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His climat is in Orient, Wher that he is most violent.

For riht as the Cronique seith Of Adrian, hou he his feith Foryat for worldes covoitise, Fulofte in such a maner wise Of lovers nou a man mai se Full manye that unkinde be 5170 For wel behote and evele laste That is here lif for ate laste, Whan that thei have here wille do, Here love is after sone ago.

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This worthi Prest, this holy man To me spekende thus began, And seide Benedicite, Mi Sone, of the felicite Of love and ek of all the wo Thou schalt thee schrive of bothe tuo.

Min holi fader, be youre leve 1360 Of al that ye have spoken hiere Which toucheth unto this matiere, To telle soth riht as I wene, I wot noght o word what ye mene.

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Of this merveile which thei sihe So apparant tofore here yhe, Of that the king him hath misbore, Here othes thei have alle swore 5280 That thei wol stonde be the riht.

Wherof that thou be war the bet, To telle a tale I am bethoght, Hou love and Slep acorden noght.

Nou hast thou herd, in which a wise These noble Philosophres wise Enformeden this yonge king, And made him have a knowleching Of thing which ferst to the partie Belongeth of Philosophie, Which Theorique cleped is, As thou tofore hast herd er this.

And as he couthe himself forschape, In liknesse of an M8060-653 Training Eddre he slipte Out of his hond, and forth he skipte 2110 And efte, as he that feighte wole, He torneth him into a Bole, And gan to belwe of such a soun, As MB6-703 Exam Guide thogh the world scholde al go doun The ground he sporneth MB6-703 Vce Software and he tranceth, Hise large hornes he avanceth And caste hem here and there aboute.

And Jason riht in such degre Ne mihte noght withholde his lok, Bot so good hiede on hire he tok, That him ne thoghte under the hevene Of beaute sawh he nevere hir evene, With al that fell to wommanhiede.

For thus a yer or tuo or thre Sche lest, er that sche wedded be, Whyl sche the charge myhte bere Of children, whiche the world forbere Ne mai, bot if it scholde faile.

Bot yit ne fond I noght the haft, Which mihte unto that bladd acorde For nevere herde I man recorde What thing it is that myhte availe To winne love withoute faile.

4350 For where a Prince hise lustes suieth, That he the werre noght poursuieth, Whan it is time to ben armed, His contre stant fulofte harmed, Whan thenemis ben woxe bolde, That thei defence non beholde.

This wofull chance how that it ferde Anon as Demephon it herde, And every man it hadde in speche, His sorwe was noght tho to seche He gan his Slowthe forto banne, Bot it was al to late thanne.

The king bad bere his Cuppe awey, Which stod tofore him on the bord, And fette thilke.

Faire Eole hath set the Mace Beside hire beddes hed above, And with the clothes of hire love Sche helede al hire bed aboute And he, which hadde of nothing doute, Hire wympel wond aboute his cheke, Hire kertell and hire mantel eke 6890 Abrod upon his bed he spredde.

Bot he, which wolde noght forsake 680 His Pacience, thanne Microsoft MB6-703 Questions spak, And seide how that he fond no lak In nothing which sche hadde do For it was wynter time tho, And wynter, as be weie of kinde Which stormy is, as men it finde, Ferst makth the wyndes forto blowe, And after that withinne a throwe He reyneth and the watergates Undoth and thus my wif algates, 690 Which is with reson wel besein, Hath mad me bothe wynd and rein After the Sesoun of the yer.

Now herkne, I schal the pointz devise And understond wel myn aprise For schrifte stant of no value To him that wol him noght vertue To leve of vice the folie For word is wynd, bot the maistrie Is that a man himself defende Of thing which is noght to comende, 2770 Wherof ben fewe now aday.

Tho thoghte him colde grases goode, That whilom eet the hote spices, Thus was he torned fro delices The wyn which he was wont to drinke He tok thanne of the welles brinke 2980 Or of the pet or of the slowh, It thoghte him thanne good ynowh In stede of chambres wel arraied He was thanne of a buissh wel paied, The harde ground he lay upon, For othre pilwes hath he non The stormes and the Reines falle, The wyndes blowe upon him alle, He was tormented day and nyht, Such was the hihe goddes myht, 2990 Til sevene yer an ende toke.

And overmore if I schal seche In this matiere an other spieche, In a Cronique I finde write A tale which is good to wite.

The ferste of hem men erthe calle, Which is the lowest of hem alle, And in his forme is schape round, Substancial, strong, sadd and sound, As that which mad is sufficant To bere up al the remenant.

The fame of thilke schepes fell, Which in Colchos, as it befell, Was al of gold, schal nevere deie Wherof I thenke for to seie Hou it cam ferst into that yle.

Whan that the world divided is, It moste algate fare amis, For Erthe which is meynd with Stiel Togedre may noght laste wiel, Bot if that on that other waste So mot it nedes faile in haste.

With ech of hem tho was I schrive, 7420 And echon faire me behihte Bot Venus seide, if that MB6-703 Study Guide Pdf sche mihte That Appel of mi yifte gete, Sche wolde it neveremor foryete, And seide hou that in Grece lond Sche wolde bringe unto myn hond Of al this Erthe the faireste So that me thoghte it for the beste, To hire and yaf that Appel tho.

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And he, which wisdom hath pourveied Of al that to reson belongeth, With gentil herte it underfongeth And whan he hath Microsoft MB6-703 it overrad, In part he was riht inly glad, And ek in part he was desesed Bot love his herte hath so thorghsesed 210 With pure ymaginacioun, That for non occupacioun Which he can take on other side, MSS MB6-703 He mai noght flitt his herte aside Fro that his wif him hadde enformed Wherof he hath himself conformed With al the wille of his corage To schape and take the viage Homward, what time that he mai So that him thenketh of a day 220 A thousand yer, til he mai se The visage of Penolope, Which he desireth most of alle.

Quod sche, I am A womman wofully bestad.

4640 And with that word sche was forschape, Ther may no vois hire mouth ascape, What man that in the wodes crieth, Withoute faile Eccho replieth, And what word that him list to sein, The same word sche seith ayein.

1430 The Calcedoine unto Microsoft MB6-703 Questions him longeth, Which for his Ston he underfongeth Of Majorane his herbe is grounded.

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Wherof to kepe thi worschipe, So as these olde bokes tale, I schal thee telle a redi tale Nou herkne and be wel war therby, For I wol telle it openly.

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Lo thus expondeth Daniel The kynges swevene faire and wel In Babiloyne the Cite, Wher that the wiseste of Caldee Ne cowthen wite what it mente Bot he tolde al the hol entente, As in partie it is befalle.

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Bot yit a sterre upon the hevene He hath of the planetes sevene.

And tho this Prest was sone unbounde, And up a couche fro the grounde 160 To slepe he was leid softe ynowh And whanne he wok, the king him drowh To his presence and dede him chiere, So that this Prest in such manere, Whil that him liketh, there he duelleth And al this he to Bachus telleth, Whan that he cam to him ayein.

With him ther riden manion, To Knaresburgh and forth thei wente, And lich the fyr which tunder hente, In such a rage, as seith the bok, His Moder sodeinliche he tok And seide unto hir in this wise O beste of helle, in what juise Hast thou deserved forto deie, That hast so falsly put aweie 1280 With tresoun of thi bacbitinge The treweste at my knowlechinge Of wyves and the most honeste Bot I wol make this beheste, I schal be venged er I go.

The longe nyhtes hem betuene Nature, which mai noght forbere, Hath mad hem bothe forto stere Thei kessen ferst, and overmore The hihe weie of loves lore Thei gon, and al was don in dede, Wherof lost is the maydenhede And that was afterward wel knowe.

Whan Daniel this swevene herde, He stod long time er he ansuerde, 2870 70-565-CPLUSPLUS Testing And made a wonder hevy chiere.

Quod he, This is the sothe thing 1270 Sith I ferst resoun understod, And knew what thing was evel and good, The will which of my bodi moeveth, Whos werkes that the god reproeveth, I have restreigned everemore, As him which stant under the lore Of reson, whos soubgit he is, So that he mai noght don amis And thus be weie of covenant Will is my man and my servant, 1280 And evere hath ben and evere schal.

1260 Who dar do thing which love ne dar To love is every lawe unwar, Bot to the lawes of his heste The fissch, the foul, the man, the beste Of al the worldes kinde louteth.

And if we rede of tholde lawe, I finde write, in thilke dawe Of Princes hou ther weren thre Coupable sore in this degre.

So that an yhe is as a thief To love, and doth ful gret meschief 320 And also for his oghne part Fulofte thilke firy Dart Of love, which that evere brenneth, Thurgh him into the herte renneth And thus a mannes yhe ferst Himselve grieveth alther werst, And many a time that he knoweth Unto his oghne harm it groweth.

Whan he cam to that yle there, 3690 He set him on his knes doun strauht, And his carecte, as he was tawht, He radde, and made his sacrifise, And siththe enoignte him in that wise, As Medea him hadde bede And thanne aros up fro that stede, And with the glu the fyr he queynte, And anon after he atteinte The grete Serpent and him slowh.

Men wiste in thilke time non So fair a wiht as sche was on 2050 And as sche was a lusti wiht, Riht so was thanne a noble kniht, To whom Mercurie fader was.

2390 To conne moche thing it helpeth, Bot of to mochel noman yelpeth So forto loke on every side, Magique mai noght wel betyde.

And thus thou miht wel understonde, Mi Sone, if thou art such in love, Thou miht noght come at thin above Of that thou woldest wel achieve.

2130 Be this ensample a king mai lere That forto yive is in manere For if a king his tresor lasseth Withoute honour and thonkles passeth, Whan he himself wol so beguile, I not who schal compleigne his while, Ne who be rihte him schal relieve.

4780 Skarsnesse and love acorden nevere, For every thing is wel the levere, Whan that a man hath boght it diere And forto speke in this matiere, For sparinge of a litel cost Fulofte time a man hath lost The large cote for the hod.

Thei smyten strokes bot a fewe, For Hercules, which wolde schewe 2100 His grete strengthe as for the nones, He sterte upon him al at ones And cawhte him in hise armes stronge.

So sit it wel a king to have 3180 Pite for this Valeire tolde, And seide hou that be daies olde Codrus, which was in his degre King of Athenis the cite, A werre he hadde ayein Dorrence And forto take his evidence What schal befalle of the bataille, He thoghte he wolde MB6-703 Exam Questions And Answers him ferst consaille With Appollo, in whom he triste Thurgh whos ansuere this he wiste, 3190 Of tuo pointz that he myhte chese, Or that he wolde his body lese And in bataille himselve deie, Or elles the seconde weie, To sen his poeple desconfit.

He reccheth noght, be so he winne, Though that ther lese ten or tuelve His love is al toward himselve And to non other, bot he se That he mai winne suche thre For wher he schal oght yive or lene, He wol ayeinward take a bene, Ther he hath lent the smale pese.

5410 The tales sounen Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics MB6-703 Questions in myn Ere, Bot yit min herte is elleswhere, I mai miselve noght restreigne, That I nam evere in loves peine Such lore couthe I nevere gete, Which myhte make me foryete O point, bot if so were I slepte, That I my tydes ay ne Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics MB6-703 kepte To thenke of love and of his lawe That herte can I noght withdrawe.

1180 Decembre after the yeeres forme, So as the bokes ous enforme, With daies schorte and nyhtes longe This ilke Signe hath underfonge.

For ofte time I have herd sein Amonges hem that werres hadden, That thei som while here cause ladden Be merci, whan thei mihte have slain, Wherof that thei were after fain And, Sone, if that thou wolt recorde The vertu of Misericorde, Thou sihe nevere thilke place, Where it was used, lacke grace.

Lo, thus blindly the world sche diemeth In loves cause, as tome siemeth I not what othre men wol sein, Bot I algate am so besein, And stonde as on amonges alle Which am out of hir grace falle 2390 It nedeth take no witnesse, For sche which seid is the goddesse, To whether part of love it wende, MB6-703 Questions Hath sett me for a final ende The point wherto that I schal holde.

Wherof full many a gret debat Reformed is to good astat, And MB6-703 pes sustiened up alofte With esy wordes and with softe, 1540 Wher strengthe scholde lete it falle.

Tho fame with hire swifte wynges Aboute flyh and bar tidinges, And made it cowth in alle londes How that Horestes with hise hondes 2110 Climestre his oghne Moder slowh.

And thus the Pride which was hot, Whan he most in his strengthe wende, Was brent and lost withouten ende So that it proeveth wel therfore, The strengthe of man is sone lore, Bot if that he it wel governe.

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And he awok out of his swevene, And clepeth, and men come anon He tolde his drem, and therupon In such a wise as he hem telleth The Mont wher that Silvestre duelleth Thei have in alle haste soght, And founde he was and with hem broght 3380 To themperour, which to him tolde His swevene and elles what he wolde.

And forto loke MB6-703 Certification in evidence Upon the sothe experience, So as it hath befalle er this, In every mannes mouth it is 470 Hou Tristram was of love drunke With Bele Ysolde, whan thei drunke The drink which Brangwein hem betok, Er that king Marc his Eem hire tok To wyve, as it was after knowe.

Nectanabus cam to the grene Amonges othre and drouh him nyh.

For what kyng sett hym uppon pride And takth his lust on every side 3090 And wil nought go the righte weie, Though god his grace caste aweie No wondir is, for ate laste He schal wel wite it mai nought laste, The pompe which he secheth here.

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130 This yonge knyht Acis was hote, Which hire ayeinward als so hote Al only loveth and nomo.

So passeth he the See be barge To Grece forto seie his charge, The which he seide redely Unto the lordes by and by 7280 Bot where he spak in Grece aboute, He herde noght bot wordes stoute, And nameliche of Thelamon The maiden wolde he noght forgon, He seide, for no maner thing, And bad him gon hom to his king, For there gat he non amende For oght he couthe do or sende.

1920 Thoffice of the Chancellerie Or of the kinges Tresorie Ne for the writ ne for the taille To warant mai noght thanne availe The world, which nou so wel we trowe, MB6-703 Certification Exam Schal make ous thanne bot a mowe So passe we withoute mede, That we non otherwise spede, Bot as we rede that he spedde, The which his lordes besant hedde 1930 And 1D0-510 Certificate therupon gat non encress.

For on a day, whan that he mette Jeroboam the knyht, he grette 4520 And bad him that he scholde abyde, To hiere what him schal betyde.

Now thanne upon that other side To telle my desobeissance, Ful sore it stant to my grevance And may noght sinke into my wit For ofte time sche me bit 1310 To leven hire and chese a newe, And seith, if I the sothe knewe How ferr I stonde from hir grace, I scholde love in other place.

Bot for als moche as I am schrive Of Wraththe and al his circumstance, Yif what you list to my penance, And asketh forthere of my lif, If otherwise I be gultif Of eny thing that toucheth Sinne.

Whan thei to Rome come were, So prively thei duelte there, As thei that thoghten to deceive Was non that mihte of hem perceive, Til thei in sondri stedes have Here gold under the ground begrave In tuo tresors, that to beholde Thei scholden seme as thei were olde.

Forthi was trouthe in special The ferste point in observance Betake unto the governance Of Alisandre, as it is seid For therupon the ground is leid 1980 Of every kinges regiment, As thing which most convenient Is forto sette a king in evene Bothe in this world and ek in hevene.

Of the Planetes by and by, Hou that thei stonde upon the Sky, Fro point to point as thou myht hiere, Was Alisandre mad to liere.

And over this, my Sone diere, Of othre men, if thou miht hiere In privete what thei have wroght, Hold conseil and descoevere it noght, For Cheste can no conseil hele, Or be it wo or be it wele 780 And tak a tale into thi mynde, The which of olde ensample I finde.

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And ek so lowde his belle is runge, That MB6-703 Preparation Materials of the noise and of the soun Men feeren hem in al the toun Welmore than thei don of thonder.

And thilke time at Rome also Was Tullius with Cithero, That writen upon Rethorike, Hou that men schal the wordes pike 2650 After the forme of eloquence, Which is, men sein, a gret prudence And after that out of Hebreu Jerom, which the langage kneu, The Bible, in which the lawe is closed, Into Latin he hath transposed And many an other writere ek Out of Caldee, Arabe and Grek With gret labour the bokes wise Translateden.

Lo hier tuo cofres on the bord Ches which you list of bothe tuo And witeth wel that on of tho Is with tresor so full begon, That if ye happe therupon, Ye schull be riche men for evere.

And this also schal be thi tale, If he hem smot with roddes smale, 4090 With Scorpions thou schalt hem smyte And wher thi fader tok a lyte, Thou thenkst to take mochel more.

That on is full of such piment, Which passeth all entendement Of mannes witt, if he it taste, And makth a jolif herte in haste 340 That other biter as the galle, Which makth a mannes herte palle, Whos drunkeschipe is a sieknesse Thurgh fielinge of the biternesse.

This Nessus with hise wordes slyhe Yaf such conseil tofore here yhe 2200 Which semeth outward profitable And was withinne deceivable.

Thei spieken thanne of no fortune Or forto lese or forto winne, Til Avarice broghte it inne And that was whan the world was woxe Of man, of hors, of Schep, of Oxe, 10 And that MB6-703 Practice Questions men knewen the moneie.

Ther was a newe lettre write, Which seith I do you forto wite, That thurgh the conseil of you tuo I stonde in point to ben undo, As he which is a king deposed.

And thanne he thoghte him in what wise He myhte his tirannie schewe And to his conseil tok a schrewe, 4660 Whom to his fader forth he sente In his message, and he tho wente, And preide his fader forto seie Be his avis, and finde a weie, Hou they the cite myhten winne, Whil that he stod so wel therinne.

Bot I mot pipe nou with lasse, And suffre that it overpasse, Noght with mi will, for thus I wolde Ben averous, if that I scholde.

And he with craft al redy maked 680 Of stronge chenes hath hem bounde, As he togedre hem hadde founde, And lefte hem bothe ligge so, And gan to clepe and crie tho Unto the goddes al aboute And thei assembled in a route Come alle at ones forto se.

And al withinne his oghne entente, That noman wiste what it mente, Anon he let tuo cofres make Of o semblance and of o make, So lich that no lif thilke throwe That on mai fro that other knowe Thei were into his chambre broght, Bot noman wot why thei be wroght, 2300 And natheles the king hath bede That thei be set in prive stede.

Such is the nature of myn yhe Ther is no lust so deintefull, Of which a man schal noght be full, Of that the stomac underfongeth, Bot evere in on myn yhe longeth For loke hou that a goshauk tireth, Riht so doth he, whan that he pireth And toteth on hire wommanhiede For he mai nevere fulli fiede 820 His lust, bot evere aliche sore Him hungreth, so that he the more Desireth to be fed algate And thus myn yhe is mad the gate, Thurgh which the deyntes of my thoght Of lust ben to myn herte broght.

The water, which is moyste and cold, Makth fleume, which is manyfold Foryetel, slou and wery sone Of every thing which is to done He is of kinde sufficant To holde love his covenant, Bot that him lacketh appetit, Which longeth unto such delit.

The povere man this understod, As he that wolde gladly winne, And to this lord which was withinne He spak and seide, If I thee save, What sikernesse schal I have Of covenant, that afterward Thou wolt me yive such reward As thou behihtest nou tofore That other hath his othes swore 4980 Be hevene and be the goddes alle, If that it myhte so befalle That he out of the pet him broghte, Of all the goodes whiche he oghte He schal have evene halvendel.

And thei it halsen alle wel And sein it is a tokne of goode Bot til sche wiste hou that it stode, Sche hath no confort in hire herte, Upon the morwe and up sche sterte, And to the See, wher that sche mette The bodi lay, withoute lette 3080 Sche drowh, and whan that sche cam nyh, Stark ded, hise harmes sprad, sche syh Hire lord flietende upon the wawe.

Now after Pride the secounde Ther is, which many a woful stounde Towardes othre berth aboute Withinne himself and noght withoute For in his thoght MB6-703 Dumps Pdf he brenneth evere, Whan that he wot an other levere Or more vertuous than he, Which passeth him in his degre Therof he takth his maladie That vice is cleped hot Envie.

To Salamyne the Cite Thei lede, and carie forth withal The dede corps, and sein it schal Beside thilke ymage have His sepulture and be begrave This corps and this ymage thus Into the Cite to Venus, Wher that goddesse hire temple hadde, Togedre bothe tuo thei ladde.

Bot pleinly forto make it knowe Hou that the Signes sitte arowe, Ech after other be degre In substance and in proprete The zodiaque comprehendeth Withinne his cercle, as it appendeth.

And he anon the teth outdrouh, And sette his Oxen in a plouh, 3720 With which he brak a piece of lond And sieu hem with his oghne hond.

For as the philosophre tolde Of gold and selver, thei ben holde Tuo principal extremites, To whiche alle othre be degres 2490 Of the metalls ben acordant, And so thurgh kinde resemblant, That what man couthe aweie take The rust, of which thei waxen blake, And the savour and the hardnesse, Thei scholden take the liknesse Of gold or Selver parfitly.

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I not what falle hierafter schal, 4500 Bot into nou yit dar I sein, Hire liste nevere yive ayein A goodli word in such a wise, Wherof min hope mihte arise, Mi grete love to compense.

Whan Lothes wif was overgon And schape into the salte Ston, As it is spoke into this day, Be bothe hise dowhtres thanne he lay, 230 With childe and made hem bothe grete, Til that nature hem wolde lete, And so the cause aboute ladde That ech of hem a Sone hadde, Moab the ferste, and the seconde Amon, of whiche, as it is founde, Cam afterward to gret encres Tuo nacions and natheles, 070-999 Certification Dumps For that the stockes were ungoode, The branches mihten noght be goode 240 For of the false Moabites Forth with the strengthe of Amonites, Of that thei weren ferst misgete, The poeple of god was ofte upsete In Irahel and in Judee, As in the bible a man mai se.

And thus he made hem to believe, And seide, if that he myhte achieve His pourpos, it schal wel be yolde, Be so that thei him helpe wolde.

Bot now it stant al otherwise 2580 Thei speken faste of thilke Ston, Bot hou to make it, nou wot non After the sothe experience.

He seith, Or fortune is aweie And every sterre hath lost his wone, Or elles of myn oghne Sone I schal be slain, I mai noght fle.

Mi Sone, as guile under the hat With sleyhtes of a tregetour Is hidd, Envie of such colour Hath yit the ferthe deceivant, The which is cleped Falssemblant, Wherof the matiere and the forme Now herkne and I thee schal enforme.

Bot afterward it was forbore Amonges ous that ben baptized For of the lawe canonized The Pope hath bede to the men, That MB6-703 Dumps Pdf non schal wedden of his ken Ne the seconde ne the thridde.

Mi fader, I schal do my peine For this ensample which ye tolde With al myn herte I have withholde, 3510 So that I schal for everemore Eschuie Envie wel the more And that I have er this ES0-006 Exam Collection misdo, Yif me my penance er I go.

Withinne a time and therupon Befell that with a bowe on honde, To hunte and gamen forto fonde, Into that wode goth to pleie Hir Sone Archas, and in his weie It hapneth that this bere cam.

Ovide wrot of manye thinges, Among the whiche in his wrytinges He tolde a tale in Poesie, Which toucheth unto Jelousie, Upon a certein cas of love.

So as these olde gestes sein, The proude tirannyssh Romein Tarquinus, which was thanne king And wroghte many a wrongful thing, Of Sones hadde manyon, Among the whiche Arrons was on, Lich to his fader of maneres So that withinne a fewe yeres 4600 With tresoun and with tirannie Thei wonne of lond a gret partie, And token hiede of no justice, MB6-703 Test Which due was to here office Upon the reule of governance Bot al that evere was plesance Unto the fleisshes lust thei toke.

So what with hepe and what with crok Thei make here maister ofte winne And wol noght knowe what is sinne For coveitise, and thus, men sain, Thei maken many a fals bargain.

Thus saiden thei that there stode, And ek that walkede up and doun, Bothe of the Court and of the toun.