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And otherwise 2660 The Latins of hemself also Here studie at thilke time so With gret travaile of Scole toke In sondri forme forto boke, That we mai take here evidences Upon the lore of the Sciences, Of craftes bothe and of clergie Among the whiche in Poesie To the lovers Ovide wrot And tawhte, if love be to hot, 2670 In what manere it scholde akiele.

Thus thei, that weren longe wrothe, 3240 Acorden hem to final pes And yit justice natheles Was kept and in nothing offended Wherof Pompeie was comended.

Mi fader, as touchende of this, Riht so as I you tolde it is, That ofte abedde, whanne I scholde, I mai noght slepe, thogh I wolde For love is evere faste byme, Which takth no hiede of due time.

2290 For thilke scherte unto the bon His body sette afyre anon, And cleveth so, it mai noght twinne, For the venym that was therinne.

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1130 Thus whan the lettre was full spoke, Thei haue anon the cofre stoke, And bounden it with yren faste, That it may with the wawes laste, And stoppen it be such a weie, That it schal be withinne dreie, So that no water myhte it grieve.

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Bot as a man that wolde him save, Whan he is seck, be medicine, Riht so of love the famine I fonde in al 351-018 Cert Exam that evere I mai To fiede and dryve forth the day, Til I mai have the grete feste, Which al myn hunger myhte areste.

For so as Avarice spareth, And forto kepe his tresor careth, 7660 That other al his oghne and more Ayein the wise mannes lore Yifth and despendeth hiere and there, So that him reccheth nevere where.

And also, thogh a man at ones Of al the world withinne his wones 210 The tresor myhte have everydel, Yit hadde he bot o mannes del Toward himself, so as I thinke, Of clothinge and of mete and drinke, For more, outake vanite, Ther hath no lord in his degre.

The water eke hath sondri bounde, After the lond wher it is founde, And takth his name of thilke londes Wher that it renneth on the strondes 590 Bot thilke See which hath no wane Is cleped the gret Occeane, Out of the which arise and come The hyhe flodes alle and some Is non so litel welle spring, Which ther ne takth his beginnyng, And lich a man that haleth breth Be weie of kinde, so it geth Out of the See and in ayein, The water, as the bokes sein.

That other thoghte and hield him stille, 580 And thonked him of his warnynge, And bad him telle no tidinge, Whan he to Tyr cam hom ayein, That he in Tharse him hadde sein.

And whan the Prestes weren dede, The temple of thilke horrible dede Thei thoghten purge, and thilke ymage, Whos cause was the pelrinage, 1040 Thei drowen out and als so faste Fer into Tibre thei it caste, Wher the Rivere it hath defied And thus the temple purified Thei have of thilke horrible Sinne, Which was that time do therinne.

In his corone also behinde, Be olde bokes as I finde, Ther ben of worthi Stones thre Set ech of hem in his degre 830 Wherof a Cristall is that on, Which that corone is set upon The seconde is an Adamant The thridde is noble and avenant, Which cleped is Ydriades.

So whan they comen forth seilinge, Ther was such governance on honde, That thei the Monstres have withstonde And slain of hem a gret partie.

For thogh I mihte stonden ay Into the time of domesday And loke upon hire evere in on, Yit whanne I scholde fro hire gon, Min yhe wolde, as thogh he faste, Ben hungerstorven al so faste, 810 Til efte ayein that he hire syhe.

And fell so, as it scholde be, This faire dowhter nyh this Sone As thei togedre thanne wone, 1350 Cupide hath so the thinges schape, That thei ne mihte his hand ascape, That he his fyr CISM Exam Test Questions on hem ne caste Wherof her herte he overcaste To folwe thilke lore and suie Which nevere man yit miht eschuie And that was love, as it is happed, Which hath here hertes so betrapped, That thei be alle weies seche How that thei mihten winne a speche, 1360 Here wofull peine forto lisse.

Among the whiche forth withal Nectanabus in special, Which was an Astronomien And ek a gret CISM Exam Test Questions Magicien, And undertake hath thilke emprise To Alisandre in his aprise 1300 As of Magique naturel To knowe, enformeth him somdel Of certein sterres what thei mene Of whiche, he seith, ther ben fiftene, And sondrily to everich on A gras belongeth and a Ston, Wherof men worchen many a wonder To sette thing bothe up and under.

So CISM Study Material Aluminium Access Products Ltd duelle thei togedre stille, These brethren, and the fader sterveth.

Forthi my Sone, quod the king, Be wel avised of this thing, Which hath thi lif in jeupartie.

These olde Philosophres wise Thei writen upon thilke while, That he mai best a man beguile In whom the man hath most credence And this befell in evidence Toward this yonge lord of Rome.

After his other Sone in haste He sende, and he began him haste 1750 And cam unto his fader tyt.

Now axeth forth, I yow beseche, Of Wraththe if ther oght elles is, Wherof to schryve.

The gulteles was dampned there And deide upon accusement Bot such a fals conspirement, Thogh it be prive for a throwe, Godd wolde noght it were unknowe And that was afterward wel proved In him which hath the deth controved.

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And ferst to telle as I began, The Splen is to Malencolie Assigned for herbergerie 450 The moiste fleume with his cold Hath in the lunges for his hold Ordeined him a propre stede, To duelle ther as he is bede To the Sanguin complexion Nature of hire inspeccion A propre hous hath in the livere For his duellinge mad delivere The dreie Colre with his hete Be weie of kinde his propre sete 460 Hath in the galle, wher he duelleth, So as the Philosophre telleth.

Thus have I told a gret partie Bot al the hole progenie Of goddes in that ilke time To long it were forto rime.

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Sche longeth sore after the dai, That sche hir swevene telle mai To this guilour in privete, Which kneu it als so wel as sche And natheles on morwe sone Sche lefte alle other thing to done, And for him sende, and al the cas Sche tolde him pleinly as it was, 2020 And seide hou thanne wel sche wiste That sche his wordes mihte triste, For sche fond hire Avisioun Riht after the condicion Which he hire hadde told tofore And preide him hertely therfore That he hire holde covenant So forth of al the remenant, That sche may thurgh his ordinance Toward the god do such plesance, 2030 That sche wakende myhte him kepe In such wise as sche mette aslepe.

Therof were alle men wel paied, And seide hou it was forto done The Schipes weren redi sone, And strong pouer with him he tok Up to the Sky he caste his lok, And syh the wynd was covenable.

And thus Phebus in love brenneth, And in his haste aboute renneth, To loke if that he mihte winne Bot he was evere to beginne, 1710 For evere awei fro him sche fledde, So that he nevere his love spedde.

And ek these Astronomiens An other fyr also, be nyhte Which scheweth him to mannes syhte, 350 Thei clepen Eges, the which brenneth Lik to the corrant fyr that renneth Upon a corde, as thou hast sein, Whan it with poudre is so besein Of Sulphre and othre thinges mo.

Mi Sone, this I finde write, Ther is yit on of thilke brood, Which only for the worldes good, To make a Tresor of Moneie, Put alle conscience aweie Wherof in thi confession The name and the condicion 4380 I schal hierafterward declare, Which makth on riche, an other bare.

This yonge king, which peised al, Hire beaute and hir wit withal, As he that was with love hent, Anon therto yaf his assent.

For who that useth that he knoweth, Ful selden seknesse on him groweth, And who that useth metes strange, Though his nature empeire and change 660 It is no wonder, lieve Sone, Whan that he doth ayein his wone For in Phisique this I finde, Usage is the seconde kinde.

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4030 Sche tok up turves of the lond Withoute helpe of mannes hond, Al heled with the grene gras, Of which an Alter mad ther was Unto Echates the goddesse Of art magique and the maistresse, And eft an other to Juvente, As sche which dede hir hole entente.

1480 And of the galle the goddesse, For sche was full of hastifesse Of wraththe and liht to grieve also, Thei made and seide it was Juno.

And that was proved whilom thus, Whan that the king Nectanabus, Which hadde Egipte forto lede, Bot for he sih tofor the dede Thurgh magique of his Sorcerie, Wherof he couthe a gret partie, 1800 Hise enemys to him comende, Fro whom he mihte him noght defende, Out of his oghne lond he fledde And in the wise as he him dredde It fell, for al his wicchecraft, So that Egipte him was beraft, And he desguised fledde aweie Be schipe, and hield the rihte weie To Macedoine, wher that he Aryveth ate chief Cite.

Bot for ye tolden CISM Test Software hier above Of Covoitise and his pilage, If ther be more of that lignage, 6950 Which toucheth to mi schrifte, I preie That ye therof me wolde seie, So that I mai the vice eschuie.

Now goth togedre of on assent And taketh youre avisement, For bot I you this dai avance, It stant upon youre oghne chance Al only in defalte of grace So schal be schewed in this place Upon you alle wel afyn, CISM Certificate That no defalte schal be myn.

3730 The Flees he tok and goth to Bote, The Sonne schyneth bryhte and hote, The Flees of gold schon forth withal, The water glistreth overal.

And ferst the wise knyhtes olde, To whom that he his tale tolde, Conseilen him in this manere That he with love and with glad chiere 4070 Foryive and grante al that is axed Of that his fader hadde taxed For so he mai his regne achieve With thing which schal him litel grieve.

To wisse thee, my Sone, and rede, Among the tales whiche I rede, An old ensample therupon Now herkne, and I wol tellen on.

Mi Sone, as I mai hiere talke In every place where I walke, I not if it be so or non, Bot it is manye daies gon That I ferst herde telle this, How Falssemblant hath ben and is Most comunly fro yer to yere With hem that duelle among ous here, 2100 Of suche as we Lombardes calle.

The king his hardi contienance Behield, and herde hise wordes wise, And seide unto him in this wise Thin ansuere I have understonde, Wherof my will is, that thou stonde In mi service and stille abide.

Mi goode Sone, thou seist wel.

2720 Mi fader, as touchinge of al I may noght wel ne noght ne schal Of veine gloire excuse me, That I ne have for love be The betre adresced and arraied And also I have ofte assaied Rondeal, balade and virelai For hire on whom myn herte lai To make, and also forto peinte Caroles with my wordes qweinte, 2730 To sette my pourpos alofte And thus I sang hem forth fulofte In halle and ek in chambre aboute, And made merie among the route, Bot yit ne ferde I noght the bet.

Ha, herte, why ne wolt thou berste, That forth with hire I myhte passe Mi peines weren wel the lasse.

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And forto speke of tholde dawe, To take ensample of that was tho, I finde a tale write also, 2910 Hou that a worthi prince is holde The lawes of his lond to holde, Ferst for the hihe goddes sake, And ek for that him is betake The poeple forto guide and lede, Which is the charge of his kinghede.

Bot he, which wolde noght forsake 680 His Pacience, thanne spak, And seide how that he fond no lak In nothing which sche hadde do For it was wynter time tho, And wynter, as be weie of kinde Which stormy is, as men it finde, Ferst makth the wyndes forto blowe, And after that withinne a throwe He reyneth and the watergates Undoth and thus my wif algates, 690 Which is with reson wel besein, Hath mad me bothe wynd and rein After the Sesoun of the yer.

King David hadde many a love, Bot natheles alwey above Knyhthode he kepte in such a wise, That for no fleisshli covoitise Of lust to ligge in ladi armes He lefte noght the lust of armes.

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Bot Ysis, as seith the Cronique, Fro Grece into Egipte cam, And sche thanne upon honde nam To teche hem forto sowe and eere, Which noman knew tofore there.

And forto se the proprete Of every thyng in his degree, 930 Benethe forth among ous hiere Al stant aliche in this matiere The See now ebbeth, now it floweth, The lond now welketh, now it groweth, Now be the Trees with leves grene, Now thei be bare and nothing sene, Now be the lusti somer floures, Now be the stormy wynter shoures, Now be the daies, now the nyhtes, So stant ther nothing al upryhtes, 940 Now it is lyht, now it is derk And thus stant al the worldes werk After the disposicioun Of man and his condicioun.

2230 Whan Hercules therof tok hiede, Als faste as evere he mihte him CISM Study Material spiede He hyeth after in a throwe And hapneth that he hadde a bowe, The which in alle haste he bende, As he that wolde an Arwe sende, Which he tofore hadde envenimed.

Thus goth the tidinge overal.

Mi fader, as in this degre My conscience is noght accused For I no such brocage have used, Wherof that lust of love is wonne.

2080 The day was merie and fair ynowh, Echon with othre pleide and lowh, And fellen into tales newe, How that the freisshe floures grewe, And how the grene leves spronge, And how that love among the yonge Began the hertes thanne awake, And every bridd hath chose hire make And thus the Maies day to thende Thei lede, and hom ayein thei wende.

And if we rede of tholde lawe, I finde write, in thilke dawe Of Princes hou ther weren thre Coupable sore in this degre.

And for him lacketh of despence, Ther was with him non advocat To make ple for his astat.

Sche wolde have kist him wonder fayn, Bot schame tornede hire agayn 3790 It was noght the manere as tho, Forthi sche dorste noght do so.

And ek, if men hem wel avise, The Sonne and Mone eclipse bothe, That be hem lieve or be hem lothe, 770 Thei soffre and what thing is passible To ben a god is impossible.

The king, which understod here wille And knew here conseil that was trewe, Began ayein his sorwe newe 1100 With pitous herte, and thus to seie It is al reson that ye preie.

And if thee like to don so, We ben thi men for everemo, 4060 To gon and comen at thin heste.

And, as me thoghte , anon ther was 2750 On every side so gret presse, That every lif began to presse, I wot noght wel hou many score, Suche as I spak of now tofore, Lovers, that comen to beholde, Bot most of hem that weren olde Thei stoden there at thilke tyde, To se what ende schal betyde Upon the cure of my sotie.

Omne quod est nimium viciosum dicitur aurum, Vellera sicut oues, seruat auarus opes.

Ther ben of Nimphes proprely In the believe of hem also Oreades thei seiden tho 1330 Attitled ben to the monteines And for the wodes in demeynes To kepe, tho ben Driades Of freisshe welles Naiades And of the Nimphes of the See I finde a tale in proprete, Hou Dorus whilom king of Grece, Which hadde of infortune a piece, His wif forth with hire dowhtres alle, So as the happes scholden falle, 1340 With many a gentil womman there Dreint in the salte See thei were Wherof the Greks that time seiden, And such a name upon hem leiden, Nerei5des that thei ben hote, The Nimphes whiche that thei note To regne upon the stremes salte.

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For al his hole herte he leide Upon Constance, and seide he scholde For love of hire, if that sche wolde, Baptesme take and Cristes feith Believe, and over that he seith 900 He wol hire wedde, and upon this Asseured ech til other is.

The coveitous was wonder glad, And to that other man he bad And seith that he ferst axe scholde For he supposeth that he wolde Make his axinge of worldes good For thanne he knew wel how it stod, 340 That he himself be double weyhte Schal after take, and thus be sleyhte, Be cause that he wolde winne, He bad his fela ferst beginne.

Bot Certified Information Security Manager CISM Study Material as thou toldest me before That thou to love art noght forswore, 5220 And hast don non unkindenesse, Thou miht therof thi grace blesse And lef noght that continuance For ther mai be no such grevance To love, as is unkindeschipe.

These olde gestes tellen thus, That whilom Sardana Pallus, Which hield al hol in his empire CISM The grete kingdom of Assire, Was thurgh the slouthe of his corage Falle into thilke fyri rage Of love, which the men assoteth, Wherof himself he so rioteth, 4320 And wax so ferforth wommannyssh, That ayein kinde, as if a fissh Abide wolde upon the lond, In wommen such a lust he fond, That he duelte evere in chambre stille, And only wroghte after the wille Of wommen, so as he was bede, That selden whanne in other stede If that he wolde wenden oute, To sen hou that it stod aboute.

Bot what in ernest and in game, Sche stant for love in such a plit, That sche hath lost al appetit Of mete, of drinke, of nyhtes reste, As sche that not what is the beste 860 Bot forto thenken al hir fille Sche hield hire ofte times stille Withinne hir chambre, and goth noght oute The king was of hire lif in doute, Which wiste nothing what it mente.

That on can and that other mai, Be so the king hem bothe reule, For elles al goth out of reule.

Upon a time and as he drouh 5060 Toward the wode, he sih besyde The grete gastli Serpent glyde, Til that sche cam in his presence, And in hir kinde a reverence Sche hath him do, and forth withal A Ston mor briht than a cristall Out of hir mouth tofore his weie Sche let doun falle, and wente aweie, For that he schal noght ben adrad.

Bot er the cause fully spedde, Hire fader, which in Romanie The ledinge of chivalerie In governance hath undertake, Upon a werre which was take Goth out with al the strengthe he hadde Of men of Armes whiche he ladde 5160 So was the mariage left, And stod upon acord til eft.

1490 This lord hath granted his requeste And whan the dai was of the feste, CISM Vce In worschipe of here Emperour The king and ek the Senatour Forth with here wyves bothe tuo, With many a lord and lady mo, On horse CISM Test Pdf riden him ayein Til it befell, upon a plein Thei sihen wher he was comende.

Thus fell the thing which falle scholde, Nectanabus hath that he wolde With guile he hath his love sped, With guile he cam into the bed, With guile he goth him out ayein He was a schrewed chamberlein, So to beguile a worthi queene, And that on him was after seene.

To him that wroghte charite He was ayeinward charitous, And to pite he was pitous 3330 For it was nevere knowe yit That charite goth unaquit.

This Maiden, which Cornix be name Was hote, dredende alle schame, Sih that sche mihte noght debate, And wel sche wiste he wolde algate Fulfille his lust of Robberie, Anon began to wepe and crie, And seide, O Pallas, noble queene, Scheu nou thi myht and let be sene, 6190 To kepe and save myn honour Help, that I lese noght mi flour, Which nou under thi keie is loke.

Whan Arrons herde him telle so, 4690 Anon he wiste what it mente, And therto sette al his entente, Til he thurgh fraude and tricherie The Princes Isaca CISM Study Material hefdes of Gabie Hath smiten of, and al was wonne His fader cam tofore the Sonne Into the toun with the Romeins, And tok and slowh the citezeins Withoute reson or pite, That he ne spareth no degre.

The thefte which thei thanne werche Be name is cleped Sacrilegge, Ayein the whom I thenke alegge.

The vice lik unto the fend, Which nevere yit was mannes frend, And cleped is Unkindeschipe, Of covine and of felaschipe With Avarice he is withholde.

Of these lovers that loven streyte, And for that point which thei coveite Ben poursuiantz fro yeer to yere In loves Court, whan I may hiere 240 How that thei clymbe upon the whel, And whan thei wene al schal be wel, Thei ben doun throwen ate laste, Thanne am I fedd of that thei faste, And lawhe of that I se hem loure And thus of that thei brewe soure I drinke swete, and am wel esed Of that I wot thei ben desesed.

Thus whan this lord hath understonde 3440 Of al this thing how that it ferde, Unto Silvestre he thanne ansuerde, With al his hole herte and seith That he is redi to the feith.

Bot yit of Slowthe hou it hath ferd In other wise I thenke oppose, If thou have gult, as I suppose.

For Habraham, er that he deide, This charge upon his servant leide, To him and in this wise spak, That he his Sone Isaa5c 110 Do wedde for no worldes good, Bot only to his oghne blod Wherof this Servant, as he bad, Whan he was ded, his Sone hath lad To Bathuel, wher he Rebecke Hath wedded with the whyte necke For sche, he wiste wel and syh, Was to the child cousine nyh.

5000 But whan he sih it was an Ape, He wende al hadde ben CISM Vce a jape Of faierie, and sore him dradde And Adrian eftsone gradde For help, and cride and preide faste, And he eftsone his corde caste Bot whan it cam unto the grounde, A gret Serpent it hath bewounde, The which Bardus anon up drouh.

Wherof touchende this partie, Is Rethorique the science Certified Information Security Manager CISM Study Material Appropred to the reverence Of wordes that ben resonable And for this art schal be vailable With goodli wordes forto like, It hath Gramaire, it hath Logiqe, That serven bothe unto the speche.

O thou Cupide, god of loves lawe, That with thi Dart brennende hast set afyre Min herte, do that wounde be withdrawe, Or yif me Salve such as I desire 2290 For Service in thi Court withouten hyre To me, which evere yit have kept thin heste, Mai nevere be to loves lawe honeste.

4490 This was the wise ecclesiaste, The fame of whom schal evere laste, That he the myhti god forsok, Ayein the lawe whanne he tok His wyves and his CISM Study Material Aluminium Access Products Ltd concubines Of hem that weren Sarazines, For whiche he dede ydolatrie.

The cloth was leid, the bord was set, And al was forth tofore him fet, His disch, his coppe, his drinke, his mete Bot whanne he wolde or drinke or ete, Anon as it 070-411 Training Guide his mouth cam nyh, It was al gold, and thanne he syh Of Avarice the folie.

Bot for al that a man mai finde 2830 Nou in this time of thilke rage Ful gret desese in mariage, Whan venym melleth with the Sucre And mariage is mad for lucre, Or for the lust or for the hele What man that schal with outher dele, He mai noght faile to repente.

Wherof touchende unto this sawe There is bot only to poursuie Mi love, and ydelschipe eschuie.

The scharpe pricke in stede of salve Thei usen now, wherof the hele Thei hurte of that thei scholden hele And what Schep that is full of wulle Upon his back, thei toose and pulle, 400 Whil ther is eny thing to pile And thogh ther be non other skile Bot only for thei wolden wynne, Thei leve noght, whan thei begynne, Upon her acte to procede, Which is no good schepherdes dede.

1510 This knyht hath levere forto dye Than breke his trowthe and forto lye In place ther as he was swore, And schapth him gon ayein therfore.

For it befell that ilke throwe 3070 At Troie, wher the Siege lay Upon the cause of Menelay And of his queene dame Heleine, The Gregois hadden mochel peine Alday to fihte and to assaile.

Wherof the ferste in special 30 Is Theorique, which is grounded On him which al the world hath founded, Which comprehendeth al the lore.

And forto speke of this matiere Touchende love and his Supplant, A tale which is acordant Unto thin Ere I thenke enforme.

King Menelay the wordes nom And axeth him of this matiere And he, that alle it mihten hiere, Ansuerde and tolde his tale alarge, And hou the goddes in his charge 2140 Comanded him in such a wise His oghne hond to do juise.

Mi goode Sone, it schal be do Now herkne and ley an Ere to For as touchende of Prides fare, Als ferforth as I can declare In cause of vice, in cause of love, That hast thou pleinly herd above, So that ther is nomor to seie Touchende of that bot other weie 3440 Touchende Envie I thenke telle, Which hath the propre kinde of helle, Withoute cause to misdo Toward himself and othre also, Hierafterward as understonde Thou schalt the spieces, as thei stonde.

For alle thing which god hath wroght In Erthe, werre it bringth to noght The cherche is brent, the priest is slain, The wif, the maide is ek forlain, The lawe is lore and god unserved I not what mede he hath deserved That suche werres ledeth inne.

The seconde of Mathematique, Which is the science of Musique, That techeth upon Armonie A man to make melodie Be vois and soun of instrument Thurgh notes of acordement, The whiche men pronounce alofte, Nou scharpe notes and nou softe, 170 Nou hihe notes and nou lowe, As be the gamme a man mai knowe, Which techeth the prolacion Of note and the condicion.

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So forto speke in this matiere 2260 After the lawe of charite, Ther schal no dedly werre be And ek nature it hath defended And in hir lawe pes comended, Which is the chief of mannes welthe, Of mannes lif, of mannes helthe.

It were certes litel nede To sitte there and wortes pyke, If thou thi Prince couthest lyke, So as I can in my degre.

So sit it wel a king therfore To loven hem that trouthe mene For ate laste it wol be sene That flaterie is nothing worth.

Tho he, which sory was ynowh, Out of the dich his fader drouh, And tolde his moder hou it ferde In conseil and whan sche it herde And kneu the toknes whiche he tolde, Sche nyste what sche seie scholde, Bot stod abayssht as for the while Of his magique and al the guile.

So it befell upon a dai 300 This Angel, which him scholde enforme, Was clothed in a mannes forme, And overtok, I understonde, Tuo men that wenten over londe, Thurgh whiche he thoghte to aspie His cause, and goth in compaignie.

And thus therfore The Philosophre upon this thing Writ and conseileth to a king, 4560 That he the surfet of luxure Schal tempre and CISM Study Guide Pdf reule of such mesure, Which be to kinde sufficant And ek to reson acordant, So that the lustes ignorance Be cause of no misgovernance, Thurgh which that he be overthrowe, As he that wol no reson knowe.

3660 This ilke ymage as for miracle Was set upon an hyh pinacle, That alle men it mihte knowe, And under tht thei maden lowe A tumbe riche for the nones Of marbre and ek of jaspre stones, Wherin this Iphis was beloken, That evermor it schal be spoken.