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With him ther riden manion, To Knaresburgh and forth thei wente, And lich the fyr which tunder hente, In such a rage, as seith the bok, His Moder sodeinliche he tok And seide unto hir in this wise O beste of helle, in what juise Hast thou deserved forto deie, That hast so falsly put aweie 1280 With tresoun of thi bacbitinge The treweste at my knowlechinge Of wyves and the most honeste Bot I wol make this beheste, I schal be venged er I go.

Alle othre bestes that men finde Thei serve unto here oghne kinde, Bot to reson the Soule serveth Wherof the man his thonk deserveth And get him with hise werkes goode The perdurable lyves foode.

Of Rome tho was Emperour Crassus, which was so coveitous, That he was evere desirous 2070 Of gold to gete the pilage Wherof that Puile and ek Cartage With Philosophres wise and grete Begunne of this matiere trete, And ate laste in this degre Ther weren Philosophres thre, To do this thing whiche undertoke, And therupon thei with hem toke A gret tresor of gold in cophres, To Oracle CX-310-230 Exam Book Rome and thus these philisophres 2080 Togedre in compainie wente, Bot noman wiste what thei mente.

Wherof the parfit of here lawe Fro thanne forth hem was withdrawe, So that thei stonde of no merit, Bot in truage as folk soubgit Withoute proprete of place Thei liven out of goddes grace, Dispers in alle londes oute.

And thus in court of juggement This Adrian was thanne assent, And the querele in audience Declared was in the presence Of themperour and many mo Wherof was mochel speche tho And gret wondringe among the press.

And so fell that upon an yle, Which Chyo hihte, thei ben drive, Where he to hire his leve hath yive That sche schal londe and take hire reste.

Thus he, which love hadde in desdeign, Worste of all othre was besein, 2360 And as he sette his pris most hyhe, He was lest worth in loves yhe And most bejaped in his wit Wherof the remembrance is yit, So that thou myht ensample take, And ek alle othre for his sake.

Mi Sone, of that thin herte siketh With sorwe, miht thou noght amende, Til love his grace wol thee sende, For thou thin oghne cause empeirest What time as thou thiself despeirest.

2320 Office in court and gold in cofre Is nou, men sein, the philosophre Which hath the worschipe in the halle Bot flaterie passeth alle In chambre, whom the court avanceth For upon thilke lot it chanceth To CX-310-230 Questions And Answers be beloved nou aday.

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For thus it stant of my grevance Now at this time, as thou schalt wite, With teres and with enke write This lettre I have in cares colde In my riht hond my Penne I holde, 300 And in my left the swerd I kepe, And in my barm ther lith to wepe Thi child and myn, which sobbeth faste.

Bot what as eny man accuse, This mai reson of trowthe excuse The vice of hem that ben ungoode Is no reproef unto the goode 490 For every man hise oghne werkes Schal bere, and thus as of the clerkes The goode men ben to comende, And alle these othre god amende For thei ben to the worldes ije The Mirour of ensamplerie, To reulen and to taken hiede Betwen the men and the godhiede.

Now loke, hou they be forto blame.

The Stiel which he syh afterward A world betokneth more hard 640 Bot yet the werste of everydel Is last, whan that of Erthe and Stiel He syh the feet departed so, For that betokneth mochel wo.

With that he pulleth up his hed And made riht a glad visage, And seide how that was a presage 1790 Touchende unto that other Perse, Of that fortune him scholde adverse, He seith, for such a prenostik Most of an hound was to him lik For as it is an houndes kinde To berke upon a man behinde, Riht so behinde his brother bak With false wordes whiche he spak He hath do slain, and that is rowthe.

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Whan his visage is so desteigned, With yhe upcast on hire he siketh, And many a contenance he piketh, To bringen hire in to believe Of thing which that he wolde achieve, 700 Wherof he berth the pale hewe And for he wolde seme trewe, He makth him siek, whan he is heil.

The bodies whiche I speke of hiere Of the Planetes ben begonne The gold is titled to the Sonne, The mone of Selver hath his part, And Iren CX-310-230 Exam Book that stant upon Mart, 2470 The Led after Satorne groweth, And Jupiter the M2020-624 Test Prep Bras bestoweth, The Coper set is to Venus, And to his part Mercurius Hath the quikselver, as it falleth, The which, after the bok it calleth, Is ferst of thilke fowre named Of Spiritz, whiche ben proclamed And the spirit which is secounde In Sal Armoniak is founde 2480 The thridde spirit Sulphur is The ferthe suiende after this Arcennicum be name is hote.

And who so drawth into memoire What hath befalle of old and newe, He may that werre sore rewe, Which ferst began in Paradis For ther was proeved what it is, And what desese there it wroghte For thilke werre tho forth broghte The vice of alle dedly Sinne, Thurgh which division cam inne 1010 Among the men in erthe hiere, And was the cause and the matiere Why god the grete flodes sende, Of al the world and made an ende Bot Noe5 with his felaschipe, Which only weren saulf be Schipe.

I not what other thing availeth, Of hope whan the herte faileth, For such a Sor is incurable, And ek the goddes ben vengable 3510 And that a man mai riht wel frede, These olde bokes who so rede, Of thing which hath befalle er this Now hier of what ensample it is.

The vice cleped Avantance With Pride hath take his aqueintance, 2400 So that his oghne pris he lasseth, When he such mesure overpasseth That he his oghne Herald is.

For evere yit it hath so stonde, That god a tirant overladde Bot wher Pite the regne ladde, Ther mihte no fortune laste Which was grevous, bot ate laste The god himself it hath redresced.

Bot if ye wolde in eny forme Of this matiere a tale enforme, Which were ayein this vice set, I scholde fare wel the bet.

Wher sche comende a Leoun syh Into the feld to take his preie, In haste and sche tho fledde aweie, So as fortune scholde falle, For feere and let hire wympel falle Nyh to the welle upon therbage.

Bot if a Prince wolde him reule Of the Romeins after the reule, In thilke time as it was used, This vice scholde be refused, Wherof the Princes ben assoted.

The bisshop, as it was to done, Yaf him baptesme and Moris calleth And therupon, as it befalleth, With lettres writen of record Thei sende unto here liege lord, 940 That kepers weren of the qweene And he that scholde go betwene, The Messager, to Knaresburgh, Which toun he scholde passe thurgh, Ridende cam the ferste day.

Therof me schal no Slowthe lette, Til deth out of this world me fette, Althogh I hadde on such a Ring, As Moises thurgh his enchanting Som time in Ethiope made, Whan that he Tharbis weddid hade.

Thei gladen of his melodie, Bot most of alle the compainie The kinges doghter, which it herde, And thoghte ek hou that he ansuerde, Whan that he was of hire opposed, Withinne hir herte hath wel supposed That he is of gret gentilesse.

And thus togedre in felaschipe Forth gon this Diomede and he In hope til thei mihten se The place where Achilles is.

And sche, which red for schame was, With bothe hire handes hath him preid Knelende and in this wise seid, That sche to reson and to skile In what thing that he bidde wile 2740 Is redy forto don his heste, Bot this thing were noght honeste, That he for gold hire scholde selle.

I may noght strecche up to the hevene Min hand, ne setten al in evene This world, which evere is in balance It stant noght in my sufficance So grete thinges to compasse, Bot I mot lete it overpasse And treten upon othre thinges.

Fader, what If thou hast be coupable of that.

Riht so ther CX-310-230 Certificate be, who that hem knewe, Of thes lovers ful many untrewe Nou mai a womman finde ynowe, That ech of hem, whan he schal wowe, Anon he wole his hand doun lein Upon a bok, and swere and sein 2890 That he wole feith and trouthe bere And thus he profreth him to swere To serven evere til he die, And al is verai tricherie.

Avise him, if he wolde flitte The lawe for the coveitise, Ther sih he redi his juise.

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And thus is schewed CX-310-230 Exam Book What is to ben of Pride unthewed 3040 Ayein the hihe goddes lawe, To whom noman mai be felawe.

And therupon if that thee list To knowe of Slowthes cause more, In special yit overmore Ther is a vice full grevable To him which is therof coupable, 310 And stant of alle vertu bare, Hierafter as I schal declare.

Bot now to speke of the juise, The which after the Oracle CX-310-230 covoitise 2210 Was take upon this Emperour, For he destruide the Mirour It is a wonder forto hiere.

And fell that time he was bestad Upon a werre and moste ride And whil he scholde there abide, He lefte at hom to kepe his wif Suche as he knew of holi lif, Elda forth with the Bisschop eke And he with pouer goth to seke Ayein the Scottes forto fonde The werre which he tok on honde.

Tho goddes be yit cleped thus, Orus, Typhon and Isirus Thei were brethren alle thre, And the goddesse in hir degre 800 Here Soster was and Ysis hyhte, Whom Isirus forlai be nyhte And hield hire after as his wif.

So mai it proven be this cas That yong conseil, which is to warm, Er men be war doth ofte harm.

900 And certes if I of him faile, I wot riht wel withoute faile Ye schull for me be dowhterles.

It is ansuerd in such a wise, That betre it is that thei be wise Be whom that the conseil schal gon, For thei be manye, and he is on 4160 And rathere schal an one man With fals conseil, for oght he can, From his wisdom be mad to falle, Thanne he al one scholde hem alle Fro vices into vertu change, For that is wel the more strange.

Bot he with strong wyn which he dronk Forth CX-310-230 Study Guides with the travail of the day Was drunke, aslepe and while he lay, 1010 Sche hath hise lettres overseie And formed in an other weie.

Bot I dar make this record To Venus, whos Prest that I am, That sithen that I hidir cam To hiere, as sche me bad, thi lif, Wherof thou elles be gultif, 1790 Thou miht hierof thi conscience Excuse, and of gret diligence, Which thou to love hast so despended, Thou oghtest wel to be comended.

480 So that withinne time of yeeres, Togedre as thei ben pleiefieres, Liggende abedde upon a nyht, Nature, which doth every wiht Upon hire lawe forto muse, Constreigneth hem, so that thei use Thing which to hem was al unknowe Wherof Cupide thilke throwe Tok pite for the grete love, And let do sette kinde above, 490 So that hir lawe mai ben used, And thei upon here lust excused.

The beste mete that ther is He ett, and drinkth the beste drinke Bot hou that evere he ete or drinke, 1140 Delicacie he put aweie, As he which goth the rihte weie Noght only forto fiede and clothe His bodi, bot his soule bothe.

And whan the king hath seid his wille, This Taliart in a Galeie With alle haste he tok his weie The wynd was good, he saileth blyve, Til he tok lond upon the ryve Of Tyr, and forth with al anon Into the Burgh he gan to gon, And tok his In and bod a throwe.

The king, whan he this tale herde, Bad that thei scholden alle abyde, For he himself wol thider ryde.

770 Thus was he for the time in joie, Til that he scholde go to Troie Bot tho sche made mochel sorwe, And he his trowthe leith to borwe To come, if that he live may, Ayein withinne a Monthe day, And therupon thei kisten bothe Bot were hem lieve or were hem lothe, To Schipe he goth and forth he wente To Troie, as was his ferste entente.

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And thus be Phebus ordinance Tok Pheton into governance The Sonnes carte, which he ladde Bot he such veine gloire hadde 1010 Of that he was set upon hyh, That he his oghne astat ne syh Thurgh negligence and tok non hiede So mihte he wel noght longe spede.

Bot how it were, of his penance He made such continuance Fro dai to nyht, and preith so longe, That his preiere is underfonge, Which Venus of hire grace herde Be nyhte and whan that he worst ferde, 420 And it lay in his nakede arm, The colde ymage he fieleth warm Of fleissh and bon and full of lif.

In a Cronique it telleth thus The king of Rome Lucius Withinne his chambre upon a nyht The Steward of his hous, a knyht, Forth with his Chamberlein also, To conseil hadde bothe tuo, 3950 And stoden be the Chiminee Togedre spekende alle thre.

That I misdede yowthe it made, And in the flodes bad me wade, Wher that I sih no peril tho Bot now it is befalle so, 230 Merci, my fader, do no wreche And with that word sche loste speche And fell doun swounende at his fot, As sche for sorwe nedes mot.

Bot as a man that wolde him save, Whan he is seck, be medicine, Riht so of love the famine I fonde in al that evere I mai To fiede and dryve forth the day, Til I mai have the grete feste, Which al myn hunger myhte areste.

And thus of thilke unkinde blod Stant the memoire into this day, Wherof that every wysman may Ensamplen him, and take in mynde What schame it is to ben unkinde 5160 Ayein the which reson debateth, And every creature it hateth.

I dar wel thenken al aboute, Bot I ne dar noght speke it oute 5190 And if I dorste, I wolde pleigne, That sche for whom I soffre peine And love hir evere aliche hote, That nouther yive ne behote In rewardinge of mi servise It list hire in no maner wise.

For thei tuo thurgh her drunkenhiede Of witles excitacioun Oppressede al the nacion Of Spaigne for of fool usance, Which don was of continuance 570 Of hem, whiche alday drunken were, Ther was no wif ne maiden there, What so thei were, or faire or foule, Whom thei ne token to defoule, Wherof the lond was often wo And ek in othre thinges mo Thei wroghten many a sondri wrong.

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The ferste, which is the conserve And kepere of the remnant, As that which is most sufficant And chief of the Philosophie, If I therof schal specefie So as the Philosophre tolde, Nou herkne, and kep that thou it holde.

Bot yit for strengthe of matrimoine He myhte make non essoine, That he ne mot algates plie To gon to bedde of compaignie 1780 And whan thei were abedde naked, Withoute slep he was awaked He torneth on that other side, For that he wolde hise yhen hyde Fro lokynge on that foule wyht.

So jangle thei withoute reste, Til ate laste on Collatin, A worthi knyht, and was cousin To Arrons, seide him in this wise It is, quod he, of non emprise To speke a word, bot of the dede, Therof it is to taken hiede.

3480 Bot yit I seie noght for this That al in mi defalte it is For I cam nevere yit in stede, Whan time was, that I my bede Ne seide, and as I dorste tolde Bot nevere fond I that sche wolde, For oght sche knew of min entente, To speke a goodly word assente.

Bot that thou preidest natheles, That I schal Lazar to the sende With water on his finger ende, Thin hote tunge forto kiele, Thou schalt no such graces fiele For to that foule place of Sinne, For evere in which thou schalt ben inne, Comth non out of this place thider, Ne non of you mai comen hider 1070 Thus be yee parted nou atuo.

Bot finaly to speke oght more Unto this lord he dradde him sore, So that a word ne dorste he sein And thus upon the morwe ayein, In the manere as I recorde, Forth with his Asse and with his corde To gadre wode, as he dede er, He goth and whan that he cam ner 5050 Unto the place where he wolde, He hath his Ape anon beholde, Which hadde gadred al aboute Of stickes hiere and there a route, And leide hem redy to his hond, Wherof he made his trosse and bond Fro dai to dai and in this wise This Ape profreth his servise, So that he hadde of wode ynouh.

And therupon if I schal sette Ensample, in holy cherche I finde How that Supplant is noght behinde God wot if that it now be so For in Cronique of time ago I finde a tale concordable Of Supplant, which that is no fable, 2800 In the manere as I schal telle, So as whilom the thinges felle.

Bot who that wolde do largesse Upon C_THR12_64 Ebook Pdf the reule as it is yive, So myhte a man in trouthe live 7630 Toward his god, and ek also Toward the world, for bothe tuo Largesse awaiteth as belongeth, To neither part that he ne wrongeth He kepth himself, he kepth his frendes, So stant he sauf to bothe hise endes, That he excedeth no mesure, So wel he can himself mesure Wherof, mi Sone, thou schalt wite, So as the Philosophre hath write.

Upon a dai as he was merie, As thogh ther mihte him nothing derie, 1520 Whan nyht was come, he goth to bedde, With slep and bothe his yhen fedde.

And over that thurgh Senne it com That Nembrot such emprise nom, Whan he the Oracle CX-310-230 Tour Babel on heihte Let make, as he that wolde feihte 1020 Ayein the hihe goddes myht, Wherof divided anon ryht Was the langage in such entente, Ther wiste non what other mente, So that thei myhten noght procede.

Tho was plesance CX-310-230 Exam Book and joye ynowh, Echon with other pleide and lowh Thei live longe and wel thei ferde, And clerkes that this chance herde Thei writen it in evidence, To teche how that obedience Mai wel fortune a man to love And sette him in his lust above, 1860 As it befell unto this knyht.

For it is siththe go noght longe, As forto speke of this matiere, I may you telle, if ye woll hiere, A wonder hap which me befell, That was to me bothe hard and fell, Touchende of love and his fortune, The which me liketh to comune 70 And pleinly forto telle it oute.

Thus longe he preide, and ate laste Sche granteth, and behihte him this, That whan CX-310-230 Exam Guide nyht comth and it time is, Sche wolde him sende certeinly Such on that scholde him prively 3460 Al one into hire chambre bringe.

Be this ensample it mai well suie That man schal homicide eschuie, For evere is merci good to take, Bot if the lawe it hath forsake 2620 And that justice is therayein.

Of tirannie and crualte Be this ensample a king mai se, Himself and ek his conseil bothe, Hou thei ben to mankinde lothe And to the god abhominable.

And as he couthe himself forschape, In liknesse of an Eddre he slipte Out of his hond, and forth he skipte 2110 And efte, as he that feighte wole, He torneth him into a Bole, And gan to belwe of such a soun, As thogh the world scholde al go doun The ground he sporneth and he tranceth, Hise large hornes he avanceth And caste hem here and there aboute.

This kniht the tuo pilers of bras, The whiche yit a man mai finde, Sette up in the desert of Ynde That was the worthi Hercules, Whos name schal ben endeles For the merveilles whiche he wroghte.

The king of that he thus answerde Was nothing wroth, bot whanne he herde The hihe wisdom which he seide, With goodly wordes this he preide, That he him wolde telle his name.

Among the kinges in the bible I finde a tale, and is credible, Of him that whilom Achab hihte, Which hadde al Irahel to rihte 2530 Bot who that couthe glose softe And flatre, suche he sette alofte In gret astat and made hem riche Bot thei that spieken wordes liche To trouthe and wolde it noght forbere, For hem was non astat to bere, The court of suche tok non hiede.

Bot lest nou what seith the clergie 380 For upon hem that I have seid The creatour hath set and leid The kinde and the complexion Of alle mennes nacion.

Whan I am loged in such wise That I be nyhte mai arise, 6660 At som wyndowe and loken oute And se the housinge al aboute, So that I mai the chambre knowe In which mi ladi, as I CX-310-230 Test Pdf trowe, Lyth in hir bed and slepeth softe, Thanne is myn herte a thief fulofte For there I stonde to beholde The longe nyhtes that ben colde, And thenke on hire that lyth there.

Bot tak this lore into thi wit, That alle thing hath time and stede, The cherche serveth for the bede, The chambre is of an other speche.

So forto speke of this matiere, I seche that I mai noght finde, I haste and evere I am behinde, 290 And wot noght what it mai amounte.

Mi fader, it hath stonde thus, That if the tresor of Cresus 4730 And al the gold Octovien, CX-310-230 Practice Forth with the richesse Yndien Of Perles and of riche stones, Were al togedre myn at ones, I sette it at nomore acompte Than wolde a bare straw amonte, To yive it hire al in a day, Be so that to that suete may I myhte like or more or lesse.

And fell so, as it scholde be, This faire dowhter nyh this Sone As thei togedre thanne wone, 1350 Cupide hath so the thinges schape, That thei ne mihte his hand ascape, That he his fyr on hem ne caste Wherof her herte he overcaste To folwe thilke lore and suie Which nevere man yit miht eschuie And that was love, as it is happed, Which hath here hertes so betrapped, That thei be alle weies seche How that thei mihten winne a speche, 1360 Here wofull peine forto lisse.

In his corone also behinde, Be olde bokes as I CX-310-230 Exam Dumps finde, Ther ben of worthi Stones thre Set ech of hem in his degre 830 Wherof a Cristall is that on, Which that corone is set upon The seconde is an Adamant The thridde is noble and avenant, Which cleped is Ydriades.

Bot moerdre, which mai noght ben hedd, 1920 Sprong out to every mannes Ere, Wherof the lond was full of fere.

Venus behield me than and lowh, 2870 And axeth, as it were in game, What love was.

Grant mercy, fader, I am war So fer that I nomore dar Of Falssemblant take aqueintance Bot rathere I wol do penance That I have feigned chiere er this.

Phisique is after the secounde, Thurgh which the Philosophre hath CX-310-230 Questions And Answers Pdf founde To techen sondri knowlechinges Upon the bodiliche thinges.

And in the meene while he caste 5330 What thing him were best to do And fell that Adriagne tho, Which was the dowhter of Mynos, And hadde herd the worthi los Of These s and of Oracle CX-310-230 Exam Book his myht, And syh he was a lusti kniht, Hire hole herte on him sche leide, And he also of love hir preide, So ferforth that thei were al on.

1480 And of the galle the goddesse, For sche was full of hastifesse Of wraththe and liht to grieve also, Thei made and seide it was Juno.

The wofull peine of loves maladie, Ayein the which mai no phisique availe, Min herte hath so bewhaped with sotie, That wher so that I reste or I travaile, 2220 I finde it evere redy to assaile Mi resoun, which that can him noght defende Thus seche I help, wherof I mihte amende.

Ma dame, that can I do wel, Be so my lif therto wol laste.

Riht so wenyng hath ferd be me For whanne I wende next have be, As I be my wenynge caste, Thanne was I furthest ate laste, And as a foll my bowe unbende, Whan al was failed that I wende.

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Bot yet thei argumenten faste 370 Upon the Pope and his astat, Wherof thei falle in gret debat This clerk seith yee, that other nay, And thus thei dryve forth the day, And ech of hem himself amendeth Of worldes good, bot non entendeth To that which comun profit were.

For god is myhty overal To forthren every mannes trowthe, Bot it be thurgh his oghne slowthe And namely the kinges nede It mai noght faile forto spede, For he stant one for hem alle So mote it wel the betre falle 3620 And wel the CX-310-230 Labs more god favoureth, Whan he the comun riht socoureth.

Which afterward upon a day Was priveliche stole away For Jupiter thurgh his queintise From hire it tok in such a wise, 6250 That sodeinliche forth withal Hire wombe aros and sche toswal, So that it mihte noght ben hidd.

The trouthe myhte noght ben herd Bot afterward as it hath ferd, The dede proveth his entente Achab to the bataille wente, Wher Benedab for al his Scheld Him slouh, so that upon the feld His poeple goth aboute astray.

I rede in olde bokes thus Ther was a Duk, which Spertachus Men clepe, and was a 646-002 Braindump Pdf werreiour, A cruel man, a conquerour 3420 With strong pouer the which he ladde.

Bot thus, mi Sone, thou myht have Ensample, hou that it is to fle To robbe the virginite 6340 Of a yong innocent aweie And overthis be other weie, In olde bokes as I rede, Such Robberie is forto drede, And nameliche of thilke good Which every womman that is good Desireth forto kepe and holde, As whilom was be daies olde.

Apointed in the newe Mone, Whan it was time forto done, Sche sette a caldron on the fyr, In which was al the hole atir, Wheron the medicine stod, Of jus, of water and of blod, 4120 And let it buile in such a plit, Til that sche sawh the spume whyt And tho sche caste in rynde and rote, And sed and flour that was for bote, With many an herbe and many a ston, Wherof sche hath ther many on And ek Cimpheius the Serpent To hire hath alle his scales lent, Chelidre hire yaf his addres skin, And sche to builen caste hem in 4130 A part ek of CX-310-230 Study Guides the horned Oule, The which men hiere on nyhtes houle And of a Raven, which was told Of nyne hundred wynter old, Sche tok the hed with al the bile And as the medicine it wile, Sche tok therafter the bouele Of the Seewolf, and for the hele Of Eson, with a thousand mo Of thinges that sche hadde tho, 4140 In that Caldroun togedre as blyve Sche putte, and tok thanne of Olyve A drie branche hem with to stere, The which anon gan floure and bere And waxe al freissh and grene ayein.

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2900 And otherwhile I dreme and mete That I al one with hire mete And that Danger is left behinde And thanne in slep such joie I finde, That I ne bede nevere awake.

This Cardinal his time hath waited, And with his wordes slyhe and queinte, The whiche he cowthe wysly peinte, He schop this clerk of which I JN0-130 Real Exam Questions telle Toward the Pope forto duelle, So that withinne his chambre anyht He lai, and was a prive wyht Toward the Pope on nyhtes tide.

Mi fader, so I wole ywiss And if ther more of Wraththe be, Now axeth forth per charite, As ye be youre bokes knowe, And I the sothe schal beknowe.

The hihe god, so as thei seide, To whom thei most worschipe leide, Saturnus hihte, and king of Crete CX-310-230 Guide He hadde be bot of his sete He was put doun, as he which stod In frenesie, and was so wod, That fro his wif, which Rea hihte, Hise oghne children he to plihte, 850 And eet hem of his comun wone.