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This Perse s, as noght seende This meschief which that him abod, With al his multitude rod, 1810 And prided him upon the thing, Of that he was become a king, And how he hadde his regne gete Bot he hath al the riht foryete Which longeth unto governance.

And thus as touchende of lachesce, As I have told, I me confesse To you, mi fader, and beseche That furthermor ye wol me teche And if ther be to this matiere Som goodly tale forto liere 70 How I mai do lachesce aweie, That ye it wolden telle I preie.

2700 So wol I noght that eny time Be lost of that thou hast do byme For hou so this fortune falle, Yit stant mi trust aboven alle, For the mercy which I now HP ASE HP0-S36 Study Guide finde, That thou wolt after this be kinde And for that such is myn espeir, As for my Sone and for myn Eir I thee receive, and al my lond I yive and sese HP0-S36 Study Guides into thin hond.

So that, my lord, touchende of this I have ansuerd hou that it is.

Ha, goode fader, it is so, Outake a point, I am beknowe For elles I am overthrowe 3460 In al that evere ye have seid.

Wherof as thanne he knew non other, 1730 Bot sodeinly the jugge he nom, Which corrupt sat upon the dom, In such a wise and hath him pressed, That he the sothe him hath confessed Of al that hath be spoke and do.

And thus be reson prove I may That toward love Envie is noght And otherwise if it be soght, Upon what side as evere it falle, It is the werste vice of alle, 3130 Which of himself hath most HP0-S36 Actual Questions malice.

Where as Fa crere goth toforn, In all his weie he fynt no lette That Dore can non huissher schette 2130 In which him list to take entre And thus the conseil most secre Of every thing Fa crere knoweth, Which into strange place he bloweth, Where as he wot it mai most grieve.

I not hou sche hire conscience Excuse wole of this usure Be large weyhte and gret mesure Sche hath mi love, and I have noght Of that which I have diere boght, 4510 And with myn herte I have it paid Bot al that is asyde laid, And I go loveles aboute.

And therupon to make an ende, 2540 Tresor ynowh with hem thei token, And whan the time is best thei loken, That sodeinliche in a Galeie Fro Romelond thei wente here weie And londe upon that other side.

Upon himself tho gan he loke In stede of mete gras and stres, In stede of handes longe cles, In stede of man a bestes lyke He syh and thanne he gan to syke For cloth of gold and for perrie, Which him was wont to magnefie.

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Such was the Sones pourveance, And of his fader it is seid, In strong prisoun that he was leid In Albe, wher that he was ded For hunger and defalte of bred.

The wyn makth ek the goode blod, In which the Soule which is good Hath chosen hire a resting place, Whil that the lif hir wole embrace.

Thus hath Uluxes what he wolde, His wif was such as sche be scholde, His poeple was to him sougit, Him lacketh nothing of delit.

That scholde be the worldes hele Is now, men sein, the pestilence Which hath exiled pacience 280 Fro the clergie in special And that is schewed overal, In eny thing whan thei ben grieved.

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Thus hath sche fulliche overcome Min ydelnesse til I sterve, So that I mot hire nedes serve, For as men sein, nede hath no lawe.

For it is siththe go noght longe, As forto speke of this matiere, I may you telle, if ye woll hiere, A wonder hap which me befell, That was to me bothe hard and fell, Touchende of love and his fortune, The which me liketh to comune 70 And pleinly forto telle it oute.

And he, that couthe of guile ynouh, Whan he this herde, of joie he louh, And seith, Ma dame, it schal be do.

1000 And it fell thilke time thus Ther was a king, the which Namplus Was hote, and he a Sone hadde, At Troie which the Gregois ladde, As he that was mad Prince of alle, Til that fortune let him falle His name was Palamades.

Whan sche under the wodesschawe Hire child behield, sche was so glad, That sche with bothe hire armes sprad, As thogh sche were in wommanhiede, Toward him cam, and tok non hiede Of that he bar a bowe bent.

And with that word al sodeinly Sche passeth, as it were a Sky, Al clene out of this ladi sihte And tho for fere hire herte afflihte, And seide to hirself, Helas I am riht in the same cas.

And god wot that is malgre myn For this I wot riht wel a fin, 60 Mi grace comth so selde aboute, That is the Slowthe of which I doute Mor than of al the remenant Which is to love appourtenant.

7010 That on of hem was cleped thus, The proude king Antiochus That other Nabuzardan hihte, Which of his crualte behyhte The temple to destruie and waste, And so he HP HP0-S36 dede in alle haste The thridde, which was after schamed, Was Nabugodonosor named, And he Jerusalem putte under, Of Sacrilegge and many a wonder 7020 There in the holi temple he wroghte, Which Baltazar his heir aboghte, Whan Mane, Techel, Phares write Was on the wal, as thou miht wite, So as the bible it hath declared.

This Emperour bad redily That thei be logged faste by Where he his oghne body lay And whan it was amorwe day, That on of hem seith that he mette Wher he a goldhord scholde fette Wherof this Emperour was glad, And therupon anon he bad 2120 His Mynours forto go and myne, And he himself of that covine Goth forth withal, and at his hond The tresor redi there he fond, Where as thei seide it scholde be And who was thanne glad bot he Upon that other dai secounde Thei have an other goldhord founde, Which the seconde maister tok Upon his swevene and undertok.

It is al on to seie unkinde As thing which don is ayein kinde, For it with kinde nevere stod A man to yelden evel for good.

This man aros fro thilke stede, And forth with al the same tyde He goth him up and be his side 2460 He set him doun as pier and pier, And seide, If thou that sittest hier Art god, which alle thinges myht, Thanne have I do worshipe ariht As to the god and other wise, If thou be noght of thilke assisse, Bot art a man such as am I, Than mai I sitte faste by, For we be bothen of o kinde.

Mi Sone, that thou miht enforme Thi pacience upon the forme Of old essamples, as thei felle, Now understond what I schal telle.

I not hou Jason that nyht slep, Bot wel I wot that of the Schep, For which he cam into that yle, He thoghte bot a litel whyle Al was Medea that he thoghte, So that in many a wise he soghte His witt wakende er it was day, Som time yee, som time nay, 3410 Som time thus, som time so, As he was stered to and fro Of love, and ek of his conqueste As he was holde of his beheste.

O thou, gentile Venus, loves queene, Withoute gult thou dost on me thi wreche Thou wost my peine is evere aliche grene For love, and yit I mai it noght areche This wold I for my laste word beseche, That thou mi love aquite as I deserve, Or elles do me pleinly forto sterve.

Bot thogh my besinesse laste, Al is bot ydel ate laste, For whan theffect is ydelnesse, I not what thing is besinesse.

Gramaire ferste hath forto teche 1530 To speke upon congruite Logique hath eke in his degre Betwen the trouthe and the falshode The pleine wordes forto schode, So that nothing schal go beside, That he the riht ne schal decide.

2240 Bot lest now such a felonie Whan Nessus wiste he scholde die, He tok to Deianyre his scherte, Which with the blod was of his herte Thurghout desteigned overal, And tolde how sche it kepe schal Al prively to this entente, That if hire lord his herte wente To love in eny other place, The scherte, he seith, hath such a ZJN0-694 Book grace, 2250 That if sche mai so mochel make That he the scherte upon him take, He schal alle othre lete in vein And torne unto hire love ayein.

Justice which doth equite 3130 Is dredfull, for he noman spareth Bot in the lond wher Pite fareth The king mai nevere faile of love, For Pite thurgh the grace above, So as the Philosphre affermeth, His regne in good astat confermeth.

Riht as a lyves creature Sche semeth, for of yvor whyt He hath hire wroght of such delit, That sche was rody on the cheke And red on HP0-S36 Vce Dumps bothe hire lippes eke Wherof that he himself beguileth.

The sterre which stant next the laste, Nature on him this name caste And clepeth him Botercadent Which of his kinde obedient 1420 Is to Mercurie and to Venus.

So sit it wel a king therfore To loven hem that trouthe mene For ate laste it wol be sene That flaterie is nothing worth.

4180 Of themperour Anthonius I finde hou that he seide thus, That levere him were forto save Oon of his lieges than to have Of enemis a thousend dede.

And thus full many a bacheler, A thousend mo than I can sein, With Yowthe I sih ther wel besein Forth with here loves glade and blithe.

For if men takyn remembrance What is to live in unite, Ther ys no staat in his degree 2990 That noughte to desire pes, With outen which, it is no les, To seche and loke in to the laste, Ther may no worldes joye laste.

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And in that time so befell, Ther was such on in Irahel, Which sette him al to flaterie, And he was cleped Sedechie And after him Achab hath sent And he at his comandement Tofore him cam, and be a sleyhte He hath upon his heved on heyhte 2570 Tuo large hornes set of bras, As he which al a flatour was, And goth rampende as a leoun And caste hise hornes up and doun, And bad men ben of good espeir, For as the hornes percen their, He seith, withoute resistence, So wiste he wel of his science That Benedab is desconfit.

Of Troie at thilke noble toun, Whos fame stant yit of renoun And evere schal to mannes Ere, The Siege laste longe there, Er that the Greks it mihten winne, Whil Priamus was king therinne 1890 Bot of the Greks that lyhe aboute Agamenon ladde al the route.

To se this olde ensamplerie, That whilom was no flaterie Toward the Princes wel I finde Wherof so as it comth to mynde, Mi Sone, a tale unto thin Ere, Whil that the worthi princes were 2360 At Rome, I thenke forto tellen.

2170 Bot, fader, if ye wolde thus Unto Cupide and to Venus Be frendlich toward mi querele, So that myn herte were in hele Of love which is in mi briest, I wot wel thanne a betre Prest Was nevere mad to my behove.

The servantz deden here office 6880 And sondri beddes made anon, Wherin that thei to reste gon Ech be himself in sondri place.

Bot yit is noght mi feste al plein, Bot al of woldes and of wisshes, Therof have I my fulle disshes, Bot as of fielinge and of tast, Yit mihte I nevere have o repast.

Of this sotie also I finde, Amon his Soster ayein kinde, Which hihte Thamar, he forlay Bot he that lust an other day Aboghte, whan that Absolon His oghne brother therupon, Of that he hadde his Soster schent, Tok of that Senne vengement 220 And slowh him with his oghne hond And thus thunkinde unkinde fond.

In the lignage of Avarice, Mi Sone, yit ther is a vice, His rihte name it is Ravine, Which hath a route of his covine.

And thus thei slepen bothe abedde And what of travail, what of wyn, The servantz lich to drunke Swyn Begunne forto route faste.

Ha fol, how thou art forto wyte, The king unto his brother seith, That thou art of so litel feith, That only for a trompes soun Hast gon despuiled thurgh the toun, Thou and thi wif in such manere Forth with thi children that ben here, 2220 In sihte of alle men aboute, For that thou seist thou art in doute Of deth, which stant under the lawe Of man, and man it mai withdrawe, So that it mai par chance faile.

Nou have ye herd that I wol sein Sey ye what stant in youre avis.

On Leonin it herde telle, 1410 Which Maister of the bordel was, And bad him gon a redy pas To fetten hire, and forth he wente, And Thaise out of his barge he hente, And to this bordeller hir solde.

Ther was a knyht which Brutus hihte, And he with al the haste he myhte To grounde fell and therthe kiste, Bot non of hem the cause wiste, Bot wenden that he hadde sporned Per chance, and so was overtorned.

2420 Of otherwise I wol noght seie That if I founde a seker weie, I wolde as for conclusioun Worche after Supplantacioun, So hihe a love forto winne.

7440 Cassandra, whan sche herde of this, The which to Paris Soster is, Anon sche gan to wepe and weile, And seide, Allas, what mai ous eile Fortune with hire blinde whiel Ne wol noght lete ous stonde wel For this I dar wel undertake, That if Paris his weie take, As it is seid that he schal do, We ben for evere thanne undo.

He kneleth doun unto the king, And seith that thei upon this thing, 2360 Or forto winne or forto lese, Ben alle avised forto chese.

This begger was comanded tho, He that which hield him to the king, That he ferst chese upon this thing He sih hem, bot he felte hem noght, So that upon his oghne thoght He ches the Capoun and forsok That other, which his fela tok.

Bot Venus wente noght therfore, Ne Genius, whiche thilke time Abiden bothe faste byme.

For al the metes and the spices, That eny Lombard couthe make, Ne be so lusti forto take Ne so ferforth restauratif, I seie as for myn oghne lif, 860 As ben the wordes of hire mouth For as the wyndes of the South Ben most of alle debonaire, So whan hir list to speke faire, The vertu of hire goodly speche Is verraily myn hertes leche.

Thus dar I seie unto this day Of Cheste in ernest or in game Mi ladi schal me nothing blame.

Whan al was slain bot sche al one, This olde fend, this Sarazine, Let take anon this Constantine With al the good sche thider broghte, And hath ordeined, as sche thoghte, A nakid Schip withoute stiere, In which the good and hire in fiere, 710 Vitailed full for yeres fyve, Wher that the wynd it wolde dryve, Sche putte upon the wawes wilde.

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And forto take in remembrance, 970 A tale acordant unto this, Which of gret understondinge is To mannes soule resonable, I thenke telle, and is no fable.

Bot such conseil ther mai be non, With treson whan it is conspired, That it nys lich the Sparke fyred Up in the HP0-S36 Dumps Pass4sure Rof, which for a throwe Lith hidd, til whan the wyndes blowe It blaseth HP0-S36 Pdf Download out on every side.

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And natheles a man mai se, How now adayes that HP0-S36 Exam Paper ther be Ful manye of suche hertes slowe, That wol noght besien hem to knowe 1230 What thing love is, til ate laste, That he with strengthe hem overcaste, That malgre hem thei mote obeie And don al ydelschipe aweie, To serve wel and besiliche.

And this he lernede, as I rede, Of Cipio, which hadde be Consul of Rome.

Among the whiche thre ther were That most service unto him bere, As thei which in his chambre lyhen And al his conseil herde and syhen.

And in this wilde wode peine, Whanne al his resoun was untame, A kniht he clepeth be his name, And tok him as be weie of sonde A naked swerd to bere on honde, And seide him that he scholde go And telle unto his dowhter so 250 In the manere as he him bad, How sche that scharpe swerdes blad Receive scholde and do withal So as sche wot wherto it schal.

2450 Bot hou that metall cam a place Thurgh mannes wit and goddes grace The route of Philosophres wise Controeveden be sondri wise, Ferst forto gete it out of Myne, And after forto trie and fyne.

Mi fader, it is such a qwed, That wher I come, he is tofore, And doth so, that mi cause is lore.

And thus in court of juggement This Adrian was thanne assent, And the querele in audience Declared was in the presence Of themperour and many mo Wherof was mochel speche tho And gret wondringe among the press.

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And thanne he sette him nerr the fer, And as he mihte hise clothes dreide, That he nomore o word ne seide Wherof he gat him somdel reste, For that him thoghte was the beste.

That other point which to Practique Belongeth is Iconomique, 1670 Which techeth thilke honestete Thurgh which a king in his degre His wif and child schal reule and guie, So forth with al the companie Which in his houshold schal abyde, And his astat on every syde In such manere forto lede, That he his houshold ne mislede.

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So longe thei togedre assemble, The wombe aros, and sche gan tremble, 190 And hield hire in hire chambre clos For drede it scholde be disclos And come to hire fader Ere Wherof the Sone hadde also fere, And feigneth cause forto ryde For longe dorste he noght abyde, In aunter if men wolde sein That he his Soster hath forlein For yit sche hadde it noght beknowe Whos was the child at thilke throwe.

And he awok out of his swevene, And clepeth, and men come anon He tolde his drem, and therupon In such a wise as he hem telleth The Mont wher that Silvestre duelleth Thei have in alle haste soght, And founde he was and with hem broght 3380 To themperour, which to him tolde His swevene and elles what he wolde.

Bot hou as evere it felle so, This worthi kniht of his corage Hath undertake the viage, And wol noght his knyhthode lette For no peril he couthe sette 1950 Wherof that HP HP0-S36 Study Guide bothe his Sone and he Upon the Montz of Gelboe5 Assemblen with here enemys For thei knyhthode of such a pris Be olde daies thanne hielden, That thei non other thing behielden.

His fader, which it herde sain, Was wroth, and al that evere he mihte, Of men of Armes he him dighte A strong HP0-729 Ebook pouer, and forth he wente Unto Athenys, where he brente 5250 The pleine contre al aboute The Cites stode of him in doute, As thei that no defence hadde Ayein the pouer which he ladde.

This olde Eson broght forth was tho, Awei sche bad alle othre go 4060 Upon peril that mihte falle And with that word thei wenten alle, And leften there hem tuo al one.

The trompe was noght forto seke He blew, and so thei blewen eke With such a noise among hem alle, As thogh the hevene scholde falle.

The dore is up, and he in wente, Wher as with gret devocioun Of holi contemplacioun Withinne his herte he made his HP0-S36 Pdf Download schrifte And after that a riche yifte 1840 He offreth with gret reverence, And there in open Audience Of hem that stoden thanne aboute, He tolde hem and declareth oute His hap, such as him is befalle, Ther was nothing foryete of alle.

For whan the wommen listen pleie, And I hir se noght in the weie, Of whom I scholde merthe take, Me list noght longe forto wake, 3150 Bot if it be for pure schame, Of that I wolde eschuie a name, That thei ne scholde have cause non To seie, Ha, lo, wher goth such on, That hath forlore his contenaunce And thus among I singe and daunce, And feigne lust ther as non is.

In swoune tho sche gan doun falle, And efte aros and gan to stonde, And eft sche takth the cloth on honde, 5790 Behield the lettres and thymages Bot ate laste, Of suche oultrages, Sche seith, wepinge is noght the bote And swerth, if that sche live mote, It schal be venged otherwise.

Bot why the cause is, as I finde, Of that ther is diverse kinde 320 Of lovedrunke, why men pleigneth After the court which al ordeigneth, I wol the tellen the manere Nou lest, mi Sone, and thou schalt hiere.

Upon the hond to were a Schoo And sette upon the fot a Glove Acordeth noght to the behove Of resonable mannes us If men behielden the vertus 360 That Crist in Erthe taghte here, Thei scholden noght in HP0-S36 such manere, Among hem that ben holden wise, HP HP0-S36 Study Guide The Papacie so desguise Upon diverse eleccioun, Which stant after thaffeccioun Of sondry londes al aboute Bot whan god wole, it schal were oute, For trowthe mot stonde ate laste.

The king, which sih his pourpos faile, And that no sleihte mihte availe, Encombred of his lustes blinde HP ASE HP0-S36 Study Guide The lawe torneth out of kinde, 5220 And half in wraththe as thogh it were, In presence of hem alle there Deceived of concupiscence Yaf for his brother the sentence, And bad him that he scholde sese This Maide and make him wel at ese Bot al withinne his oghne entente He wiste hou that the cause wente, Of that his brother hath the wyte He was himselven forto wyte.

His olde sleyhtes whiche he caste, Yonge Alisaundre hem overcaste, His fader, which him misbegat, He slouh, a gret mishap was that Bot for o mis an other mys Was yolde, and so fulofte it is 2360 Nectanabus his craft miswente, So it misfell him er he wente.

The wyn fulofte takth aweie The reson fro the mannes herte The wyn can make a krepel sterte, And HP0-S36 Study Guide a delivere man unwelde It makth a blind man to behelde, And a bryht yhed seme derk It makth a lewed man a clerk, And fro the clerkes the clergie It takth aweie, and couardie 1860 It torneth into hardiesse Of Avarice it makth largesse.

And riht so if a womman chese Upon the wordes that sche hiereth Som man, whan he most trewe appiereth, Thanne is he forthest fro the trowthe Bot yit fulofte, and that is rowthe, 1200 Thei speden that ben most untrewe And loven every day a newe, Wherof the lief is after loth And love hath cause to be wroth.

Ferst scholde he loke, hou that it stod, That al were of his oghne good 2040 The yiftes whiche he wolde yive So myhte he wel the betre live And ek he moste taken hiede If ther be cause of eny nede, Which oghte forto be defended, Er that his goodes be despended He mot ek, as it is befalle, Amonges othre thinges alle Se the decertes of his men And after that thei ben of ken 2050 And of astat and of merite, He schal hem largeliche aquite, Or for the werre, or for the pes, That non honour falle in descres, Which mihte torne into defame, Bot that he kepe his goode name, So that he be noght holde unkinde.

And forto strengthe him in that cas, Of al his lond the sekereste Of servantz and the worthieste, 1600 To kepen him withinne warde, He sette his bodi forto warde And made such an ordinance, For love ne for aqueintance, That were it erly, were it late, Thei scholde lete in ate gate No maner man, what so betydde, Bot if so were himself it bidde.

Bot Sone myn, do thou noght so, Let al such Avarice go, And tak thi part of that thou hast I bidde noght that thou do wast, Bot hold largesce in his mesure And if thou se a creature, Which thurgh poverte is falle in nede, Yif him som good, for this I rede 360 To him that wol noght yiven here, What peine he schal have elleswhere.

And overmore if I schal seche In this matiere an other spieche, In a Cronique I finde write A tale which is good to wite.

For which whan that a man be sleyhte, The Ston to winne and him to daunte, With his carecte him wolde enchaunte, 470 Anon as he perceiveth that, He leith doun his on Ere al plat Unto the ground, and halt it faste, And ek that other Ere als faste He stoppeth with his tail so sore, That he the wordes lasse or more Of his enchantement ne hiereth And in this wise himself he skiereth, So that he hath the wordes weyved And thurgh his Ere is noght deceived.

930 Thus have I, fader, said mi wille Say ye now forth, for I am stille.

Sche takth upon hirself the gilt, 3610 And is al redi to the peine Which eny man hir wole ordeigne And bot if eny other wolde, Sche seith that sche hirselve scholde Do wreche with hire oghne hond, Thurghout the world in every lond That every lif therof schal speke, Hou sche hirself i scholde wreke.

Mars the Planete bataillous Next to the Sonne glorious 890 Above stant, and ACSO-ACC-10 Exam Test Questions doth mervailes Upon the fortune of batailes.

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And sche began merci to crie, Upon hire bare knes and preide, And to hire fader thus sche seide Ha mercy fader, thenk I am Thi child, and of thi blod I cam.

For love, which is unbesein Of alle reson, as men sein, Thurgh sotie and thurgh nycete, Of his voluptuosite He spareth no condicion Of ken ne yit religion, Bot as a cock among the Hennes, Or as a Stalon in the Fennes, 160 Which goth amonges al the Stod, Riht so can he nomore good, Bot takth what thing comth next to honde.

And natheles upon som side His pouer stant above the lawe, To yive bothe and to withdrawe 2720 The forfet of a mannes lif But thinges whiche are excessif Ayein the lawe, he schal noght do For love ne for hate also.

So it befell that upon strif Typhon hath Isre his brother slain, Which hadde a child to Sone Orayn, And he his fader deth to herte So tok, that it mai noght asterte That he Typhon after ne slowh, Whan he was ripe of age ynowh.

2530 These olde HP0-S36 Exam Guide Pdf Philosophres wyse Be weie of kinde in sondri wise Thre Stones maden thurgh clergie.

Bot Cerymon the worthi leche Ansuerde anon upon hire speche 1210 And seith, Ma dame, yee ben hiere, Where yee be sauf, as yee schal hiere Hierafterward forthi as nou Mi conseil is, conforteth you For trusteth wel withoute faile, Ther is nothing which schal you faile, That oghte of reson to be do.

Wherof that thou be war the bet, To telle a tale I am bethoght, Hou love and Slep acorden noght.

Bot I wol speke upon mi schrifte And to Cupide I make HP ASE HP0-S36 a yifte, That who as evere pris deserve Of armes, I wol love serve And thogh I scholde hem bothe kepe, Als wel yit wolde I take kepe Whan it were time to abide, As forto travaile and to ryde 1690 For how as evere a man laboure, Cupide appointed hath his houre.

Thus mai ye HP0-S36 knowen be this skile That no Ravine HP ASE HP0-S36 Study Guide don I wile Ayein hir will be such a weie Bot while I live, I wol obeie Abidinge on hire courtesie, If eny merci wolde hir plie.

Tho tok 1Z0-620 Certification Dumps sche forth a riche Tye Mad al of gold and of Perrie, 3560 Out of the which sche nam a Ring, The Ston was worth al other thing.

And thus for me thei preiden alle Of hem that weren olde aboute, And ek some of the yonge route, 2740 Of gentilesse and pure trouthe I herde hem telle it was gret routhe, That I withouten help so ferde.