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Lo, which a fall hath crualte, And Pite was set up ayein For after that the bokes sein, 3290 Therbellis king of Bulgarie With helpe of his chivalerie Justinian hath unprisoned And to thempire ayein coroned.

As he rod with his compainie Nyh to the strondes of Lubie, 410 Ther myhte thei no drinke finde Of water nor of other kinde, So that himself and al his host Were of defalte of drinke almost Destruid, and thanne Bachus preide To Jupiter, and thus he seide O hihe fader, that sest al, To whom is reson that I schal Beseche and preie in every nede, Behold, mi fader, and tak hiede 420 This wofull thurst that we ben inne To staunche, and grante ous forto winne, And sauf unto the contre fare, Wher that oure lusti loves are Waitende upon oure hom cominge.

And Charles for the reverence Of god the cause hath undertake, And with his host the weie take Over the Montz of Lombardie Of Rome and al the tirandie With blodi swerd he overcom, And the Cite with strengthe nom In such a wise and there he wroghte, That holy cherche ayein he broghte 760 Into franchise, and doth restore The Popes lost, and yaf him more And thus whan he his god hath served, He tok, as he wel hath deserved, The Diademe and was coroned.

The nyht com, and the chambre is weyved, Nectanabus hath take his place, And whan he sih the time and space, 2060 Thurgh the deceipte of his magique He putte him out of mannes like, And of a dragoun tok the forme, As he which wolde him al conforme To that sche sih in swevene er this And thus to chambre come he is.

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Upon this thing thei token hiede 1820 And stoden in desputeison, That be diverse opinion Of Argumentz that thei have holde Arpaghes ferst his tale tolde, And seide hou that the strengthe of kinges Is myhtiest of alle thinges.

I not if thilke ensample yit Acordeth with a mannes wit, 700 To soffre as Socrates tho dede And if it falle in eny stede A man to lese so his galle, Him oghte among the wommen alle In loves Court be juggement The name bere of Pacient, To yive ensample to the goode Of pacience how that it stode, That othre men it mihte knowe.

Mi Sone, if I be order suie The vices, as thei stonde arowe, Of Covoitise thou schalt knowe Ther is yit on, which is the laste In whom ther mai no vertu laste, For he with god himself debateth, Wherof that al the hevene him hateth.

King David hadde many a love, Bot natheles alwey above Knyhthode he kepte in such a wise, That for no fleisshli covoitise Of lust to ligge in ladi armes He lefte noght the lust of armes.

Bot that is al my moste fere 2040 I not what ye fortune acompte, Bot what thing danger mai amonte I wot wel, for I have assaied For whan myn herte is best arraied And I have al my wit thurghsoght Of love to beseche hire oght, For al that evere I skile may, I am concluded with a nay That o sillable hath overthrowe A thousend wordes on a rowe 2050 Of suche as I best speke can Thus am I bot a lewed man.

Bot for al that king Lichomede Hath toward him this dowhter take, And for Thetis his moder sake He put hire into compainie To duelle with Dei5damie, His oghne dowhter, the eldeste, The faireste and the comelieste Of alle hise doghtres whiche he hadde.

Therof me schal no Slowthe lette, Til deth out of this world me fette, Althogh I hadde CATV613-SUR Study Material on such a Ring, As Moises thurgh his enchanting Som time in Ethiope made, Whan that he Tharbis weddid hade.

This king, of which thou hast herd sein, Fro Troie as he goth hom ayein Be Schipe, he fond the See divers, With many a wyndi storm revers.

Among the vertus on is chief, And that is trouthe, which is lief To god and ek to man also.

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So is it all noght worth a Stree, The charite wherof we prechen, For we do nothing as we techen 2540 And thus the blinde conscience Of pes hath lost thilke evidence Which Crist upon this Erthe tawhte.

1740 Avise him every man tofore, And be wel war, er he be swore, For afterward it is to late, If that he wole his word debate.

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2730 And therupon be lettre write He doth his fader forto wite Of al this matiere as it stod And thanne with an hertly mod Unto the lordes he besoghte To telle his ladi how he boghte Hire love, of which an other gladeth And with that word his hewe fadeth, And seide, A dieu, my ladi swete.

1010 This tale after the king it hadde Pentapolim al overspradde, Ther was no joie forto seche For every man it hadde in speche And seiden alle of on acord, A worthi king schal ben oure lord That thoghte ous ferst an hevinesse Is schape ous now to gret gladnesse.

800 Next ST0-155 Answers unto this Planete of love The brighte Sonne stant above, Which is the hindrere of the nyht And forthrere of the daies lyht, As he which is the worldes ije, Thurgh whom the lusti compaignie Of foules be the morwe singe, The freisshe floures sprede and springe, The hihe tre the ground beschadeth, And every mannes herte gladeth.

The king tok hiede of his manere, And bad him telle that he wiste, As he to whom he mochel triste, And seide he wolde noght be wroth.

This tale nedeth noght be glosed, For it is openliche V6 CATIA Mechanical Surface Design (V6R2013) CATV613-SUR Questions And Answers schewed That god to hem that ben wel thewed Hath yove and granted the victoire So that thensample of this histoire 3790 Is good for every king to holde Ferst in himself that he beholde If he be good of his livinge, And that the folk which he schal bringe Be good also, for thanne he may Be glad of many a merie day, In what as evere he hath to done.

Whan Lothes wif was overgon And schape into the salte Ston, As it is spoke into this day, Be bothe hise dowhtres thanne he lay, 230 With childe and made hem bothe grete, Til that nature hem wolde lete, And so the cause aboute ladde That ech of hem a Sone hadde, Moab the ferste, and the seconde Amon, of whiche, as it is founde, Cam afterward to gret encres Tuo nacions and natheles, For that the stockes were ungoode, The branches mihten noght be goode 240 For of the false Moabites Forth with the strengthe of Amonites, Of that thei weren ferst misgete, The poeple of god was ofte upsete In Irahel and in Judee, As in the bible a man mai se.

How myhte a mannes resoun sein That such a Stock mai helpe or grieve Bot thei that ben of such believe And unto suche goddes calle, It schal to hem riht so befalle, And failen ate moste nede.

And for he wolde unto hire winne Upon som cooste a Sepulture, Under hire heved in aventure Of gold he leide Sommes grete And of jeueals a strong beyete 1120 Forth with a lettre, and seide thus I, king of Tyr Appollinus, Do alle maner men to wite, That hiere and se this lettre write, That helpeles withoute red Hier lith a kinges doghter ded And who that happeth hir to finde, For charite tak in his mynde, And do so that sche be begrave With this tresor, which he schal have.

Bot yit it is a wonder thing, Whan that a riche worthi CATV613-SUR Certification Answers king, Or other lord, what so he be, Wol axe and cleyme proprete In thing to which he hath no riht, Bot onliche of his grete miht For this mai every man wel wite, That bothe kinde and lawe write 2330 Expressly stonden therayein.

And so it was, and so it is, And so it schal for evere stonde And for thou schalt it understonde, Nou herkne a 640-861 Exam Engines tale next suiende, Hou maidenhod is CATV613-SUR Actual Exam to commende.

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The tenthe Signe dreie and cold, The which is Capricornus told, 1170 Unto a Got hath resemblance For whos love and whos aqueintance Withinne hise houses to sojorne CATIA CATV613-SUR Questions And Answers It liketh wel unto Satorne, Bot to the Mone it liketh noght, For no profit is there wroght.

For this I telle you in schrifte, That me were levere hir love winne Than Kaire and al that is ther inne And forto slen the hethen alle, I not what good ther mihte falle, 1660 So mochel blod thogh ther be schad.

2330 Sche thoghte hou that sche was deceived, That sche hath of a man conceived, And wende a god it hadde be.

Cladyns, Esdras and Sulpices, Termegis, Pandulf, Frigidilles, Menander, Ephiloquorus, Solins, Pandas and Josephus 2410 The ferste were of Enditours, Of old Cronique and ek auctours And Heredot in his science Of metre, of rime and of cadence The ferste was of which men note.

Bot I his grace have so poursuied, That I was mad his lieutenant Forthi be weie of covenant Fro this day forth I am al thin, And if thee like to be myn, 950 That stant upon thin oghne wille.

Bot if I hadde riht good leve, Such mecherie I thenke leve Mi feinte herte wol noght serve For malgre wolde I noght deserve In thilke place wher I love.

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In Grece afore Cristes feith, I rede, as the Cronique seith, Touchende of this matiere thus, In thilke time hou Pele s 2550 His oghne brother Phocus slowh Bot for he hadde gold ynowh To yive, his Senne was despensed With gold, wherof it was compensed Achastus, which with Venus was Hire Priest, assoilede in that cas, Al were ther no repentance.

And Dassault Systemes CATV613-SUR Questions And Answers whan so is he wol out ryde, Thanne hath he redi his aspie Abidinge in hir compaignie, A janglere, an evel mouthed oon, That sche ne mai nowhider gon, 520 Ne speke a word, ne ones loke, That he ne wol it wende and croke And torne after his oghne entente, Thogh sche nothing bot honour mente.

He reccheth noght, be so he winne, Though that ther lese ten or tuelve His love is al toward himselve And to non other, bot he se That he mai winne suche thre For wher he schal oght yive or lene, He wol ayeinward take a bene, Ther he hath lent the smale pese.

Betwen hire hih astat and me Comparison ther mai non be, So that I fiele and wel I wot, Al is to hevy and to hot CATV613-SUR Labs 6600 To sette on hond withoute leve And thus I mot algate leve To stele that I mai noght take, And in this wise I mot forsake To ben a thief ayein mi wille Of thing which I mai noght fulfille.

And forto proeven it is so Ensamples ther ben manyon, Of whiche if thou wolt knowen on, It is behovely forto hiere What whilom fell in this matiere.

It sit a man be weie of kinde To love, bot it is noght kinde A man for love his wit to lese For if the Monthe of Juil schal frese 4300 And that Decembre schal ben hot, The yeer mistorneth, wel I wot.

The Monthe of Juin unto this Signe Thou schalt after the reule assigne.

Lo, seith the king, nou mai ye se That ther is no defalte in me Forthi miself I wole aquyte, CATV613-SUR Questions And Answers Aluminium Access Products Ltd And bereth ye youre oghne wyte Of that fortune hath you refused.

The king ansuerde to him thus, And seide hou such a yifte passeth His povere astat and thanne he lasseth, And axeth bot a litel peny, If that the king wol yive him eny.

Mi Sone, hast thou such covoitise Nai, fader, such love I despise, 2500 And whil I live schal don evere, For in good feith yit hadde I levere, Than to coveite in such a weie, To ben for evere til I deie As povere as Job, and loveles, Outaken on, for haveles His thonkes is noman alyve.

With this answere thou schalt save Thiself, and other wise noght.

Sey now forth what you list to me, For I wol only do be you.

Lo now, thurgh what creacion He hath deificacion, And cleped is the god of wit To suche as be the foles yit.

The Stones, as the bokes sein, Commended ben in treble wise Ferst thei ben harde, and thilke assisse Betokneth in a king Constance, So that ther schal no variance Be founde in his condicion And also be descripcion 1760 The vertu which is in the stones A verrai Signe is for the nones Of that a king schal ben honeste And holde trewly his beheste Of thing which longeth to kinghede The bryhte colour, as I rede, Which in the stones is schynende, Is in figure betoknende The Cronique of this worldes fame, Which stant upon his goode name.

Bot so wel may nothing ben hidd, That it nys ate laste kidd This fame goth aboute Rome So ferforth, that the wordes come To themperour Justinian And he let sende for the man, And axede him hou that it was.

Thei of Caldee as in this cas 750 Hadde a believe be hemselve, Which stod upon the signes tuelve, Forth ek with the Planetes sevene, Whiche as thei sihe upon the hevene.

Ther was whilom be daies olde A worthi knyht, and as men tolde He was Nevoeu to themperour And of his Court a Courteour 1410 Wifles he was, Florent he hihte, He was a man that mochel myhte, Of armes he was desirous, Chivalerous and amorous, And for the fame of worldes speche, Strange aventures forto seche, He rod the Marches al aboute.

And in this wise, As ye tofore have herd divise How Daniel the swevene expondeth Of that ymage, on whom he foundeth The world which after scholde falle, Come is the laste tokne of alle Upon the feet of Erthe and Stiel So stant this world now everydiel Departed which began riht tho, Whan Rome was divided so 830 And that is forto rewe sore, For alway siththe more and more CATV613-SUR Exam Preparation The world empeireth every day.

And forto take the desport, I sih there some of other port, And that was Circes and Calipse, That cowthen do the Mone eclipse, 2600 Of men and change the liknesses, Of Artmagique Sorceresses Thei hielde in honde manyon, To love wher thei wolde or non.

Bot sche, which lost hath alle joie, Whan that sche syh this Monstre bore, Bad men ordeigne anon therfore And fell that ilke time thus, Ther was a Clerk, on Dedalus, Which hadde ben of hire assent Of that hir world was so miswent And he made of his oghne wit, Wherof the remembrance is yit, 5290 For Minotaure such an hous, Which was so strange and merveilous, That what man that withinne wente, Ther was so many a sondri wente, That he ne scholde noght come oute, But gon amased al aboute.

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This cherles herte is in a traunce, As he which drad him of vengance Whan time comth an other day Bot yit dorste he noght seie nay, 1370 Bot swor and seide he schal fulfille Hire hestes at hire oghne wille.

Of other thing it farth riht so Upon this erthe among ous here And forto speke in this manere, 1290 Upon the hevene, as men mai finde, The sterres ben of sondri kinde And worchen manye sondri thinges To ous, that ben here underlinges.

And thus thei maden wordes fele, Wherof this lord hath hiede nome, And dede hem bothe forto come To the Paleis, wher he schal ete, And bad ordeine for here mete Tuo Pastes, whiche he let do make.

Bot forth thei wenten natheles And whan the Contres herde sein How that here kinges be besein Of such a pouer as thei ladde, Was non so bold that hem ne dradde, And forto seche pes and grith Thei sende and preide anon forthwith, So that the kinges ben appesed, And every mannes herte is esed 1850 Al was foryete and noght recorded.

Thanne is a man of hih lignage 2210 After the forme, as thou miht hiere, CATV613-SUR Ebook Pdf Bot nothing after the matiere.

Bot that thing mai he noght fulfille, For sche stod upon Mariage A worthi kniht of gret lignage, 5150 Ilicius which thanne hihte, Acorded in hire fader sihte Was, that he scholde his douhter wedde.

He telleth hem the violence, Which the tretour Strangulio And Dionise him hadde do Touchende his dowhter, as yee herde And whan thei wiste hou CATV613-SUR Certificate that it ferde, 1940 As he which pes ACSO-IPG-PROG-02 Vce And Pdf and love soghte, Unto the toun this he besoghte, To don him riht in juggement.

With that he pulleth up his hed And made riht a glad visage, And seide how that was a presage 1790 Touchende unto that other Perse, Of that fortune him scholde adverse, He seith, for such a prenostik Most of an hound was to him lik For CATV613-SUR Test Prep as it is an houndes kinde To berke upon a man behinde, Riht so behinde his brother bak With false wordes whiche he spak He hath do slain, and that is rowthe.

The ferste of hem his rihte name Was Diogenes thanne hote, In whom was founde no riote 2230 His felaw Arisippus hyhte, Which mochel couthe and mochel myhte.

Thus was non ydel of the tuo, That on the plogh hath undertake With labour which the hond hath take, That other tok to studie and muse, As he which wolde noght refuse The labour of hise wittes alle.

2960 The Goddesse of the See Thetis, Sche hadde a Sone, and his name is Achilles, whom to kepe and warde, Whil he was yong, as into warde Sche thoghte him salfly to betake, As sche which dradde for his sake Of that was seid in prophecie, That he at Troie scholde die, Whan that the Cite was belein.

Thus myht thou sen hou goddes grace Unto the goode men availeth But elles ofte time it faileth To suche as be noght wel disposed.

Fro merci thei ben al unmeete, 1100 And thus ben thei the worste of alle Of hem whiche unto wraththe falle, In dede bothe and ek in thoght For thei acompte here wraththe at noght, Bot if ther be schedinge of blod CATIA CATV613-SUR Questions And Answers And thus lich to a beste wod Thei knowe noght the god of lif.

For after that the bokes telle, To seche in al this worldesriche, Men schal noght finde upon his liche A beste forto take his preie And sithen kinde hath such a weie, 2590 Thanne is it wonder of a man, Which kynde hath and resoun can, That he wol owther more or lasse His kinde and resoun overpasse, And sle that is to him semblable.

Hire cote was somdiel totore Aboute hir middel twenty score Of horse haltres and wel mo Ther hyngen ate time tho.

Lo, thus this lusti Cephalus Preide unto Phebe and CATV613-SUR Questions And Answers to Phebus The nyht in lengthe forto drawe, So that he mihte do the lawe In thilke point of loves heste, Which cleped is the nyhtes feste, Withoute Slep of sluggardie Which Venus out of compaignie 3260 Hath put awey, as thilke same, Which lustles ferr from alle game In chambre doth fulofte wo Abedde, whanne it falleth so That love scholde ben awaited.

For if thou woldest take kepe And wisly cowthest warde and kepe Thin yhe and Ere, as I have spoke, Than haddest thou the gates stoke Fro such Sotie as comth to winne Thin hertes wit, which is withinne, 540 Wherof that now thi love excedeth Mesure, and many a peine bredeth.

The chambre was al full of lyht, The courtins were of cendal thinne, This newe bryd which lay withinne, Thogh it be noght with his acord, In armes sche beclipte hire lord, 1790 And preide, as he was torned fro, He wolde him torne ayeinward tho For now, sche seith, we ben bothe on.

Bot sche, which thoghte noght to live, Of hem wol no foryivenesse, And seide, of thilke wickednesse 5060 Which was unto hire bodi wroght, Al were it so sche myhte it noght, Nevere afterward the world ne schal Reproeven hire and forth withal, Er eny man therof be war, A naked swerd, the CATV613-SUR Simulation Questions which sche bar Withinne hire Mantel priveli, Betwen hire hondes sodeinly Sche tok, and thurgh hire herte it throng, And fell to grounde, and evere among, 5070 Whan that sche fell, so as sche myhte, Hire clothes with hire hand sche rihte, That noman dounward fro the kne Scholde eny thing of CATV613-SUR Dumps hire se Thus lay this wif honestely, Althogh sche deide wofully.

It fell somtime, as it was sene, The hihe goddesse and the queene Juno tho hadde in compainie A Maiden full of tricherie For sche was evere in on acord With Jupiter, that was hire lord, To gete him othre loves newe, Thurgh such brocage and was untrewe 4590 Al otherwise than him nedeth.

2710 And in this wise thei acorde, The cause was Misericorde The lordes dede here obeissance To Thelaphus, and pourveance Was mad so that he was coroned And thus was merci reguerdoned, Which he to Theucer dede afore.

Among the whiche thre ther were That most service unto him bere, As thei which in his chambre lyhen And al his conseil herde and syhen.

Bot I me wole natheles Touchende usure of love aquite And if mi ladi be to wyte, 4530 I preie to god such grace hir sende That sche be time it mot amende.

For he so faire tho behihte That evere, whil he live mihte, He scholde hire take for his wif, And as his oghne hertes lif He scholde hire love and trouthe bere And sche, which mihte noght forbere, So sore loveth him ayein, That what as evere he wolde sein 5390 With al hire herte sche believeth.

And hapneth thilke time so, The lordes bothe and the comune The hihe festes of Neptune Upon the stronde at the rivage, As it was custumme and usage, Sollempneliche thei besihe.

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4670 Blinde Avarice of his lignage For conseil and for cousinage, To be withholde ayein largesse, Hath on, whos name is seid Skarsnesse, The which is kepere of his hous, And is so thurghout averous, That he no good let out of honde Thogh god himself it wolde fonde, Of yifte scholde he nothing have And if a man it wolde crave, 4680 He moste thanne faile nede, Wher god himselve mai noght spede.

Forthi to robben overal CATV613-SUR Questions And Answers In loves cause if thou beginne, I not what ese thou schalt winne.

But nou to loken overmore, Of othre sterres hou thei fare I thenke hierafter to declare, So as king Alisandre in youthe Of him that HP0-D13 Simulation Questions suche thinges couthe Enformed was tofore his yhe Be nyhte upon the sterres hihe.

And over that he tolde hem plein In what manere he was besein, And in what place he schal be founde So that withinne a litel stounde Ulixes forth with Diomede Upon this point to Lichomede 3100 Agamenon togedre sente.

And so ferforth here lustes soghten, 520 That thei the whiche named were Centauri, ate feste there Of on assent, of an acord This yonge wif malgre hire lord In such a rage awei forth ladden, As thei whiche non insihte hadden Bot only to her drunke fare, Which many a man hath mad misfare In love als wel as other weie.

Withinne a time, as it betidde, Whan thei were in the See amidde, Out of the North they sihe a cloude The storm aros, the wyndes loude 1040 Thei blewen many a dredful blast, The welkne was al overcast, The derke nyht the Sonne hath under, Ther was a gret tempeste of thunder The Mone and ek the Sterres bothe In blake cloudes thei hem clothe, Wherof here brihte lok thei hyde.

An other goddesse is Minerve, To whom the Greks obeie and serve 1190 And sche was nyh the grete lay Of Triton founde, wher sche lay A child forcast, bot what sche was Ther knew noman the sothe cas.

For whan the chances so befellen That eny Emperour as tho Victoire hadde upon his fo, And so forth cam to Rome ayein, Of treble honour he was certein, Wherof that he was magnefied.

And as it scholde tho mishappe, Als priveliche as evere he myhte He rod, and of his hors alyhte Tofore Collatines In, And al frendliche he goth him in, 4920 As he that was cousin of house.

And of Musique also the note In mannes vois or softe or scharpe, That fond Jubal and of the harpe The merie soun, which is to like, That fond Poulins forth CATV613-SUR Questions And Answers with phisique.

Bot I dar make this record To Venus, whos Prest that I am, That sithen that I hidir cam To hiere, as sche me bad, thi lif, Wherof thou elles be gultif, 1790 Thou miht hierof thi conscience Excuse, and of gret diligence, Which thou to love hast so despended, Thou oghtest wel to be comended.

Bot therof sche was al deceived For whan sche cam a litel nyh, And that Diane hire wombe syh, Sche seide, Awey, thou foule beste, For thin astat is noght honeste This chaste water forto touche For thou hast take such a touche, Which nevere mai ben hol ayein.

And for that such is myn entente, That is the cause of myn aspie, Why that I feigne compaignie 2030 And make felawe overal For gladly wolde I knowen al And holde me covert alway, That I fulofte ye or nay Ne liste ansuere in eny wise, Bot feigne semblant as the wise And herkne tales, til I knowe Mi ladi lovers al arowe.

The knihtes for this child forthgon 1850 Thelamacus anon was fett, Tofore the plowh and evene sett, Wher that his fader scholde dryve.

This Maister to the Cofre is come, He peiseth ther was somwhat in, And bad hem bere it to his In, 1170 And goth himselve forth withal.

Bot, goode lord, al is in thee, 5750 Whan thou therof wolt do vengance And schape mi deliverance.

For every man mai understonde, Hou for a time that it stonde, 4460 It is a sori lust to lyke, Whos ende makth a man to syke And torneth joies into sorwe.

Mi holi fader, as I lieve, I mai wel with sauf conscience Excuse me of necgligence Towardes love in alle wise For thogh I be non of the wise, 920 I am so trewly amerous, That I am evere curious Of hem that conne best enforme To knowe and witen al the forme, What falleth unto loves craft.

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Sche mai wel wryte, Sanz repos, The wif which is to such on maried.

For this avou to god I make, After this day if I thee take, 2810 Thou schalt ben honged and todrawe.

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If sche loke eny thing asyde, 7130 That I me mai of hire avise, Anon I am with covoitise So smite, that me were lief To ben in holi cherche a thief Bot noght to stele a vestement, For that is nothing CATV613-SUR Test Questions And Answers Pdf mi talent, Bot I wold stele, if that I mihte, A glad word or a goodly syhte And evere mi service I profre, And namly whan sche wol gon offre, 7140 For thanne I lede hire, if I may, For somwhat wolde I stele away.

And sche to his biddinge obeide, And tok the Skulle, and what hire liste Sche drank, as sche which nothing wiste What Cuppe it was and thanne al oute The kyng in audience aboute Hath told it was hire fader Skulle, So that the lordes knowe schulle Of his bataille a soth witnesse, And made avant thurgh what prouesse 2560 He hath his wyves love wonne, Which of the Skulle hath so begonne.

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Upon a time as it befell, Ayein Judee and Irahel Whan sondri kinges come were In pourpos to destruie there 3630 The poeple which god kepte tho, And stod in thilke daies so, That Gedeon, which scholde lede The goddes folk, tok him to rede, And sende in al the lond aboute, Til he assembled hath a route With thritti thousend of defence, To fihte and make resistence Ayein the whiche hem wolde assaille And natheles that o bataille 3640 Of thre that weren enemys Was double mor than was al his Wherof that Gedeon him dradde, That he so litel poeple hadde.

530 For thogh so be that he ne hiere Ne se ne wite in no manere Bot al honour and wommanhiede, Therof the Jelous takth non hiede, Bot as a man to love unkinde, He cast his staf, CATV613-SUR Book Pdf as doth the blinde, And fint defaulte where is non As who so dremeth on a Ston Hou he is leid, and groneth ofte, Whan he lith on his pilwes softe.

And thus, after the bokes sein, With frette of Perle upon his hed, Al freissh betwen the whyt and red, As he which tho was tendre of Age, Stod the colour in his visage, That forto loke upon his cheke And sen his childly manere eke, 3020 He was a womman to beholde.