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With wordes suche and othre fele Whan al was treted to an ende, Jason tok leve and gan forth wende Unto his oughne chambre in pes Ther wiste it non bot Hercules.

For if men takyn remembrance What is to live in unite, Ther ys no staat in his degree 2990 That noughte to desire pes, With outen which, it is no les, To seche and loke in to the laste, Ther may no worldes joye laste.

For whan I of here loves rede, Min Ere with the tale I fede And with the lust of here histoire Somtime I drawe into memoire Hou sorwe mai noght evere laste And so comth hope in ate laste, Whan I non other fode knowe.

2390 Somdiel to this matiere lik I finde a tale, hou Frederik, Of Rome that time Emperour, Herde, as he wente, a gret clamour Of tuo beggers upon the weie.

And to sustienen hem and fede In time of recreacion, Nature hath in creacion The Stomach for a comun Coc Ordeined, so as seith the boc.

Whan that the duk Ametus lay Sek in his bedd, that every day Men waiten whan he scholde deie, Alceste his wif goth forto preie, 1920 As sche which wolde thonk deserve, With Sacrifice unto Minerve, To wite ansuere of the goddesse Hou that hir lord of his seknesse, Wherof he was so wo besein, Recovere myhte his hele ayein.

This Soldan, what so him betidde, To hem he triste most of alle, Wherof the cas is so befalle This lord, which hath conceiptes depe, Upon a nyht whan he hath slepe, As he which hath his wit desposed, Touchende a point hem hath opposed.

Bot non espleit therof thei cauhte, And so thei tornen hom ayein, For al that labour was in vein.

The Stiel which he syh afterward A world betokneth more hard 640 Bot yet the werste of everydel Is last, whan that of Erthe and Stiel He syh the 1Z1-527 Questions feet departed so, For that betokneth mochel wo.

And be this cause he was respited, So that the deth him was acquited, Bot for al that he was exiled, For he his love hath so beguiled, That he schal nevere come ayein For who that is to trowthe unplein, He may noght failen of vengance.

He slepte and ros whan it was time, And whanne it fell towardes prime, 3880 He tok to him suche as he triste In secre, that non other wiste, And told hem of his conseil there, And seide that his wille were That thei to Schipe hadde alle thinge So priveliche in thevenynge, That noman mihte here dede aspie Bot tho that were of compaignie For he woll go withoute leve, And lengere woll he noght beleve 3890 Bot he ne wolde at thilke throwe The king or queene scholde it knowe.

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An other god thei hadden eke, To whom for conseil thei beseke, The which was brother to Venus, Appollo men him clepe thus.

Upon the hond to were a Schoo And sette upon the fot a Glove Acordeth noght to the behove Of resonable mannes us If men behielden the vertus 360 That Crist in Erthe taghte here, Thei scholden noght in such manere, Among hem that ben holden wise, The Papacie so desguise Upon diverse eleccioun, Which stant after thaffeccioun Of sondry londes al aboute Bot whan god wole, it schal were oute, For trowthe mot stonde ate laste.

And if thou wolt the sothe wite, Behold a tale which is write, Hou that the King Agamenon, Whan he the Cite of Lesbon Hath wonne, a Maiden ther he fond, Which was the faireste of the Lond In thilke time that men wiste.

Now John, quod sche, in my pouer Thou most as of thi love stonde For I thi bille have understonde, In which to Cupide and to me Somdiel thou hast compleigned thee, And somdiel to Nature also.

With that his Pype on honde he hente, And gan to pipe in his manere Thing which was slepi forto hiere And in his pipinge evere among He tolde him such a lusti song, That he the fol hath broght aslepe.

He mihte noght himselve stiere, That he ne made hire hevy chiere Bot he which GB0-360 Practice Exam couthe of alle sorwe, Nectanabus, upon the morwe Thurgh the deceipte and nigromance Tok of a dragoun the semblance, 2180 And wher the king sat in his halle, Com in rampende among hem alle With such a noise and such a rore, That thei agast were also sore As thogh thei scholde deie anon.

Bot as it is wel wiste and knowe, Adam and Eve bot a throwe, So as it scholde of hem betyde, In Paradis at thilke tyde 40 Ne duelten, and the cause why, Write in the bok of Genesi, As who seith, alle men have herd, Hou Raphael the fyri swerd In honde tok and drof hem oute, To gete here lyves fode aboute Upon this wofull Erthe hiere.

The king, which hath his Ere leid, And lieveth al that evere he herde, Unto here tale thus ansuerde, And seith that levere him is to chese Hise children bothe forto lese, Than him and al the remenant Of hem whiche are aportenant Unto the lond which he schal kepe And bad his wif to take kepe 4320 In what manere is best to done, That thei delivered weren sone Out of this world.

The day is go, the nyhtes chaunce Hath derked al the bryhte Sonne This lord, which hath his love wonne, Is go to bedde with his wif, Wher as thei ladde a lusti lif, 970 And that was after somdel sene, For as thei pleiden hem betwene, Thei gete a child betwen hem tuo, To whom fell after mochel wo.

Forthi, my Sone, unto thin Ere, Though it be noght in the registre Of Venus, yit of that Calistre 20 And Designing Enterprise-level Networks GB0-360 Aristotle whylom write To Alisandre, thou schalt wite.

We pleigne noght 642-651 Test Questions ayein the Pope, For thilke name is honourable, Bot thou, which hast be deceivable And tricherous in al thi werk, Thou Bonefas, thou proude clerk, 3020 Misledere of the Papacie, Thi false bodi schal abye And soffre that it hath deserved.

And thanne he axede hem anon, Whi thei ne hadden write so Thei tolden, so thei hadden do.

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Of every bienfet the merite The god himself it wol aquite 3030 And ek fulofte it falleth so, The world it wole aquite also, Bot that mai noght ben evene liche The god he yifth the heveneriche, The world yifth only bot a name, Which stant upon the goode fame Of hem that don the goode dede.

And in comparisoun Ther ben lovers of such a sort, That HCSE Certification GB0-360 feignen hem an humble port, And al is bot Ypocrisie, Which with deceipte and flaterie Hath many a worthi wif beguiled.

Betre is to winne be fair speche, He seith, than such vengance seche For whanne a man is GB0-360 Pdf Download most above, Him nedeth most to gete him love.

And for thin enformacion, 2270 That thou this vice as I the rede Eschuie schalt, a tale I rede, Which fell whilom be daies GB0-360 Practise Questions olde, So as the clerk Ovide tolde.

Mi Sone, that is riht wel do.

Bot al he putte in goddes hond, And torneth hom, and what he fond Unto his wif he hath it schewed And thei, that weren bothe lewed, 5080 Acorden that he scholde it selle.

Of foure daies time I sette, That ye this thing no longer lette, So that your lif be noght forsfet.

To telle riht as he began, The ferste sterre Aldeboran, 1310 The cliereste and the moste of alle, Be rihte name men it calle Which lich is of condicion To Mars, and of complexion To Venus, and hath therupon Carbunculum his propre Ston His herbe is Anabulla named, Which is of gret vertu proclamed.

Sche sih the swote floures springe, Sche herde glade foules singe, Sche GB0-360 Pdf Download Aluminium Access Products Ltd sih the bestes in her kinde, The buck, the do, the hert, the hinde, 1300 The madle go with the femele And so began ther a querele Betwen love and hir oghne herte, Fro which sche couthe noght asterte.

Bot natheles to speke it plein, 3140 Al this that I have seid you hiere Of my wakinge, as ye mai hiere, It toucheth to mi lady swete For otherwise, I you behiete, In strange place whanne I go, Me list nothing to wake so.

Now have ye herd touchende of this, Mi fader, in confessioun And therfor of Detraccioun In love, of that I have mispoke, Tel how ye wole it schal be wroke.

Bot sche, which knew tofor the hond The circumstance of al this thing, Ayein the cominge of the king Into the temple, hath schape so, Of hire acord that alle tho Whiche of the temple prestes were Have seid and full declared there Unto the king, bot if so be That he delivere the contre 4300 Of Frixus and of Hellen bothe, With whom the goddes ben so wrothe, That whil tho children ben therinne, Such tilthe schal noman beginne, Wherof to gete him eny corn.

4350 For where a Prince hise lustes suieth, That he the werre noght poursuieth, Whan it is time to ben armed, His GB0-360 Exam Cram contre stant fulofte harmed, Whan thenemis ben woxe bolde, That thei defence non beholde.

And thus me thoghte, in sondri place 2780 Of hem that walken up and doun Ther was diverse opinioun And for a while so it laste, Til that Cupide to the laste, Forth with his moder full avised, Hath determined and devised Unto what point he wol descende.

And as it scholde tho mishappe, Als priveliche as evere he myhte He rod, and of his hors alyhte Tofore Collatines In, And al frendliche he goth him in, 4920 As he that was cousin of house.

Under the ground if oght be hid Of old tresor at eny throwe, They schull GB0-360 Dumps Pdf it in here swevenes knowe And upon this condicioun, Thei sein, what gold under the toun Of Rome is hid, thei wole it finde, Ther scholde noght be left behinde, Be so that he the halvendel Hem grante, and he assenteth wel 2110 And thus cam sleighte forto duelle With Covoitise, as I thee telle.

He can so wel his cause make And so wel feigne and so wel glose, That ther ne schal noman suppose, Bot that he were an innocent, And thus a mannes yhe he blent 6540 So that this craft I mai remene Withouten help of eny mene.

Surquiderie is thilke vice Of Pride, which the thridde office Hath in his Court, and wol noght knowe The trowthe til it overthrowe.

Men sein that Habraham was on Bot whether that he wrot or non, That finde I noght and Moi5ses Ek was an other bot Hermes Above alle othre in this science He hadde a gret experience Thurgh him was many a sterre assised, Whos bokes yit ben auctorized.

And thus upon here aqueintance He tolde hire pleinly as it stod, Of Rome how H3C GB0-360 that the gentil blod 1180 In Barbarie was betraied, And therupon he hath assaied Be werre, and taken such vengance, That non of al thilke alliance, Be whom the tresoun was compassed, Is GB0-360 Pdf Download from the swerd alyve passed Bot of Constance hou it was, That cowthe he knowe be no cas, Wher sche becam, so as he seide.

What king of lawe takth no kepe, Be lawe he mai no regne kepe.

And why the worschipe is aweie, If that a man the sothe seie, 850 The cause hath ben divisioun, Which moder of confusioun Is wher sche cometh overal, Noght only of the temporal Bot of the spirital also.

He hath hire fro the bordel take, Bot that was noght for goddes sake, Bot for the lucre, as sche him tolde.

1390 For I whilom no love hadde, Min hors is now so fieble and badde, And al totore is myn arai, And every yeer this freisshe Maii These lusti ladis ryde aboute, And I mot nedes suie here route In this manere as ye now se, And trusse here haltres forth with me, And am bot as here horse knave.

Whan Sedechie upon this plit 2580 Hath told this tale to his lord, Anon ther were of his acord Prophetes false manye mo To bere up oil, and alle tho Affermen that GB0-360 Vce Software which he hath told, Wherof the king Achab was bold And yaf hem yiftes al aboute.

Bot forto take remembrance Of special misgovernance Thurgh covoitise and injustice Forth with the remenant of vice, And nameliche of lecherie, I finde write a gret partie 4590 Withinne a tale, as thou schalt hiere, Which is thensample of this matiere.

Such is the gladschipe of Envie In worldes thing, and in partie 230 Fulofte times ek also In loves cause it stant riht so.

2900 And otherwhile I dreme and mete That I al one with hire mete And that Danger is left behinde And thanne in slep such joie I finde, That I ne bede nevere awake.

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And thus for oght is yit befalle, An ydel man I wol me calle As after myn entendement Bot upon youre amendement, Min holi fader, as you semeth, Mi reson and my cause demeth.

Whan sche hath understonden it, Sche goth hir doun, ther as he lay, Wher that sche harpeth many a lay 1670 And lich an Angel sang withal Bot he nomore than the wal Tok hiede of eny thing he herde.

Bot as it falleth ate laste, Ther mai no worldes joie laste, So mot I nedes fro hire wende And of my wachche make an ende And if sche thanne hiede toke, Hou pitousliche on hire I loke, 2810 Whan that I schal my leve take, Hire oghte of mercy forto slake Hire daunger, which seith evere nay.

Lo, thus the yonge cause wente 4130 For that the conseil was noght good, The regne fro the rihtfull blod GB0-360 Evere afterward divided was.

1180 Decembre after the yeeres forme, So as the bokes ous enforme, With daies schorte and nyhtes longe This ilke Signe hath underfonge.

Bot now to speke of thilke suete, Whos beaute was withoute wane, This faire Maiden Adriane, 5370 Whan that sche sih These s sound, Was nevere yit upon the ground A gladder wyht that sche was tho.

And whan that Bachus herde sein How Mide hath don his courtesie, Him thenkth it were a vilenie, 170 Bot he rewarde him for his dede, So as he mihte of his godhiede.

Mi Sone, that I mai wel lieve 7810 And natheles me semeth so, For oght that thou hast yit misdo Of time which thou hast despended, It mai with grace ben amended.

Sche wepth, sche crith, sche swouneth ofte, Sche caste hire yhen up alofte 3620 And seide among ful pitously A godd, thou wost wel it am I, For whom Iphis is thus besein Ordeine so, that men mai sein A thousend wynter after this, Hou such a Maiden dede amis, And as I dede, do to me For I ne dede no pite To him, which for mi love is lore, Do no pite to me therfore.

The lettre schewed rad it is, Which thei forsoken everidel.

2700 So wol I noght that eny time Be lost of that thou hast do byme For hou so this fortune falle, Yit stant mi trust aboven alle, For the mercy which I now finde, That thou wolt after this be kinde And for that such is myn espeir, As for my Sone and for myn Eir I thee receive, and al my lond I yive and sese into thin hond.

Explicit Liber Quintus.

For al his hole herte he leide Upon Constance, and seide he scholde For love of hire, if that sche wolde, Baptesme take and Cristes feith Believe, and over that he seith 900 He wol hire wedde, and upon this Asseured ech til other is.

This Gedeon awaiteth wel, Upon the morwe and everydel, 3680 As god him bad, riht so he dede.

And sche with goodly chiere ayein Beclipte him in hire armes smale, And the colour, which erst was pale, To Beaute thanne was restored, So that it myhte noght be mored.

Thus was he blind, and sche unwys Bot natheles this cause it is, Why Cupide is the god of love, For he his moder dorste love.

For on a day, whan that he mette Jeroboam the knyht, he grette 4520 And bad him that he scholde abyde, To hiere what him schal betyde.

For thogh I be noght al cunnynge Upon the forme of this wrytynge, Som part therof yit have I herd, In this matiere hou it hath ferd.

The king his chamberlein let calle, 800 And bad that he be alle weie A chambre for this man pourveie, Which nyh his oghne chambre be.

With that the king com forth anon, And sih the Flees, hou that it schon And whan Jason cam to the lond, The king himselve tok his hond And kist him, and gret joie him made.

And so, mi fader, in this wise The slepi nyhtes I despise, 2870 And evere amiddes of mi tale I thenke upon the nyhtingale, Which slepeth noght be weie of kinde For love, in bokes as I finde.

A worthi kniht in Cristes lawe Of grete Rome, as is the sawe, The Sceptre hadde forto rihte Tiberie Constantin he hihte, 590 Whos wif was cleped Ytalie Bot thei togedre of progenie No children hadde bot a Maide And sche the god so wel apaide, That al the wide worldes fame Spak worschipe of hire goode name.

And in such wise as sche him saide, 3010 Achilles, which that ilke while Was yong, upon himself to smyle Began, whan he was so besein.

For trewli, fader, I love oon So wel with al myn hertes thoght, That certes, thogh sche hadde noght, And were as povere as Medea, Which was exiled for Creusa, 2540 I wolde hir noght the lasse love Ne thogh sche were at hire above, As was the riche qwen Candace, Which to deserve love and grace To Alisandre, that was king, Yaf many a worthi riche thing, Or elles as Pantasilee, Which was the quen of Feminee, And gret richesse with hir nam, Whan sche for love of Hector cam 2550 To Troie in rescousse of the toun, I am of such condicion, That thogh mi ladi of hirselve Were also riche as suche tuelve, I couthe noght, thogh it wer so, No betre love hir than I do.

Bot for ye seiden nou tofore Hou stelthe of love goth be nyhte, And doth hise thinges out of syhte, Therof me liste GB0-360 Exam Collection also to hiere A tale lich to the matiere, 6800 Wherof I myhte ensample take.

Him reccheth noght what he beginne, Thurgh thefte so that he mai winne Forthi to maken his pourchas He lith awaitende on the pas, 6090 And what thing that he seth ther passe, He takth his part, or more or lasse, If it be worthi to be take.

Mi Sone, godd it thee foryive, If thou have eny thing misdo Touchende of this, bot overmo Ther is an other yit of Pride, Which nevere cowthe hise wordes hide, That he ne wole himself avaunte Ther mai nothing his tunge daunte, 2390 That he ne clappeth as a Belle Wherof if thou wolt that I telle, It is behovely forto hiere, So that thou myht thi tunge stiere, Toward the world and stonde in grace, Which lacketh ofte 70-518 Latest Dumps in many place To him that can noght sitte stille, Which elles scholde have al his wille.

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1060 His craft stod upon Surgerie, Bot for the lust of lecherie, That he to Daires dowhter drowh, It felle that Jupiter him slowh And yit thei made him noght forthi A god, and was no cause why.

And sche with feigned joie it herde And yaf him yiftes largely, Bot in the nyht al prively Sche tok the lettres whiche he hadde, Fro point to point and overradde, As sche that was thurghout untrewe, And let do wryten othre newe In stede of hem, and thus GB0-360 Exam Dump thei spieke Oure liege lord, we thee beseke 960 That thou with ous ne be noght wroth, Though we such thing as is thee loth Upon oure trowthe certefie.

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Bot, fader, I you herde seie Hou thaverous hath yit som weie, 100 Wherof he mai be glad for he Mai whanne him list his tresor se, And grope and fiele it al aboute, Bot I fulofte am schet theroute, Ther as my worthi tresor is.

For who that resoun understonde, Upon richesse it mai noght stonde, For that is thing which faileth ofte For he that stant to day alofte And al the world hath in hise wones, Tomorwe he falleth al at ones Out of richesse into poverte, So that therof is no decerte, 2220 Which gentilesce makth abide.

Bot if the man coude understonde To falle anon before his face In signe of mercy and of grace, The Leon schal of his nature Restreigne his ire in such mesure, As thogh it were a beste tamed, And torne awey halfvinge aschamed, That he the man schal nothing grieve.

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2960 Envie, which is loveles, And Pride, which is laweles, With such tempeste made him erre, That charite goth out of herre So that upon misgovernance Ayein Lowyz the king of France He tok querelle of his oultrage, And seide he scholde don hommage Unto the cherche bodily.

And on that o H3C GB0-360 Pdf Download side of the toun The king let maken Ylioun, That hihe Tour, that stronge place, Which was adrad of no manace Of quarel nor of non engin And thogh men wolde make a Myn, 7240 No mannes craft it mihte aproche, For it was sett upon a roche.

Bot Sa l let it overgon 3830 And dede noght the goddes heste For Agag made gret beheste Of rancoun which he wolde yive, King Sa l soffreth him to live And feigneth pite forth withal.

That we fortune clepe so Out of the man himself it groweth And who that other wise troweth, 550 Behold the poeple of Irael For evere whil thei deden wel, Fortune was hem debonaire, And whan thei deden the contraire, Fortune was contrariende.

Bot he, which alle untrouthe mente, This false knyht, among hem alle Upon this thing which is befalle Seith that Constance hath don this dede And to the bed with that he yede After the falshed of his speche, And made him there forto seche, And fond the knif, wher he it leide, And thanne he cride and thanne he seide, 860 Lo, seth the knif al blody hiere What nedeth more in this matiere To axe And thus hire innocence He sclaundreth there in audience With false wordes whiche he feigneth.

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For riht GB0-360 Answers as of an hungri Pie The storve bestes ben awaited, Riht so is Covoitise afaited 2000 To loke where he mai pourchace, For be his wille he wolde embrace Al that this wyde world beclippeth Bot evere he somwhat overhippeth, That he ne mai noght al fulfille The lustes of his gredi wille.

And with that GB0-360 Pdf Download word he tok a Corde, With which upon the gate tre He hyng himself, that was pite.

1780 And thus the hihe goddes myht, Which was in the virgine alyht, The mannes Soule hath reconsiled, Which hadde longe ben exiled.

In Grece afore Cristes feith, I rede, as the Cronique seith, Touchende of this matiere thus, In thilke time hou Pele s 2550 His oghne brother Phocus slowh Bot for he hadde gold ynowh GB0-360 Pdf Download To yive, his Senne was despensed With gold, wherof it was compensed Achastus, which with Venus was Hire Priest, assoilede in that cas, Al were ther no repentance.

They londe and faile of that thei seche Be coverture and sleyhte of speche This false man Strangulio, And H3C GB0-360 Dionise his wif also, That he the betre trowe myhte, Thei ladden him to have a sihte 1580 Wher that hir tombe was arraied.

Bot afterward it was forbore Amonges ous that ben baptized For of the lawe canonized The Pope hath bede to the men, That non schal wedden of his ken Ne the seconde ne the thridde.

The fader and the moder bothe To leve here douhter weren lothe, Bot if thei weren in presence And natheles at reverence Of him, that wolde himself travaile, Thei wolden noght he scholde faile 5610 Of that he preide, and yive hire leve And sche, that wolde noght beleve, In alle haste made hire yare Toward hir Soster forto fare, With Tere s and forth sche wente.

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And in this wise The king hath with hise wordes wise His brother tawht and al foryive.

For in the tellinge GB0-360 Self Study of his tale Nomore his herte thanne his male Hath remembrance of thilke forme, Wherof he scholde his wit enforme As thanne, and yit ne wot he why.

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Tho Josaphat began somdel To gladen him in hope of trouthe, And bad withouten eny slouthe That men him scholden fette anon.

450 The king Ligdus upon a strif Spak unto Thelacuse his wif, Which thanne was with childe grete He swor it scholde noght be lete, That if sche have a dowhter bore, That it ne scholde be forlore And slain, wherof sche sory was.

140 Bachus, which is the god of wyn, Acordant unto his divin A Prest, the which Cillenus hihte, He hadde, and fell so that be nyhte This Prest was drunke and goth astraied, Wherof the men were evele apaied In Frigelond, where as he wente.

Bot Jupiter the glorious, 3360 Which was commoeved of this thing, Vengance upon this cruel king So tok, that he fro mannes forme Into a wolf him let transforme And thus the crualte was kidd, Which of long time he hadde hidd A wolf he was thanne openly, The whos nature prively He hadde in his condicion.