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Bot ate laste natheles 5150 For the partie which hath pleigned The lawe hath diemed CCBA Exam Collection and ordeigned Be hem that were avised wel, That IIBA Certifications CCBA Latest Dumps he schal have the halvendel Thurghout of Adrianes good.

Of hem that writen ous tofore The bokes duelle, and we therfore Ben tawht of that was write tho Forthi good is that we also In oure tyme among ous hiere Do wryte of newe som matiere, Essampled of these olde wyse So that it myhte in such a wyse, Whan we ben dede and elleswhere, Beleve to the worldes eere 10 In tyme comende after this.

I not if it be ye or nay, Bot as the comun vois it telleth Bot wher that flaterie duelleth 2330 In eny lond under the Sonne, Ther is ful many a thing begonne Which were betre to be left That hath be schewed nou and eft.

And efte I thenke forthermore, To som man hou the niht doth ese, Whan he hath thing that mai him plese 2860 The longe IIBA CCBA Latest Dumps nyhtes be his side, Where as I faile and go beside.

Therof was no diversite For every day whan that thei eete, Tofore his oghne bord thei seete, And of such mete as he was served, Althogh thei hadde it noght deserved, Thei token service of the same.

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Bot this I do you understonde, If that a man love elles where, So that my ladi be noght there, 1980 And he me telle, I wole it hide, Ther schal no word ascape aside, For with deceipte of no semblant To him breke I no covenant Me liketh noght in other place To lette noman of his grace, Ne forto ben inquisitif To knowe an other mannes lif Wher that he love or love noght, That toucheth nothing to my thoght, 1990 Bot al it passeth thurgh myn Ere Riht as a thing that nevere were, And is foryete and leid beside.

So was sche lich the man arraied, And Hercules thanne hath assaied To clothen him in hire array And thus thei jape forth the dai, 6870 Til that her Souper redy were.

Bot I am overcome so, And torned fro miself so clene, That ofte I wot noght what I mene 120 So that excusen I ne mai Min herte, fro the ferste day That I cam to mi ladi kiththe, I was yit sobre nevere siththe.

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And natheles he that is riche This dai, tomorwe he mai be povere And in contraire also recovere 2400 A povere man to gret richesse Men sen forthi let rihtwisnesse Be peised evene in the balance.

Bot hou as evere that it be, I thonke unto the goddes alle, As yit for oght that is befalle Mai noman do my chekes rede Bot natheles it is to drede, That Lachesse in continuance Fortune mihte such a chance, Which noman after scholde amende.

And thus this lettre contrefet 1040 The Messager, which was unwar, Upon the kingeshalve bar, And where he scholde it hath betake.

Forthi tak hiede hou that it is, So forto winne love amis, 1780 Which endeth al his joie in wo For of this Art I finde also, That hath be do for loves sake, Wherof thou miht ensample take, A gret Cronique imperial, Which evere into memorial Among the men, hou so it wende, Schal duelle to the worldes ende.

For I wol telle you the skile The god Mercurius and no man He hath me tawht al that I can Of suche lawes as I made, Wherof that ye ben CCBA Certification Braindumps alle glade 2970 It was the god and nothing I, Which dede al this, and nou forthi He hath comanded of his grace That I schal come into a place Which is forein out in an yle, Wher I mot tarie for a while, With him to speke, as he hath bede.

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Bot thilke love which that is Withinne a mannes herte affermed, And stant of charite confermed, Such love is goodly forto have, Such love mai the bodi save, Such love mai the soule amende, The hyhe god such love ous sende Forthwith the remenant of grace So that above in thilke place 3170 Wher resteth love and alle pes, Oure joie mai ben endeles.

Wherof ensample concordable Lich to this point of which I meene, Was upon Alisandre sene, 2440 Which hadde set al his entente, So as fortune with him wente, That reson mihte him non governe, Bot of his will he was so sterne, That al the world he overran And what him list he tok CCBA Latest Dumps Aluminium Access Products Ltd and wan.

And whan the Prestes weren dede, The temple of thilke horrible dede Thei thoghten purge, and thilke ymage, Whos cause was the pelrinage, 1040 Thei drowen out and als so faste Fer into Tibre thei it caste, Wher the Rivere it hath defied And thus the temple purified Thei have of thilke horrible Sinne, Which was that time do therinne.

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And whan Resoun it herde sein That loves rage was aweie, He cam to me the rihte weie, And hath remued the sotie Of thilke unwise fantasie, Wherof that I was wont to pleigne, So that of thilke fyri peine I was mad sobre and hol ynowh.

The Sonne schon tho wonder hote, As it was in the Somer tyde This Hercules, which be his syde 6820 Hath Eolen his love there, Whan thei at thilke cave were, He seide it thoghte him for the beste That sche hire for the hete reste Al thilke day and thilke nyht And sche, that was a lusti wyht, It liketh hire al that he seide And thus thei NS0-920 Book duelle there and pleide The longe dai.

Mi fader, it hath stonde thus, That if the tresor of Cresus 4730 And al the gold Octovien, Forth with the richesse Yndien Of Perles and of riche stones, Were al togedre myn at ones, I sette it at nomore acompte Than wolde a bare straw amonte, To yive it hire al in a day, Be so that to that suete may I myhte like or more or lesse.

So wofull yit was nevere lif 1450 As Tisbee was, whan sche him sih Sche mihte noght o word on hih Speke oute, for hire herte schette, That of hir lif no pris sche sette, Bot ded swounende doun sche fell.

For riht as the Cronique seith Of Adrian, hou he his feith Foryat for worldes covoitise, Fulofte in such a maner wise Of lovers nou a man mai se Full manye CCBA Answers that unkinde be 5170 For wel behote and evele laste That is here lif for ate laste, Whan that thei have here wille do, Here love is after sone ago.

Senec conseileth in this wise, And seith, Bot, if thi good suffise Unto the liking of thi wille, Withdrawh thi lust and hold the stille, And be to thi good sufficant.

Bot if ther be oght elles more Wherof I mihte take lore, 720 I preie you, so as I dar, Now CCBA Brain Dumps telleth, that I mai be war, Som other tale in this matiere.

And forto se the proprete Of every thyng in his degree, 930 Benethe forth among ous hiere Al stant aliche in this matiere The See now ebbeth, now it floweth, The lond now welketh, now it groweth, Now be the Trees with leves grene, Now thei be bare and nothing sene, Now be the lusti somer floures, Now be the stormy wynter shoures, Now be the daies, now the nyhtes, So stant ther nothing al upryhtes, 940 Now it is lyht, now it is derk And thus stant al the worldes werk After the disposicioun Of man and his condicioun.

7750 Therwhile he hath his fulle packe, Thei seie, A good felawe is Jacke Bot whanne it faileth ate laste, Anon his pris thei overcaste, For thanne is ther non other lawe Bot, Jacke was a good felawe.

This Maiden tho for feere schryhte, And for the love of god almyhte Sche preith that for a litel stounde Sche myhte knele upon the grounde, Toward the hevene forto crave, Hire wofull Soule if sche mai save And with this noise and with this cry, Out of a barge faste by, 1390 Which hidd was ther on Scomerfare, Men sterten out and weren ware Of this feloun,and he to go, And sche began to crie tho, Ha, mercy, help for goddes sake Into the barge thei hire take, As thieves scholde, and forth thei wente.

Bot overmore hou that it CCBA Exam Paper Pdf is, 7840 Toward mi schrifte as it belongeth, To wite of othre pointz me longeth Wherof that ye me wolden teche With al myn herte I you beseche.

Sunt in agone pares amor et fortuna, que cecas Plebis ad insidias vertit vterque rotas.

For in such wise he thoghte assaie, Hou it Ulixes scholde paie, If that he were IIBA CCBA wod or non.

And sche tho made a contienance, Hire dedlich yhe and ate laste In thonkinge as it were up caste, 5090 And so behield him in the wise, Whil sche to loke mai suffise.

On was, if that this god nomore Wol come ayein, and overmore, 2110 Hou sche schal stonden in acord With king Philippe hire oghne lord, Whan he comth hom and seth hire grone.

So schalt thou fiele no rancour, 2730 Wherof thin herte schal debate With homicide ne with hate For Cheste or for Malencolie Thou schalt be soft in compaignie Withoute Contek or Folhaste For elles miht thou longe waste Thi time, er that thou have thi wille Of love for the weder stille Men preise, and blame the tempestes.

Mi fader, as touchende of this, Riht so as I you tolde it is, That ofte abedde, whanne I scholde, I mai noght slepe, thogh I wolde For love is evere faste byme, Which takth no hiede of due time.

Bot certes he hath gret matiere 3270 To ben of good condicioun, Which hath in his subjeccioun The men that ben of his semblance.

2770 Be cause that he was coroned, And that the lond was abandoned To him, althogh it were unriht, Ther is no peine for him diht Bot to this point and to this ende Thei granten wel that he schal wende With the Romeins to Rome ayein.

A Philosophre, as thou schalt hiere, Spak to a king of CCBA Exam Guide this matiere, And seide him wel hou that flatours Coupable were of thre errours.

And thus thou myht thi maister telle, That whanne I have a chambre there, Let him do crie ay wyde where, 1460 What lord that hath his doghter diere, And is in will that sche schal liere Of such a Scole that is trewe, I schal hire teche of thinges newe, Which as non other womman can In al this lond.

Be so thei have or swerd or knif Here dedly wraththe forto wreke, Of Pite list hem noght to speke 1110 Non other reson thei ne fonge, Bot that thei ben of mihtes stronge.

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And sche, that myhte noght forsake 2730 So gret a clamour as was there, Let Pite come into hire Ere And forth withal unto Cupide Sche preith that he upon his side Me wolde thurgh his grace sende Som confort, that I myhte amende, Upon the cas which is befalle.

Whi hast thou drede of so good on, Whom alle vertu hath begon, That in hire is no violence Bot goodlihiede and innocence Withouten spot of eny blame Ha, nyce herte, fy for schame 610 Ha, couard herte of love unlered, Wherof art thou so sore afered, That thou thi tunge soffrest frese, And wolt thi goode wordes lese, Whan thou hast founde time and space How scholdest thou deserve grace, Whan thou thiself darst axe non, Bot al thou hast foryete anon And thus despute I loves lore, Bot help ne finde I noght the more, 620 Bot stomble upon myn oghne treine And make an ekinge of my peine.

What scholde I winne over the Se, If I mi ladi loste at hom Bot passe thei the salte fom, To whom Crist bad thei scholden preche To al the world and his feith teche Bot now thei rucken in here nest And resten as hem liketh best 1670 In all the swetnesse of delices.

Sche was anon with water laved, Til sche cam to hirself ayein, And thanne sche began to sein Ha, blessed be the hihe sonde, That I mai se myn housebonde, 1860 That whilom he and I were on The king with that knew hire anon, And tok hire in his Arm and kiste And al the toun thus sone it wiste.

If that thei finde here love there, Thei stonde and tellen in hire Ere, 7040 And axe of god non other grace, Whyl thei ben in that holi place Bot er thei gon som avantage Ther wol thei have, and som pilage Of goodli word or of beheste, Or elles thei take ate leste Out of hir hand or ring or glove, So nyh the weder thei wol love, As who seith sche schal noght foryete, Nou I this tokne of hire have gete 7050 Thus halwe thei the hihe feste.

And over that to mi matiere Of schrifte, why we sitten hiere In privete betwen ous tweie, Now axeth what ther is, I preie.

This Bacheler was tho consailed And wedded, and of thilke Empire He was coroned Lord and Sire, 2710 And al the lond him hath received Wherof his lord, which was deceived, A seknesse er the thridde morwe Conceived hath of dedly sorwe And as he lay upon his deth, Therwhile him lasteth speche and breth, He sende for the worthieste Of al the lond and ek the beste, And tolde hem al the sothe tho, That he was Sone and Heir also 2720 Of themperour of grete Rome, And how that thei togedre come, This kniht and he riht as it was, He tolde hem al the pleine cas, And for that he his conseil tolde, That other hath al MB6-507 Test that he wolde, And he hath failed of his mede As for the good he takth non hiede, He seith, bot only of the love, Of which he wende have ben above.

Sche scholde ben hir fader hair, And was of yeres ripe ynowh Hire beaute many an herte drowh 2580 To bowe unto that ilke lawe Fro which no lif mai be withdrawe, And that is love, whos nature Set lif and deth in aventure Of hem that knyhthode undertake.

4780 Anon forthi this same tyde Lep on thin hors and let ous ryde So mai we knowe bothe tuo Unwarli what oure wyves do, And that schal be a trewe assay.

This king thanne in the same stede Anon that other cofre undede, 2380 Where as thei sihen gret richesse, Wel more than thei couthen gesse.

Thei take logginge in the toun After the disposicion Wher as him thoghte best to duelle He axeth thanne and herde telle 1820 Hou that the king was oute go.

Lo now, my Sone, what it is A man to caste his yhe amis, 380 Which Acteon hath dere aboght Be war forthi and do it noght.

Mi fader, therof hiere I wolde.

And whanne he scholde his leve take 1780 Of a yong dowhter which was his, Sche wepte, and he what cause it is Hire axeth, and sche him ansuerde That Perse is ded and he it herde, And wondreth what sche meene wolde And sche upon childhode him tolde That Perse hir litel hound is ded.

And whan sche hadde thus ordeigned, Sche hath hir oghne CCBA Test Software bodi feigned, For feere as thogh sche wolde flee Out of hir lond and whan that he 3470 Hath herd hou that this ladi fledde, So faste after the chace he spedde, That he was founde out of array.

Bot over this nou wolde I hiere, Wherof I schal me schryve more.

com txt81.

Bot natheles in such degre, So as sche mihte hire honour save, Sche schop the body was begrave.

Sone, it is evere good to lere, Wherof thou miht thi word restreigne, Er that thou falle in eny peine.

The worthy Grek also was there, Achilles, which for love deide Agamenon ek, as men seide, And Menelay the king also I syh, with many an other CCBA mo, Which hadden be fortuned sore In loves cause.

For whan that he cam hom ayein, Ther is no tunge it mihte sein What joie was that ilke stounde Of that he hath his qweene founde, Which ferst was sent of goddes sonde, Whan sche was drive upon the Stronde, Be whom the misbelieve of Sinne Was left, and Cristes feith cam inne 1570 To hem that whilom were blinde.

Mi goode Sone, and thou therfore 570 Bewar and lef thi wicke speche, Wherof hath fallen ofte wreche To many a man befor this time.

2810 And sche which mai the hertes bynde In loves cause and ek unbinde, Er I out of mi trance aros, Venus, which hield a boiste clos, And wolde noght I scholde deie, Tok out mor cold than eny keie An oignement, and in such point Sche hath my wounded herte enoignt, My temples and my Reins also.

Tho was this Lord of Rome glad And drowh toward his Pours anon, Bot al for noght, it was agon His Bacheler it hath forthdrawe, And axeth ther upon the lawe That sche him holde covenant.

And thei that weren for him gon, Whan that thei comen wher he was, Thei tolden unto Micheas 2610 The manere hou that Sedechie Declared hath his prophecie And therupon thei preie him faire That he wol seie no contraire, Wherof the king mai be desplesed, For so schal every man ben esed, And he mai helpe himselve also.

440 How so his mouth be comely, His word sit evermore awry And seith the worste that he may.

And otherwhile of his falshede He feignede him to conne arede CCBA Dumps Of thing which after scholde falle Wherof among hise sleyhtes alle 930 He hath the lewed folk deceived, So that the betre he was received.

And with that word I gan doun falle On knees, and with devocioun And with full gret contricioun I seide thanne Dominus, Min holi fader Genius, So as thou hast experience Of love, for whos reverence Thou schalt me schriven at this time, I prai the let me noght mistime 220 Mi schrifte, for I am destourbed In al myn herte, and so contourbed, That I ne may my wittes gete, So schal I moche thing foryete Bot if thou wolt my schrifte oppose Fro point to point, thanne I suppose, Ther schal nothing be left behinde.

And thus he tarieth longe and late, Til that this lady bad algate That he schal for the dom final Yive his answere in special Of that sche hadde him ferst opposed And thanne he hath trewly supposed 1650 That he him may of nothing yelpe, Bot if so be tho wordes helpe, Whiche as the womman hath him tawht Wherof he hath an hope cawht That he schal ben excused so, And tolde out plein his wille tho.

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Al that he bad was don in dede Ha, who herde evere singe or rede 330 Of such a thing as that was do Bot he which ladde his CCBA Vce And Pdf wraththe so Hath knowe of love bot a lite Bot for al that he was to wyte, Thurgh his sodein Malencolie To do so gret a felonie.

Bot that was after sone aboght Medea with hire art hath wroght 4200 Of cloth of gold a mantel riche, Which semeth worth a kingesriche, And that was unto Creusa sent In name of yifte and of present, For Sosterhode hem was betuene And whan that yonge freisshe queene That mantel lappeth hire aboute, Anon therof the fyr sprong oute And brente hir bothe fleissh and bon.

The king was sori CCBA Pdf Exam for a while, Bot whan he sih that with no wyle He myhte achieve his crualte, He stinte his wraththe and let him be.

And that was in a strange lond, Which marcheth upon Chymerie For ther, as seith the Poesie, The god of Slep hath mad his hous, Which of entaille is merveilous.

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For love hateth nothing more, As men mai finde be the lore 620 Of hem that whilom were wise, Hou that thei spieke in many wise.

For in Cronique a tale I finde, Which spekth somdiel of this matiere, Hierafterward as thou schalt hiere.

And in that time so befell, Ther was such on in Irahel, Which sette him al to flaterie, And he was cleped Sedechie And after him Achab hath sent And he at his comandement Tofore him cam, and be a sleyhte He hath upon his heved on heyhte 2570 Tuo large CCBA Latest Dumps hornes set of bras, As he which al a flatour was, And goth rampende as a leoun And caste hise hornes up and doun, And bad men ben of good espeir, For as the hornes percen their, He seith, withoute resistence, So wiste he wel of his science That Benedab is desconfit.

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For he so faire tho behihte That evere, whil he live mihte, He scholde hire take for his wif, And as his oghne hertes lif He scholde hire love and trouthe bere And sche, which mihte noght forbere, So sore loveth him ayein, That what as evere he wolde sein 5390 With al hire herte sche believeth.

Ther was a knyht which Brutus hihte, And he with al the haste he myhte To grounde fell and therthe kiste, Bot non of hem the cause wiste, Bot wenden that he hadde sporned Per chance, and so was overtorned.

Bot Phebus, for the reverence Of that sche hadde be his love, Hath wroght thurgh his pouer above, That sche sprong up out of the molde Into a flour was named golde, 6780 Which stant governed of the Sonne.

Thus saiden thei that there stode, And ek that walkede up and doun, Bothe of the Court and of the toun.

Bot I wot wel ther is non so And natheles it may wel be, I am so rude in my degree And ek mi wittes ben so dulle, That I ne mai noght to the fulle Atteigne to so hih a lore.

For love is lord in every place, Ther mai no lawe him justefie Be reddour ne be compaignie, That he ne wole after his wille Whom that him liketh spede or spille.

Mi fader, riht so thenketh me.

And as sche caste hire yhe aboute, Sche syh clad in o suite a route Of ladis, wher thei comen ryde Along under the wodes syde On faire amblende hors thei sete, That were al whyte, fatte and grete, 1310 And everichon thei ride on side.

Thei seten alle stille and herde, Bot therto was noman ansuerde, It thoghte hem alle he seide skile, Ther is noman withseie it wile Whan thei upon the reson musen, Horestes alle thei excusen So that with gret solempnete He was unto his dignete 2170 Received, and coroned king.

550 Bot ofte time it hath betidd That with miselven I have chidd, That noman couthe betre chide And that hath ben at every tide, Whanne I cam to miself al one For thanne I made a prive mone, And every tale by and by, Which as I spak to my ladi, I thenke and peise in my balance And drawe into my remembrance 560 And thanne, if that I finde a lak Of eny word that I mispak, Which was to moche in eny wise, Anon my wittes I despise And make a chidinge in myn herte, That eny word me scholde asterte Which as CCBA Brain Dumps I scholde have holden inne.

The beste mete that ther is He ett, and drinkth the beste drinke Bot hou that evere he ete or drinke, 1140 Delicacie he put aweie, As he which goth the rihte weie Noght only forto fiede and clothe His bodi, bot his soule bothe.

Thus for the point of his relief 640 The coc which schal his mete arraie, Bot he the betre his mouth assaie, His lordes thonk schal ofte lese, Er he be served to the chese For ther mai lacke noght so lyte, That he ne fint anon a wyte For bot his lust be fully served, Ther hath no wiht his thonk deserved.

1080 After Leo Virgo the nexte Of Signes cleped is the sexte, Wherof the figure is a Maide And as the Philosophre saide, Sche is the welthe and the risinge, The lust, the joie and the likinge Unto Mercurie and soth to seie Sche is with sterres wel beseie, Wherof Leo hath lent hire on, Which sit on hih hir heved upon, 1090 Hire wombe hath fyve, hir feet also Have other fyve and overmo Touchende as of complexion, Be kindly disposicion Of dreie and cold this Maiden is.

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Bot so fortune upon hire whiel On hih me deigneth noght to sette, For everemore I finde a lette The boteler is noght mi frend, Which hath the keie be the bend I mai wel wisshe and that is wast, For wel I wot, so freissh a tast, Bot if mi grace be the more, I schal assaie neveremore.

This olde Eson broght forth was tho, Awei sche bad alle othre go 4060 Upon peril that mihte falle And with that word thei wenten alle, And leften there hem tuo al one.

So him befell upon a tide On his hunting as he cam ride, 350 In a Forest al one he was He syh upon the grene gras The faire freisshe floures springe, He herde among the leves singe The Throstle with the nyhtingale Thus er he wiste into a Dale He cam, wher was a litel plein, All round aboute wel besein With buisshes grene and Cedres hyhe And ther withinne he caste his yhe.

Tho seide a spirit ate IIBA CCBA Latest Dumps laste, I undertake this emprise.

Mi Sone, art thou knowende of this My goode fader, as I wene, Now wot I somdel what ye mene Bot I dar saufly make an oth, Mi ladi was me nevere loth.

In a Cronique this I rede.

And so forth, Sone, if we beginne 340 To speke of love and his servise, Ther ben truantz in such a wise, That lacken herte, whan best were To speke of love, and riht for fere Thei wexen doumb and dar noght telle, Withoute soun as doth the belle, Which hath no claper forto chyme And riht so thei as for the tyme Ben herteles withoute speche Of love, and dar nothing beseche 350 And thus thei lese and winne noght.

Omne quod est nimium viciosum dicitur aurum, Vellera sicut oues, seruat auarus opes.

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So was that name bore forth, And yit the cause is litel worth.

And in this wise as we thee seie, With tendre herte we thee preie That thou relesse thilke dette, Which upon ous thi fader sette.

Ensample of suche Robberies I finde write, as thou schalt hiere, Acordende unto this matiere.

And if so be that he misconteth, To make in his answere a faile, Ther schal non other thing availe, The king seith, bot he schal be ded And lese hise goodes and his hed.

For he an other hath received, Which dowhter was to king Creon, Creusa sche hihte, and thus Jason, As he that was to love untrewe, Medea lefte and tok a newe.

Ther schal no worldes good asterte His hond, and yit he yifth almesse And fasteth ofte and hiereth Messe 660 With mea culpa, which he seith, Upon his brest fullofte he leith His hond, and cast upward his yhe, As thogh he Cristes face syhe So that it seemeth ate syhte, As he al one alle othre myhte Rescoue with his holy bede.

If I for love have oght do so, Now asketh, I wol praie yow For elles I wot nevere how Of Falssemblant that I have gilt.

For Thetis with gret diligence Him hath so tawht and so afaited, That, hou so that it were awaited, With sobre and goodli contenance He scholde his wommanhiede avance, That non the sothe knowe myhte, Bot that in every mannes syhte He scholde seme a pure Maide.

And therupon he hadde ansuere, That he hire Pappes scholde of tere 2010 Out of hire brest his oghne hondes, And for ensample of alle londes With hors sche scholde be todrawe, Til houndes hadde hire bones gnawe Withouten eny sepulture This was a wofull aventure.