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And every man is othres lore Of that befell in time er this The present time which now is May ben enformed hou it stod, And take that him thenketh good, 260 And leve that which is noght so.

For if a kyng wol justifie 3080 His lond and hem that beth withynne, First at hym self he mot begynne, To kepe and reule his owne astat, That in hym self be no debat Toward his god for othre wise Ther may non erthly kyng suffise Of his kyngdom the folk to lede, Bot he the kyng of hevene drede.

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Bot nou the laste time is come, That thi malice is overcome As thou til othre men hast do, Nou schal 000-M191 Study Guides be do to thee riht so.

Bot therof sche was al deceived For whan sche cam a litel nyh, And that Diane hire wombe syh, Sche seide, Awey, thou foule beste, For thin astat is noght honeste This chaste water forto touche For thou hast take such a touche, Which nevere mai ben hol ayein.

The bokes speken of this vice, And telle hou god of his justice, Be weie of kinde and ek nature And every lifissh creature, 4920 The lawe also, who that it kan, Thei dampnen an unkinde man.

60 That made him lese his wit at eve Is thanne a morwe al his beleve The cuppe is al that evere him pleseth, And also that him most deseseth It is the cuppe whom he serveth, Which alle cares fro him kerveth And alle bales to him bringeth In joie he wepth, in sorwe he singeth, For Dronkeschipe is so divers, It may no whyle stonde in vers.

A Parlement and thus he sette, His wisdom wher that he besette 2950 In audience of grete and smale, And in this wise he tolde his tale God wot, and so ye witen alle, Hierafterward hou so it falle, Yit into now my will hath be To do justice and equite In forthringe of comun profit Such hath ben evere my delit.

And thus thei felle in covenant, That thei acorden ate laste, With suche wiles as thei caste That thei wol gete of here acord Som orped knyht to sle this lord 2590 And with this sleihte thei beginne, How thei Helmege myhten winne, Which was the kinges Boteler, A proud a lusti Bacheler, And Glodeside he loveth hote.

Thus mai it schewe in sondri place, Of chastete hou the clennesse Acordeth to the worthinesse Of men of Armes overal Bot most of alle in special 4450 This vertu to a king belongeth, For upon PMI-100 Cert Exam his fortune it hongeth Of that his lond schal spede or spille.

Lo, thus to Venus and Cupide Sche preide, and furthermor sche cride Unto Appollo the hiheste, And seide, O myghti god of reste, Thou do vengance of this debat.

The king, which herde telle of this, Hou that this Maide ordeigned is To Mariage, thoghte an other.

I sette noght of other good 90 For mihte I gete such a thing, I hadde a tresor for a king And thogh I wolde it faste holde, I were thanne wel beholde.

Such is the lettre of his Cronique Proclamed in the Court of Rome, Wherof the wise ensample nome.

The hound was tokne and prophecie That lich an hound he scholde die, Which lich was of condicioun, Whan he with his detraccioun 1860 Bark on his brother so behinde.

This worthi Prest, this holy man To me spekende thus began, And seide Benedicite, Mi Sone, of the CAPM PMI-100 felicite Of love and ek of all the wo Thou schalt thee schrive of bothe tuo.

This Mayde Glodeside is hote, To whom this lady hath behote Of ladischipe al that sche can, To vengen hire upon this man, Which dede hire drinke in such a plit Among hem alle for despit 2580 Of hire and of hire fader bothe Wherof hire thoghtes ben so wrothe, Sche seith, that sche schal noght be glad, Til that sche se him so bestad That he nomore make avant.

Here wittes therupon thei caste, And ben apointed ate laste.

This Galathee of whom I speke, That of hirself mai noght be wreke, Withouten eny semblant feigned Sche hath hire loves deth compleigned, And with hire sorwe and with hire wo Sche hath the goddes moeved so, 190 That thei of pite and of grace Have Acis in the same place, Ther he lai ded, into a welle Transformed, as the bokes telle, With freisshe stremes and with cliere, As he whilom with lusti chiere Was freissh his love forto qweme.

Bot for al that lete I ne mai, Whanne I se time an other dai, That I ne do my besinesse Unto mi ladi worthinesse.

Now tell me, Sone, thin ansuere, If it hath evere so betidd, That thou at eny time hast chidd Toward thi love.

For if the wordes semen goode 1550 And ben wel spoke at mannes Ere, Whan that ther is no trouthe there, Thei don fulofte gret deceipte For whan the word to the conceipte Descordeth in so double a wise, Such Rethorique is to despise In every place, and forto drede.

And thanne his moder to him tolde, That sche him hadde so begon Be cause that sche thoghte gon To Lichomede at thilke tyde, Wher that sche seide he scholde abyde Among hise dowhtres forto duelle.

His Ston is the grene Amyraude, To whom is yoven many a laude Salge is his herbe appourtenant Aboven al the rememant.

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Til ate laste in every lond Withinne hemself the poeple fond That it was good to make a king, Which mihte appesen al this thing And yive riht to the lignages In partinge of here heritages And ek of al here other good And thus above hem alle stod 2010 The king upon his Regalie, As he which hath to justifie The worldes good fro covoitise.

Bot if thou cowthest sette in reule Tho tuo, the thre were eth to reule Forthi as of thi wittes five I wole as now nomore schryve, Bot only of these ilke tuo.

Whan I am loged in such wise That I be nyhte mai arise, 6660 At som wyndowe and loken oute And se the housinge al aboute, So that I mai the chambre knowe In which mi ladi, as I trowe, Lyth in hir bed and slepeth softe, Thanne is myn herte a thief fulofte For there I stonde to beholde The longe nyhtes that ben colde, And thenke on hire that lyth there.

And thus thei ryde aboute faste To gete hem help, and ate laste Thei hadden pouer sufficant, And maden thanne a covenant, 1780 That thei ne scholden no lif save, Ne prest, ne clerc, ne lord, ne knave, Ne wif, ne child, of that thei finde, Which berth visage of mannes kinde, So that no lif schal be socoured, Bot with PMI-100 Online Exam the dedly swerd devoured In such Folhaste here ordinance Thei schapen forto do vengance.

1680 For in proverbe and in probleme Sche spak, and bad he scholde deme In many soubtil question Bot he for no suggestioun Which toward him sche couthe stere, He wolde noght o word ansuere, Bot as a madd man ate laste His heved wepende awey he caste, And half in wraththe he bad hire go.

This Perse s, as noght seende This meschief which that him abod, With al his multitude rod, PMI-100 Exam Questions With Answers 1810 And prided him upon the thing, Of that he was become a king, And how he hadde his regne gete Bot he hath al the riht foryete Which longeth unto governance.

It is riht esi to comaunde The hert which fre goth on the launde 2160 Not of an Oxe what him eileth It falleth ofte a man merveileth Of that he seth an other fare, Bot if he knewe himself the fare, And felt it as it is in soth, He scholde don riht as he doth, Or elles werse in his degre For wel I wot, and so do ye, That love hath evere yit ben used, So mot I nedes ben excused.

And thus stalkende forth a pas This noble Duk, whan time was, 3760 His pot tobrak and loude ascride, And tho thei breke on every side.

This Bachus Sone of Jupiter Was hote, and as he wente fer 400 Be his fadres assignement To make a werre in Orient, And gret pouer with him he ladde, So that the heiere hond he hadde And victoire of his enemys, And torneth homward with his pris, In such a contre which was dreie A meschief fell upon the weie.

He sih the gates ful of blod, Thelogonus and wher he stod He sih also, bot he ne knew What man it was, and to him threw 1700 His Spere, and he sterte out asyde.

And sche, which hath hire sorwes grene, 5040 Hire wo to telle thanne assaieth, Bot tendre schame hire word delaieth, That sondri times as sche minte To speke, upon the point sche stinte.

Thus mai a mannes wit be lerned Of hem that so delices taken Whan thei with deth ben overtaken, That erst was swete is thanne sour.

Nay, fader, god I yive a yifte.

Bot slep, I not wherof it serveth, Of which noman his thonk deserveth To gete him love in eny place, Bot is an hindrere of his grace And makth him ded as for a throwe, Riht as a Stok were overthrowe.

To telle of him is endeles, Bot this I seie natheles, Wher as this vice comth to londe, Ther takth noman his thonk on honde 4900 Thogh he with alle his myhtes serve, He schal of him no thonk deserve.

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And that I take to record Of every lond for his partie The comun vois, which mai noght lie Noght upon on, bot upon alle It is that men now clepe and calle, And sein the regnes ben divided, In stede of love is hate guided, The werre wol no pes purchace, And lawe hath take hire double face, 130 So that justice out of the weie With ryhtwisnesse is gon aweie And thus to loke on every halve, Men sen the sor withoute salve, Which al the world hath overtake.

And so forth after I beginne And loke if ther was elles oght To speke, and I ne spak it noght 570 And thanne, if I mai seche and finde That eny word be left behinde, Which as I scholde more have spoke, I wolde upon miself be wroke, And chyde with miselven so That al my wit is overgo.

3800 The bathes weren thanne araied, With herbes tempred and assaied, And Jason was unarmed sone And dede as it befell to done Into his bath he wente anon And wyssh him clene as eny bon He tok a sopp, and oute he cam, And on his beste aray he nam, And kempde his hed, whan he was clad, And goth him forth al merie and glad 3810 Riht strawht into the kinges halle.

This king, of which thou hast herd sein, Fro Troie as he goth hom ayein Be Schipe, he fond the See divers, With many a wyndi storm revers.

And over this, my Sone diere, Of othre men, if thou miht hiere In privete what thei have wroght, Hold conseil and descoevere it noght, For Cheste can no conseil hele, Or be it wo or be it wele 780 And tak a tale into thi mynde, The which of olde ensample I finde.

Extorcioun, contekt, ravine Withholde ben of that covyne, Aldai men hierin gret compleignte Of the desease, of the constreignte, Wher of the poeple is sore oppressid God graunte it mote be redressid.

Of Geta and Amphitrion, That whilom weren bothe as PMI-100 Exam Engines on 2460 Of frendschipe and of compaignie, I rede how that Supplantarie In love, as it betidde tho, Beguiled hath on of hem tuo.

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2750 And forto seche an evidence, With honour 070-559-CSHARP Test Software and gret reverence, Wherof they mihten knowe an ende, To themperour anon thei sende The lettre which his Sone wrot.

And thus of on acord upriht To Rome at ones hom ayein Thei torne, and schortly forto sein, This tirannye cam to mouthe, And every man seith what he couthe, So that the prive tricherie, Which set was upon lecherie, Cam openly to mannes Ere And that PMI-100 Practice broghte in the comun feere, 5290 That every man the peril dradde Of him that so hem overladde.

410 A wonder thing yet more amis Ther was, wherof I telle al this What man on hem his chiere caste And hem behield, he was als faste Out of a man into a Ston Forschape, and thus ful manyon Deceived were, of that PMI-100 Guide thei wolde Misloke, wher that thei ne scholde.

And whan that he it understod, Anon into Malencolie, As thogh it were a frenesie, 210 He fell, as he which nothing cowthe How maistrefull love is in yowthe And for he was to love strange, He wolde noght his herte change To be benigne and favorable To love, bot unmerciable Betwen the wawe of wod and wroth Into his dowhtres chambre he goth, And sih the child was late bore, Wherof he hath hise othes swore 220 That sche it schal ful sore abye.

Lo, thus the yonge cause wente 4130 For that the conseil was noght good, The regne fro the rihtfull blod Evere afterward divided was.

And natheles it hath ben used, That it was nevere yit refused As forto speke in court real For there it is most special, 2210 And mai noght longe be forbore.

And thus the thurst of gold was queynt, With gold which hadde Certified Associate in Project Management(CAPM) PMI-100 ben atteignt.

And thanne ayeinward I beginne To take of love a newe thorst, The which me grieveth altherworst, For thanne comth the blanche fievere, With chele and makth me so to chievere, 240 And so it coldeth at myn herte, That wonder is hou I asterte, In such a point that I ne deie For certes ther was nevere keie Ne frosen ys upon the wal More inly cold that I am al.

For as he seith, in thilke stede He schal me suche thinges telle, That evere, whyl the world schal duelle, 2980 Athenis schal the betre fare.

I rede ensample amonges alle, 460 Wherof to kepe wel an Ere It oghte pute a man in fere.

770 Thus was he for the time in joie, Til that he scholde go to Troie Bot tho sche made mochel sorwe, And he his trowthe leith to borwe To come, if that he live may, Ayein withinne a Monthe day, And therupon thei kisten bothe PMI-100 Vce Software Bot were hem lieve or were hem lothe, To Schipe he goth and forth he wente To Troie, as was his ferste entente.

With that the king com forth anon, And sih the Flees, hou that it schon And whan Jason cam to the lond, The king himselve tok his hond And kist him, and gret joie him made.

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The Mirour scheweth in his kinde As he hadde al the world withinne, And is in soth nothing therinne And so farth Hate for a throwe Til he a man hath overthrowe, 1080 Schal noman knowe be his chere Which is avant, ne which arere.

And in this wise thei acorden, The whiche of o condicioun Be set upon destruccioun 2420 PMI-100 Exam Dumps Pdf Such Capitein such retenue.

For who that resoun understonde, Upon richesse it mai noght stonde, For that is thing which faileth ofte For he that stant to day alofte And al the world hath in hise wones, Tomorwe he falleth al 920-105 Questions And Answers Pdf at ones Out of richesse into poverte, So that therof is no decerte, 2220 Which gentilesce makth abide.

That other thoghte and hield him stille, 580 And thonked him of his warnynge, And bad him telle no tidinge, Whan he to Tyr cam hom ayein, That he in Tharse him hadde sein.

Bot of the bodi, which schal deie, Althogh ther be diverse weie To deth, yit is ther bot on ende, To which that every man schal wende, Als wel the beggere as the lord, Of o nature, of on acord 2250 Sche which oure Eldemoder is, The Erthe, bothe that and this Receiveth and alich devoureth, That sche to nouther part favoureth.

This Eolen, this faire maide, Was, as men thilke time saide, The kinges dowhter of Eurice And sche made Hercules so nyce Upon hir Love and so assote, That he him clotheth in hire cote, 2270 And sche in his was clothed ofte And thus fieblesce is set alofte, And strengthe was put under fote, Ther can noman therof do bote.

Bot therayein the conseil seide That thei be noght excused so, For he is on and thei ben tuo, 1020 And tuo han more wit then on, So thilke excusement was non.

And natheles to seie a soth, The cause why that he so doth Is forto stele an herte or tuo, Out of the cherche er that he go And as I seide it hier above, Al is that Sacrilege of love 7090 For wel mai be he stelth away That he nevere after yelde may.

Lo, ferst the hevenly figures, The Sonne and Mone eclipsen bothe, And ben with mannes senne wrothe 920 The purest Eir for Senne alofte Hath ben and is corrupt fulofte, Right now the hyhe wyndes blowe, And anon after thei ben lowe, Now clowdy and now clier it is So may it proeven wel be this, A mannes Senne is forto hate, Which makth the welkne to debate.

Touchende as of Envious brod I wot noght on of alle good Bot natheles, suche as thei be, Yit is ther on, and that is he Which cleped in Detraccioun.

Forthi, so as the bokes sein, 2970 Sche caste hire wit in sondri wise, Hou sche him mihte so desguise That noman scholde his bodi knowe And so befell that ilke throwe, Whil that sche thoghte upon this dede, Ther was a king, which Lichomede Was hote, PMI-100 Vce And Pdf and he was wel begon With faire dowhtres manyon, And duelte fer out in an yle.

The sefnthe sterre in special Of this science is Arial, Which sondri nature underfongeth.

The gulteles was dampned there And deide upon accusement Bot such a fals conspirement, Thogh it be prive for a throwe, Godd wolde noght it were unknowe And that was afterward wel proved In him which hath the deth controved.

1000 Tho was this wofull wif conforted Be alle weies and desported, Til that sche was somdiel amended And thus a day or tuo despended, The thridde day sche goth to pleigne With many a worthi Citezeine, And he with many a Citezein.

Forthi, my Sone, how so it stonde, Be this cas thou miht understonde That if thou evere in cause of love Schalt deme, and thou be so above 340 That thou miht lede it at thi wille, Let nevere thurgh thi Wraththe spille Which every kinde scholde save.

For where Usure wole have double, Mi conscience is noght so trouble, I biede nevere as to my del Bot of the hole an halvendel That is non excess, as me thenketh.

360 Amidd the plein he syh a welle, So fair ther myhte noman telle, In which Diana naked stod To bathe and pleie hire PMI PMI-100 Actual Test in the flod With many a Nimphe, which hire serveth.

And as it scholde tho mishappe, Als priveliche as evere he myhte He rod, and of his hors alyhte Tofore Collatines In, And al frendliche he goth him in, 4920 As he that was cousin of house.

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And he, to kepe his observance, To love doth his obeissance, And weneth it be Glodeside And sche thanne after lay aside, And axeth him what he hath do, And who sche was sche tolde him tho, 2610 And seide Helmege, I am thi qwene, Now schal thi love wel be sene Of that thou hast thi wille wroght Or it schal sore ben aboght, Or thou schalt worche as PMI-100 Certification Exam I thee seie.

1640 The ferste, which is Theorique, And the secounde Rethorique, Sciences of Philosophie, I have hem told as in partie, So as the Philosophre it tolde To Alisandre and nou I wolde Telle of the thridde what it is, The which Practique cleped is.

The Soldan hath the feld assailed 2620 Thei that ben hardy sone assemblen, Wherof the dredfull hertes tremblen That on sleth, and that other sterveth, Bot above all his pris deserveth This knihtly Romein where he rod, His dedly swerd noman abod, Ayein the which was no defence Egipte fledde in his presence, And thei of Perse upon the chace Poursuien bot I not what grace 2630 Befell, an Arwe out of a bowe Al sodeinly that ilke throwe The Soldan smot, and ther he lay The chace is left for thilke day, And he was bore into a tente.

I se the world stonde evere upon eschange, Nou wyndes loude, and nou the weder softe 2260 I mai sen ek the grete mone change, And thing which nou is lowe is eft alofte The dredfull werres into pes fulofte Thei torne and evere is Danger in o place, Which wol noght change his will to do me grace.

2440 Explicit Liber Sextus Incipit Liber Septimus.

And sche began the wode rage, And axeth him what devel he thoghte, And bar on hond that him ne roghte What labour that sche toke on honde, And seith that such an Housebonde Was to a wif noght worth a Stre.

The thridde maister scholde mete, Which, as thei seiden, was unmete 2140 Above hem alle, and couthe most And he withoute noise or bost Al priveli, so as he wolde, Upon the morwe his swevene tolde To themperour riht in his Ere, And seide him that he wiste where A tresor was so plentivous Of gold and ek so precious Of jeueals and of riche stones, That unto alle hise hors at ones 2150 It were a charge sufficant.

So goth he to the temple forth Of yiftes that be mochel worth His sacrifice and his offringe He made and after his axinge He was ansuerd, if that he wolde His stat recovere, thanne he scholde Upon his Moder do vengance So cruel, that the remembrance 2000 Therof mihte everemore abide, As sche that was an homicide And of hire oghne lord Moerdrice.

His propre Monthe wel I wot Assigned is the lusti Maii, Whanne every brid upon his lay Among the griene leves singeth, And love of his pointure stingeth After the lawes of nature The youthe of every creature.

Bot he which alle thing mai helpe, Wher that ther lacketh PMI PMI-100 Actual Test mannes helpe, To Gedeon his Angel sente, And bad, er that he forther wente, Al openly that Certified Associate in Project Management(CAPM) PMI-100 Actual Test he do crie That every man in his partie 3650 Which wolde after his oghne wille In his delice abide stille At hom in eny maner wise, For pourchas or for covoitise, For lust of love or lacke of herte, He scholde noght aboute sterte, Bot holde him stille at hom in pes Wherof upon the morwe he les Wel twenty thousend men and mo, The whiche after the cri ben go.

And he seide, Amos of Lubie.

Some sein he dede wel ynowh, And som men sein he dede amis, Diverse opinion ther is That sche is ded thei speken alle, Bot pleinli hou it is befalle, The matiere in so litel throwe In soth ther mihte noman knowe Bot thei that weren ate dede And comunliche in every nede 2120 The worste speche is rathest herd And lieved, til it be ansuerd.

Tho was the king riht glad withalle, 1300 For he hadde often herd tofore What man he was, so that therfore He seide, O wise Diogene, Now schal thi grete witt be sene For thou schalt of my yifte have What worldes thing that thou wolt crave.

Of him whom al this Erthe dradde, Whan he the world so overladde Thurgh werre, as it fortuned is, King Alisandre, I rede this How in a Marche, where he lay, It fell per chance upon a day A Rovere of the See was nome, Which many a man hadde overcome 2370 And slain and take here good aweie This Pilour, PMI-100 Actual Test as the bokes seie, A famous man in sondri stede Was of the werkes whiche he dede.

7590 And ek tak hiede of Achilles, Whan he unto his love ches Polixena, that was also In holi temple of Appollo, Which was the cause why he dyde And al his lust was leyd asyde.

And thus with hire he stille abod, Ther while his Schip on Anker rod, 760 And hadde ynowh of time and space To speke of love and seche grace.

Bot thanne who so toke kepe, Whanne he is falle in such a drem, Riht as a Schip ayein the Strem, 2730 He routeth with a slepi noise, And brustleth as a monkes froise, Whanne it is throwe into the Panne.

And with that word sche gan doun falle On swoune, and he hire uppe nam, And forth with that the Maiden cam, And thei to bedde anon hir broghte, And thanne Jason hire besoghte, 3650 And to hire seide in this manere Mi worthi lusti ladi dere, Conforteth you, for be my trouthe It schal noght fallen in mi slouthe That I ne wol thurghout fulfille Youre hestes at youre oghne wille.

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So was sche lich the man arraied, And Hercules thanne hath assaied To clothen him in hire array And thus thei jape forth the dai, 6870 Til that her Souper redy were.

Lo nou, which a wreche, That mete and drinke is him so couth, And yit ther comth non in his mouth 390 Lich to the peines of this flod Stant Avarice in worldes good He hath ynowh and yit him nedeth, For his skarsnesse it him forbiedeth, And evere his hunger after more Travaileth him aliche sore, So is he peined overal.

Bot as men in that time seide, This Emperour fro thilke day That ferst his dowhter wente away He was thanne after nevere glad Bot what that eny man him bad Of grace for his dowhter sake, That grace wolde he noght forsake 1470 And thus ful gret almesse he dede, Wherof sche hadde many a bede.

And he sone after was redy, And tok his leve forto go In sori time dede he so.

Upon the vices to procede After the cause of mannes dede, The ferste point of Slowthe I calle Lachesce, and is the chief of alle, And hath this propreliche of kinde, To leven alle thing behinde.

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Sche takth upon hirself the gilt, 3610 And is al redi to the peine Which eny man hir wole ordeigne And bot if eny other wolde, Sche seith that sche hirselve scholde Do wreche with hire oghne hond, Thurghout the world in every lond That every lif therof schal speke, Hou sche hirself i scholde wreke.

Ther be nou fewe of suche, I gesse For it was thilke times used, That every jugge was refused 2820 Which was noght frend to comun riht Bot thei that wolden stonde upriht For trouthe only to do justice Preferred were in thilke office To deme and jugge commun lawe Which nou, men sein, is al withdrawe.

Thei seten alle stille and herde, And tho spak every man aboute Ther was alegged many a doute, And many a proud word spoke also Bot for the moste part as tho Thei wisten noght what was the beste, Or forto werre or forto reste.

Word hath beguiled many a man With word the wilde beste is daunted, With word the PMI-100 Actual Test Serpent is enchaunted, Of word among the men of Armes Ben woundes heeled with the charmes, Wher lacketh other medicine Word hath under his discipline 1570 Of Sorcerie the karectes.

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Mi fader, bot I were enspired 2200 Thurgh lore of you, I wot no weie What gentilesce is forto seie, Wherof to telle I you beseche.

Bot in proverbe natheles Men sein, ful selden is that welthe Can soffre his oghne astat in helthe And that was on the Lombardz sene, Such comun strif was hem betwene 790 Thurgh coveitise and thurgh Envie, That every man drowh his partie, Which myhte leden eny route, Withinne Burgh and ek withoute The comun ryht hath no felawe, So that the governance of lawe Was lost, and for necessite, Of that thei stode in such degre Al only thurgh divisioun, Hem nedeth in conclusioun 800 Of strange londes help beside.

50 Bot, Sire, as of my ladi selve, Thogh sche have wowers ten or twelve, For no mistrust I have of hire Me grieveth noght, for certes, Sire, I trowe, in al this world to seche, Nis womman that in dede and speche Woll betre avise hire what sche doth, Ne Certified Associate in Project Management(CAPM) PMI-100 Actual Test betre, forto seie a soth, Kepe hire honour ate alle tide, And yit get hire a thank beside.