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Mi fader, such is myn entente Bot natheles good is to have, For good mai ofte time save 2840 The love which scholde elles spille.

It makth mulptiplicacioun Of gold, and the fixacioun It causeth, and of his habit He doth the werk to be parfit Of thilke Elixer which men calle Alconomie, as is befalle To hem that whilom weren wise.

Ferst forto loke the Clergie, Hem oughte wel to justefie Thing which belongith to here cure, As forto praie and to procure Oure pes toward the hevene above, And ek to Pega CSA PEGACSA71V1 sette reste and love 3000 Among ous on this erthe hiere.

And tho Juno, which was the wif Of Jupiter, wroth and hastif, In pourpos forto do vengance Cam forth upon this ilke chance, And to Calistona sche spak, And sette upon hir many a lak, 6290 And seide, Ha, nou thou art atake, That thou thi werk myht noght forsake.

So ben the lawes bothe save And every thing put out of sclandre As whilom to king Alisandre The wise Philosophre tawhte, Whan he his ferste lore cawhte, Noght only upon chastete, Bot upon alle honestete Wherof a king himself mai taste, Hou trewe, hou large, hou joust, hou chaste PEGACSA71V1 Sample Questions 5390 Him oghte of reson forto be, Forth with the vertu of Pite, Thurgh which he mai gret thonk deserve Toward his godd, that PEGACSA71V1 Training he preserve Him and his poeple in alle welthe Of pes, richesse, honour and helthe Hier in this world and elles eke.

The dai goth forth til it was eve, That every man mot lete his werk And sche thoghte evere upon this clerk, What thing it is he wolde mene And in this wise abod the queene, And passeth over thilke nyht, Til it was on the morwe liht.

Bot what the hihe god wol spare It mai for no PEGACSA71V1 Test Answers peril misfare This worthi Maiden which was there Stod thanne, as who seith, ded for feere, To se the feste how that it stod, Which al was torned into blod The Dissh forthwith the Coppe and al Bebled thei weren overal 700 Sche sih hem deie on every side No wonder thogh sche wepte and cride Makende many a wofull mone.

And thei, whiche hadden undertake The rihte feith to kepe and holde, The matiere of here tale tolde With al the hole circumstance.

Bot Jason wolde him noght esmaie, And seide, Of every worldes cure Fortune stant in aventure, 3350 Per aunter wel, per aunter wo Bot hou as evere that it go, It schal be with myn hond assaied.

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1540 Thus was this false treson hidd, Which afterward was wyde kidd, As be the tale a man schal hiere.

For it sit every man to have Reward to love and to his miht, Ayein whos strengthe mai no wiht And siththe an herte is so constreigned, The reddour oghte be restreigned To him that mai no bet aweie, Whan he mot to nature obeie.

As touchende othre seie I noght That I nam somdel forto wyte Of that ye clepe an ypocrite.

He slepte and ros whan it was time, And whanne it fell towardes prime, 3880 He tok to him suche as he triste In secre, that non other wiste, And told hem of his conseil there, And seide that his wille were That thei to Schipe hadde alle thinge So PEGACSA71V1 New Questions priveliche in thevenynge, That noman mihte here dede aspie Bot tho that were of compaignie For he woll go withoute leve, And lengere woll he noght beleve 3890 Bot he ne wolde at thilke throwe The king or queene scholde it knowe.

And thus goth sche which was forlein 6280 With schame, and fro the Nimphes fledde, Til whanne that nature hire spedde, That of a Sone, which Archas Was named, sche delivered was.

His olde sleyhtes whiche he caste, Yonge Alisaundre hem overcaste, His fader, which him misbegat, He slouh, a gret mishap was that Bot for o mis an other mys Was yolde, and so fulofte it is 2360 Nectanabus his craft miswente, So it misfell him er he wente.

270 Of a Cronique in daies gon, The which is cleped Pantheon, In loves cause I rede thus, Hou that the grete Antiochus, Of whom that Antioche tok His ferste name, as seith the bok, Was coupled to a noble queene, And hadde a dowhter hem betwene Bot such fortune cam to honde, That deth, which no king mai withstonde, 280 Bot every lif it mote obeie, This PEGACSA71V1 Practice Questions worthi queene tok aweie.

Forthi, my Sone, if thou be wys, 2080 Do no viser upon thi face, Which as wol noght thin herte embrace For if thou do, withinne a throwe To othre men it schal be knowe, So miht thou lihtli falle in blame And lese a gret part of thi name.

O herte hard aboven alle, This deth, which schal to me befalle For that thou wolt noght do me grace, Yit schal be told in many a place, Hou I am ded for love and trouthe In thi defalte and in thi slouthe Thi Daunger schal to manye mo Ensample be for everemo, 3590 Whan thei my wofull deth recorde.

60 Bot natheles I am beknowe, That whanne I se at eny throwe, Or elles if I mai it hiere, That sche make eny man good chiere, Thogh I therof have noght to done, Mi thought wol entermette him sone.

Thanne is noght al mi weie in vein, Somdiel I mai the betre fare, Whan I, that mai noght fiele hir bare, 1140 Mai lede hire clothed in myn arm Bot afterward it doth me harm Of pure ymaginacioun For thanne this collacioun I make unto miselven ofte, And seie, Ha lord, hou sche is softe, How sche is round, hou sche is smal Now wolde god I hadde hire al Withoute danger at mi wille And thanne I sike and sitte stille, 1150 Of that I se mi besi thoght Is torned ydel PEGACSA71V1 Brain Dumps into noght.

Tho Josaphat began somdel To gladen him in hope of trouthe, And bad withouten eny slouthe That men him scholden fette anon.

1070 In such wepinge and in such cry His dede wif, which lay him by, A thousend sithes he hire kiste Was nevere man that sih ne wiste A sorwe unto his sorwe lich For evere among upon the lich He fell swounende, as he that soghte His oghne deth, which he besoghte Unto the goddes alle above With many a pitous word of love 1080 Bot suche wordes as tho were Yit herde nevere mannes Ere, Bot only thilke whiche he seide.

For noman mai his time lore Recovere, and thus I am therfore So overwroth in al my thoght, That PEGACSA71V1 Exam Guide Pdf I myself chide al to noght 580 Thus for to moche or for to lite Fulofte I am miself to wyte.

Bot overmore hou that it is, 7840 Toward mi schrifte as it belongeth, To wite of othre pointz me longeth Wherof that ye me wolden teche With al myn herte I you beseche.

Bot what man under his pouer Is bore, he schal his places change And seche manye londes strange And as of this condicion The Mones disposicion 750 Upon the lond of Alemaigne Is set, and ek upon Bretaigne, Which nou is cleped Engelond For thei travaile in every lond.

Anon the wylde loves rage, 2620 In which noman him can governe, Hath mad him that he can noght werne, Bot fell al hol to hire assent And thus the whiel is al miswent, The which fortune hath upon honde For how that evere it after stonde, Thei schope among hem such a wyle, The king was ded withinne a whyle.

Now have I told of the spousailes.

Whan he behield his Cote of heres, He wepte and with fulwoful teres 3000 Up to the hevene he caste his chiere Wepende, and thoghte in this manere Thogh he no wordes myhte winne, Thus seide his herte and spak withinne O mihti godd, that al hast wroght And al myht bringe ayein to noght, Now knowe I wel, bot al of thee, This world hath no prosperite In thin aspect ben alle liche, The povere man and ek the riche, 3010 Withoute thee ther mai no wight, And thou above alle othre miht.

Betwen hire hih astat and me Comparison ther mai non be, So that I fiele and wel I wot, Al is to hevy and to hot 6600 To sette on hond withoute leve And thus I mot algate leve To stele that I mai noght take, And in this wise I mot forsake To ben a thief ayein mi wille Of thing which I mai noght fulfille.

Thus cam Yris into this hold, And to the bedd, which is al blak, Sche goth, and ther with Slep sche spak, And in the wise as sche was bede The Message of Juno sche dede.

That thou hast do to me be strengthe, If I among the poeple duelle, Unto the poeple I schal it telle And if I be withinne wall Of Stones closed, thanne I schal Unto the Stones clepe and crie, And tellen hem thi felonie And if I to the wodes wende, Ther schal I tellen tale and ende, 5670 And crie it to the briddes oute, That thei schul hiere it al aboute.

God wot wel there I lye noght, Mi chiere hath be such as my thoght For in good feith, this lieveth wel, Mi will was betre a thousendel Than eny chiere that I cowthe.

Thus evere on hem I wayte and hope, Til I mai sen hem lepe a lope, And halten on the same Sor Which I do now for overmor I wolde thanne do my myht So forto stonden in here lyht, 920 That thei ne scholden finde a weie To that thei wolde, bot aweie I wolde hem putte out of the stede Fro love, riht as thei me dede With that thei speke of me be mowthe.

Bot al that mai me noght availe, With cheste thogh I me travaile Bot Oule on Stock and Stock on Oule The more that a man defoule, Men witen wel which hath the werse And so to me nys worth a kerse, Bot torneth on myn oghne hed, Thogh I, til that I were ded, 590 Wolde evere chyde in such a wise Of love as I to you devise.

So may it schewe wel therfore That crualte hath no good ende Bot Pite, hou so that it wende, 3520 Makth that the god is merciable, If ther be cause resonable Why that a king schal be pitous.

The treson and the time is schape, So fell it that this cherles knape Hath lad this maiden ther he wolde Upon the Stronde, and what sche scholde Sche was adrad and he out breide A rusti swerd and to hir seide, Thou schalt be ded.

And thus lurkende upon his stelthe In his await so longe he lai, Til it befell upon a dai, That he thurghout hir chambre wall Cam in al sodeinliche, and stall 6750 That thing which was to him so lief.

Mi Sone, be thou war PEGACSA71V1 Self Study therfore That thou no maidenhode stele, Wherof men sen deseses fele 6220 Aldai befalle in sondri wise So as I schal thee yit devise An other tale therupon, Which fell be olde daies gon.

Bot he, that wolde his vice hyde, This courteis king, tok of him hiede, And bad that men him scholde lede Into a chambre forto kepe, Til he of leisir hadde slepe.

Lo, this I preie and this I crie, Now I may noght miself amende.

Bot in this point miself aquite I mai riht wel, that nevere yit I was assoted in my wit, Bot only in that worthi place Wher alle lust and alle grace Is set, if PEGACSA71V1 Exam Preparation that danger ne were.

Forthi he dredde him of his harmes, 3360 And gan to preche him and to preie Bot Jason wolde noght obeie, Bot seide he wolde his porpos holde For ought that eny man him tolde.

And elles this schal be my lore, That thou schalt seie, upon this Molde That alle wommen lievest wolde Be soverein of mannes love For what womman is so above, 1610 Sche hath, as who seith, al hire wille And elles may sche noght fulfille What thing hir were lievest have.

Bot certes if I mihte spede With eny maner besinesse Of worldes travail, thanne I gesse, Ther PEGACSA71V1 Questions And Answers Pdf scholde me non ydelschipe Departen fro hir ladischipe.

Bot yit wol I noght seie this, Whan I am ther mi ladi is, In whom lith holly mi PEGACSA71V1 Practice Questions Aluminium Access Products Ltd querele, And sche to cherche or to chapele 7110 Wol go to matins or to messe, That time I waite wel and gesse, To cherche I come and there I stonde, And thogh I take a bok on honde, Mi contienance is on the bok, Bot toward hire is al my lok And if so falle that I PEGACSA71V1 Practice Questions Aluminium Access Products Ltd preie Unto mi god, and somwhat seie Of Paternoster Pegasystems PEGACSA71V1 Practice Questions or of Crede, Al is for that I wolde spede, 7120 So that mi bede in holi cherche Ther mihte som miracle werche Mi ladi herte forto chaunge, Which evere hath be to me so strange.

Tho seiden some he scholde deie, Bot yit thei founden such a weie That he schal noght be ded in Perse And thus the skiles ben diverse.

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1710 Bot if mi ladi bidde wolde, That I for hire love scholde Travaile, me thenkth trewely I mihte fle thurghout the Sky, And go thurghout the depe Se, For al ne sette I at a stre What thonk that I mihte elles gete.

Now lest what fell upon this thing.

For king hath pouer over man, And man is he which reson can, As he which is of his nature The moste noble creature 1830 Of alle tho that god hath wroght And be that skile it semeth noght, He seith, that eny erthly thing Mai be so myhty as a king.

Withinne a time, as it betidde, Whan thei were in the See amidde, Out of the North they sihe a cloude The storm aros, the wyndes loude 1040 Thei blewen many a dredful blast, The welkne was al overcast, The derke nyht the Sonne hath under, Ther was a gret tempeste of thunder The Mone and ek the Sterres bothe In blake cloudes thei hem clothe, Wherof here brihte lok thei hyde.

4360 To mochel ese is nothing worth, For that set every vice forth And every vertu put abak, Wherof priss torneth into lak, As in Cronique I mai reherse Which telleth hou the king of Perse, That Cirus hihte, a werre hadde Ayein a poeple which he dradde, Of a contre which Liddos hihte Bot yit for oght that he do mihte 4370 As in bataille upon the werre, He hadde of hem alwey the werre.

Whan he this tale hir herde telle, He was riht glad, and made hire knowen That he a dowhter of his owen Hath, which he wol unto hir yive To serve, whil thei bothe live, 1250 In stede of that which sche hath lost Al only at his oghne cost Sche schal be rendred forth with hire.

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With gret richesse he him behongeth, As it to such a lord belongeth, 7490 He was noght armed natheles, Bot as it were in lond of pes, And thus he goth forth out of Schipe And takth with him his felaschipe In such manere as I you seie Unto the temple he hield his weie.

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In Grece whilom was a king, Of whom the fame and knowleching Beleveth yit, and Pele s He hihte bot it fell him thus, 3250 That his fortune hir whiel so ladde That he no child his oghne hadde To regnen after his decess.

For love is blind and may noght se, Forthi may no certeinete Be set upon his jugement, Bot as the whiel aboute went 50 He yifth his graces undeserved, And fro that man which hath him served Fulofte he takth aweye his fees, As he that pleieth ate Dees, And therupon what schal befalle He not, til that the chance falle, Wher he schal lese or he schal winne.

And thus, as I have seid aforn, I licke hony on the thorn, And as who seith, upon the bridel I chiewe, so that al is ydel 930 As in effect the fode I have.

Bot forto loke upon the lore Hou Tullius his Rethorique PEGACSA71V1 Practice Questions Componeth, ther a man mai pike 1590 Hou that he schal hise wordes sette, Hou he schal lose, hou he schal knette, And in what wise he schal pronounce His tale plein withoute frounce.

Cupido, which may hurte and hele In loves cause, as for myn hele Upon the point which him was preid Cam with Venus, wher I was leid Swounende upon the grene gras.

This kniht was wroth and fond a lak In themperour, and seide thus O thou unkinde Julius, Whan thou in thi bataille were Up in Aufrique, and I was there, Mi myht for thi rescousse I dede And putte noman in my stede, 2090 Thou wost what woundes ther I hadde Bot hier I finde thee so badde, That thee ne liste speke o word Thin oghne mouth, nor of thin hord To yive a florin me to helpe.

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For with a goodly lok sche smyleth, So that thurgh pure impression Of his ymaginacion 390 With al the herte of his corage His love upon this faire ymage He sette, and hire of love preide Bot sche no word ayeinward seide.

This Air in Periferies thre Divided is of such degre, 000-R17 Ebook Pdf Benethe is on and on amidde, To whiche above is set the thridde And upon the divisions There ben diverse impressions 270 Of moist and ek of drye also, Whiche of the Sonne bothe tuo Ben drawe and haled upon hy, And maken cloudes in the Sky, As schewed is at mannes sihte Wherof be day and ek be nyhte After the times of the yer Among ous upon Erthe her In sondri wise thinges falle.

Bot with no craft of combes brode Thei myhte hire hore lockes schode, 1750 And sche ne wolde noght be schore For no conseil, and thei therfore, With such atyr as tho was used, Ordeinen that it was excused, And hid so crafteliche aboute, That noman myhte sen hem oute.

The Soldan sih how that it wente, And that he scholde algate die And to this knyht of Romanie, As unto him whom he most triste, His Dowhter Ring, that non it wiste, 2640 He tok, and tolde him al the cas, Upon hire oth what tokne it was Of that sche scholde ben his wif.

Bot al for noght, sche was deceived, For Venus hath hire hope weyved, And schewede hire upon the Sky How that the day was faste by, So that withinne a litel throwe The daies lyht sche mihte knowe.

3960 Whan al was spoke of that thei mente, The king with al his hole entente Thanne ate laste hem axeth this, What king men tellen that he is Among the folk touchende his name, Or be it pris, or be it blame, Riht after that thei herden sein, He bad hem forto telle it plein, That thei no point of soth forbere, Be thilke feith that thei him bere.

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2250 The hihe god of his justice That ilke foule horrible vice Of homicide he hath forbede, Be Moi5ses as it was bede.

200 Machaire goth, Canace abit, The which was noght delivered yit, Bot riht sone after that sche was.

This Gedeon amonges alle Phara, to whom he triste most, Be nyhte tok toward thilke host, Which logged was in 9A0-056 Exam Dump a valleie, To hiere what thei wolden seie 3700 Upon his fot and as he ferde, Tuo Sarazins spekende he herde.

The hull unto here vois ansuerde, This host in the valleie it herde, And sih hou that the hell alyhte So what of hieringe and of sihte, 3770 Thei cawhten such a sodein feere, That non of hem belefte there The tentes hole thei forsoke, That thei non other good ne toke, Bot only with here bodi bare Thei fledde, as doth the wylde Hare.

Toward this vice of which we trete Ther ben yit tweie of thilke estrete, Here name is Murmur and Compleignte Ther can noman here chiere peinte, To sette a glad semblant therinne, For thogh fortune make hem wynne, Yit grucchen thei, and if thei lese, Ther is no weie forto chese, 1350 Wherof thei myhten stonde appesed.

Bot who hir goodschipe understode Fro ferst that sche wifhode tok, Hou many loves sche forsok And hou sche bar hire al aboute, Ther whiles that hire lord was oute, He mihte make a gret avant Amonges al the remenant 1480 That sche was on of al the beste.

Thus as they lihe abedde and spieke, Sche preide him and conseileth bothe, That for the worschipe of hem bothe, So as hire thoghte it were honeste, He wolde an honourable feste 1460 Make, er he wente, in the Cite, Wher themperour himself schal be He graunteth al that sche him preide.

And forto loken overmore, It hath and schal ben evermore That of knihthode the prouesse Is grounded upon hardinesse Of him that dar wel undertake.

So that of Contek and of strif I am beknowe and have ansuerd, As ye, my fader, now have herd.

4700 And for the sped of this conqueste He let do make PEGACSA71V1 Actual Exam a riche feste With a sollempne Sacrifise In Phebus temple and in this wise Whan the Romeins assembled were, In presence of hem alle there, Upon thalter whan al was diht And that the fyres were alyht, From under thalter sodeinly An hidous Serpent openly 4710 Cam out and hath devoured al The Sacrifice, and ek withal The fyres queynt, and forth anon, So as he cam, so is he gon Into the depe ground ayein.

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As forto feigne such sieknesse It nedeth noght, for this witnesse I take of god, that my corage Hath ben mor siek than my visage.

Thei smyten strokes bot a fewe, For Hercules, which wolde schewe 2100 His grete strengthe as for the nones, He sterte upon him al at ones And cawhte him in hise armes stronge.

And thus onliche of goddes wille, He which that wolde himselve strange To Pite, fond mercy so strange, That he withoute grace is lore.

And sche with gret affeccion Sat stille and herde what he wolde And thus whan he sih time, he tolde, 1900 And feigneth with hise wordes wise A tale, and seith in such a wise Ma dame, bot a while ago, Wher I was in Egipte tho, And radde in scole of this science, It fell into mi conscience That I unto the temple wente, And ther with al myn hole entente As I mi sacrifice dede, On of the goddes hath me bede 1910 That PEGACSA71V1 Questions And Answers Pdf I you warne prively, So that ye make you redy, And that ye be nothing agast For he such love hath to you cast, That ye schul ben his oghne diere, And he schal be your beddefiere, Til ye conceive and be with childe.

Mi goode Sone, and for thi sake, So as it fell be daies olde, And so as the Poete it tolde, Upon the nyhtes micherie Nou herkne a tale of Poesie.

The hihe almyhti majeste, Of rihtwisnesse and of pite, The Sinne which that Adam wroghte, Whan he sih time, ayein he boghte, 1740 And sende his Sone fro the hevene To sette mannes Soule in evene, Which thanne was so sore falle Upon the point which was befalle, That he ne mihte himself arise.

Astronomie is the science 670 Of wisdom and of hih connynge, Which makth a man have knowlechinge Of Sterres in the firmament, Figure, cercle and moevement Of ech of hem in sondri place, And what betwen hem is of space, Hou so thei moeve or stonde faste, Al this it telleth to the laste.

3930 Eson, whan that he wiste of this, Hou that his Sone comen is, And hath achieved that he soughte And hom with him Medea broughte, In al the wyde world was non So glad a man as he was on.

Bot nou allas this wofull strif That I him thus ayeinward finde The most untrewe and most unkinde That evere in ladi armes lay.

Thus bringth he many a meschief inne Unwar, til that he be meschieved, And may PEGACSA71V1 Test Questions noght thanne be relieved.

This lusti cokes name is hote Thoght, which hath evere hise pottes hote Of love buillende on the fyr With fantasie and with desir, Of whiche er this fulofte he fedde Min herte, whanne I was abedde And thanne he set upon my bord Bothe every syhte and every word 920 Of lust, which I have herd or sein.

Synon, which mad was here aspie Withinne Troie, as was conspired, Whan time was a tokne hath fired And thei with that here weie holden, And comen in riht as thei wolden, Ther as the gate was tobroke.

As he rod with his compainie Nyh to the strondes of Lubie, 410 Ther myhte thei no drinke finde Of water nor of other kinde, So that himself and al his host Were of defalte of drinke almost Destruid, and thanne Bachus preide To Jupiter, and thus he seide O hihe fader, that sest al, To whom is reson that I schal Beseche and preie in every nede, Behold, mi fader, and tak hiede 420 This wofull thurst that we ben inne To staunche, and grante ous forto winne, And sauf unto the contre fare, Wher that oure lusti loves are Waitende upon oure hom cominge.

And thus his trowthe he leith to wedde.

The Nouches and the riche ringes, The cloth of gold and the Perrie He takth, and yit delicacie He leveth, thogh he were al this.

And fell so, as the bokes sein, Hellen the yonge Mayden tho, Which of the See was wo bego, For pure drede hire herte hath lore, That fro the Schep, which hath hire bore, 4350 As sche that was swounende feint, Sche fell, and hath hirselve dreint With Frixus and this Schep forth swam, Til he to thyle of Colchos cam, Where Juno the goddesse he fond, Which tok the Schep unto the lond, And sette it there in such a wise As thou tofore hast herd devise, Wherof cam after al the wo, Why Jason was forswore so 4360 Unto Medee, as it is spoke.

For as the sothe mot be knowe, To Juno was don understonde In what manere hir housebonde With fals brocage hath take usure Of love mor than his mesure, Whan he tok othre than his wif, Wherof this mayden was gultif, 4610 Which hadde ben of his assent.

140 And if it nedes to betyde, That I in compainie abyde, Wher as I moste daunce and singe The hovedance and carolinge, Or forto go the newefot, I mai noght wel heve up mi fot, If that sche be noght in the weie For thanne is al mi merthe aweie, And waxe anon of thoght so full, Wherof mi limes ben so dull, 150 I mai unethes gon the pas.

And thanne he axede hem anon, Whi thei ne hadden write so Thei tolden, so thei hadden do.

And thus I mai you sothli telle, Save only that I crie and bidde, I am in Tristesce al amidde And fulfild of Desesperance And therof yif me mi penance, 3500 Min holi fader, as you liketh.

This was upon a Somer dai, The Schip was loked and sche founde Elda withinne a litel stounde It wiste, and with his wif anon Toward this yonge ladi gon, Wher that thei founden gret richesse Bot sche hire wolde noght confesse, Whan thei hire axen what sche was.

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Wher sche comende a Leoun syh Into the feld to take his preie, In haste and sche tho fledde aweie, Certified System Architect (CSA) 71V1 PEGACSA71V1 So as fortune scholde falle, For feere and let hire wympel falle Nyh to the welle upon therbage.

Mi fader, I wol do youre hestes, 2740 And of this point ye have me tawht, Toward miself the betre sawht I thenke be, whil that I live.

60 Thogh I seknesse have upon honde And longe have had, yit woll I fonde To wryte and do my bisinesse, That in som part, so as I gesse, The wyse man mai ben avised.

Bot that is al my moste fere 2040 I not what ye fortune acompte, Bot what thing danger mai amonte I wot wel, for I have assaied For whan myn herte is best arraied And I have al my wit thurghsoght Of love to beseche hire oght, For al that evere I skile may, I am concluded with a nay That o sillable hath overthrowe A thousend wordes on a rowe 2050 Of suche as I best speke can Thus am I bot a lewed man.

Which afterward upon a day Was priveliche stole away For Jupiter thurgh his queintise From hire it tok in such a wise, 6250 That sodeinliche forth withal Hire wombe aros and sche toswal, So that it mihte noght ben hidd.

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And hou it stant of that degree Yit mai a man the sothe se God mai amende it, whan he wile, I can ther to non other skile.

The king was moeved in his thoght Of that he seth, and knoweth it noght 1380 This child he loveth kindely, And yit he wot no cause why.

With that hire chere awei sche swerveth, And gan to wepe, and thus sche tolde This bridel, which ye nou beholde 1410 So riche upon myn horse hed, Ma Dame, afore, er I was ded, Whan I was in mi lusti lif, Ther fel into myn herte a strif Of love, which me overcom, So that therafter hiede I nom And thoghte I wolde love a kniht That laste wel a fourtenyht, For it no lengere mihte laste, So nyh my lif was ate laste.

And whom it liketh forto wite Of hem that this science write, 1450 On of the ferste which it wrot After Noe5, it was Nembrot, To his disciple Ychonithon And made a bok forth therupon The which Megaster cleped was.