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He slepte and ros whan it was time, And whanne it fell towardes prime, 3880 He tok to him suche as he triste In secre, that non other wiste, And told hem of his conseil there, And seide that his wille were That thei to Schipe hadde alle thinge So priveliche in thevenynge, That noman mihte here dede aspie Bot tho that were of compaignie For he woll go withoute leve, And lengere woll he noght beleve 3890 Bot he ne wolde at thilke throwe The king or queene scholde it knowe.

Bot that ne myhte I natheles 1280 For al this world obeie ywiss For whanne I am ther as sche is, Though sche my tales noght alowe, Ayein hir will yit mot I bowe, To seche if that I myhte have grace Bot that thing may I noght enbrace For ought that I can speke or do And yit fulofte I speke so, That sche is wroth and seith, Be stille.

And of this constellacioun The verray operacioun Availeth, if a man therinne The pourpos of his werk beginne 1000 For thanne he hath of proprete Good sped and gret felicite.

And Bardus tolde him al the cas, 5130 Hou that the worm and ek the beste, Althogh thei maden no beheste, His travail hadden wel aquit Bot he which hadde a mannes wit, And made his covenant be mouthe And swor therto al that he couthe To parte and yiven half his good, Hath nou foryete hou that it stod, As he which wol no trouthe holde.

And god wot that is malgre myn For this I wot riht wel a fin, 60 Mi grace comth so selde aboute, That is the Slowthe of which I doute Mor than of al the remenant Which is to love appourtenant.

260 Bot al the worste of everychon Is evere that I thurste in on The more that myn herte drinketh, The more I may so that me thinketh, My thurst schal nevere ben aqueint.

For who as evere take fees And thenkth worschipe to deserve, Ther is no lord whom he wol serve, As forto duelle in his servise, Bot if it were in such a wise, 1100 Of that he seth per aventure That be lordschipe and HP0-758 Braindump coverture He mai the more stonde stille, And use his ydelnesse at wille.

Bote as the Luce in his degre Of tho that lasse ben than he The fisshes griedeli devoureth, So that no water hem socoureth, Riht so no lawe mai rescowe Fro him that wol no riht allowe 2020 For wher that such on is of myht, His will schal stonde in stede of riht.

Hou scholde than a Prince achieve 3400 The worldes grace, if that he wolde Destruie a man whanne he is yolde And stant upon his mercy al Bot forto speke in special, Ther have be suche and yit ther be Tirantz, whos hertes no pite Mai to no point of mercy plie, That thei upon her tirannie Ne gladen hem the men to sle And as the rages of the See 3410 Ben unpitous in the tempeste, Riht so mai no Pite areste Of crualte the gret oultrage, Which the tirant in his corage Engendred hath wherof I finde A tale, which comth nou to mynde.

And upon such presumpcioun He hield this proude opinioun, 1990 Til ate laste upon a dai, Aboute Thebes wher he lay, Whan it of Siege was belein, This knyht, as the Croniqes sein, In alle mennes sihte there, Whan he was proudest in his gere, And thoghte how nothing myhte him dere, Ful armed with his schield and spere As he the Cite wolde assaile, Godd tok himselve the bataille 2000 Ayein his Pride, and fro the sky A firy thonder sodeinly He sende, and him to pouldre smot.

The king was sori for a while, Bot whan he sih that with no wyle He myhte achieve his crualte, He stinte his wraththe and let him be.

That was a lusti melodie, 1070 Whan every man with other low And if ther were such on now, Which cowthe harpe as he tho dede, He myhte availe in many a stede To make pes wher now is hate For whan men thenken to debate, I not what other thing is good.

It helpeth noght althogh sche wepe, For thei that scholde hir bodi kepe Of wommen were absent as thanne And thus this maiden goth to manne, The wylde fader thus devoureth His oghne fleissh, which non socoureth, 310 And that was cause of mochel care.

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And riht so changeth his astat He that of love is delicat For though he hadde to his hond The beste wif of al the lond, Or the faireste love of alle, Yit wolde his herte on othre falle 670 And thenke hem mor delicious Than he hath in his oghne hous Men sein it is nou ofte so Avise hem wel, thei that so do.

The Ston which propre unto him longeth, Gorgonza proprely it hihte His herbe also, which he schal rihte Upon the worchinge as I mene, Is Celidoine freissh and grene.

For he the hors withoute lawe The carte let aboute drawe Wher as hem liketh wantounly, That ate laste sodeinly, For he no reson wolde knowe, This fyri carte he drof to lowe, 1020 And fyreth al the world aboute Wherof thei weren alle in doubte, And to the god for helpe criden Of suche unhappes as betyden.

For if it like thee to hiere, As I am tauht in that matiere, Thou miht it understonde sone Bot what is afterward to done Avise thee, for this I sih.

Now lest, my Sone, and thou schalt here.

And after, whan sche was of Age, Sche tok non hiede of 510-304 Labs mariage, 1260 Bot out of mannes compaignie Sche tok hire al to venerie In forest and in wildernesse For ther was al hire besinesse Be daie and ek be nyhtes tyde With arwes brode under the side And bowe in honde, of which sche slowh And tok al that hir liste ynowh Of bestes whiche ben chacable Wherof the Cronique of this fable 1270 Seith that the gentils most of alle Worschipen hire and to hire calle, And the goddesse of hihe helles, Of grene trees, of freisshe welles, They clepen hire in that believe, Which that no reson mai achieve.

And thus this worthi capitein 5210 Appiereth redi at his day, Wher al that evere reson may Be lawe in audience he doth, So that his dowhter upon soth Of that Marchus hire hadde accused He hath tofore the court excused.

And thanne he gan to sighe sore 3670 And sodeinliche abreide of slep And thei that token of him kep, His chamberleins, be sone there, And maden redi al HP Certification I HP0-758 Braindump his gere, And he aros and to the king He wente, and seide hou to that thing For which he cam he wolde go.

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And over this, my Sone diere, Of othre men, if thou miht hiere In privete what thei have wroght, Hold conseil and descoevere it noght, For Cheste can no conseil hele, Or be it wo or be it wele 780 And tak a tale into thi mynde, The which of olde ensample I finde.

That on schal falswitnesse bere, That other schal the thing forswere, 2870 Whan he is charged on the bok.

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And thus to se Diverse ensamples hou thei stonde, A king which hath the charge on honde 4190 The comun poeple to governe, If that he wole, he mai wel lerne.

The lond of Crete and tho parties Sche soughte, and faste gan hire hye, And there upon the hulles hyhe Of Othrin and Olimpe also, And ek of othre HP0-758 Practice Exam hulles mo, Sche fond and gadreth herbes suote, Sche pulleth up som be the rote, 4000 And HP ProCurve Mobility HP0-758 Braindump manye with a knyf sche scherth, And alle into hir char sche berth.

Explicit Liber Primus Incipit Liber Secundus Inuidie culpa magis est attrita dolore, Nam sua mens nullo tempore leta manet Quo gaudent alii, dolet ille, nec vnus amicus Est, cui de puro comoda velle facit.

2290 And sithen thanne that we finde That werres in here oghne kinde Ben toward god of no decerte, And ek thei bringen in poverte Of worldes good, it is merveile Among the men what it mai eyle, That thei a pes ne HP0-758 Dump Test conne sette.

And riht so if a womman chese Upon the wordes that sche hiereth Som man, whan he most trewe appiereth, Thanne is he forthest fro the trowthe Bot yit fulofte, and that is rowthe, 1200 Thei speden that ben most untrewe And loven every day a newe, Wherof the lief is after loth And love hath cause to be wroth.

2770 For certes, fader Genius, Yit into nou it hath be thus, At alle time if it befelle So that I mihte come and duelle In place ther my ladi were, I was noght slow ne slepi there For thanne I dar wel undertake, That whanne hir list on nyhtes wake In chambre as to carole and daunce, Me thenkth I mai me more avaunce, 2780 If I mai gon upon hir hond, Thanne if I wonne a kinges lond.

Bot thurgh an hate natheles Of some of hem his deth was cast And he be tresoun overcast.

And thus Horestes duelleth stille, Such was the childes rihte name, Which after wroghte mochel 1Y0-722 Testing schame 1960 In vengance of his fader deth.

Togedre ben these lovers tho, Til that thei hadden sones tuo, Wherof thei weren bothe glade, And olde Eson gret joie made 3940 To sen thencress of his lignage For he was of so gret an Age, That men awaiten every day, Whan that he scholde gon away.

And for thou schalt thee noght despeire, Thi lepre schal nomore empeire Til thou wolt sende therupon Unto the Mont of Celion, 3350 Wher that Silvestre and his clergie Togedre duelle in compaignie For drede of thee, which many day Hast ben a fo to Cristes lay, And hast destruid to mochel schame The prechours of his holy name.

Sey now forth what you list to me, For I wol only do be you.

And whanne I se that I mot nede Departen, I departe, and thanne With al myn herte I curse and banne That evere slep was mad for yhe For, as me thenkth, I mihte dryhe Withoute slep to waken evere, So that I scholde noght dissevere Fro hire, in whom is al my liht And thanne I curse also the nyht 2840 With al the will of mi corage, And seie, Awey, thou blake ymage, Which of thi derke cloudy face Makst al the worldes lyht deface, And causest unto HP ProCurve Mobility HP0-758 Braindump slep a weie, Be which I mot nou gon aweie Out HP0-758 Certification Braindumps of mi ladi compaignie.

For we, whiche are now alyve, Of hem that besi whylom were, Als wel in Scole as elleswhere, Mowe every day ensample take, HP Certification I HP0-758 That if it were now to make 2350 Thing which that thei ferst founden oute, It scholde noght be broght aboute.

Forthi, my Sone, if thou be wys, 2080 Do no viser upon thi face, Which as wol noght thin herte embrace For if thou do, withinne a throwe To othre men it schal be knowe, So miht thou lihtli falle in blame And lese a gret part of thi name.

Bot nede he mot that nede schal He wolde algate his trowthe holde, As every knyht therto is holde, What happ so evere him is befalle Thogh sche be the fouleste HP0-758 Ebook of alle, Yet to thonour of wommanhiede Him thoghte he scholde taken hiede 1720 So that for pure gentilesse, As he hire couthe best adresce, In ragges, as sche was totore, He set hire on his hors tofore And forth he takth his weie softe No wonder thogh he siketh ofte.

And natheles in this degree Fulofte time thou myht se Of suche men that now aday This vice setten in a say 2090 I speke it for no mannes blame, Bot forto warne thee the same.

And thus togedre as thei tuo speeke, The teres runne be his cheeke.

Bot, Sire, of that ye wolden mene, That I scholde otherwise wene To be beloved thanne I was, I am beknowe as in that cas.

And for him lacketh of despence, Ther was with him non advocat To make ple for his astat.

1480 And of the galle the goddesse, For sche was full of hastifesse Of wraththe and liht to grieve also, Thei made and seide it was Juno.

Wher kinde wole himselve rihte, After the Philosophres HP0-758 Pdf sein, Ther mai no wiht be therayein 3060 And that was thilke time seene.

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Bot al that mai me noght availe, With cheste thogh I me travaile Bot Oule on Stock and Stock on Oule The more that a man defoule, Men witen wel which hath the werse And so to me nys worth a kerse, Bot torneth on myn oghne hed, Thogh I, til that I were ded, 590 Wolde evere chyde in such a wise Of love as I to you devise.

Thus ech of other token hiede, Thogh ther no word was of record Here hertes bothe of on acord 3390 Ben set to love, bot as tho Ther mihten be no wordes mo.

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And these tuelve, as I thee seie, Thurgh providence of god himselve Ben seid the Patriarkes tuelve Of whom, as afterward befell, The tribes tuelve of Irahel Engendred were, and ben the same That of Hebreus tho hadden name, Which of Sibrede in alliance For evere kepten thilke usance 140 Most comunly, til Crist was bore.

Thus sche, which whilom hadde leve To duelle in chambre, mot beleve In wodes and on helles bothe, For such brocage as wyves lothe, 4650 Which doth here lordes hertes change And love in other place strange.

And riht so in the same kinde, My goode Sone, as thou miht hiere, To speke of love in the matiere And make a verrai resemblance, Riht as a thief makth his chevance And robbeth mennes good aboute In wode and field, wher he goth oute, So be ther of these lovers some, In wylde stedes wher thei come 6110 And finden there a womman able, And therto place covenable, Withoute leve, er that thei fare, Thei take a part of that chaffare Yee, though sche were a Scheperdesse, Yit wol the lord of wantounesse Assaie, althogh sche be unmete, For other mennes good is swete.

Mi Sone, of him which goth be daie Be weie of Stelthe to assaie, In loves cause and takth his preie, Ovide seide as I schal seie, 6710 And in his Methamor he tolde A tale, which is good to holde.

1870 He cam and dede hire reverence, And sche him axeth in cilence For whenne he cam and what he wolde.

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In which ther can noman him reule, For loves lawe is out of reule, That of tomoche or of tolite Welnyh is every man to wyte, 20 And natheles ther is noman In al this world so wys, that can Of love tempre the mesure, Bot as it HP HP0-758 falth in aventure For wit ne strengthe may noght helpe, And he which elles wolde him yelpe Is rathest throwen under fote, Ther can no wiht therof do bote.

Nothing withstondende hire astat, Of love more delicat He set hire chiere at no delit, Bot he have al his appetit.

Mars was an other in that lawe, The which in Dace was forthdrawe, Of whom the clerk Vegecius Wrot in his bok, and tolde thus, Hou he into Ytaile cam, And such fortune ther he nam That he a Maiden hath oppressed, Which in hire ordre was professed, 890 As sche HP HP0-758 Braindump which was HP0-758 Braindump the Prioresse In Vestes temple the goddesse, So was sche wel the mor to blame.

1420 And sche, which thoghte hire lustes fonde, Diverse loves tok in honde, Wel mo thanne I the tolde hiere And for sche wolde hirselve skiere, Sche made comun that desport, And sette a lawe of such a port, That every womman mihte take What man hire liste, and noght forsake To ben als comun as sche wolde.

Therfore I wolde he were ago So fer that I nevere of him herde, Hou so that afterward it ferde For thanne I mihte yit per cas Of love make som pourchas 6650 Be Stelthe or be som other weie, That nou fro me stant fer aweie.

The chambre Dore anon was stoke, Er thei have oght unto hire spoke 5020 Thei sihe hire clothes al desguised, And hou sche hath hirself despised, Hire her hangende unkemd aboute, Bot natheles sche gan to loute And knele unto hire housebonde And he, which fain wolde understonde The cause why sche ferde so, With softe wordes axeth tho, What mai you be, mi goode swete And sche, which thoghte hirself unmete 5030 And the lest worth of wommen alle, Hire wofull chiere let doun falle For schame and couthe unnethes loke.

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Mai noman fle that schal betide.

Thus was mankinde to beginne Forthi that time it was no Sinne The Soster forto take hire brother, Whan that ther was of chois non other 70 To Chain was Calmana betake, And Delboram hath Abel take, In whom was gete natheles Of worldes folk the ferste encres.

And he, which understod the cas, Sat stille and spak no word ayein.

Gret presse unto that cite drouh, So that ther was of poeple ynouh, Of Burgeis that therinne duellen Ther mai no mannes tunge tellen Hou that cite was riche of good.

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3300 So ferforth he was overcome With charite, that he hath nome His conseil and hise officers, And bad unto hise tresorers That thei his tresour al aboute Departe among the povere route Of wommen and of children bothe, Wherof thei mihte hem fede and clothe And saufli tornen hom ayein Withoute lost of eny grein.

Forthi, my Sone, of such entaile If that thin herte be disposed, Tell out and let it noght be glosed For if that thou unbuxom be To love, I not in what degree Thou schalt thi goode world achieve.

Wherof the Nimphes of the welles, And othre that ther weren elles Unto the wodes belongende, The body, which was ded ligende, For pure pite that thei have Under the grene thei begrave.

Bot if this Fievere a womman take, Sche schal be wel mor harde schake 570 For thogh sche bothe se and hiere, And finde that ther is matiere, Sche dar bot to hirselve pleine, And thus sche suffreth double peine.

Bot yit for al that evere he pleigneth, Elda no full credence tok And happeth that ther lay a bok, Upon the which, whan he it sih, This knyht hath swore and seid on hih, 870 That alle men it mihte wite, Now be this bok, which hier is write, Constance is gultif, wel I wot.

Hierof it is that I wolde axe, If thou, mi Sone, art on of tho.

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840 Now tell me forth if ther be more As touchende unto Wraththes lore.

Ther was a king, which Oe5nes Was hote, and he under his pes Hield Calidoyne in his Empire, And hadde a dowhter Deianire.

And tho that weren with him take, Whiche of tresoun were overtake, Togedre in o sentence falle Bot false Egiste above hem alle 2100 Was demed to diverse peine, The worste that men cowthe ordeigne, And so forth after be the lawe He was unto the gibet drawe, Where he above alle othre hongeth, As to a tretour it belongeth.

Be this ensample, Sone, attempre Thin herte and let no will distempre Thi wit, and do nothing be myht Which mai be do be love and riht.

And therupon this hyhe queene Betok hire Argus forto kepe, For he was selden wont to slepe, And yit he hadde an hundred yhen, And alle alyche wel thei syhen.

After his other Sone in haste He sende, and he began him haste 1750 And cam HP0-758 Online Exam unto his fader tyt.

Bot ate laste it was achieved 3220 That he this king desconfit hadde, And forth with him to Rome ladde As Prisoner, wher many a day In sori plit and povere he lay, The corone of his heved deposed, Withinne walles faste enclosed And with ful gret humilite He soffreth his adversite.

Withinne nyht al prively His men he warneth by and by, That thei be redy armed sone For certein thing which was to done 7530 And thei anon ben redi alle, And ech on other gan to calle, And went hem out upon the stronde And tok a pourpos ther alonde Of what thing that thei wolden do, Toward the temple and forth thei go.

These elementz ben creatures, So ben these hevenly figures, Wherof mai wel be justefied That thei mai noght be deified And who that takth awey thonour Which due is to the creatour, And yifth it to the creature, He doth to gret a forsfaiture.

His brother seide Ha lord, mercy I wot 000-183 Exam Collection non other cause why, Bot only that this nyht ful late The trompe of deth was at my gate 2210 In tokne that I scholde deie Thus be we come forto preie That ye mi worldes deth respite.

4070 The blake wether tho sche tok, And hiewh the fleissh, as doth a cok On either alter part sche leide, And with the charmes that sche seide A fyr doun fro the Sky alyhte And made it forto brenne lyhte.

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Of Selver that was overforth Schal ben a world of lasse worth And after that the wombe of Bras Tokne of a werse world it was.

6240 And thus cam this Calistona Into the wode of Tegea, Wher sche virginite behihte Unto Diane, and therto plihte Her trouthe upon the bowes grene, To kepe hir maidenhode clene.

Hate is a wraththe noght schewende, Bot of long time gaderende, And duelleth in the herte loken, Til he se time to be wroken 860 And thanne he scheweth his tempeste HP0-758 Exam Demo Mor sodein than the wilde beste, Which wot nothing what merci is.

This Gedeon awaiteth wel, Upon the morwe and everydel, 3680 As god him bad, riht so he dede.

The king, which sih his pourpos faile, And that no sleihte mihte availe, Encombred of his lustes blinde The lawe torneth out of kinde, HP HP0-758 5220 And half in wraththe as thogh it were, In presence of hem alle there Deceived of concupiscence Yaf for his brother the sentence, And bad him that he scholde sese This Maide and make him wel at ese Bot al withinne his oghne entente He wiste hou that the cause wente, Of that his brother hath the wyte He was himselven forto wyte.

He seide, Yee, Pentapolim, Wher bothe king and queene duellen.

And upon that his name stod Enclin to vertu or to vice, So wolde he sette him in office, Or elles putte him al aweie.

Mi Sone, thou schalt understonde Hou Coveitise hath yit on honde 2860 In special tuo conseilours, That ben also hise procurours.

Bot yit is noght HP HP0-758 Braindump mi feste al plein, Bot al of woldes and of wisshes, Therof have I my fulle disshes, Bot as of fielinge and of tast, Yit mihte I nevere have o repast.

Forthi, ma dame, taketh hiede And kep conseil, hou so it stonde.

Mi fader, as it semeth, no 60 That averous yit nevere I was, So as ye setten me the cas For as ye tolden here above, In full possession of love Yit was I nevere hier tofore, So that me thenketh wel therfore, I mai excuse wel my dede.

The nyht com, and the chambre is weyved, Nectanabus hath take his place, And whan he sih the time and space, 2060 Thurgh the deceipte of his magique He putte him out of mannes like, And of a dragoun tok the forme, As he which wolde him al conforme To that sche sih in swevene er this And thus to chambre come he is.

The Sadles were of such a Pride, With Perle and gold so wel begon, So riche syh sche nevere non In kertles and in Copes riche Thei weren clothed, alle liche, Departed evene of whyt and blew With alle lustes that sche knew Thei were enbrouded overal.

Ther ben of Nimphes proprely In the believe of hem also Oreades thei seiden tho 1330 Attitled ben to the monteines And for the wodes in demeynes To kepe, tho ben Driades Of freisshe welles Naiades And of the Nimphes of the See I finde a tale in proprete, Hou Dorus whilom king of HP ProCurve Mobility HP0-758 Grece, Which hadde of infortune a piece, His wif forth with hire dowhtres alle, So as the happes scholden falle, 1340 With many a gentil womman there Dreint in the salte See thei were Wherof the Greks that time seiden, And such a name upon hem leiden, Nerei5des that thei ben hote, The Nimphes whiche that thei note To regne upon the stremes salte.

2160 This lord a worthi ladi hadde Unto his wif, which also dradde Hire lordes deth, and children five Betwen hem two thei hadde alyve, That weren yonge and tendre of age, And of stature and of visage Riht faire and lusty on to se.

And sche, which red for schame was, With bothe hire handes hath him preid Knelende and in this wise seid, That sche to reson and to skile In what thing that he bidde wile 2740 Is redy forto don his heste, Bot this thing were noght honeste, That he for gold hire scholde selle.

Mi Sone, Envie into no pris Of such a forme, I understonde, Ne mihte be no resoun stonde 280 For this Envie hath such a kinde, That he wole sette himself behinde To hindre with an othre wyht, And gladly lese his oghne riht To make an other lesen his.

Now, fader, say what is thi dom, And hou thou wolt that I be peined For such Semblant as I have feigned.

The feste and the profession After the reule of that degre Was mad with gret solempnete, Where as Diane is seintefied Thus stant this lady justefied 1270 In ordre wher sche thenkth to duelle.

For I behihte thee that yifte Ferst whan thou come under my schrifte, That thogh I toward Venus were, Yit spak I suche wordes there, That for the Presthod which I have, Min ordre and min astat to save, 2080 I seide I wolde of myn office To vertu more than to vice Encline, and teche thee mi lore.

Of crualte I rede thus Whan the tirant Leoncius Was to thempire of Rome arrived, Fro which he hath with strengthe prived 3270 The pietous Justinian, As he which was a cruel man, His nase of and his lippes bothe He kutte, for he wolde him lothe Unto HP0-758 Vce And Pdf the poeple and make unable.

And thogh ther were no matiere Bot only that we finden hiere, Men oghten Avarice eschuie For what man thilke vice suie, He get himself bot litel reste.

And as he HP0-758 Braindump hath the world mistimed Noght as he scholde with his wit, Noght as he wolde it was aquit.

For of tho pointz ye tolden hiere I wol you be mi trouthe assure, Mi weyhte of love and mi mesure Hath be mor large and mor certein Than evere I tok of love ayein 4440 For so yit couthe I nevere of sleyhte, To take ayein be double weyhte Of love mor than I have yive.

Bot wherof that this fievere groweth, Who so these olde bokes troweth, 580 Ther mai he finden hou it is For thei ous teche and telle this, Hou that this fievere of Jelousie Somdel it groweth of sotie Of love, and somdiel of untrust.

Mi Sone, if I be order suie The vices, as thei stonde arowe, Of Covoitise thou schalt knowe Ther is yit on, which 4A0-109 Test Questions And Answers Pdf is the laste In whom ther mai no vertu laste, For he with god himself debateth, Wherof that al the hevene him hateth.

Faire Eolen, whan sche was come With Hercules into the Cave, Sche seide him that sche wolde have Hise clothes of and hires HP0-758 Book Pdf bothe, That ech of hem scholde other clothe.