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Bot Slowthe mai no profit winne, 250 Bot he mai singe in his karole How Latewar cam to the Dole, Wher he no good receive mihte.

Lo thus, my Sone, as I thee seie, Thou miht thiselve be beseie Of that thou hast of othre herd For evere yit it hath so ferd, 250 Of loves lust if so befalle That it in other place falle Than it is of the lawe set, He which his love hath so beset Mote afterward repente him sore.

And he, which understod the cas, Sat stille and spak no word ayein.

And sche ayein to him thus seide 1550 Florent, if I for the so schape, That thou thurgh me thi deth ascape And take worschipe of thi dede, What schal I have to my mede What thing, quod he, that thou wolt axe.

For in the plit which I thee finde, So as mi court it hath awarded, Thou schalt be duely rewarded And if thou woldest more crave, It is no riht that thou it have.

Bot as it falleth ate laste, Ther mai no worldes joie laste, So mot I nedes fro hire wende And of my wachche make an ende And if sche thanne hiede toke, Hou pitousliche on hire I loke, 2810 Whan that I schal my leve take, Hire oghte of mercy forto slake Hire daunger, which seith evere nay.

The Romeins maden a chaiere And sette here Emperour therinne, And seiden, for he wolde winne Of gold the superfluite, Of gold he scholde such plente Receive, til he seide Ho And with gold, which thei hadden tho 2220 Buillende hot withinne a panne, Into his Mouth thei poure thanne.

And forto proven it is so, Ovide the Poete also A tale which to this matiere Acordeth seith, as thou schalt hiere.

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And thus be Schipe forth sailende 1210 Hire and hir child to Rome he broghte, And to his wif tho he besoghte To take hire into compaignie And sche, which cowthe of courtesie Al that a good wif scholde konne, Was inly glad that sche hath wonne The felaschip of so good on.

Thus for I se no medicine To make an ende of mi querele, My deth schal be in stede of hele.

It fell thei foghten bothe afote, Ther was no ston, ther was no rote, Which mihte letten hem the weie, But al was voide and take aweie.

And over that he hadde affaited Hise lusti tales, and awaited His time and thus into the field He cam, where Argus he behield 3340 With Yo, which beside him wente.

Upon this thing thei token hiede 1820 And stoden in desputeison, That be diverse opinion Of Argumentz that thei have holde Arpaghes ferst his tale tolde, And seide hou that the strengthe of kinges Is myhtiest of alle thinges.

And so forth, Sone, if we beginne 340 To speke of love and his servise, Ther ben truantz in such a wise, That lacken herte, whan best were To speke of love, and riht for fere Thei wexen doumb and dar noght telle, Withoute soun as doth the C2180-184 Book Pdf belle, Which hath no claper forto chyme And riht so thei as for the tyme Ben herteles withoute speche Of love, and dar nothing beseche 350 And thus thei lese and winne noght.

And thanne, er that he were arise, For that he scholde ben agrise, To schewen him the child was ded, This Philomene tok the hed 5910 Betwen tuo disshes, and al wrothe Tho comen forth the Sostres bothe, And setten it upon the bord.

Medea in the mene while, Which thoghte hir fader to beguile, The Tresor which hir fader hadde With hire al priveli sche ladde, And with Jason at time set Awey sche stal and fond no let, 3900 And straght sche goth hire unto schipe Of Grece with that felaschipe, And thei anon drowe up the Seil.

480 An othre thing, who that recordeth, Lich unto this ensample acordeth, Which in the tale of Troie I finde.

And ovyr this, To seche and loke how that it is Touchende of the chevalerie, Which forto loke, in som partie Is worthi forto be comendid, And in som part to ben amendid, 3010 That of here large retenue The lond is ful of maintenue, Which causith that the comune right In fewe contrees stant upright.

And therupon hire herte drowh 1580 To leven Engelond for evere And go wher that sche hadde levere, To Rome, whenne that sche cam And thus of al the lond sche nam Hir leve, and goth to Rome ayein.

Bot hou a king schal gete him love Toward the hihe god above, And ek among the men in erthe, This nexte point, which is the ferthe Of Aristotles lore, it techeth Wherof who that the Scole secheth, 3100 What Policie that it is The bok reherceth after this.

Forth in message goth this kniht Unto this wofull yonge wiht, This scharpe swerd to hire he tok Wherof that al hire bodi qwok, For wel sche wiste what it mente, And that it was to thilke entente 260 That sche hireselven scholde slee.

Be these ensamples here above, 2190 Lo, now, mi Sone, as I have told, Thou miht wel se, who that is bold And dar travaile and undertake The cause of love, he schal be take The rathere unto loves grace For comunliche in worthi place The wommen loven worthinesse Of manhode and of gentilesse, For the gentils ben most desired.

Bot now hierafter thou schalt hiere What god hath wroght in this matiere, As he which doth al equite.

And who so drawth into memoire What hath befalle of old and newe, He may that werre sore rewe, Which ferst began in Paradis For ther was proeved what it is, And what desese there it wroghte For thilke werre tho forth broghte The vice of alle dedly Sinne, Thurgh which division cam inne 1010 Among the men in erthe hiere, And was the cause and the matiere Why god the grete flodes sende, Of al the world and made an ende Bot Noe5 with his felaschipe, Which only weren saulf be Schipe.

Of that his brother was so slain This Perse s was wonder fain, 1710 As he that tho was apparant, Upon IBM C2180-184 the Regne and expectant Wherof he wax so proud and vein, That he his fader in desdeign Hath take and set of non acompte, As he which thoghte him to surmonte That wher he was ferst debonaire, He was tho rebell and contraire, And noght as heir bot as a king He tok upon him alle thing 1720 Of malice and of tirannie In contempt of the Regalie, Livende his fader, and so wroghte, That whan the fader him bethoghte And sih to whether side it drowh, Anon he wiste well ynowh How Perse after his false tunge Hath so thenvious belle runge, That he hath slain his oghne brother.

God wot the cause to the laste 250 Of every right and wrong also But whil the lawe is reuled so That clerkes to the werre entende, I not how that thei scholde amende The woful world in othre thinges, To make pes betwen the kynges After the lawe of charite, Which is the propre duete Belongende unto the presthode.

Bot he which is al merciable, The hihe god, ordeigneth so, That he withinne a time also, Whan he was strengest in his ire, Was schoven out of his empire.

Mi fader, hou so that it stonde, Youre tale is herd and understonde, 2030 As thing which worthi is to hiere, Of gret ensample and gret matiere, Wherof, my fader, god you quyte.

So mai it schewe in sondri wise, Betwen fortune and covoitise The chance is cast upon a Dee Bot yit fulofte a man mai se Ynowe of suche natheles, Whiche evere pute hemself in press 2440 To gete hem good, and yit thei faile.

Bot of conclusion final Conclude I wol in special 250 For love, whos servant I am, And why the cause is that I cam.

Bot if my conseil mai be lieved, Thou schalt ben esed er thou go Of thilke unsely jolif wo, 2360 Wherof thou seist thin herte is fyred Bot as of that thou hast desired After the sentence of thi bille, Thou most therof don at my wille, And I therof me wole avise.

I wol noght say that sche is kinde, And forto sai sche is unkinde, That dar I noght bot god above, Which demeth every herte of love, 5200 He wot that on myn oghne side Schal non unkindeschipe abide If it schal with mi ladi duelle, Therof dar I nomore telle.

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Mi fader, as touchende of this, Riht so as I you tolde it is, That ofte abedde, whanne I scholde, I mai noght slepe, thogh I wolde For love is evere faste byme, Which takth 070-622 Exam Book no hiede of due time.

Mi Sone, take it as I seie If maidenhod be take aweie 6430 Withoute lawes ordinance, It mai noght failen of vengance.

Sche wol noght in the wodes duelle, For sche wolde openliche telle And ek for that sche was a spouse, Among the folk sche comth to house, To do thes wyves understonde The falshod of hire housebonde, 6020 That thei of hem be war also, For ther ben manye untrewe of tho.

1420 Bot now, allas, to late war That I ne hadde him loved ar For deth cam so in haste bime, Er I therto hadde eny time, That it ne mihte ben achieved.

Bot what he was sche wiste noght, Bot al the Schip hire hath besoght That sche hire wit on him despende, In aunter if he myhte amende, And sein it schal be wel aquit.

For thanne he wole his hap reherce, As thogh his world were al forlore, And seith, Helas, that I was bore Hou schal I live hou schal I do For nou fortune is thus mi fo, I wot wel god me wol noght helpe.

It is gret wonder hou he mihte Towardes me nou ben unkinde, And so to lete out of his mynde Thing which he seide his oghne mouth.

930 Thus have I, fader, said mi wille Say ye now forth, for I am stille.

Bot now thou hast somdiel appesed Thi god, and with good dede plesed, That thou thi pite hast bewared Upon the blod which thou hast spared.

And whan thei schulle both passe, I not of hem which hath the lasse 2240 Of worldes good, IBM Certified System Administrator C2180-184 Book Pdf bot as of charge The lord is more forto charge, Whan god schal his accompte hiere, For he hath had hise lustes hiere.

He was a worthi knyht and king And clerk knowende of every thing He was a gret rethorien, He was a gret magicien 1400 Of Tullius the rethorique, Of king Zorastes the magique, Of Tholome thastronomie, Of Plato the Philosophie, Of Daniel the slepi dremes, Of Neptune ek the water stremes, Of Salomon and the proverbes, Of Macer al the strengthe of herbes, And the Phisique of Ypocras, And lich unto Pictagoras 1410 Of Surgerie he knew the cures.

And thus the wel meninge of love Was ate laste set above 1600 And so as thou hast herd tofore, The false tunges weren lore, Whiche upon love wolden lie.

Bot, goode lord, al is in thee, 5750 Whan thou therof wolt do vengance And schape mi deliverance.

And forth withal Achias caste His mantell of, and also faste He kut it into pieces twelve, Wherof tuo partz toward himselve He kepte, and al the remenant, As god hath set his covenant, He tok unto Jeroboas, Of Nabal which the Sone was, 4530 And of the kinges court a knyht And seide him, Such is goddes myht, As thou hast sen departed hiere Mi mantell, riht in such manere After the deth of Salomon God hath ordeigned therupon, This regne thanne he schal divide Which time thou schalt ek abide, And upon that division The regne as in proporcion 4540 As thou hast of mi mantell take, Thou schalt receive, I undertake.

He hath anon hise men arraied, And whan that he was embatailled, He goth and hath the feld assailed, And slowh and tok al that he fond Wherof the Macedoyne lond, 1840 Which thurgh king Alisandre honoured Long time stod, was tho devoured.

Whan Deianyre hath herd this speche, Ther was no sorwe forto seche Of other helpe wot sche non, Bot goth unto hire cofre anon With wepende yhe and woful herte Sche tok out thilke unhappi scherte, 2280 As sche that wende wel to do, And broghte hire werk aboute so That Hercules this scherte on dede, To such entente as she was bede Of Nessus, so as I seide er.

Forthi, my Sone, in thin IBM Certified System Administrator C2180-184 Book Pdf office Be war that thou be noght jelous, Which ofte time hath schent the hous.

So ben ther in the same wise Lovers, as I thee schal devise, That whan noght elles mai availe, Anon with strengthe thei assaile And gete of love the sesine, Whan thei se time, be Ravine.

2400 Cadmus the lettres of Gregois Ferst made upon his oghne chois.

A vois unto Saturne tolde Hou that his oghne Sone him scholde Out of C2180-184 Exam Materials his regne putte aweie And he be cause of thilke weie, That him was schape such a fate, Sibele his wif began to hate 1160 And ek hire progenie bothe.

And thei that thanne wolden plese The fader, scholden it obeie, Whan that they comen thilke weie.

Achilles herde his moder telle, And wiste noght the cause why And natheles ful buxomly 3030 He was redy to that sche bad, Wherof his moder was riht glad, To Lichomede and forth thei wente.

350 Bot thanne he scheweth what he was Toward Envie, and in this cas Unto this Angel thus he seide And for his yifte this he preide, To make him blind of his on yhe, So that his fela nothing syhe.

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I bidde nevere a betre taxe, Quod sche, bot ferst, er C2180-184 thou be sped, Thou schalt me leve such a wedd, That I wol have thi trowthe in honde That thou schalt be myn housebonde.

And thus he broghte hire herte in doute, That lich a Lomb whanne it is sesed In wolves mouth, so was desesed Lucrece, which he naked fond Wherof sche swounede in his hond, And, as who seith, lay ded oppressed.

Thus was dispers in sondri wise The misbelieve, as I devise, With many an ymage of entaile, Of suche as myhte hem noght availe 1500 For thei withoute lyves chiere Unmyhti ben to se or hiere Or speke or do or elles fiele And yit the foles to hem knele, Which is here oghne handes werk.

240 Bot as it scheweth, noght forthi This soubtil water myhtely, Thogh it be of himselve softe, The strengthe of therthe perceth ofte For riht as veines ben of P2080-096 Test Questions And Answers Pdf blod In man, riht so the water flod Therthe of his cours makth ful of veines, Als wel the helles as the pleines.

The god, to whom that al honour Belongeth, he is creatour, And othre ben hise creatures The god commandeth the natures That thei to him obeien alle Withouten him, what so befalle, 110 Her myht is non, and he mai al The god was evere and evere schal, And thei begonne of his assent The times alle be present To god, to hem and alle unknowe, Bot what him liketh that thei knowe Thus bothe an angel and a man, The whiche of al that god began Be chief, obeien goddes myht, And he stant endeles upriht.

These olde gestes tellen thus, That whilom Sardana Pallus, Which hield al hol in his empire The grete kingdom of Assire, Was thurgh the slouthe of his corage Falle into thilke fyri rage Of love, which the men assoteth, Wherof himself he so rioteth, 4320 And wax so ferforth wommannyssh, That ayein kinde, as if a fissh Abide wolde upon the lond, In wommen such a lust he fond, That he duelte evere in chambre stille, And only wroghte after the wille Of wommen, so as he was bede, That selden whanne in other stede If that he wolde wenden oute, To sen hou that it stod aboute.

Sche sih no Schip, sche sih no barge Als ferforth as sche mihte kenne Ha lord, sche seide, which a Senne, As al the world schal after hiere, Upon this woful womman hiere This worthi kniht hath don and wroght I wende I hadde his love boght, And so deserved ate nede, Whan that he stod upon his drede, 5450 And ek the love he me behihte.

Lo, thus the yonge cause wente 4130 For that the conseil was noght good, The regne fro the rihtfull blod Evere afterward divided was.

Forthi it helpeth at som tyde A man to slepe, as it belongeth, Bot slowthe no lif underfongeth 3130 Which is to love appourtenant.

Bot of C2180-184 Exam o thing I wolde preie What schal I telle unto Silvestre Or of youre name or of youre estre 3370 And thei him tolden what thei hihte, And forth withal out of his sihte Thei passen up into the C2180-184 Prep Guide hevene.

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Whan Jupiter this harm hath sein, An other bienfait therayein He yaf, and such a grace him doth, That for he wiste he seide soth, 760 A Sothseiere he was for evere Bot yit that other were levere, Have had the lokinge of his yhe, Than of his word the prophecie Bot how so that the sothe wente, Strif was the cause of that he hente So gret a peine bodily.

Tho thoghte him colde grases goode, That whilom eet the hote spices, Thus was he torned fro delices The wyn which he was wont to drinke He tok thanne of the welles brinke 2980 Or of the pet or of the slowh, It thoghte him thanne good ynowh In stede of chambres wel arraied He was thanne of a buissh wel paied, The harde ground he lay upon, For othre pilwes hath he non The stormes and the Reines falle, The wyndes blowe upon him alle, He was tormented day and nyht, Such was the hihe goddes myht, 2990 Til sevene yer an ende toke.

And for thou saist that thi desir Is forto witen overmore The forme of Aristotles lore, He seith in his entendement, That yit ther is an Element 610 Above the foure, and is the fifte, Set of the hihe goddes yifte, The which that Orbis cleped is.

230 Withinne his herte and thus he preiseth The gold, and seith hou that it peiseth Above al other metall most The gold, he seith, may lede an host To make werre ayein a King The gold put under alle thing, And set it whan him list above The gold C2180-184 Book Pdf can make of hate love And werre of pes and ryht of wrong, And long to schort and schort to long 240 Withoute gold mai be no feste, Gold is the lord of man and beste, And mai hem bothe beie and selle So that a man mai sothly telle That al the world to gold obeieth.

The nyht com, and the chambre is weyved, Nectanabus hath take his place, And whan he sih the time and space, 2060 Thurgh the deceipte of his magique He putte him out of mannes like, And of a dragoun tok the forme, As he which wolde him al conforme To that sche sih in swevene er this And thus to chambre come he is.

And forto loken over this, If Ethna brenne in the clergie, Al openly to mannes ije 330 At Avynoun thexperience Therof hath yove an evidence, Of that men sen hem so divided.

Bot yet his herte in other stede Among hise bedes most devoute Goth in the worldes cause aboute, 670 How that he myhte his warisoun Encresce.

And thus I conclude ate laste, That thei ben ydel, as me semeth, Whiche unto thing that love demeth Forslowthen that thei scholden do.

Tofore the creacion Of eny worldes stacion, Of hevene, of erthe, or eke of helle, So as these olde bokes telle, As soun tofore the song is set And yit thei ben togedre knet, Riht so the hihe pourveance Tho hadde under his ordinance 210 A gret substance, a gret matiere, Of which he wolde in his manere These othre thinges make and forme.

King Salomon in special Seith, as ther is a time of pes, So is a time natheles Of werre, in which a Prince algate Schal for the comun riht debate And for his oghne worschipe eke.

The god vengance ayein the vice 3440 Hath schape for upon a tyde, Whan he was heihest in his Pride, In his rancour and in his hete Ayein the queene of Marsagete, Which Thameris that time hihte, He made werre C_TBIT51_731 Practice Exam Pdf al that he myhte And sche, which wolde hir lond defende, Hir oghne Sone ayein him sende, Which the defence hath undertake.

Bot Ysis, as seith the Cronique, Fro Grece into Egipte cam, And sche thanne upon honde nam To teche hem forto sowe and eere, Which noman knew tofore there.

Mi goode Sone, it schal be do Now herkne and ley an Ere to For as C2180-184 Labs touchende of Prides fare, Als ferforth as I can declare In cause of vice, in cause of love, That hast thou pleinly C2180-184 Book Pdf herd above, So that ther C2180-184 Exam Topics is nomor to seie Touchende of that bot other weie 3440 Touchende Envie I thenke telle, Which hath the propre kinde of helle, Withoute cause to misdo Toward himself and othre also, Hierafterward as understonde Thou schalt the spieces, as thei stonde.

Nou schalt thou hiere a wonder wyle 2980 This queene, which the moder was Of Achilles, upon this cas Hire Sone, as he a Maiden were, Let clothen in the same gere Which longeth unto wommanhiede And he was yong and tok non hiede, Bot soffreth al that sche him dede.

Fulfild of Slowthes essamplaire Ther is yit on, his 000-N18 Study Material Secretaire, And he C2180-184 Book Pdf is cleped Negligence Which wol noght loke his evidence, 890 Wherof he mai be war tofore Bot whanne he hath his cause lore, Thanne is he wys after the hond Whanne helpe may no maner bond, Thanne ate ferste wolde he binde Thus everemore he stant behinde.

Mi ladi Venus, whom I serve, What womman wole hire thonk deserve, Sche mai noght thilke love eschuie Of paramours, bot sche mot suie 1470 Cupides lawe and natheles Men sen such love sielde in pes, That it nys evere upon aspie Of janglinge and of fals Envie, Fulofte medlid with disese Bot thilke love is wel at ese, Which set is upon mariage For that dar schewen the visage In alle places openly.

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He takth what eny man wol yive, Bot whil he hath o day to live, He wol nothing rewarde ayein He gruccheth forto yive o grein, Wher he hath take a berne full.

1430 The Calcedoine unto him longeth, Which for his Ston he underfongeth Of Majorane his herbe is grounded.

So were it reson forto schewe The peril, er we falle thrinne Betre is to leve, than beginne Thing which as mai noght ben achieved He is noght wys that fint him grieved, And doth so that his grief be more For who that loketh al tofore 7350 And wol noght se what is behinde, He mai fulofte hise harmes finde Wicke is to stryve and have the worse.

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1110 This Signe is hot and moiste bothe, The whiche thinges be noght lothe Unto Venus, so that alofte Sche resteth in his hous fulofte, And ek Saturnus often hyed Is in this Signe and magnefied.

Bot thogh thei hadden litel space, Yit thei acorden in that place Hou Jason scholde come at nyht, Whan every torche and every liht Were C2180-184 Exam Dumps oute, and thanne of other thinges Thei spieke aloud for supposinges Of hem that stoden there aboute For love is everemore in doute, 3850 If that it be wisly governed Of hem that ben of love lerned.

What is he thanne seith the kniht, Is he thi man That seie I noght, Quod he, bot this I am bethoght, 1250 Mi mannes man hou that he is.

Thei wondren what sche wolde mene, And riden after softe pas Bot whan this ladi come was 1510 To themperour, in 310-301 Braindump his presence Sche seide alowd in audience, Mi lord, mi fader, wel you be And of this time that I se Youre honour and your goode hele, Which is the helpe of my querele, I thonke unto the goddes myht.

Bot this wot wel the hevene king, That sithen ferst this world began, Unto non other strange man 2060 Ne feigned I semblant ne chiere, To wite or axe of his matiere, Thogh that he lovede ten or tuelve, Whanne it was noght my ladi selve Bot if he wolde axe eny red Al onlich of his oghne hed, How he with other love ferde, His tales with myn Ere I herde, Bot to myn herte cam it noght Ne sank no deppere in my thoght, 2070 Bot hield conseil, as I was bede, And tolde it nevere in other stede, Bot let it passen as it com.

That on of hem began to seie, Ha lord, wel mai the man be riche Whom that a king list forto riche.

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God wot mi wille natheles, Thogh I mot nedes kepe pes And malgre myn so let it passe, Mi will therto is noght the lasse, If I mihte other wise aweie.

1260 Who dar do thing which love ne dar To love is every lawe unwar, Bot to the lawes of his heste The fissch, the foul, the man, the beste Of al the worldes kinde louteth.

6980 Of his condicion C2180-184 Book Pdf to telle, Which rifleth bothe bok and belle, So forth with al the remenant To goddes hous appourtenant, Wher that he scholde bidde his bede, He doth his thefte in C2180-184 Ebook holi stede, And takth what thing he fint therinne For whan he seth that he mai winne, He wondeth for no cursednesse, That he ne brekth the holinesse 6990 And doth to god no reverence For he hath lost his conscience, That though IBM C2180-184 Book Pdf the Prest therfore curse, He seith he fareth noght the wurse.

1520 The gold of nyne kinges londes Ne scholde him save fro myn hondes, In my pouer if that he were Bot yit him stant of me no fere For noght that evere I can manace.

Bot as it thenkth to the manhode, 260 The hevene is ferr, the world is nyh, And veine gloire is ek so slyh, Which coveitise hath now withholde, That thei non other thing beholde, Bot only that thei myhten winne.

Medea thanne knew and wiste Hir medicine is forto triste, And goth to Eson ther he lay, And tok a swerd was of assay, With which a wounde upon his side Sche made, that therout mai slyde The blod withinne, which was old And sek and trouble and fieble and cold.

Bot if a Prince wolde him reule Of the Romeins after the reule, In thilke time as it was used, This vice scholde be refused, Wherof the Princes ben assoted.

For he which sit above the Mone And alle thing mai spille and spede, In every cause, in every nede 3800 His goode king so wel adresceth, That alle his fomen he represseth, So that ther mai noman him dere And als so wel he can forbere, And soffre a wickid king to falle In hondes of his fomen alle.

Ha fol, how thou art forto wyte, The king unto his brother seith, That thou art of so litel feith, That only for a trompes soun Hast gon despuiled thurgh the toun, Thou and thi wif in such manere Forth with thi children that ben here, 2220 In sihte of alle men aboute, For that thou seist thou art in doute Of deth, which stant under the lawe Of man, and man it mai withdrawe, So that it mai par chance faile.

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Thus was it spoken to and fro Of hem that were with him tho Al prively behinde his bak Bot to himselven noman spak.

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For if it like thee to hiere, As I am tauht in that matiere, Thou miht it understonde sone Bot what is afterward to done Avise thee, for this I sih.

2720 Mi fader, as touchinge of al I may noght wel ne noght ne schal Of veine gloire excuse me, That I ne have for love be The betre adresced and arraied And also I have ofte assaied Rondeal, balade and virelai For hire on whom myn herte lai To make, and also forto peinte Caroles with my wordes qweinte, 2730 To sette my pourpos alofte And thus I sang hem forth fulofte In halle and ek in chambre aboute, And made merie among the route, Bot yit ne ferde I noght the bet.