409 Questions affaited, So that his body is awaited, That IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler V8.6 Implementation C2010-569 him schal lacke no delit, Als ferforth as his appetit Sufficeth to the metes hote.

And he which alle thing achieveth Bad him go forth and don riht so.

Lo, thus the yonge cause wente 4130 For that the conseil was noght good, The regne fro the rihtfull blod Evere afterward divided was.

Now goth togedre of on assent And taketh youre avisement, For bot I you this dai avance, It stant upon youre oghne chance Al only in defalte of grace So schal be schewed in this place Upon you alle wel afyn, That no defalte schal be myn.

For thei be whom this art was founde To every point a certain bounde Ordeignen, that a man mai finde This craft is wroght be weie of kinde, So that ther is no fallas inne.

And he began to sorwe tho, In many a wise and caste his thoght, Bot for al that yit cowthe he noght Devise himself which was the beste.

For in an other place I rede Of thilke Nimphe which Laar hihte For sche the privete be nyhte, 820 How Jupiter lay be Jutorne, Hath told, god made hire overtorne Hire tunge he kutte, and C2010-569 Vce Files into helle For evere he sende hir forto duelle, As sche that was noght worthi hiere To ben of love a Chamberere, For sche no conseil cowthe hele.

Whan al this thing is don and ended, This king, which loved was and frended, A lettre hath, which cam to him Be Schipe fro Pentapolim, Be which the lond hath to him write, That he wolde understonde and wite Hou in good mynde and in good pes Ded is the king Artestrates, 1970 Wherof thei alle of on acord Him preiden, as here liege lord, That he the lettre wel conceive And come his regne to receive, Which god hath yove him and fortune And thus besoghte the commune Forth with the grete lordes alle.

Mi goode fader, be your leve Thanne axeth forth what so you list, For I have in you such a trist, As ye that be my Soule hele, That ye fro me wol nothing hele, For I schal telle you the trowthe.

2420 Forthi tak hom thin herte ayein, That thou travaile noght in vein, Wherof my Court may be deceived.

The king stod stille as eny ston, And to his tale an Ere he leide, And thoghte more than he seide Bot natheles to that he herde Wel cortaisly the king answerde, And tolde it scholde be amended.

1880 Thus for the time he tok his leve.

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In swoune tho sche gan doun falle, And efte aros and gan to stonde, And eft sche takth the cloth on honde, 5790 Behield the lettres and thymages Bot ate laste, Of suche oultrages, Sche seith, wepinge is noght the bote And swerth, if that sche live mote, It schal be venged otherwise.

And whan men herde hou that hir lif 1870 Was saved, and be whom it was, Thei wondren alle of such a cas Thurgh al the Lond aros the speche Of Maister Cerymon the leche And of the C2010-569 Certification Material cure which he dede.

The myhtieste of alle men Whan Hercules with Eolen, Which was the love of his corage, Togedre upon a Pelrinage 6810 Towardes Rome scholden go, It fell hem be the weie so, That thei upon a dai a Cave Withinne a roche founden have, Which was real and glorious And of Entaile curious, Be name and Thophis it was hote.

Bot this I telle thee therfore, Thou miht upon my beneicoun Wel haten the condicioun 940 Of tho janglers, as thou me toldest, Bot furthermor, of that thou woldest Hem hindre in eny other wise, Such Hate is evere to despise.

Bot Phebus, which hath gret desdeign Of that his Maiden was forlein, Anon as he to C2010-569 Exam Questions With Answers Troie cam, Vengance upon this dede he nam And sende a comun pestilence.

And of Saturne also I finde 860 How afterward into an yle This Jupiter him dede exile, Wher that he stod in gret meschief.

1420 And sche, which thoghte hire lustes fonde, Diverse loves tok in honde, Wel mo thanne I the tolde hiere And for sche wolde hirselve skiere, Sche made comun that desport, And sette a lawe of such a port, That every womman mihte take What man hire liste, and noght forsake To ben als comun as sche wolde.

So forto deme in mannes wit, 7730 It helpeth more a man to have His oghne good, than forto crave Of othre men and make him bounde, Wher elles he mai stonde unbounde.

Ther while Agamenon batailleth To winne Troie, and it C2010-569 Actual Test assailleth, Fro home and was long time ferr, Egistus drowh his qweene nerr, And with the leiser which he hadde This ladi at his wille he ladde Climestre was hire rihte name, Sche was therof gretli C2010-569 Exam Dumps Pdf to blame, 1910 To love there it mai noght laste.

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And he with al his hole entente, Whan sche was fro hir frendes go, Assoteth of hire love so, His yhe myhte he noght withholde, That he ne moste on hir beholde 5620 And with the sihte he gan desire, And sette his oghne herte on fyre And fyr, whan it to tow aprocheth, To him anon the strengthe acrocheth, Til with his hete it be devoured, The tow ne mai noght be socoured.

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I Genius the prest of love, Mi Sone, as thou hast preid above That I the Scole schal declare Of Aristotle and ek the fare Of Alisandre, hou he was tauht, I am somdel therof destrauht For it is noght to the matiere Of love, why we sitten hiere To schryve, so as Venus bad.

Bot Pharao with wrong hem ladde In servitute ayein the pes, Til god let sende Moi5ses To make the deliverance And for his poeple gret vengance He tok, which is to hiere a wonder.

For his nature is so divers, That it hath evere som travers Or of to moche or of to lite, That pleinly mai noman delite, 3160 Bot if him faile or that or this.

Ther is noman so wys that knoweth Of thilke flod which is the tyde, Ne how he scholde himselven guide To take sauf passage there.

Thus saiden thei that there stode, And ek that walkede up and doun, Bothe of the Court and of the toun.

I have wel herd and understonde, Mi Sone, al that thou hast me seid, And ek of that thou hast me preid, Nou at this time that I schal As for conclusioun final 2070 Conseile upon thi nede sette So thenke I finaly to knette This cause, where it is tobroke, And make an ende of that is spoke.

Of mislokynge how it hath ferd, As I have told, now hast thou herd, My goode Sone, and tak good hiede.

So thogh I wolde stalke and crepe, And wayte on eve and ek on morwe, Of Danger schal I nothing borwe, 6640 And stele I wot wel may I noght And thus I am riht wel bethoght, Whil Danger stant in his office, Of Stelthe, which ye clepe a vice, I schal be gultif neveremo.

2510 These s, thogh he were untrewe To love, as alle wommen knewe, Yit was he there natheles With Phedra, whom to love he ches Of Grece ek ther was Thelamon, Which fro the king Lamenedon At Troie his doghter refte aweie, Eseonen, as for his C2010-569 Actual Exam preie, Which take was whan Jason cam Fro Colchos, and the Cite nam 2520 In vengance of the ferste hate That made hem after to debate, Whan Priamus the newe toun Hath mad.

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And thus he loketh on the fleissh, 7070 Riht as an hauk which hath a sihte Upon the foul, ther he schal lihte And as he were of faierie, He scheweth him tofore here yhe In holi place wher thei sitte, Al forto make here hertes flitte.

And in comparisoun Ther ben lovers of such a sort, That feignen hem an humble port, And al is bot Ypocrisie, Which with deceipte and flaterie Hath many a worthi wif beguiled.

Whan time cam he tok his leve, That lengere wolde he noght beleve, And preith his Em he be noght wroth, For that is a point of his oth, He seith, that noman schal him wreke, Thogh afterward men hiere speke 1520 That he par aventure deie.

Sche sende for him, and he com, With him his Astellabre he nom, 1890 Which was of fin gold precious With pointz and cercles merveilous And ek the hevenely figures Wroght in a bok ful of peintures He tok this ladi forto schewe, And tolde of ech of hem be rewe The cours and the condicion.

Helas, that I nere of this lif, Er I be fulliche overtake And thus he wol his sorwe make, As god him mihte noght availe Bot yit ne wol he noght travaile To helpe himself at such a nede, Bot slowtheth under such a drede, 3420 Which is affermed in his herte, Riht as he mihte noght asterte The worldes wo which he is inne.

Lo, thus Thetis the cause ladde, 3050 And lefte there Achilles feigned, As he which hath himself restreigned In al that evere he mai and can Out of the manere of a man, And tok his wommannysshe chiere, Wherof unto his beddefere Dei5damie he hath be nyhte.

1200 And after, for sche was so wys That sche fond ferst in hire avis The cloth makinge of wolle and lyn, Men seiden that sche was divin, And the goddesse of Sapience Thei clepen hire in that credence.

20 Now, Sone, as of this ilke thing, If thou have eny knowleching, That thou to love hast don er this, Tell on.

Bot he, that wiste nothing why 2970 He scholde do so gret servise After the world in such a wise, Withstod the wrong of that demande For noght the Pope mai comande The king wol noght the Pope obeie.

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Bot yit I yaf hir nevere noght, Ne therto dorste a profre make For wel I wot sche wol noght take, And yive wol sche noght also, Sche is eschu of bothe tuo.

For al onliche of gentil love Mi court stant alle courtz C2010-569 Vce above And takth noght into retenue Bot thing which is to kinde due, For elles it schal be refused.

Achilles tho withdrowh his hond Bot al the pouer of the lond, Whan that thei sihe here king thus take, Thei fledde and han the feld forsake The Grecs unto the chace falle, And for the moste part of alle Of that contre the lordes grete Thei toke, and wonne a gret beyete.

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My goode Sone, at thi preiere 630 Of suche ensamples as I finde, So as thei comen nou to mynde Upon this point, of time gon I thenke forto tellen on.

The king somdiel hadde an Envie, And thoghte he wolde his wittes plie To sette som conclusioun, Which scholde be confusioun Unto this knyht, so that the name And of wisdom the hihe fame Toward himself he wolde winne.

And that me grieveth wonder sore, 6630 For this proverbe is evere newe, That stronge lokes maken trewe Of hem that wolden stele and pyke For so wel can ther noman slyke Be him ne be non other mene, To whom Danger wol C2010-569 Vce Files yive or lene Of that tresor he hath to kepe.

So what with hepe and what with crok Thei make here maister ofte winne And wol noght knowe what is sinne For coveitise, and thus, men sain, Thei maken many a fals bargain.

For there thei no werres made, Be cause it was bareigne and povere, Wherof thei mihten noght recovere 2320 And thus poverte was forbore, He that noght hadde noght hath lore.

O wif schal wel to thee suffise, And thanne, if thou for covoitise Of love woldest axe more, Thou scholdest don ayein the lore 4660 Of alle hem that trewe be.

Mi Sone, Envie into no pris Of such a forme, I understonde, Ne mihte be no resoun stonde 280 For this C2010-569 Practice Exam Questions Envie hath such a kinde, That he wole sette himself behinde To hindre with an othre wyht, And gladly lese his oghne riht To make an other lesen his.

The knihtes for this child forthgon 1850 Thelamacus anon was fett, Tofore the plowh and evene sett, Wher that his fader scholde dryve.

Bot whan sche sih withinne a while The Flees glistrende ayein the Sonne, Sche saide, Ha, lord, now al is wonne, Mi kniht the field hath overcome Nou wolde god he were come Ha lord, that he ne were alonde Bot I dar take this on honde, If that sche hadde wynges tuo, Sche wolde have flowe unto him tho 3750 Strawht ther he was into the Bot.

This Geant with his ruide myht Part of the banke he schof doun riht, The which evene upon Acis fell, So that with fallinge of this hell This Poliphemus Acis slowh, Wherof sche made sorwe ynowh.

Synon, which mad was here aspie Withinne Troie, as was conspired, Whan time was a tokne hath fired And thei with that here weie holden, And comen in riht as thei wolden, Ther as the gate was tobroke.

And otherwhile it fareth so, In loves cause who is slow, That he withoute under the wow MOS-WXP2002 Online Exam Be nyhte stant fulofte acold, Which mihte, if that he hadde wold His time kept, have be withinne.

And sche to don hir fader heste Hir harpe fette, and in the feste 760 Upon a Chaier which thei fette Hirself next to this man sche sette With harpe bothe and ek with mouthe To him sche dede al that sche couthe To make him chiere, and evere he siketh, And sche him axeth hou him liketh.

Bot whanne he berth lowest the Seil, Thanne is he swiftest to beguile The womman, which that ilke while Set upon him feith or credence.

Therfore attempre thi corage Folhaste doth non avantage, 1680 Bot ofte it set a man behinde In cause of love, and that I finde Be olde ensample, as thou schalt hiere, Touchende of love in this matiere.

And thus we fellen in distance, 2200 Mi Prest and I, bot I spak faire, And thurgh mi wordes debonaire Thanne ate laste we acorden, So that he seith he wol recorden To speke and stonde upon mi syde To Venus bothe and to Cupide And bad me wryte what I wolde, And seith me trewly that he scholde Mi lettre bere unto the queene.

And thus whan love is evele wonne, Fulofte it comth to repentaile.

So as I myhte, under a tre To grounde I fell upon mi kne, And preide hire forto do me grace Sche 70-341 Certification Material caste hire chiere upon mi face, And as it were halvinge a game Sche axeth me what is mi name.

Bot therof sche was al deceived For whan sche cam a litel nyh, And that Diane hire wombe syh, CLAD Vce Files Sche seide, Awey, thou foule beste, For thin astat is noght honeste This chaste water forto touche For thou hast take such a touche, Which nevere mai ben hol ayein.

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Noght only upon loves chance, Bot upon every governance 1740 Which falleth unto mannes dede, Folhaste is evere forto drede, And that a man good consail take, Er he his pourpos undertake, For consail put Folhaste aweie.

Elda, which thoghte his king to plese, As he that thanne unwedded was, Of Constance al the pleine cas Als goodliche as he cowthe tolde.

And over this nou understond, Air is the thridde of elementz, Of whos kinde his aspirementz Takth every lifissh creature, The which schal upon erthe endure For as the fissh, if it be dreie, Mot in defaute of water deie, 260 Riht so withouten Air on lyve No man ne beste myhte thryve, The which is mad of fleissh and bon There is outake of alle non.

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He was an Hunte upon the helles, Ther was with him no vertu elles, 920 Wherof that enye bokes karpe, Bot only that he couthe harpe Which whanne he walked over londe, Fulofte time he tok on honde, To gete him with his sustienance, For lacke of other pourveance.

Of man, of beste, of herbe, of ston, Of fissch, of foughl, of everychon 140 That ben of bodely substance, The nature and the circumstance Thurgh this science it is ful soght, Which vaileth and which vaileth noght.