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Bot Pride is loth to leve his lord, 2940 And wol noght soffre humilite With him to stonde in no degree And whan a schip hath lost his stiere, Is non so wys that mai him stiere Ayein the wawes in a rage.

And forto M2110-233 Exam Prep loke of this partie, A soth ensample, hou it is so, I finde write of Babio Which hadde a love at his menage, Ther was non fairere of hire age, 4810 And hihte Viola be name Which full of youthe and ful of game Was of hirself, and large and fre, Bot such an other chinche as he Men wisten noght in al the lond, And hadde affaited to his hond His servant, the which Spodius Was hote.

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Ma dame, quod Nectanabus, In tokne that it schal be thus, This nyht for enformacion Ye schul have an avision That Amos schal to you appiere, To schewe and teche in what manere 1930 The thing schal afterward befalle.

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The word under the coupe of hevene Set every thing or odde or evene 1580 With word the hihe god is plesed, With word the wordes ben appesed, The softe word the loude stilleth Wher lacketh good, the word fulfilleth, To make amendes for the wrong Whan wordes medlen with the song, It doth plesance wel the more.

Bot war hem wel in other place, Where every man behoveth grace, Bot ther I trowe it schal hem faile, To whom no merci mihte availe, Bot wroghten upon tiraundie, That no pite ne mihte hem plie.

Til it befell upon a dai, 1310 Whan he hise werres hadde achieved, And thoghte he wolde be relieved Of Soule hele upon the feith Which he hath take, thanne he seith That he to Rome in pelrinage Wol go, wher Pope was Pelage, To take his absolucioun.

Lo thus, mi Sone, as I have write, Thou miht of Jelousie wite His fievere and his condicion, Which is full of suspecion.

Lo, thus, mi Sone, as I thee tolde, The Greks whilom be daies olde Here goddes hadde in sondri wise, And thurgh the lore of here aprise The Romeins hielden ek the same.

Here herte, here yhe is overal, And wenen every man be thief, To stele awey that hem is lief 440 Thus thurgh here oghne fantasie Thei fallen into Jelousie.

2620 Penolope that on was hote, Whom many a knyht hath loved hote, Whil that hire lord Ulixes lay Full many a yer and many a day Upon the grete Siege of Troie Bot sche, which hath no worldes joie Bot only of hire housebonde, Whil that hir lord was out of londe, So wel hath kept hir wommanhiede, That al the world therof tok hiede, 2630 And nameliche of hem in Grece.

Ovide telleth in his sawes, How Jupiter be olde dawes Lay be a Mayde, which Yo Was cleped, wherof that Juno 3320 His wif was wroth, and the goddesse Of Yo torneth the liknesse Into a cow, to gon theroute The large fieldes al aboute And gete hire mete upon the griene.

Also whan he SY0-401 Vce And Pdf is falle in Sinne, Him thenkth he is so ferr coupable, That god wol noght be merciable So gret a CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam SY0-401 Vce And Pdf Sinne to foryive And thus he leeveth to be schrive.

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Mi fader, SY0-401 Study Guides nay, and that is routhe, For be mi will I am a thief Bot sche that is to me most lief, Yit dorste I nevere in privete Noght ones take hire be the kne, To stele of hire or this or that, And if I dorste, I wot wel what And natheles, bot if I lie, Be Stelthe ne be Robberie 6570 Of love, which fell in mi thoght, To hire dede I nevere noght.

930 Yit so fer cowthe I nevere finde Man that be resoun ne be kinde Me cowthe teche such an art, That he ne failede of a part And as toward myn oghne wit, Controeve cowthe I nevere yit To finden eny sikernesse, That me myhte outher more or lesse Of love make forto spede For lieveth wel withoute drede, 940 If that ther were such a weie, As certeinliche as I schal deie I hadde it lerned longe ago.

Now, Sone, tell me thanne so, What hast thou don of besischipe To love and to the ladischipe 1120 Of hire which thi ladi is Mi fader, evere yit er this In every place, in every stede, What so mi lady hath me bede, With al myn herte obedient I have therto be diligent.

And though thei ben noght alle like, Yit natheles, hou so it falle, O lawe mot governe hem alle, Or that thei lese or that thei winne, After thastat that thei ben inne.

Fader, what If thou hast be coupable of that.

And with that word al sodeinly Sche passeth, as it were a Sky, Al clene out of this ladi sihte And tho for fere hire herte afflihte, And seide to hirself, Helas I am riht in the same cas.

Bot as therof he was deceived For Livius hadde al conceived The pourpos of the king tofore, So that to Rome ayein therfore In alle haste he cam ridende, And lefte upon the field liggende His host, til that he come ayein.

For Jupiter aboven alle, 330 Which is of goddes soverein, Hath in his celier, as men sein, Tuo tonnes fulle of love drinke, That maken many an herte sinke And many an herte also to flete, Or of the soure or of the swete.

I thonke you, my fader diere, This scole is of a gentil lore And if ther be oght elles more Of Pride, which I schal eschuie, Now axeth forth, and I wol suie What thing that ye me wole enforme.

Phebus, which is the Sonne hote, That schyneth upon Erthe hote 980 And causeth every lyves helthe, He hadde a Sone in al his welthe, Which Pheton hihte, and he desireth And with his Moder he conspireth, The which was cleped Clemenee, For help and conseil, so that he His fader carte lede myhte Upon the faire daies brihte.

And thanne he caste his avantage, That sche was of so gret an age, That sche mai live bot a while, And thoghte put hire in an Ile, Wher that noman hire scholde knowe, Til sche with deth were overthrowe.

Mi Sone, if that thou wistest al, What Cheste doth in special To love and to his welwillinge, Thou woldest flen his knowlechinge 600 And lerne to be debonaire.

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King Lamedon, which deide thus, He hadde a Sone, on Priamus, Which was noght thilke time at hom Bot whan he herde of this, he com, And fond hou the Cite was falle, Which he began anon to walle 7230 And made ther a cite newe, That thei whiche SY0-401 othre londes knewe Tho seiden, SY0-401 Vce And Pdf that of lym and Ston In al the world so fair was non.

Ayein Lachesce in loves cas I finde how whilom Eneas, Whom Anchises to Sone hadde, With gret navie, which he ladde 80 Fro Troie, aryveth at Cartage, Wher for a while his herbergage He tok and it betidde so, With hire which was qweene tho CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam SY0-401 Of the Cite his aqueintance He wan, whos name in remembrance Is yit, and Dido sche was hote Which loveth Eneas so hote Upon the wordes whiche he seide, That al hire herte on him sche leide 90 And dede al holi what he wolde.

Bot sche caste al that lore aweie, And as sche wente hir out to pleie, To gadre floures in a pleine, And that was under the monteine Of Ethna, fell the same tyde That Pluto cam that weie ryde, 1290 And sodeinly, er sche was war, He tok hire up into his char.

My goode Sone, god thamende For as me thenketh be thi speche Thi wittes ben riht feer to seche.

Of this Castell was Chastellein Elda the kinges Chamberlein, A knyhtly man after his lawe And whan he sih upon the wawe The Schip drivende al one so, He bad anon men scholden go 730 To se what it betokne mai.

Mi holi fader, as I lieve, I mai wel with sauf conscience Excuse me of necgligence Towardes love in alle wise For thogh I be non of the wise, 920 I am so trewly amerous, That I am SY0-401 Actual Test evere curious Of hem that conne best enforme To knowe and witen al the forme, What falleth unto loves craft.

His brother seide Ha lord, mercy I wot non other cause why, Bot only that this nyht ful late The trompe of deth was at my gate 2210 In tokne that I scholde deie Thus be we come forto preie That ye mi worldes deth respite.

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For who that lawe hath upon honde, And spareth forto do justice For merci, doth noght his office, That he his mercy so bewareth, Whan for o schrewe which he spareth 2220 A thousand goode men he grieveth With such merci who that believeth To plese god, he is deceived, Or elles resoun mot be weyved.

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And to sustienen hem and fede In time of recreacion, Nature hath in creacion The Stomach for a comun Coc Ordeined, so as seith the boc.

Such lucre is non above grounde, Which is noght of tho racches founde 4390 For wher thei se beyete sterte, That schal hem in no wise asterte, Bot thei it dryve into the net Of lucre, which Usure hath set.

Bot natheles in such degre, So as sche mihte hire honour save, Sche schop the body was begrave.

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Bot he that wot what schal betide, The hihe god, which wolde him kepe, Whan that this king was faste aslepe, 1790 Be nyhtes time he hath him bede To seile into an other stede To Ephesim he bad him drawe, And as it was that time lawe, He schal do there his sacrifise And ek he bad in alle wise That in the temple amonges alle His fortune, as it is befalle, Touchende his doghter and his wif He schal beknowe upon his lif.

Thelogonus in sorghe and wo So as he mihte tolde tho Unto Uluxes al the cas, Hou that Circes his moder was, 1740 And so forth seide him everydel, Hou that his moder gret him wel, And in SY0-401 Dump what wise sche him sente.

And thus the Pride which was hot, Whan he most in his strengthe wende, Was brent and lost withouten ende So that it proeveth wel therfore, The strengthe of man is sone lore, Bot if that he it wel governe.

And over this now be your leve, That ye me wolden telle I preie, If ther be lieffull eny weie Withoute Senne a man to sle.

Phisique is after the secounde, Thurgh which the Philosophre hath founde To techen sondri knowlechinges Upon the bodiliche thinges.

And in comparisoun Ther ben lovers of such a sort, That feignen hem an humble port, And al is bot Ypocrisie, Which with deceipte and flaterie Hath many a worthi wif beguiled.

2440 Explicit Liber Sextus Incipit Liber Septimus.

I not if thilke ensample yit Acordeth with a mannes wit, 700 To soffre as Socrates tho dede And if it falle in eny stede A man to lese so his galle, Him oghte among the wommen alle In loves Court be juggement The name bere of Pacient, To yive ensample to the goode Of pacience how that it stode, That othre men it mihte knowe.

And natheles upon this cas To strengthen him, for Josaphas, Which thanne was king of Judee, He sende forto come, as he Which thurgh frendschipe and alliance Was next to him of aqueintance 2550 For Joram Sone of Josaphath Achabbes dowhter wedded hath, Which hihte faire Godelie.

Forthi, my Sone, if thou be wys, 2080 Do no viser upon thi face, Which as wol noght thin herte embrace For if thou do, withinne a throwe To othre men it schal be knowe, So miht thou lihtli falle in blame And lese a gret part of thi name.

And forto se Of this matiere Auctorite, Fulofte time it hath befalle Wherof a tale amonges alle, Which is of olde ensamplerie, I CompTIA SY0-401 Vce And Pdf thenke forto specefie.

Wherof the tales forto hiere, Ther mai a man the Scole liere 1630 Of Rethoriqes eloquences, Which is the secounde of sciences Touchende to Philosophie Wherof a man schal justifie Hise wordes in disputeisoun, And knette upon conclusioun His Argument in such a forme, Which mai the pleine trouthe enforme And the soubtil cautele abate, Which every trewman schal debate.

Whan that the king was comen hom, And hath left in the salte fom His wif, which he mai noght foryete, For he som confort wolde gete, 1550 He let somoune a parlement, To which the SY0-401 Exam Demo lordes were asent And of the time he hath ben oute, He seth the thinges al aboute, And told hem ek hou he hath fare, Whil he was out of londe fare And preide hem alle to abyde, For he wolde at the same tyde Do schape for his wyves mynde, As he that wol noght ben unkinde.

Echon tauhte other, This is he, Which hath in his pouer withinne That al the world ne mihte winne 3830 Lo, SY0-401 Actual Test hier the beste of alle goode.

For after that the bokes telle, To seche in al this worldesriche, Men schal noght finde upon his liche A beste forto take his preie And sithen kinde hath such a weie, 2590 Thanne is it wonder of a man, Which kynde hath and resoun can, That he wol owther more or lasse His kinde and resoun overpasse, And sle that is to him semblable.

For that belongeth to thoffice Of Prest, whos ordre that I bere, So that I wol nothing forbere, That I the vices on and on Ne schal thee schewen everychon Wherof thou myht take evidence To reule with thi conscience.

And he, that wolde assaie and have A knowlechinge if it be soth, Liht of his hors and in he goth, 1580 And fond therinne that he soghte For thurgh the fendes sleihte him thoghte, Amonges othre goddes mo That Serapis spak to him tho, Whom he sih there in gret arrai.

Bot for al this yit natheles I seie noght I am gylteles, That I somdel am delicat For elles were I fulli mat, 730 Bot if that I som lusti SY0-401 Vce And Pdf stounde Of confort and of ese founde, To take of love som repast For thogh I with the fulle tast The lust of love mai noght fiele, Min hunger otherwise I kiele Of smale lustes whiche I pike, And for a time yit thei like If that ye wisten what I mene.

And thus cam forth the grete errour, 1620 That thei the hihe god ne knewe, Bot maden othre goddes newe, As thou hast herd me seid tofore Ther was noman that time bore, That he ne hadde after his chois A god, to whom he yaf his vois.

130 This SY0-401 Exam Questions yonge knyht Acis was hote, Which hire ayeinward als so hote Al only loveth and nomo.

Mi Sone, thou schalt understonde, That such delit is forto blame.

With that hire oghne lord cam nyh And is to themperour obeied Bot whan the fortune is bewreied, 1530 How that Constance is come aboute, So hard an herte was non oute, That he for pite tho ne wepte.

The science of Astronomie, Which principal STI-889 Exam Guide Pdf is of clergie 1440 To dieme betwen wo and wel In thinges that be naturel, Thei hadde a gret travail on honde That made it ferst ben understonde And thei also which overmore Here studie sette upon this lore, Thei weren gracious and wys And worthi forto bere a pris.

Mi fader, as ye techen me, I thenke don in this matiere.

Which afterward upon a day Was priveliche stole away For Jupiter thurgh his queintise From hire it tok in such a wise, 6250 That sodeinliche forth withal Hire wombe aros and sche toswal, So that it mihte noght ben hidd.

With that this worthi kinges wif 1190 Honestely thei token oute, And maden fyres al aboute Thei leide hire on a couche softe, And with a scheete warmed ofte Hire colde brest began to hete, Hire herte also to flacke and bete.

And to this point withoute faile This kniht, whan he hath herd his lord, Is swore, and stant of his acord, As thei that bothe yonge were So that in prive conseil there Thei ben assented forto wende.

Thei seten alle stille SY0-401 Exam Guide and herde, Was non which to the point ansuerde, CompTIA SY0-401 Vce And Pdf For to what pourpos that it mente Ther was noman knew his entente, Bot only he which schop the guile.

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For understond that every vice Som cause hath, wherof it groweth, Bot of Envie noman knoweth Fro whenne he cam bot out of helle.

3320 Oe5tes, which was thanne king, Whan that he herde this tyding Of Jason, which was comen there, And of these othre, what thei were, He thoghte don hem gret worschipe For thei anon come out of Schipe, And strawht unto the king thei wente, And be the hond Jason he hente, And that was ate paleis gate, So fer the king cam on his gate 3330 Toward Jason to don him chiere And he, whom lacketh no manere, Whan he the king sih in presence, Yaf him ayein such reverence As to a kinges stat belongeth.

Benethe upon this Erthe hiere Of alle thinges the matiere, As tellen ous thei that ben lerned, Of thing above it stant governed, That is to sein of the Planetes.

1430 The Calcedoine unto him longeth, Which for his Ston he underfongeth Of Majorane his herbe is grounded.

Til so befell, as seith the bok, That god a poeple for himselve Hath chose of the lignages tuelve, 1600 Wherof the sothe redely, As it is write in Genesi, I thenke telle in such SY0-401 Certification Braindumps a wise That it schal be to thin apprise.

And fell ther was a kniht, Sire Guilliam de Langharet, Which was upon this cause set And therupon he tok a route Of men of Armes and rod oute, So longe and in a wayt he lay, That he aspide upon a day 3000 The Pope was at Avinoun, And scholde ryde out of the toun Unto Pontsorge, the which is A Castell in Provence of his.

So is it all noght worth a Stree, The charite wherof we prechen, For we do nothing as we techen 2540 And thus the blinde conscience Of pes hath lost thilke evidence Which Crist upon this Erthe tawhte.

Unto the god ferst thei besoughten As to the substaunce of her Scole, That thei ne scholden noght befole 200 Her wit upon none erthly werkes, Which were ayein thestat of clerkes, And that thei myhten fle the vice Which Simon hath in his office, Wherof he takth the gold in honde.

I not if it be ye or nay, Bot as the comun vois it telleth Bot wher that flaterie duelleth 2330 In eny lond under the Sonne, Ther is ful many a thing begonne Which were betre to be left That hath be schewed nou and eft.

With that sche frounceth up the browe This covenant I wol allowe, 1590 Sche seith if eny other thing Bot that thou hast of my techyng Fro deth thi body mai respite, I woll thee of thi trowthe acquite, And elles be non other weie.

The fader, whanne he understod, That thei his CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam SY0-401 Vce And Pdf dowhter thus besoghte, With al his wit he caste and thoghte Hou that he myhte finde a lette And such a Statut thanne he sette, 360 And in this wise his lawe he taxeth, That what man that his doghter axeth, CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam SY0-401 Vce And Pdf Bot if he couthe his question Assoile upon suggestion Of certein thinges that befelle, The whiche he wolde unto him telle, He scholde in certein lese his hed.

This lusti cokes name is hote Thoght, which hath evere hise pottes hote Of love buillende on the fyr With fantasie and with desir, Of whiche er this fulofte he fedde Min herte, whanne I was abedde And thanne he set upon my bord Bothe every syhte and every word 920 Of lust, which I have herd or sein.

It is riht esi to comaunde The hert which fre goth on the launde 2160 Not of an Oxe what him eileth It falleth ofte a man merveileth Of that he seth an other fare, Bot if he knewe himself the fare, SY0-401 Practice Test Pdf And felt it as it is in soth, He scholde don riht as he doth, Or elles werse in his degre For wel I wot, and so do ye, That love hath evere yit ben used, So mot I nedes ben excused.

Thoghte Alisandre in privete, Hierof this olde dotard lieth And er that other oght aspieth, Al sodeinliche his olde bones He schof over the wal at ones, 2310 And seith him, Ly doun there apart Wherof nou serveth al thin art Thou knewe alle othre mennes chance And of thiself hast ignorance That thou hast seid amonges alle Of thi persone, is noght befalle.

Bot who hir goodschipe understode Fro ferst that sche wifhode tok, Hou many loves sche forsok And hou sche bar hire al aboute, Ther whiles that hire lord was oute, He mihte make a gret avant Amonges al the remenant 1480 That sche was on of al the beste.

Lo, there a nyce housebonde, Which thus hath lost his wif for evere Bot natheles sche hadde a levere 2820 The king hire weddeth and honoureth, Wherof hire name sche socoureth, Which erst was lost thurgh coveitise Of him, that ladde hire other wise, And hath himself also forlore.

Bot who these olde bokes lieveth, 3310 Of Sompnolence hou it is write, Ther may a man the sothe wite, If that he wolde ensample take, That otherwhile is good to wake Wherof a tale in Poesie I thenke forto specefie.

This man aros fro thilke stede, And forth with al the same tyde He goth him up and be his side 2460 He set him doun as pier and pier, And seide, If thou that sittest hier Art god, which alle thinges myht, Thanne have I do worshipe ariht As to the god and other wise, If thou be noght of thilke assisse, Bot art a man such as am I, Than mai I sitte faste by, For we be bothen of o kinde.

And natheles, the soth to telle, Ayeinward if it so befelle That I at thilke time sihe On me that sche miscaste hire yhe, 110 Or that sche liste noght to loke, And I therof good Security+ SY0-401 Vce And Pdf hiede toke, Anon into my ferste astat I torne, and am with al HC-031-122-ENU Vce Dumps so mat, That evere it is aliche wicke.

The king his chamberlein let calle, 800 And bad that he be alle weie A chambre for this man pourveie, Which nyh his oghne chambre be.

Bot sche, which knew tofor the hond The circumstance of al this thing, Ayein the cominge of the king Into the temple, hath schape so, Of hire acord that alle tho Whiche of the temple prestes were Have seid and full declared there Unto the king, bot if so be That he delivere the contre 4300 Of Frixus and of Hellen bothe, With whom the goddes ben so wrothe, That whil tho children ben therinne, Such tilthe schal noman beginne, Wherof to gete him eny corn.

And he hire in hise armes faste Uphield, and ofte swor his oth That he with hire is nothing wroth, For wel he wot sche may ther noght Bot natheles withinne his thoght His herte stod in sori plit, And seide he wolde of that despit 990 Be venged, how so evere it falle, And sende unto hise frendes alle.

This Circes, which I spak of late, On whom Uluxes hath begete A child, thogh he it have foryete, Whan time com, as it was wone, Sche was delivered of a Sone, Which cleped is Thelogonus.

In Ston and gras vertu ther is, Bot yit the bokes tellen this, That word above alle erthli thinges Is vertuous in his doinges, Wher so it be to evele or goode.

And thei upon him thanne leide 1080 His name, and god of medicine He hatte after that ilke line.

Bot for men sein, and soth it is, That who that al of wisdom writ It dulleth ofte a mannes wit To him that schal it aldai rede, For thilke cause, if that ye rede, I wolde go the middel weie And wryte a bok betwen the tweie, Somwhat of lust, somewhat of lore, That of the lasse or of the more 20 Som man mai lyke of that I wryte And for that fewe men endite In oure englissh, I thenke make A bok for Engelondes sake, The yer sextenthe of kyng Richard.

Thus folweth it, if thou travaile, Wher thou no profit hast ne pris, Thou art toward thiself unwis And sett thou myhtest lust atteigne, Of every lust thende is a peine, And every peine is good to fle So it is wonder thing to se, Why such a thing schal be desired.

1540 Thus was this false treson hidd, Which afterward was wyde kidd, As be the tale a man schal hiere.

And he tho with hise wordes felle Forth with his gastly contienance Seith that sche schal don obeissance And folwe his will in every place And thus thurgh strengthe of his manace Hir innocence is overlad, Wherof sche was so sore adrad 2750 That sche his will mot nede obeie.

The hihe makere of mankinde 3820 Be Samuel to Sa l bad, That he schal nothing ben adrad Ayein king Agag forto fihte For this the godhede him behihte, That Agag schal ben overcome And whan it is so ferforth SY0-401 Test Questions come, That Sa l hath him desconfit, The god bad make no respit, That he ne scholde him slen anon.

Men sein, Old Senne newe schame Thus more and more aros the blame Ayein Egiste on every side.

For love is lord in every place, Ther mai no lawe him justefie Be reddour ne be compaignie, That he ne wole after his wille Whom that him liketh spede or spille.

And thogh a thousend men it wiste, That I hire love, and thanne hem liste With me to swere and to witnesse, Yit were that no falswitnesse For I dar on this trouthe duelle, I love hire mor than I can telle.

And thus fulofte there he sat To muse in his philosophie Solein withoute compaignie 1220 So that upon a morwetyde, As thing which scholde so betyde, Whan he was set ther as him liste To loke upon the Sonne ariste, Wherof the propretes he sih, It fell ther cam ridende nyh King Alisandre with a route And as he caste his yhe aboute, He sih this Tonne, and what it mente He wolde wite, and thider sente 1230 A knyht, be whom he mihte it knowe, And he himself that ilke throwe Abod, and hoveth there stille.

Thus be thei fulle bothe tuo, So that erliche upon a day He bad withinne, ther he lay, Ther scholde be tofore his bed A bord upset and faire spred And thanne he let the cofres fette, Upon the bord and dede hem sette.

Toward this vice of which we trete Ther ben yit tweie of thilke estrete, Here name is Murmur and Compleignte Ther can noman here chiere peinte, To sette a glad semblant therinne, For thogh fortune make hem wynne, Yit grucchen thei, and if thei lese, Ther is no weie forto chese, 1350 Wherof thei myhten stonde appesed.

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And if worschipe I axe and of the SY0-401 Preparation Materials world lordschipe, That is an occupacion Of proud ymaginacion, Which makth an herte vein withinne Ther is no certain 070-270 Test Answers forto winne, 200 For lord and knave al is o weie, Whan thei be bore and whan thei deie.

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