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For of the mannes Progenie, 30 Which of the womman schal be bore, The nombre of Angles which was lore, Whan thei out fro the blisse felle, He thoghte to restore, and felle In hevene thilke holy place Which stod tho voide upon his grace.

4700 And for the sped of this conqueste He let do make a riche feste With a sollempne Sacrifise In Phebus temple and in this wise Whan the Romeins assembled were, In presence of hem alle there, Upon thalter Magento M70-101 Actual Test whan al was diht And that the fyres were alyht, From under thalter sodeinly An hidous Serpent openly 4710 Cam out and hath devoured al The Sacrifice, and ek withal The fyres queynt, and forth anon, So as he cam, so is he gon Into the depe ground ayein.

Wherof as thanne he knew non other, 1730 Bot sodeinly the jugge he nom, Which corrupt sat upon the dom, In such a wise and hath him pressed, That he the sothe him hath confessed Of al that hath be spoke and do.

He hath so manye sondri spieces Of vice, that I mai noght wel Descrive hem be a thousendel Bot whan that he to Cheste falleth, Ful many a wonder thing befalleth, 470 For he ne can nothing forbere.

2650 In armes lith non avantance To him which thenkth his name avance And be renomed of his dede And also who that thenkth to spede Of love, he mai him noght avaunte For what man thilke vice haunte, His pourpos schal fulofte faile.

Frixus the ferste was of tho, A knave child, riht fair withalle A dowhter ek, the which men calle Hellen, he hadde be this wif.

1670 And whan that thei for hunger pleigne, The myhti god began to reyne Manna fro hevene doun to grounde, Wherof that ech of hem hath founde His fode, such riht as him liste And for thei scholde upon him triste, Riht as who sette a tonne abroche, He percede the harde roche, And sprong out water al at wille, That man and beste hath drunke his fille 1680 And afterward he yaf the lawe To Moi5ses, that hem withdrawe Thei scholden noght fro that he bad.

To telle riht as he began, The ferste sterre Aldeboran, 1310 The cliereste and the moste of alle, Be rihte name men it calle Which lich is of condicion To Mars, and of complexion To Venus, and hath therupon Carbunculum his propre Ston His herbe is Anabulla named, Which is of gret vertu proclamed.

2570 For ther be men so ruide some, Whan thei among the wommen come, Thei gon under proteccioun, That love and his affeccioun Ne schal noght take hem be the slieve For thei ben out of that believe, Hem lusteth of no ladi chiere, Bot evere thenken there and hiere Wher that here gold is in the cofre, And wol non other love profre 2580 Bot who so wot what love amounteth And be resoun trewliche acompteth, Than mai he knowe and taken hiede That al the lust of wommanhiede, Which mai ben in a ladi face, Mi ladi hath, and ek of grace If men schull yiven hire a pris, Thei mai wel seie hou sche is wys And sobre Magento M70-101 Actual Test Magento M70-101 Actual Test and simple of contenance, And al that to good governance 2590 Belongeth of a worthi wiht Sche hath pleinli for thilke nyht That sche was bore, as for the nones Nature sette in hire at ones Beaute with bounte so besein, That I mai wel afferme and sein, I sawh yit nevere creature Of comlihied and of feture In eny kinges regioun Be lich hire in comparisoun 2600 And therto, as I have you told, Yit hath sche more a thousendfold Of bounte, and schortli to telle, Sche is the pure hed and welle And Mirour and ensample of goode.

1140 This ladi tho was crope aside, As sche that wolde hireselven hide, For sche ne wiste what thei were Thei soghte aboute and founde hir there And broghten up hire child and hire And therupon this lord to spire Began, fro whenne that sche cam, And what sche was.

And Bardus tolde him al the cas, 5130 Hou that the worm and ek the beste, Althogh thei maden no beheste, His travail hadden wel aquit Bot he which hadde a mannes wit, And made his covenant be mouthe And Magento M70-101 Actual Test swor therto al that he couthe To parte and yiven half his good, Hath nou foryete hou that it stod, As he which wol no trouthe holde.

Merveiles tuelve in his degre, As it was couth in sondri londes, He dede with hise oghne hondes 1090 Ayein geantz and Monstres bothe, The whiche horrible were and lothe, Bot he with strengthe hem overcam Wherof so gret a pris he nam, That thei him clepe amonges alle The god of strengthe, and to him calle.

Of every wisdom the parfit The hyhe god of his spirit Yaf to the men in Erthe hiere Upon the forme and the matiere Of that he wolde make hem wise And thus cam in the ferste apprise Of bokes and of alle goode Thurgh hem that whilom understode 2370 The lore which to hem was yive, Wherof these othre, that now live, Ben every day to lerne newe.

And that was in a strange lond, Which marcheth upon Chymerie For ther, as seith the Poesie, The god of Slep hath mad his hous, Which of entaille is merveilous.

The goddes, whiche hir pleigntes herde And syhe hou wofully sche ferde, Hire lif thei toke awey anon, And schopen hire into a Ston After the forme of hire ymage Of bodi bothe and of visage.

And as sche myhte speke tho, Aschamed with a pitous onde Sche tolde unto hir housebonde 980 The sothe of al the hole tale, And in hire speche ded and pale Sche swouneth welnyh to the laste.

And he seide, Amos of Lubie.

And that me grieveth wonder sore, 6630 For this proverbe is evere newe, That stronge lokes maken trewe Of hem that wolden stele and pyke For so wel can ther noman slyke Be him ne be non other mene, To whom Danger wol yive or lene Of that tresor he hath to kepe.

Gret presse unto that cite drouh, So that ther was of poeple ynouh, Of Burgeis that therinne duellen Ther mai no mannes tunge tellen Hou that cite was riche of good.

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So as it falleth upon lot, The ferthe sterre is Alhaiot, Which in the wise as I seide er Of Satorne and of Jupiter 1340 Hath take his kinde and therupon The Saphir is his propre Ston, Marrubium his herbe also, The whiche acorden bothe tuo.

Mor jolif than the brid in Maii He makth him evere freissh and gay, And doth al his array desguise, So that of him the newe guise Of C2010-571 Dump lusti folk alle othre take And ek he can carolles make, Rondeal, balade and virelai.

This vice of Inobedience Ayein the reule of conscience Al that is humble he desalloweth, That he toward his god ne boweth After the lawes of his heste.

The god vengance ayein the vice 3440 Hath schape for upon a tyde, Whan he was heihest in his Pride, In his rancour and in his hete Ayein the queene of Marsagete, Which Thameris that time hihte, He made werre al that he myhte And sche, which wolde hir lond defende, Hir oghne Sone ayein him sende, Which the defence hath undertake.

880 And over that it causeth yit A man to be soubtil of wit To worche in gold, and to be wys In every thing which is of pris.

Venus, which hath this lawe M70-101 Test in honde Of thing which mai noght be withstonde, As sche which the tresor to warde Of love hath withinne hir warde, Phebum to love hath so constreigned, That he withoute reste is peined 6720 With al his herte to coveite A M70-101 Self Study Maiden, which was warded streyte Withinne chambre and kept so clos, That selden was whan sche desclos Goth with hir moder forto pleie.

Mercurie, which was in his dawes A gret spekere of false lawes, On him the kepinge of the tunge Thei leide, whan thei spieke or sunge.

Al that he bad was don in dede Ha, who herde evere singe or rede 330 Of such a thing as that was do Bot he which ladde his wraththe so Hath knowe of love bot a lite Bot for al that he was to wyte, Thurgh his sodein Malencolie To do so gret a felonie.

7010 That on of hem was cleped thus, The proude king Antiochus That other Nabuzardan hihte, Which of his crualte behyhte The temple to destruie and waste, And so he dede in alle haste The thridde, which was after schamed, Was Nabugodonosor named, And he Jerusalem putte under, Of Sacrilegge and many a wonder 7020 There in the holi temple he wroghte, Which Baltazar his heir aboghte, Whan Mane, Techel, Phares write Was on the wal, as thou miht wite, So as the bible it M70-101 Actual Test hath declared.

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And riht so ther ben manye of these 4410 Lovers, that thogh thei love a lyte, That scarsly wolde it weie a M70-101 Test Exam myte, Yit wolde thei have a pound again, As doth Usure in his bargain.

I have herd seid that thoght is fre, And natheles in privete To you, mi fader, that ben hiere Min hole schrifte forto hiere, I dar min herte wel desclose.

In other place also I rede, Wher that a jugge his oghne dede 2890 Ne wol noght venge of lawe broke, The king it hath himselven wroke.

3730 The Flees he tok and goth to Bote, The Sonne schyneth bryhte and hote, The Flees of gold schon forth withal, The water glistreth overal.

And thogh the clerk and the clergesse 980 In latin tunge it rede and singe, Yit for the more knoulechinge Of trouthe, which is good to wite, I schal declare as it is write In Engleissh, for thus it began.

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And thei here grete wordes blowe Upon her wrongful dedes eke And who that wole himself noght meke To pes, and list no reson take, Men sein reson him wol forsake For in the multitude of men Is noght the strengthe, for with ten 7390 It hath be sen in trew querele Ayein an hundred false dele, And had the betre of goddes grace.

120 This Galathee, seith the Poete, Above alle othre was unmete Of beaute, that men thanne knewe, And hadde a lusti love and trewe, A Bacheler in his degree, Riht such an other as was sche, On whom sche hath hire herte set, So that it myhte noght be let For yifte ne for no beheste, That sche ne was al at his heste.

For it is siththe go noght longe, As forto speke of this matiere, I may you telle, if ye woll hiere, A wonder hap which me befell, Magento M70-101 That was to me bothe hard and fell, Touchende of love and his fortune, The which me liketh to comune 70 And pleinly forto telle it oute.

1440 Bot if I live after this day, I schal amende it, if I may.

He was with worthi compainie Arraied, and with good navie To schipe he goth, the wynd him dryveth, And seileth, til that he arryveth Sauf in the port of Antioche He londeth, and goth to aproche The kinges Court and his presence.

Forthi, my fader, as of this, That my wenynge hath gon amis 1970 Touchende to Surquiderie, Yif me my penance er I die.

Of tirannie and crualte Be this ensample a king mai se, Himself Magento Certified Developer Exam M70-101 Actual Test and ek his conseil bothe, Hou thei ben to mankinde lothe And to the god abhominable.

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1070 In such wepinge and in such cry His dede wif, which lay him by, A thousend sithes he hire kiste Was nevere man that sih ne wiste A sorwe unto his sorwe lich For evere among upon the lich He fell swounende, as he that soghte His oghne deth, which he besoghte Unto the goddes alle above With many a pitous word of love 1080 Bot suche wordes as tho were Yit herde nevere mannes Ere, Bot only thilke whiche he seide.

Forthi, my Sone, of such entaile If that thin herte be disposed, Tell out and let it noght be glosed For if that thou unbuxom be To love, I not in what degree Thou schalt thi goode world achieve.

That other, whil that he was oute, He leide upon his bedd to slepe The thridde, which he wolde kepe Withinne his chambre, faire and softe He goth now doun nou up fulofte, Walkende a pass, that he ne slepte, Til he which on the courser lepte Was come fro the field ayein.

Thus was sche strengthed forto stonde And tho sche tok hire child in honde And yaf it sowke, and evere among Sche wepte, and otherwhile song 1080 To rocke with hire child aslepe And thus hire oghne child to kepe Sche hath under the goddes cure.

Ther stoden ek the nobles alle Forth with the comun of the toun And as thei loken up and doun, 3760 Thei weren war withinne a throwe, Wher cam the bot, which thei wel knowe, And sihe hou Jason broghte his preie.

This wyht upon a spere tho A pensel which was wel begon, Embrouded, scheweth him anon Thre fisshes alle of o colour In manere as it were a tour Upon the pensel were wroght.

And over that was seid hem eke, That whan men wolden vertu seke, Men scholde it in the Prestes finde Here ordre is of so hyh a kinde, That thei be Duistres of the weie Forthi, if eny man forsueie Thurgh hem, thei be noght excusable.

He seide, Al at youre oghne wille, Ma dame, I schal treuly fulfille Youre heste, whil mi lif mai laste.

Thei comen to the kyng and bede Som of his good par charite And he with gret humilite 2050 Out of his Char to grounde lepte, And hem in bothe hise armes kepte And keste hem bothe fot and hond Before the lordes of his lond, And yaf hem of his good therto And whanne he hath this dede do, He goth into his char ayein.

2970 He which withinne daies sevene This large world forth with the hevene Of his eternal providence Hath mad, and thilke intelligence In mannys soule resonable Hath schape to be perdurable, Wherof the man of his feture Above alle erthli creature Aftir the soule is immortal, To thilke lord in special, 2980 As he which is of alle thinges The creatour, and of the kynges Hath the fortunes uppon honde, His grace and mercy forto fonde Uppon my bare knes y preie, That he this lond in siker weie Wol sette uppon good governance.

Mi Sone, and I thee rede this, What so befalle of other weie, That thou to loves heste obeie Als ferr as thou it myht suffise For ofte sithe in such a wise 1400 Obedience in love availeth, Wher al a mannes strengthe faileth Wherof, if that the list to wite In a Cronique as it is write, A gret ensample thou myht fynde, Which now is come to my mynde.

And thus the trouthe was deceived With slih tresoun, which was received To hire which mente alle goode For as the festes thanne stode, His Souper was ryht wel arraied.

Thurgh al the world the fame aros, The grete clerkes ben asent And come at his comandement 3200 M70-101 Pdf Download To trete upon this lordes hele.

In many a wise ther was spoke, Hou that thei mihten ben awroke, Bot ate laste natheles Thei seiden alle, Acord and pes.

Bot this is noght to mi matiere Of schrifte, why we sitten hiere For we ben sett to schryve of love, As we begunne ferst above And natheles I am beknowe That as touchende of loves throwe, 1130 Whan I my wittes overwende, Min hertes contek hath non ende, Bot evere it stant upon debat To gret desese of myn astat As for the time that it lasteth.

King Salomon in special Seith, as ther is a time of pes, So is a time natheles Of werre, in which a Prince algate Schal for the comun riht debate And for his oghne worschipe eke.

And he with that began to crie, 290 And preide Bachus to foryive His gilt, and soffre him forto live And be such as he was tofore, So that he were not forlore.

And whan thou hast thin ende M70-101 Book Pdf wroght, Com hier ayein, thou schalt me finde, And let nothing out of thi minde.

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Upon thre pointz CX-310-600 Actual Questions stod the matiere Of questions, as thou schalt hiere.

Of Rome among the gestes olde I finde hou that Valerie tolde 6360 That what man tho was Emperour Of Rome, he scholde don honour To the virgine, and in the weie, Wher he hire mette, he scholde obeie In worschipe of virginite, Which tho was of gret dignite.

Whan Hector hath seid his avis, Next after him tho spak Paris, Which was his brother, and alleide What him best thoghte, and thus he seide Strong thing it is to soffre wrong, And suffre schame is more strong, Bot we have suffred bothe tuo And for al that yit have we do 7380 What so we mihte to reforme The pes, whan we in such a forme Sente Anthenor, as ye wel knowe.

Bot Cephalus dede otherwise, As thou, my Sone, hast herd above.

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Avise him, if he wolde flitte The lawe for the coveitise, Ther sih he redi his juise.

Wherof among a thousend tho, Withinne his hous that slepi were, In special he ches out there Thre, whiche scholden do this dede The ferste of hem, so as I rede, Was Morphe s, the whos nature Is forto take the figure 3040 Of what persone that him liketh, Wherof that he fulofte entriketh The lif which slepe schal be nyhte And Ithecus that other hihte, Which hath the vois of every soun, The chiere and the condicioun Of every lif, what so it is The thridde suiende after this Is Panthasas, which may transforme Of every thing the rihte forme, 3050 And change it M70-101 Exam Prep in an other kinde.

Tho was the king riht glad withalle, 1300 For he hadde often herd tofore What man he was, so that therfore He seide, O wise Diogene, Now schal thi grete witt be sene For thou schalt of my yifte have What worldes thing that thou wolt crave.

The tuelve Monthes of the yeer Attitled under the pouer Of these tuelve Signes stonde Wherof that thou schalt understonde This Aries on of the tuelve Hath March attitled for himselve, Whan every bridd schal chese his make, And every neddre and every Snake 1010 And every Reptil which mai moeve, His myht assaieth forto proeve, To crepen out ayein the Sonne, Whan Ver his Seson hath begonne.

Do lawe awey, what is a king Wher is the riht of eny thing, If that ther be no lawe in londe This oghte a king wel understonde, As he which is to lawe swore, That if the lawe be forbore 3080 Withouten execucioun, If makth a lond torne up so doun, Which is unto the king a sclandre.

And thus the Sonne is overal The chief Planete imperial, Above him and benethe him thre And thus betwen hem regneth he, As he that hath the middel place Among the Sevene, and of his face 870 Be glade alle erthly creatures, And taken after the natures Here ese and recreacion.

910 For he is cleped that Planete Which of his kinde softe and swete Attempreth al that to him longeth And whom this planete underfongeth To stonde upon his regiment, He schal be meke and pacient And fortunat to Marchandie And lusti to delicacie In every thing which he schal do.

Bot, fader, upon myn acompte, Which ye be sett to examine Of Schrifte after the discipline, Sey what your beste conseil is.

For as the trew man to the plowh Only to the gaignage entendeth, Riht so the werreiour despendeth His time and hath no conscience.

Ther wol noman drinke of tho welles Whiche as he wot is puyson inne And ofte swich as men beginne Towardes othre, swich thei finde, That set hem ofte fer behinde, Whan that thei wene be before.

For whan the chances so befellen That eny Emperour as tho Victoire hadde upon his fo, And so forth cam to Rome ayein, Of treble honour he was certein, Wherof that he was magnefied.

And ek so lowde his belle is runge, That of the noise and of the soun Men feeren hem in al the toun Welmore than thei don of thonder.

The wyn fulofte takth aweie The reson fro the mannes herte The wyn can make a krepel sterte, And a delivere man unwelde It makth a blind man to behelde, And a bryht yhed seme derk It makth a lewed man a clerk, And fro the clerkes the M70-101 Braindump clergie It takth aweie, and couardie 1860 It torneth into hardiesse Of Avarice it makth largesse.

1500 Bot nou to speke of the secounde, Which Aristotle hath also founde, And techeth hou to speke faire, Which is a thing full necessaire To contrepeise the balance, Wher lacketh other sufficance.

The king therof merveille hadde, Whan that a fol so wisly spak, And of himself fond out the lack 4000 Withinne his oghne conscience And thus the foles evidence, Which was of goddes grace enspired, Makth that good conseil was desired.

A tale of hem that ben so nyce, And feigne hemself to be so wise, I schal thee telle in such a wise, Wherof thou schalt ensample take That thou no such thing undertake.

And as sche fledde fro the londe, Neptunus tok hire into honde 180 And kept hire in so sauf a place Fro Polipheme and his manace, That he with Magento Certified Developer M70-101 Actual Test al his false Envie Ne mihte atteigne hir compaignie.

2810 And sche which mai the hertes bynde In loves cause and ek unbinde, Er I out of mi trance aros, Venus, which hield a boiste clos, And wolde noght I scholde deie, Tok out mor cold than eny keie An oignement, and in such point Sche hath my wounded herte enoignt, My temples 250-503 Practice Test Pdf and my Reins also.

And upon this also men sein, That fro the leese which is plein Into the Magento Certified Developer M70-101 Actual Test breres thei forcacche Her Orf, for that thei wolden lacche 410 With such duresce, and so bereve That schal upon the thornes leve Of wulle, which the brere hath tore Wherof the Schep ben al totore Of that the hierdes make hem lese.

And fell so, that thei undertoke A werre, which was noght achieved, Bot ofte time it hadde hem grieved, 4610 Ayein a folk which thanne hihte The Gabiens and al be nyhte This Arrons, whan he was at hom In Rome, a prive place he nom Withinne a chambre, and bet himselve And made him woundes ten or tuelve Upon the bak, as it was sene And so forth with hise hurtes grene In al the haste that he may He rod, and cam that other day 4620 Unto Gabie the Cite, And in he wente and whan that he Was knowe, anon the M70-101 Answers gates schette, The lordes alle upon him sette With drawe swerdes upon honde.

And over this for his contre In time of werre a man is fre Himself, his hous and ek his lond Defende with his oghne hond, And slen, if that he mai no bet, After the lawe which is set.

530 For thogh so be that he ne hiere Ne se ne wite in no manere Bot al honour and wommanhiede, Therof the Jelous takth non hiede, Bot as a man to love unkinde, He cast his staf, as doth the blinde, And fint defaulte where is non As who so dremeth on a Ston Hou he is leid, and groneth ofte, Whan he lith on his pilwes softe.

For elles, if that thou descorde, And take lust as doth a beste, Thi love mai noght ben honeste For be no skile that I finde Such lust is noght of loves kinde.

So as Saturne is soverein Of false goddes, as thei sein, So is Sibeles of goddesses The Moder, whom withoute gesses The folk Payene honoure and serve, As thei the whiche hire lawe observe.

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Tho bad the king men scholde areste His bodi, bot of thilke heste, Lich to the chaced wylde bor, The houndes whan he fieleth sor, Tothroweth and goth forth his weie, In such a wise forto seie This worthi kniht with swerd on honde His weie made, and thei him wonde, 5260 That non of hem his strokes kepte And thus upon his hors he lepte, And with his swerd droppende of blod, The which withinne his douhter stod, He cam ther as the pouer was Of Rome, and tolde hem al the cas, And seide hem that thei myhten liere Upon the wrong of his matiere, That betre it were to redresce At hom the grete unrihtwisnesse, 5270 Than forto werre in strange place And lese at hom here oghne grace.

230 Withinne his herte and thus he preiseth The gold, and seith hou that it peiseth Above al other metall most The gold, he seith, may lede an host To make werre ayein a King The gold put under alle thing, And set it whan him list above The gold can make of hate love And werre of pes and ryht of wrong, And long to schort and schort to long 240 Withoute gold mai be no feste, Gold is the lord of man and beste, And mai hem bothe beie and selle So that a man mai sothly telle That al the world to gold obeieth.

And whan he cam tofore the tonne, He hath his tale thus begonne 1260 Magento M70-101 Alheil, he seith, what man art 70-297 Practice Test thou Quod he, Such on as thou sest now.

He seith ek, if the pourpos holde To sle the poeple, as thei tuo wolde, Whan thei it mihte noght restore, Al Grece it scholde abegge sore, To se the wilde beste wone Wher whilom duelte a mannes Sone 1830 And for that cause he bad hem trete, And stinte of the manaces grete.

The king, which hath his Ere leid, And lieveth al that evere he herde, Unto here tale thus ansuerde, And seith that levere him is to chese Hise children bothe forto lese, Than him and al the remenant Of hem whiche are aportenant Unto the lond which he schal kepe And bad his wif to take kepe 4320 In what manere is best to done, That thei delivered weren sone Out of this world.

Bot sche, which knew tofor the hond The circumstance of al this thing, Ayein the cominge of the king Into the temple, hath schape so, Of hire acord that alle tho Whiche of the temple prestes were Have seid and full declared there M70-101 Testing Unto the king, bot if so be That he delivere the contre 4300 Of Frixus and of Hellen bothe, With whom the goddes ben so wrothe, That whil tho children ben therinne, Such tilthe schal noman beginne, Wherof to gete him eny corn.

2100 Bot natheles the thing is do This false god was sone go, With his deceipte and hield him clos, Til morwe cam, that he aros.

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Forthi, mi Sone, I wol thee rede, That thou drawe in be frendlihede That thou ne miht noght do be hate So miht thou gete love algate And sette thee, my Sone, in reste, For thou schalt finde it for the beste.

Lo thus, my Sone, miht thou wite Ayein this vice how it is write 880 For noman mai the harmes gesse, That fallen thurgh foryetelnesse, Wherof that I thi schrifte have herd.

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Tho made avou the leste and moste, 620 Be so thei myhten come alonde Bot he which hath the See on honde, Neptunus, wolde noght acorde, Bot altobroke cable and corde, Er thei to londe myhte aproche, The Schip toclef upon a HP2-H31 Online Exam roche, And al goth doun into the depe.

This king thanne in the same stede Anon that other cofre undede, 2380 Where as thei sihen gret richesse, Wel more than thei couthen gesse.

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To se this olde ensamplerie, That whilom was no flaterie Toward the Princes wel I finde Wherof so as it comth to mynde, Mi Sone, a tale unto thin Ere, Whil that the worthi princes were 2360 At Rome, I thenke forto tellen.

For thus men sein, in every nede He was wys that ferst made mede 4720 For where as mede mai noght spede, I not what helpeth other dede Fulofte he faileth of his game That wol with ydel hand reclame His hauk, as many a nyce doth.

So mai I prove wel forthi, Above alle othre under the Sky, Who that the vertus wolde peise, Virginite is forto preise, Which, as thapocalips recordeth, To Crist in hevene best acordeth.

King Pele s his Em was ded, Jason bar corone on his hed, Medea hath fulfild his wille Bot whanne he scholde of riht fulfille 4190 The trouthe, which to hire afore He hadde in thyle of Colchos swore, Tho was Medea most deceived.

Phillis sche hihte, and of yong age And of stature and of visage Sche hadde al that hire best besemeth.

This grete Schip on Anker rod The Lord cam forth, and whan he sih That other ligge abord so nyh, He wondreth what it myhte be, And bad men to gon in and se.

Who wroth but Dionise thanne Hire thoghte a thousend yer til whanne Sche myhte ben of Thaise wreke Of that sche herde folk so speke.

Ossibus ergo carens que conterit ossa loquelis Absit, et interpres stet procul oro malus.