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And be this skile Manachas Ansuered hath upon this cas, And seith that wyn be weie of kinde Is thing which mai the hertes binde 1870 Wel more than the regalie.

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And thus acorded ful and plein, The qwike body with the dede With leve take forth thei lede, 2780 Wher that Supplant hath his juise.

The more that the nede is hyh, The more it nedeth to be slyh To him which hath the nede on honde.

As Soules, that ben spiritiel, Here beinge is perpetuel Bot ther is on above the Sonne, Whos time nevere was begonne, 100 And endeles schal evere be That is the god, whos mageste Alle othre thinges schal governe, And his beinge is sempiterne.

1740 Avise him every man tofore, And be HC-035-421-CHS Exam Engines wel HC-035-421-CHS Testing war, er he be swore, For afterward it is to late, If that he wole his word debate.

And sche with that hirself beweileth Welmore than sche dede afore, And seide, Helas, wifhode is lore In me, which whilom was honeste, I am non other than a beste, Now I defouled am of tuo.

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The king ansuerde to him thus, And seide hou such a yifte passeth His povere astat and thanne he lasseth, And axeth bot a litel peny, If that the king wol yive him eny.

The craft which that Saturnus fond, To make prickes in the Sond, That Geomance cleped is, Fulofte he useth it amis And of the flod his Ydromance, And of the fyr the Piromance, With questions echon of tho He tempteth ofte, and ek also 1300 Ae5remance in juggement To love he bringth of his assent For these craftes, as I finde, A man mai do be weie of kinde, Be so it be to good entente.

This sterne king, this cruel lord Tok every day on of the Nyne, And put him to the discipline Of Minotaure, to be devoured Bot These s was so favoured, That he was kept til ate laste.

And thus this worthi lord as tho 3280 Sette in balance his oghne astat And with himself stod in debat, And thoghte hou that it was noght good To se so mochel mannes blod Be spilt for cause of him alone.

270 Of a Cronique in daies gon, The which is cleped Pantheon, In loves cause I rede thus, Hou that the grete Antiochus, Of whom that Antioche tok His ferste name, as seith the bok, Was coupled to a noble queene, And hadde a dowhter hem betwene Bot such fortune cam to honde, That deth, which no king mai withstonde, 280 Bot every lif it mote obeie, This worthi queene tok aweie.

Bot in Egipte of his offices He regneth most in special For ther be lustes overal Of al that to this lif befalleth For ther no stormy weder falleth, Which myhte grieve man or beste, And ek the lond is so honeste 930 That it is plentevous and plein, Ther is non ydel ground in vein And upon such felicite Stant Jupiter in his degre.

He is the hindrere of mi grace, Til he be ded I mai noght spede So mot I nedes taken hiede And schape how that he were aweie, If I therto mai finde a weie.

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The lordes in here beste arrai Be comen ate time set, On jousteth wel, an other bet, And otherwhile thei torneie, And thus thei casten care aweie And token lustes upon honde.

He hath so wel his schote timed, That he him thurgh the bodi smette, And thus the false wiht he lette.

And so it fell that same day That Jason with that suete may Togedre sete and hadden space To speke, and he besoughte hir grace.

And whan the king hath seid his wille, This Taliart in a Galeie With alle haste he tok his weie The wynd was good, he saileth blyve, Til he tok lond upon the ryve Of Tyr, and forth with al anon Into the Burgh he gan to gon, And Huawei HC-035-421-CHS Exam Engines tok his In and bod a throwe.

Echon tauhte other, This is he, Which hath in his pouer withinne That al the world ne mihte winne 3830 Lo, hier the beste of alle goode.

On every syde men come oute, Wherof the kinges herte afflihte, And he with al the haste he mihte A spere cauhte and out he goth, As he that was nyh wod for wroth.

1800 Bot Nestor, which was old and hor, The salve sih tofore the sor, As he that was of conseil wys So that anon be his avis Ther was a prive conseil nome.

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Bot after, whanne I hiede take, And schal arise upon the morwe, Thanne is al torned into sorwe, Noght for the cause I schal arise, Bot for I mette in such a wise, 2910 And ate laste I am bethoght That al is vein and helpeth noght Bot yit me thenketh be my wille I wolde have leie and slepe stille, To meten evere of such a swevene, For thanne I hadde a slepi hevene.

And thus cam into Samarie King Josaphat, and he fond there The king Achab and whan thei were Togedre spekende of this thing, This Josaphat seith to the king, Hou that he wolde gladly hiere Som trew prophete in this matiere, 2560 That he his conseil myhte yive To what point that it schal be drive.

Bot if it like you to telle Hou suche goddes come aplace, Ye mihten mochel thonk pourchace, For I schal be wel tawht withal.

And thei him axe cause why Bot he the sothe noght forthi 2150 Ne wiste, and ther was sorwe tho For it stod thilke tyme so, This trompe was of such sentence, That therayein no resistence Thei couthe ordeine be no weie, That he ne mot algate deie, Bot if so that he may pourchace To gete his liege lordes grace.

And if thou understode in soth In loves cause what it doth, A man to ben a Supplantour, Thou woldest for thin oghne honour Be double weie take kepe Ferst for thin oghne astat to kepe, 2440 To be thiself so wel bethoght That thou supplanted were noght, And ek for worschipe of thi name Towardes othre do the same, And soffren every man have his.

For trewli, fader, I love oon So wel with al myn hertes thoght, That certes, thogh sche hadde noght, And were as povere as Medea, Which was exiled for Creusa, 2540 I wolde hir noght the lasse love Ne thogh sche were at hire above, As was the riche qwen Candace, Which to deserve love and grace To Alisandre, that was king, Yaf many a worthi riche thing, Or elles as Pantasilee, Which was the quen of Feminee, And gret richesse with hir nam, Whan sche for love of Hector cam 2550 To Troie in rescousse of the toun, I am of such condicion, That thogh mi ladi of hirselve Were also riche as suche tuelve, I couthe noght, thogh it wer so, No betre love hir than I do.

And so sche soghte out al the line Of hem that longen to that craft, Behinde was no name laft, And preide hem alle, as sche wel couthe, To grante Eson his ferste youthe.

And fell withinne a time so, As he in Babiloine wente, The vanite of Pride him hente His herte aros of veine gloire, So that he drowh into memoire His lordschipe and his regalie With wordes of Surquiderie.

And yit the wynd to mannes Ere Is softe, and as it semeth oute It makth clier weder al aboute Bot thogh it seme, it is noght so.

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Bot this y knowe and this y wot, 3120 That y have do my trewe peyne With rude wordis and with pleyne, In al that evere y couthe and myghte, This bok to write as y behighte, So as siknesse it soffre wolde And HC-035-421-CHS Practice Exam also for my daies olde, That y am feble and impotent, I wot nought how the world ys went.

Ensample that it falleth thus, Thou miht wel take of Piramus, 1660 Whan he in haste his swerd outdrowh And on the point himselve slowh For love of Tisbee pitously, For he hire wympel fond blody And wende a beste hire hadde slain Wher as him oghte have be riht fain, For sche was there al sauf beside Bot for he wolde noght abide, This meschief fell.

1200 A Philosophre of which men tolde Ther was whilom be daies olde, And Diogenes thanne he hihte.

3660 This ilke ymage as for miracle Was set upon an hyh pinacle, That alle men it mihte knowe, And under tht thei maden lowe A tumbe riche for the nones Of marbre and ek of jaspre stones, Wherin this Iphis was beloken, That evermor it schal be spoken.

Lo, thus the foure pointz tofore, In governance as thei ben bore, Of trouthe ferst and of largesse, Of Pite forth with rihtwisnesse, I have hem told and over this The fifte point, so as it is Set of the reule of Policie, Wherof a king schal modefie 4210 The fleisschly lustes of nature, Nou thenk I telle of such mesure, That bothe kinde schal P2050-006 Practice be served And ek the lawe of god observed.

And thanne, as I behield, Me thoghte I sih upon the field, Where Elde cam a softe pas Toward Venus, ther as sche was.

Quod he, Thanne hove out of mi Sonne, And let it schyne into mi Tonne For thou benymst me thilke yifte, Which lith noght in thi miht to schifte 1310 Non other good of thee me nedeth.

Thus am I ofte al overcome, Ther as I wende best to stonde Bot after, whanne I understonde, And am in other place al one, I make many a wofull mone Unto miself, and speke so Ha fol, wher was thin herte tho, Whan thou thi worthi ladi syhe Were thou afered of hire yhe 600 For of hire hand ther is no drede So wel I knowe hir wommanhede, That in hire is nomore oultrage Than in a child of thre yeer age.

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And tho withinne a whyle als tyt Sche waf a cloth of Selk al whyt 5770 With lettres and ymagerie, In which was al the felonie, Which Tere s to hire hath do And lappede it togedre tho And sette hir signet therupon And sende it unto Progne anon.

1150 What man that wolde him wel avise, Delicacie is to despise, Whan kinde acordeth noght withal Wherof ensample in special Of Nero whilom mai be told, Which ayein kinde manyfold Hise lustes tok, til ate laste That god him wolde al overcaste Of whom the Cronique is so plein, Me list nomore of him to sein.

Ferst for his hevy continance Of that he semeth evere unglad, He is noght able to ben had And ek he brenneth so withinne, That kinde mai no profit winne, 3120 Wherof he scholde his love plese For thilke blod which scholde have ese To regne among the moiste veines, Is drye of thilke unkendeli peines Thurgh whiche Envie is fyred ay.

Thus hope I wel, if that I go, 7430 That sche for me wol so ordeine, That thei matiere forto pleigne Schul have, er that I come ayein.

Men sein that Habraham was on Bot whether that he wrot or non, That finde I noght and Moi5ses Ek was an other bot Hermes Above alle othre in this science He hadde a gret experience Thurgh him was many a sterre assised, Whos bokes yit ben auctorized.

The litel poeple which he broghte, 3740 Was non of hem that he ne hath A pot of erthe, in which he tath A lyht brennende in a kressette, And ech of hem ek a trompette Bar in his other hond beside And thus upon the nyhtes tyde Duk Gedeon, whan it was derk, Ordeineth him unto his werk, And parteth thanne his folk in thre, And chargeth hem that thei ne fle, 3750 And tawhte hem hou they scholde ascrie Alle in o vois per compaignie, And what word ek thei scholden speke, And hou thei scholde here pottes breke Echon with other, whan thei herde That he himselve ferst so ferde For whan thei come into the stede, He bad hem do riht as he dede.

And thus thei ryde aboute faste HC-035-421-CHS Exam Engines To gete hem help, and ate laste Thei hadden pouer sufficant, And maden thanne a covenant, 1780 That thei ne scholden no lif save, Ne prest, ne clerc, ne lord, ne knave, Ne wif, ne child, of that thei finde, Which berth visage of mannes kinde, So that no lif schal be socoured, Bot with the dedly swerd devoured In such Folhaste here ordinance Thei schapen forto do vengance.

And whan he sih and wiste it wel, That he be strengthe wan no del, Thanne ate laste he caste a wyle This worthi poeple to beguile, And tok with hem a feigned pes, Which scholde lasten endeles, So as he seide in wordes wise, Bot he thoghte al in other HC-035-421-CHS Test wise.

Of such Phisique I can a part, And as me semeth be that art, Thou scholdest be Phisonomie Be schapen to that maladie 110 Of lovedrunke, and that is routhe.

And for him lacketh of despence, Ther was with him non advocat To make ple for his astat.

And was that time bounded so 560 Wher as the flod which men Nil calleth Departeth fro his cours and falleth Into the See Alexandrine, Ther takth Asie ferst seisine Toward the West, and over this Of Canahim wher the flod is Into the grete See rennende, Fro that into the worldes ende Estward, Asie it is algates, Til that men come unto the gates 570 Of Paradis, and there ho.

Riht so wenyng hath ferd be me For whanne I wende next have be, As I be my wenynge caste, Thanne was I Huawei Certified Network Professional-WCDMA HC-035-421-CHS furthest ate laste, And as a foll my bowe unbende, Whan al was failed that I wende.

And sche anon Tuo men ordeigneth forto gon Bot ferst sche made hem forto swere That thei the children scholden bere Unto the See, that non it knowe, And hem therinne bothe throwe.

Bot therof woll I desobeie For also wel sche myhte seie, Go tak the Mone ther it sit, As Huawei HC-035-421-CHS bringe that into my wit For ther was nevere rooted tre, That stod so faste in his degre, 1320 That I ne stonde more faste Upon hire love, and mai noght caste Min herte awey, althogh I wolde.

And whanne he hadde told the thing In what manere that it stod, And that Tarquinus understod Be the message hou that it ferde, Anon he tok in honde a yerde, And in the gardin as thei gon, The lilie croppes on and on, Wher that thei weren sprongen oute, He smot of, as thei stode aboute, 4680 And seide unto the messager Lo, this thing, which I do nou hier, Schal ben in stede of thin ansuere And in this wise as I me bere, Thou schalt unto mi Sone telle.

Mi Sone, an ypocrite is this, A man which feigneth conscience, As thogh it were al innocence, Withoute, and is noght so withinne And doth so for he wolde winne Of his desir the vein astat.

Proximitatis honor sua corda veretur, et omnis Est HC-035-421-CHS Training Guide sibi leticia sic aliena dolor.

The walles of the toun aboute, Hem stod of al the world no doute, And after the proporcion Sex gates weren of the toun Of such a forme, of such entaile, That hem to se was gret mervaile The diches weren brode and depe, A fewe men it mihte kepe 7250 From al the world, as semeth tho, Bot if the goddes weren fo.

Now forto speke of the comune, It is to HC-035-421-CHS Exam Engines drede of that fortune 500 Which hath befalle in sondri londes Bot often for defalte of bondes Al sodeinliche, er it be wist, A Tonne, whanne his lye arist, Tobrekth and renneth al aboute, Which elles scholde noght gon oute And ek fulofte a litel Skar Upon a Banke, er men be war, Let in the Strem, which with gret peine, If evere man it HC-035-421-CHS Online Exam schal restreigne.

3540 Nou have I told the peril al I woll you tellen forth withal, Quod Medea to Jason tho, That ye schul knowen er ye go, Ayein the venym and the fyr What schal ben the recoverir.

And therupon he hadde ansuere, That he hire Pappes scholde of tere 2010 Out of hire brest his oghne hondes, And for HC-035-421-CHS Certification Braindumps ensample of alle londes With hors sche scholde be todrawe, Til houndes hadde hire bones gnawe Withouten eny sepulture This was a wofull aventure.

Thilke yle cleped was Delos In which Diana was forthbroght, And kept so that hire lacketh noght.

This Diogenes no beyete Of worldes good or lasse or more Ne soghte for his longe lore, Bot tok him only forto duelle At hom and as the bokes telle, 2240 His hous was nyh to the rivere Besyde a bregge, as thou schalt hiere.

Ther was a king in thilke whyle Towardes Grece, and Athemas The Cronique of his name was 4250 And hadde a wif, which Philen hihte, Be whom, so as fortune it dihte, He hadde of children yonge tuo.

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For as a king in special Above alle othre is principal Of his pouer, so scholde he be Most vertuous in his degre And that mai wel be signefied Be his corone and specified.

This grete Schip on Anker rod The Lord cam forth, 1Z1-541 Test Answers and whan he sih That other ligge abord so nyh, He wondreth what it myhte be, And bad men to gon in and se.

Bot sche, which thoghte to fulfille 2690 Hire fader heste in this matiere, Seide openly, that men mai hiere, The charge which hire fader bad.

The ferste point of alle thre Was this What thing in his degre 3100 Of al this world hath nede lest, And yet men HC-035-421-CHS Practise Questions helpe it althermest The secounde is What most is worth, And of costage is lest put forth The thridde is Which is of most cost, And lest is worth and goth to lost The king thes thre demandes axeth, And to the knyht this lawe he taxeth, That he schal gon and come ayein The thridde weke, and telle him plein 3110 To every point, what it amonteth.

260 Bot al the worste of everychon Is evere that I thurste in on The more that myn herte drinketh, The more I may so that me thinketh, My thurst schal nevere ben aqueint.

And sche ansuerde and bad him go, And seide how that abedde al warm Hir lief lay naked in hir arm Sche wende that it were soth.

And if sche of hire goode leve 4470 Rewarde wol me noght again, I HC-035-421-CHS Exam Engines Aluminium Access Products Ltd wot the laste of my bargain Schal stonde upon so gret a lost, That I mai neveremor the cost Recovere in this world til I die.

And tho sche was to dethe broght And brent tofore hire Sones yhe Wherof these othre, whiche it sihe And herden how the cause stod, Sein that the juggement is good, Of that hir Sone hire hath so served For sche it hadde wel deserved Thurgh tresoun of hire false tunge, Which thurgh the lond was after sunge, 1300 Constance and every wiht compleigneth.

Ther is noman so wys that knoweth Of thilke flod which is the tyde, Ne how he scholde himselven guide To take sauf passage there.

I hadde al that I coude sein 1540 Ayein mi fomen be thi grace, So whan I cam toward this place Ther was non gladdere man than I But now, mi lord, al sodeinli Mi joie is torned into sorwe, For I mi dowhter schal tomorwe Tohewe and brenne in thi servise To loenge of thi sacrifise Thurgh min avou, so as it is.

380 And in this wise men be drunke After the drink that thei have drunke Bot alle drinken noght alike, For som schal singe and som schal syke, So that it me nothing merveilleth, Mi Sone, of love that thee eilleth For wel I knowe be thi tale, That thou hast drunken of the duale, Which biter is, til god the sende Such grace that thou miht amende.

4110 Bot who that wole of wondres hiere, What thing sche wroghte in this matiere, To make an ende of that sche gan, Such merveile herde nevere man.

Mi Sone, as I mai hiere talke In every place where I walke, I not if it be so or non, Bot it is manye daies gon That I ferst herde telle this, How Falssemblant hath ben and is Most comunly fro yer to yere With hem that duelle among ous here, 2100 Of suche as we Lombardes calle.

And thogh the clerk and the clergesse 980 In latin tunge it rede and singe, Yit for the more knoulechinge Of trouthe, which is good to wite, I schal declare as it is write In Engleissh, for thus it began.

Bot in youre tale, as it betidde, 6790 Venus discoverede al the cas, And ek also brod dai it was, Whan Phebus such a Stelthe wroghte, Wherof the Maide in blame he broghte, That afterward sche was so lore.

For ofte time I have herd sein Amonges hem that werres hadden, That thei som while here cause ladden Be merci, whan thei mihte have slain, Wherof that thei were after fain And, Sone, if that thou wolt recorde The vertu of Misericorde, Thou sihe nevere thilke place, Where it was used, lacke grace.

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The ferste Periferie of alle 280 Engendreth Myst and overmore The dewes and the Frostes hore, After thilke intersticion In which thei take impression.

Bot fell to meschief ate laste For whan this noble worthi kniht Fro Troie cam, the ferste nyht That he at home abedde lay, Egistus, longe er it was day, As this Climestre him hadde asent, And weren bothe of on assent, Be treson slowh him in his bedd.

Now herkne, I schal the pointz devise And understond wel myn aprise For schrifte stant of no value To him that wol him noght vertue To leve of vice the folie For word is wynd, bot the Huawei Certified Network Professional-WCDMA HC-035-421-CHS Exam Engines maistrie Is that a man himself defende Of thing which is noght to comende, 2770 Wherof ben fewe now aday.

Of Wraththe yit ther is an other, Which is to Cheste his oghne brother, And is be name cleped Hate, That soffreth noght withinne his gate That ther come owther love or pes, For he wol make no reles Of no debat which is befalle.

Upon the weie and as he rod, This kniht, which hoved and abod Embuisshed upon horse bak, Al sodeinliche upon him brak And hath him be the bridel sesed, And seide O thou, which hast desesed 3010 The Court of HC-035-421-CHS Dump France be thi wrong, Now schalt thou singe an other song Thin enterdit and thi sentence Ayein thin oghne conscience Hierafter thou schalt fiele and grope.

For he ne wol no travail take To ryde for his ladi sake, Bot liveth al upon his wisshes And as a cat wolde ete fisshes Withoute wetinge of his cles, So wolde he do, bot natheles HC-035-421-CHS Exam Engines Aluminium Access Products Ltd 1110 He faileth ofte of that he wolde.

4550 O, which a Senne violent, Wherof so wys a king was schent, That the vengance in his persone Was noght ynouh to take al one, Bot HC-035-421-CHS Exam Dump afterward, whan he was passed, It hath his heritage lassed, As I more openli tofore The tale tolde.

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2380 And that was schewed forth withal Wher he sat in his Charr real, Beside him was a Ribald set, Which hadde hise wordes so beset, To themperour in al his gloire He Huawei Certified Network Professional-WCDMA HC-035-421-CHS seide, Tak into memoire, For al this pompe and al this pride Let no justice gon aside, Bot know thiself, what so befalle.

Lo, thus the corone is beset, Wherof it schyneth wel the bet And in such wise his liht to sprede Sit with his Diademe on hede The Sonne schynende in his carte.

This Bacheler was tho consailed And wedded, and of thilke Empire He was coroned Lord and Sire, 2710 And al the lond him hath received Wherof his lord, which was deceived, A seknesse er the thridde morwe Conceived hath of dedly sorwe And as he lay upon his deth, Therwhile him lasteth speche and breth, He sende for the worthieste Of al the lond and ek the beste, And tolde hem al the sothe tho, That he was Sone and Heir also 2720 Of themperour of grete Rome, And how that thei togedre come, This kniht and he riht as it was, He tolde hem al the pleine cas, And for that he his conseil tolde, That other hath al that he wolde, And he hath failed of his mede As for the good he takth non hiede, He seith, bot only of the love, Of which he wende have ben above.

20 Now, Sone, as of this ilke thing, If thou have eny knowleching, That thou to love hast don er this, Tell on.

60 Thogh I seknesse have upon honde And longe have had, yit woll I fonde To wryte and do my bisinesse, That in som part, so as I gesse, The wyse man mai ben avised.

Bot now it stant al otherwise 2580 Thei speken faste of thilke Ston, Bot hou to make it, nou wot non After the sothe experience.

Mi Sone, and I thee rede this, What so befalle of other weie, That thou to loves heste obeie Als ferr as thou it myht suffise For ofte sithe in such a wise 1400 Obedience in love availeth, Wher al a mannes strengthe faileth Wherof, if that the list to wite In a Cronique as it is write, A gret ensample thou myht fynde, Which now is come to my mynde.

Of Puile whilom was a king, A man of hih complexioun And yong, bot his affeccioun After the nature of his HC-035-421-CHS Exam Book age Was yit noght falle in his corage 2650 The lust of wommen forto knowe.

With signes pleigneth Philomene, And Progne seith, It schal be wreke, That al the world therof schal speke.

Nou tak good hiede hou love afaiteth Him which withal is overcome.

Cupido, which may hurte and hele In loves cause, as for myn hele Upon the point which him was preid Cam with Venus, wher I was leid Swounende upon the grene gras.

And forto speke it otherwise, What man that lasseth the franchise And takth of holi cherche his preie, I not what bedes he schal preie.

Lo, thus was proved in the dede And fulli spoke at thilke while If o womman an other guile, Wher is ther eny sikernesse Whan Thetis, which was the goddesse, Dei5damie hath so bejaped, I not hou it schal ben ascaped With tho wommen whos innocence Is nou alday thurgh such credence 3210 Deceived ofte, as it is seene, With men that such untrouthe meene.

And happeth that HP0-620 Exam Demo the kinges fol Sat be the fyr upon a stol, As he that with his babil pleide, Bot yit he herde al that thei seide, And therof token thei non hiede.

Tho wiste he wel it faileth noght, And badd him that he telle scholde Fro whenne he cam and what he wolde.

And thilke Sone upon a tyde, Whan he was come unto his Age, He hadde a wonder fair visage, And fond his Moder amourous, And HC-035-421-CHS Vce Download he was also lecherous 1410 So whan thei weren bothe al one, As he which yhen hadde none To se reson, his Moder kiste And sche also, that nothing wiste Bot that which unto lust belongeth, To ben hire love him underfongeth.

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So sit it wel a king to have 3180 Pite for this Valeire tolde, And seide hou that be daies olde Codrus, which was in his degre King of Athenis the cite, A werre he hadde ayein Dorrence And forto take his evidence What schal befalle of the bataille, He thoghte he wolde him ferst consaille With Appollo, in whom he triste Thurgh whos ansuere this he wiste, 3190 Of HC-035-421-CHS Certification Exam tuo pointz that he myhte chese, Or that he wolde his body HC-035-421-CHS Questions And Answers lese And in bataille himselve deie, Or elles the seconde weie, To sen his poeple desconfit.

Hou so it stonde of the decerte, Hier is noght every thing aquit, For ofte a man mai se this yit, That who best doth, lest thonk schal have It helpeth noght the world to crave, Which out of reule and of mesure Hath evere stonde in aventure Als wel in Court as elles where And hou in olde daies there 2270 It stod, so as the thinges felle, I thenke a tale forto telle.

To thenke upon the daies olde, The lif of clerkes to beholde, Men sein how that thei weren tho Ensample and reule of alle tho Whiche of wisdom the vertu soughten.

And if men sechin sikernesse Uppon the lucre of marchandie, Compassement and tricherie Of singuler profit to wynne, Men seyn, is cause of mochil synne, 3040 And namely of divisioun, Which many a noble worthi toun Fro welthe and fro prosperite Hath brought to gret adversite.