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1480 And of the galle the goddesse, For sche was full of hastifesse Of wraththe and liht to grieve also, Thei made and seide it was Juno.

Fulofte and thus the swete soureth, 1190 Whan it is knowe to the tast He spilleth many a word in wast That schal with such a poeple trete For whan he weneth most beyete, Thanne is he schape most to lese.

Min holi fader, grant mercy, Quod I to him, and to the queene I fell on knes upon the grene, 2900 And tok my leve forto wende.

The thing so open is at ije, It nedeth noght to specefie Or speke oght more in this matiere Bot in this wise a man mai lere Hou that the world is gon aboute, The which welnyh is wered Implementing HP XP12000/10000 Solution Fundamentals HP0-460 oute, 870 After the forme of that figure Which Daniel in his scripture Expondeth, as tofore is told.

This Maiden tho for feere schryhte, And for the love of god almyhte Sche preith that for a litel stounde Sche myhte knele upon the grounde, Toward the hevene forto crave, Hire wofull Soule if sche mai save And with this noise and with this cry, Out of a barge faste by, 1390 Which hidd was ther on Scomerfare, Men sterten out and weren ware Of this feloun,and he to go, And sche began to crie tho, Ha, mercy, help for goddes sake Into the barge thei hire take, As thieves scholde, and forth thei wente.

Of every naturel science, 390 Which eny clerk him couthe teche, He couthe ynowh, and in his speche Of wordes he was eloquent And whanne he sih the king present, He preith he moste HP0-460 Questions And Answers Aluminium Access Products Ltd his dowhter have.

Mi Sone, if it be with thee so, Tell me.

Ful many a lond hath so be lore, As men mai rede of time afore Of hem that so here eses soghten, Which after thei full diere aboghten.

Contek, so as the bokes sein, Folhast hath to his Chamberlein, Be whos conseil al unavised Is Pacience most despised, Til Homicide with HP0-460 Braindump hem meete.

If thou, my Sone, hast joie had, Whan thou an other sihe unglad, Schrif the therof.

Upon this thing thei token hiede 1820 And stoden in desputeison, That be diverse opinion Of Argumentz that thei have holde Arpaghes ferst his tale tolde, And seide hou that the strengthe of kinges Is myhtiest of alle thinges.

Bot Humblesce is al otherwise, Which most is worth, and no reprise It takth ayein, bot softe and faire, If eny thing stond in contraire, With humble speche it is redresced Thus was this yonge Maiden blessed, The which I spak of now tofore, Hire fader lif sche gat therfore, 3420 And wan with al the kinges love.

For al the clamour that he herde, The king upon his lust ansuerde, And yaf hem only daies tuo Of respit for he wende tho, 5200 That in HP0-460 Dumps Pass4sure so schorte a time appiere Hire fader mihte in no manere.

Helas quod sche, Why schal I so Lo thus, quod he, 1380 Mi ladi Dionise hath bede, Thou schalt be moerdred in this stede.

Bot for al that I am relieved, Of that mi will was good therto, That love soffreth it be so That I schal swiche a bridel were.

This finde I write in Poesie Of thilke faire Ipotacie, Of whos beaute ther as sche was Spak every man, and fell per cas, That Piroto s so him spedde, That he to wyve hire scholde wedde, 490 Wherof that he EGMA101 Pdf Exam gret joie made.

And after that the bokes sein, She was noght there bot a throwe, Whan deth of kinde hath overthrowe Hir worthi fader, which men seide That he betwen hire armes deide.

And thus I hate hem everemore, Til love on hem wol don his wreche For that schal I alway beseche Unto the mihti Cupido, That he so mochel wolde do, So as he is of love a godd, To smyte hem with the same rodd 910 With which I am of love smite So that thei mihten knowe and wite How hindringe is a wofull peine To him that love wolde atteigne.

A womman is the mannes bote, His lif, his deth, his wo, his wel And this thing mai be schewed wel, Hou that wommen ben goode and kinde, For in ensample this I finde.

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Thus hate I dedly thilke vice, And wolde he stode in non office 1580 In place wher mi ladi is For if he do, I wot wel this, That owther schal he deie or I Withinne a while and noght forthi On my ladi fulofte I muse, How that sche mai hirself excuse, If that I deie in such a plit.

Wherof, my Sone, thou miht knowe How tariinge upon the nede In loves cause is forto drede 140 And that hath Dido sore aboght, Whos deth schal evere be bethoght.

Thei spieken thanne of no fortune Or forto lese or forto winne, Til Avarice broghte it inne And that was whan the world was woxe Of man, of hors, of Schep, of Oxe, 10 And that men knewen the moneie.

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Bot, goode lord, al is in thee, 5750 Whan thou therof wolt do vengance And schape mi deliverance.

He was so scherded al aboute, It hield all eggetol withoute, He was so ruide and hard of skin, Ther mihte nothing go therin 3710 Venym and fyr togedre he caste, That he Jason so sore ablaste, That if ne were his oignement, His Ring and his enchantement, Which Medea tok him tofore, He hadde with that worm be lore Bot of vertu which therof cam Jason the Dragon overcam.

The king himself tho hath him bede, And ek this queene forth with him, That he the toun of Ephesim Wol leve and go wher as thei be, For nevere man of his degre 1880 Hath do to hem so mochel good And he his profit understod, And granteth with hem forto wende.

Of king Sa l also I finde, Whan Samuel out of his kinde, Thurgh that the Phitonesse hath lered, In Samarie was arered Long time after that he was ded, The king Sa l him axeth red, 1940 If that he schal go fyhte or non.

And thus be lawe HP Certification II HP0-460 resonable 1030 Among the wise jugges there The Prestes bothe dampned were, So that the prive tricherie Hid under fals Ipocrisie Was thanne al openliche schewed, That many a man hem hath beschrewed.

Bot whan men wolde his dedes peise And his knyhthode of Armes preise, Of that he dede with his hondes, Whan he the kinges and the londes To his subjeccion put under, Of al that pris hath he no wonder, 6410 For he it sette of non acompte, And seide al that may noght amonte Ayeins o point which he hath nome, That he his fleissh hath overcome He was a virgine, as he seide On that bataille his pris he leide.

Bot above alle that ther were Of wommen I sih foure there, Whos name I herde most comended Be hem the Court stod al amended For wher thei comen in presence, Men deden hem the reverence, 2610 As thogh they hadden be goddesses, Of al this world or Emperesses.

The trouthe myhte noght ben herd Bot afterward as it hath ferd, The dede proveth his entente Achab to the bataille wente, Wher Benedab for al his Scheld Him slouh, so that upon the feld His poeple goth aboute astray.

For al his hole herte he leide Upon Constance, and seide he scholde For love of hire, HP0-460 Dump Test if that sche wolde, Baptesme take and Cristes feith Believe, and over that he seith 900 He wol hire wedde, and upon this Asseured ech til other is.

I wot thou wolt nothing forbere Of that thou wenest be thi beste, And if thou myht so finde reste, Wel is, for thanne is ther nomore.

Mi Sone, sithen it is so, I seie nomor bot in this cas Bewar how it with Phebus was.

1820 And in the wise that he thoghte, Upon the morwe so he wroghte His doghter and his Sone he nom, And forth unto the temple he com With a gret route in compaignie, Hise yiftes forto sacrifie.

For thogh he preise, he fint som lak, Which of his tale is ay the laste, That al the pris schal overcaste And thogh ther be no cause why, Yit wole he jangle noght forthi, As he which hath the heraldie Of hem that usen forto lye.

These elementz ben creatures, So ben these hevenly figures, Wherof mai wel be justefied That thei mai noght be deified And who that takth awey thonour Which due is to the creatour, And yifth it to the creature, He doth to gret a forsfaiture.

Tho was here tale newe entamed For sikernesse of Mariage Sche fette forth a riche ymage, Which was figure of Jupiter, And Jason swor and seide ther, That also wiss god scholde him helpe, That if Medea dede him helpe, That he his pourpos myhte winne, Thei scholde nevere parte atwinne, 3490 Bot evere whil him lasteth lif, He wolde hire holde for his wif.

880 Of this conseil thei weren glad, And writen as the king hem bad, And HP0-460 Test Pdf every man his oghne bok Into the kinges hond betok, And he it to his dowhter sende, And preide hir forto make an ende And wryte ayein hire oghne hond, Riht as sche in hire herte fond.

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Forthi to speke thou ne lete, 450 And axe and prei erli and late Thi thurst to quenche, and thenk algate, The boteler which berth HP0-460 Actual Questions the keie Is blind, as thou hast herd me seie And if it mihte so betyde, That he upon the blinde side Per cas the swete tonne arauhte, Than schalt thou HP0-460 Exam Questions have a lusti drauhte And waxe of lovedrunke sobre.

Al Irahel with comun vois A king upon here oghne chois Among hemself anon thei make, And have here yonge lord forsake A povere knyht Jeroboas Thei toke, and lefte Roboas, Which rihtfull heir was be descente.

For as it semeth that a belle Lik to the wordes that men telle 1950 Answerth, riht so ne mor ne lesse, To yow, my fader, I confesse, Such will my wit hath overset, That what so hope me behet, Ful many a time I wene it soth, Bot finali no spied it doth.

Forthi, my Sone, do noght so.

Bot sche, which thoghte noght to live, Of hem wol no foryivenesse, And seide, of thilke wickednesse 5060 Which was unto hire bodi wroght, Al were it so sche myhte it noght, Nevere afterward the world ne schal Reproeven hire and forth withal, Er eny man therof be war, A naked HP0-460 Test Engine swerd, the which sche bar Withinne hire Mantel priveli, Betwen hire hondes sodeinly Sche tok, and thurgh hire herte it throng, And fell to grounde, and evere among, 5070 Whan that sche fell, so as sche myhte, Hire clothes with hire hand sche rihte, That noman dounward fro the kne Scholde eny thing of hire se Thus lay this wif honestely, Althogh sche deide wofully.

The hihe creatour of thinges, Which is the king of alle kinges, 1790 Ful many a wonder worldes chance Let slyden under his suffrance Ther wot noman the cause why, Bot he the which is almyhty.

Bot wolde god that now were on An other such as Arion, Which hadde an harpe of such temprure, And therto of so good mesure He song, that he the bestes wilde Made of his note tame and milde, The Hinde in pes with the Leoun, The Wolf in pes with the Moltoun, 1060 The Hare in pees stod with the Hound And every man upon this ground Which Arion that time herde, Als wel the lord as the schepherde, He broghte hem alle in good acord So that the comun with the lord, And lord with the comun also, He sette in love bothe tuo And putte awey malencolie.

Bot thogh him lacke forto plede, Him lacketh nothing of manhede 2070 He wiste wel his pours was povere, Bot yit he thoghte his riht recovere, And openly poverte alleide, To themperour and thus he seide O Julius, HP0-460 lord of the lawe, Behold, mi conseil is withdrawe For lacke of gold do thin office After HP0-460 Questions And Answers the lawes of justice Help that I hadde conseil hiere Upon the trouthe of mi matiere.

Lo, thus ansuerde Diogene Ayein the clerkes flaterie.

Thogh thou to loves Court poursuie, Yit sit it wel that thou eschuie That thou the Court noght overhaste, For so miht thou thi time waste Bot if thin happ therto be schape, It mai noght helpe forto rape.

And al was this on him along, Which was to love unkinde so, Wherof the wrong schal everemo 5470 Stonde in Cronique of remembrance.

Bot finaly to speke oght more Unto this lord he dradde him sore, So that a word ne dorste he sein And thus upon the morwe ayein, In the manere as I recorde, Forth with his Asse and with his corde To gadre wode, as he dede er, He goth and whan that he cam ner 5050 Unto the place where he wolde, He hath his Ape anon beholde, Which hadde gadred al aboute Of stickes hiere and there a route, And leide hem redy to his hond, Wherof he made his trosse and bond Fro dai to dai and in this wise This Ape profreth his servise, So that he hadde of wode ynouh.

Bot whan thei leften the Cite And comen hom to Rome ayein, Thanne every man which was Romein And moder hath, to hire he bende And keste, and ech of hem thus wende 4750 To be the ferste upon the chance, Of Tarquin forto do vengance, So as thei herden Phebus sein.

Forthi he dredde him of his harmes, 3360 And gan to preche him and to preie Bot Jason wolde noght obeie, Bot seide he wolde his porpos holde For ought that eny man him HP0-460 Questions And Answers tolde.

Crist wroghte ferst and after tawhte, So that the dede his word arawhte He yaf ensample in his persone, And we the wordes have al one, Lich to the Tree with leves grene, Upon the which no fruit is sene.

And ek, if men hem wel avise, The Sonne and Mone eclipse bothe, That be hem lieve or be hem lothe, 770 Thei soffre and what thing is passible To ben a god is impossible.

Thre men upon eleccioun Of age and of complexioun Lich to himself be alle weie He tok towardes him to pleie, 1170 And ete and drinke als wel as he.

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With that the swevene wente aweie, And tho began the king awake And sigheth for his wyves sake, Wher as he lay withinne his tente, And hath gret wonder what it mente.

With that he hasteth him to ryse Anon, and sende after the wise, Among the whiche ther was on, A clerc, his name is Amphion 2160 Whan he the kinges swevene herde, What it betokneth he ansuerde, And seith, So siker as the lif, A god hath leie be thi wif, And gete a Sone, which schal winne The world and al that is withinne.

Japhet Europe tho tok he, Thus parten thei the world on thre.

So were it reson forto schewe The peril, er we falle thrinne Betre is to leve, than beginne Thing which as mai noght ben achieved He is noght wys that fint him grieved, And doth so that his grief be more For who that loketh al tofore 7350 And wol noght se what is behinde, He mai fulofte hise harmes finde Wicke is to stryve and have the worse.

Lo nou, hou thilke time it ferde Toward so hih a worthi lord For this I finde ek of record, Which the Cronique hath auctorized.

Bot thei that worchen be supplaunt, Yit wolden thei a man supplaunte, And take a part of thilke plaunte 2370 Which he hath for himselve set And so fulofte is al unknet, That som man weneth be riht fast.

2030 As Aristotle upon Chaldee Ensample of gret Auctorite Unto king Alisandre tauhte Of thilke folk that were unsauhte Toward here king for his pilage Wherof he bad, in his corage That he unto thre pointz entende, Wher that he wolde his good despende.

Hir Sadel ek was wonder badde, 1350 In which the wofull womman sat, And natheles ther was with that A riche bridel for the nones Of gold and preciouse Stones.

An other Amonyte also With love him hath assoted so, Hire god Moloch that with encense He sacreth, and doth reverence 4510 In such a wise as sche him bad.

Now tell me thanne, I you beseche, Wherof that riche bridel serveth.

This was the swevene which he hadde, That Daniel anon aradde, And seide him that figure strange Betokneth how the world schal change And waxe lasse worth and lasse, Til it to noght al overpasse.

Thus whan this lord hath understonde 3440 Of al this thing how that it ferde, Unto Silvestre HP HP0-460 Questions And Answers he thanne ansuerde, With al his hole herte and seith That he is redi to the feith.

For this we knowen everichon, A mannes thoght withoute speche God wot, and yit that men beseche His will is for withoute bedes He doth his grace in fewe stedes And what man that foryet himselve, Among a thousand be noght tuelve, 720 That wol him take in remembraunce, Bot lete him falle and take his chaunce.

The kinges Moder there lay, Whos rihte name was Domilde, Which after al the cause spilde For he, which thonk deserve wolde, Unto this ladi goth and tolde 950 Of his Message al how it ferde.

So was that name bore forth, And yit the cause is litel worth.

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1760 Sei, what availeth HP0-460 Exam Practice Pdf al the dede, Which nothing helpeth ate nede For the fortune of every fame Schal of his ende bere a name.

Ha, fader, be noght in a wer I trowe ther be noman lesse, Of eny maner worthinesse, That halt him lasse worth thanne I To be beloved and noght forthi I seie in excusinge of me, To alle men that love is fre.

Bot yit a kinges hihe astat, Which of his ordre as a prelat Schal ben HP0-460 Vce Files enoignt and seintefied, He mot be more magnefied For dignete of his corone, Than scholde an other low persone, 4250 Which is noght of so hih emprise.

And thanne he gan to sighe sore 3670 And sodeinliche abreide of slep And thei that token of him kep, His chamberleins, be sone there, And maden redi al his gere, And he aros and to the king He wente, and seide hou to that thing For which he cam he wolde go.

Bot this I warne you therto This nyht, whan that he comth to pleie, That ther be no lif in the weie Bot I, that schal at 920-324 Practice Exam Pdf his likinge Ordeine so for his cominge, 2040 That ye ne schull noght of him faile.

Up goth the Seil and forth thei wente, And such a wynd fortune hem sente, Til thei the havene of Troie cauhte Where out of Schipe anon thei strauhte And gon hem forth toward the toun, The which cam with processioun 7560 Ayein Paris to sen his preie.

Of Aristotles lore I finde, A king schal make good visage, That noman knowe of his corage Bot al honour and worthinesse For if a king schal upon gesse Withoute verrai cause drede, He mai be lich to that I rede 3550 And thogh that it be lich a fable, Thensample is good and resonable.

Bot he ne dorste natheles Ayein this worthi Hercules Falle in debat as forto feihte Bot feigneth Semblant al be sleihte Of frendschipe and of alle goode, And comth where as thei bothe stode, 2180 And makth hem al the chiere he can, And seith that as here oghne man He is al redy forto do What thing he mai and it fell so That thei upon his Semblant triste, And axen him if that he wiste What thing hem were best to done, So that thei mihten sauf and sone The water passe, he and sche.

And fell, he scholde go to fyhte Ayein Amon the cruel king And forto speke upon this thing, 1510 Withinne his herte he made avou To god and seide, Ha lord, if thou Wolt grante unto thi man victoire, I schal in tokne of thi memoire The ferste lif that I mai se, Of man or womman wher it be, Anon as I come hom ayein, To thee, which art god sovereign, Slen in thi name and sacrifie.

And he awok out of his swevene, And clepeth, and men come anon He tolde his drem, and therupon In such a wise as he hem telleth The Mont wher that Silvestre duelleth Thei have in alle haste soght, And founde he was and with hem broght 3380 To themperour, which to him tolde His swevene and elles what he wolde.

The lasse yit he was mispaied, And natheles, so as he dorste, He curseth and seith al the worste Unto fortune, as to the blinde, Which can no seker weie finde For sche him neweth evere among, And medleth sorwe with his song.

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Nou herk hierafter hou it stod Of wofull auntres that befelle Thes Sostres, that ben bothe felle, 5880 And that was noght on hem along, Bot onliche on the grete wrong Which Tere s hem hadde do, Thei schopen forto venge hem tho.

Mi fader, as touchende of this, Riht so as I you tolde it is, That ofte abedde, whanne I scholde, I mai noght slepe, thogh I wolde For love is evere faste byme, Which takth no hiede of due time.

The tempeste of the blake cloude, The wode See, the wyndes loude, Al this sche mette, and sih him dyen Wherof that sche began to crien, Slepende abedde ther sche lay, And with that noise of hire affray Hir wommen sterten up aboute, Whiche of here ladi were in doute, 3070 And axen hire hou that sche ferde And sche, riht as sche syh and herde, Hir swevene hath told hem everydel.

The citezeins tho herden seie Of such a king that cam to preie Unto Diane the godesse, And left al other besinesse, 1830 Thei comen thider forto se The king and the solempnete.

This lusti cokes name is hote Thoght, which hath evere hise pottes hote Of love buillende on the fyr With fantasie and with desir, Of whiche er this fulofte he fedde Min herte, whanne I was abedde And thanne he set upon my bord Bothe every syhte and every word 920 Of lust, which I have herd or sein.

Touchende usure, as I suppose, 4490 Which as ye telle in love is used, Mi ladi mai noght ben excused That for o lokinge of hire ye5 Min hole herte til I dye With al that evere I may and can Sche hath me wonne to hire man Wherof, me thenkth, good reson wolde That sche somdel rewarde scholde, And yive a part, ther sche hath al.

This Bachus Sone of Jupiter Was hote, and as he wente fer 400 Be his fadres assignement To make a werre in Orient, And gret pouer with him he ladde, So that the heiere hond he hadde And victoire of his enemys, And torneth homward with his pris, In such a contre which was dreie A meschief fell upon the weie.

That dai mai no consail availe, The pledour and the plee schal faile, The sentence of that ilke day HP0-460 Simulation Questions Mai non appell sette in delay Ther mai no gold the Jugge plie, That he ne schal the sothe trie 3420 And setten every man upriht, Als wel the plowman as the kniht The lewed man, the grete clerk Schal stonde upon his oghne werk, And such as he is founde tho, Such schal he be for everemo.

This king thanne in the same stede Anon that other cofre undede, 2380 Where as thei sihen gret richesse, Wel more than thei couthen gesse.

And whan this king was passed thus, This false tunged Perse s 1750 The regiment hath underfonge.

And that was in a strange lond, Which marcheth upon Chymerie For ther, as seith the Poesie, The god of Slep hath mad his hous, Which of entaille is merveilous.

Tell me forthi, my Sone, anon, Hast thou do Sacrilege, or non, As I have said in this manere Mi fader, as of this matiere I wole you tellen redely What I have do bot trewely I mai excuse min entente, That nevere I yit to cherche wente 7100 In such manere as ye me HP HP0-460 schryve, For no womman that is on lyve.

Forthi spek forth, as ye begonne, Of Avarice upon mi schrifte.

Fro this day forth fortune hath sworn To sette him upward on the whiel So goth the world, now wo, now wel This king hath founde newe grace, So that out of his derke place 1740 He goth him up into the liht, And with him cam that swete wiht, His doghter Thaise, and forth anon Thei bothe into the Caban gon Which was ordeigned for the king, And ther he dede of al his thing, And was arraied realy.

And was that time bounded so 560 Wher as the flod which men Nil calleth Departeth fro his cours and falleth Into the See Alexandrine, Ther takth Asie ferst seisine Toward the West, and over this Of Canahim wher the flod is Into the grete See rennende, Fro that into the worldes ende Estward, Asie it is algates, Til that men come unto the gates 570 Of Paradis, and there ho.

Bot Jupiter, which wolde schylde The Moder and the Sone also, Ordeineth for hem bothe so, That thei for evere were save.

It schal be do, mi lord, quod he.

Bot what Maiden hire esposaile Wol tarie, whan sche take mai, Sche schal per chance an other dai 1500 Be let, whan that hire lievest were.

Lo, to Enee thus sche wrot With many an other word of pleinte Bot he, which hadde hise thoghtes feinte Towardes love and full of Slowthe, His time lette, and that was rowthe 120 For sche, which loveth him tofore, Desireth evere more and more, And whan sche sih him tarie so, Hire herte was so full of HP0-794 Actual Test wo, That compleignende manyfold Sche hath hire oghne tale told, Unto hirself and thus sche spak Ha, who fond evere such a lak Of Slowthe in eny worthi kniht Now wot I wel my deth is diht 130 Thurgh him which scholde have be mi lif.

This Perse s, as noght seende This meschief which that him abod, With al his multitude rod, 1810 And prided him upon the thing, Of that he was become a king, And how he hadde his regne gete Bot he hath al the riht foryete Which longeth unto governance.

This Envious, thogh it be late, Whan that he syh he mot algate Make his axinge ferst, he thoghte, If he worschipe or profit soghte, It schal be doubled to his fiere That wolde he chese in no manere.

And whan Thelogonus of that 1630 Was war and hath ful knowleching Hou that his fader was a king, He preith his moder faire this, To go wher that his fader is And sche him granteth that he schal, And made him redi forth withal.