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3890 In Salomon a man mai see What thing of most necessite Unto a worthi king belongeth.

The man which hath hise londes tiled, Awaiteth noght more redily The Hervest, than thei gredily 2240 Ne maken HP0-262 Exam Engines thanne warde and wacche, Wher thei the HP Certification III HP0-262 profit mihten cacche And yit fulofte it falleth HP0-262 Test Dump so, As men mai sen among hem tho, That he which most coveiteth faste Hath lest avantage ate laste.

Bot most of alle his herte is set In court upon these grete Offices Of dignitees and benefices Thus goth he with his sleyhte aboute To hindre and schowve an other oute 2340 And stonden with his slyh compas In stede there an other was And so to sette himselven inne, He reccheth noght, be so he winne, Of that an other man schal lese, And thus fulofte chalk for chese He changeth with ful litel cost, Wherof an other hath the lost And he the profit schal receive.

Forthi, my Sone, if thou art oght Coupable as touchende of this Slowthe, Schrif thee therof and tell me trowthe.

Men dede him worschipe ek therfore, That he the ferste in thilke lond Was which the melodie fond 1030 Of Riedes, whan thei weren ripe, With double pipes forto pipe Therof he yaf the ferste lore, Til afterward men couthe more.

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Ayein Envie is Charite, Which is the Moder of Pite, That makth a mannes herte tendre, That it mai no malice engendre In him that is enclin therto.

For whan that he cam hom ayein, Ther is no tunge it mihte sein What joie was that ilke stounde Of that he hath his qweene founde, Which ferst was sent of goddes sonde, Whan sche was drive upon the Stronde, Be whom the misbelieve of Sinne Was HP0-262 Guide Aluminium Access Products Ltd left, and Cristes feith cam inne 1570 To hem that whilom were blinde.

Bot pleinly forto make it knowe Hou that the Signes sitte arowe, HP0-262 Exam Dumps Pdf Ech after other be degre In substance and in proprete The zodiaque comprehendeth Withinne his cercle, as it appendeth.

So wolde he more thanne he may Bot for the grete covoitise Of sotie and of fol emprise In ech of hem he fint somwhat That pleseth him, or this or that Som on, for sche is whit of skin, Som on, for sche is noble of kin, 2470 Som on, for sche hath rodi chieke, Som on, for that sche semeth mieke, Som on, for sche hath yhen greie, Som on, for sche can lawhe and pleie, Som on, for sche is long and smal, Som on, for sche is lyte and tall, Som on, for sche is pale and bleche, Som on, for sche is softe of speche, Som on, for that sche is camused, Som on, for sche hath noght ben used, 2480 Som on, for sche can daunce and singe So that som thing to his likinge He fint, and thogh nomore he fiele, Bot that sche hath a litel hiele, It is ynow that he therfore Hire love, and thus an hundred score, Whil thei be newe, he wolde he hadde Whom he forsakth, sche schal be badde.

The king somdiel hadde an Envie, And thoghte he wolde his wittes plie To sette som conclusioun, Which scholde be confusioun Unto this knyht, so that the name And of wisdom the hihe fame Toward himself he wolde winne.

Mi Sone, if it be with thee so, Tell me.

2930 So upon this condicioun Thi swevene hath exposicioun.

Among the Greks, out of the weie As thei that reson putte aweie, Ther was, as the Cronique seith, Of misbelieve an other feith, That thei here goddes and goddesses, As who seith, token al to gesses 840 Of suche as weren full of vice, To whom thei made here sacrifice.

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Bot of mi will HP0-262 Guide Aluminium Access Products Ltd withoute drede, If I that tresor mihte gete, It scholde nevere be foryete, 70 That I ne wolde it faste holde, Til god of love himselve wolde That deth ous scholde part atuo.

Ther was among hem no distance, Bot every man hath his encress Ther was withoute werre pes, Withoute envie love stod Richesse upon the comun good 2930 And noght upon the singuler Ordeigned was, and the pouer Of hem that weren in astat Was sauf wherof upon debat Ther stod nothing, so that in reste Mihte every man his herte reste.

This Dedalus, which fro his yowthe Was tawht and manye craftes cowthe, Of fetheres and of othre thinges Hath mad to fle diverse wynges 1050 For him and for his Sone also To whom he yaf in charge tho HP HP0-262 Guide And bad him thenke therupon, How that his wynges ben set on With wex, and if he toke his flyhte To hyhe, al sodeinliche he mihte Make it to melte with the Sonne.

Bot if you liste to comune Of the seconde Glotonie, Which cleped is Delicacie, Wherof ye spieken hier tofore, Beseche I wolde you therfore.

Ferst scholde he loke, hou that it stod, That al were of his oghne good 2040 The yiftes whiche he wolde yive So myhte he wel the betre live And ek he moste taken hiede If ther be cause of eny nede, Which oghte forto be defended, Er that his goodes be despended He mot ek, as it is befalle, Amonges othre thinges alle Se the decertes of his men And after that thei ben of ken 2050 And of astat and of merite, He schal hem largeliche aquite, Or for the werre, or for the pes, That non honour falle in descres, Which mihte torne into defame, Bot that he kepe his goode name, So that he be noght holde unkinde.

Of his deificacion After the false oppinion, That have I told, so as thei meene And for this Juno was the queene Of Jupiter and Soster eke, The foles unto hire sieke, And sein that sche is the goddesse Of Regnes bothe and of richesse 1180 And ek sche, as thei understonde, The water Nimphes hath in honde To leden at hire oghne heste And whan hir list the Sky tempeste, The reinbowe is hir Messager.

In other place also I rede, Wher that a jugge his oghne dede 2890 Ne wol noght venge of lawe broke, The king it hath himselven wroke.

For he with him hath evere fyve Servantz that helpen him to stryve The ferst of hem Malencolie Is cleped, which in compaignie An hundred times in an houre Wol as an angri beste loure, 30 And noman wot the cause why.

5000 But whan he sih it was an Ape, He wende al hadde ben a jape Of faierie, and sore him dradde And Adrian eftsone gradde For help, and cride and preide faste, And he eftsone his corde caste Bot whan it cam unto the grounde, A gret Serpent it hath bewounde, The which Bardus anon up drouh.

The Duc and tho that weren wise Thei profren hem to his servise And he hem thonketh of here profre And seith himself he wol gon offre 1990 Unto the goddes for his sped, As alle men him yeven red.

For with a goodly lok sche smyleth, So that thurgh pure impression Of his ymaginacion 390 With al the herte of his corage His love upon this faire ymage He sette, and hire of love preide Bot sche no word ayeinward seide.

Thus cleymeth he the bot to stiere, 2380 Of which an other maister is.

With that the king com forth anon, And sih the Flees, hou that it schon And whan Jason cam to the lond, The king himselve tok his hond And kist him, and gret joie him made.

Lo, seith the king, nou mai ye se That ther is no defalte in me Forthi miself I wole aquyte, And bereth ye youre oghne wyte Of that fortune hath you refused.

Bot what he was sche wiste noght, Bot al the Schip hire hath besoght That sche hire wit on him despende, In aunter if he myhte amende, And sein it schal be wel aquit.

1260 Who dar do thing which love ne dar To love is every lawe unwar, Bot to the lawes of his heste The fissch, the foul, the man, the beste Of al the worldes kinde louteth.

Wepende he keste hire ofte sithe, So was his herte al overcome For thogh his Moder were come Fro deth to lyve out of the grave, He mihte nomor wonder have Than he hath whan that he hire sih.

The goddes, whiche hir pleigntes herde And syhe hou wofully sche ferde, Hire lif thei toke awey anon, And schopen hire into a Ston After the forme of hire ymage Of bodi bothe and of visage.

And thus sche, which was al honeste To godward after hire entente, At nyht unto the temple wente, 870 Wher that the false Prestes were And thei receiven hire there With such a tokne of holinesse, As thogh thei syhen a godesse, And al withinne in prive place A softe bedd of large space Thei hadde mad and encourtined, Wher sche was afterward engined.

990 Bot in a man yit over this Full gret divisioun ther is, Thurgh which that he is evere in strif, Whil that him lasteth eny lif The bodi and the Soule also Among hem ben divided so, That what thing that the body hateth The soule loveth and debateth Bot natheles fulofte is sene Of werre which is hem betwene 1000 The fieble hath wonne the victoire.

To Salamyne the Cite Thei lede, and carie forth withal The dede corps, and sein it schal Beside thilke ymage have His sepulture and be begrave This corps and this ymage thus Into the Cite to Venus, Wher that goddesse hire temple hadde, Togedre bothe tuo thei ladde.

1810 Wherof, so as it comth to honde, A tale thou schalt understonde, Hou that a kniht schal armes suie, And for the while his ese eschuie.

Hire cote was somdiel totore Aboute hir middel twenty score Of horse haltres and wel mo Ther hyngen ate time tho.

Bot, fader, now ye have al herd In this manere how I have ferd Of Cheste and of dissencioun, Yif me youre absolucioun.

Wherof ensample if thou wolt seche, Tak hiede and red whilom the speche Of Julius and Cithero, Which consul was of Rome tho, Of Catoun eke and of Cillene, Behold the wordes hem betwene, 1600 Whan the tresoun of Cateline Descoevered was, and the covine Of hem that were of his assent Was knowe and spoke in parlement, And axed hou and in what wise Men scholde don hem to juise.

Whan al this thing is don and ended, This king, which loved was and frended, A lettre hath, which cam to him Be Schipe fro Pentapolim, Be which the lond hath to him write, That he wolde understonde and wite Hou in good mynde and in good pes Ded is the king Artestrates, 1970 Wherof thei alle of on acord Him preiden, as here liege lord, That he the lettre wel conceive And come his regne to receive, Which god hath yove him and fortune And thus besoghte the commune Forth with the grete lordes alle.

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The dai was come and forth thei gon, Unto the Court thei come anon, 3220 Wher as the king in juggement Was set and hath this knyht assent.

For in his time, as thou myht hiere, What point that was for lawe set It scholde for no gold be let, 2840 To what persone that it were.

6980 Of his condicion to telle, Which rifleth bothe bok and belle, So forth with al the remenant To goddes hous appourtenant, Wher that he scholde bidde his bede, He doth his thefte in holi stede, And takth what thing he fint therinne For whan he seth that he mai winne, He wondeth for no cursednesse, That he ne brekth the holinesse 6990 And doth to god no reverence For he hath lost his conscience, That though the Prest therfore curse, He seith he fareth noght the wurse.

4160 And tho sche tok unto his us Of herbes al the beste jus, And poured it into his wounde That made his veynes fulle and sounde And tho sche made his wounde clos, And tok his hond, and up he ros And tho sche yaf him drinke a drauhte, Of which his youthe ayein he cauhte, His hed, his herte and his visage Lich unto twenty wynter Age 4170 Hise hore heres were away, And lich unto the freisshe Maii, Whan passed ben the colde shoures, Riht so recovereth he his floures.

For that Serpent which nevere slepte The flees of gold so wel ne kepte In Colchos, as the tale is told, That mi ladi a thousendfold 6610 Nys betre yemed and bewaked, Wher sche be clothed or be naked.

2050 Horestes dede his moder calle Anon tofore the lordes alle And ek tofor the poeple also, To hire and tolde his tale tho, And seide, O cruel beste unkinde, How mihtest thou thin herte finde, For eny lust of loves drawhte, HP0-262 Certification Braindumps That thou acordest to the slawhte Of him which was thin oghne lord HP0-262 Guide Thi treson stant of such record, 2060 Thou miht thi werkes noght forsake So mot I for mi fader sake Vengance upon thi bodi do, As I comanded am therto.

Unto thebreus was Moi5ses The ferste, and to thegipciens Mercurius, and to Troiens Ferst was Neuma Pompilius, To Athenes Ligurgius Yaf ferst the lawe, and to Gregois Forone s hath thilke vois, 3060 And Romulus to the Romeins.

Such lust comth thanne unto mi mende, So that withoute mete or drinke, Of lusti thoughtes whiche I thinke Me thenkth I mihte stonden evere And so it were to me levere 200 Than such a sihte forto leve, If that sche wolde yif me leve To have so mochel of mi wille.

And thus benethe and ek above Al was of armes and of love, Wherof abouten ate bordes Men hadde manye sondri wordes, 2530 That of the merthe which thei made The king himself began to glade Withinne his herte and tok a pride, And sih the Cuppe stonde aside, Which mad was of Gurmoundes hed, As ye have herd, whan he was ded, And was with gold and riche Stones Beset and bounde for the nones, And stod upon a fot on heihte Of burned gold, and with gret sleihte 2540 Of werkmanschipe it was begrave Of such werk as it scholde have, And was policed ek so clene That no signe of the Skulle is sene, Bot as it were a Gripes Ey.

The king declareth him the cas With sturne lok and sturdi chiere, To him and seide in this manere With felonie I am upbore, I ete and have it noght forbore Mi modres fleissh, whos housebonde Mi fader forto seche I fonde, Which is the Sone ek of my wif.

3450 And in the while it was begunne, A liht, as thogh it were a Sunne, Fro hevene into the place com Wher that he tok his cristendom And evere among the holi tales Lich as thei weren fisshes skales Ther fellen from him now and eft, Til that ther was nothing beleft Of al his grete maladie.

Now herkne what fell therupon This yonge lord, this worthi kniht Of Rome, upon the same niht That thei amorwe trete scholde, Unto his Bacheler he tolde His conseil, and the Ring with al He scheweth, thurgh which that he schal, 2660 He seith, the kinges Dowhter wedde, For so the Ring was leid to wedde, He tolde, into hir fader hond, That with what man that sche it fond Sche scholde him take to hire lord.

Bot sche, which mai noght longe abide The hote peine of loves throwe, Anon withinne a litel throwe A lettre unto hir kniht hath write, And dede him pleinly forto wite, 100 If he made eny tariinge, To drecche of his ayeincomynge, That sche HP0-262 Guide ne mihte him fiele and se, Sche scholde stonde in such degre As whilom stod a Swan tofore, Of that sche hadde hire make lore For HP0-262 Practice Exam Pdf sorwe a fethere into hire brain Sche schof and hath Servicing HP Large Format Printers and MFP HP0-262 hireselve slain As king Menander in a lay The sothe hath founde, wher sche lay 110 Sprantlende with hire wynges tweie, As sche which scholde thanne deie For love of him which was hire make.

In Ston and gras vertu ther is, Bot yit the bokes tellen this, That word above alle erthli thinges Is vertuous in his doinges, Wher so it be to evele or goode.

2060 In Rome, to poursuie his riht, Ther was a worthi povere kniht, Which cam al one forto sein His cause, when the court was plein, Wher Julius was in presence.

And in this wise thus The worldes good of sufficance Was had, bot likinge and plesance, 4820 Of that belongeth to richesse Of love, stod in gret destresse So that this yonge lusty wyht Of thing which fell to loves riht Was evele served overal, That sche was wo bego withal, Til that Cupide and Venus eke A medicine for the seke Ordeigne wolden in this cas.

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So that, my lord, touchende of this I have ansuerd hou that it is.

Bot Daniel was wonder loth, And seide Upon thi fomen alle, Sire king, thi swevene mote falle And natheles touchende of this I wol the tellen how it is, 2880 And what desese is to thee schape God wot if thou it schalt ascape.

Cupide, which the brond afyre Bar in his hond, he was the Sire Of the Stomak, which builleth evere, Wherof the lustes ben the levere.

Ryd thanne forth thi wey, quod sche, And if thou go withoute red, Thou schalt be sekerliche ded.

Wherof, mi Sone, for thin ese Now herkne a tale which I rede, And understond it wel, I rede.

Bot he, whom alle wo distreigneth, This sorghfull king, was so bestad, That he schal nevermor be glad, He seith, eftsone forto wedde, Til that he wiste how that sche spedde, Which hadde ben his ferste wif And thus his yonge unlusti lif He dryveth forth so as he mai.

And thus whan that he passed was, 2810 The Cardinals, that wolden save The forme of lawe, in the conclave Gon forto chese a newe Pope, And after that thei cowthe agrope Hath ech of hem seid his entente Til ate laste thei assente Upon an holy clerk reclus, Which full was of gostli HIO-101 Guide vertus His pacience and his simplesse Hath set him into hih noblesse.

650 Bot Mars, which of batailles is The god, an yhe hadde unto this As he which was chivalerous, It fell him to ben amerous, And thoghte it was a gret pite To se so lusti on as sche Be coupled with so lourde a wiht So that his peine day and nyht He dede, if he hire winne myhte And sche, which hadde a good insihte 660 Toward so noble a knyhtli lord, In love fell of his acord.

In presence of the remenant The strengthe of al the covenant Tho HP0-262 Book was reherced openly, And to Florent sche bad forthi That he schal tellen his avis, As he that woot what is the pris.

And for he wolde his love glade, Ayein the day of mariage Be mouthe bothe and be message Hise frendes to the feste he preide, With gret worschipe and, as men seide, He hath this yonge ladi spoused.

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And whan he sih and wiste it wel, That he be strengthe wan no del, Thanne ate laste he caste a wyle This worthi poeple to beguile, And tok with hem a feigned pes, Which scholde lasten endeles, So as he seide in wordes wise, Bot he thoghte al in other wise.

1140 The Schip forth on the wawes wente The prince hath changed his entente, And seith he wol noght come at Tyr As thanne, bot al his desir Is ferst to seilen unto Tharse.

To thee ther mai nothing ben hid, Thou wost hou it is me betid I wolde I HH0-330 Dumps Pass4sure hadde noght be bore, For thanne I hadde noght forlore Mi speche and mi virginite.

This Galathee of whom I speke, That of hirself mai noght be wreke, Withouten eny semblant feigned Sche hath hire loves deth compleigned, And with hire sorwe and with hire wo Sche hath the goddes moeved HP0-262 Study Guide Pdf so, 190 That thei of pite and of grace Have Acis in the same place, Ther he lai ded, into a welle Transformed, as the bokes telle, With freisshe stremes and with cliere, As he whilom with lusti chiere Was freissh his love forto qweme.

Withinne a time and therupon Befell that with a bowe on honde, To hunte and gamen forto fonde, Into that wode goth to pleie Hir Sone Archas, and in his weie It hapneth that this bere cam.

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He hath hire fro the bordel take, Bot that was noght for goddes sake, Bot for the lucre, as sche him tolde.

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And as me thoghte, an Ere I leide, And herde hou that these othre seide, Lo, these ben the foure wyves, Whos feith was proeved in her lyves For in essample of alle goode With Mariage so thei stode, That fame, which no gret thing hydeth, Yit in Cronique of hem abydeth.

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And thus thenkende he gan to chese To do the conseil of this Maide, And tok the pourpos which sche saide.

4550 O, which a Senne violent, Wherof so wys a king was schent, That the vengance in his persone Was noght ynouh to take al one, Bot afterward, whan he was passed, It hath his heritage lassed, As I more openli tofore The tale tolde.

Division, the gospell seith, On hous upon another leith, Til that the Regne al overthrowe And thus may every man wel knowe, 970 Division aboven alle Is thing which makth the world to falle, And evere hath do sith it began.

And sche began to pleie and rage, As who seith, I am wel ynowh Bot he therof nothing ne lowh, For sche tok thanne chiere on honde And clepeth him hire housebonde, And seith, My lord, go we to bedde, For I to that entente wedde, 1770 That thou schalt be my worldes blisse And profreth him with that to kisse, As sche a lusti Lady were.

Bot forto knowen upon this Fro when sche cam and what sche is, 1140 Bethincia the contre hihte, Wher sche cam ferst to mannes sihte And after was Saturnes wif, Be whom thre children in hire lif Sche bar, and thei were cleped tho Juno, Neptunus and Pluto, The whiche of nyce fantasie The poeple wolde deifie.

So wel no lif awayte can Ayein his sleyhte forto caste, That he his pourpos ate laste Ne hath, er that it be withset.

Bot over this nou wolde I hiere, Wherof I schal me schryve more.

Lo, nou it is somdel aboght, And bet it schal, for of thi dede The world schal evere singe and rede In remembrance of thi defame For thou to love hast do such schame, That it schal nevere be foryete.

Of Arsmetique the matiere Is that of which a man mai liere What Algorisme in nombre amonteth, Whan that the wise man acompteth After the formel proprete Of Algorismes Abece Be which multiplicacioun Is mad and diminucioun 160 Of sommes be thexperience Of this Art and of this science.

As he that was in herte wroth, His ferste pleinte to bemene, Unto the Cite of Athene He goth him forth and was received, So there was he noght deceived.

If I schal drawe in to my mynde The tyme passed, thanne I fynde The world stod thanne in al his welthe Tho was the lif of man in helthe, Tho was plente, tho was richesse, Tho was the fortune of prouesse, Tho was knyhthode in pris be name, Wherof the wyde worldes fame 100 Write in Cronique is yit withholde Justice of lawe tho was holde, The privilege of regalie Was sauf, and al the baronie Worschiped was in his astat The citees knewen no debat, The poeple stod in obeissance Under the reule of governance, And pes, which ryhtwisnesse keste, With charite tho stod in reste 110 Of mannes herte the corage Was schewed thanne in the visage The word was lich to the conceite Withoute semblant of deceite Tho was ther unenvied love, Tho was the vertu sett above And vice was put under fote.

1710 Bot if mi ladi bidde wolde, That I for hire love scholde Travaile, me thenkth trewely I mihte fle thurghout the Sky, And go thurghout the depe Se, For al ne sette I at a stre What thonk that I mihte elles gete.

O Venus, queene of loves cure, Thou lif, thou lust, thou mannes hele, Behold my cause and my querele, And yif me som part of thi grace, So that I may finde in this place If thou be gracious or non.

450 The king Ligdus upon a strif Spak unto Thelacuse his wif, Which thanne was with childe grete He swor it scholde noght be lete, That if sche have a dowhter bore, That it ne scholde be forlore And slain, wherof sche sory was.

Thus be thei comen bothe tuo, And Brutus cam with Collatin, Which to Lucrece was cousin, And in thei wenten alle thre To chambre, wher thei myhten se The wofulleste upon this Molde, Which wepte as sche to water scholde.

Mi Sone, a man to beie him pes Behoveth soffre as Socrates 640 Ensample lefte, which is write And for thou schalt the sothe wite, Of this ensample what I mene, Althogh it be now litel sene Among the men thilke evidence, Yit he was upon pacience So sett, that he himself assaie In thing which mihte him most mispaie Desireth, and a wickid wif He weddeth, which in sorwe and strif 650 Ayein his ese was contraire.

This lettre cam, and ther was press Tofore the king, ther as he stod And whan that he it understod, He yaf hem ansuer by and by, Bot that was do so prively, That non of othres conseil wiste.

This Leoun in his wilde rage A beste, which that he fond oute, Hath slain, and with his blodi snoute, 1400 Whan he hath eten what he wolde, To drynke of thilke stremes colde Cam to the welle, where he fond The wympel, which out of hire hond Was falle, and he it hath todrawe, Bebled aboute and al forgnawe And thanne he strawhte him forto drinke Upon the freisshe welles brinke, And after that out of the plein He torneth to the wode ayein.

And thanne his moder to him tolde, That sche him hadde so begon Be cause that sche thoghte gon To Lichomede at thilke tyde, Wher that sche seide he scholde abyde Among hise dowhtres forto duelle.

Til after, as fortune it wolde, Whan it was of a ten yer age, Him was betake in mariage A Duckes dowhter forto wedde, Which Iante hihte, and ofte abedde These children leien, sche and sche, Whiche of on age bothe be.

And thanne upon himself he caste A mantell, and his swerd al naked He tok in honde and sche unwaked Abedde lay, but what sche mette, God wot for he the Dore unschette So prively that non it herde, The softe pas and forth he ferde 4970 Unto the bed wher that sche slepte, Al sodeinliche BH0-001 Certificate and in he crepte, And hire in bothe his Armes tok.

With wordes suche and othre fele Whan al was treted to an ende, Jason tok leve and gan forth wende Unto his oughne chambre in pes Ther wiste it non bot Hercules.

Of whom if I schal telle soth, He stalketh as a Pocok doth, And takth his preie so covert, That noman wot it in apert.

Touchende usure, as I suppose, 4490 Which as ye telle in love is used, Mi ladi mai noght ben excused That for o lokinge of hire ye5 Min hole herte til I dye With al that evere I may and can Sche hath me wonne to hire man Wherof, me thenkth, good reson wolde That sche somdel rewarde scholde, And yive a part, ther sche hath al.

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And ek so lowde his belle is runge, That of the noise and of the soun Men feeren hem in al the toun Welmore than thei don of thonder.

And he, that couthe of guile ynouh, Whan he this herde, of joie he louh, And seith, Ma dame, it schal be do.

This was upon a Somer dai, The Schip was loked and sche founde Elda withinne a litel stounde It wiste, and with his wif anon Toward this yonge ladi gon, Wher that thei founden gret richesse Bot sche hire wolde noght confesse, Whan thei hire axen what sche was.

So nedeth noght that I schal crave 3290 The Sonnes Carte forto tarie, Ne yit the Mone, that sche carie Hire cours along upon the hevene, For I am noght the more in evene Towardes love in no degree Bot in mi slep yit thanne I se Somwhat in swevene of that me liketh, Which afterward min herte entriketh, Whan that I finde it otherwise.