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Thus afterward upon a dai, Whan that Demetrius was come, Anon his fader hath him nome, 1680 And bad unto his brother Perse That he his tale schal reherse Of thilke tresoun which he tolde.

Lo, thus Medea for Jason Ordeigneth, and preith therupon That he nothing foryete scholde, And ek sche preith him that he wolde, Whan he hath alle his Armes don, To grounde knele and thonke anon The goddes, and so forth be ese The flees of gold he scholde sese.

So longe thei togedre assemble, The wombe aros, and sche gan tremble, 190 And hield hire in hire chambre clos For drede it scholde be disclos And come to hire fader Ere Wherof the Sone hadde also fere, And feigneth cause forto ryde For longe dorste he noght abyde, In aunter if men wolde sein That he his Soster hath forlein For yit sche hadde it noght beknowe Whos was the child at thilke throwe.

And thei that weren for him gon, Whan that thei comen wher he was, Thei tolden unto Micheas 2610 The manere hou that Sedechie Declared hath his prophecie And therupon LX0-104 Book thei preie him faire That he wol seie no contraire, Wherof the king mai be desplesed, For so schal every man ben esed, And he mai helpe himselve also.

For as the sothe mot be knowe, To Juno was don understonde In what manere hir housebonde With fals brocage hath take usure Of love mor than his mesure, Whan he tok othre than his wif, Wherof this mayden was gultif, 4610 Which hadde ben of his assent.

Be this ensample, Sone, attempre Thin herte and let no will distempre Thi wit, and do nothing be myht Which mai be do be love and riht.

Bot so prive mai be nothing, That it ne comth to knowleching Thing don upon the derke nyht Is after knowe on daies liht 4600 So it befell, that ate laste Al that this slyhe maiden caste Was overcast and overthrowe.

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And thus the false pees was take Of hem of Grece and undertake, And therupon thei founde a weie, Wher strengthe myhte noght aweie, 1110 That sleihte scholde helpe thanne And of an ynche a large spanne Be colour of the pees thei made, And tolden how thei weren glade Of that thei stoden in acord And for it schal ben of record, Unto the kyng the Gregois seiden, Be weie of love and this thei preiden, As thei that wolde his thonk deserve, A Sacrifice unto Minerve, 1120 The pes to kepe in good entente, Thei mosten offre er that thei wente.

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2680 The proude vice of veine gloire Remembreth noght of purgatoire, Hise worldes joyes ben so grete, Him thenkth of hevene no beyete This lives Pompe is al his pes Yit schal he deie natheles, And therof thenkth he bot a lite, For al his lust is to delite In newe thinges, proude and veine, Als ferforth as he mai atteigne.

1220 Saturnus after his exil Fro Crete cam in gret peril Into the londes of Ytaile, And ther he dede gret mervaile, Wherof his name duelleth yit.

This kniht the tuo pilers of bras, The whiche yit a man mai finde, Sette up in the desert of Ynde That was the worthi Hercules, Whos name schal ben endeles For the merveilles whiche he wroghte.

1490 This lord hath granted his requeste And whan the dai was of the feste, In worschipe of here Emperour The king and ek the Senatour Forth with here wyves bothe tuo, With many a lord and lady mo, On horse riden him ayein Til it befell, upon a plein Thei sihen wher he was comende.

So is it bot a nyce Sinne Of gold to ben to covoitous Bot he is riche and glorious, Which hath in his subjeccion Tho men whiche in possession Ben riche of gold, and be this skile For he mai aldai whan he wile, Or CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI LX0-104 Exam Prep be hem lieve or be hem lothe, Justice don upon hem bothe.

Bot natheles to knowe more Als wel as thou me longeth sore 2430 And for it helpeth to comune, Al ben thei noght to me comune, The scoles of Philosophie, Yit thenke I forto specefie, In boke as it is comprehended, Wherof thou mihtest ben amended.

Medea wok and nothing slepte, Bot natheles sche was abedde, And he with alle haste him spedde And made him 070-464 Test Questions And Answers Pdf naked and al warm.

Thus hath he bot a woful wele.

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It nedeth noght that I delate The pris which preised is algate, And hath ben evere and evere schal, Wherof to speke in special, It is the vertu of Pite, Thurgh which the hihe mageste Was stered, whan his Sone alyhte, And in pite the world to rihte 3110 Tok of the Maide fleissh and blod.

The king, which hadde wordes wise, His age wolde noght despise, Bot seith, Mi fader, I thee preie That thou me wolt the cause seie, How that I am thi mannes man.

Bot that which nevere was wel herted, 640 Envie, tho began travaile In destourbance of this spousaile So prively that non was war.

Bot what man that his lust desireth Of love, and therupon conspireth With wordes feigned to deceive, He schal noght faile to receive His peine, as it is ofte sene.

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And forto tellen overthis Of elementz which the ferthe is, That is the fyr in his degre, Which environeth thother thre And is withoute moist al drye.

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Of Parlement the dai was come, Ther ben the lordes alle and some 7320 Tho was pronounced and pourposed, And al the cause hem was desclosed, Hou Anthenor in Grece ferde.

Bot every man mai understonde, 2280 Of Sorcerie hou that it wende, It wole himselve prove at ende, And namely forto beguile A lady, which withoute guile Supposeth trouthe al that sche hiereth Bot often he that evele stiereth His Schip is dreynt therinne amidde And in this cas riht so betidde.

He reccheth noght, be so he winne, Though that ther lese ten or tuelve His love C2040-409 Test Pdf is al toward himselve And to non other, bot he se That he mai winne suche thre For wher he schal oght yive or lene, He wol ayeinward take a bene, Ther he hath lent the smale pese.

770 Next to Mercurie, as wol befalle, Stant that Planete which men calle Venus, whos constellacion Governeth al the nacion Of lovers, wher thei spiede or non, Of whiche I trowe thou be on Bot whiderward thin happes wende, Schal this planete schewe at ende, As it hath do to many mo, To some wel, to some wo.

So that under the clerkes lawe Men sen the Merel al mysdrawe, 430 I wol noght seie in general, For ther ben somme in special In whom that alle vertu duelleth, And tho ben, as thapostel telleth, That god of his eleccioun Hath cleped to perfeccioun In the manere as Aaron was Thei ben nothing in thilke cas Of Simon, which the foldes gate Hath lete, and goth in othergate, 440 Bot thei gon in the rihte weie.

So it befell the nyhtes tide This maiden, which desguised was, Al prively the softe pas Goth thurgh the large toun unknowe, Til that sche cam withinne a throwe Wher that sche liketh forto duelle, At thilke unhappi freisshe welle, 1390 Which was also the Forest nyh.

So sit it wel to taken hiede And MB4-643 Vce Download forto loke on every side, Er LX0-104 Exam Prep that thou falle in homicide, Which Senne is now so general, That it welnyh stant overal, In holi cherche and elles where.

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The tenthe sterre is Almareth, Which upon lif and upon deth Thurgh kinde of Jupiter and Mart He doth what longeth to his part.

Bot moerdre, which mai noght ben hedd, 1920 Sprong out to every mannes Ere, Wherof the lond was full of fere.

So is he cold and moiste of kinde, And ek LX0-104 Vce Software with sterres, as I finde, 1220 Beset in sondri wise, as thus Tuo of his ende Aquarius Hath lent unto his heved, and tuo This Signe hath of his oghne also Upon his wombe, and over this Upon his ende also ther is A nombre of twenty sterres bryghte, Which is to sen a wonder sighte.

For god the lawes hath assissed Als wel to reson as to kinde, Bot he the bestes wolde binde Only to lawes of nature, Bot to the mannes creature God yaf him reson forth withal, Wherof that he nature schal Upon the causes modefie, That he schal do no lecherie, 5380 And yit he schal hise lustes have.

And therupon if I schal sette Ensample, in holy cherche I finde How that Supplant is noght behinde God wot if that it now be so For in Cronique of time ago I finde a tale concordable Of Supplant, which that is no fable, 2800 In the manere as I schal telle, So as whilom the thinges felle.

Mi fader, elles were I nyce For ye therof so wel have spoke, That it is in myn herte loke And evere schal bot of Envie, If ther be more in his baillie 1870 Towardes love, sai me what.

And ek he tok a remembrance How he that made lawe of kinde Wolde every man to lawe binde, And bad a man, such as he wolde Toward himself, riht such he scholde Toward an other don also.

Unkindely for thou hast wroght, Unkindeliche it schal be boght, The Sone schal the Moder sle, For that whilom thou seidest yee To that thou scholdest nay have seid.

Lo nou, which a wreche, That mete and drinke is him so couth, And yit ther comth non in his mouth 390 Lich to the peines of this flod Stant Avarice in worldes good He hath ynowh and yit him nedeth, For his skarsnesse it him forbiedeth, And evere his hunger after more Travaileth him aliche sore, So is he peined overal.

Into the ground, wher alle gon, This dede lady was begrave Elda, which thoghte his honour save, Al that he mai restreigneth sorwe.

Whan al his Pride is cast to grounde, The rote schal be faste bounde, 2840 And schal no mannes herte bere, Bot every lust he schal forbere Of man, and lich an Oxe his mete Of gras he schal pourchace and ete, Til that the water of the hevene Have waisshen him be times sevene, So that LX0-104 Test Dump he be thurghknowe ariht What is the heveneliche myht, And be mad humble to the wille Of him which al mai save and spille.

And whan thre yer be full despended, Hire Schip was drive upon a dai, Wher that a CompTIA LX0-104 Exam Prep gret Navye lay Of Schipes, al the world at ones And as god wolde for the nones, 1130 Hire Schip goth in among hem alle, And stinte noght, er it be falle And hath the vessell undergete, Which Maister was of al the Flete, Bot there it resteth and abod.

The nerr this hell was upon chance To taken his deliverance, The more unbuxomliche he cride And every man was fledd aside, 3570 For drede and lefte his oghne hous And ate laste it was a Mous, The which was bore and to norrice Betake and tho thei hield hem nyce, For thei withoute cause dradde.

And he hir thonketh tho, And tok his leve and forth he wente.

And sche with gret affeccion Sat stille and herde what he wolde And thus whan he sih time, he tolde, 1900 And feigneth with hise wordes wise A tale, and seith in such a wise Ma dame, bot a while ago, Wher I was in Egipte tho, And radde in scole of this science, It fell into mi conscience That I unto the temple wente, And ther with al myn hole entente As I mi sacrifice dede, On of the goddes hath me bede 1910 That I you warne prively, So that ye make you redy, And that ye be nothing agast For he such love hath to you cast, That ye schul ben his oghne diere, And he schal be your beddefiere, Til ye conceive and be with childe.

2390 To conne moche thing it helpeth, Bot of to mochel noman yelpeth So forto loke on every side, Magique mai noght wel betyde.

For thogh I be noght al cunnynge Upon the forme of LX0-104 Exam Prep Aluminium Access Products Ltd this wrytynge, Som part therof yit have I herd, In this matiere hou it hath ferd.

In a Cronique, as thou schalt wite, A gret ensample I finde write, Which I schal telle upon this thing.

Avise him, if he wolde flitte The lawe for the coveitise, Ther sih he redi his juise.

2230 The resoun of my wit it overpasseth, Of that Nature techeth me the weie To love, and yit no certein sche compasseth Hou I schal spede, and thus betwen the tweie I stonde, and not if I schal live or deie.

Mi fader, therof hiere I wolde.

And forto speke of tholde dawe, To take ensample of that was tho, I finde a tale write also, 2910 Hou that a worthi prince is holde The lawes of his lond to holde, Ferst for the hihe goddes sake, And ek for that him is betake The poeple forto guide and lede, Which is the charge of his kinghede.

The Perles weren tho forsake To hire, and blake clothes take As sche that was gentil and kinde, In worschipe of hir Sostres mynde Sche made a riche enterement, For sche fond non amendement To syghen or to sobbe more LX0-104 So was ther guile under the gore.

Now have y seid al that ther is Of love as for thi final ende Adieu, for y mot fro the wende.

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880 Thapostel writ LX0-104 Vce And Pdf unto ous alle And seith that upon ous is falle Thende of the world so may we knowe, This ymage is nyh overthrowe, Be which this world was signified, That whilom was so magnefied, And now is old and fieble and vil, Full of meschief and of peril, And stant divided ek also Lich to the feet that were so, 890 As I tolde of the Statue above.

And 1Z0-231 Practice ate laste I make abreid, Caste up myn hed and loke aboute, Riht as a man that were in doute 590 And wot noght wher he schal become.

In Grece afore Cristes feith, I rede, as the Cronique seith, Touchende of this matiere thus, In thilke time hou Pele s 2550 His oghne brother Phocus slowh Bot for he hadde gold ynowh To yive, his Senne was despensed With gold, wherof it was compensed Achastus, which with Venus was Hire Priest, assoilede in that cas, Al were ther no repentance.

For thilke time so it was, Wherof that men yit rede and singe, King Mynos hadde in his kepinge A cruel Monstre, as seith the geste For he was half man and half beste, And Minotaurus he was hote, Which was begete in a riote Upon Pasiphe, his oghne wif, Whil he was oute upon the strif 5280 Of thilke grete Siege at Troie.

The Senatour was wel appaied, This thing no lengere is delaied, To se this Couste goth the king And sche was warned of the thing, And with Heleine forth sche cam Ayein the king, and he tho nam Good hiede, and whan he sih his wif, Anon with al his hertes lif 1440 He cawhte hire in his arm and kiste.

Ensample that it falleth thus, Thou miht wel take of Piramus, 1660 Whan he in haste his swerd outdrowh And on the point himselve slowh For love of Tisbee pitously, For he hire wympel fond blody And wende a beste hire hadde slain Wher as him oghte have be riht fain, For sche was there al sauf beside Bot for he wolde noght abide, This meschief fell.

Which of his kinde is moiste and cold And unbehovely manyfold He harmeth Venus and empeireth, Bot Mars unto his hous repeireth, Bot war whan thei togedre duellen.

Mi Sone, if reson be wel peised, Ther mai no vertu ben unpreised Ne vice non be set in pris.

Thus cleymeth he the bot to stiere, 2380 Of which an other maister is.

This kniht was wroth and fond a lak In themperour, and seide thus O thou unkinde Julius, Whan thou in thi bataille were Up in Aufrique, and I was there, Mi myht for thi rescousse I dede And putte noman in my stede, 2090 Thou wost what woundes ther I hadde Bot hier I finde thee so badde, That thee ne liste speke o word Thin oghne mouth, nor of thin hord To yive a florin me to helpe.

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The lettre schewed rad it is, Which thei forsoken everidel.

Bot al that myhte him noght availe, For whom fortune wole assaile, 1610 Ther mai be non such resistence, Which mihte make a man defence Al that schal be mot falle algate.

Til Phinees the cause on honde Hath take, this vengance laste, Bot thanne it cessede ate laste, For god was paid of that he dede For wher he fond upon a stede A couple which misferde so, Thurghout he smot hem bothe tuo, And let hem ligge in mennes yhe Wherof alle othre whiche hem sihe 4440 Ensamplede hem upon the dede, And preiden unto the godhiede Here olde Sennes to amende And he, which wolde his mercy sende, Restorede hem to newe grace.

In hevene is pes and al acord, Bot helle is full of such descord That ther may be no loveday Forthi good is, whil a man may, Echon to sette pes with other And loven as his oghne brother 1050 So may he winne worldes welthe And afterward his soule helthe.

For this thou myht wel understonde, That where a man schal nedes lese, The leste harm is forto chese.

I wol noght ones seie nay To thing which that youre conseil demeth, For unto me wel more it quemeth The werre certes than the pes Bot this I seie natheles, 7370 As me belongeth forto seie.

Among the men lacke of manhode In Mariage upon wifhode Makth that a man himself deceiveth, Wherof it is that he conceiveth That ilke unsely maladie, The which is cleped Jelousie 460 Of which if I the proprete Schal telle after the nycete, So as it worcheth on a man, A Fievere it is cotidian, Which every day wol come aboute, Wher so a man be inne or oute.

In a Cronique I finde thus, Hou that Gayus Fabricius, Which whilom was Consul of Rome, Be whom the lawes yede and come, Whan the Sampnites to him broghte A somme of gold, and him besoghte To don hem favour in the lawe, Toward the gold he gan 050-V70-CSEDLPS Book Pdf him drawe, 2790 Wherof in alle mennes lok A part up in his hond he tok, Which to his mouth in alle haste He putte, it forto smelle and taste, And to his yhe and to his Ere, Bot he ne fond no confort there And thanne he gan it to despise, And tolde unto hem in this wise I not what is with gold to thryve, Whan non of all my wittes fyve 2800 Fynt savour ne delit therinne.

540 So is ther noght bot strif and cheste Whan love scholde make his feste, It is gret thing if he hir kisse Thus hath sche lost the nyhtes blisse, For at such time he gruccheth evere And berth on hond ther is a levere, And that sche wolde an other were In stede of him abedde there And with tho wordes and with mo Of Jelousie, he torneth fro 550 And lith upon his other side, And sche with that drawth hire LX0-104 Exam Prep aside, And ther sche wepeth al the nyht.

Whan that the thurst of love him cawhte, Wher that him list he tok a drauhte, He spareth nouther wif ne maide, That such an other, as men saide, 1220 In al this world was nevere yit.

And thus hath Grece Troie danted, 7220 And hom thei torne in such manere Bot after this nou schalt thou hiere The cause why this tale I telle, Upon the chances that befelle.

Bot he which is al merciable, The hihe god, ordeigneth so, That he withinne a time also, Whan CompTIA LX0-104 Exam Prep he was strengest in his ire, Was schoven out of his empire.

The cause whi it changeth so It needeth nought to specifie, The thing so open is at ije That every man it mai beholde And natheles be daies olde, Whan that the bokes weren levere, Wrytinge was beloved evere Of hem that weren vertuous For hier in erthe amonges ous, 40 If noman write hou that it stode, The pris of hem that weren goode Scholde, as who seith, a gret partie Be lost so for to magnifie The worthi princes that tho were, The bokes schewen hiere and there, Wherof the world ensampled is And tho that deden thanne amis Thurgh tirannie and crualte, Right as thei stoden in degre, 50 So was the wrytinge of here werk.

Of Cirophanes seith the bok, That he for sorwe, which he tok 1530 Of that he sih his Sone ded, Of confort knew non other red, Bot let do make in remembrance A faire ymage of his semblance And sette it in the market place, Which openly tofore his face Stod every dai to don him ese.

Thes queenes were as tuo goddesses Of Art magique Sorceresses, That what lord comth to that rivage, Thei make him love in such a rage And upon hem assote so, That thei wol have, er that he go, Al that he hath of worldes good.

And ek of that thou tellest forth, Hou that hire weyhte of love unevene Is unto thin, under the hevene Stod nevere in evene that balance Which stant in loves governance.

Whanne he this tale herde tellen, 660 He gladeth him and gan beseche That he the weie him wolde teche And he him taghte and forth he wente And preide god with good entente To sende him joie after his sorwe.

2560 For in good feith I trowe this, So coveitous noman ther is, Forwhy and he mi ladi sihe, That he thurgh lokinge of his yhe Ne scholde have such a strok withinne, That for no gold he mihte winne He scholde noght hire love asterte, Bot if he lefte there his herte Be so it were such a man, That couthe Skile of a womman.

The Schip was blowe fro the londe, Wherin that thei seilende were This Adriagne hath mochel fere Of that the wynd so loude bleu, LX0-104 Practice Test Pdf As sche which of the See ne kneu, 5410 And preide forto reste a whyle.

Bot who that cowthe specefie What tho fell in his fantasie, And how his wit aboute renneth Upon the love in which he brenneth, 1410 It were a wonder forto hiere For he was nouther ther ne hiere, Bot clene out of himself aweie, That he not what to thenke or seie, So fain he wolde it were sche.

880 Thus is ther Hate, as ye mai se, Betwen mi ladi word and me The word I hate and hire I love, What so me schal betide of love.

For evere yit it hath so stonde, That god a tirant overladde Bot wher Pite the regne ladde, Ther mihte no fortune laste Which was grevous, bot ate laste The god himself it hath redresced.

Now were it good that thou forthi, Which thurgh baptesme proprely Art unto Cristes feith professed, Be war that thou be noght oppressed With Anticristes lollardie.

Unto this king this god appiereth And clepeth, and that other hiereth This god to Mide thonketh faire Of that he was so debonaire Toward his LX0-104 Study Guide Pdf Prest, and bad him seie What thing it were he wolde preie, He scholde it have, of worldes good.

And ek, if men hem wel avise, The Sonne and Mone eclipse bothe, That be hem lieve or be hem lothe, 770 Thei soffre and what thing is passible To ben a god is impossible.

Whan Salomon his bone hath taxed, The god of that which he hath axed Was riht wel paid, and granteth sone Noght al only that he his bone Schal have of that, bot of richesse, Of hele, of pes, of hih noblesse, 3910 Forth with wisdom at his axinges, Which stant above alle othre thinges.

So schalt thou double hele finde, Ferst for thi bodiliche kinde, And for thi wofull Soule also, Thou schalt ben hol of bothe tuo.

The contre wher as I was bore, Wher that my lond is and mi rente, I lefte at Tyr, whan that I wente The worschipe of this worldes aghte, Unto the god ther I betaghte.

Bot yit it is a wonder thing, Whan that a riche worthi king, Or other lord, what so he be, Wol axe and cleyme proprete In thing to which he hath no riht, Bot onliche of his LX0-104 Self Study grete miht For this mai every man wel wite, That bothe kinde and lawe write 2330 Expressly stonden therayein.

And whan the king of Perse it wiste, That thei unto folie entenden, With his pouer, whan thei lest wenden, 4400 Mor sodeinly than doth the thunder He cam, for evere and put hem under.

For as he seith, in thilke stede He schal me suche thinges telle, That evere, whyl the world schal duelle, 2980 Athenis schal the betre fare.

Bot over this nou wolde I hiere, Wherof I schal me schryve more.

So schalt thou fiele no LX0-104 Exam Prep rancour, 2730 Wherof thin herte schal LX0-104 Practise Questions debate With homicide ne with hate For Cheste or for Malencolie Thou schalt be soft in compaignie Withoute Contek or Folhaste For elles miht thou longe waste Thi time, er that thou have thi wille Of love for the weder stille Men preise, and blame the tempestes.

Mi fader, this ensample is hard, Hou such thing to the heveneward 730 Among the goddes myhte falle For ther is bot o god of alle, Which is the lord of hevene and helle.

Mi Sone, that is hard to me Bot natheles, as I have herd, Now herkne and thou schalt ben ansuerd.

Bot, fader, as touchende of me, I mai noght stonde in that degre For I tok nevere of love why, That I ne mai wel go therby And do my profit elles where, For eny sped I finde there.

The king his tale wol noght hiere, 2780 And seith hou that he hath hire boght, Forthi sche schal departe noght, Til he the brighte dai beholde.

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Bot what in ernest and in game, Sche stant for love in such a plit, That sche hath lost al appetit Of mete, of drinke, of nyhtes reste, As sche that not what is the beste 860 Bot forto thenken al hir fille Sche hield hire ofte times stille Withinne hir chambre, and goth noght oute The king was of hire lif in doute, Which wiste nothing what it mente.