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And fell in thilke time also, The king of Puile, which was tho, Thoghte ayein Rome to rebelle, And thus was take the querele, Hou to destruie this Mirour.

And with this tale a Duc aros, Which was a worthi kniht of los, His name was Meneste s, And seide unto the lordes thus The wreeche which Horeste dede, It was thing of the goddes bede, And nothing of his crualte And if ther were of mi degree 2150 In C2180-275 Questions And Answers Pdf al this place such a kniht That wolde sein it was no riht, I wole it with my bodi prove.

The king supposeth of this wo, And feigneth as he noght ne wiste Bot natheles at his upriste Men tolden him how that it ferde And whan that he this C_TB1200_88 Questions And Answers Pdf wonder herde, 2200 In haste he goth into the halle, And alle at ones doun thei falle, If eny pite may be founde.

And whan thei hadden souped there, Thei schopen hem to gon to reste And as it thoghte hem for the beste, Thei bede, as for that ilke nyht, Tuo sondri beddes to be dyht, For thei togedre ligge nolde, Be cause that thei offre wolde Upon the morwe here sacrifice.

His fader seide he scholde abide, And wolde granten him no leve Bot he, which wolde noght beleve, A kniht of his to whom he triste, So that his fader nothing wiste, He tok and tolde him his corage, That he pourposeth a viage.

And forth with him he nam his gere, Which as sche hadde take him there, And strauht unto his chambre he wente, And goth to bedde and slep him hente, And lay, that noman him awok, For Hercules hiede of him tok, Til it was undren hih and more.

Bot that schal stonde among you tuo, For therof have I noght to done For Nature is under the Mone 2330 Maistresse of every lives kinde, Bot if so be that sche mai finde Som holy man that wol withdrawe His kindly lust ayein hir lawe Bot sielde whanne it falleth so, For fewe men ther ben of tho, Bot of these othre ynowe be, Whiche of here oghne nycete Ayein Nature and hire office Deliten hem in sondri vice, 2340 Wherof that sche fulofte hath pleigned, And ek my Court it hath desdeigned And evere schal for it receiveth Non such that kinde so deceiveth.

Frixus the ferste was of tho, A knave child, riht fair withalle A dowhter ek, the which men calle Hellen, he hadde be this wif.

For certes, if sche were myn, I hadde hir levere than a Myn Of Gold for al this worldesriche Ne mihte make me so riche As sche, that is so inly good.

Bot upon thee it schal be boght, 4630 Which art prive to tho doinges, And me fulofte of thi lesinges Deceived hast nou is the day That I thi while aquite may And for thou hast to me conceled That my lord hath with othre deled, I schal thee sette in such a kende, That evere unto the worldes ende Al that thou hierest thou schalt telle, And clappe it out as doth a belle.

Mi ladi Venus, whom I serve, What womman wole hire thonk deserve, Sche mai noght thilke love eschuie Of paramours, bot sche mot suie 1470 Cupides lawe and natheles Men sen such love sielde in pes, That it nys evere upon aspie Of janglinge and of fals Envie, Fulofte medlid with disese Bot thilke love is wel at ese, Which set is upon mariage For that dar schewen the visage In alle places openly.

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Bot he, which hath his lust assised With melled love and tirannie, Hath founde upon his tricherie 4900 A weie which he thenkth to holde, And seith, Fortune unto the bolde Is favorable forto helpe.

And was that time bounded so 560 Wher as the flod which men Nil calleth Departeth fro his cours and falleth Into the See Alexandrine, Ther takth Asie ferst seisine Toward the West, and over this Of Canahim wher the flod is Into the grete See rennende, Fro that into the worldes ende Estward, Asie it is algates, Til that men come unto the gates 570 Of Paradis, and there ho.

For this condicion he hadde, That where him hapneth the victoire, His lust and al his moste gloire Was forto sle and noght to save Of rancoun wolde he no good have For savinge of a OG0-091 Ebook mannes lif, Bot al goth to the swerd and knyf, So lief him was the mannes blod.

Echon of hem in his degre Was torned into briddes kinde Diverseliche, as men mai finde, 5940 After thastat that thei were inne, Here formes were set atwinne.

Whan al was slain bot sche al one, This olde fend, this Sarazine, Let take anon this Constantine With al the good sche thider broghte, And hath ordeined, as sche thoghte, A nakid Schip withoute stiere, In which the good and hire in fiere, 710 Vitailed full for yeres fyve, Wher that the wynd it wolde dryve, Sche putte upon the wawes wilde.

So fell amonges othre thinges, That he that time a werre hadde With Gurmond, which the Geptes ladde, And was a myhti kyng also Bot natheles it fell him so, Albinus slowh him in the feld, Ther halp him nowther swerd ne scheld, 2470 That he ne smot his hed of thanne, Wherof he tok awey the Panne, Of which he seide he wolde make A Cuppe for Gurmoundes sake, To kepe and P6040-017 Practice Exam Pdf drawe into memoire Of his bataille the victoire.

I hadde a lord, and thus he bad, 1150 That I forth with my litel Sone Upon the wawes scholden wone, Bot why the cause was, I not Bot he which alle thinges wot Yit hath, I thonke him, of his miht Mi child and me so kept upriht, That we be save bothe tuo.

And thus his trowthe he leith to wedde.

So have I sen ful many on, That The Open Group OG0-091 were of love wel at ese, Whiche after felle in gret desese Thurgh wast of love, that thei spente In sondri places wher thei wente.

Mi fader, upon covenant I dar wel make this avou, Of all mi lif that into nou, Als fer as I can understonde, Yit tok I nevere Slep on honde, Whan it was time forto wake For thogh myn yhe it wolde take, Min herte is evere therayein.

Cecus amor dudum nondum sua lumina cepit, Quo Venus impositum devia fallit iter.

Non decet vt soli seruabitur es, set amori Debet homo solam solus habere suam.

And thogh a thousend men it wiste, That I hire love, and thanne hem liste With me to swere and to witnesse, Yit were that no falswitnesse For I dar on this trouthe duelle, I love hire mor than I can telle.

Til tuelve yeres were agon, This Emperoures dowhter Custe Forth with the dowhter of Saluste 1220 Was kept, bot noman redily Knew what sche was, and noght forthi Thei thoghten wel sche hadde be In hire astat of OG0-091 Test Exam hih degre, And every lif hire loveth wel.

For this prologe is OG0-091 Practice Questions so assised That it to wisdom al belongeth What wysman that it underfongeth, He schal drawe into remembrance The fortune of this worldes chance, 70 The which noman in his persone Mai knowe, bot the god al one.

Bot, Sire, of that ye wolden mene, That I scholde otherwise wene To be beloved thanne I was, I am beknowe as in that cas.

Hate is a wraththe noght schewende, Bot of long time gaderende, And duelleth in the herte loken, Til he se time to be wroken 860 And thanne he scheweth his tempeste Mor sodein than the wilde beste, Which wot nothing what merci is.

For thogh noman it wole allowe, To slepe levere than to wowe Is his manere, and thus on nyhtes, Whan that he seth the lusti knyhtes Revelen, wher these wommen are, Awey he skulketh The Open Group Certification OG0-091 Test Exam as an hare, 2720 And goth to bedde and leith him softe, And of his Slouthe he dremeth ofte Hou that he stiketh in the Myr, And hou he sitteth be the fyr And claweth on his bare schanckes, And hou he clymbeth up the banckes And falleth into Slades depe.

Bot for men sein that mede is strong, It was wel seene at thilke tyde For as it scholde of ryht betyde, This Viola largesce hath take And the nygard sche hath forsake 4850 Of Babio sche wol no more, For he was grucchende everemore, Ther was with him non other fare Bot forto prinche and forto spare, Of worldes muk to gete encress.

For if the wordes semen goode 1550 And ben wel spoke at mannes Ere, Whan that ther is no trouthe there, Thei don fulofte gret deceipte For whan the word to the conceipte Descordeth in so double a wise, Such Rethorique is to despise In every place, and forto drede.

Mi Sone, wel and redely Thou seist, so that wel paid withal I am, and forthere if I schal Unto thi schrifte specefie Of Avarices progenie What vice suieth after this, Thou schalt have wonder hou it is, 4880 Among the folk in eny regne That such a vice myhte regne, Which is comun at alle assaies, As men mai finde nou adaies.

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The proude knyht Capane s 1980 He was of such Surquiderie, That he thurgh his chivalerie Upon himself so mochel triste, That to the goddes him ne liste In no querele to beseche, Bot seide it was an ydel speche, Which caused was of pure drede, For lack of herte and for no nede.

And thus forth he geth Conforted of this evidence, With the Romeins in his defence Ayein the Greks that ben comende.

And he hire in hise armes faste Uphield, and ofte swor his oth That he with hire is nothing wroth, For wel he wot sche may ther noght Bot natheles withinne his thoght His herte stod in sori plit, And seide he wolde of that despit 990 Be venged, how so evere it falle, And sende unto hise frendes alle.

Now axeth further what you list.

And tho began he to devise 1390 How he the childes Moder fond Upon the See from every lond Withinne a Schip was stiereles, And how this ladi helpeles Forth with hir child he hath forthdrawe.

Lo, thus he wan a lusti wif, Which obeissant was at his wille And if he wolde have holde him OG0-091 Actual Questions stille And nothing spoke, he scholde have failed Bot for he hath his word travailed And dorste speke, his love he spedde, And hadde al that he wolde abedde.

Thus regnen OG0-091 Book under the the kinges, 2890 And al the poeple unto thee louteth, And al the world thi pouer doubteth, So that with vein honour deceived Thou hast the reverence weyved Fro him which is thi king above, That thou for drede ne for love Wolt nothing knowen of thi godd Which now for thee hath mad a rodd, Thi veine gloire and thi folie With grete peines to chastie.

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The lawe stod er we were bore, How that a kinges swerd is bore In signe that he schal defende His trewe poeple and make an ende Of suche as wolden hem devoure.

And forto loke in evidence Upon the sothe experience, So as OG0-091 Test Exam it hath befalle er this, In every mannes mouth it is 470 Hou Tristram was of love drunke With Bele Ysolde, whan thei drunke The drink which Brangwein hem betok, Er that king Marc his Eem hire tok To wyve, as it was after knowe.

Of whom if I the names calle, Hermes was on the ferste of alle, To whom this art is most applied Geber therof was magnefied, And Ortolan and Morien, Among the whiche is Avicen, 2610 Which fond and wrot a gret partie The practique of Alconomie Whos bokes, pleinli as thei stonde Upon this craft, fewe understonde Bot yit The Open Group OG0-091 Test Exam to put hem in assai Ther ben full manye now aday, That knowen litel what thei meene.

The ferste, if I schal specefie, Was lapis vegetabilis, Of which the propre vertu is To mannes hele forto serve, As forto kepe and to preserve The bodi fro siknesses alle, Til deth of kinde upon him falle.

Therof were alle men wel paied, And seide hou it was forto done The Schipes weren redi sone, And strong pouer with him he tok Up to the Sky he caste his lok, And syh the wynd was covenable.

Bot forto worche it sikirly, Betwen the corps and the The Open Group OG0-091 spirit, Er that the metall be parfit, 2500 In sevene formes it is set Of alle and if that on be let, The remenant mai noght availe, Bot otherwise it mai noght faile.

This king unto this maide opposeth, And axeth ferst what was hire name, And wher sche lerned al this game, And of what ken that sche was come.

Forthi, my Sone, as I thee mene, 1210 It sit the wel to taken hiede That thou eschuie of thi manhiede Ipocrisie and his semblant, That thou ne be noght deceivant, To make a womman to believe Thing which is noght in thi bilieve For in such feint Ipocrisie Of love is al the tricherie, Thurgh which love is deceived ofte For feigned semblant is so softe, 1220 Unethes love may be war.

He can the packes wel ransake, So prively berth non aboute His gold, that he ne fint it oute, Or other juel, what it be He takth it as his proprete.

Tho was this povere Bardus glad, 5070 Thonkende god, and to the Ston He goth an takth it up anon, And hath gret wonder in his wit Hou that the beste him hath aquit, Wher that OG0-091 Test Exam the mannes Sone hath failed, For whom he hadde most travailed.

And thus, whil that thei were wrothe, Be Philerem upon a dai In his avouterie he lai, On whom he Jupiter begat And thilke child was after that Which wroghte al that was prophecied, As it tofore is specefied So that whan Jupiter of Crete Was king, a wif unto him mete 1170 The Dowhter of Sibele he tok, And that was Juno, seith the bok.

Wherof these erthli housebondes For evere myhte ensample take, If such a chaunce hem overtake 700 For Vulcanus his wif bewreide, The blame upon himself OG0-091 Practice Exam Pdf he leide, Wherof his schame was the more Which oghte forto ben a lore For every man that liveth hiere, To reulen him in this matiere.

This Signe as of his proprete Upon his heved hath sterres thre, And ek upon his wombe tuo, And tweie upon his tail also.

For as he seith, in thilke stede He schal me suche thinges telle, That evere, whyl the world schal duelle, 2980 Athenis schal the betre fare.

To love is every herte fre, Bot in deceipte if that thou feignest And therupon thi lust atteignest, That thow hast wonne with thi C2140-052 Vce And Pdf wyle, Thogh it thee like for a whyle, Thou schalt it afterward repente.

Bot forto schewe in evidence That thei fulofte sothe thinges Betokne, I thenke in my wrytinges To The Open Group Certification OG0-091 Test Exam telle a tale therupon, Which fell be olde daies gon.

He takth what eny man wol yive, Bot whil he hath o day to live, He wol nothing rewarde ayein He gruccheth forto yive o grein, Wher he hath take a berne full.

3170 So that with wepinge ate laste His chiere upon his child he caste, And sorwfulli to that sche preide He tolde his tale and thus he seide The sorwe, dowhter, which I make Is noght al only for my sake, Bot for thee bothe and for you alle For such a chance is me befalle, That I schal er this thridde day Lese al that evere I lese may, 3180 Mi lif and al my good therto Therfore it is I sorwe so.

1500 Bot nou to speke of the secounde, Which Aristotle hath also founde, And techeth hou to speke faire, Which is a thing full necessaire To contrepeise the balance, Wher lacketh other sufficance.

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And whan thou hast thin ende wroght, Com hier ayein, thou schalt me finde, And let nothing out of thi minde.

4330 Bot ther he keste and there he pleide, Thei tawhten him a Las to breide, And weve a Pours, and to enfile A Perle and fell that ilke while, On Barbarus the Prince of Mede Sih hou this king in OG0-091 Test Exam Aluminium Access Products Ltd wommanhede Was falle fro chivalerie, And gat him help and compaignie, And wroghte so, that ate laste This king out of his regne he caste, 4340 Which was undon for everemo And yit men speken of him so, That it P2180-039 Simulation Questions is schame forto hiere.

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Withinne a time, as it betidde, Whan thei were in the See amidde, Out of the North they sihe a cloude The storm aros, the wyndes loude 1040 Thei blewen many a dredful blast, The welkne was al overcast, The derke OG0-091 Test Exam nyht the Sonne hath under, Ther was a gret tempeste of thunder The Mone and ek the Sterres bothe In blake cloudes thei hem clothe, Wherof here brihte lok thei hyde.

And he seith no Bot if ther mihte a man aryse Fro deth to lyve in such a wise, To tellen hem hou that it were, He seide hou thanne of pure fere Thei scholden wel be war therby.

And if thou wolt the names wite Of thilke Ston with othre tuo, Whiche as the clerkes maden tho, So as the bokes it recorden, The kinde of hem I schal recorden.

So was that name bore forth, And yit the cause is litel worth.

Forthi, mi Sone, avise thee 7770 If thou of love hast be to large, For such a man is noght to charge And if it so be that thou hast Despended al thi time in wast And set thi love in sondri place, Though thou the substance of thi grace Lese ate laste, it is no wonder For he that put himselven under, As who seith, comun overal, He lest the love special 7780 Of eny on, if sche be wys For love schal noght bere his pris Be reson, whanne it passeth on.

1160 And natheles for glotonie Of bodili Delicacie, To knowe his stomak hou it ferde, Of that noman tofore herde, Which he withinne himself bethoghte, A wonder soubtil thing he wroghte.

Bot er the cause fully spedde, Hire fader, which in Romanie The ledinge of chivalerie In governance hath undertake, Upon a werre which was take Goth out with al the strengthe he hadde Of men of Armes whiche he ladde 5160 So was the mariage left, And stod upon acord til eft.

Thei were his children bothe tuo, Thurgh hem he tok his name so, 910 Ther was non other cause why And yit a Sterre upon the Sky He hath unto his name applied, In which that he is signified.

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What mai OG0-091 Exam Questions the Mous ayein the Cat And for this cause I axe that, Who mai to love make a werre, That he ne hath himself the werre Love axeth pes and evere schal, And who that fihteth most withal Schal lest conquere of his emprise For this thei tellen that ben wise, 1650 Wicke is to stryve and have the werse To hasten is noght OG0-091 Vce Software worth a kerse Thing that a man mai noght achieve, That mai noght wel be don at Eve, It mot abide til the morwe.

O Arisippe, ayein quod he, 2300 If that thou couthist, so as I, Thi wortes pyke, trewely It were als litel nede or lasse, That thou so worldly wolt compasse With flaterie forto serve, Wherof thou thenkest to deserve Thi princes thonk, and to pourchace Hou thou myht stonden in his grace, For getinge of a litel good.

Bot sche that is the Source and Welle Of wel or wo, that schal betide To hem that loven, at that tide 150 Abod, bot forto tellen hiere Sche cast on me no goodly chiere Thus natheles to me sche seide, What art thou, Sone and I abreide Riht as a man doth out of slep, And therof tok sche riht good kep And bad me nothing ben adrad Bot for al that I was noght glad, For I ne sawh no cause why.

And alle hise wittes he foryet, The which is to him such a let, 40 That he wot nevere what he doth, Ne which is fals, ne which is soth, Ne which is dai, ne which is nyht, And for the time he knowth no wyht, That he ne wot so moche as this, What maner thing himselven is, Or he be man, or he be beste.

Upon knyhthode I rede thus, How whilom whan the king Nauplus, The fader of Palamades, Cam forto preien Ulixes With othre Gregois ek also, That he with hem to Troie go, 1820 Wher that the Siege scholde be, Anon upon Penolope His wif, whom that he loveth hote, Thenkende, wolde hem noght behote.

The maister seide, under the glas, And tolde him eke, as for the Myn He wolde ordeigne such engin, That thei the werk schull undersette With Tymber, that withoute lette Men mai the tresor saufli delve, So that the Mirour be himselve 2160 Withoute empeirement schal stonde And this the maister upon honde Hath undertake in alle weie.

And in the bible I finde also A tale lich unto this thing, Hou Amalech the paien king, Whan that he myhte be no weie Defende his lond and putte aweie 4410 The worthi poeple of Irael, This Sarazin, as it befell, Thurgh the conseil of Balaam A route of faire wommen nam, That lusti were and yonge of Age, And bad hem gon to the lignage Of these Hebreus and forth thei wente With yhen greye and browes bente And wel arraied everych on And whan thei come were anon 4420 Among thebreus, was non insihte, Bot cacche who that cacche myhte, And ech of hem hise lustes soghte, Whiche after thei full diere boghte.

Bot toward oure Marches hiere, Of the Latins if thou wolt hiere, Of hem that whilom vertuous Were and therto laborious, Carmente made of hire engin The ferste lettres of Latin, Of which the tunge Romein cam, Wherof that Aristarchus nam 2640 Forth with Donat and Dindimus The ferste reule of Scole, as thus, How that Latin schal be componed And in what wise it schal be soned, That every word in his degre Schal stonde upon congruite.

Mi Sone, wite in special, It schal noght comunliche faile, Al thogh it for a time availe That Falswitnesse his cause spede, Upon the point of his falshiede It schal wel afterward be kid Wherof, so as it is betid, Ensample of suche thinges blinde In a Cronique write I finde.

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The tidinge of this violence Whan it cam to the moder Ere, Sche sende anon ay wydewhere To suche frendes as sche hadde, A gret pouer OG0-091 Certification Braindumps til that sche ladde.

And thus, as I have seid aforn, I licke hony on the thorn, And as who seith, upon the bridel I chiewe, so that al is ydel 930 As in effect the fode I have.

This Mayde Glodeside is hote, To whom this lady hath behote Of ladischipe al that sche can, To vengen hire upon this man, Which dede hire drinke in such a plit Among hem alle for despit 2580 Of hire and of hire fader bothe Wherof hire thoghtes ben so wrothe, Sche seith, that sche schal noght be TOGAF 9 Part 1 OG0-091 Test Exam glad, Til that sche se him so bestad That he nomore make avant.

Of Cirophanes seith the bok, That he for sorwe, which he tok 1530 Of that he sih his Sone ded, Of confort knew non other red, Bot let do make in remembrance A faire ymage of his semblance And sette it in the market place, Which openly tofore his face Stod every dai to don him ese.

Now, Sone, kep that thou hast swore For this that thou hast herd before Is seid the ferste point of Pride And next upon that other side, 1230 To schryve and speken overthis Touchende of Pride, yit ther is The point seconde, I thee behote, Which Inobedience is hote.

The dai was come and forth thei gon, Unto the Court thei come anon, 3220 Wher as the king in juggement Was set and hath this knyht assent.

Now comen tho that comen wolde 1480 Of wommen in her lusty youthe, To hiere and se what thing sche couthe Sche can the wisdom of a clerk, Sche can of every lusti werk Which to a gentil womman longeth, And some of hem sche underfongeth To the Citole and to the Harpe, And whom it liketh forto carpe Proverbes and demandes slyhe, An other such thei nevere syhe, 1490 Which that science so wel tawhte Wherof sche grete yiftes cawhte, That sche to Leonin hath wonne And thus hire name is so begonne Of sondri thinges that sche techeth, That al the lond unto hir secheth Of yonge wommen forto liere.

Mi Sone, be thou war therfore That thou no maidenhode stele, Wherof men sen deseses fele 6220 Aldai befalle in sondri wise So as I schal thee yit devise An other tale therupon, Which fell be olde daies gon.

120 With which in many a chele and hete Mi wofull herte is so tobete, That all my wittes ben unsofte And I am wroth, I not how ofte And al it is Malencolie, Which groweth of the fantasie Of love, that me wol noght loute So bere I forth an angri snoute Ful manye times in a yer.

This is a wonder retenue, That malgre wher sche wole or non Min herte is everemore in on, 1330 So that I can non other OG0-091 Test Exam chese, Bot whether that I winne or lese, I moste hire loven til I deie And thus I breke as be that weie Hire hestes and hir comandinges, Bot trewliche in non othre thinges.

Bot whan the Schip com in seilinge, And thei perceiven it is he, Was nevere yit in no cite Such joie mad as thei tho made His herte also began to glade Of that he sih the poeple glad.

2180 On was toward the goddes hihe, That weren wrothe of that thei sihe The meschief which befalle scholde Of that the false flatour tolde.

Tho was he glad in his corage, For he hir kertell fond also And ek hir mantell bothe tuo Bespred upon the bed alofte.

And thei hire bidden evere in on To telle forth, and therupon, Whan that sche sih sche moste nede, Hire tale betwen schame and drede Sche tolde, noght withoute peine.

Ther was no word bot Out, Allas 3910 Sche was ago.

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Tell me therfore if it be so, Hast thou thin yhen oght misthrowe Mi fader, ye, I am beknowe, 550 I have hem cast upon Meduse, Therof I may me noght excuse Min herte is growen into Ston, So that my lady therupon Hath such a priente of love grave, That I can noght miselve save.

And thus to take an evidence, It semeth love is welwillende To hem that ben continuende With besy herte to poursuie Thing which that is to love due.

Ye oghten wel above alle To make joie of such a lord For whan ye ben of on acord, He schal a Sone of you begete, Which with his swerd schal winne and gete The wyde world in lengthe and brede Alle erthli kinges schull him drede, And in such wise, I you behote, The god of erthe he schal be hote.

And sche lai stille and nothing cride, 1990 For he dede alle his thinges faire And was courteis and debonaire And as he stod hire fasteby, His forme he changeth sodeinly, And the figure of man he nom, To hire and into bedde he com, And such thing there of love he wroghte, Wherof, so as hire thanne thoghte, Thurgh likinge of this god Amos With childe anon hire wombe aros, 2000 And sche was wonder glad withal.

2620 Penolope OG0-091 Certification Braindumps that on was hote, Whom many a knyht hath loved hote, Whil that hire lord Ulixes lay Full many a yer and many a day Upon the grete Siege of Troie Bot sche, which hath no worldes joie Bot only of hire housebonde, Whil that hir lord was out of londe, So wel hath kept hir wommanhiede, OG0-091 Certification Answers That al the world therof tok hiede, 2630 And nameliche of hem in Grece.

Tho fame with hire swifte wynges Aboute flyh and bar tidinges, And made it cowth in alle londes How that Horestes with hise hondes 2110 Climestre his oghne Moder slowh.

Bot that thou preidest natheles, That I schal Lazar to the sende With water on his OG0-091 Cert Exam finger ende, Thin hote tunge forto kiele, Thou schalt no such graces fiele For to that foule place of Sinne, For evere in which thou schalt ben inne, Comth non out of this place thider, Ne non of you mai comen hider 1070 Thus be yee parted nou atuo.

Ther mai noman his happ withsein It hath be sen and felt fulofte, The harde time after the softe 980 Be See as thei forth homward wente, A rage of gret tempeste hem hente Juno let bende hire parti bowe, The Sky wax derk, the wynd gan blowe, The firy welkne gan to thondre, As thogh the world scholde al to sondre Fro hevene out of the watergates The reyni Storm fell doun algates And al here takel made unwelde, That noman mihte himself bewelde.

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For certes, fader, this I dar Beknowe and in mi schrifte telle Bot I a drauhte have of that welle, In which mi deth is and mi lif, Mi joie is torned into strif, That sobre schal I nevere worthe, Bot as a drunke man forworthe 280 So that in londe where I fare The lust is lore of mi welfare, As he that mai no bote finde.

Bot sche, that wolde make an ende, As therto which I was most able, A Peire of Bedes blak as Sable Sche tok and heng my necke aboute Upon the gaudes al withoute Was write of gold, Por reposer.

Of this merveile which thei sihe So apparant tofore here yhe, Of OG0-091 Certification Material that the king him hath misbore, Here othes thei have alle swore 5280 That thei wol stonde be the riht.

Lo, these foure were tho Whiche I sih, as me thoghte tho, Among the grete compaignie Which Love hadde forto guye 2660 Bot Youthe, which in special Of Loves Court was Mareschal, So besy was upon his lay, That he non hiede where I lay Hath take.

Bot Humblesce is al otherwise, Which most is worth, and no reprise It takth ayein, bot softe and faire, If eny thing stond in contraire, With humble speche it is redresced Thus was this yonge Maiden blessed, The which I spak of now tofore, Hire fader lif sche gat therfore, 3420 And wan with al the kinges love.